Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

H35. Perishable teeth. .

People's teeth are made of fragile material. Usually, the motive explains the etiology of toothache.

Melanesia. Kiwai [Sopuse worked in the garden, made a hole in the ground, lay down like a woman; Side was born (later the first to die); his father gave him a ripe banana; Side explains so that if his father gave him other food, people's teeth would be strong and now they would hurt]: Landtman 1977, No. 10:70-72.

South Asia. Muria (jhodia) [Dharmo Deota and Mother Basmoti decided to make a person - D. the upper part and B. the lower part; when B. saw the top, she laughed: D. forgot about his teeth; out of the dirt on his body, D. he made a crow, sent it for his teeth; in the upper world, a crow saw an old woman take seeds out of a pumpkin throat, brought them to D.; he made teeth from the seeds and connected the top and bottom of the person]: Elwin 1954, No. 12:446; boy [women had three hairs in their tongue and boar fangs in their mouths; it was impossible to understand what they were saying; when angry with her husband, the wife killed him with her fangs, so that men were afraid of women how women are afraid of men now; Ispur Mahaprabhu descended from the sky, pulled the woman's hair from her tongue and fangs when she slept, her fangs were picked up by wild boars, her hair turned into snakes, lizards and blackheads; M. made teeth from pumpkin seeds; when the men woke up, they were frightened, but M. told them not to be afraid of their wives anymore]: Elwin 1954, No. 37:459-460; sora (Hill Saora) [Kittung called all the creatures for the party; the animals ate a lot, and people didn't because they didn't have teeth; K. made them teeth from pumpkin seeds]: Elwin 1954, No. 51:468.

The Great Southwest. Navajo [people are given strong corn kernels for their teeth; old Gopher suffers from a toothache; his teeth are pulled out, two are left; his teeth have been hurting ever since; Gopher has been told to hide from the sun for this in Nora]: O'Bryan 1956:32-33.

Mesoamerica Quiche [character lost his strength after getting new teeth from corn kernels]: Popol-Wuh 1959:23; northern lacandons: Boremanse 1986:30.

Honduras-Panama. Bokota [the first people have teeth made of stone; Chube decides to destroy everyone except Huli, his wife and children; people do not believe H. that there will be a flood; the sea floods the earth; after the flood, C. replaces H. and his family's stone teeth with corn kernels; people are now more meek; C. sends Vulture, then Toad, then Pigeon to see if the earth is dry; Vulture eats corpses, its legs and head turn red; The toad reaches the sea, comes back; the dove brings the green leaf; people are descendants of X.]: Margery Peña 1994a, No. 5:81-83.

Guiana. Oyana [one of the twins makes people out of twigs by inserting their teeth from corn]: Magaña 1987, No. 97:54; oyampi [people preferred teeth made from seeds, animals received Hard stone teeth rejected by people]: Greenland 1982, No. 7:98.

Ecuador. Salazaca (a Quechua-speaking group of mountainous Ecuador with Pansaleo Purua substrate) [the first people have strong teeth and can gnaw the bones of guinea pigs; one day people forget to feed their dogs; God punishes them by giving them dog teeth and vice versa]: Barriga Lopez 1988a: 140.

Western Amazon. Napo [god sent the pouhil bird to bring stones to make people teeth, but he brings corn kernels; the trompetero bird brings stones when God makes teeth for wild pigs] : Mercier 1975:64; Kofan [god made man out of earth; sent Curasso (Crax daubentoni, Forest Chicken Family, Cracidae) to bring flint to make teeth; he hesitated; then God sent A trumpeter (Psophia sp., psophiide; like a guinea fowl with long legs, close to cranes and shepherds, he brought balsa to wood; God turned one into a trumpeter, the other into curasso, made bakers teeth out of flint and dogs; and he made teeth out of balsa for humans and jaguars; that's why they go bad]: Borman, Criollo 1990, No. 4:59-64 (quoted in Zumbroich, Stross 2010:62).

NW Amazon. Tikuna [fish caught in stone bait turn into wild pigs with strong teeth, and those caught in green corn bait turn into people with perishable teeth]: Nimuendaju 1952: 129; yagua [people hesitate to nibble on these stones and get bad teeth; they only want to eat corn, which gorgojos can easily kill]: Powlison 1993, no. 14:48.

Central Amazon. Maue: Pereira 1954 [all animals dream of marrying the beautiful Onhiamuaçabé; The snake left a pleasant smell on the trail, O. stopped, the snake touched her leg unnoticed, O. gave birth boy; his wife's brothers drove them away; the boy secretly came to pick the fruits of the Brazil nut that grew near the brothers' house; they killed him; his mother planted his eyes, and the left grew a false guarana (Paullinia) cupana), real from the right; joined the parts of her son's body, rubbed them with leaves, buried them; a wild cat, a coatá monkey, wild pigs and other animals come out of his grave; then the first maue came out - a resurrected boy; his mother put clay teeth in him, so his teeth deteriorate; she began to wash the boy, but her brothers came and told him not to wash; so people do not change their skin like snakes]: 120-126 (=1980 (2): 729-733); Ugge 1991, No. 1 [mother joined her son's body parts, rubbed them with leaves, buried them; began to play the flute; wild cat, coatá monkey, wild pigs and other animals come out of his grave; woman tells every species where to live; wild pigs had strong teeth that humans should have; then the first maue, a resurrected boy, came out; his mother put in his deteriorating teeth, for they were already strong received pigs; without the motive of changing their skin and losing immortality]: 114-129.

The Central Andes. Caruas (dep. Ancash) [God sends chihuaco (Turdus sp.) thrush to bring people teeth made of stone, but he lost his bag and brought corn grains]; Yauri Montero 196:75; huanca [Papalindo sends Chiguaco tell people that they should work three days a week, have teeth white as corn, hard as stone; Chiguaco says you should work every day, have teeth white as stone, hard as stone, hard as corn; as punishment, P. ties Chiguaco's legs with an invisible thread (now he jumps awkwardly), tells him to eat unripe fruits and suffer from eternal indigestion; Chiguaco asks Noah to give him bright plumage; he sends it to the Rainbow, but when Chiguaco arrives, the rainbow is already gone]: Villanes Cairo 1978:121-123; Peru's Central Mountains [God sends a chihuaco thrush to tell people they're theirs his teeth will be like steel, which you should eat every three days; he says that his teeth will be like corn, you should eat three times a day; God punishes him by making his feathers gray and his digestive apparatus like a sieve]: Quijada Jara 1969-1970 in Sebastiani 1990:152; Chilcas (prov. La Mar, dep. Ayacucho) [announce to people that they will get their teeth from iron, but the thrush mistakenly said they are from corn kernels]: Morote Best 1954:110-112; 1988:106; Risua, Andamarca [God sends Chihuaco thrush tell people that their teeth and nails will be made of steel; he says their teeth will be made of cornstarch, their nails will be made of potato peel; God punishes the thrush, now it has only one gut; people always kill him]: Ortiz Rescaniere 1980:140.

Montagna - Jurua. Kashibo: Estrella Odicio 1977, No. 3 [God intends to give people teeth made of solid wood, but the deer says he needs them more, and people who eat cooked food will also live with teeth from soft wood]: 76; Tessmann 1930 [deity gives teeth - Noköyo, Sun; this is a woman, according to another version, male]: 148; Wistrand 1969:70, 114 in Zumbroich, Stross 2013 [pregnant moon goddess ate corn so that her children have white teeth, but it turned out that this made them easily perishable]: 62; machigenga: Renard-Casevitz 1991, No. 9 [the paka rodent prepared teeth for people out of stone, and bat - made from white seeds; people preferred seeds]: 37.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Tapiete [people had silver teeth, they ate meat and bones; dogs had no teeth; God gives people pumpkin seeds to eat; human teeth become brittle and hurt, dogs chew bones]: Nordenskiöld 1912:314; surui [jaguars ate all humans, bones hung along the trail on a rope; Palop pushes a rock down the hill, tells two species of deer to run ahead; marsh deer runs faster than a stone; P. smears it with a bitter compound, sends it to the jaguars; they lick it, make sure that its taste is disgusting; the bee gnaws through the rope with bones; the deer runs away, carrying away various bones endogamous surui groups; P. fumigates them with tobacco, turns them into humans; makes teeth from corn kernels, so people's teeth are fragile]: Mindlin 1995, No. 21:66-68.

Southern Amazon. The first ancestor inserts teeth from the shells in women; they appear too dark and he replaces them with seeds. Vaura: Schultz 1966:26; Kuikuro: Villas Boas, Villas Boas 1973:73; Kamayura: Agostinho 1974, No. 1, 3:162, 172; Münzel 1973:20; Villas Boas, Villas Boas 1973:58; kalapalo: Baldus 1958:48; Iranian [see E5A motif; people live inside a rock; go outside; Tayassu tajacu wild pig advises making teeth out of stone; people don't hear, ask a pig again Tayassu albirostris; she replies that teeth should be made from green palm shoots]: Pereira 1985, No. 1:18-19.

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