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H33. Kids have been walking since birth.

.14.16.27.-.28. (.29.) .

At first, babies walked, should or could walk right after birth.

Algerian Arabs, French, Flemish, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Belarusians, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Vyatka), Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Galicia, Zaporozhye), Poles (southeastern Poland), (Georgians ), Latvians, Lithuanians, Livans, Karelians, Chuvash, Mari, Komi, Thompson, Maidu, Gosiyute, Western Shoshones, Yaruro, Varrau, Trumai.

North Africa. Algerian Arabs (Tiaret Plateau) [God told all females to lick their children so they would walk from birth; the woman refused - disgusting; God: then your child will only start walking in a year]: Aceval 2005, No. 111:132.

Western Europe. The French (Pays messins) [two women decide to ask God to have their children go from birth; buse (apparently Hawk) agrees to deliver their letter to God; answers that he agrees to fulfill a request if women stop sleeping with their husbands; women refuse to pay Hawk for an unfavorable response, so he has been stealing chickens ever since]: Kabakova 1998, No. 142:147-148; Flemish people: Van den Berg 2000, No. 34 [in paradise, seeing females give birth, God tells everyone to let the newborn go right away; only Eva says that the baby will fall, does not let him in; so children do not walk from birth], 35 [at first, children were born; one mother immediately sent her child to buy bread; God became angry, told the child to start walking only after a year, learn to walk for another year, and two more years the mother should make sure that he does not fall]: 45-46, 46.

The Balkans. Bulgarians, Macedonians [at first, children walked right after birth; God took away this ability from people for disbelief and distrust of him; God used to throw away all newborns and animals through a roof, wood, fence, gate, etc.; animals retained this ability because they never sinned before God]: Belova 2004a: 248; Bulgarians [(5 versions)]: Belova 2004a, No. 549:249- 250; Macedonians [when all animals first gave birth, God would throw newborns over the hill and they immediately got back on their feet; a woman did not allow her to do the same to her baby, so women must carry children in their arms]: Ortenzio 2008, No. 18:62

Central Europe. Belarusians: Boganeva 2010 [because Maria put the baby in a nursery, children do not go from birth, and animals immediately get on their feet]: 70; Romanov 1891 (Mogilevskaya) [God throws over The "germ" (trellis fence for drying bread before threshing) of a pig, foal, calf, puppy, kitten; they all acquire the ability to run after birth; a woman refuses to test child, so people cannot go immediately after birth]: 178 to Belova 2004a, No. 549:249, to Grynblat, Gurski 1983, No. 35:52-53; Russians: Vanyakina 2002:8 in Belova 2004a, No. 549 (Vyatskaya: Old Believers of the Kirov Region) [before the Fall, people were strong, they knew how to speak and walk from birth; when Eva sinned, God deprived them of all this], 551 (Arkhangelsk, Kargopol District) [when asked by God, the cow replied that she it's enough to happen once a year; the woman said it was not enough; at first God thought (in response to someone's question?) , shouldn't children be given the ability to walk immediately after birth, and calves only a year later; changed his mind and did the opposite]: 249, 251; Ukrainians: Belova 2004a, No. 549 [Chernihiv Gubernia: God in Image The old woman came to Eve when her son was born and ordered her to throw the child through the gate; Eva felt sorry for her son, and she disobeyed her command; the old man said: "Well, run around with him"; from then on, the children until they don't go for a year (=Grinchenko 1895:83)], 550 [Transcarpathia: God told Eva to throw her newborn across the house; Eva threw the lamb, but was afraid of the child; therefore, the lamb walks immediately after birth, and A woman carries a child for three years in her arms; Galicia: God wanted children to run like chickens immediately after birth, told the woman to throw the child over the fence; she was afraid, now women wear it for a year child in her arms]: 249-250, 250-251; Evarnitsky 1888 [The Lord created a calf, threw it over the wattle fence, he ran; the same was a pig; he wanted to leave the child, but the mother stopped her in fear; the Lord told her look at a child under three years old]: 46-47; Poles (southeastern Poland) [Christ and St. Peter went into a house where a woman was feeding a newborn baby and a cow was feeding a calf; Christ threw the cow and calf over the roof, they got back on their feet; wanted to do the same to the woman and the child, but she I was scared, so women carry children in their arms for a year and six weeks]: Belova 2004a, No. 551:250.

(Wed. Caucasus - Asia Minor. Georgians (kartvels) [one of the demons deposed by God from heaven to earth entered the serpent, seduced Adam and Eve; if they were not tempted, people would easily receive food and drink from heaven, babies would come out of their sinuses, women wouldn't even notice it before the child asked for a breast the next day]: Janashvili 1893, No. 1:144-145).

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians [the woman boasted that the baby had just come out of the cradle and was already walking; God made sure that children could not walk for a long time; women told God that it is better to carry a baby in their arms for a year than calf]: Kerbelite 2001:82, 84, 91; Latvians [1) a person carries children in his arms until the age of three because at the beginning of the world he did not follow God's advice to throw the child over the roof; 2) the mother refused bring the baby down to the ground so that he could learn to walk; for this, God gave her a year to babysit the baby]: Belova 2004a, No. 549:250; the Livs [when Cain was born, God told Adam to throw him over the roof - he will immediately begin to walk (Var.: God himself was going to leave the child); Adam was frightened; a calf was born, God told him to be abandoned, Adam left, the calf went; so the baby animals quickly begin to walk, and the children no]: Loorits 2000 (4) :189 (briefly in Loorits 1926, No. 36:84); Karelians [after creating heaven, earth, etc., God told animals to copulate once a year; woman: few; God began to shorten the term (twice, three times, once a month), then allowed - as much as you want; God ordered the first child born to be thrown over the roof so that he could walk right away; all the animals did so, but the woman did not dare; God: well, feed his year while he doesn't walk]: Pentikäinen 1978:297.

Volga - Perm. Chuvashi [God began to give the first woman a child from heaven; he had to throw him from above so that he could stand on the ground and walk himself; the mother, with pity, framed her hem; so babies up to three They don't go for years]: Rekeev 1896:2 (paraphrase in Salmin 1994:197); Marie [woman gave birth, hears a voice, This child will walk right away; she is silent; Will walk in a year; is silent; Three years later; the voice wanted to make the human body covered entirely with nails; we will leave our nails only on our fingers, we will wear clothes, change clothes all the time; here the woman answered]: Aktsorin 1991, No. 3 : 31; Komi: Konakov 1999 [children were born able to walk and talk; they lost this gift after the mother of one of them insulted bread and the sky, which they could then reach by hand, wiping the child's ass with a pancake and sticking it to the sky; after that, people lost super-fertile agriculture, and the sky moved far from the ground]: 43; Limerov 2005, No. 40 [=Fokos-Fuchs 1915, No. 25.II; bread spiked all over the stem; the baby got up and went right after birth; his mother wiped it with a pancake; Yong became angry, began to peel off his ear, left as much as the dog could grab; told the children to get up back on their feet only three years after birth], 56 [the women elected deputies to Yen, Marya and Daria to find out why the calf, when born, gets back on its feet the next day, and children only walk at eight months start; Yong said he could change this order if women were willing to copulate like cows once a year; they said they were more likely to walk 18 months pregnant]: 42-43, 54.

The coast is the Plateau. Thompson [on one run of the frozen river there was a woman with a child, and on the other a coyote with a cub; crossing the river, the woman carried the baby in her arms, and the coyote cub ran after the mother; therefore babies only start walking after a year, and baby animals almost immediately after birth]: Hanna, Henry 1996:66.

California. Maidu [The Creator of the Earth agrees to give the Coyote a woman if he doesn't move at night; puts two flutes on his sides; at night, the Coyote copulates with women, they disappear in the morning; NW wants a person to name a boy or girl, and in the morning they are already eating and walking; for childbirth to be easy, women to copulate only after marriage, the dead man put in the water will come to life again; Coyote wants so that childbirth is difficult, that some children die, so that the dead cannot be revived; tells his son to bring water, he was bitten by a rattlesnake, he died; Coyote asks for a change of mind, NW refuses]: Dixon 1912, No. 2:51-55.

Big Pool. Gosiyute [Wolf: Let women conceive children in the flesh of their hands; shake their hand - the baby is already on its feet; there is always enough food; eternal summer; Coyote: women must give birth in suffering; people must work; it will be winter and it will snow]: Smith 1993:3-4; Western shoshones [if a man grabs a woman's hand at a festival, a child will be conceived in her finger; shakes his hand, the baby will be born, stands right away; Coyote: a woman's path gives birth between her legs; Wolf: a man is born twice and dies twice; Coyote: only once; Coyote's son fell ill and died, Coyote asked Wolf to change his mind, he refused]: Smith 1993:145.

Llanos. Yaruro [Ichiaí's mother was the earth itself; argues with her aunt Kumañí; she wants 1) children to walk right after birth; I., A year later; 2) people find food and right there ate it; I., Let them cultivate the land; 3) birds be killed with their eyes; I., Let people hunt; 4) palm fibers from the eye would be made with ropes; I., Let people weave ropes; 5) people would only die for a short time; I., Let them die forever]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990c, No. 20:45-46.

Guiana. Varrau [two parrots fell in love with a girl; one took the form of a human being, married her; the other also became human, beat the first one, took his place; began to cook a fire to burn everyone in it children and girls of the village; the first left, then returned, cut off the rope that was coming down from the sky; there was a rumble, the woman gave birth in fear; the parrot told her to put the child on the ground so that he could go right away; the woman did not put it; The parrot went to the forest and told the Pig to do the same; she put her pig; therefore, children do not know how to walk long after birth, and the piglets immediately stand on their feet]: Garcí a 1993, No. 8:51-52.

Southern Amazon. Trumay [girl gets pregnant with the Bat, is ashamed to admit who the child's father is; the boy has been running since birth, archery; men gather to shoot at the target; the latter are suitable The bat; the child takes his bow and arrow; everyone is insulted; babies have not walked since]: Monod-Beckelin 1975, No. 36:151-152.