Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

H28. The creature turns into mosquitoes, A2034. .

A dead and destroyed (often burned) creature (usually an ogre, a ferocious animal, a strong shaman) turns into stinging insects or other harmful, unpleasant, or dangerous creatures.

West Africa. Tenda [girl rejects suitors; the monster turns into a handsome man with shiny skin like a palm peel; goes with him to him; on the way he returns bark to the palm tree (var.: and teeth to the snake); he swallows whole animals, belching at home, the wife must grind meat; the girl's father's other wife (co-epouse) comes to visit her; the girl tells her to go back along the dew road, but she walks along the road where there is no dew, meets a monster; he swallows it, belches it at home like other game, tells them to grind it, eats it; the same with the girl's mother; the monster's two younger brothers come, the girl invites them to sit in a mortar, pushes; confesses to the monster; he promises to swallow it tomorrow; her younger brothers come to her; she runs away with them, throws grass behind, then dirt, detaining the pursuer (the narrator did not say how exactly); runs to the blacksmith; the monster swallows him, but the blacksmith immediately comes out of the monster's anus; kills him with a sledgehammer; makes sandals and straps out of monster skin to carry children; warns not put them together; children (i.e. the girl's brothers) climb the fig tree, throw their sandals in a pile; the monster is reborn; one boy manages to go down, calls the blacksmith, he kills the monster again; burns; The frog plants pumpkins in this place; comes to pick ripe pumpkins, they do not tell; so consistently all actions (cut, cook, eat); it plucks (etc.), each time she says, "By herself planted, why not rip it off" (etc.); raspberry people (or other neighboring people) come, the Frog teaches them to sentence; people cannot go out of need; the Frog tells them to say the same thing again phrase; people are relieved, many flies appear; The frog puts them in a vessel, closes them; the thief stole the vessel, opened it, the flies flew out (the origin of the flies)]: Ferry 1983, No. 42:226-234.

(Wed. Bantu-speaking Africa. Aka: Motte-Florac 2004, No. 28 [a Môbôma woman (a little light-colored bird with a shrill scream) killed her daughter's partners on her wedding night; as soon as her daughter gives the signal that her husband was sleeping, M. stabbed a hot spear in his ass; his daughter warned one of the partners and he killed M. before she could hit him; the daughter and husband cut M. into small pieces, scattered them over in the forest, they turned into mobon birds], 29 [Mômbôngi (a little fish) lives with her husband and mother; pretending to be bitten by a fish, M.'s mother returns to the camp where her son-in-law stayed, asks bring suitable firewood to keep warm; rejects everything he offers; says, Yes, when he shows his penis; then his son-in-law is ashamed; the same next time (pretends to prick her finger legs); M. cut her mother into small pieces and they turned into mombong fish]: 124-126, 126-129).

North Africa. Berbers (Algeria?) [The locust originated from the monster's corpse when it was burned, or flew out of a cave in the Sahara]: Dähnhardt 1910:171 (quoted in Gunda 1979:398).

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Lepcha: Siiger 1967, No. 4 [at the top of a tree (sago palm tree?) the cannibal bird Laso Fomo lived; the gods began to cut down the tree, but during the night the felling overgrew; the gods descended into the underworld to ít mu, who, at their request, sent the niung pun di snake; it ate the trunk from the inside; if if the tree fell towards Tibet, Nepal or Bhutan, trade with these countries would stop; the gods decided that the tree should sink into the ground, blocking the way for mak nióm mung spirits; the bird took off, which made animals and birds rush in all directions; the elephant ran, broke its leg; the bird told the animals that it was not her fault, but the snake that had fallen down the tree; the animals killed the snake, took out the bones, and repaired the leg with them an elephant; the bird flew looking for a place to sit; killed and ate Mucha's son-in-law; her father-in-law hit her with a poisoned arrow, but the bird flew away; people caught her with an iron net, killed her; the gods cut her into pieces scattered them around the world, they became leeches; the tree's flowers were snow, the fruits were hailstones; when it was cut down, Sa Nyol Kung Bung, covered with snow, appeared on this site; snowstorms and hail come from it]: 175- 176; Stocks 1925 [the demon Laso-mung-pono first settled on a saga palm tree; the tree was cut down and the Tista River flowed from this place; the demon settled on a large tropical tree singli-sang-loc, it collapsed under its weight; then on the sichem tree (a genus of elm, grows by the water); it withstood, although less, but people killed it with arrows, cut it to pieces; parts became different types of flies, wasps and hornets; thrown into bone air became mosquitoes]: 354-355; rai or limbu [made a nest on a tree near the village of Raja vultures; carried children to feed chicks; trills did not reach, people cut down a tree, chicks died; the vulture moved to a lower tree, was hit by arrows, the meat was scattered, the bones were crushed and scattered in the wind; the meat turned into parasitic worms, and the ash scattered in the wind appeared black flies, mosquitoes, beetles, etc.; a pipe was made out of the tibia, its sound terrified the enemies; the pipe slipped out of the hands of spies, drowned in the river; the pipe turned into a python; after that, the vulture became read]: Shrestha 2019:496-497 (retelling Streltsova 2017:159-161); duffle [Appa Pili began to carry people away; Hado Desar pretended to be dead, AP brought him to his cave; HA quietly rested his feet and with his hands, AP left him at the entrance; HD climbed the rock above the cave, heated the stones; HP came out, HD started throwing stones, AP thought it was HP himself, grabbed them, died; people crushed his remains in a mortar, they turned into blood-sucking insects]: Bori 1995:60-61; bori: Elwin 1958a, No. 1 [Tani married Doini-Aiye, daughter of the Sun; their two sons see a mother sitting on a bunk bed above the hearth, on a platform, on roof; each time she replies that their father did not repair bunk beds, etc.; flies from the roof to her father; brothers follow her; help Forest Birds, Wild Cats, Wild Cats, Wild Boars, Old Woman in their work, they show the way; Old Man drives them into a tree, cuts it; brothers jump on others, the Squirrel hides them in her quiver; when the Old Man crosses the river over the bridge, the Belka advises you to jump on it, the bridge collapses, the old man drowns; the Old Man's wife I caught his bones, crushed it, blew it; the dust that got into the water became leeches, and the dust that got into the forest became all kinds of insects]: 307-309 (=1958b: 340-342); 1958b, No. 1 [Abu-Tani married Doini-Aiye, daughter of the Sun ; they went to visit her home, leaving her two sons at home; the stupid older brother let the cannibal Wiyu Mikam-Purbo in, who took the form of an old man; when Wiyu left at night, the younger brother told the elder to leave clothes on the couches, hide in a pigsty; MP plunged hot knives into his clothes; the brothers ran, Abu-Tani lowered the basket from the sky, picked up the younger one, and the eldest began to swing, crashed; the cannibal asked and pick it up; he tore off a piece of meat from the sole of Abu-Tani from the sky, he released the basket; MP says it would be good if he fell on a stone; crashed, the fragments turned into snakes, leeches, hornets and other creatures; they are also greedy for human flesh and blood; humans have concave feet because MP pulled out a piece]: 354-357; Sherdukpen [Sirinpu was an enemy of llamas, pulled out their flowering shrubs planted for sacrifices; he was invited to a feast, many arrows pierced him; his eldest daughter asks him to die to endure pain, promises to cut off llama flowers; the middle one promises to poison llamas, the youngest - to give birth to a rat, it will devour sacred books; then S. dies; his corpse is burned; a charred bone remains, it has been crushed, thrown away, it has turned into mosquitoes and biting flies; the youngest daughter gave birth to rats they spoil books]: Elwin 1958b, No. 58:456-458.

Burma - Indochina. Karen [a strange creature without arms, head and body tells a person to take it, chop it to pieces, cook it in a pot, eat it; the person does not eat, runs away; the pot chases the person; Buffalo, the Cow they lie that they did not see a person; The squirrel hides him in a hollow, he climbs there through a stream of urine; when the Pot climbs, the Squirrel breaks the stream, the Pot breaks; pieces of meat that fell into the water became leeches, to the ground - gadflies]: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 159:392-394; Thais of China [the governor of Heavenly Lord Yanda's eldest son and younger Yansan; when enemies attacked, Yandy sat in the sky, Yansan defeated his enemies, became Thai ruler; Yanda came with an army, was captured, burned at the stake, turned into the sun; the corpses of his warriors became mosquitoes, flies, leeches, many of them in the summer when the sun burns; when Yansan died, people they planted flowers on his grave; Yansan became a month, flowers became stars]: Lin Lin, Ustin 1959:20-21; viets {the difference between versions may be due to different translations, but most likely different records}: Landes 1886, No. 84 [the spouses promise each other that everyone will follow the first to die; the wife dies; the husband carries the deceased along the river, meets the Buddha, who takes three drops of blood from her husband and revives his wife with them, sends the couple home on a crocodile; the wife runs away with a wealthy merchant; the crocodile takes her husband after her, the wife refuses to return; Buddha takes three drops of blood from her, she dies, turns into a mosquito; he keeps trying, but he can't drink three drops of blood]: 207-208 (=Nikulin 1970:29-42, =1990:21-25; =Vietnamese tales 1992:134-136); Sun 1957 [Ngok Tam grew rice, his wife Nhan Diep grew mulberry worms; she wanted to live comfortably and without worries, but she did not dare to talk about it with her husband; suddenly died; in despair, her husband put the coffin in the boat and sailed down the river; he was greeted by the Tien Thai medical spirit; invited him to become his apprentice, but NT could not leave his wife; TT reluctantly agreed: let NT cut his finger and spill three drops of blood on his wife's body; they met a wealthy merchant on their way home; he invited her to his ship and took her away; she is happy; when NT found her and saw what his wife really was like, he got rid of his love for her and demanded that three drops of blood be returned; she did, but died immediately Again; it has become mosquitoes that are all trying to get blood]: 113-116.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Senoi (Sakai) [after a long struggle, cannibal giants are killed; their blood that spilled to the ground became leeches, and their blood that spilled on the grass became mosquitoes]: Skeat, Blagden 1906 (2): 284-285; Hatt 1949:90; Bali [Mngukuhan, a play (lacon) by Balinese theater; god Guru in his palace Marchukaņda sees radiance in the sea; there the hermit Kanekaputra subjects himself to austerities; sent unable to do him distract; G. himself comes to him, says that he knows that he wants to become equal to him; it is pointless to strive for this, for only the sun and moon appeared before him, G., and even earlier than them, heaven and earth; only Sang Hyang Wnang is older than him; the hermit laughs and says that SHV is not the oldest; asks what was created first during chaos; G. does not know; showing mercy, K. takes him to heaven, does chief over the gods; G. asks K. what he holds in his clenched hand; K. says it is Rthna dumilah's treasure, which makes him insensitive to hunger, thirst, fire and water; warns that if loosen its grip, it will fly away with an arrow; G. asks to throw it at him, tries to grab it, the treasure flies from heaven to seventh earth, where it is swallowed by the Antaboga snake; K. asks him back, A. tells him for it to take it to heaven; K. says that this is impossible, A. is as big as the earth; A. curls up in a ring; the gods penetrate into A. through his nose, ears and mouth, but only start fighting there; trying to raise A. to heaven , but he disappears, finds himself at G.'s feet, belches the treasure box, but neither he nor others can open it; G. breaks it, inside a three-year-old girl Ken Tisnawati and her palace; when she is 14 years old, G . wants to make her a wife; she demands that he first take out clothes that do not wear out, food that satiates forever, and gamlan ktopyak; G. sends the jester Kalagumarang for them; he mocks over the gods, they want him to become an animal; he pursues Dewi Sri, her husband Vishnu shoots him, arrows, becoming vines, entangle his legs, he falls, becomes a boar; G. takes possession of T. power, she dies; she is buried on the ground; a coconut palm grows out of her head, rice from her genitals, a banana from her palms, corn from her hands; the boar continues to chase Dewi Sri, who has now taken the form of Dewi Tisnawati, ravages rice crops; Vishnu pierces him with an arrow, his blood turns into insects and diseases that harm rice; the spirit enters the bodies of Puţut Jantaka's ascetic children; God ruins rice crops Pritanjala (guardian of the northeast) in the form of a bird, hides among the inflorescences of the arenga palm tree; these stems are cut off, the juice is collected, this is how palm wine appeared; the children of the PJ ascetic are rat, pig, monkey, buffalo, all wild bulls, deer and other animals; they come to ravage the fields; they are hardly defeated; the monstrous brothers Sngkan and Turunan turn their penises into whips, tame the bull with them and buffalo, thread a rope through their nostrils]: Rassers 1959:14-19; ngaju [(by Schwaner 1853:179; in a brief retelling of Dixon 1916:160, reference to Hupe 1846:138); there were two trees in the sky, one on one a growth appeared, broke off under the weight of a bird and a second winged creature that sat on it, fell into the Sangiang River (S., a category of heavenly spirits), the Serpent who lived in it tried to destroy it, but the growth washed ashore, a woman came out of it, made a boat out of a banyan leaf, sailed along the river to the sea, where she met a man who had risen under the influence of the waves from a floating log; the first six times she had miscarriages, everyone became a woman, they gave birth to different gods and spirits from different creatures (the first gave birth to Djangan Hatuen Peres, the leader of diseases); the seventh time sons Mahadara Sangen and Mahadara were born Sangiang; Sangen took the embryos of plants and animals, descended to earth; there, from the marriage of two trees, an egg was born, with a lifeless female image; Sangen went to heaven for living water; at this time Angoi breathed the breath and wind into the woman, made her blood from the rain, bamboo bones (probably); Sangen, who returned, spilled living water in anger, she sprinkled the plants; they now grow back when cut off, and humans are mortal; he killed A., cut the corpse, and snakes, tigers, and other harmful creatures arose from his marriage to that woman; Sangiang gave birth to many gods, including a guide of souls to the world of the dead, Sangsang Tempon Tellon]: Schärer 1966:68-71; Dayaki (West Sarawak) [while Terau (Terouch) was fishing, the demon buau (headless souls of war-killed men) took his wife Temunyan; husband found glued to a rock; trapped a demon, promised to let her go if he gave a potion to peel off his wife; the demon gave it, her husband hacked him anyway; the wife gave birth to a demon son who looked like an insect; he dug into her the nipple sucked milk, did not stick off; the husband took his wife and the demon's son, stuck to the forest, asked him for the names of the trees, he knew them all; to pronounce the name of the parasite plant pa'ang, the demon had to open his mouth, the husband was able to hack it; the pieces became leeches]: Ling Roth 1896:308-309.

Taiwan - Philippines. Nabaloi [the girl did not want to marry, ran into the woods; met a wild cat in the form of a human being; they got married, she saw him become a cat, devouring chickens; asks Kabunian for help; he lowers a rope from the sky; she climbs; when her husband climbs, K. cuts off the rope; parts that fell into the water became fireflies, and black ants to the ground]: Moss 1924, No. 42:277 (translated into Rybkin 1975, No. 17: 49-50); paywan [the lonely old man Vuruvurung had no relatives; three girls came to him and asked him to slaughter and cook his pigs, cook millet, for which they promised to eat with him; they sent him into the house, told them to strain their penis; eating its supplies, each time they answer that the food is not ready yet; V. replies that his penis is knee-length; ankle-length; girls run away, leaving their excrement be responsible for themselves; V. follows them, they choose the path along the thorns, thorns of different sizes dig into B.'s long penis; V. cannot cross the river, returns; taking out the thorns, puts them in blood vessels, closing them with a lid; calls people to eat porridge; wasps (the smallest thorns), hornets and other stinging insects fly out of the vessels, bite the audience, especially those girls; there were no stinging insects before]: Egli 1989, No. 90:259-262.

China - Korea. Chinese: Tishkov 1957 [a huge cannibal mosquito eats people; they protect themselves from it with smoke; make a stuffed man out of paper; when a mosquito rushes at him, he is strangled with smoke; burned, on his corpse Mosquitoes appear; they are left alive]: 74-76 (=Riftin 1993:36-39; 2007:41-42); Hatt 1949 [(Eberhard 1937:128); in China, especially Southern China, it is often reported that mosquitoes appear from the ashes of burned monster or evil woman]: 89; Chinese: Eberhard 1937, No. 11 (Yunnan, Guangxi) [mother meets Tigress as an old woman, she eats her, comes to her children disguised as a mother, eats one at night a child, others (apparently a boy and a girl) go out into the yard under some pretext, climb a tree; the stalker tries to climb, dies, the burned corpse turns into mosquitoes or ants], 84 ( Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Yunnan) [mosquitoes arise from a burnt monster or cannibal (bösen Frau)]: 19-23, 128; Chinese (Guangdong) [husband is unable to earn anything, his wife sends him look for work in other parts; he finds nothing, comes back and sees his wife bring various foods from the bazaar; when he sees her husband, the wife is outraged that he has come again without money, but the husband says that he He found an amazing sense of smell; he demonstrates this by saying what kind of food is in the house now; the rumor has spread, the emperor called on the man to find the missing jewelry; he begins to mumble out loud, Oh nightmare, oh, horrible! Two courtiers, who had similar names, thought they were exposed; show where the jewelry is hidden and give a reward; the emperor offers service, but the man only asks for a portion of toffee for his wife; she again considers him an idiot; the Empress wants to test the fortuneteller's abilities, hides a kitten in a basket, wrapped it in cotton wool, asks him to say what is there; the man out loud, referring to himself: the cat died in basket! The Empress opens the basket - the kitten is suffocated; after that, everyone decided that man is a god, his place in the sky; he was thrown so high that when he fell, he fell into many particles that have become ants; therefore ants immediately feel if there is any food]: Fielde 1893:21-26; Chinese (Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong) [mosquitoes or leeches arise from the ashes of a burned monster or an evil woman]: Eberhard 1937, No. 84:128; Maonan [when leaving, parents tell their children not to unlock strangers; a cannibal comes, answers the children that she is their grandmother; she eats at night boy; the girl feels something wet in bed, asks permission to go out to relieve herself; comes back, invites the "grandmother" to poke in her hair; asks her to climb a tree - you can see better there; ties a cannibal's hair to the tree, runs away; the cannibal breaks off her scalp, falls into a pond with lime, dies, turns into leeches; now, if there are a lot of leeches in the pond, they are filled with lime]: Lu 2008, No. 2:359- 373; the fox [t'ishüma cannibals ate everyone; one man chopped t'ishüma into small pieces; threw it into the air, they turned into mosquitoes, into water (leeches), on the ground (fleas), on the head neighbor (lice), dog (ticks)]: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:207; Koreans [spouses have three sons, parents want another daughter; 10 years after the girl is born in the house, people die one by one from anemia; the last brother left watches over his sister; throws her into a pile of burning straw; she became a fox, burned down, the ash became a mosquito; so mosquitoes fear burning grass]: Choi 1979, No. 101.2:29.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece: Gunda 1979:398 [Nikander, 741-742 {200 BC, Colophon}: Wasps came out of a sliced horse corpse and bees from a bull (Rinderkadaver)], 399 [Ovid, Metamorphoses: Aristeus became lament that his bees had died; Proteus told him to bury the bull's carcass, bees came out of it; hornets flew out of the buried corpse of a warhorse, and scorpions crawled out of the crab; Plutarch (Plut., Cleon., 60, 39): bees emerge from the rotting of a bull's corpse, hornets for horses, donkeys for beetles; Servius (commentator Virgil, 390 AD): bees emerge from the corpse of a bull, horses - drones, horse - hornets, donkeys - wasps]; Ancient Greece art: J.L Metzler. schaft, Begonnen von George Wissowa. iegler 1912 [When Perseus cut off Gorgon's head, drops of her blood fell on Libya, turned into poisonous reptiles; therefore, there are many poisonous snakes in Libya; var.: venomous snakes originated from Typhon's blood]: 1639; Romanians (Banat) [Franz Griselini, 1780: St. George killed a dragon, threw its head into the Gokubac cave in Serbia; mosquitoes dangerous for cattle (Simulium columbaschense) came out of his head; these mosquitoes still fly out of there in clouds; M.Tanárky 1814: these mosquitoes come out of the cave in Semiradje, where St. George threw his head with a dragon; S.Mocsáry 1876: a local hero killed a snake, threw his head into a cave, walled up; but every spring the cave opens, mosquitoes fly out; S.Mariam, 1903: two older sisters leave Ana Girozana, who has fallen asleep, in the forest; she promises the Cuckoo to become his wife if he takes her home; the cuckoo refuses; the dragon appears; AG screams, Ioan Iorgovan comes running, kills the dragon, but the victim turns into mosquitoes that are dangerous for livestock; (and other similar options; the dragon can be 7, 12-headed; this banat myth is quoted by Dähnhardt 1910, II:170)]: Gunda 1979:393-396; Croats [ Noah's ark began to sink because the mouse gnawed through the hole; God ordered it to be plugged, and the serpent volunteered to shut it up if it was allowed to drink human blood; after the flood, the serpent came to God and asked Fulfilling her promise; God told her to wait a while; then more; she ran into shepherds and they threw her into the fire; fleas appeared from her ashes, still biting people]: Eschker 1992, No. 72:250-251; Serbs [Karadžič 1896: the hero wounded the dragon, he crawled into the cave, died, mosquitoes flew out of it; the Germans walled up the cave, but every year the wall collapses, mosquitoes dangerous for cattle fly out]: Gunda 1979:396.

Central Europe. Ukrainians (the place of recording is not specified; since Stugna is mentioned, it is more likely that they are Eastern) [Sucich and his brothers hid from the Serpent in Kozma-Demyan's forge; the serpent demands the extradition of the fugitives, threatens to burn the forge; CD suggests licking the door with his tongue, grabs his tongue with hot forceps, assistants hit the Snake on the head with hammers; the Snake was harnessed into a plow, the CD led him by the tongue, and S. goes for the plow; they wanted to fan the whole earth; the rivers of snakes drank like puddles; the sea began to drink, burst, reptiles, infections, and plagues spread out of it around the world; the reclined layers of land have since been called the Serpent Wall; Stugna since then, Where the sands were dry, the Serpent drank it there]: Wozniak 1992:87.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks: Basayev 2004, No. 8 [the gods hit the ocean with a spear, the Sun arose from the first blow, the Moon from the second, the evil spirit of Arakh from the third; he drank arshan living water, urinated in a vessel; Ochir-Vani- The gegian drank it, turned yellow; following the instructions of the Sun and Moon, caught up with Arakh, cut it with a staff; the lower part went to the ground, shows its strength in the form of insects, reptiles, diseases; the upper OB chained to the moon; revenge luminaries, A. swallows the Sun every three years, the moon once a year]: 38-40; Dušan 1976 [people did not die, did not care about anything, grew up to 15 years and stayed at this age; wanted to try old age; God fulfilled a wish, people began to live for hundreds and thousands of years; wanted to die; began to die and be reborn young; the gods decided to make people immortal again, prepared a drink of immortality, left; his the evil spirit of Araha drank, urinated at this place, ran away; the god of war left by the guard chased A.; the moon pointed to A. with his hand, the Sun nodded his head; the god of war threw a sword at A., cut it in half; the lower some disappeared into the ground, evil spirits and reptiles came out of it; the god of war chained the upper part to a cart on the moon (dark spots); A. promised to swallow the moon three times a year, the Sun every three days {apparently every three days years}; A. does not have a back half, swallowed stars come out of it]: 77-78; Basangova 2017, No. 4 []: 39-41; Karachays [in the decisive battle, sledges destroy emegenes; from the bodies of killed emegens Gadflies and flies appear; pestilence begins; sledges ran to the West and East Seas, threw themselves into the water, everyone drowned]: Aliyeva 1994, No. 138:587-588 (same No. 139:588-589, but without the motive for flies to appear from emegen bodies); Ingush [a seven-headed vampal fatally wounded a sledge; he ordered his wife to hide his turpal horse in a hole behind 9 doors, tell his son when he was 15; the prince marries the princess; she tells sell a young man (i.e. the son of that sledge) when he is 12 years old, bring her money; the prince invites the young man to go overseas with him, lets him choose a horse, but all the horses on which the sledge's son sits, he breaks his backs; son asks his mother to fry barley, clenches her hands, forcing her to say who his father was and how he died; the young man saddled his father's horse and went with the prince; at the seashore, the Grand Duke should wait for him to return from the bottom of the sea; if the sea is covered in blood and foam, lightning flashes from the gnashing of Vampal's teeth, we must let the horse go, he will come to the rescue; but the prince took the horse and left; at the bottom, the young man defeated the Vampals with 1 to 6 heads; He dragged the seven-headed man ashore, cut off his heads with a knife; snakes, cockroaches and other scum crawled out of his body, since then there have been insects and various evil spirits in the world; the son returned to his mother, she is blind, does not believe that the son had come; when he pulled his mother out of the chicken coop and washed it, she saw the light; the prince told the princess that he had sold the young man and bought a horse with this money; the princess wanted for the young man, not for the prince (young man 14, but he looks 30); he came when the wedding was being prepared; pulled out the prince's throat and threw it to his dogs; the wedding of the son of the sledge with the princess]: Tankiev 2003, No. 183-188 (=Malsagov 1983, No. 13:87-91); Armenians [in There was a hole in the ark, the snake promised to shut up if Noah gave its blood to drink; when the water came down, N. threw the snake into the fire, ordered him to become a flea to drink blood; the snake's ashes turned into fleas]: Ganalanyan 1979, No. 770: 246-247; Turks (European Turkey) [The serpent offered to plug a hole in the ark for the right to sting whoever comes out of the ark first; on Mount Ararat, Noah saw that his elder son Sim was the first to come out; cut the snake into pieces, which led to mosquitoes, horseflies and other biting creatures]: Krappe 1938:272 (same text in Albert-Llorca 1987:149-150 and Dähnhardt 1907:280, citing Sébillot 1887: 369); Kurds, including Yazidis [the serpent agreed to plug a hole in the ark on the condition that after the flood it be allowed to eat human beings; when the flood was over, Noah sought advice from the archangel Gabriel; he told him to throw the snake into the fire; Noah scattered the ashes down the wind, and bugs and fleas arose from the ashes]: Dähnhardt 1907:279-280.

Iran - Central Asia. Zoroastrianism [Fredon wanted to kill Ajdahak, but Ormazd said: "Don't kill him now, lest the earth be filled with harmful creatures"; it follows that the latter came from Azhdahak's body]: Chunakova 2004:19.

Baltoscandia. Counselors [a man melts lead, answers the Line that golden eyes do; puts lead in the eye; another man cooks resin, answers the Line that gilds his beards; Damn puts his beard in the cauldron, waits, the resin freezes, it goes, the cauldron hangs on its beard; comes off with it; the devil cries by the lake, tears turn into flies and horseflies]: Ariste No. 55:102; Finns [when mother is pregnant for the tenth time , her nine sons go to the forest; one comes to find out who was born; he tells her mother to leave a spindle in front of the gate if it is a girl, and an ax if it is a boy; the mother leaves the spindle, the witch changed her ax; when the daughter grew up, her mother told her everything; the daughter cries all day long; the mother gathered her tears, baked a pie on them, he rolled, the girl and her dog followed him; the witch met her, offered to bathe in pond; the dog did not allow it, the witch broke her leg; the same at the second pond, the dog walks on three, then on two legs; then on one; at the fourth pond, a witch killed a dog; in the fifth pond I had to swim; the witch told her to splash water into her eyes, splashed into the girl's eyes, they changed their appearance and the girl was speechless; the brothers believed that the witch was their sister; when her sister grazed the cattle, her voice came back and she sang about her misadventures; her younger brother heard; the brothers agreed with her sister that she would not return in the evening, but in the afternoon, say that her eyes hurt; they told the witch to splash water in her eyes, her sister and witch changed their appearance again; the brothers dug a hole outside the bathhouse, filled it with burning resin, covered it with a rug; the witch did not want to step on him, they forced her failed, the brothers closed the door; burning, the witch said that her eyes would be grasshoppers (Grille), her ears would be vorons, her hair would be magpies, her fingers would be crows to torture people]: Salmelainen 1947:60-75; Finns [the cannibal turns the heroine's mother into a sheep, takes her place, slaughtered the sheep; a birch tree grows from the collected seeds; the imaginary mother tells the heroine 1) to disassemble the grain, 2) collect spilled milk ( to do this, you have to wave a birch branch crosswise); magic dresses; they come to the party; the cannibal's daughter is kicked when she gnaws her bones under the table; her arm, leg are broken, her eye is knocked out; the heroine runs away from the holiday three times; a resin trap in which her ring, ear ring, shoe remains; marriage to the one that fits these objects; the cannibal's daughter has an artificial arm, leg, eye; the prince is lucky the heroine and daughter of a cannibal into the castle, pushes the cannibal's daughter into the river to make a bridge, drives along it with her bride; hemlock grows out of the body of the cannibal's daughter, the cannibal cut it off; the prince and the heroine a son is born; the cannibal turns the heroine into a deer, sets up a liar; the deer goes out to feed her child; the prince grabs his wife, she turns into a spindle, rolling pin, curtain, etc., then back into woman; when the cannibal is executed, she promises that she will make worms, snakes, and harmful insects]: Salmelainen 1871, No. 8:59-67 in Cox 1893, No. 95:38; Karelians: Evseev 1981 [(Europeus, 1845); y old women have nine sons; began to give birth; sons tell me to hang a spinning wheel with a tow if a daughter is born; Xueyatar replaces the spinning wheel with an ax, the sons do not return; the girl grew up, kneaded in her tears bun, went to look for his brothers, took the dog; S. invites the girl to swim five times, the dog does not tell him every time, S. consistently tears off the dog's four legs and head; suggests that the girl spat in her face, changes her appearance, taking away her memory; while the girl herds the cows, S. returns her memory; she sings about what happened, the brothers hear, tell S. to spit in the girl's eyes, appearance becomes the same; the brothers cover the fire hole with a carpet, S. falls into it, manages to tell her chizhiks to fly out of her eyes, magpies from her hair, from her ears, from her toes]: 239-241 ( retelling to Petrukhin 2003:74); Concca 1991 [brother joined the army, sister stayed at home; brother drew his sister on tinder, took him to the palace; the royal son saw: if the sister is really so beautiful, I will get married and take you to the palace; my sister comes up with excuses: I will go when I wipe my father's millstone; I'll rub the bench with the bottom of my mother's spinning wheel; I'll wipe my parent's stupa; my brother crushed the millstone, cut it bench, broke his stupa; sailed in a boat with Pyatnashka's dog; from the shore, Syuoyatar asks to pick her up; sister does not want to, brother takes it; S. makes brother and sister deaf and replaces their words; instead of "correct jewelry" - "jump into the sea"; "undress and jump into the sea"; "cut out your eyes, break your arms and legs, jump into the sea"; she did not mutilate herself, but jumped into the sea; S. persuaded the young man to marry her sister, put on her clothes; the Queen married S., but since she is ugly, he threw her brother into a hole with snakes; but the viper hugs and lulls the boy; the sister is engaged to the son of the sea lord; embroiders a brocade shawl, asks for permission to take the Queen; she is allowed to get up a little out of the water, but is held on a silver chain; Fifteen tells everything, hands over a handkerchief; a widow living by the sea tells the Queen everything; now the girl hands over a shirt for the queen; he realizes that this is not S.'s job; the widow orders to forge a braid to cut the silver chain and pull the girl out of the water with the other chain; the girl turned into a mosquito , a lizard, a snake, a spindle, a rolling pin; the Queen did not let go; burning resin was poured into the pit, covered with red cloth, called S., she fell, burned; ordered her hair to become gnats and worms; wife's brother Korolevich made first assistant]: 65-76; Onegin 2010, No. 25 [the healer gave the man water that would make his wife pregnant; but he took a sip himself, also became pregnant, went to the forest, gave birth to a girl, threw it on tree; the prince's dog barks, the girl (she says that her man carried her, raised the raven, the breeze rocked, the heavenly water washed) asks for clothes; the prince brings her to him, marries; Syuoyatar became a midwife, turned the prince's wife into a vazhenka in the bathhouse, stayed with her child; but the cuckoo does not cuckoo on her head, the bells on the hem do not ring, the child cries; the shepherd saw how the vazhenka she shed her skin, became a woman; she replies that her son is crying; she asks to bring her to feed him tomorrow, and then she will migrate with the deer; the shepherd brings, the woman asks to bring her son tomorrow; the shepherd tells the prince about this; the prince threw a deer skin into the fire; the woman became a snake (the prince cut her), a lizard (the same), a rolling pin, then a man; the cuckoo ate, the bells rang, the birds They sang on her shoulders; the prince orders to heat the hot bath, under the floor there is a fire pit, S. is led there on a red carpet, she rejoices; when she falls into a hole, she tells her fingers to become devils, earthworms, gnat, hair became sedge, prickly thickets; and so happened; the prince began to live with his wife and child]: 268-271; Schreck 1887, No. 9 (Russian Karelia) [husband and wife went to look for the missing sheep; witch turned a woman into a black sheep, took her form, her husband did not notice the change; the witch wife asks to slaughter the sheep; the daughter knows that it is the mother; the sheep tells her not to eat her, collect her bones and bury her bones; in this place a birch tree has grown; a witch wife also gave birth to a daughter and began to tyrant her stepdaughter; the king invites everyone to the feast; the stepmother tells her stepdaughter to separate barley from the ash; the mother's voice from under the birch tree tells her to take a birch branch , she is doing the work; the girl is becoming beautiful, she is wearing a luxurious dress, and a horse next to her; the Queen seated the girl next to him, and the witch's daughter gnawed bones under the table; the Queen smeared the door with resin, the girl's ring is stuck; at home she leaves her dress and horse by the birch tree; next time, the task is to separate the hemp seeds; the same, a golden hoop for the girl's hair sticks to the door; for the third time, the witch pours out milk in ash; a golden shoe sticks to the door; the queen gathers everyone to try it on; the witch squeezes her daughter's finger, head and leg into a ring, hoop and shoe; the queen must marry freak; he takes both girls from the witch's house; crossing the river, throws the freak like a bridge, crosses it, marries a beautiful woman, but everyone thinks she is the daughter of a witch; the freak remains lying on a bridge, out of her a cicuta grows up; the witch wants to cut it off, hears her daughter's voice, makes her human again; comes to the young queen, turns her into a deer, leaves her daughter instead; the royal baby cries; a widow teaches the Queen to give her a baby to take her to the forest; the deer queen comes to feed him; says that this will be the case for three days, and then she will go away forever with the deer; for the third time, a widow offers to clean the queen's head; she takes off her deer skin; the hidden king throws his skin into the fire; the queen turns into a spinning wheel, a mallet for washing clothes, a spindle, but her husband destroys these guises, the queen remains a woman; the Queen orders to cook a resin hole, light it, cover it from above, calls the witch and her daughter, they fail, burn; the witch manages to stick her finger out, says that (from her) worms will appear in the ground, mosquitoes in the air to cause suffering to people], 10 (Russian Karelia) [another translation in Bertram 1854:18-29; after the death of his parents, the son got a job with the king as a shepherd, daughter stayed at home; gave her brother her portrait; when he saw him, the Queen fell in love; sister: before the millstone left by my parents was wiped off than I left my father's house; my brother broke the millstones, joined the halves; when sister began to work, the millstone split; sister: I won't go until the spinning wheel breaks; her brother broke her, the spinning wheel broke; the same is my father's mortar; threshold; sister had to marry; I had to swim on sea; sister took her dog with her; witch from the shore: take me; they did not take me twice, but on the third cape the brother decided to take them; the witch made them deaf; brother to sister: the castle is visible, dress nicely; the sister asks the witch; she: your brother tells you to put your oars and throw yourself into the sea; the sister gave the oars to the witch, but did not rush into the sea; next time your brother asks you to wear jewelry, the witch tells you to take it off dress and jewelry, throw herself into the sea; the sister takes off but does not rush; the third time she rushed, the witch raked away from her; the brother had to pass off the witch for her sister; she wore her clothes and jewelry; for the fact that the bride was ugly, the Queen ordered the dragons and snakes to leave her brother, but they did not touch him; the sister at the bottom of the sea became the bride of the sea king; she made a gold hat for the Queen and silver, so that he could free her brother, but could not go ashore, she was held by a silver chain; her dog was wandering around the castle; the widow had an iron platform going out to sea; her sister came out to him asked the dog to take the hat to the Queen, asked what was in the house; she replies that a witch was in charge of it; the widow told the Queen everything; the next night her sister made a shirt out of gold and silver , the dog carried it away again; the witch says that her hands make both the hat and the shirt themselves while she sleeps; the widow teaches her to cut the silver chain with a scythe on the third night; the sister will turn into different creatures, her you can't let go; the sister prepared pants for the Queen; the Queen put his chain over her, cut the silver one; her sister turned into an earthworm, a fly, a lizard, a spindle, etc.; the Queen took her away to the widow's house, freed his brother; the Queen orders to cook a resin hole, light it, cover it from above, tells the servants to take the witch away, she fails, burns, sticks her hair out, says that he will come out of him worms in the ground, mosquitoes in the air, harmful caterpillars to hurt people; wedding; brother appointed chief adviser, gets half of the treasure]: 63-74, 74-85; (cf. Swedes [to make people, God cut down a spruce, cut two blocks, cut it, threw away chips; they made crows, crows, jackdaws; then carved the figure with a knife; large shavings became birds, small - wasps, flies, mosquitoes; God made the second figure more carefully; chips became capercaillies and black grouses, shavings became songbirds, butterflies and harmless flies; these figures became man and woman]: Balzano 2001, No. 32:57-58).

Volga - Perm. Chuvash [(Melanges russes 1857:275); people captured and killed Keremet, burned the corpse, scattered the ash; the victim turned into many Keremets, who are now taking revenge on people]: Potanin 1893:325.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Altaians [Erlik created the sea monster Andalma-Muus; it stretched out his tongue, licking people; Chamaa-Turun pulled it out of the sea by the tongue, cut it into small pieces; blood the stones were painted, they became colorful; worms, mosquitoes and other insects appeared from the particles]: Verbitsky 1893:101 (quail in Veselovsky 1890:36; cf. Katash 1978:82 [the monster Andylma-Muus, who lived in the lake, had enough sacrifice with his tongue; Turan pulled him by the tongue; blood colored the stones in different colors; this is how copper, jasper, lead, manganese appeared, gold, silver]); Khakas (Kachins) [a naked man without a soul lived on earth; Khudai followed his soul, put a naked dog to the man; when he left, Irlik Khan came, the dog did not let him in; he had her hair covered him, she let him go to the man; Irlik Khan spat on the man; Thin returned, failed to clean the man, turned him inside out, drooling inside; Thin breathed soul into the man; then I. ask X. for land; he does not give; for I. to fall behind, H. gave land to stick the stake; I. pulled out the stake, the snakes crept out of this place; so the snakes and other reptile worms spread; giving a soul, H. did a herbivorous man; let a mare with a foal and a woman with a child into the steppe; the mare pinched the tops of the grasses, and the woman ate the grass along with the ground; H. sees: after a woman, even the grass will not grow; then H. made man eat wheat; the ear grew from the very root; the woman baked bread, the child got dirty; she wiped it with pancake pancakes; H. began to cut off the ear, but the dog howled what she would eat; H. her regretted it, left the top of the ear - the dog's share; the man knew the time of death; one was supposed to die in the fall, began to make a grass fence - enough for his life; H. decided that this way a person would drink everything for children He will leave nothing; he made sure that now man does not know the time of his death; Irlik Khan sent a mosquito the size of a bull to the ground to find out whose blood tastes better; it turned out that the person had a mosquito sat down to rest, the swallow asked to show her tongue, tore it off; the mosquito tried to grab it, but only tore off part of its tail, now it is split; the mosquito flew underground, but could not tell Irlik Khan anything; he got angry, hit him, told him to become a thousand mosquitoes; this is how mosquitoes appeared]: Mindibayeva et al. 2016, No. 1:77-81; Tuvans [see motif K24A; the lake dried up; who lived in the cave of Aji Surji Bakshi ordered Tung Karatta Khan's servants to watch; five ducks flew in, the lake was filled with water; one turned to Sambai-Dagin, she was caught with an arcana; she ordered her to build a house out of calico; on instructions AS, the servants threw a golden lasso over the mountains, caught goats to feed SD; TC enters the house, SD says she is the wife of seven Tayanji Kuls; TC exchanges her from them for his 108 wives and all the cattle; Jyusun Khan is at war; TC tells his wife to wear a winged fur coat, give the second to his mother, fly away; TC became a rat, gnawed through the enemy's bows and armor; Jyusun Khan offers a duel; their strength is equal, they became friends; SD flew to her father Ter-Khan, Tayanji-kula blew up her iron house; Kh, becoming a thin boy, meets a huge Raven along the way, then a huge Wolf; they answer that they are going to peck the eyes of the horse X, there is a KX horse; the KH beats them, breaks off his legs and nose to the current size; Aza replies that he is going to kill and eat the TC itself; TK put it into powder, it formed spiders, horseflies, mosquitoes; see motif K27; TC carries out Ter-Khan's difficult assignments, stealing his sun and moon, which now shine to people]: Potanin 1883, No. 110:373-379; South Altai Tuvans [ jelbege devoured everyone; people sent a letter to 33 heavenly Gurmust; Burgan Bakshy sent from 33 Ochirvan; he burned the upper ground and scorched the lower one; drank a poisonous lake at the bottom whom J. hid; cut in half, gave the upper part to the Month, the lower part to the Sun; J.'s blood and sewage dripped down, became worms, ants, flies, horseflies]: Taube 1994, No. 60:280-281; South Altai Tuvans [Bögen Saggan Toolaj was born {not a woman, but} husband; attacked by the terrible giant Chureldej Chaan, deciding to seize the country before B. matured; wives of two older brothers B. hid the baby in a poplar hollow, putting birch roots in his mouth instead of nipples; B. grew up, found an empty freaky; threw off the stones from the hearth, he found a pipe, a flint, a skein of rope with a silver end and a silver a stick; found his older brothers; went west, paving the road with a silver stick, through a windbreak and through the mountain, swam across the sea; when he came to Jess Mangnai, he made her give him the best food; himself DM won easily; came to his wife H., who was kind to him; turning to Nebu-Altai for help, B. hardly defeated H., drank his blood and grinded him in a stone mill; the homes of the older brothers' wives became to envy B. and persuaded the husbands to place their sword with a point at the entrance to B.'s yurt; they began to shout that robbery, B. jumped out, his sword cut off his legs; his brothers and wives migrated; B. managed to kill the mare, ate its meat; one day, the mush tried to nibble on his severed legs and B. tore off her two legs himself; the other mouse brought herbs, the mouse legs grew; B. also ate herbs, the meat grew together, but the bones did not grow together; came Sean Shilvey, whom his brothers dazzled out of envy; put B. on his shoulders, went, and B. showed the way; they met a man whose hands had been greedily cut off by his brothers; in heaven the youngest Arykcha's daughter Khaan can heal the cripple; B. flew there with a falcon, then became a pacer and carried the princess to the ground; the fire went out because the men looked at the girl; the girl went to the old woman for fire jelbege; she poured ash and heat into her hem, pierced a hole to leave an ash trail; jelbege followed the trail and drank the girl's blood; men put the lifeless girl in a place of honor; the old woman came and swallowed it; the men grabbed the old woman, and the nightingale began to sing, "Little Finger, Little Finger"; they cut off her little finger and the girl came out alive and well; the men forced the jelbega to swallow them; two she spit it out, and S. was also in her little finger; all three became healthy, prettier; the old woman was released; the girl returned to heaven; the men found their wives, whom their brothers and their wives tortured by their brothers and their wives hard work; brothers and their wives were tortured and then thrown into the steppes: one without legs, the other without arms, the third without eyes; when they died , they turned into flies and mosquitoes]: Taube 1978, No. 27:97-120 (=Taube 1994, No. 5:70-88; Mongors [9-headed demon king eats cattle; The Jade Emperor sends his nephew Erlang (Gesarjiawu) to earth; he is born to an earthly woman; the monster finds out about this, sends his General Xiajuaqiang to destroy E.; grown up E. tells his mother to ask S. to swallow it whole; turns into a baby; S. grows in his throat, he suffocates, dies; four Earthly father E.'s brothers give him power, sheep, horses, a mountain of beggar staffs, he becomes a local ruler, marries; E. sends his wife along with other women to serve the monster; breaks bracelet, he and his wife take their soul mate; E. takes a new wife; the same with her; tells the third to watch the water in the hole on the stone until it dries, he is alive; takes a heroic horse, goes to fight the monster; wife jumps after; E. turns into a 9-headed monster, wonders, answers his wife that no one passed; she gives him clothes every time; returns; E. takes her form, fires three arrows, they turn into birds that lead their wife home; at night they turn into the clothes that the wife gave to the imaginary monster; she understands her husband's power; the pass guard is E.'s first wife; he defeats her, she recognizes him, gives a ring, explains what to do; the ring helps to pass between the crushing mountains; E. kills a buffalo standing in the pond, the reservoir dries up, E. passes; despite the warning of his three magic arrows, E. picks up a pebble; it becomes very heavy; E. sees that a monster servant has come to his wife at home; arrows fly to find out, come back, lying that everything is fine at home; the monster's wife is E.'s second wife; notices half a bracelet he threw into a bucket of water; teaches E. to take her form, go to the monster's mother on the left (she is blind to her left eye), kill her; his wife hides E.; asks the monster what will happen if E. will come; the monster will hide his wife and son in his stomach and mouth; he cannot be defeated without extinguishing the fire on his chest, without depriving him of his iron boots, without taking a special rope, and tying him up; E. extinguishes the fire with arrows , the wife sprinkles beans under the monster's feet, E. knocks him down; severed heads grow when the mouse defecates on stumps; the wife tells the monster to rip open the stomach, he dies; the monster has two brothers; E. takes shape a monster, comes to his brother, kills him and his wife; E.'s wife wants to keep her son alive from the monster; E. comes back, kills the one who says he will suck his blood, turns into a mosquito; E. returns, meets his father, who recognizes him when he sees a third eye on his head under his hair; after finishing off demons, E. returns to his mother]: Stuart, Limusishiden 1994:148-152.

Western Siberia. Northern Khanty (b. Kazim) [the elderly spouses are childless; the old woman's knee is swollen, the old man took a stone out of the abscess; put it on the shelf; the food disappears at night; the old woman watches, the boy, the next time the young man eats; fights with his father; in the morning says he will go to kill four-headed Yalians; two-headed Yalian rides a two-headed beast Vures, a young man kills him; the same with three- and seven-headed; burns the latter, ashes turns into mosquitoes]: Lukina 1990, No. 26:90-93; Eastern Khanty: Donner 1915 (b. Wah) [the big bird caught a huge pike, let its sister cook it; but the sister served a dish of dog's entrails instead; the bird went to the ogre, ate lard from his pan; he caught it; during his life The bird promised its sister; he and his sister locked the door, leaving a small hole; the cannibal got stuck in it; they burned the house, and blood-sucking insects appeared from the ashes of the ogre]: 51; Lukina 1990, No. 33 (b. Tromyegan) [the grandmother does not tell her grandson to go to the hut; he goes, comes to Menk-Iki's house; he nails him to the wall, goes after the cauldron; the grandson asks M.'s children to let him go, promises to do it the ladle and trough eat its meat and fat; kills them, cooks them, hides on aspen, taking bags of ash and hot foot; M. comes back, sees children's meat, cuts aspen, sits down to rest; animals and birds they come to spoil around the aspen, the felling overgrows; the same again; the grandson asks M. to open his mouth to jump there; throws ash and foot; burns the corpse, the ash turns into mosquitoes], 34 (p. Vah) [(Kulemzin, Lukina 1978, No. 92:80-83); Alvali hit a teal with an arrow; cannot pull an arrow out of his body; hits with a bow, the bow sticks; etc., until his head sticks; the teal was a trap Savs-iki; he brings A. home; he asks him to feed him first, then sends him to bring a bigger pot; A. persuades his daughters to let him go, promises to make spoons to sip his soup; kills both cooks, puts meat on sticks along the path; climbs a tree with sand in his shoes; S. eats meat; vomits axes, cuts wood, axes break; remains alone; A. asks S. to open his mouth to jump there; sprinkles sand, kills it with an ax, burns it, ashes turn into mosquitoes]: 132-133, 134-136; Soldatova 2008, No. 2 (b. Wah, 2008) [the bear came to visit the fox, began to crawl his back, the fox poked his ass with a wand, he farted, mosquitoes and midges flew out, and the bear ran away], 13 [wagtail brother and sister lived ( wagtail is the embodiment of Alva); brother caught a pike, drove it on sledges, the sledges broke, he sent his sister for others, also broke down, sent for iron ones; ordered him to cook at home, leave him the best parts; the sister ate everything, left the bones; the brother became a wagtail, flew into Savs-Iki's house, fell into the fat pot, fell asleep; SI found him, began to fry him, let him go for promising to give his sister; A. came back, his sister does not want for SI; they dug a hole in front of the entrance, heated the foot, told SI to come in backwards, pierced them on foot, burned them in a hole; the ashes from the head turned into lakes, from the hair into forests, from their hands and feet into rivers; the ashes became midges, mosquitoes, SI: as people drank my blood, mosquitoes and midges will drink their blood], 16 [grandmother does not tell Alva to hunt on the other side, father and grandfather did not return from there; A. goes, shoots at the duck, she does not move , he takes an arrow hit by a duck, sticks his arms and legs; Savs-Iki brought A. to his place, put him on a rope, tells his daughters to fatten, went to get a large cauldron himself; SI's daughters pierced A.'s cheeks, they were swollen; A. suggests making SI's daughters spoons, they untied him, he killed them with a hatchet, cooked them, climbed a tree, leaving two crows in the canopy; SI decided that he ate meat in his daughter's canopy, found earrings in the cauldron, he was going to cut down a tree on which A.; he offered to jump into his mouth - let SI spread his eyes and mouth with chopsticks; A. covered SI's eyes and mouth with garbage, cut it to pieces, burned it, midges and mosquitoes appeared ]: 118, 121-122, 124-125; Southern Selkups: Voskoboynikov, Menovshchikov 1951 (southern?) [Icha (Itya) falls into the trap of the line, he drags him into his home; in the absence of a devil, I. kills his daughters, runs away, climbs a tree; the devil vomits an ax (he's last year swallowed the whole city); Bear, Fox offer to help cut down a tree, but they deceive the line; I. promises to jump the line into his mouth, he lies face up; I. falls asleep with ash eyes of the line, jumping off the tree kills, burns it; sparks turn into mosquitoes]: 135-139; Donner 1915 [Ichite began to live with the cannibal Puegusse; he fell ill, asked him to be taken to the river for a drink; I. said that P. was heavy, let him leave him chain mail at home; killed him together with people; the corpse was burned, the ashes became gnats]: 45-46; Pelikh 1972 (b. Tym) [the text is confused, the informant does not remember everything; everyone died in the village, there is only one hunter girl left, went on a journey; a stump hits, a frog jumps out of there, calls to her; the girl was well prepared, and the frog gave a damn about the stove - it's not tasty; they go to look for grooms, the frog took the girl's ceilings; she tells them; pull one leg here, and if you don't return, then tear it apart; the frog had everything return; grooms water horses by the ice-hole; frog: the silk leash will be mine, and the leather leash will be yours; girl: you are silent, or I'll finish you off in your trough (she was driving in the trough); after the wedding to the frog it is enviable that the girl is more loved; offers to look for the girl in her head, sticks a wire in her ear; the girl was buried with the ring on her finger; her dog dug her up and revived her (exactly how the informant does not remember); the girl threw the ring from hand to hand, ordered the palace to appear; gave birth to a child; tells her husband to remove the frog, otherwise she will not return to him; she was torn in half by horses and burned; the head became a marsh hummock, mosquitoes came out of the smoke]: 348-349; Tuchkova 2004 (Tym rivers, Parabel) [because Itte must be stronger than the mosquitoes, spiders, midges he burned by P□ Negusse, he associated with a spider as well as a dragonfly]: 71; Northern Selkups: Prokofiev 1935, No. 1 [Icha lives with his grandmother; shoots an arrow at a teal, she flies by; tries to take an arrow, sticks with his fist, heel, etc.; the devil brings it to his daughters, goes after the cauldron; I. promises his daughters to make a wooden spoon, kills them, climbs on larch; the devil eats his daughters; cries; vomits an ax to cut larch; Bear, Wolverine, Fox consistently offer to help cut a tree, run away with an ax; I. promises to jump the line into his mouth, he lies face up; I. falls asleep with ash eyes a trait jumps off a tree and kills and burns it; sparks turn into mosquitoes]: 101-102; Prokofiev 1976 [same; the dragonfly fights mosquitoes, was created by I., or is she I.]: 119; Sangi 1989 (northern?) [boy Icha, an ant, lives with his grandmother; his parents were eaten by an evil spirit; I. got out of the boat, stuck to the ground with his foot; the spirit brought him home, began to fatten him; I. killed the daughters of the spirit, cooked his tongues and eyes, himself climbed the larch; the spirit ate his tongues and eyes, thinking it was I.; I. tells him to open his mouth, promises to jump into it; throws sand in his eyes, kills with an ax; burns, the ashes turn into mosquitoes]: 132- 135; Stepanova 2018, No. 13 [they took a man, he said: "Bury me above"; people used to die and resurrect a week later and lived again; and this one was buried in a different way: buried in the ground; from this mosquitoes appeared]: 10; Tuchkova 2004 [Pna-Kos lives with his mother; finds a guy at home trying to hide in the form of a bird; grabs her, the bird boy promises to give his sister; flies home P. warn his sister first; she puts a plague with a small entrance, invites P. to climb backwards; brother and sister pierce P.'s ass with a hot birth; P. predicts that his ashes will turn into mosquitoes and midges; brother and sister burn P.'s corpse, prediction comes true]: 249-250; chum salmon: Alekseenko 2001, No. 137 [the young has two children, the eldest has four; the young one shakes her breasts, laughs; went in to the bottom bam; the eldest hid the children in her bosom, said she would bring fishmeal, went skiing; dotem bam killed the youngest and her children, hung her guts, planted their heads; the husband of the deceased asked the dotem bam for help cook glue, pushed into a fire; it burned down, turned into mosquitoes]: 248-249; Dulzon 1966, No. 18 [woman and Sausage bathe; while a woman dives, K. takes her son, leaves her daughter; son hunts, hears K. says she dragged the woman's son; K. doesn't tell him to go north; he goes, finds his mother; she splashes milk from her breast, it falls into his mouth; now she's sure that it is her son; he comes to K., pushes her into the fire; the ashes turn into mosquitoes; he goes with his daughter K. to the forest; she asks what to do with the half-eaten soup; he advises to pour it into pimas; by morning pima frozen; she chases him barefoot, freezes]: 53-57; Nikolaeva 2006 [the husband does not love his wife, leaves her not sledges, but the boat she must drag through the snow; hits; one day people see how quickly a woman approaches, easily drags the boat, turns out to be a long-toothed witch who has come to avenge women; men have difficulty pushing her into the fire; she burns, snakes crawl out of the fire; men have become better at women]: 38-39; Nikolaeva 2006 [Erul has a son, Putney has a daughter; Putnya offers E. to dive in the lake, takes her son, leaves her daughter; the boy has grown up, wonders why he has 5 fingers in his arms, and P. four; P. does not tell him to go across the lake; he goes, sees a dugout, where the girl asks the woman why she has 4 fingers in her hands and the woman has 5; she explains that P. kidnapped her son, and the girl - daughter P.; a young man throws a piece of bacon into the pot from above; E. recognizes his son, advises him to break his skis, ask P. to warm up the glue over the fire, push him into the fire; lizards and snakes crawled out of the burnt P.; E. teaches his son how to get rid of daughter P.; in the cold, a young man goes hunting with his daughter P. to the forest, advises to pour soup into pimas for the night so that it does not cool down; in the morning he supposedly leaves for firewood; P.'s barefoot daughter chases him, freezes] : 134-137; Nikolaeva 2006 (village. Pakulikha, western in 1959 R.V. Nikolaev) [{just like Osharov 1936a, but the name of Chuuta's hero]: 158-162; Osharov 1936a [Damn it, this is his trap; Ichekochko stuck; asks the Devil not to eat him, but to take him to his daughters for toys; asks him to untie his daughters, he will cut out spoons for them; killed the girls with a knife, cooked them, placed the fried pieces on sticks on the way to the plague; ran away, leaving the little birds in the canopy as if the girls were having fun; Damn it ate meat, released the birds, found the heads of his daughters; counted the stars, missed the grains of sand, realized that I. ran away on the ground; I. climbed the tree, the devil began to cut, the Hare offered to cut for him; when the Devil fell asleep, hit him with the butt of an ax, as if the forest had fallen, ran away with the ax; Damn a new axe vomited (he swallowed it once, swallowing seven cities); the same episodes with the wolverine; with the bear; I. offers the Devil close his eyes, open his mouth, he will jump there; threw sand, killed Devil, burned it, mosquitoes, spiders, midges appeared out of it]: 101-105; Yugi [Hassynget lives with his grandmother, hunts for her; The devil leads his daughter, invites H. and her to dive, whoever stays under water longer will live with his grandmother; H. comes up earlier, goes to hell; breaks the bow, needs copper to fix it; he collects firewood longer, puts a pot {crucible?} on the fire ; when the devil leans to take it, shoves it into the fire; lizards, snakes, mice, frogs, H. crawl out of the fire and throws them into the fire; comes to the grandmother, who sits in the plague with the devil's daughter; H. throws them at pot fat; spends the night with the devil's daughter in the winter forest, pours soup into her pimas at night, runs away; the devil's daughter can't wear frozen pimas, chases barefoot, cuts off, throws one, then the second breast, they fall into trees, turn into growths on the trunk; the devil's daughter freezes, H. returns to her grandmother]: Werner 1997, No. 22:274-278; Nenets: Golovnev 1995 [see motive J54; Parne is thrown into fire, mosquitoes appear from the ashes]: 475-477; Nenyang 1997 (Taimyr; the author heard from her mother) [the nenka has a good plague, the savage has a straw plague next to him; the savage calls Nenka to tear straw for bed; by evening returns alone, Nenka's daughter sees her mother's head in an armful of straw; fills the bakary with ash, leaves it so that they can be seen from under the canopy, ties a bird to them, runs away; the savage opens the canopy, the bird rushes around, ash covers the savage's eyes; a fleeing girl throws her mother's scraper (an iron mountain, a savage climbs her), a cutting board (wide ladyda, the savage crosses), a comb (forest); the girl asks The old beaver to transport her across the river, tells the beaver that her face and park are beautiful; the savage says that the old beaver's face is crooked, her belt is poorly tied, and she advises her husband to push the savage out of the boat the current takes her away; the girl grows up, the savage meets her, makes her change clothes; husbands a man with white deer decorated with chorea, the girl leaves his older brother with dark ones deer, unadorned; brothers bring brides; a girl gives birth to a son, a savage is cut out by a man; the brothers' father asks the savage to hand him a knife through the fire, pushes him into a fire; her ashes turn into mosquitoes]: 30-34; Osharov 1936a [Ulasny turned into a beautiful girl, got married; what she touches will pollute; old people tell his son to light a glue maker, tell his wife to throw it away, push W. into the fire; ash turned into mosquitoes, burnt lice into spiders]: 206-207; Khomich 1977 [Parne burned her old clothes, mosquitoes appeared; or they were lice P.]: 16; forest Nenets (western 1914 on the river. Maykovskaya) [Chaika is alone in the plague, his mother, older brother's wife, older brother, grandfather went to buy firewood, berries, hunt, etc.; an old giant came, swallowed Chaika, went to his place; he had a knife, he cut through the giant's stomach, went out, came back; explains to relatives who come why he cries; they hid in the corners of the plague with a gun; the giant comes home, notices a hole in his stomach, comes back, he's shot, chopped, thrown into the fire; he said his body would turn into midges, horseflies, osm, husband, snakes, lizards, frogs, butterflies]: Lechtisalo 1947, No. 44:101-104; Enz: Long 1961 [old woman de Menuo (mother of all living things; aka Dya-Soi - Earth's parent) finds a baby in the swamp - son Nga-nyo (Heaven's son) and Dya-kata (Earth's daughter); raises him; Dia (gossip, liar; Yombu from the Nenets) goes skiing across the sky (his trail is the Milky Way), tells the boy who his parents are; he meets his older sister, who tries to tear him apart with her claws, he throws her at fire, her sparks turn into mosquitoes; Dia learns from Irio-Casa (the Month, or rather the shaman stuck to the moon, who can be seen on the disc) that there are 7000 stars, but he did not take into account the 7 stars of the Ursa Major and 7 - Pleiades; the son of Nga-nyo and Dya-kata grabs both of them at the same time, they cannot carry him to heaven or underground; his name is Sydene Badasi nga (God who raised us)]: 15-27; Prokofiev 1953 [Nakhutodde's hero burned the evil woman Tysi; sparks turned into mosquitoes and midges]: 203; Sorokina, Bolina 2005, No. 11 [two men went to the forest, one returned only in the evening, married a witch's daughter; the former wife ran away; her husband's father pushed the witch into the fire, her hair flashed, she predicted that her ashes would turn into flies, mosquitoes, and other insects]: 55-56; nganasans : Dolgikh 1976, No. 15 [the hunter has two wives, a woman and a shige (an evil cannibal spirit); he pushes shige into fire, sparks turn into mosquitoes - shige ngiladie ("shige sparks")]: 58; Porotova 1980 [at the cannibal and a woman has two daughters each; a cannibal leads a woman for a talnik, asks her to bend over the water, cuts off her head; at home, the daughter of the victim hears a cannibal promising her daughters that she will eat herself an adult brain, and they are a child's brain; girls leave blankets full of brushwood instead, run away, throw their mother's jewelry, creating a mountain, a lake behind them; they run to the river; the old man asks what their mother talked about him; they say she praised his face and back; he carries them in a boat; the cannibal replies that he is as long as a stick, his back is like an ax; he pushes her out of the boat, she sinks; sisters they spend the night in the old man's plague, in the morning there is no way out of him; the youngest comes out with a needle through the slit, the eldest gets stuck, the youngest tears off her head; the pigtails turn into legs; The head does not want to stay in the hole of the fox, the wolf , remains in a bear, warns not to lean on a stump; the youngest went, leaned, a cannibal jumped out of the stump; they go, disperse, the girl visits her older sister, she has two cubs; the youngest goes to sledges, the cannibal tells me to change, her sledges are drawn by mice, the ropes are worms; they change backwards; dogs bit mice, the old man pushed the cannibal into the fire; her ash became mosquitoes, beetles, worms, bees]: 13-19.

Eastern Siberia. Western Yakuts: Ovchinnikov 1897, No. 7 (the place of registration is indicated; probably Olekminsk or its environs, where Ovchinnikov was exiled) [Abasa and Tangara were sitting by the fire, eating litter (sauerkraut milk); A. ate so much that it began to spoil the air; mosquitoes appeared every time; T. hit him in the back with a smoking head; since that time, mosquitoes are afraid of smoke]: 183-184; Sivtsev, Efremov 1990:192 [see motif L15E; Basymnilan kills the Abaas hero, pours bone remains into the sea, frogs, lizards, beetles and other reptiles and insects appear]; Khudyakov 1969 [in fairy tales, the hero burns the devil, grinds its bones, throws it into the eight-flow sea, but the devil's remnants turn into frogs, worms and reptiles]: 292; northeastern (Verkhoyan) Yakuts [low old woman Bayberikaen with five cows brought horsetail with five shoots from the field, it turned into a beautiful woman, her body is transparent (you can see the body through the dress, through the body of the bone, through the bones the brain); Harah Haana Haardyt Bergen's son chased a squirrel, his arrow fell into the pipe of the house, the beautiful woman carried it out (this detail is also in other versions), married her, giving her a lot of cattle in dowry; on the way home, her husband goes to check the crossbow for a fox, tells turn along the road where the skins of a sable and lynx hang, not where the bear's skin is; a woman forgets, goes to where the bear's skin is; an abaasa daughter in an iron epancha comes out of the iron yurt with one leg, one hand , with one eye, rips off her face, puts on herself, puts on her clothes; green beads fell in her husband's house, where she blew her nose, where she stepped, gray ermines ran, everyone was disgusted; the old woman found horsetail again, he became beautiful again, she told me what happened; Harah Haanu is told by a white horse; says that if his son does not take her Ayyi mistress again ( revived from horsetail), she will complain to Ürüng Ayyi Toyon (White Creator Master); the son must be kept in running water for 30 days, then ventilated; the son himself tells his father that The girl who arose from horsetail is one of the seven Siberian daughters of ÜAT's younger brother; her wings were cut off and sent to the ground; the abaasa daughter was tied to a horse, her body became worms and reptiles (the origin of reptiles); young people marry again when the wife blows her nose, expensive kings fall in, sables run when she steps]: Khudyakov 1890, No. 4:80-89 (=Ergis 1964, No. 51:172-177); Central Yakuts: Ergis 1964, No. 50 ( 4th Malzhagar Nasleg of Khangalas Ulus) [=Ergis 1967a, No. 183; husband ties abaas to a horse, which breaks it with hooves; her eye turns into a star of cold and cold in spring; body and fragments bones in vile reptiles]: 161-166; 1967b, No. 183 (a summary of several texts, including archival ones) [old Baybaricaen (Nectelikaen) lived with five cows. One day, the cows got lost. The old lady asks the birds, no one knows, and only the eagle indicates where her cows are. Under a branched tree, an old woman finds a wonderful flower (horsetail grass) and brings it home. The flower turns into a beautiful girl. The son of rich Hara Haan falls in love with a girl and marries her. The spirits of the area give the girl cattle and outfits as a dowry. Here's the wedding. The husband takes the young woman home, but leaves her on the way and goes to fish for animals. The wife, after dozing off, drives along the road forbidden by her husband. A young woman came to the house of an Abaasa girl (baba yaga). She kills a visitor, wears her outfits and turns into a boyfriend's wife. Since the Abaasa daughter-in-law appeared, Hara Haan has been suffering misfortune after misfortune. His cattle and offspring began to die (or flee into the forest), and the cows stopped milking. Old B. again finds a flower that has become her daughter. She is happy. The horse tells XX about the act of an Abaasa girl (in var: under the guise of a fairy tale, B. tells her son XX who came to visit him). Son XX brings home his real wife, punishes the Abaas girl]: 207; Sym Evenks [Konstantin Ilyich Likhachev, August 12, 2009; The mosquito was big, bit everyone; he was burned, it burst, from there little mosquitoes flew out]: Davletshin, Duvakin 2009, personal report, No. 4; Ilimpic Evenks (Sovrechka, 1998) [A huge one-legged witch ate the mother of two girls; after that, their father and others they made a big fire; the witch who came was deceived - they said that a bullet bag had fallen into the fire, asked to pick it up; when the witch bent down, people pushed her into the fire; she shouted that from now on her ashes will eat them; midges and mosquitoes came out of him]: Duvakin 2013; Far Eastern Evenks (Uchursky) [Torgandun and his younger brother Chanikol live alone, are not born a woman; T. understands that he is not descended from the sky (otherwise there would be dew on his neck), did not rise from the lower world (there would be a footprint), but grew like grass; C. 35 years old lies in the mud in the plague; two girls from the upper world flew in, washed C. put everything in order; the same for the next two days; C. is forced to tell his brother everything; T. tells him to grab the girls tomorrow, and he himself will be in ambush; hides under a pile of chips; the youngest swan girl feels T. , does not go down, the eldest Gakhantyma decides to go down, even if she has to marry T.; C. grabbed the swan girl, who tried to fly away, but T. grabbed them both, took away their clothes, hung them on top of the horse riding; one day T. went hunting, G. asked C. if she asked him to cut down his horse riding; he asked for a tendon cauldron, cut down the horse riding in the evening; G. knocked down a boiling pot on C. died, and G. flew away wearing her swan clothes; the crow does not know where to look for G., sends him to a crow sitting on a horse tree; the raven asks T. to kill a deer for him, points to deer who can take T. to a mountain on the edge of the world; next to a larch with a three-headed eagle's nest; you have to kill a deer, kill an eagle with an arrow, pretend to be an eagle, the eagle raises it to the nest, will feed it; you must make a tambourine out of reindeer skins; keep the eagle awake; and when he falls asleep, tie himself to his feet, hit the tambourine; with fear the eagle will carry him to the meadows of the upper world; there are many deer in the upper world; G. in clothes, through which you can see the body, through the body - bones, through the bones - the brain; 33 brass and iron boys serve her; they hit the deer with T.'s foreheads in front of her eyes, T. lost consciousness; when he woke up, he followed in the footsteps ; the same again at the house of beautiful Solkokchon; T. meets a teal to the female, who lulls child G.; younger sister G. again does not tell her to go down, but G. goes down to feed the child, T. comes out of hiding, vomits her swan clothes, finally marries; their son grew up quickly, his mother gave him the name Yewulchen; I. grabs a female deer by the leg, she flies with him to the mountain of the upper world; says that the owner's daughter is intended for him upper world Gevan old man, who rides seven stars; leaves his giant brother with him, who first tries to kill I. by throwing him up, then offers competition; 1) raise the frozen one into the ground cast iron ball, 2) jump with balls placed at a great distance from each other (I. does everything); the hero of the upper earth Cholbondor ("riding Venus") is happy, gives I. to raise his sister; (hereinafter about the struggle of the heroes of the upper world and the exploits of son I.)]: Myreeva 2013:41-839; Evens [there was nothing on earth, Khevki saw Arinka settle her people on it; went down, drove him away: your land is lower than this one; A. went underground, H. made clay a man and a woman, then made many people out of clay and sand; created forests, plants, animals, fish to feed them; when he released fish into the water, saw that A. was defecating; H. pierced him with fire; A. vomited in fear, vomiting became worms and reptiles, they crept away; when A. defecated, he released mosquitoes; because H. frightened A. with fire, mosquitoes are afraid of smoke]: Robbeck 2005:208.

Amur-Sakhalin. Nanai people: Kile 1996, No. 6 (Kondon village, 1968) [The spit cannibal hunted people, brought his sister animal meat; he has a hammer head, forceps, fur belly, dog bone earrings, legs- skewers, star eyes; his sister invites him to go to bed, he rejects all the proposed places, lies down in a mortar; when he falls asleep, his sister interpreted him; thick bones became beetles, thick veins became snakes, The sister planted the crushed ashes, midges, mosquitoes, beetles, flies appeared]: 85-87; Sam 1976, No. 2 (Bikin) [=Sem, Sem 2020, No. 27:128-132; the elder and younger sisters take turns buying firewood; comes hammer head, skewer legs, tick hands, chalcedony eyes, back is an ornamental board; the younger sister hid; the elder laughed when the devil knocks with spoons and chopsticks; he looks in her head tells me to stick his tongue out to put a louse on it, pulls out his tongue, stuffed bird cherry chips into his mouth, put the phone in, left it standing; the younger sister found an abmar with tongues; found a fresh sister, inserted it into severed head (it is not directly said that the devil cut off his head); came to the house where well done, he tells me to cook meat; the eldest's head rolls out, asks for it to be given to her; well done, beats her younger sister, she leaves, her head follows, asks to take it; she came to another young man, he marries both sisters (the eldest has recovered - how the head found the body, it is not said); the youngest has come to her sister a devil, that hers hides; the devil comes, goes to bed in a mortar; the devil's sister and the one who comes push him, sift through a sieve; the largest sifting is yellow spiders; then less and less: black spiders, mosquitoes, midges, small midge]: 125; Shimkevich 1896 (retelling both texts in Holmberg 1927:388-389): 126-127 [returning home, the brother sees that his sister has changed; sprinkles ash around, discovers tiger traces; sister is pregnant; her brother stabs her chest; she says she will only die if her little finger is cut off; he does this, burns her body; sparks turn into evil spirits in the form of Burkhans secca, urach (insects?) and gazaa birds], 128-130 [two sisters live alone; the cannibal buseu comes to the eldest, she hides, does not laugh; when the youngest is left, she laughs when she sees B. talking to himself; b. searches in her head, offers to stick her tongue out to put a louse on it, pulls out her tongue; when she finds the corpse, the other sister finds the ogre's house, finds a warm tongue among many others; sister B. invites him to go to bed in a large wooden ladle; both women push it into porridge; the particles turn into stinging and blood-sucking insects]; Udege people: Mozhaev 1955 [=Medvedev 1992:377-379; older sister tells the younger sister make a fire in a yurt to protect against Kugomni; the youngest, left alone, does not make; K. comes, pulls out her tongue, takes her home; while K. is not at home, the eldest takes her tongue, returns the youngest; K. again comes, the eldest says that the tongue is in a mortar; K. climbs into his stupa, his sisters push it into dust; it turns into a gnat]: 81-83; Podmaskin, Kireeva 2010 [an evil spirit flies into the mouth of Ege, the eldest of seven sisters; sisters create figures, they jump, gripe; when E. laughs, the sisters see a man on her teeth; the sisters run away, E. tells the ski belts to break, catches up, swallows the sisters; the youngest she escapes, she had fasteners with an iron chain; throws a sharpener (mountain), a comb (thicket), ash (fog; it takes E. a year to overcome each obstacle); the old woman allows the girl to cross the bridge the river, hides the bridge; E. demands it, the old woman puts it, in the middle it collapsed, E. fell into the rapids; says that her hair will become mud, her teeth will become boulders, her bones will be creases from trees, her blood will become mosquitoes and midges]: 156-157; ulchi [an old man and an old woman live by the river; their daughters Laga and Dyu learn to hunt and fish; the old man makes bows and arrows and gear for them; the old man and the old woman die, the sisters remain together; the eldest L. shoots better, goes to the taiga to get meat, put loops on a fur animal; the youngest D. stays at home - cooks food, makes skins, carries firewood; one day she sews clothes, hears a creak around huts, looks out; sees an old woman, skinny as a pole, legs like sticks, a bird's head with a huge beak, fingers like bird bones; every time she moves she creaks; asks if the girl is alone at home, asks let her rest; warming up by the fire, asks who D. lives with, if there is no one else and where her sister is; offers to comb her hair and braid it; quietly pulls out a needle, stabs the girl in the neck, D. closes her eyes, falls asleep; the old woman cuts off her braid with a knife, hides it in a bag, goes to the taiga; L. returns in the evening, sees someone else's traces, her sister lies in the house with her eyes closed, it is unclear whether she is dead or sleeping; L . runs along the tracks with a spear and bow on skis; tracks lead to a forest hut; L. knocks, a pale girl comes out, L. asks to spend the night; the girl replies that you can't spend the night here, this is the house of an evil old woman , she serves her, that's why she is alive; an old woman with a bird's head does not like young girls; cutting off their braids, she takes away their strength, lives by this force, prolongs her life; L. says she is not afraid of anyone, now knows who cut off her sister's braid; asks how to revive her sister and how to deal with the old woman; the girl says that the old woman's anger is in a carved bone casket; if you grind it to powder, anger will disappear ; the old woman carries the casket with her when she sleeps, hides it under her head, sleeps with one eye, guards the other; L. goes to the taiga, finds sleep-grass under the snow, the maid hides the grass in the old woman's bed under headboard; the old woman comes back, says she smells like someone else's spirit; the maid girl: it smells like the new braid that the old woman brought yesterday; the old woman agrees, says that the braid is good, the girl is young, She could live for many years, now she will live these years, and the girl has fallen asleep and will not wake up again; to wake her up, you have to put her braid back, and there is no one to stand up for the girl, there is no man in her house; the old woman falls asleep with both eyes closed; the girls pull out the casket from under her head; they take a mortar, a pestle, go away, begin to grind the casket in a mortar; it must be crushed finely, but not into powder; they they scatter small pieces on all four sides, they turn into gadflies, mosquitoes, midges; girls take a severed braid, put it on D., it comes to life; girls live three, they no longer hear about the old woman ]: Vatagin 1987:39-45; Negidals: Nadein 1982 [(literary work; self-taught author, father of the Sakhalin Evenk family der founded by the Yakuts, mother of a non-gidal; cf. Cincius 1982, No. 28:144- 147); the older sister goes for fish, the youngest stays at home; Silavun ("spit") comes in, sings that his leg is a spit, his head is a hammer (she has one eye), his hands are mites, his chest is fur; lets her breath go, fanning the fire, the girl laughs, S. looks in her head, asks for permission to put a louse on her tongue, pulls it out (he feeds on female tongues); the older sister comes to S.'s house, his sister hides it, S. goes to bed in a trough; both women throw him into the fire, the ashes turn into mosquitoes, midges, wasps, gadflies]: 43-45; Khasanova, Pevnov 2003, No. 33 [the shaman offended people; the young man killed him, cut him, burned him; ash turned into midges, mosquitoes, flies]: 85; Cincius 1982, No. 28 [the older sister goes for firewood, the youngest stays at home; the devil comes in, saying that his legs are trouble, his head is a hammer, his hands are ticks, his stomach is blacksmith fur, eyes sparkle; puts her breath on the bowls so that they split; the girl does not laugh, the hell does not find her; next time the older sister stays, laughs, the hell looks in her head, asks allow him to put a louse on her tongue, pulls out her tongue and eyes; the youngest comes into the house, finds a fresh tongue and eyes among the many hanging there; the sister hides her, tells her brother to go to bed in stupa; a girl pushes it there; it turns into mosquitoes, midges, wasps, gadflies]: 144-147; Orochi: Aurora, Lebedeva 1966, No. 56 [six sisters live in the sky, the seventh eldest in the house; sisters they come to her, the youngest smears her ass with charcoal, the eldest laughs, others see a man on her teeth; run away on skis; the eldest does not have skis, she tells her younger sister's ski ties to break, eats her; so with her five sisters; the sixth throws a comb, then a stone, they turn into a thicket, into a cliff; the girl asks the old woman to transport her across the river; she stretches her leg like a bridge; the same with the pursuer , but the old woman dumps it into the water; she wants her head to become a marsh hummock, her hair a marsh grass, her bones a river blockage, her eyes beads, her blood a red stone, pus a blue stone, all her ashes are gnats; see motif J35]: 204-206; Berezinsky 1999, No. 23 [Baida's female spirit, hammer head, skewer legs, rosemary body, forceps; hands made of forceps; comes into the house while people are gone; leaves, lifting the canopy of the tent; people knock it down, throw it into the fire; it burns; the old woman blew into the fire, told the ashes to turn into mosquitoes, wasps and gadflies]: 152-153; Wilta [Silapu is a monster with She came to the camp with her skewers. Twirl legs - creak and creak; hands - forceps - dac; hammer head turns from side to side; instead of the body, rosemary - crack-crackle. S. went into the same house - there were no people. "Where did they go?" I scattered dishes in the house. Something fell on the dishes ringing. Silapu laughs. - Residents of the house, laugh! No one laughs. S. farted, something fell with the sound. Spova laughs - silence. I came to another house. Old lady: Comes S., this is my little sister. The old woman's house is big, people hid. They whisper: let's kill S. The old woman laid her hair down, began to look in her head. When S. falls asleep, the old woman says that S. cannot be killed like that, we must cut off the bump on the top of her head. They cut it off. The old woman tells S. not to throw it outside, but to burn it in the fire. "S. was a good person, but how can a good person get lost on earth? My sister will be replaced by mosquitoes, midges, and blood sucking. We need to inflate its ashes. Ash spread all over the land. S. turned into a mosquito with long skewers. And since then, midges and mosquitoes have been sucking alive people]: Sam et al. 2012:109-110; Wilta [older and younger sisters take turns hunting; one day the youngest left, the eldest began to cook; comes home monster: head like a blacksmith's hammer, body fur, hands mites, legs skewers; entered the house, vomited the girl's tongue, she fell dead; the monster sat her on the bunk, put a needle in her hands and threw her at her knees were an unsewn robe; the younger sister saw the eldest with her needlework, surprised that she did not answer, pushed her, she fell; the youngest took a bow and arrows, a spear, a zipper saber and went skiing; entered the house: there are treasures, and people's tongues are drying under the ceiling on the crossbar, one is fresh; the girl grabbed him, brought him home, put it in her sister's mouth, he grew up, his sister came to life; both sisters rushed to look for the trait; they see how he rolls a basin on the floor to make the water boil to cook meat; stops rolling - the water does not boil; eating, the hell snores; the sisters cut off his head with a sword, the monster fell apart; they burned everything, sparks turned into mosquitoes, midges and midges]: Sam et al. 2012:118-123.

Japan. Ainu: Batchelor 1894, No. 3d [a huge snake of beautiful colors devours people, swallows buildings; turning into a woman, tries to seduce a hunter; he refuses, she does not swallow him, but tells him to live for a thousand years; every hundred years he sheds his skin, hair, teeth, becoming a child; only after aging ten times does the hunter finally die; one person killed this snake; from a corpse wasps and burning ants appeared (=1927:146)], 3e [a hunter kills a one-eyed cannibal, burns it; ashes turn into mosquitoes, midges, gadflies]: 30-31, 31-32; Japanese: Ikeda 1971, No. 282X [from blood Fleas arise from the mucus or tendons of a leech, from the ashes of a fly, lice, horseflies, mosquitoes], 334 [see motive L72; a novice enters the cannibal's house, runs from her to the temple; the priest hides him in the closet, provokes the Cannibal to become small; she turns into a bean, the priest eats it, flies emerge from his bowel movements], 720 [father promises to return with gifts; stepmother gives children impossible tasks (carrying water with a sieve, boiling on stones), pushes it into boiling water, buries; bamboo grows in this place, the monk makes a flute, she tells her father about what happened; the stepmother is punished: expelled, executed; turns into a mole; falls into water and sinks; she has been cut, fleas and lice have appeared from her blood; she is dragged through the thickets, the roots of plants turn red with blood; children are reborn; turn into moon and star]: 66, 93-95, 166-167.

SV Asia. Forest Yukaghirs [Mythical Woman finds only a woman with a baby in the plague; refuses all types of food offered, offers to take out insects from each other; the hostess finds in the guest's hair is mice, not lice; then she looks for the guest, strangles the hostess; devours her, tries to put on her clothes; she is cramped, MF cuts off her flesh with an ax, pulls on her clothes; the husband comes, suspects something is amiss, he sleeps separately; in the morning they go to his parents; he gets ahead, warns about MF; his brother invites her to dance, pushes her into the fire; mice run out of the ash]: Jochelson 1926:305-306 (= Jochelson 1900, No. 20:47-49).

The Arctic. Netsilic [people starve to death; others find an old woman among the corpses; she replies that she ate lice; they don't believe her, they kill her, they find lice in her stomach; lice turn into gnats]: Rasmussen 1931: 380; igloolik: Rasmussen 1930a (hall. Fox) [the village is starving; there are two girls eating each other's lice; they come to another village; they think that the girls survived eating other people; they kill them; their stomachs are full lice; lice turn into gnats]: 270-271; Webster 1988 (the informant's origin is not specified, but it's about the Northwest Territories, almost certainly an igloolik; recorded at a youth camp in Devon or northwest of Baffin Land) [a ferocious giant lived before the flood; a beautifully dressed young man came, went with onions to the giant's cave, hid under reindeer skins; a giant came, smelled a man, began to look for a club; at that time a boy, the son of a giant, came; the young man aimed his bow at him, made him say that the giant could be killed by shooting in the heel; after the shot, the giant fell, shrunk in size to an ordinary person; people came running and saw that the giant's body was burning; his son said that the fire made the Sun; the smoke from the burnt giant turned into mosquitoes]: 139-142; Laugrand, Oosten 2010 [brief paraphrase of the same text, boy's name Inuk]: 12.

Subarctic. Helmet [a man does not feed his younger brother; he hunts a porcupine, meets a giant, climbs a tree; a giant cuts a tree; the boy's brother comes and says he will cut off; cuts off the giant's head with an ax; mosquitoes fly out of it, which have turned into brains]: Teit 1917a, No. 7:445; tagish [(western 1950); two boys fell asleep on the ice, the ice floe came off, they swam down the river; the dog was with them, they killed her, covered the ice with blood so that it would not melt so quickly; when they got there, they went back; the cannibal drove one into a tree, cut down the trunk; the other came up and offered to cut instead of him, hacked the ogre; the brothers smashed his head, mosquitoes flew out from there (they were not there before); the brothers met a man with a second person on the back of his head; killed him and his dog; came to people without mouths (or rather with a tiny hole instead of a mouth); they let the meat worm, ate larvae; the brothers tore the mouth of one boy, then, at their request, others; they began to eat meat and talk; brothers came to other people, they extract children by ripping women's bellies open; brothers taught these women how to give birth; contrary to warning, they spend the night under a tree; a huge squirrel ate the youngest; the elder called the people who killed the squirrel, the shaman revived the swallowed bone]: McClelland 2007, No. 79:390-393; southern tutchoni [The Beaver (Smart Man) invited the Ogre to throw his flint into the fire; ran away; chasing him, The ogre froze to death; Beaver smashed his head, mosquitoes flew out of there]: McClelland 2007, No. 2b: 35-36; southern tutchoni, tagish, inner tlingit [mosquitoes flew out of his head Wolverine man, inheriting his cannibal habits]: McClelland 1975 (1): 180; taltan [like a helmet; younger brother violates the elder's prohibition not to follow the porcupine; mosquitoes were the brains of an ogre that's why he's so stupid]: Teit 1921a, No. 71:350-351; Chipewayan: Petitot 1884-1885, II: 19-21 in Barbados 1952 [the woman's husband is a serpent, his snakes live in a hollow; hunters find their lair, burn them him; ash turns into gnat]: 119; Petitot 1886, No. 14 [a man sees his wife come to a tree, call her husband, copulate with crawled snakes; he calls snakes in her voice, kills, gives it to his wife eat their boiled blood; she runs to a tree, comes back, attacks her husband; he cuts off her head, runs away; asks a female grasshopper to transport him across the river; she stretches her leg like a bridge; Head pursues her husband, asks him to stretch his leg for her as well; the husband breaks the Head with an ax, a gnat flies out of it; var.: The grasshopper throws his head into the water, the Head disappears]: 407-410; beaver [the evil woman beats husband; after her death, her husband kicks her skull; a gnat flies out of him into the world]: Goddard 1916:264.

NW Coast. Ash turns into mosquitoes. The Tlingits: Erdoes, Ortiz 1984 ["Retelling from English source 1883 "; the giant killed people; the man pretended to be dead, the giant brought him home; went to get firewood; the man grabbed a knife, demanded that the giant's son tell him where his father's heart was; In his left foot; a man cut the giant's foot, he died; the man burned his flesh, the scattered ash became mosquitoes]: 192-193; Dauenhauer, Danenhauer 1987 [two older brothers disappear; the youngest goes to look for them; the cannibal grabs it, brings it to his home in a bag; leaves the bag for a while; the young man gets out, kills the ogre with a stick, burns the corpse, blows, the ashes turn into mosquitoes]: 75-79; Smelcer 1992 [(recorded in Juno in 1900s Livingston F. Jones; in Smelcer paraphrase); a giant kills a young man, then his brother; throws his third brother into his basket, carries him home; he cuts a hole, runs away, follows the giant in his cave, kills him with an arrow; burns a corpse, ashes turn into mosquitoes]: 18-19; Swanton 1909, No. 31 [Wolverine's heart is in his foot; Raven and his friend pierce her with a spear, but Wolverine dies only when burned at the fire], 58 [the chief's daughter marries his nephew, gives birth to a son with arrows on his head; he pierces his mother's chest, killing her; killing people; his uncle kills him, burns the corpse], 91 [shaman kills and burns cannibal]: 93, 214, 278; hyda [Brain sucker burned, ash turns into mosquitoes]: Swanton in Waterman 1914:42; bellacula: Boas 1898:88-90 [girl begs mother for mountain fat rams, cries; her mother threatens to kick her out of the house, let Sneneik take her away; the girl calls S.; she promises her fat, puts her in a basket, takes her away; in S.'s house, a woman with a root from her back explains that S. it will not give mutton fat, but lard from the dead, not berries, but insects; if you eat this, a root will grow from the back and grow into the ground (this happened to a woman); while S. goes after the girl's younger sister, a woman tells her to put a mountain sheep horn on each finger, squeeze and unclench her arms, and scream Yi! ; S. rolls down the slope in horror; the girl burns the corpse, the ashes turn into mosquitoes; the woman gives the girl baskets with meat, grease, blankets; shows where the bast and dance masks are hidden; the girl easily brings it all home, there are a lot of men unable to lift their baskets; bast and masks are now used for winter dance]; McIlwraith 1948 (1): 661-662 [wife points her blind husband's arrow at the bear, lies, as if he missed; eats meat by himself; some creature rubs her husband's eyes with his hands; he sees the light; puts his wife's head in a boiling pot; cuts it into pieces, they turn into lynxes], 1948 (2): 441-444 [children play; the cannibal Snik puts them in her basket, takes them home; the children cut a hole with a knife, run away; one girl can't get out; her mother cries, the snot turns into a young man; he hides on a tree above the river; S. sees his reflection, dives behind him; then decides that this is her own reflection, admires it; having learned the truth, asks the young man to make her just as beautiful; he breaks her head between stones; burns a corpse, ashes turn into mosquitoes; a young man finds a girl in S.'s house, brings her to her mother; returns to his father himself (not named)], 486-488 [at night the old woman sucks the brains of sleeping people; four brothers and sister throw her into the fire, run away; she comes to life, chases them; the sun tears her to pieces, they turn into mosquitoes]; Heiltzuk: Boas 1928b [three options; white, black, rainbow , bloody smoke rises respectively above the house of Mountain Sheep, Black Bear, Grizzly, Ogre; four brothers come to the Ogre; his son greedily licks the blood from the leg of one of the brothers; the Ogre pursues brothers; they throw whetstone, hair oil, wool, comb, they turn into a mountain, a lake, a fog, a thicket (var: a grain grater turns into a mountain, urine into a lake, broken arrows into a windbreak); brothers and their father dig a hole in their house, make a fire at the bottom, push the Ogre, his wife and son into it; pieces of the Ogre's flesh or ashes turn into mosquitoes and biting flies]: 49-65; 2002, No. XXI.8 [two Noakaua's sons ("wise") were hunting mountain sheep; they saw a house with beautiful smoke rising from it; there was a woman with a child, she told me to wait for her husband to come; one of the brothers was dripping from a cut blood, the child began to lick it; the brothers decided to run; the woman called out to her husband, who chased after her; the brothers threw a stone (mountain), broken arrows (thicket), a crest (bush), poured out water (lake); the father opened the door, dug a hole, covered it with a board; the cannibal sat on it, failed, the father and sons threw hot stones at him, burned him, the ashes turned into mosquitoes]: 494-495; uvikino [sons they told their father that they would go up the river to hunt mountain goats, they themselves went to look for the missing chief 'Paasalath; the father's name is Nuúwaqaqa; he does not tell me to go where there is bloody smoke, Bà lives there xvbakvalausiwa, who ate most of the villagers (Boas has a similar notation for cannibal spirit in Quakiutl); if the smoke is brown, there is a brown bear, if black, a black bear; the father tells you to take from a comb, hair oil, whetstone and palem (a ball of wool or cotton wool); the brothers came to the place where the bloody smoke went into the dugout; B.'s youngest son notices blood on the leg of his scratched youngest son N.; he lubricates the stick with blood, B.'s son licks it; the elder brother shoots arrows, each time telling one of B.'s children to run after another arrow; they ran away, but B.'s wife called him; the brothers are running, B. pursues, the youngest throws behind 1) a whetstone (mountain), 2) a comb (thicket), 3) a lump of fibers (fog), 4) oil (lake); while B. goes around the lake, the brothers come running home, the father hides them; says B. that he killed and cooked them, let B. call his wife and children; N. and his sons dug a hole; when the cannibals arrived, N. put them to sleep, telling the story of the flood, pushed them into a hole, filled them with boiling water; they turned into mosquitoes]: Hilton, Rath 1982:47-68; Quakiutl: Boas 1895, № XVII.8 [(=2002:363-364); a woman goes beyond the water spirit, gives birth to a son; he roasts and eats with her eyes, fries and eats, puts her ears and fingers in a basket; his uncle (i.e. his mother's brother) and his son survived; his uncle dodged his spear, wounded him himself, followed the bloody trail to the lake; there he tries to cure the dying ogre Loon; his uncle finished him off, the corpse burned, blew on ashes, ash turns into mosquitoes and midges], XVII.9 [(=2002:363-364); a person meets an ogre in the mountains, runs home, digs a hole, puts burning coals in it; promises to give the cannibal four their sons; the ogre and his wife fall into a hole, their ashes turn into mosquitoes]: 164-165 1910, No. 29 [see motif L72; the ogre and his son are pushed into a hole with hot stones; the ash turns into mosquitoes and gadflies]: 397; chickpea [the chief's daughter gives birth to a boy; people die one by one, each has a hole on its side, and the baby has blood under his fingernails; he grew up, killed his uncle; the boy's mother spoke about to his father; the warriors hit him with spears, but they passed through his body without causing harm; he was shot, he ran into the forest, swam in the lake to wash off the blood from the spears, the loons drink it; he says he can only be burned; ashes turn into mosquitoes]: Sapir 1959:107-108; Sapir, Swadesh 1939, No. 1:18-19.

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry: Jenness 1934, No. 6 [women pick berries; one girl brings nothing, says the bears messed up everything; the next day, the strap of her basket breaks off; the mustache goes home; to her two Black Bears come up in the guise of young men; when she opens her eyes, she finds herself in a large village; all the animals take turns dancing and saying what they will feed their wife; Muskrat, Raven, Laska, The frog, Caribou, Marten are rejected, she marries the Grizzly; in the spring he says that the youngest of her four brothers will kill him; this is what happens; the brothers ask what part of the carcass she will take home; she drags his skin and head, turns into a Grizzly on the way, kills brothers, then other people; the youngest brother and sister return from squirrel hunting; the boy tells his sister to run between the Grizzly's legs; after she takes off her bear skin, promises not to harm the girl; the girl asks where the Grizzly's heart is; she shows what's in the palm of her hand; her brother kills the Grizzly by hitting her hand with an arrow; says that if they will run the mountain from different sides and jump between two trees at the same time, they can marry; he manages to catch up with his sister, jump; she gets pregnant at the touch of his foot; gives birth to a son; her kills an ogre; a brother kills an ogre, burns both bodies; goes to the village carrying a baby on his shoulders; he kills him by spreading his throat and pulling out his tongue; in the village he takes out the tongues of sleeping people; two girls are saved who were in ritual isolation; they push the baby into the fire; its ashes turn into mosquitoes; one girl conceives from a stone and dies, the other from the pen gives birth to four Transformer Brothers; cf. J55 motive], 44 [spouses and child live in the mountains; cannibal Kaigett carries and roasts a woman; as follows: (6)]: 129-136, 220-222; comox (chatloltk) [cannibal Tal leaves a bather brings the girl to her basket, brings her home; she offers to lubricate her face with resin; T. dances in front of the fire, the resin melts, covers her eyes; the girl pushes her into the fire; the sparks from the burnt cannibal turn into mosquitoes]: Boas 1895, No. 18:89; Lummi [Giantess Ch'eni walks with a basket, offers salmon to a crying baby, throws it into her basket with a snake at the bottom; goes to the next one; one was older , she smeared the basket with resin; on the way he clung to a branch, got out, ran away; in S.'s house, the girl invited the rest of the children to push the cannibal into the fire; C. burned, the ashes turned into lice; and the flock of birds these are former lice]: Thompson, Egesdal 2008:107-109; (cf. squamish [the cannibal Qalqalil came to the crying children, lured her with a piece of bark, saying it was dried salmon, carried it away in the basket; one boy made a hole, released the younger children, stayed with the elders; at home, the cannibal told everyone to shrink their eyes before she smeared them with resin, then they would not stick together; the children pushed her into the fire, the lice from her hair scattered, became flocks of birds; the boy took everyone to home]: Thompson, Egesdal 2008:114-116); coutenay [A mosquito man sucks blood; mosquitoes fly out of him after his death]: Boas 1918, No. 18:29; flethead [returning from hunting at dusk, three the older brothers are sent to fetch water; by the river, the younger one hears enemies about to kill them; the older brothers do not believe; the youngest hides in the floors of the steam room; at night they hear enemies killing their elders; enemies look for the younger one, notice his spear, poke their own, it tears off the younger one's nose; enemies do not want to mess with the smelly and dirty, leave; the youngest {it's not clear whether he is dead or alive} takes a fish bone, swims on she is like in a boat; everyone at the camp is afraid of him; he eats a huge amount of moss and blood, every time he breaks a vessel; he is told that his boat has sailed; he follows him; fir trees are thrown into the water after him needles; they pierce his body, it bursts, mosquitoes appear; that's how they appeared]: Weisel 1952:369-360.

The Midwest. Timagami ojibwa [two blind old women kill those entering their house with their sharp elbows; a man throws his clothes at the door, old women rush after them, pierce each other; he cuts their bodies into pieces, they turn into bats]: Speck 1915d, No. 10:62-63.

Northeast. Onondaga [The Stone Giant summons a young man to fight; he cuts off his head; when he falls on a rock, his head breaks to pieces (so there are many stones); his brains turn into snails]: Beauchamp 1888- 1889:261-265; mikmaq, passamaquoddy [two Wolverine Brothers jokingly call Boulder to compete in running; the Boulder presses his older brother, the younger brother revives him; the dust raised by Boulder turns into flies]: Leland 1968:158-160; mikmaq [see K19 motif, pp.168-179; Wolverine chases two girls, Heron stretches his neck like a bridge, girls cross, Wolverine falls into the river); his corpse is found by two boys; they see an old man in front of them, he comes to life; looks like one of the boys, comes to his mother, asks for food; she refuses, he kills her with a knife, eats everything, cooks her head; boys unable to catch up with him, they call their Uncle Raven to help him; then the Raven; both unable; then Kulu (a huge mythical bird); he raises Wolverine to the upper world, leaves him on a rock, throws it; falling , Wolverine tells her spine to survive; turns into a pile of bones, but her spine is intact; Wolverine's brother goes uphill, they collide the Boulder, run behind, calling him to compete; at night, the Boulder rolls uphill, presses Wolverine, he manages to tell his spine to remain intact; collects his dicks, makes fire around Boulder, he cracks, Wolverine crumbles it, throws particles into the water turn into biting horseflies (blackflies); then (pp.185-191) see motive F63]: Whitehead 1988:179-185; malesite: Mechling 1914, No. 9 [the Raven Chief's wife dies; Poktcinskwes comes by accepting her appearance; Sturgeon lives with his grandmother, looks like a sturgeon; tells his grandmother that he marries someone who can feed him; the leader's daughters try to feed Sturgeon, he belches everything; the youngest goes to him on the way she meets P., she says that she has a Sturgeon child behind her back (in fact, it is a piece of bark); the youngest feeds Sturgeon, marries him; the eldest says that she should go out, but the youngest objects; After the wedding, Sturgeon takes off his sturgeon skin at the dance, everyone sees a handsome man; P. steals supplies, the children find them in her house, people pick them up; at the dance, Sturgeon thinks he's dancing with his wife, but it's P.; P. lives in Groundhog's house under the guise of Raven's reborn wife; he comes for her, she gives birth to him a child; two years later, the Raven finds out that it is P., tells her to push her into the fire; ashes and sparks turn into horseflies, mosquitoes and other insects], 11 [Fisher is going to marry Whistler; Poktcinskwes herself would like to marry Marten; swims with him to an island to collect bird eggs, leaves there; The fox replies that he can't help, the Heron tries to raise the Marten, unable; Keith carries him; sitting on Whale, the Marten sings that he is being lucky by a bald eyed; Keith thinks that fish are singing asks Marten what they are singing about; Marten replies that they tell him to take his grandson faster; throws four pebbles given by Keith, which makes Keith swims faster; returning to the mainland, Marten meets their groundhog grandmother; they are happy with each other, Groundhog drops, loses his grandson Sable; he meets the Snake; the Snake tells him to bring a skewer to fry it; Marten hears Sable's crying, advises him to bring a crooked skewer ; when the Serpent scolds for this, promises to straighten it, heat it, hit the Snake on the head; the Snake rushed to catch up with Sable, the Marten killed her; different animals came together; the turtle was late, Marten threw snake blood on her feet, now her legs are red; Marten forced P. to stick to the tree; she cut herself out of the trunk, some of her legs were left behind her, she wrapped herself around like she had a child on her back; came to the dance, said that Marten's child; Marten burns her; ashes turn into bees, hornets, flies, mosquitoes], 12 [Poktcinskwes, Marten, Marten, Bear sailed to the island for birds eggs; at the initiative of P., they sailed away in a boat, leaving the fishing marten on the island; Keith transported him; his younger brother Marten was the first to see him; the fisherman's marten told him to throw baby P. into the fire; Kunitsa- the fisherman threw it herself into the fire, the ash turned into flies and mosquitoes]: 55-59, 59-62, 62-63; Delaware: Bierhorst 1995, No. 7 [the sorcerer lived on a rock, went down from there to frighten and kill travelers; valiant The chief killed him, burned his corpse, threw ash into the air, it turned into sand fleas], 36 (unami in Kansas) [after death, the Evil Spirit cuts the evil to pieces; they turn into mosquitoes and other annoying creatures]: 30, 36.

(Wed. Plains. The Blacklegs [seeing his Moon Wife look at the Snake, the Sun smashed him to pieces - many snakes today; they are small and the Moon does not notice them]: Linderman 1995:60-61).

Southeast USA. The ogre was killed and burned. Koasati: Martin 1977:47; Swanton 1929, No. 17 [a cannibal kidnaps a girl; tells her to cut off her breasts, fry him; an old woman cuts off her own; advises her to run, gives her a cane and a lump of clay; a reed turns into thick reeds, clay into a swamp; the girl runs to her brothers; their arrows do no harm to the cannibal; the bird tells him to aim at the ankle; the cannibal dies; his corpse is burned; the ashes turn in rooks, bees, crows, insects of all kinds]: 182-183: Martin 1977:47; Swanton 1929, No. 17:183; Alabama: Swanton 1929, No. 14 [small pieces of bone in rooks, ashes in bees], 15 [like koasati]: 132.

The Great Southwest. Mojave [huge snake: drops of blood in rattlesnakes, (fluid from joints?) in ants, sweat in scorpions, fat in karakurt]: Kroeber 1972, No. 16G: 89.

Mesoamerica If not otherwise: ash after burning the body. Totonaki: Arenas 2000 [{beginning - European fairy tale}; stepmother tells her husband to leave her children in the forest; the first time they come back after waking up ash; the second time they pour crushed corn, lose track, they come to the Forest Woman; she regularly feels their hands and faces; when they are fat, she offers to go to the boiling pot; they push her into boiling water; they run away; the man tells them to come back, collect ash from the burnt cannibal, throw it into the sea, otherwise it will come to life; they collected it, carried it to the sea; jejenes mosquitoes appeared from the ash]: 191-193; Relatos Totonacos 1994 [a forest witch came to the village, sucked blood and flesh from children; if she found a woman alone, offered to look in her head, she also sucked it out; the husband came back, saw his wife's skeleton, did not show it, spoke to the witch as if he were his wife , asked her to grind the pepper for tortillas, melt the bathhouse, sent her to wash first, threw pepper there, burned it in the bathhouse; let another person throw the ash into the sea; another met him, asked him to open vessel; flies that flew out bit both; the first became a pimpled toad, the second a torcaz bird; it flew up a tree, sang, dawned]: 79-81; tepeua: Williams García 1972:109-112 [ the witch lived on top of a mountain that reached the sky; came to the village, offered to watch the child while the woman went to fetch water, carried the child, ate on her mountain; San Juan demolished the mountain, the witch remained on the ground, burned in a steam bath, they wanted to let the Lizard throw the calebass and ashes into the sea, but the Toad said that she would jump to the shore faster; on the shore, out of curiosity, she discovered those who had flown out flies, mosquitoes, horseflies bit her, Toad's skin became pimples], 112-114 [Mount Postectitla reached the sky; a witch descended from her, invited the woman to go wash, stayed with the baby, killed him, cooked meat, offered her returning mother to eat, left herself, the mother found the child's pen; when the witch returned, she was burned in a steam bath; the vessel with ashes was ordered to be thrown into the sea by the Lizard, forbidding open; Toad met her, offered to carry her faster, opened it on the shore, stinging insects flew out, bit her, the toad's skin became pimples]; mountain poles [ashes of an old cannibal woman]: Elson 1947:202-203; Micah [monster ashes]: Lipp 1991:76; Miller 1956:84, 94-95; Sierra Norte [Tsitsimime suggested that women look for lice, devoured them; people called her steam in a temazcal, locked the door, T. burned down; put the ash in a vessel, let it be thrown into the water; that man opened it out of curiosity, lice, nits, fleas came out of the vessel]: Báez 2004:81; Nahuatl Veracruz [see motive J25; Tamakasti lives with her grandmother; her husband offered her to eat it; T. ordered the bat to kill her grandfather; blood dripped from the attic, the grandmother thought it was her grandson's blood, and started drinking; called her husband, found him dead; T. brought water, said that he did not kill his grandfather because he went to get water; the grandmother wanted to cook T., he threw it into the cauldron himself; burned the bones along with his grandfather's corpse, told the Toad to throw the ashes on the other side of the sea; the Toad reached the shore, threw a deck of ashes, it burst, mosquitoes, flies and mosquitoes appeared from the ashes; the lizard also only said that it had carried the deck with ashes; the Skunk carried it overseas; as punishment for T. (or someone else?) split the lizard's tongue in half; T. told his mother that he would go to his father; on the way he sat on a stone, he swallowed it; he cut the heart of the stone with a sword; T. came to his father, brought Fox and the musicians; {hereinafter European a fairy tale of matchmaking and marriage trials; T.'s rival - South Wind}]: Law 1957:345-355; kekchi [The sun places the ashes of its lightning-struck bride in several vessels; finds in one A reborn woman, she turns into the Moon; harmful creatures come out of others]: Dieseldorff 1925:5; Gordon 1915:121; Shaw 197:154; Termer 1930 [snakes, frogs]: 491; Thompson 1930 (kekchi, mopan) [ Kin (The Sun) runs away with X't'Actani, her father sends thunder Chuck to kill the fugitives; Keen turns into a turtle, S. into a crab, they sink to the bottom of the sea (lake?) , but lightning strikes S.; Keane tells the fish to collect her remains, but they begin to eat her flesh and blood; Keane asks dragonflies to collect S.'s remains in 13 decks; Keane leaves them to the old woman, promises to return after 13 days; comes, the old woman complains about the buzz inside the decks; Keane opens them; the first are poisonous snakes, the second and third are harmless, the fourth are mosquitoes, the fifth is fleas, and the sixth green hornets, seventh - yellow wasps, eighth - small black wasps, ninth - black wasps with white wings, tenth - white shaggy itchy caterpillars, eleventh and twelfth - various flies, in the thirteenth - Shtaktani; Keane sends a man to throw the first 12 decks into the sea, he opens them out of curiosity, reptiles and insects spread and fly away]: 128-129; juice [s melons are disappearing in the garden; the hostess consulted with the priest, made a wax doll, Opossum came for melons, asked the doll, hit him, stuck; the priest advised him to put a hot one in his ass his head; the hostess tied him up and left him; he told Ocelot that they wanted to force him to marry; Ocelot agreed to change with the Possum; Opossum told him to open the vessel when he heard a noise; the hostess she untied Ocelot, he opened the vessel, the bees flew out, the noise came from the fire, i.e. the hostess set fire to the vegetation around him; Ocelot was burned; Opossum said that the pond was not the moon, but cheese, offered to drink water, Ocelot almost burst; Ocelot threw his ripe sapote fruit from the tree, and then green, which got stuck in his throat; Ocelot wanted to eat the Opossum, he gave him a banana, said he was deceived by another opossum; Opossum advised the hostess not to throw it whole into boiling water, but to chop it into pieces first; the pieces fell out of the pot, turned into all types of possums and rats]]: Sulvarán López 2007:70 -73.

Honduras-Panama. Pech [the murdered kidnapper of the hero's wife is put in a vessel and beaten; the contents of the overturned vessel turn into a mountain where poisonous herbs, snakes, insects grow and live]: Flores 1989:58; sumu [brother and sister are orphans; brother steals fruit from the garden, owner catches him, that's hell; brother brings sister, they stay to work for hell; woodpecker says the hell is going to kill them, tells you to dance over a covered hole of boiling water; the hell will be cooked, the corpse must be burned, the ashes should be thrown away on the other side of the sea; the Toad and the Deer volunteered to take the calebass with ash; competed, the Toad won; brother ordered not to open the calebass on the way; when he reached the island, the Toad heard a noise inside, opened it; all the biting and blood-sucking insects flew out from there, the Toad was the first to bite, bite marks are still visible on it ; if Calebas were given a Deer, there would be no insects]: Houwald, Rener 1987 (4): 22-23; bocotta (Veraguas) [The bat kills people; brings a boy to his cave; he makes a fire; smoke rises to the ceiling, the Bat explodes; breaking the ban, the boy looks back at the cave; the remains of the Bat turn into vampire bats]: Margery Peça 1994:129-130; kuna [a murdered medicinal plant owner is transformed into various wasp species]: Chapin 1989:41.

The Northern Andes. Embera (katio) [a man was bitten by nutria caviar, he conceived a boy named Gerú-potó-uarra (El hijo de la pantorrilla), who was born between the thumb and second toe on the same leg; man soon died, exploded, mosquitoes, flies, gadflies came out; the boy ate only menstrual flow; asked who his mother was; Died; who killed? ; Keith; took the harpoon, let the whale swallow himself, came out of the womb two days later, realized that it was not the whale that killed his mother; Ancumia (the sea monster); found her, not her; Moon; climbed the willow, told grow to the moon, the moon turned out to be a beautiful woman, the man hit her, the spots remained; the woodpecker cut down the tree, but fell to another part of the world, the land de Tutruicá; there are flat, only peach palms grow, blue stones, good for abrasives; people are immortal, they eat only a couple of boiled peach palm fruits; they have no anus; the man became relieved, he was told to leave; three ate with him, he made them anuses, they died; came out of that world on the same willow trunk, led by a snake; those dogs are snakes, ours are from Tutruika's dogs]: Rochereau 1929:100; nonama: Wassen 1935, No. 8 [two people were born from a leg (leg) women; at night they turned into waura ("wooden dolls"), preserving their human appearance, killing people, drinking blood; asked their mother who killed their father; the Snake; killed all snakes in the forest; El Sierpe ( giant snake); they rafted to Sierpa, but the guacamayo warned her, she crawled away; the brothers put firewood on the raft, the snake swallowed it; they placed a pole between their jaws, made a fire in their womb; the snake half-dead, one came out through the anus, ended up in the lower world, nothing was known about him; the other, through his mouth, continued to suck blood; the sky was close to the ground; the man made clothes out of vegetable fluff, took off ; at sunrise, a woodpecker flew out, hit him in the face; the man fell, but managed to scar the face of the moon; fell where the sun went down; a boy was playing on the beach, bore fruit from the caimito tree, said that they His father owns it, he will be today; this is the Sun; white came, wearing a gold hat; promised to take a man home; the boy throws fruits into the water, the fish ate them; so distracted the fish that they would not eat the Sun; The sun and the man dived into the underworld; the sun left him at the huts, promised to pick him up on the way back; sinculos (people without anus) said that the kuna wanted to kill them; the man began to make bows and arrows; kuna turned out to be shrimps; now the "British"; these are crayfish; the man explained that in his world these enemies are eaten; went out of need, two boys asked to make them anuses, died; the Sun brought a man to the ground; the man asked his deceased brother-in-law, who replied that they could not cure him; people decided to kill the person who came so as not to drink more blood; they crushed corn, mixed it with water, and poured it at night , the man became a stone; he was smashed, the fragments turned into mosquitoes, the old men that fell into the water into leeches]: 133-137; 1940 [two brothers were born from a foot; when asked, the old people answered that their father was killed by the Month; vines, they got up by the Month, slapped him in the face, the trail remained; a woodpecker flew in, cut off the rope with his beak, one brother fell at sunset, the other at sunrise; the one who fell at sunset goes to the beach, plays there a boy, a son of the Sun, a man feeds a hungry man with caimito fruit; the Sun itself comes; distracting sharks, the boy throws fruits on them, after which the Sun dives; when the Sun returns, the Sun puts a person on its back, again distracts the attention of fish with fruits, dives into the underworld with man; both brothers return to our world; they stick to their feet and suck the girls' blood; the elder ordered him to pour boiling water, turned into stone; people began to break the stone, the fragments turned into mosquitoes, ants and other insects]: 71-72; guajiro [hero's sister regurgitates insects, toads, lizards]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1986 (2 ), No. 50:618; bari [the old woman told the little son of the creator of Sabaseba that she would look for lice, twisted her neck, ate it; she was lured into a trap (one where a log falls from above), burned ash in the house scattered; ash gave rise to yupa, guajiro, Europeans, blacks, many different creatures, pets and wild animals; some remained on the ground, others went to the forest, caves, rivers, trees, clouds, sky, underground; some drank water (agua barrosa azulad), became tame, others fierce, many poisonous]: Villamañan 1975:6-7.

Llanos. Guayabero [A mosquito in the form of a man married a girl, drank her blood; he was killed, burned, the ashes were placed in a vessel; Cayman opened it, the mosquitoes flew out, ate his tongue; the sun told him to live in water]: Schindler 1977a: 229-231; Sicuani [two sisters marry their mother's sister's son; they feel itchy when copulating; their husband has a second tree house in the woods; sisters bring him food, knocked them down from a tree to the ground with a sixth, killed, pieces scattered through the forest; her husband's mother found them, burned them, collected ashes, left them under the hammocks; the ashes turned into mosquitoes, they bit the eldest to death, the youngest ran away; this is how mosquitoes appeared]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 71:276-277; kuiva [touchy girl asks for a basket of live fish; fish bite her fingers, her blood comes out of her blood ants, scorpions; girl turns into a tree with beads on branches]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991b, No. 71:125-126.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritar: Civrieux 1959 [Uanári crushed the bones of a killed enemy, blew them into mosquitoes]: 123; 1980 [shredded jaguar bones turn into mosquitoes and mosquitoes]: 163.

Guiana. Varrau [1) people kill a man with a spear leg, cut his flesh into pieces, which turn into insects, reptiles; 2) a person stumbles upon a rolling skull; he clings to his neck; man flees by rushing into the river; the skull sinks, stinging ants crawl out of it]: García 1993, No. 7 [The mosquito saw a fat woman, turned into a man, married her, sucked her blood at night; Seeing how thin she was in the morning, people advised her not to fall asleep in the evening; when her husband tried to suck, she killed him, cut him, burned the remains, scattered him, telling him that the ashes become mosquitoes and gadflies, horseflies and other stinging insects], 93 [the monkey hunter sleeps in the forest; the Musimo forest spirit walks through the forest, screaming, Hoo hoo hoo! Approaching the hunter's hut, he says to eat it; he replies that if M. sees him, he will die of fear; M. suggests that the hunter stick out his finger to make sure he is terrible; the hunter shows him the finger of the killed monkey; so he takes turns showing all his fingers, then the monkey's head; M. faints, then leaves in fear; the hunter climbs a tree; a lot of mussimo come, cut the hut with knives, they find only a monkey carcass inside; it is said that the monkey is dead, but the hunter was alive, spoke; they notice it on a tree; their axes and machetes break against the barrel, the gun does not shoot; one calls his relative Jotomo Jaburu, who knows how to climb trees with his feet forward; he climbs, the hunter kills him with an arrow, the spirits devour Hotomo, believing that they are eating a person; they think that H. is licking blood on a tree; they identify him head; the spirits leave, leaving a trap under the tree, the hunter falls into it; smears himself with crap, the spirits decide that the game has rotted; in the morning the hunter leaves, sees the skull, puts an arrow in his eye socket; the skull jumps on his eye socket neck, refuses to get off, promises to eat, the hunter promises to hunt for him; asks him to get down while he relieves himself, or his crap stinks unbearably; his arrow is stuck in a tree, he climbs after it; quietly moves to another, runs away, crosses the river; the skull chases, asks how the person crossed, he says he's on the vine; when the skull is in the middle of the river, the hunter shakes vine, skull falls, sinks; poisonous ants rise to the surface], 95 [after sending two sons into a palm grove, the father warns not to enter the village of Toads; the eldest goes there, gets drunk, the youngest brings him to an abandoned village; at dawn he asks for a fire, falls asleep with his foot in the fire; sharpens his charred leg with a knife; when he falls asleep again, his younger brother runs away; the elder pursues, He pierces a sharp leg into a deer, counts his toes, two of them, realizes that it is not his brother; the youngest manages to swim across the river in a boat; the brothers' father consistently sends two birds, Ostronog kills them; sends Owl, that shaman, dodges, lures Ostrony to people's homes, they kill him with arrows; the sharp-legged was dismembered, his bones were ground, the remains reigned into wasps and poisonous snakes]: 48-49, 299-302, 308-309; Wilbert 1970, No. 6 [mosquitoes arise from a burnt mosquito man sucking his wife's blood], 41 [from snails; bones turn into snakes and turtles], 157 [father sent two sons for palm larvae , warned him not to go to the frog village or drink there; the eldest went, the youngest dragged him to an abandoned house in the morning; in a dream, he burned his right leg, sharpened it; the youngest started running; the eldest by mistake chases a deer, counts his fingers - 2, not 5; the youngest jumps into the hollow boat, the eldest manages to put his foot in the stern, but cannot hold the boat; the father sent people to lure the older one; two species of birds do not could, killed; the owl lured; the sharp man was killed with arrows, chopped; bones and pieces of flesh turned into wasps and reptiles, the sharp leg into a thorny plant], 91 [=García 1993, No. 7], 187 [Kororomanna killed a monkey, got lost in the forest; at night, the forest spirits of the chebu began to hit the trunks with sticks; K. began to hit the monkey's stomach like a drum; one of the x. asked him to show his arm, leg, face; K. shows parts of the monkey's body; blows the winds; x. hears a sound, asks him to pierce his anus; K. pierced him with a bow; x. promises that others will avenge him, disappears; K. hides on the Euterpe palm tree; x. beat the corpse of a monkey, thinking it was K.; he laughs; x.'s big eyebrows prevent them from looking up; one stood on his head, saw K.; x. trying to cut down a tree; their axes made of turtle shells, knives made of pods, break; the biggest x. climbs the tree with his feet forward; K. pushes him down, shouting the words that x. promised to shout, the other x. kill him thinking they are killing K.; K. runs away; hid in a hollow, there a woman says that her snake husband will come; but in the morning a hawk sang, K. said it was his uncle, the Serpent was frightened, let him go; K. found a fallen tree on the trail with the baby in the hollow; this is child H., K. killed him , hid; the woman. wrapped the ground in a bundle followed by K., walked away; K. replaced it with earth with her own trail; the woman threw the parcel into the fire, burned herself; K. went on the path, his leg stuck, it's a trap x; they put it in the basket, moved away, K. ran away; threw an arrow into the skull; he ordered him to be carried (in coryum tape, as women carry a load) and feed it; the skull became fat, the bark was fat broke with weight; K. asked to wait for him to find another bast, ran away; the skull mistakenly rushed after the deer, killed him, and began to count his fingers - two, not five! The man laughs from the other side of the river; the skull jumped into the water, drowned, all the ants came out of it; the other x scoops the pond with his scrotum; K. poked him with an arrow, x. thought it was gadflies, then stuffed K. into deck; K. gave x. tobacco, became friends with him, he gave him a small package of fish, he brought it to his mother, there were a lot of fish; on the way, various animals told K. about his mother, carrying different fruits that K.'s mother gave them (rat is yam, aguti is cassava, paka is yam, deer is cassava leaf, tapiriha is pineapple (skull episode, p. 428-429)], 204 [ants emerge from a rolling skull when it sinks in the river]: 51, 112, 199-200, 337, 339, 424-430, 473-474; pemon [the man is married to two sisters; went to visit for a few days; the cannibal animal (bicho) came, ate the eldest, put on her jewelry, the youngest hid under with a roof; when the husband brought the birds from the hunt, the imaginary wife began to eat them raw; her husband cut her into pieces, and mosquitoes arose from them]: Armellada 1973, No. 6:29-31; trio [grandfather killed by twins turns into flies] : Magaña 1987, No. 80:149.

Ecuador. Colorado [Ilusun ate a hunter, came to his house instead, brought a liver, said it was a trapped guanta, the rest was eaten by a jaguar; when the liver is brewed, tells the kids, I'm yours father; mother sent her sons for pepper, they ran away, came to the village where he was despicable; I. asked the victim's wife to look for lice from him, she saw a second bloody mouth on the back of her head, he ate people for them; the woman said , who would follow her sons, ran to the same village, leaving her bowel movements to be responsible for herself; I. came in the morning, he was given an intoxicating drink; the widow of what he had eaten was dressed up as a man, cutting off her hair and making a penis from the cob so that I. would not recognize her; they blew pepper into his nose, threw him into a fire pit; his wife came in his footsteps, she was also given a drink; she had time to suck the child's brain; she was told to dance around the fire pit, they also pushed them into the fire; the shaman collected their ashes in a rubber bag, ordered them to be thrown into the water without opening it; curious people discovered flies, horseflies and other bloodsuckers flew out on the way; now there are many of them in the summer]: Aguavil, Aguavil 1985:108-118; Imbabura: Coloma et al. 1986 [The father does not tell his daughter to go into the closet; she opens the door, she is drawn inside, it is hot; when she dies, she says she will turn into lice; a lice covered skeleton went to hell; lice have existed since then]: 61; Lamadrid 1993 (canton of Otavalo) [a man went to the forest for firewood, was grabbed by Chificha, ate his heart, took its shape, came to it to his wife; she began to comb it, noticed a second person on the back of her head; went out and set fire to the house; when C. was burning, she shouted "I'll be fleas"; this is how fleas appeared]: 34; Parsons 1945:131-133 [the widower has a boy and a girl, married a widow, she also has two children; she persuaded her husband to take her children to a ravine with bears and jaguars; he left them and left quietly (Var. from Cayambe: hung the calebass on a tree, she knocked in the wind, the children thought that her father was still cutting wood); the girl carried her brother on her back, came to the house, where the old cannibal Chipicha was; she left the boy with her for the night; the girl asks why he was screaming - I wash it, he is afraid of water; the next day C. went to her potato field; the girl looked for Manuelito, found bloody bones in bed; (var. from Cangahua: old woman and her husband, both Chifichas; they tell the children (both boys) that they are their father and mother; they are fattening; the fairy tells them not to listen to C. if he asks them to get the coals out of the stove; they ask him to get him himself, close the stove, make a fire, they run away; the old woman returned them; "these two boys freed the world from monsters"); C. asked the girl to look in her head; she found a second mouth on the back of her head, meat between her teeth; C. ate the boy with this mouth when she was talking to the girl to another; when C. fell asleep, the girl collected her brother's bones and ran away; (Var. from Cangahua: one of the boys looked for C. in her hair and how she eats with both mouths; told his brother; when C. fell asleep, they set fire to the house; the brothers collected C.'s ashes in a bag, told the man to throw it into the river; he opened it along the way, various insects flew out, ate the man to the bone); the girl reached the people married], 133-134 [a nine-year-old girl went to the house of old Chificha, whose breasts were thrown behind her back; she asked to look in her head; told her not to touch the back of her head; C. fell asleep, the girl saw she has a fanged mouth on the back of her head, pieces of meat between her teeth; the girl ran to the people who were building the house; C. ran, they offered to dance, gave her a drink, locked her in the house, set her on fire; C. scream to turn into lice, fleas, blackberries, hornets; people collected its ashes in a vessel, told one person to throw it into the canal; he opened it on the way, the creatures flew out, ate it; on the aymara "blackberry" phichaca].

Western Amazon. Maihuna [all wild cats from a burnt jaguar]: Bellier 1991b, No. 24:260-263; Napo: Mercier 1979 [a woman with a child heard the sound of falling trees, thought someone was her own, shouted Grandfather, bring firewood; grandfather came, but his leg was like a grain grater; he began to bother her; she replied that she had not washed herself yet, told her to fill the vessels with water, carry the water with a basket; while supay was busy doing it, ran to her mother; threw her husband's necklaces into the ravine, supai chased them to the noise; the birds hid the woman in a vessel; people made a fire in the pit, the supai failed, burned down; the Monkey told the Monkey to throw ash into the river ( machin); he opened the bundle, the ashes turned into stinging insects]: 116-119; Ortíz de Villalba 1989, No. 53 [a forest demon killed a woman's husband, took his form, brought his wife his meat; the woman found out the demon on her huge legs, ordered water to be brought in a vessel of unburned clay; when the vessel split, she took two children, ran to the Toucans; they hid the woman, killed the demon who had come, burned the corpse; They told one to throw a parcel of ash into the river; he opened it on the way, the ash strangled him, turned into mosquitoes]: 106-108; shuar: Pelizzaro 1993:94 [small cat predators from drops of blood], 194-195 [ferocious warriors killed; vampires from blood drops, other bats from bones]; Aguaruna: Akutz Nugkai et al. 1977 (2) [all cats from blood drops]: 181; Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1979, No. 36 [jaguars, snakes, lizards from blood drops]: 441.

NW Amazon. Carijona: Schindler 1979, No. 6B [a woman who falls from the sky turns into ticks], 10 [the younger brother is a good hunter, the younger brother is not; he makes a jaguar mask out of his bast, painted (jaguars then did not exist); began hunting as a jaguar, brought meat to the hunting hut, became human again, fired an arrow into the carcass to think that he had killed the animal with an arrow; began to catch more game than younger brother; the younger one followed, also made a jaguar mask, went to the little one to scare people, but the mask grew to him; he tore the elder and his wife, then all the inhabitants of Maloka except his mother; according to her He agreed to go to the forest at the request; promised to return in a month, let his mother cook chichi; a month later, people dug a hole, hid themselves, cook to tear off the mask, throw it into the fire, put fish poison into the chicha; The jaguar became intoxicated, began to dance with his mother, said that he could no longer drink with his mouth, told him to pour chicha into his ass; when he fell, people threw it into the fire; pieces of skin became jaguars, ocelots and other cats; mosquitoes, gadflies, etc. came out of smoke, mites from burnt meat]: 86, 100-105; baniva [snakes and mosquitoes from the intestines]: Saake 1968:266; guarikena [Nápiruli was fishing, appeared from the water Mapiríkuli, said she wanted to be his wife; pregnant but did not have a hole to give birth; the fish tried to do it, two failed, the third did, N. grabbed her tail, the stain remained; the baby was born, disappeared into the water; the placenta was found, thrown away, it became a stingray; later the boy came, he has no mouth, first his mouth was cut vertically (since then there is a mark on his lip), then normal; this is Kú we; he told us to fast before the dabukuri festival (fruit festival and the initiation of boys); the young men made an ant tooth hook (ants had teeth), bait from wasp larvae, and began to catch and fry fish; K. was in a tree, felt smoke; when he rose to the sky, the smoke formed a storm cloud, K. became a cave in which the boys took refuge from the rain, swallowed them; he was in the sky; N. lured him to the ground with alcohol; after drinking, spewed the dead swallowed, revived him with tobacco; he was pushed into the fire, he rose to the sky with smoke, the sounds of sacred musical instruments were heard; the intestines did not burn, they became all kinds of snakes, from the heart Ants arose, scorpions and other ants grew out of hair; three bushes grew at the site of the burning, their names are forbidden to women]: González Ñañez 1980, No. 2:148-162; tariana or yaui : Barbosa Rodrigues 1890:117; Barbosa Rodrigues at Barroso 1930:52; yukuna [Wolves (Martens?) Kawarimi's wife was stolen while he was climbing a tree for fruit; Mother Komarov was left in return; K. killed her by throwing a stone, mosquitoes flew out of her]: Jacopin 1981:148; macuna [men burn a powerful Shaman Yurupari; various plants and animals arise from the ashes; all poisonous and stinging creatures get their power from Yurupari]: Arhem 1980:22; puinave [wife does not want a husband; he comes with a relative to collect forest fruits; while a relative is in a tree, the husband turns into a jaguar; does not harm a relative, but asks him to remain silent about his abilities; when he goes to the house, he calls his wife, then father-in-law, mother-in-law, kills them as a jaguar; a relative talks about what he knew; jaguars are caught in a hole, killed with spears; blood splashes fly out, turn into current jaguars]: Cardozo 1968:44-46; maku [human killed an anteater father-in-law, gave it meat to his wife, she vomited, all types of jaguars vomited]: Silverwood-Cope 1972, No. 3:220; whitoto [while people are in the field, Damagida came to the children; in every home asked the children for chicha, drank everything; first the children answered their fathers that they had drunk themselves, then the two boys told them; the man remained watching; the men caught up with D., beat them with batons, tore their entrails, from the intestines flies appeared]: Preuss 1921, No. 11:345.

Eastern Amazon. Juruna [Kuadê Sun had a trap hole in the rock; the man got caught, pretended to be dead; K. carried him in a basket of ants; he jerked when the ants began to eat their eyes; K.'s stick wanted to hit him, but K. did not tell him, said that the prey was dead; he hung the basket on a branch outside the house; the next day his son found nothing in it; K. chased the stick, but she mistakenly chased the deer, killed him; K. found a man in the hollow of a tree, wounded him with a stick, did not reach it, filled the hole with a stone; at night, tapirs, wild pigs, deer, monkeys, paki, agouti gnawed stones, breaking their teeth, the man was released; the next time the young man cut off his hair, painted his face so that K. would not recognize him; climbed onto a palm tree for nuts; threw off a small bunch of K.; killed a big one; K.'s stick became a boa constrictor; blood - spiders, ants, snakes, centipedes; they covered the whole ground, the young man had to jump on trees to go out into the open; darkness came; K.'s three sons, by order of his mother, began to try to wear his father's feather crown; only the youngest could withstand the fever; his mother told him to walk slower so that people could do their business; told him to rest at noon and before sunset]: Villas Boas, Villas Boas 1973: 94-97; tenetekhara [? The spirit of the jaguar is enclosed in a bamboo vessel; (according to the logic of the story, mosquitoes should appear when the vessel is opened, but there is no such episode in the text)]: Wagley, Galvão 1949, No. 14:139.

The Central Andes. Ferregnafe (dep. Lambayeque) [in search of treasures and out of curiosity, the Fox dug up the pagan's grave; fleas came out of there; the fox tried to try them on the tooth, but they themselves bit him to death and spread around the world]: Torero 1974:226; Tantamayo (dep. Huanuco) [Achkay offers the person to help him dig up the field; tears off one testicle for him, for her it is an ulyuku tuber; he asks for permission to go out of need, A. ties a thread to him from his spinning wheels so that he does not run away; the man bandages the thread, runs away; A. chases, her daughter says in which direction the person ran away; comes to people, tears off the testicle one or the other; people they ask her to sit down, push her into a boiling pot; she says she will turn into flies and nettles; she is buried, one person tears up the grave out of curiosity, and all flies, ants, bees and others fly out from there insects]: Howard-Malverde 1986:10-12.

Montagna - Jurua. River panos (Inahuaya County, Dep. Loreto; shipibo?) [at the festival, a man whose body makes harmonious sounds goes out to dance; by morning the music has subsided, the dancer has turned into a bat; he has been grabbed, thrown into the fire; he said that his ashes will turn into torturous creatures; then humans collected the ashes in a vessel, but after seven days they discovered it, the ashes flew out, becoming mosquitoes, spiders, midges, ants, snakes, salamanders, toads]: Ravines 1972:41; conibo [ burnt demon]: Waisbard 1959:69; shipibo [father-in-law eats sons-in-law; one young man marries; does not sleep in a hut hunting in the forest; asks to leave him in charge the next day; father-in-law says where collect brushwood, does not tell you to go in a certain direction, supposedly there are terrible ants; the son-in-law finds a bunch of skulls there; leaves his clothes together under the mosquito net; the father-in-law returns dead monkeys, brings down a heavy stone to the place where his father-in-law's head should be; seeing that he made a mistake, and loving only a man, he cuts off his meat from his calves, roasts it and eats it; his son-in-law says he saw everything, father-in-law tells him to burn, come in three days; his daughter comes; the ash has turned into mosquitoes; she collects them in a vessel, hides them at home under a mosquito net; the wind blew away those that remained at the burning site; collected But the daughter fed and released (the origin of mosquitoes)]: García 1985:124-125; machigenga [bats arise from a burnt cannibal who ate children]: Ferrero 1966, No. 5:427-428; cachinahua: Capistrano de Abreu in Zerries 1954:51

Bolivia - Guaporé. Takana: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 48 [Beni (South Wind) Udutzi (original ancestor) found several types of cultivated peppers in an abandoned area; turned one into a person, easily won; same with second; made a friend out of wild pepper, he is equal to him, this is Bidutzi (wild pepper) Edutzi; both came to the sorcerer Macanaua (name in Eseeha); he gave his two daughters, ordered 1) to clear the plot, 2) harvest corn by evening, 3) build a large house by evening; they do everything instantly; M. locked them in a stone house; all the birds and animals are hammering stone; squirrels gnawed, the brothers are out; wives are for it time married one vampire bat, the other for the melero marten; Beni killed M. with a club; brothers each killed their wife, her husband, children in her womb, two escaped, from them the current vampires, martens; brothers came to the water that separates our world from the other; the Dzuducu bird carried them, told them not to look down, Bidutzi looked, fell, it was swallowed by the Tsrabuna Bacua snake; Beni killed the animals, they drank all the water, At the bottom, small snakes ask them not to kill them; Beni ripped open the big snake, took his brother out; all the midges came out of the snake's womb; the brothers walked along the dry bottom to the end of the world, where the cliffs were crushing; slipped into their world; var: leaving the stone house, the brothers in the form of pigeons flew to M., sat on a tree above the pond; M.'s daughters saw their reflection, the brothers became human again; the girls married two meleros during this time; brothers killed the girls' new husbands and fathers, brought their wives back; asked the Woodpecker to move them to the country of edutzi; he carried them, and when he carried his wives, they looked down, fell, became fish]: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 48:104-107; moseten [a huge snake swallows a man; his pregnant wife gives birth to a son, marries an eagle; the son hears his sisters say that it is better for him to kill his father's killer than to hunt mice; turns into an eagle, picks up huge stones, grabs a snake, brings it to the rocks, where she eats it with her stepfather; snakes, ants, wasps and other stinging creatures originated from her blood]: Nordenskiöld 1924: 145-146; chimane [like a moseten; a snake with two tails and a head in the middle]: Hissink, Hahn 1989, No. 16:68; chacobo [a man leads his wife into the forest, kills, roasts, eats with manioc cake; marries again; his new wife's brothers catch him when he is about to repeat the murder; kill him, burn his corpse, sparks turn into wasps; in other versions of the same myth, a man sends his wife for with brushwood; when she comes back, she sees him eating his own leg]: Bossert, Villar 2002:372; guarazu [an old woman and nephew lived in the forest, lured hunters, soldered chicha, killed and ate; one The old woman's nephew warned the hunter, he put a block of wood in his hammock and returned to the village; people burned the house, threw the old woman's ashes into the river, it turned into mosquitoes]: Riester 1977, No. 23:262-264; surui [see motive J12; sisters Kabeud (elder) and Samsam marry Jaguar; S. gives birth to a son; K. is pregnant; Jaguar's mother asks her to remove the thorn from her leg, blows the wind, K. laughs; When she laughs again, Jaguariha devours her; saves her uterus to eat later; S. saves it, raises her sister's baby; tells her son how her aunt died; he rises to heaven, produces thunder, making himself and his brother adults; cannot hit Jaguariha with arrows; brothers burn her; together with S. they rise to the sky (No. 25, p.82: turn into thunder), cut off the vine so that Jaguar does not followed them; a Jaguar finds and turns his mother's corpse over; all blood-sucking insects fly out of the corpse]: Mindlin 1995, No. 22:73-77; synta larga [the Kaboêp girl loved the Owl, but At the festival, she met the Paxis bird (blue, considered the son of a Jaguar), asks her to leave a sign on the path to his house; this is his feather; sister K. says that there is an Owl feather on the path to Owl's house; K. and her sister comes to Owl (sign substitution is not mentioned, his sister is no longer mentioned before the Mutum bird episode}; Owl's mother says he should bring game to his wife; he brings rats; agrees to give corn; leads for honey, K. does not see bees, Owl climbs a tree, knocks out her eye (? ; quebrou olho), the liquid poured out, Owl says it's honey; K. replies that she will go for the vessel, goes to Pxit herself (took her hammock with her in advance); asks Pomi (Rolinha; bird?) , who eats fruit on a tree, does not say he saw it; comes to the Crane (Socó), who hides it in his throat; Pomi, Socó tell Sova that they have not seen his wife; Owl asks what kind of bloating Socó has a throat, he replies that his teeth hurt; K. sleeps under the wing of Mutum, becomes pregnant with him, sister K. and Mutum did not get along; K. came to Paxit, Owl demands her return, K. does not want to, Paxis kills the Owl with an arrow, he comes to life, returns home; Jaguariha's mother-in-law asks K. to remove the splinter from her leg; there is no splinter in her leg, Jaguariha kills K., sister K. saves the egg, Sunkip was born from it, grew up; his father tells him to kill Mutum so as not to shout (letters. "cried"); Mutum tells S. not to kill him, says that he is his father, that his mother killed Jaguariha; brings a snake to hide it among edible larvae; she bites Jaguariha, but she does not feel anything; then C . asks Jaguariha to catch nuts that he will throw from the tree, she catches; Mutum asks to check if Yaguariha feels the heat of the fire; advises her to get the larva thrown there out of the fire; S. pushes Jaguariha into the fire, it burns; the ashes have turned into harmful insects; more about the Jaguars and the Turtle, see the full text in motif J12]: Leonel Queiroz et al. 1988:63-69.

Southern Amazon. Camayura [from the ashes of a jaguariha]: Münzel 1973:33; nambiquara: Pereira 1983, No. 49 [female Cyclagras gigas snake bites Herpetotheres langsdirffi's daughter; she dies; father kills the Snake with an arrow; blood gives birth to a spider, rat, scolopendra, amphisbena], 66 [only the Jaguar has a fluffy skin; Jaguariha kills the female Battleship; asks her children how they became beautiful; Tightly wrapped in a rope; Jaguariha suffocates; all animals share her skin, make their own; drops of her blood turn into current jaguars and ocelots], 69 [Ocelotic kills the female Battleship ( Mutetia hybridum); asks her young son to give her his beautiful skull; he asks in return for permission to tie her; pushes her into the river, it drowns; all animals divide it into parts, make tails out of them; drops blood turns into current ocelots; they do not eat turtles and caimans who did not participate in the sharing]: 83-84, 98-99, 101-102; paresis: Pereira 1986, No. 8 [foreigners from a burnt jaguar], 16 [two The brothers married two sisters; one has a son Kazalynazaré, the other has a daughter Ayryazeró; K., his mother, both mothers turned into birds, swallowed by a huge fish; Father A. arranged a party; man -Trogonideo meets a girl; in the morning she goes to his house; Owl replaces the pen sign at a fork in the road, the girl comes to Owl's house, everything is in mud; she runs, spends the night in a hollow, where she paints parrot chicks; they take her home; she tells us where the parrot's nest is, her brothers kill the chicks; parrots make her get lost again out of revenge; she ends up with the Wolf; says she has menstruation, covers the parrot watchman's beak with dough, comes to Mãe do tucum-do-campo; to the emams; to the Forest Cockerel; refuses to sleep with him, he flies away and takes the fire; to the Spider, does not want to copulate, he drives her away; she comes to the Aquatic Men, their mother kills her; her soul flies away as a bird, along with the soul of a cousin swallowed by fish, decide to be called K. and A. and take revenge on the fish; raise stones and tree trunks to then be able to raise their enemy; raise the main fish to the tree where the stones were previously brought; eat; fallen pieces of meat and drops of blood turn into poisonous insects and snakes ; scales in fish; head into stingray]: 166, 246-261; kayabi [a thin-legged man brings fish to the girl every night, does not show his face; the leader throws him into the fire; tells him to throw ash into the river, people do not they listen; when angry, the leader disperses ash through the air, and mosquitoes emerge from it]: Pereira 1995, No. 12:67.

Eastern Brazil. Apinaye [a huge eagle settled on a reaper palm tree, people fled, a couple of old people and their grandchildren Kenkutá and Akréti were left, their parents were eaten by the eagle; grandfather is surprised how easily A. catches up and kills other birds; the brothers stay in a hut by the river, the grandfather brings food there, makes them clubs; the brothers call the tapir a rat; the grandfather builds a hut at the foot of the harvester, A. lures an eagle, hides in the hut; K. does the same less quickly; the eagle is exhausted, the brothers finish him off with clubs; the grandfather plucks him, blows his feathers down the wind, they turn into different birds; another huge Kukád bird lives on a rock, cuts off people's heads with his beak; grandfather builds a hut there, A. lures the bird, hides; K. does not have time, the bird cuts off his head; A. leaves K.'s head on a branch, can no longer lure him out poultry, goes to look for people, meets people with a series, black arar people, monkey people, each group tells what it does; A. finds fellow tribesmen, marries, brings meat to her father-in-law and mother-in-law ( nandu ostriches); calls his wife for honey, offers to put his hand in the hollow, his hand gets stuck, A. kills his wife, roasts her meat, brings her to the village; the victim's brother realizes what he was given, finds her head and bones sisters; people push A. into hot coals; his ashes turn into a nest of earth termites]: Wilbert 1978, No. 172:451-454; kayapo [the old man Tooths-on-head calls girls to look for in his hair; there his teeth are hidden, with which he bites off the girls' fingers; after trying blood, he kills, eats girls; one bitten runs; a battleship digs a passage from her house into the forest, a parrot covers the entrance with wings; a heron hides the girl, swallowing her, only the necklace outside, then regurgitates; the caiman transports her across the river; the stalker sees traces to the water, rushes into the river, is eaten by piranhas; his lice are left to torment people]: Wilbert 1978, No. 145:346-347

Chaco. Mosquitoes, if not otherwise. Chamacoco: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987a, No. 4 [The bat hurt the child, his brother promised to tell his father not to give the offender honey; when people went to heaven for honey, the Bat sent a beetle gnaw through a tree trunk; people burned the Bat, bats flew out of the fire], 72 [mosquitoes appear from the hole in the charred corpse of an old ogre]: 36, 249-250; matako: Wilbert, Simoneau 1982a, Nos. 71 and 77 [the boy shows women a tree full of water and fish; Tokvach shoots the biggest fish; the tree bursts, Tokvach sinks; every hair of his has become a mosquito, and his skull - wasp nest], 170 [burnt cannibal: coals that fall into the forest turn into snakes, tapirs, cat predators; those that fall into the water turn into rays, piranhas and other fish], 171 [=170, without details]: 151, 163, 270-272; toba: Wilbert, Simoneau 1989a, No. 78 (toba-pilaga) [one water first; Lapichí (the constellation responsible for the ripening of wild fruits) prevented, rubbed between and made it out of it hard land; created the Paraguay River with a stick on his shoulder - the water followed it; threw a bottle tree into the river, it turned into a (mythical) water creature Lek, swallowing people; met Nowaikalachigí ; shot at a big fish, the water rose; L. noticed N.'s wool, picked it up, rubbed it, it turned into mosquitoes; there is another world underground, there are also people and the sky - three skies; the fire is burning, because of this the earth is like burnt brick; L. watches this fire; there are no trees there, but the houses are made of iron], 303 (western toba) [all the fish were inside the bottle tree; the fox tells the man he is not going to shoot onion fish: he will only catch with his hands; the man warned not to touch the large predatory dorado fish (Salminus brasiliensis); but the fox shot at the dorado, the tree burst, the stream of water with the fish rushed there where did the dorado send; when the fox died, its hair turned into mosquitoes; and he came to life a couple of days later]: 113-114, 390-391; pilaga [a man conceived two boys in a vessel; a vessel on the trail, along the trail whose women go to get water; her father said that when a beautiful woman passed, the vessel would split, this woman was their mother; their arrow was stuck in a tree, they pulled her out, a stream poured in; they ran to their mother, the water behind them; they stuck an arrow into the ground, the water stopped; so they led the river with fish further; the deceiver, contrary to their warning, shot a big fish, the stream behind them, he drowned; during the rainy season born bald; his hair turned into mosquitoes]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1989a, No. 90:122-124; caduveo [ugly sorcerer Ania fell in love with a girl; smoke from burnt hare hair turned into mosquitoes; but the girl even refused to sleep with him; then the sorcerer caught the hare, burned its skin and the smoke turned into mosquitoes; the girl had to climb under A.'s mosquito net]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990a, No. 38: 66.

Southern Brazil. A burnt evil spirit, an opponent of the sun. Chiripa [see motif J8; Ñanderú Guazú came from the west, placed the earth on a wooden cross (palo cruzado); with him Ñanderú Mbae Kua; they found the first woman under the clay in a pot, both met her; NG went to the plot, came back, told his wife to go pick corn; she did not believe that the harvest was ripe for her; NG got angry, left, promised to forgive his wife if she found him path; from his mother's womb, their son Kuarahy (the future sun) showed her the way; asked to pick flowers, the woman was bitten by a wasp, she scolded K., he fell silent; the woman came to the old woman, she hid her under the pot from her nephews Añag; she herself told them that they killed and ate the woman; the old woman asked for fruit from the womb to eat, but neither cook nor bake it; K. considered the old woman a mother, shot butterflies, called them after birds, since then birds have names; the old woman does not tell them to hunt on Blue Mountain; K. goes there, finds his mother's bones, mixing them with cornmeal makes himself a brother Yacy (next month); brothers destroy Añag jaguars and demons; K. and Y. saw A. fishing; K. bit off and took the hook, I. got caught; A. caught him in the form of a bagre (the first fish); K. asked for bones, I revived it. (moon phases); the brothers came to Saria (this is also Añag); Y. said that he had many sisters, A. asked them to marry, Y. ordered K. to ask permission; he told A. to bring fish for his wives, gave the girl, from his feet which the fish is dying; A. began to beat the girl, she turned into a timbo vine; K. gave A. a crown of feathers, it caught fire, A. burned down; a partridge flew out of his stomach, the ashes turned into mosquitoes; I. got together with a married woman; on a full moon, the Month copulates with girls, causing menstruation; K. did Venus; after copulation, Y. tells Venus to wash it, so it rains on the new moon; K. and Y. did a chain of arrows to go to heaven to my father; I wanted to climb first to become the sun, but K. was the first to climb himself]: Bartolomé 1977:16-40 (the episode with mosquitoes appearing on p.37); caigua [Ramoy Dad leaves his wife; she is pregnant with twins Pai Quara (Sun) and Yvangusu (Month); RP tells PC that if that son is his, he will find him; the woman goes looking for her husband at the fork in the PC sends her to the Jaguars; they kill her, throw the twins into boiling water, they are unharmed; they grow up, lead the Jaguars across the river to the fruit tree; they bring her to the bridge; Y. destroys it ahead of time, one pregnant The Jaguariha escapes; the rest turn into caimans and other aquatic animals; the Jaguar grandmother falls into a trap set by the twins; they burn it, the ashes turn into mosquitoes; the Sun leaves Wait a month, comes to his mother]: Samaniego 1968:419-421; apapakuwa [Nyanderikoy creates a koati, throws Anyaya from the tree; he asks N. to go down and puts it in the basket; He leaves him for a while; brother N. revives him, they put a stone in his place; Anyai's daughters find only coati and stone in the basket; A. returns; N. creates a deer, A. chases him, mistaking him for N.; brothers cover their heads with flowers; they tell A.'s daughters that their father needs to scalp off and rub the crown with pepper to become just as beautiful; A.'s head bursts, the brain turns into mosquitoes and barigues (horseflies?) ; brothers marry A.'s daughters; set fire to the grass around, women's hair lights up, heads burst, mosquitoes appear]: Nimuendaju 1914:396-399; mbia [see J9 motif; woman gets to creatures Mbae-ypi, they eat her; the baby in her womb cannot be killed, it is Pa-i, the Sun; he grows up, lives with an old woman, makes a brother out of a leaf (next Month); brothers kill Mbae-ypi, one pregnant woman has escaped, jaguars come from her; Pa-i makes a chain of arrows, brothers climb it to heaven, become the Sun and the Month; when Pa-i's son enters the river, the fish dies, it can be collected; C. asks Pa-i to lend him the boy, hits him on the head, throws him into the water; Pa-i fights Charia, their strengths are equal (solar eclipses); Pa-i gives C. a feather crown; wearing it, C. burns, mosquitoes, horseflies, gadflies emerge from the ashes, a partridge from the entrails, the mistress of the fire, the soul turns into an evil spirit]: Cadogán 1959:70-83; Cadogán, Lopez Austin 1970:74-85.

The Southern Cone. Selknam: Cojazzi in Lothrop 1928 [Kuanip (Coan-yi-pej) was conceived in the ground, his mother was a red mountain, his father was Kayel; they wanted to kill him, but he turned around and the attackers froze; in the depths The cannibal Siaskel lived on the island; asked K. to give him two sons, born to sister S. - Kokersé, to help hunt; K. lent him for two years; when he came two years later, the children replied that S. eats human and crap, and his sister makes the roof of the house out of human skin; K. threw flint, told him no more fire to come out of it; ordered him to leave S.; the boys ran to the river, K. brought them closer together the shores, and when S. ran up, spread it apart, S. fell into the water; when he got out, he said that he had lost his strength in the water, let them step on his back, otherwise he could not stand upright; K. ordered his sons to step, making their legs sharp, S. cut into three parts; two flies, zi-i-i and doi-doi, flew out of the dying man's eyes; K. ordered the birds to surround Sister S.'s house, sing loudly so that she would not hear anything; people caught her processing human skin, his head was cut off; K. became a red star, his wife and two sons were the Southern Cross]: 101; Wilbert 1975a, No. 12 [the cannibal Čáskels took two boys, Sasán, their uncle Kwá nyip, forced them to slaughter the corpses; K. ordered them to run; brought the banks of the river closer, Sasan jumped over, and in front of C. pushed him apart, he fell into the water, could not get out for a long time; asked to massage his back; K. pressed his foot , breaking C.'s back, died; the twins knocked his eyes out of his sling, the spray fell on the water - green stains; a gadfly flew out of his eye socket, attracted by rotten meat and excrement; C. turned into stone, S. stayed with K.]: 39-43.