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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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H45. Soiled tortilla, ATU 779G.


A woman or child disrespects food by staining it with feces. For this, people (rarely: only the culprit) are punished.


Sakho, the Berbers of Southern Morocco (Aît Mzal), the Kabiles, the Arabs of Algeria, Tunisia, the Tuaregs, the French (Provence), the Germans, the Palestinians, the Santals, the Chinese (Shanxi), the Fox, the Slovenes, the Bulgarians, Macedonians, Romanians, Gagauz people, Poles, Czechs, Ukrainians (Polesie, Kharkiv, Poltava), Russians (Tver, Kursk), Belarusians, Karachays/Balkarians, Ossetians, Kumyks, Avars, Armenians, Georgians, Turks, Burish, Latvians, Lithuanians, Komi, Udmurts, Mari, Chuvash, Kazan Tatars, Kazakhs (Tarbagatay), Kyrgyz, Dungans (Gansu), Oirats (Tarbagatay traders), Buryats, Mongols, Oirats (durbuts), Dagurs, Altaians, Khakas, Siberian Tatars, Yenisei, Turukhan Evenks, Yakuts, Udege, Manchus.

Sudan - East Africa. Sakho [at first, the stones were bread, the leaves were clothes, the water was oil, the sea was milk; one woman wiped the baby with bread, then it became like it is now; the husband buried the woman waist-deep in the ground, hers everyone was beating; five months later she died]: Reinisch 1889, No. 3:2-3.

North Africa. The Berbers of southern Morocco (Aît Mzal) [the couple and baby went to the party; the baby stained their diapers, the mother wiped him with a piece of bread; the moon immediately pulled her towards her as punishment, now on the moon can see a woman with a baby]: Thay Thay 2001, No. 5:10-11; kabila [before turning into stone, the world's first mother did a lot of bad things; persuaded the boy: if you eat couscous and already if you get enough, and there will be no meat left in the bowl, you have to defecate on a bowl with the remaining couscous; the girl brought couscous, they started eating, the boy did as he was given; the girl became a wild chicken, and he monkey; since then there are monkeys]: Frobenius 1921a, No. 10:77-78; Algerian Arabs (Tiaret Plateau) [the woman wiped the baby with a cake; for this God turned her into stone and then placed her on the moon in edifying people]: Aceval 2005, No. 95:108; Tunisian Arabs [a woman baked cakes, wiped her baby with a cake; for this, God hung her on the moon by her eyelashes so that people would respect bread]: Ayadi 2008, No. 83:186; Tuaregs [at first Mother Earth was generous, providing food; one maid wiped the hostess's baby with a piece of meat; then the food (tous les mets offers) turned into stones]: Claudot-Hawad 2002:54.

Western Europe. The French (Var, Provence) [God gave an ear of grains from the ground; went with Gabriel to check, saw a woman wipe her child with bread; began to rip off her ear to punish people; G. asked to leave the tip for the poor]: Kabakova 1998, No. 97:11-112; Germans [the ear started right from the ground; one woman wiped the child who fell into the puddle with ears, God decided to take the cereals; people they asked them to feel sorry for them, but the ear has since been short]: Grimm, Grimm 1987, No. 194:565-566.

Western Asia. Palestinians: Bushnaq 1987 [a woman was baking bread, her little child was dirty; she called out to God and he sent her seven silk scarves to wipe the baby; but the woman wiped it with bread; for this God turned him into a monkey (the origin of a monkey); the rubbed place turned red like blood]: 227; Hanauer 1935:213-214 (=Hanauer 2009:263-264) [during the wedding procession, a woman in Malha village k SW from Jerusalem wiped the child with bread; there was a thunder, all participants in the process turned into stones, the woman into a turtle (a wicker dish attached to it from below and a tray on top; the origin of the turtles ), her child is a monkey] .zia

South Asia. Santala [Thakur Baba first made rice grow in a bush and cotton to grow ready-made fabrics; to clean her head from lice, you could take it off and pick it up; Raja's maid became she got in need and at the same time began to collect the rice that grew nearby; and when she was cleaning the barn, she wiped her hands on her clothes; TB got angry, the rice ear became small, the cotton had only fiber and head was no longer removable; the sky was low; the woman threw away the dirty leaf that served as a plate and the wind blew it into the sky; then it moved away from the ground]: Bompas 1909, No. 160:401-402.

China - Korea. The Chinese (Shanxi, W. Linfen) [at first, the wheat had several spikelets on the stem; the heavenly lord sent the barn god to inspect, and he dressed up as a poor old man; came to the house, whose mistress was cooking, and played nearby the child, his toys were made from the misfortune of flour; the child defecated; the mother took a bun and rubbed it with it; when the barn god reported what he had seen, the heavenly lord decided to take the wheat from the people; everyone The dog was more hungry, it began to bark at the sky; the god of the hearth felt pity for people; began to ask for forgiveness for people; the Heavenly Lord refused, but decided that the dog really suffered innocently, commanded give her half a grain of wheat; the barn god began to cut the grain in two, but Venus god Taibo said that if you give a dog half a grain, wheat would not be able to multiply; you'd better welcome a whole grain, and then wheat will be able to multiply, and if it is not enough, people will appreciate it; His Eminence ordered that only one ear grow on one stem, and the grains are oblong and kept a knife mark, reminding people of a mistake; people, remembering the lesson, began to treat wheat carefully and did not give it to the dog; it had to eat leftovers; it feels offended and barks at people at sight]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999, No. 12:20-21; fox [grains of rice were the size of a human head; they should have eaten three times a month and harvested every 12 years; one the woman wiped the baby with rice; the spirit of Dza-ni rice flew to heaven, people and pets were starving; the dog reached heaven, saw a pile of rice in the residence of the supreme god Vusa, rolled in it, ran back; when she sailed through Salwen, most of the rice was washed away, but she brought three to the owner and new rice was grown from them; but since then the grains are small, you have to harvest every year and eat often; On the 15th day of the second moon, they celebrate the New Rice Crop festival; dogs are given grain, vegetables and meat; depending on what they choose, more attention should be paid to growing cereals this year, vegetables or livestock raising]: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:233-234.

The Balkans. Bulgarians [the ear was full of grains from root to crown; the woman wiped the child with an ear, God destroyed the ear; some were returned when the dog asked to leave some for her]: Marinov 2003:88; Macedonians: Tsenev 2004 [the first people had food, didn't have to work; one woman wiped her baby with a crust of bread; for this God told people to work]: 12; Ortenzio 2008, No. 3 [there were seven on each cereal ears; the woman wiped the child with a cake, God decided to deprive people of bread as punishment, but the dog begged them to leave a little for her], 4 [as in (3), an ear from the ground to the top of the head], 3 [used to fall from the sky flour, not snow; one woman wiped a child with a cake, for which God turned flour into snow]: 131, 132, 184; Slovenes [the land gave birth to a lot of grain, people did not appreciate it; God cursed the earth; people and animals began to ask God for help, God did not forgive; a dog with his tongue out came last and began to beg God; God gave an ear as long as its tongue; an ear used to grow from the ground; people did not value bread, mothers they wiped children with ears; God reduced the ear, leaving grains only for the dog]: Belova 2004:442 (according to Stoilov, dep. ott.); (cf. Slovenes [once cows had udders in their entire belly and had milk "like water"; people were proud - women bathed their children in milk and washed themselves with it; then God took the cow's udder, but cats meowed and asked God to leave the cow a few nipples]: Fat 2004:284); the Gagauz people [the sky was at the height of a human height, an ear of wheat went from root to top; the reaper wiped off the deceived child in heaven; God raised the sky up, took the harvest with him; the dog grabbed the tip of the ear, kept it in its mouth]: Moshkov 1901:52 (=2004:254); Hungarians: Uther 2004 (1), № 779G: 438; Romanians : Brill, Ispas 2005 {translation and localization of N.G. Golant's records}, No. 10910 (Transylvania) [the wheat was with an ear off the ground; the woman wiped the child with wheat stalks; God decided to take the ear; people begged him to feel sorry for birds at least; God left only a (short) ear; var.: the woman was Jewish, so wheat sown by Jews does not grow and there are no Jewish farmers], 10911 (Moldova) [ the corn cob and ear of wheat were from the ground; one woman mocked the grains, God took the cereals; the Mother of God grabbed a part, told them to leave as much as necessary for the cat and dog; so with they should be treated well]: 230-231; Niculiţă-Voronca 2008 [God at the beginning of the world gave bread such that the cob was from the ground to the top, the ear from root to top; one woman mocked bread , God grabbed corn and wheat so that people could not eat; the Mother of God grabbed the ear and the cob with her hand, and said: "Lord, have pity, at least leave as much as you need for the cat and for dogs!" And how much she grabbed in her hand then, the corn and ear were left]: 130.

Central Europe. Poles [the reason for the end of the era of abundance is the use of pancakes, grains, ears instead of wiping or instead of a broom, refusing to ask the wanderer for food; most often as the savior of the ear Mother of God; the reason for the decrease in the ear is God's anger at people; Helm: the cat cries and says that there will be no more bread, because God wants to destroy everything as punishment for human sins; God leaves the cat a share bread; therefore, "as much bread as the cat cried"]: Belova 2004:441-442; Czechs [grains covered the entire stem of the ear; people began to sin, trample bread with their feet; God sent an angel to punish people; he grabbed the ear and would tear it off completely, but the Mother of God begged me to leave some for the dog and cat]: Belova 2004:442; Belarusians [everywhere, many options; the ear grew from the ground; woman wiped the baby with a pancake; God began to peel off the grains, but left some for the dog and cat]: Belova 2004:477-495; Ukrainians: Belova 2004, No. 996 [the ear was from the ground with grain; Christ with Peter and Paul, they saw a woman in the field; Christ asked her for bread; she wiped the baby's ass with bread and gave it to Christ; he said that there would be no more bread; Peter grabbed the ear with his hand, asked him to leave it for the dogs and cats; how many he covered with his hand, the ear remained that length]: 446-447; Bulashev 1909:373 (Kupyansky district of Kharkov guyu.) [the ear started from the ground, the ears were cut with an awl; Christ and St. Peter, in the form of wanderers, went to the woman to beg for alms; she wiped the traces left by the child with a pancake, threw the pancake to those who asked; Christ began to sniff his ear from the bottom up; the dog began to howl, Petro begged her to leave the grains for her share], 373-374 (Kupyansky County) [Peter and the Savior walked as beggars; the woman snatched a piece of bread from under the child, gave them; the Savior began to sniff his ear, the dog howled, The Savior left a dog's share on two peaks]; Strizhevsky 1905 (Poltava) [the bread stalk was covered with grains; the Lord went into the house to beg; the woman served bread that she had just wiped child; the Lord and Peter began to rise into the air, taking the bread with them; the dog asked to leave it for her share; the Lord left what he had not yet ripped off]: 163; Sumtsov 1890b [was a stocked bread; Savior, Peter and Paul walked in the form of beggars, asked the woman for mercy, who gave a piece of bread with which she wiped the child; God began to rip the wheat from bottom to top, but left some for the dogs]: 12; P.I. 1890 [ just like in Sumtsov]: 78; Russians: Belova, Kabakova 2014, No. 335 (Kurskaya) [the bread had a lot of ears; the woman wiped the child with pancake; the Lord starved for three years; people were kicked out of the house dogs - nothing to feed; the Lord asked why they were howling; returned an ear, but only one per stem], 336 (Tverskaya) [=Cherepanova 1996, No. 423, Ostashkovsky, Ovinets, 1991; the woman wiped the child with a pancake; The Lord began to peel off the grains from the ear; the cat and dog prayed, the Lord left some of the grain for them, told people to feed the dog and cat]: 216, 216-217.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Karachayevs/Balkarians [flour fell instead of snow; a woman wiped her child with it; for this, Teyri began to send snow instead of flour]: Dzhurtubayev 2007:401; Ossetians [(Ossetians have a motive) ]: Collection of information about Kavk. highlanders IX:20 in Sumtsov 1890b:11; Kumyks: Khalidova 2012, No. 3 [the sky was at hand, people went up to Allah, talked about their needs; one woman baked chureks and wiped the decayed child with a piece of churek; in response The sky was angry, rose to a great height], 4 [milk was flowing in the rivers, sugar was falling from the sky; the woman washed the baby with milk from the river, it turned into water; wiped the child with sugar, sugar became snow]: 31; Avars [the mother wiped the contaminated children with flour; for this, Allah froze the village of Upper Rikvani]: Gamzatov, Dalgat 1991:306 ( =Khalidova 2012:223); Armenians: Harutyunyan 2007 [the sky was close to the ground; the woman wiped her child with an ear of wheat, threw an ear into the sky; the sky deprived the wheat of an ear; the dog began to howl, asking for bread; the sky took pity, allowed wheat to have a small ear; people took their share from dogs]: 36; Bagriy 1930 (3) [the sky was close to the ground; a peasant woman baked lavash, wiped a defecated child with it, threw it dirty lavash to the sky; for this, God raised it high; var.: she walked through the field, wiped her child with ears, threw it to the sky]: 1244; Lisitsyan 1992 (Nagorno-Karabakh, records of the 1920s) [the sky was so close that it touched the ground, and God walked on the ground and talked to people; cereals reached the sky right from the ground, without stems, in long ears; an old woman with a child in her arms walked through the field; the child defecated; the old woman began to look for something to wipe him off; tore off several ears (according to another version, Dzamdzor, took out lavash bread) and wiped the child with them, but so carelessly threw it back dirty ears that fell into the sky; there was thunder, and the sky rose miserably; God's angry voice was heard: "From now on, none of the people will see me except the righteous"; they reached for the sky up and ears, but the dogs began to howl plaintively; God took pity on them and left a small ear at the tops of the elongated stems]: 167-168; Georgians: Virsaladze 1973, No. 11 [the sky was low; people talked in God, went up to him; the woman baked lavash, wiped the child's lavash; God raised the sky to its current height with thunder]: 51; Janashvili 1893, No. 2 (Ingiloyans) [the sky was close to earth; a woman baked bread, wiped her child with lavash, God raised the sky as punishment; since then, the earth ("mother earth") and the sky ("above") have lived separately]: 145-146; Turks (? Asia Minor) [there were many ears of wheat; the woman wiped the baby with a pancake; God left people only one ear]: Carnoy, Nicolaides, o.c. 243 in Sumtsov 1890b:11-12.

Iran - Central Asia. The Burishi [people in Raskam lived richly but became arrogant; the woman wiped the baby with bread; people engaged in incest with sisters and daughters; R. was flooded, one person Bakhti escaped; now him descendants live in Shimshāl]: Lorimer 1935, No. 27:273.

Baltoscandia. Latvians: Brivzemniaks 1887, No. 40 (Livonia) [bread plants consisted of only ears; one woman wiped a baby with a hump; God forbid ears to grow; the dog begged him to leave him an ear as long as it fits in her mouth]: 43-44; Pogodin 1895 [ears were up to the ground; God collected alms; the woman baked pancakes, wiped the child with a pancake, told God that it was better than giving a beggar; God destroyed the ear, but the dog and cat asked them to leave them; as many as they grabbed in their mouths were left]: 438; Lithuanians [people complained that cereals had too long ears and were difficult to reap; people they scattered bread; the woman wiped the child's ass with a pancake; God began to shorten the ear]: Kerbelite 2001:82.

Volga - Perm. Komi: Konakov 1999 [children were born able to walk and talk; they lost this gift after the mother of one of them insulted bread and the sky, which they could then reach by hand by wiping the child's ass with a pancake and sticking it to the sky; after that, people lost super-fertile agriculture, and the sky moved far from the ground]: 43, 438 (No. 10 [let one ear remain on the ground - for the dog]; Limerov 2005, No. 40 [bread spiked all over the stem; the baby got up and walked right after birth; his mother wiped it with a pancake; Yong became angry, began to peel off his ear, left as much as she could grab dog; told the children to get back on their feet only three years after birth], 41 [the ear was from the ground with two forks; the woman wiped the child with a pancake; God decided to destroy the bread; the dog begged to leave the ear with her language]: 42-43, 43-44; Udmurts: Moshkov 1900 [the sky was close, the woman baked pancakes, wiped the baby with a pancake, put the pancake in the sky; since then the sky has gone far]: 196; Munkácsi 1887 [woman threw diapers into heaven to dry; for this Inmar pushed them away from the ground; at the same time took away bread, which man did not respect; the man asked to leave at least an ear on the tip of the straw; and bread used to grow all over the straw]: 53-54 in Vladykin 1994:323, in Perevozchikova 1988:55; Marie: Aktsorin 1991, No. 17 [the clouds were low, it was very hot; the woman removed the baby's feces from the diaper, threw him into a hot cloud; Yims and the Sun told her that she would live in mud to death with only one slice of bread; the clouds rose high], 18 [the sky was low; the woman threw dirty ones at him her baby's diapers, the sky rose], 19 [the rye had big ears; the gods lived on the treetops; the reaper hung a dirty baby diaper on a branch; the gods were offended, rose high into the sky just for the sake of dogs and cats left a small ear of rye], 20 [the sky was low; the reaper threw dirt from under the child into the sky; God raised the sky], 115 [10-20 ears grew out of one grain; a woman with a piece of bread wiped her child's dirt; Yumo got angry, made rye with one ear]: 51, 51-52, 52-53, 53, 177; Ranstedt 1902 (mountain) [the sky was low; the woman wiped the baby with bread and put bread in the sky; then it moved away from the ground]: 203; Kazan Tatars [the sky was close to the ground; the woman wiped the child's ass with straw and plugged this straw across the sky; the sky was offended, began to rise; the cat and dog began to beg him not to move away from the ground; when they heard their pleas, the sky stopped rising, but did not come close to the previous distance]: Gilyazutdinov 2015, No. 268:264.

Turkestan. Kazakhs (Tarbagatay) [people and horses ate grass, people had no choice; God began to send people cereals from the sky; the boy stayed in the yurt, got dirty, hid the sewage in a bag with a large one; God began to send snow instead of cereals, people began to eat each other; a one-eyed, three-legged, big-eared man remained; he was thin, returned to the camp, found a girl and a dog there; the girl said that the dog God gave two grains a day, she gave one to the hostess; she began to eat every other day, and sowed some of the grains; from them the current cereals, from the marriage of a girl with one-eyed people]: Ivanovsky 1890b: 264-265; Kyrgyz (Issykkul Region, Ton River, p. Kalkagar, 2003; an informant heard from someone while studying at university) [instead of snow, flour fell from the sky, people did not starve; one person went to a latrine and found no water or paper , used flour; for this, God turned the flour on the earth's surface into snow; therefore, during snowfall, people freeze, and the snow is white, because the flour was white]: Dyikanbayeva 2005, No. 14:331; Dungans ( Gansu) [cereals spiked from root to top of their head, women wiped their children with bread; Allah sent the immortal to tear off the grain to the top of the stem, the dog begged her to leave some; so the cereals had an ear; the immortal asks the Dog if it wants to get what is outside or what is inside; The cat advises taking what is inside; when sifting, the flour spills out, the bran stays in the sieve; the dog eats bran, hates the Cat]: Riftin et al. 1977, No. 39:212-213.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Altaians [Baba wiped the child with a cake, threw it on the ground, the cake was eaten by dogs; God raised bread to heaven; the dog began to howl, asked to leave her bread; God left five ears from them current ones are happening]: Khokholkov 1997:14; Khakas: Butanaev 2003 [the ear started from the ground; the woman wiped the child with a pancake; Ah-Khudai decided to destroy the cereals; the dog begged to leave a little for her; dogs need to be fed satisfactorily - we eat their share]: 111-112; Mindibayeva et al. 2016, No. 1 (Kachins) [a naked man lived on earth without a soul; Khudai went for his soul, put a naked dog to the man; when he left, Irlik Khan came, the dog did not let him in; he covered it with hair, she let him go to the man; Irlik Khan spat on the man; Skinny returned, could not clean the man, turned him inside out, drooling inside; Thin breathed soul into the man; then I. began to ask X. for land; he did not give; for I. to fall behind, H. gave land to stick a stake; I. pulled out, snakes crawled out of this place; so snakes and others reptile worms spread; giving a soul, H. made man a herbivore; let a mare with a foal and a woman with a child into the steppe; the mare pinched the tops of the herbs, and the woman ate the grass along with the ground; H. sees : after the woman, even the grass will not grow; then H. made the man eat wheat; the ear grew from the very root; the woman baked bread, the child got dirty; she wiped it with pancake pancakes; H. began to cut it off an ear, but the dog howled - what it would eat; H. felt sorry for her, left the top of the ear - the dog's share; the man knew the time of death; one had to die in the fall, began to make a grass hedge for his life that's enough; H. decided that this way a person would drink everything, leave nothing for the children; made sure that now man did not know about the time of his death; Irlik Khan sent a mosquito the size of a bull to the ground to find out whose blood tastier; it turned out to be a person; the mosquito sat down to rest, the swallow asked to show her tongue, tore it off; the mosquito tried to grab it, but only tore off part of its tail, now it is split; the mosquito flew under the ground, but could not tell Irlik Khan anything; he got angry, hit him, told him to become a thousand mosquitoes; this is how mosquitoes appeared]: 77-81; Buryats (Balagan, Zap. Khangalov) [grains used to grow all over the bread stalk; the woman wiped the child's ass with bread; God began to peel off the grains; the dog asked to leave her a pie; this is the current ear]: Gomboev 1890, No. 31:84-85 ( retelling to Tugutov, Tugutov 1992, No. 24:81); Oirats: Ivanovsky 1890b (Tarbagatay traders) [people ate grass like horses; God was afraid that they would eat everything, began to send people flour; little boy he got dirty in the kibitka, hid the sewage in a bag of flour; God began to send snow instead of flour; the dog begged God not to starve her, God sent her grain; cereals came from him]: 263-264; Potanin 1883, No. 89 (durbuts) [flour fell from the sky in winter; one woman wiped the baby with dough, since then snow has fallen instead of flour]: 352; Mongols [the woman wiped the child with dough; then instead of flour from the sky snow began to fall]: Sumtsov 1890b:11; dagurs [the sky was close to the ground, people walked bent; there was no need to work: flour fell instead of snow, and vegetable oil instead of rain; Endur saw how a woman mixed flour with butter, wiped the baby and threw this cake away when E. hit the face; he retired from the ground along with the sky, life became hard]: Stuart et al. 1994:79.

Western Siberia. Siberian Tatars [the sky was low, the woman baked pancakes out of heavenly flour; wiped the child with a pancake, stuck it all into the sky; God got angry, raised the sky, heavenly food disappeared; the dog said To God, who is not to blame, God left her one spikelet; today's cereals come from it; the dog must be fed, it gave people bread; bread is called "dog bread" (folk etymology: it and itmek )]: Korusenko et al. 2013:181.

Eastern Siberia. The Central Yakuts [the ear of bread began from the ground itself; the woman wiped the child with an ear; God decided to take away people's ears; the dog asked to leave her share; these are the grains that are now available in ears; (western in 1934, Nemyuginsky Nasleg)]: Ergis 1964, No. 36:106-107; retelling to Sivtsev, Efremov 1990:16-17; Yenisei Evenks [(O.A. Konstantinova archive, 1941, No. 19, p. 32); woman wiped the child with bread; after that, her and her relatives began to get sick and die; this woman was killed and hanged]: Voskoboynikov 1980:45; Turukhan Evenks [(Zap. K.S. Rychkov, Archive of the Institute of Oriental Studies, f. 49, d. 6a, fol. 521); The Amaka god is angry with a woman who wiped her child with bread; decides to take away people's bread; The dog asked for some bread for himself; thanks to her, the bread remained]: Voskoboynikov 1980:45.

Amur - Sakhalin. Udege people [there were three suns, one big, two small ones around the edges; cereals fell from the sky instead of snow, oil in the lakes; Batani had a son, cried all the time, his mother left him in fresh dough; he fell silent, since then he slept in the dough; God Enduri found out that the child was sleeping in the dough, began to send snow instead of cereal, water instead of butter; the father decided that three suns were to blame, killed two, the third managed to rise high]: Podmaskin 1991, No. 4:119; Manchus (Liaoning, Zhuanghe County, Inlieshi District, Tsaoweibai Village, Peasant, Primary Education; see also h46) [earlier the crops did not ripen prematurely, the wind did not blow too much, and the rain was too abundant, in winter the Heavenly Lord (HB) ordered wheat flour to be thrown down; people became lazy; there was plenty of land left untreated; women walked from the east gate to the west gate and gossiped: "One man got out of a cat hole and climbed into a dog hole, causing jealousy; eventually broke his head and broke his head leg"; the Earth's patron spirit could not hide it, the news went to heaven; the Jade Emperor {apparently =HB} ordered the Fire Star (Mars, hereinafter OZ) to go to the lower world and investigate everything; he took the form of a Taoist, began to collect alms; one day I went into the house, asked my daughter-in-law for food, she said that there was no food; then she took a white flour cake from under the child's ass and threw it away, put it under her ass new; OZ was indignant; the woman slapped him in the face, told him to fail; Oz came to another village, asked an old woman for food; she threw a bun at the dog, the bun rolled into a manure hole, the old woman scolded the dog for not being able to find food; Oz could not ask for food in any house, released a belly full of fire and came to heaven with a report; HB became angry; that year there were few seeds from the very beginning, in the spring hail passed, there was a hurricane in summer, flooding in autumn, no seeds left; buns that were thrown at dogs were picked up, cakes that were used as diapers were dried again; they hoped that flour will save from the sky in winter, but instead of flour it snowed; people collected it, but meltwater did not fill their stomachs, all winter and spring people gnawed on tree bark, ate grass and roots, many died; patron spirit Earth (DPZ) could not watch the human race decay, tried several times to go to the heavenly halls to ask for people, but he was put out the gate; when HV was already hovering above the ground, his brother-in-law, i.e. DPZ he was still small; when he first appeared in the sky, he went around and touched everything; at the gate there was a tree with small white flowers, and under them were tied black shiny trihedral unprecedented fruits; DPZ I tore off a twig to take a closer look, but the fruits from it spread and scattered around the human world; it was a buckwheat bush; a scandal arose in the heavenly halls, because nothing from the sky could be given to the world people; heavenly warriors and generals seized the DPZ and called him to account for the grains that had woken up; the God of the wind fiercely blew out, covered the fallen grains with a layer of yellow earth; the Rain God sent a downpour furiously, he mixed grains and moistened the earth; the sky did not expect that in a few days the seeds in the humid earth would shoot; after going through disaster, humanity found its original virtues: hard work, frugality, philanthropy, justice; since then, after storms, hail, etc., they sowed buckwheat; seeing buckwheat flowers, angry celestials sent frost to the ground, but buckwheat quickly bloomed and set seeds, and those that did not they have ripened, remained flowers; when buckwheat seeds are close to ripening, there are snow-white flowers above the black grains]: Liaoning 1994, No. 148:325-327.