Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

H32B. Lost abundance: an offended child .

A girl and/or boy, who are children of a deity, come to live with people, which leads to an abundance of food/resources. Because of the resentment caused, children go into their own world, and people's lives become difficult or scarce.

(Wed. Bantu-speaking Africa. Bondei [the Musima tree asks the old woman not to cut it for firewood; turns its flowers into boys and girls so that they can live with the old woman like her children, doing all the work; tells them not to offend them; youngest the girl should not work, the old woman should take care of her; the old woman answers the crying girl to take food herself, complains that flower children are a burden to her; the girl tells her brothers about this and sisters, children return to the tree, the old woman died in poverty]: Woodward 1925, No. 13:370-371).

Mesoamerica Tsotsil [after leaving her husband, the mother of corn leaves her two sons clay drums from which food is poured; the boys' father breaks them; the children turn into a bélok, their father into lightning]: Guiteras-Holmes 1961:192-193.

Western Amazon. Nungui gives a woman her daughter, according to which any food appears; other children demand that the girl summon demons and throw ash in her eyes. Napo: Foletti Castegnaro 1985:39-41; shuar: Barrueco 1988:52-54; Karsten 1919:330-332; 1935, No. 1:513-516; Pelizzaro 1961, No. 3:2; 1993:14-17; Rueda 1987, No. 11:80-87; Wavrin 1932:121 -122; achuar: Mowitz 1978:5-11; Aguaruna: Akutz Nugkai et al. 1977 (2): 93-108; Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1979, No. 35:377-415; Guallart 1958:88-91; Wavrin 1932:121-122; Shiviar: Seymour-Smith 1988:114-115.

NW Amazon. Piapoko [after eating the fetus, a person becomes pregnant, is allowed without pain as a boy; when the grandmother bathes him, the trough is filled with manioc flour; the boy asks to cut off his fingers, sows phalanges, from them cassava grows; the father does not love his son, so he leaves, taking away all the crops and placing them on the same tree; the tree is found by a night monkey; agouti picks up the pineapple she has dropped and brings them to people; they cut down the trunk day and night, but Cayman swallows the fire; in the morning it turns out that the felling is overgrown; Cayman is killed, fire is taken out of his belly, the trunk is cut; the tree remains hanging behind the Barbasco vine ( fish venom) attached to the sky; The squirrel cuts it, falls with the tree; the branch with all the fruits falls into the water; the tapira is sent to dive; as he gets the fruits, people hide them; he discovers deception, hides some of the fruits; current cultivated plants come from those taken away by people]: Wavrin 1937:604-606.

Chaco. The son of thunder easily extracts water in arid areas; other children offend the boy, he returns to heaven. Ayoreo: Wilbert, Simoneau 1989b, No. 26-30:49-65; Chamacoco: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987a, No. 31-33:99-110