Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

H37B. Skunk's volley was wasted. 43.-.46.

A character gives someone his power (usually a skunk fires his volley); the skunk spends money without having to test the effect. When the need arises, the remedy no longer works.

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry [Skunk lures deer with nuts, kills with his jet; gives Estees three volleys; he breaks poplar and stones on the way home; Skunk fires another volley; then E. kills the herd caribou]: Jenness 1934, No. 39:110

The Midwest. The character kills game with a volley of his intestinal gases; gives Trickster several charges; he spends them on the way home, breaking trees and hills; he cannot kill animals. Winnebago [Wild Cat scatters acorns in the yard; kills deer when they come to eat them; gives Trickster four charges]: Radin 1956, No. 44:46-49; Menominee: Bloomfield 1928, No. 74 [ Menapus says every time that things fail when his wife kindles the hearth; 1) Woodpecker climbs a tree, knocks, pulls out a raccoon; when leaving, M. deliberately leaves his mittens; Woodpecker's children bring them, he asks them to give their father an invitation to visit; inserts horns into his nose, injures himself, falls off a tree; Woodpecker pulls out a raccoon; 2) The squirrel pierces its testicles with an awl, from there wild rice falls; episode with with mittens; M. injures himself, falls, Squirrel cooks; 3) Skunk gets up backwards to the exit from the house, kills deer; gives M. two volleys; an episode with mittens; on the way home, M. spends volleys, knocking down a pine tree and smashing boulder; when Skunk comes to visit, M. only defecates; Skunk catches deer]: 187-197; Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. 15 [The skunk sings, summons animals, then kills them; gives Myanyabush a remedy enough for two volleys]: 286-289; ojibwa: Speck 1915d, No. 4 (timagami) [The skunk summons the animals, blowing the horn, kills them with his jet; gives charges to his father-in-law Vemicus 'u; he wasts them, breaking trees]: 45; Radin 1914, No. 6 [as in Speck; trickster - Nenebozho]: 16; fox [Skunk lures deer with berries, kills with its jet; gives Visaki a few volleys; that spends them along the way, carrying wood, rock, mountain, drying the lake; cannot kill deer]: Jones 1907, No. 3, 4:239-255; sauk [Skunk lures deer with acorns, kills with its jet; gives Visakia spends four volleys; he spends them along the way, carrying a mountain, an oak tree, a log, drying a lake; he cannot kill deer]: Skinner 1928, No. 1:147-148.

Plains. Osage [Skunk gives Wolf two (or four) of his charges; he spends them breaking a tree, vine, rock; cannot kill a bison or an elk]: Dorsey 1904c, No. 6, 7:12.