Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

H36D. The hare betrays a person. 10.-.14.

The hare distorts God's command and/or is to blame for the fact that a person is mortal. See H36 motif.

Bushmen, Hottentots, Ila, Louis, Hausa, Diola, Nyimang, Nubians, Berbers of southern Morocco.

SW Africa. Bushmen: Kotlyar 1983, No. 12 [The hare scorched her caros, threw it in the face of the Moon; Moon: people should not die, Hare: must; the moon broke the Hare's mouth with an ax], 13 [~12; Hare cursed the Moon , said she must die], 14 [~12; Carossa left dark spots on the moon; Hare: a polygamum man must be killed; Moon: this man should not die, let every woman have children], 15 [Moon: Let the dead come back to life soon; Hare: the dead smells bad, let him not rise again; Moon: and you? Hare: me too; The moon hit the Hare's upper lip with a sandal; it became the moon, the Hare became a hare], 16 [Moon: let people like me die and be reborn; Hare: the dead smells bad, let him die forever; Moon split the Hare's lip with an ax, the Hare scratched her face, traces remained], 17 [~16], 18 [The month-old man died; the women persuaded the Hare to pick unripe white berries; when she saw what she had collected, the Hare went collect again, the women left their urine responsible for themselves, left; the hare saw the grave from which the Month was getting out; he dragged it to him, told them to go to people to tell them that the dead should be reborn; The hare tells people that they will die forever, decompose and smell bad; during this Month, she cut her lip with an ax; the hare took off her caros, got dirty in soot, covered the face of the Month, the stains remained] 19 [the Hare's mother is dead; the Moon said she will be reborn; the Hare did not agree, the Moon cut his lip with her fist, curses him, telling him to be a hare], 20 [The moon tells the Turtle to tell people that they should be like her to resurrect after death; the turtle moved slowly, forgot the words of the Moon, returned to ask again; the Moon became angry, sent the Hare; he began to eat grass, also forgot the words of the Moon, told people to die forever; at this time, the Turtle came up with the true news; people broke the Hare's lip with a stone; sent messengers to the moon to ask again, but the decision remained the same], 106 (kung) [The month insists that people reborn, the Hare to die for good, because the dead smell bad; Tsue beats the Hare, the Hare's wife beats Tsue, the Month beats Tsue, he is reborn every time; the wife of the Month beats him, he revives first in the form of a young child, then becomes an adult Month again]: 32, 33, 33, 33-34, 34-35, 35-39, 39-40, 41, 220-227; Parrinder 1967 (Cape Bushmen) [The bunny cried over the deceased mother; Luna said that his mother was just sleeping and would be born again; he did not believe it, kept crying; the moon cut his lip in anger]: 67; Scheub 2000 (Botswana) [The moon sent an insect to tell people that they should be reborn as she; the hare invited the messenger to run instead of him, it would be faster, said that he should die forever; the moon cut the Hare's nose]: 107; Bushmen (san, or rather Xam): Bleek, Lloyd 1911 [The hare began to cry, because his mother died; the Month told him not to cry, for his mother would come to life as he came to life; the hare insisted on his own; the Month hit him, tearing his lip, turning him into a hare; the hare still has part of the flesh with When he was human, this piece cannot be eaten; it is a certain muscle on his thigh; The month punished the hare, let him now sleep not in the bushes, but in the open; in the fur on his head many parasites]: 56-65; Lewis-Williams 2000, No. 47 [A month sent a hare to tell people to respawn like him when they die; The hare specifically told people not to revive; The month heated the stone and burned the hare's mouth, the scar remains; so our bodies remain in the ground, and our thoughts leave us]: 253; hottentots [(many versions in different groups); main ones: 1) The moon sends Chameleon to say that as it revives, people will come to life after death; the Chameleon forgot what to say, came back; the Moon sent a Hare; he also forgot and said that people should die; the Moon cut the Hare's lip; 2) The Moon sent an insect to say that humans should respawn like her; The hare intercepted the message, told people they should die like himself; The hare scratched the moon's face, traces remain; 3) Zoekoab sent The hare to say that humans would revive like the Moon; the Hare tried to send a tick with a distorted message; he refused, so he ran himself and said that people should die for good]: Abrahamsson 1951 : 28-30; Parrinder 1967 [The moon sent Louse to tell people that as the moon dies and comes to life, so will they; the Hare told Lice that he would send a message faster; said that as the moon dies, so will humans die forever; the moon cut the Hare's lip with a stick]: 67.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Ila [1) Leza sent Chameleon to say that death was final; then Hare with the news of eternal life; the Hare came running and announced first, but the Chameleon said that only his message was true; L. agreed; 2) Leza sent Chameleon with the news of eternal life, then Hare with the news of death; the Hare came running and announced first]: Smith, Dale 1920:100-101 (quoted in Abrahamsson 1951:22; Janssens 1926:561); Louie [Jacottet, p. 111; Nyambe's dog died, his wife Nasilele ordered it to be thrown away; then Nasilele's mother died; she asked for her back, but Nyambe refused because she did not want the dog back; they They sent Chameleon to tell people they would come to life and Hare to say they would die forever; the Hare came first]: Abrahamsson 1951:33-34.

West Africa. House [The month sent the Hare to say that a person should be like a Month dying in the morning and reviving in the evening; the Hare said that people should die forever; the Month wanted to hit with an ax on the head, but only cut his upper lip; the Hare scratched the face of the Month, the traces are still visible; ran away and still runs]: Abrahamsson 1951:7-8; diola (? ; in any case, Senegal; Jacklyn Ndiaye informant, recorded in France; a note to one of her texts states that “probably a diola”; in any case, diola is Christian, like informant) [God sent a hare to tell people that the moon should die forever and people should be reborn after death; the hyena met the hare and, finding out why and where he was running, undertook to hand over the assignment herself; said that the moon should be reborn and people should die forever; God began to revive, but it was impossible to change the direction]: Reuss-Nliba, Reuss-Nliba 2018:14.

Sudan—East Africa. Nyimang (ama): Scheub 2000:5 [humans and animals did not die; humans and rabbits did not love each other; the rabbit let man eat the roots of the same tree; he lost consciousness and died two days later; so death appeared], 5-6 [when the man died, God said that he had just fallen asleep, ordered him to leave the body for the night, and in the morning the man would come to life; but the Rabbit came to people before God and ordered the dead to be buried, otherwise God all he would destroy; when he learned what had happened, God said that let them die, since they listened to the Rabbit]; the Nubians [the man died; God ordered to leave the body until morning, the deceased was reborn; the Hare came and ordered to bury the deceased, they say, otherwise God will be angry; God scattered, that people listened to the Hare, made death final]: Parrinder 1967:34.

North Africa. The Berbers of Morocco (Ighrem) [Azrail sent a messenger to earth to tell Christians to fast for a month and Muslims for a day; he confused him; J. turned him into an owl]: That Thay 2001, No. 91:108; Berbers of Morocco (Imouzzer Ida outanane, southern Morocco) [The prophet sent a hare to tell Muslims to fast for 24 hours and Jews for a month; he confused, said the opposite; God hit him on the head since then the hare white spot]: That Thay 2001, No. 94:110.