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H36gg. A coyote betrays a person. 43.46.48.-.50.

It is the coyote's fault that a person is mortal.

Upper coquil, kalapuya, takelma, klikitat, ne perse, vasco, comanche, shasta, shinkyon, coastal yuki, vintu, patvin, pomo, yana, achomavi, nisenan, mountain miwok, coastal miwok, Maidu, tubatulabal, serrano, juaneño, luiseno, cahuilla, cupeño, washo, northern payut, western shoshoni, goshiute, utah, valapai, havasupai, yavapai, mojave, cocopa, diegeño, ipai, kamia, yuma, yuma, pima, Western Apache, Chiricahua, Navajo, Seri.

The coast is the Plateau. Upper coquill [for Coyote and his son companion; the companion's child dies; on the fifth day, the father comes to Coyote with a proposal that the dead be reborn on the fifth day; Coyote objects says the earth will overflow; now his child is dying; Coyote offers a change of mind, but the satellite refuses]: Jacobs 2007:234-235; Kalapuya: Jacobs 1945, No. 3 [Coyote has a brother Wild Cat (or Wolf); his child dies, he offers Coyote that the dead return on the fifth day; the Coyote replies that the earth will overflow; now the Coyote child dies; he would like to return to the proposal brother, but he refuses to change his mind]: 137-138; Gatschet et al. 1945, No. 4 [Puma's daughter dies; he asks his brother Coyote if she will come back to life; he replies that in this case the land will overflow; Coyote's daughter dies; he wants to change his mind, Puma refuses]: 226-227; clickitate [Coyote's son and daughter die; he comes to the river; the carrier swims when he calls him, with his head in the water; the Coyote puts his children and other dead in a bag, carries them back; contrary to his son's warning, unties the bag when he hears voices; his children and others return to the country dead]: Jacobs 1929, No. 10:227-230; Takelma [Beetle's son ("The Roast Dead") is dead; Coyote refuses to lend Beetle a blanket that would revive his son and says that if the dead become to go back, there will be no place for people; Coyote's son dies, now he goes to ask Beetle for a blanket, but he reminds him of his words, does not give him a blanket; so people die completely]: Sapir 1909, No. 9:99- 101; ne perse [Coyote's wife is dead; the spirit leads him to the world of the dead, allows him to be taken, told him not to touch her five days on the way back; on the fourth night, Coyote tries to hug his wife, she disappears; he comes for her again, finds no one; death becomes final]: Phinney 1934:282-285; Walker, Matthews 1994, #38:121-125; Vasco: Hines 1996, No. 8A [Coyote's daughter is dead; he hears her the voice from the mountain, goes there, gets a bag with the souls of the dead, should not open it on the way; the bag gets heavier, the voices from it become louder; when he hears the voice of his daughter, the Coyote opens the bag; there are bones in it, the dead return to their graves]: 46-48.

Plains. The Comanches [those who died earlier returned on the fourth day; Coyote: Let them die like a stone that sinks, or else the world will overflow; throw a stone into the river]: Saint Clair 1909b, No. 16:280.

California. Shasta [Spider's son (Cricket) dies; Coyote: Let him not return, otherwise there won't be enough space for people on earth; Coyote's son dies; Coyote wants, Spider (Cricket) refuses to change his mind]: Dixon 1910a, No. 6 [when the waters came down, the Eagle sent (to earth) a son and daughter; they married, gave birth to people; one boy died; people wanted him to move on, but Coyote objected, let them cry for the dead; then people wanted the Coyote child to die; Coyote followed him into the world of the dead, brought him; it was said that for 10 years the boy should not be scolded; 5 years later, the Coyote scolded him, he died again; since then the dead cannot be brought back], 7 [Cricket's son]: 18-19, 19-20; Farrand 1915, No. 1 [Spider's son]: 209; Holsinger 1982 [=Dixon]: 15; Voegelin, No. 2 1947 [as in Dixon]: 55; synkion [Kyoi: let the dead come back in five days; Coyote: there will be too many people; two Coyote sons die; now he agrees to return, but Kyoi doesn't]: Kroeber 1919, No. 1:346; coastal yuki [Puma's son dies; Puma wants him to be reborn, Coyote is against; now Coyote's son dies; Puma refuses to change his mind]: Gifford 1937, No. 5:119; proptu: Demetracopoulou, Dubois 1932, No. 12-14 [as in Dubois, Demetracopoulou, (10)], 42-43 [Vulture builds stairs to heaven for old people to go up and return young; Coyote wants them to die; Coyote child dies; Coyote wants them to die; Coyote child dies; Coyote I agree that Vulture should build a ladder, but he refuses]: 415-416, 473-474, 482; DubOis, Demetracopoulou 1931, No. 10 [Mucha's son is sick; Coyote: let him die; Coyote's son is ill, Mucha refuses change the mind]: 299-300; patvin [Falcon wants people to get younger by swimming; Coyote says the world will overflow; Coyote's son is bitten by a rattlesnake, he dies; Coyote wants to return to Falcon's plan , he refuses]: Kroeber 1932a, No. 12:308; pomo [Coyote invites the Chief's daughter to dance by the rattlesnake mink; the girl is bitten, dies; the Chief wants the dead to be resurrected, Coyote says that the earth will overflow; Chief poisoned Coyote's daughter; now he wants to resurrect her, Chief disagrees]: Barrett 1933, No. 12:91-92; Yana [Coyote, Rabbit, Squirrel, Lizard in the Sweating House discuss people's fate; only the Coyote wants them to die; one man dies; the earth on his grave moves, but the Coyote ramps it; the snake bites Coyote's son; now he would like to change his mind, but the Lizard Disagrees]: Sapir 1910, No. 6:91-93; achomavi [Fox wants people to be reborn, Coyote wants to die for good; Coyote's wish is fulfilled]: Angulo 1928 [Coyote's son dies first (probably like Yan)]: 585; Powers in Boas 1917:487; Nisenan: Merriam 1993 [the chief wants the dead to be reborn; the Skylark objects because the dead have a bad smell, Coyote agrees with him; chief turns a branch into a snake, it bites Coyote's daughter; Coyote wants her to come to life in four days, but the chief says the decision on human mortality is final]: 55-56; Powers in Boas 1917 [The month wants the dead, like him, were reborn; the Coyote wants to cremate the dead; the Month creates a rattlesnake that kills Coyote's son; because the decision is made, the child will not be revived]: 487-488; Voegelin 1942 [Lizard, Month and The sun wants the dead to be reborn in 4 days; Coyote wants people to celebrate funeral ceremonies; someone broke off a branch, it became a rattlesnake, bit Coyote's daughter, she died; Coyote asked for a change of mind, the Sun and the Month refused; went up to heaven; the month revives in 4 days, but people did not because of the Coyote]: 236; mountain mivoks: Dixon 1902 [The creator wants people reborn, Coyote to die forever; the snake bites Coyote's son, he dies; Coyote wants to change his mind; The Creator or Kuks (first man, then master of the dead) disagrees], No. 1, 2: 43-44, 47; Kroeber 1907a, No. 9 [for the first time a person dies, the corpse smells bad; the Coyote wants to revive it; the Skylark objects because there would be too many people]: 203; coastal miks [at first people don't were dying; Coyote wanted to listen to them cry for the dead; the informant did not remember further]: Kelly 1978, No. 6:30; Maidu: Dixon 1912, No. 2 [Coyote wants people to be mortal, Creator of Earth wants people to be mortal, Creator of Earth to eternal; as punishment, he puts the Coyote inside the tree; the Woodpecker makes a hole; the Coyote asks to expand it, the Woodpecker gets scared, flies away; Gopher advises Coyote to go out in the fog, he does so (tree episode: 27-39); rain, flood; NW agrees to give Coyote a woman if she doesn't move that night; puts two flutes on its sides; at night, Coyote copulates with women, they disappear in the morning; NW wants a man named a boy or girl, and in the morning they are already eating and walking; to make childbirth easy, women copulate only after marriage, put the dead in the water to come back to life; Coyote wants childbirth heavy, for some children to die, so that the dead cannot be revived; tells his son to bring water, he was bitten by a rattlesnake, he died; Coyote asks for a change of mind, NW refuses (discussing the fate of people : 51-55)]: 51-55; Merriam in Boas 1917 [Hi-Kaht wants people to be reborn; Skylark objects, Coyote agrees with Lark; Coyote's child is bitten by a rattlesnake, dies; because the solution Accepted, he can't be revived anymore]: 487; tubatulabal [Fox's son dies; Coyote does not agree that the boy should come back in three days; Coyote's son dies; it is no longer possible to change the mind]: Voegelin 1935, No. 9:209; serrano [like mojave: The frog kills the Creator by swallowing his excrement and thus gaining power over him; he (apparently) was the first to die; the Coyote slips between Badger's legs, grabs and eats the Creator's heart when the body is cremated]: Benedict 1926, No. 1 [name of the creator Kukitats]: 1; Kroeber 1925:619; juaneño [like mojave; Coyote tears off a piece of flesh (unspecified) ]: Kroeber 1925:637; Reichlen, Reichlen 1971:245; Luiseno [like Mojave]: DubOis 1908:145-147; Kroeber 1906b: 313-314; Cahuilla [like Mojave]: Hooper 1920:324-325; Strong 1929:139-141 ; cupeño [like Mojave]: Strong 1929:269-270.

Big Pool. Washo [Wolf and Coyote brothers discuss what to do with yours when they arrive; Wolf suggests digging a well at the top of the mountain; old people will bathe and rejuvenate in it; Coyote does not agree: he does not know how to kill animals and feeds on carrion; if there are no corpses, he will die; the Wolf offers to hunt small animals, but Coyote insists that dead people are the most delicious]: Lowie 1939, No. 1:33; northern payutes: Curtis 1976 (15) [The Coyote smelled pignons from the east; he went there, but the chief crushed the nuts so finely that he took them in his mouth and swallowed everything (wanted to bring them home); Then everyone went there, the Sanáki bird remained at home; The louse found nuts in the bow wrap, the Woodpecker punched a hole, they were hidden in the wound on Blackbird's leg; the owners caught up, killed everyone, but did not touch the lame man; they built an ice wall; the wolf came to life, revived the others, broke the wall, everyone came home; The wolf wanted nuts to be like acorns; Coyote: no, in cones; they began to discuss how many months a year there were; Coyote put his hands to his forehead - that much; everyone is silent; he was sent to buy tobacco, decided that there would be three months in each season of the year; Wolf: people are eternal; Coyote: getting old, dying; his son is sick, dead; Wolf refused to change the decision]: 148-149; Steward 1936, No. 6 (Owens Valley) [Coyote would like to change his mind after his son's death, but Wolf now disagrees], 7 [as in (6)]: 368-369; Western Shoshones : Steward 1943 [as in Owens Valley]: 290; Smith 1993 [if a man grabs a woman's hand at a party, she will have a child conceived in her finger; shakes his hand, the baby will be born, stands right away; Coyote: the way women give birth between their legs; Wolf: a man is born and dies twice; Coyote: only once; Coyote's son fell ill and died, Coyote asked Wolf to change his mind, he refused]: 145; gosiute [Wolf: let the dead be reborn in two days; his brother Coyote: let them die altogether; The Wolf wished Magpie, the son of Coyote, to die; the Coyote asked the Wolf to revive the deceased after two days; the Wolf refused, ordered Cut the coyote's hair, burn his clothes (as a sign of mourning); the Coyote lay down on the ground, wanted a crow to sit on him, tore it to pieces out of anger]: Smith 1993:3; Utah: Lowie 1924 (Southern Utah), No. 2 [Sü ; nā'wavi wants the dead to be resurrected the next morning; Coyote wants the dead to mourn; his son dies; Coyote wants to return to S.'s proposal, but he doesn't agree to change his mind]: 2-4; Smith 1992 (White River) [Coyote]: 53.

The Great Southwest. Valapai [like a mojave]: Kroeber 1935:249-250; havasupai [the snake is so long that it is wrapped around the world four times; the chief sent a Coyote to reach the Snake's head to ask her come and teach her songs; the Snake tells the Coyote to make a house for her to hide from the sun and let the shadow move after the sun; after many attempts, the Coyote guessed to dig a tree and dig where the Serpent is will sing; but the Snake's body is still crawling; then the Coyote cut him in half; the Snake sang only the "top parts of songs"; after that, the chief died, telling himself to cremate, otherwise the Coyote would eat his body; let The coyote will be sent for fire, corn will grow out of the ashes; when he saw the fire, Coyote returned, jumped over two shorter people (Badger and Porcupine), ate and ate his heart; {the etiology of death is clear not expressed, but havasupai has no other texts about the origin of death}]: Smithson, Euler 1994:102-103; yawapai: Gifford 1932:243 (SE band) [a tree pierces the sky of the lower world]; 1933a: 349-352 [ people lived at the bottom of a deep hole; there was a pine tree ("dog-tail tree") wrapped in vines; people climbed it to the ground, their leader was the Frog; his shaman daughter made him sick; before he died he ordered him to be burned and watched for the stars; when two stars appear in the east before sunrise, these are feathers that adorn his head; in 2 months, 5 stars will appear, this is his right hand; in 3 months it will it's cold, his whole body will be visible; the red star will celebrate 4 months; corn will grow on his grave; when the corpse is burned, everyone surrounds the fire, but the Coyote jumps over the short Badger, enough takes away, eats the heart], 402-403 (eastern group) [people live in a dugout; the older brother, on the advice of his younger brother, makes a ball out of lime, paints red, puts dugouts on the roof, but it gives little light; then The younger brother makes the ball, it gives a lot of light and heat; to make it cooler, the younger brother tells the elder to raise the roof of the dugout with a cane, he did it; when he died, the older brother said that the moon would shine at night, and the sun is by day, that the stars should count months; the older brother sees his daughters' vaginas, tries to touch them; daughters (they are frogs) hide where he relieves himself, swallow it excrement, because of this he withers, asks him to be burned when he dies; the Coyote is sent for fire, he sees the smoke from the fire, comes back, people go around the fire, but two Badgers are short, the Coyote through them jumps over, grabs his heart, runs away, eats it; corn grows on the site of the fire; people decide to go up to the upper world; they plant a spruce with a vine together, and they go up with their younger brother upstairs; older brother's frog daughters cause a flood], 412-413 [Eastern band, =Gifford 1932:246; people wanted the dead to be resurrected after four days, Coyote to die forever; his son dies, he asks again - how many days they wanted there; he is told that the decision has already been made; people wanted mescal fruits to be eaten raw, Coyote would have to be cooked; they wanted seeds saguaro in the trunk, make a hole and fall down; Coyote: let them ripen only in summer; Puma and Wolf hunt, Coyote cooks at home; one day he watches them secretly, sees them coming up in the cave, discovering them the door, they get the mountain ram fresh; the Coyote goes into the cave, shows the sheep his penis, they smell and run away; there is no more game in the cave, the comrades are starving; the Raven comes, in his basket deer fat; while the Raven with the Puma and the Wolf are in the steam room, the Coyote ate the fat; the Raven flew away with his basket; the Coyote followed him, found the cave where he kept the deer, released them; a shaman came and advised to hunt deer, Wolf and Puma began to hunt]; mojave [The frog kills the Creator by swallowing his excrement and thus gaining power over him; he (apparently) was the first to die; the Coyote is enough and eats his heart when his body is cremated]: Bourke 1889 [Badger is short, Coyote jumps over him; burns his mouth, since then he's black]: 188; Densmore 1932a [Skunk, Raccoon, Badger, Opossum are short Coyote jumps over them]: 98-99; Kroeber 1948, No. 7:52-53; 1972, No. 9:5-8; Cocopa [like Mojave]: Crawford 1983, No. 1:13-23; Densmore 1932a: 86-96; Olmos Aguilera 2005 [1) when the creator of Sipa died , The Coyote was sent to the sun so that he would not eat the corpse; at this time S.'s body was cremated; 2) Superman (Earth Wizard) fell ill, died; the animal ancestors formed a circle around the funeral ring; Coyote found someone shorter, jumped over, took his heart away; as soon as he ate, died]: 79-82; diegueño: Gifford 1931 (kamia) [Heaven and Earth lay tight to each other; Chiuy, Chiyi were between them, Pukumat, Mastambo, White Woman; the ground was wet; Chiyyuk and Chiyi went west, where heaven and earth converge, brought a handful of red ants from there, rubbed the ground, it dried up; appointed P. their son and the head of the people; when P. died, M. took his place; Chiyi was the first to come out of the ground with a red fox; Chiyyuk replied that he came out with his eyes open; he did so, Chiyi threw sand into his eyes, Chiyyuk went blind; both began to make birds; because Chiyuk was blind, made them too large-mouth and long-legged; both brothers put green leaves in the water, the sick birds drank and recovered; both told P. that they made birds; Chiyyuk went out with the brown fox, Chiyi changed the fox; when he learned about this, Chiyyuk went to the ground, wanted to demolish everything on the ground; Chiyi wrapped around it, but his illnesses passed through his fingers; a month later, Chiyyuk climbed to the east, a month later he left again; this is the constellation Chiyuk - a month is visible, the other is not; Chiyi made all living beings (except humans), they looked like human beings; handed them over to P.; that night he made a fire, all created gathered for the fire; The month said it would go east, in 4 days it would revive in the west; announced the names of 6 months; the hanuchip bird told the kwasaman bird that the dead bird would not be reborn and the same will happen to people, otherwise the earth will overflow; the lizard spoke and died at sunrise, the corpse was burned; daughter P. The frog let another Frog swallow his hair from his head; P. fell ill, died; Coyote ran to the sun for the fire, at which time the others lit a funeral pyre; Coyote returned, jumped over those around him the fire took away and ate P.'s heart; M. ordered the first ancestors to become animals, told who to do; sculpted 10 people of each tribe out of clay; they were small, then grew up; the White Woman descended from heaven , gave birth to many people; M. invited the Mayihauchawit sea serpent to a memorial ceremony; it was created by Chiyyuk and Chiyi, it is speckled; the houses where the serpent crawled, burned, and ritual came out of the body of the snake songs from different tribes; different tribes went to their habitats]: 75-81; Spier 1923 [the sea first came from both the west and east of the hills; a man emerged, opened his eyes to see the sun; second He came up, was blind; there were two foxes, silver and plain, silver belonged to the blind man; he touched the ordinary, the sighted said it was his, silver; but he knows it was not; the blind man created the coyote, ankle birds, moon; fell into the lower world, and the sighted man rose to heaven; when the blind moves, earthquakes occur, if he turns over, the earth will turn over; the sighted one descends where the blind man came down, took red clay, made a man and a woman, left him by the fire; one of the figures fell apart; so several times they finally came to life; the sighted said that the blind man could not make people, so he did he; returned to heaven; one of the people, Tcikumat, was in the east, fell ill; he was brought home, he died; he was put on a burial fire, blue flies lit fire with their fire drills; the Coyote did time was sent away; when he came running, only his heart was not burned; the Badger was standing on the east side of the fire, the Wild Cat on the west; the Coyote grabbed the heart, carried it away, ate it; a drop of blood fell into the water, from it birds with red feathers appeared; the Wild Cat sent the Crane to bring the Mattiawit snake, placed Tcikumat's property inside the fence, the snake lay inside in a ring, set it all on fire; part of the snake flew back other fragments, to people, became different songs; those who received them became different groups of people, parted]: 328-331; ipay [like a mojave; without swallowed excrement]: Dubois 1901:183-184 ; kamia [The frog pulls out the hair of its father, the creator of Pukumat 'a, lets another Frog swallow; P. dies from this; while the Coyote is sent for the fire of the sun, the first ancestors light the funeral a fire; the Coyote jumps over them, takes and eats P.'s heart; after that, the god Mastamho convenes the first ancestors, turns them all into animals and birds]: Gifford 1931:76-77; yuma [like mojave]: Harrington 1908:337-339; Pima: Olmos Aguilera 2005 [The rattlesnake was defenseless, the Rabbit often scratched it; Big Brother agreed to give her poison; she bit the Rabbit, he died; this is the first in death in the world; to prevent the Coyote from eating the corpse, they decided to burn the Rabbit's body; behind the fire for the funeral fire, the Coyote was sent to the Sun, while the Fly made a fire drill; when he saw the fire, the Coyote returned, jumped over the circle around the fire, grabbed Rabbit's heart, ran to the mountains across the Gila River, fat from his heart was dripping, which is why they are now called Montaña Grasosa]: 182-184; Russel 1908 [cf. i75 motif; quail in Judson 1994:175-177; Big Brother created humans; gave a sting to a rattlesnake, it bit the Rabbit, he died; the Coyote was sent away, the Fly made the first fire drill, the Rabbit's body was placed on fire; the Coyote broke through, took the Rabbit's heart, ate it; the food began to fall through the Coyote, the Wolf and the Puma hemmed him; he pretended to be sick, asked Puma's wife to carry it, began to copulate; sorcerers they hid all the ungulates in the cave; the Coyote released the animals, ran away; one young man was told to close the deer passage, and he began to build a fence from hill to hill; shoot a pregnant woman (deer) - he killed woman; old man (horned male) - killed an old man]: 216-218; Western Apaches (Mojave Apaches) [first those who died came to life on the fourth day; Coyote said it would not happen again; the sorcerer poisoned his daughter ; The Coyote asked people what they seemed to want to make people immortal; they refused to change their minds and revive his daughter]: Gould 1921:320; chiricahua [The raven throws a stick; If it comes up, life will be eternal; Coyote throws a rock; If drowned, people will die forever]: Opler 1942:28; Navajo: Beck et al. 2001 [The First Man and First Woman Decide What They Should there will be sun and night; at this time two people died; Coyote took a black stone, decided to throw it into the lake; if it pops up, the dead will come back, if they drown, no; the stone drowned, so souls go to lower world]: 15-16; Goddard 1933 [First Man throws a stick into the river, it pops up; Coyote throws a stone axe; he sinks, people die]: 138; Matthews 1994 [people guess what if a skin scraper will swim, people will live forever; the Coyote thinks that if the rock drowns, people will be mortal; the scraper has drowned, people are angry; the one who left answered that otherwise the earth would be overflowing]: 77; O'Bryan 1956 [ The First Man and the First Woman throw a wooden stick into the water, it pops up; the Coyote throws the axe, he sinks, so people are mortal; but because the stick has surfaced, the sick sometimes recover]: 31-32; Zolbrod 1995 [people guess that if the skin scraper floats, people will live forever; Coyote thinks that if the rock drowns, people will be mortal; the scraper drowns, people are angry; Coyote explains that otherwise the earth will overflow]: 82; series [Coyote and Conte Shiat (pinakate, a smelly insect with a black belly, caused death by a dung beetle?) ; Coyote wanted to eat dead bodies and Pinakate was afraid people would step on him; Coyote killed his daughter (son?) , people started to die]: Kroeber 1931, #3:12-13.