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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

H6c1. Values in exchange for a cub .17.22.27.-.29.31.39.

To get the desired object, the character grabs a chick (snake, crustacean) and promises to let it go if an adult bird (snake, so) delivers what he wants.

Palaung, Bosnians, Russians (Novgorod Bylina; Tersky Bereg, Arkhangelsk, Novgorod, Pskov, Moscow, Voronezh, Tomsk), Ukrainians (Kharkiv), Belarusians, Ossetians, Lutsies, Setu, Finns, Lithuanians, Danes, Bashkirs, Kazan Tatars, Mordovians, Udmurts, Kyrgyz, Khalkha Mongols, Northern Khanty, Central (?) Yakuts, Baikal Evenks, Tundra Yukaghirs (probably).

Burma - Indochina. Palaung [orphan Maun Yan works for a wealthy owner who tells him to drive the mice out of the barn; M. hides, closes the entrance, demands that the mice dig his underground passage to the Buddha statue; hiding behind her, tells the hostess, the owner, that they must marry him, M., their daughter; marries her; in the forest sees the Raven and Voronikha climbing into the elephant's carcass; closes the hole, tells the Raven to bring living water while Voronikha remains hostage; Raven brings, M. releases Voronov, revives the elephant, rides it with his wife to the city, restores health to the dying king, who makes him an heir; M. reigns, takes 6 more wives]: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 138:316-319.

The Balkans. Bosnians (? Srebrenica) [the king has an apple tree with golden apples, every night the apple disappears; the elder, middle princes fall asleep, the youngest fool sees the firebird, it flew away, but he pulled out the pen; the king sent her sons to search; they came to another kingdom, there was a palace, a cradle in the courtyard, there was a firebird in it; they wanted to take it, but the bells rang, and the princes were brought to the king; he agreed to give the bird if he got a daughter another king; the wolf turned handsome, the princess went out to him, he became a wolf again and brought the princess to the princes; they exchanged her for a firebird; but asked the wolf to get the princess for them; he was without her He grabbed and brought labor; at the night, the elder brother killed the younger brother so that he could get the princess; the wolf noticed vultures flying, grabbed the chick and told the mother to bring live water; the lively younger The prince came home, married the princess, and the king executed his older brothers; all is well]: Eschker 1992, No. 33:164-167.

Central Europe. Russians (Teresky Bereg) [King Gavrilo's sons, Peter, Ivan; someone steals apples; G., P. overslept; I. grabbed the Firebird, pulled out the pen; the king orders to get the Firebird itself; on a pole with one the sides are the inscription: you will be full yourself, the horse is hungry, on the other hand, you will be alive yourself, the horse is dead; I. turned to where the horse is dead; the wolf jumped out, tore the horse, told I. to sit on it; tells you to take the bird without a cage; And . took a golden cage, he was grabbed; sent for a golden-maned horse; take it without a bridle; the same; get the princess; the wolf grabbed the princess himself; then left her I., turned into a princess himself, I. got a horse, the wolf returned; the same with the Firebird; now I. has a princess, a horse and a Firebird, he came to his brothers; when he fell asleep, they cut off his head, took everything away; the princess orders him to take the dress out of her country; the wolf caught the crow and the crow, forced the crow to bring living and dead water, revived I.; he returned everything, the brothers were expelled from the country]: Balashov 1970, No. 153:406-407; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Leshukonsky district, p. Vozhgory, 1928) [Pop got lost, met a bear, helped arrange a den, and winters in her. Palfil Popovich (PP) was born to a bear. In spring, pop returns to the village with his son. Popadya does not immediately recognize her husband, she is happy. PP is large, eats a lot, it is difficult for parents to feed it, they send it to the forest to herd cows. PP catches a bear who wants to pick up a cow, brings him to the village and locks him in the barn. The maid comes in when the bear eats the last cow. Pop sends PP to the king for tribute, he rides a bear, meets an enchanted man. To break free from the spell, he must "bring the mountains to one place." PP helps him, they go together. It's the same with having to uproot an oak tree. The three of them and the bear come to the king, the PP demands tribute, the king pays to leave as soon as possible. PP gave one bag of gold to his ass, and left with the other four. The three of us stayed in a hut, catching bulls. Two go to town for food, Gornik stays to cook, an old man appears from under the floorboard, demands a treat, the man refuses, the old man beats him, eats everything. It's the same when Dubnik stays to cook. PP defeats the old man, reproaches his comrades for not admitting why the food was not ready. PP wants to know if there's any other ground under the floor. He cuts bulls, makes belts, and his comrades pull him down. PP enters a copper, silver and gold tower, meets three girls, reports that the old man who stole them is dead. The girls are happy and ask to take them with them. It's a pity for PP to leave the tower. Everyone throws the ring from her hand onto the roof, the tower turns into rings, they are given to PP. Satellites lift the girls, but the PP is too heavy, the companions cut off their belts, the PP falls, goes waist-deep into the ground. He is hired by a blind old man to herd cows. He shows the border of the Baba Yaga glade and forbids herding cows there. The PP complies with the ban three times, and the fourth time she drives cows to Baba Yaga's land, she is angry, he promises not to bring cattle to her anymore. The cows are full and roaring. PP takes the herd back to Baba Yaga's meadow. She says she would fight with the PP hero and hear about his strength. We agreed to hit three times. Two PP blows do not harm Baba Yaga, then PP hits the mortar, Yaga becomes a woman, he puts her in a bag and tramples her, lets the old man feel at home, who makes sure that Yaga has been killed. PP kills one of the bulls, climbs into his skin, catches a crow that has flown up, sends the other for living and dead water. After receiving water, he tests it: he tears the bird, then revives it. He offers to cure the old man's eyes, sprinkles dead and living water, he sees the light, and in gratitude promises to bring the PP to the ground. His witch daughter does this, she eats people and knows how to turn into a bird. Orders to tie an iron spear and prepare 40 barrels of meat and 40 water. There was not enough meat, PP cut off its calves. The bird says its meat is sweet and would eat it, but his father's request doesn't allow it. Spits out swallowed, PP's legs are intact again. After 10 years of absence, PP returns to his kingdom, the girl from the golden hut is waiting for him, he marries her. PP punishes his comrades: he cuts off one arm and the other's leg. He puts up a silver and gold tower, lives in them]: Nikiforov 1961, No. 109, 272-278; Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [the tsar orders to kill the child if a girl is born; the queen gives birth to a daughter, hides it, giving a nanny; Having reached the age of 17, the girl asks for permission to walk around the yard, drinks twice from a well, becomes pregnant, gives birth to two boys; these are Fedor Vodovich and Ivan Vodovich; they grow up, go on a journey; at the fork there is a stone with the inscription: one way - to walk with red girls, to the other - not to be alive; EVE goes to where the girls are, PV - where death is; comes to the city, stays with her grandmother's backyard; she says that it is time to give the snake the eldest of the king's three daughters; PV tells the princess to look in his head, falls asleep, wakes up from her tear, cuts off the heads of a three-headed snake, leaves; the cow the shepherd makes the princess say that he is the savior; the same with the middle (six-headed) and younger princess (nine-headed serpent); the youngest gives FV her ring; encircling the guests with a spell at the wedding, the princess sees him; all three princesses tell the truth, three shepherds were shot at the gate, PV received the youngest princess and half the kingdom; PV sees the bird, runs after it, gets to Baba Yaga, she turns it into stone; Eve comes to a stone, it says that his brother is dead, he goes looking for him; he is mistaken for PV; he goes after a bird, turns Baba Yaga herself into stone; slaughters a horse, hides in giblets, grabs crow, promises to let go if the mother brings live water; she brings, EVE kills the crow, revives, lets go; revives PV; they cannot be distinguished; PV stays with his wife, EVE returns to his mother] : Onchukov 1906:16-23; Russians [epic about Mikhail Potyk; MP concludes an agreement with his wife Avdotya Likhovidyevna or Maria Lebed: who dies, another should follow him into the coffin; in the absence of the MP, his wife dies; he climbs into her grave, lives there for several days; a snake crawls, he cuts it with iron bars; she leaves a snake as collateral, crawls for living water; MA cuts a snake; brought water revives a snake and wife]: Miller 1891:10-11; Russians (Olonetskaya?) [someone steals golden apples from the garden of the formidable Tsar Vasily; Tsarevich Fedor, Peter fall asleep, the younger Ivan pulls out the feather from the firebird; V. sends him for a bird; at the fork the inscription - who is right - will die with as a horse, to the right - he will die, but the horse will remain, whoever to the left will lose the horse; I. turns to the left, the wolf eats the horse, carries I., tells him to take the bird without a cage; I. takes it with a cage, he is grabbed, told get a golden-maned horse; the wolf tells you to take it without a bridle, I. grabs a bridle, he is told to get Elena the Beautiful; the wolf takes her away, takes her form to exchange the princess for a horse, then the appearance of a horse is to get a heat bird; returns, I. gets everything; his brothers kill him; the wolf grabs the crow, makes the crow bring alive and dead water; I. marries EP, the elder princes are expelled]: Karnaukhova 1948:253-261 Russians (Novgorod) [the epic "Hoten Bludovich"; Bludov's widow asks the widow for her son Hoten's widow for her daughter; she rejects the offer, calls the groom a freak; H. himself goes to C. calls her mother-in-law; she sends her nine sons to him, he defeats them, kills them; C.'s widow calls H. her son-in-law; H. kills a horse, hides in his womb, catches a crow that has arrived, tells the crow to bring alive and dead water, revives a horse and brother-in-law, marries K.]: Putilov 1957:428-432;; Russians (Moscow) [the old man weaved bast shoes, sold; 12 brothers are dragging a mare; the old man gave for her what he took for her bast shoes; the mare has a pearl tail, a golden mane; tells you to sit on it, but not cling to the clouds with its head; at home, the mare immediately necklaced and gave birth to a foal; the landowner bought it for 500 rubles; the mare old man: but he forgot about me; he fed her, she flew to the steppe and gave birth to Ivan-Kobylin's son (IK); he went to rescue the princess, she was carried away by a 12-headed serpent; he met and took Gorynya and Dubynya as companions; they were frightened go down into the snake kennel, IC has descended; the princess has the serpent on her knees, she is looking for lice in his heads; tells him to change strength with impotence; the serpent has drunk impotence; they fight on sabers; IK: Serpent, look around, your kingdom is burning" the serpent looked around, IC cut off all their heads; the princess gave her ring; her companions picked her up; IR tied a stone, they cut off the rope, believing that they were raising IC; 12 pigeons promise to take out IR on the ground, they tell him to prepare water and meat; the last portion was not enough, he cut off the eggs from his right leg, divided it into 12 parts, gave it to cabbage rolls; on the ground, the birds coughed up the pieces, put it back; mother mare ran, hit the stone, the crows began to peck at her; IK grabbed the crow, ordered the crow to bring alive and dead water, revived her mother; dressed as a beggar, he came to the princess's wedding with Dubynya; the bride found out their ring; Dubyn was opened across the field, IK received the kingdom]: Vedernikova, Samodelova 1998, No. 23:58-61; Russians (Voronezh) [the elderly daughter of the priest drinks two bottles from the well, after 40 hours gives birth to twins: Ivan and Fyodor Vodychey; in three weeks they grow up, go hunting, want to shoot a hare, fox, wolf, bear, lion, tiger, falcon, etc., but the animals ask for mercy they promise that they will be useful to the brothers; after 12 days, the brothers go hunting again, gather animals, draw lots at the crossroads: Ivan is on the road where "death will be", Mikhail, where to "be rich"; brothers they divide animals and guns, agree that they will come to rescue each other; if one gun turns black, then the second brother is dead; Ivan enters a pub in the field, finds out that Serpent Gorynych eats all people in kingdom, that today is the turn of the king's eldest daughter; sends to the tower, where she is waiting for the Snake; the Serpent arrives, asks if Ivan has come to put up or fight; opponents fight on the bridge, for 2 blows Ivan cuts down three heads, buries bones, receives a personalized handkerchief from the princess; the princess sees the gypsy Chugunkin, finds out how she escaped, makes her imagine him as a savior; the same with her middle daughter; On the third day, Ivan asks the kisser he stopped at to let the animals out when the water in the glass boils; comes to his youngest daughter, asks him to look in his head, hangs them above him on a rope a three-pound stone, orders to cut down the rope if the Snake does not wake up; the princess cannot wake Ivan up, she feels sorry to cut the rope, she cries, a tear wakes up the young man; with three blows he Snake cuts off 6 heads, he waves his tail, new heads grow three times, he grabs Ivan's hand in his mouth; the kisser wakes up (the glass splits from boiling water, the fragment falls into the face kisser), sees that the water in the glass has boiled, releases animals from behind 12 doors (6 have already gnawed), they tear the Snake; the younger princess bandages Ivan's hand with her towel, gives a personalized a ring, he hides the Snake's bones under a stone; Ivan returns to the pub, drinks vodka, orders the kisser not to sell vodka to anyone; the princess meets Chugunkin a gypsy, he makes him introduce him savior and marry him; the king is preparing for his daughter's wedding, but cannot buy vodka from the kisser, he says that he "has his own king" (Ivan), the royal daughters know who they are talking about; the king goes after Ivan, but he sleeps, the royal daughters recognize their savior, see a towel, a handkerchief and rings; they bring a "gun" (military and wind musical instruments), "hit him", well done He wakes up; finds out that they have come to him for vodka for Chugunkin's wedding, asks the gypsy to pick up the stone under which the Snake's bones lie, he cannot. Ivan picks up, throws the gypsy to the bones, covers it with a stone; marries the youngest princess, after a while goes hunting with his animals, catches and releases the golden hare (he chases all day after the golden hare, wanders, loses her way, spends the night in the forest; an old woman comes up to him, asks him to tie the animals, because he is afraid of them, he ties him and the animals into stones; the old woman turns out to be a mother The snake, the "sorceress berry"; Mikhail Vodovich sees that his sword has turned black, follows his brother, the kisser, the tsar and the princess take him for Ivan; he goes hunting, meets the same old woman, she gives a belt and asks Mikhail to hunt him; he throws his belt into the fire, the yaga witch rushes at him, the lion and bear stop her; she brings Mikhail to his petrified brother, he takes it from the old woman a bubble, sprinkles animals, they come to life; then he digs up his brother, the animals lick his wounds, on the advice of an old woman, catches magpie, tears it up and sprinkles it with Ivan's blood, he comes to life; the old woman kills, buries it ; Mikhail Vodovich boasts that he was mistaken for a brother in the kingdom, that he spent the night with the younger princess; Ivan is jealous, cuts off his brother's head; when he returns, he learns from the princess that his brother cried all night and is not with her talked, regrets what he did, digs up his brother, revives him; orders the falcon to catch the crow, but he persuades him to spare him and in return brings an oak apple (var.: live drops), from the juice whom Mikhail comes to life; marries an elder princess, each brother gets his own state]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 1:31-42; Russians (Tomsk, Biychsky y.) [The tsar has a little son, Neugomon Tsarevich, he is lulled in his cradle, saying that when he grows up, Rusuya Rusu, thirty brothers and sister, will marry him. She grows up, goes looking for her, comes to her palace. She knows that she is her betrothed, treats her and shows her wealth: the first closet contains silver, the second is gold, the third has precious stones, fruit trees grow in the garden, and birds of paradise sing. She flies away for thirty days to ask her brothers for permission to marry, and leaves the prince with the keys, except for one pantry covered with cow manure. Out of curiosity, the prince opens the pantry, where the gray-haired old man boils in resin, each vein is locked with a lock, the key is on the window. He says he doesn't know what he's suffering for and asks him to open at least one vein. N. took pity, the old man turned into Koshchei the Immortal and flew away. The mirror that the PP left is getting darker, which means that it is in trouble. The brothers who arrived explain that Koschey took her away. N. goes looking, comes to Koshchei, picks up the RR and drives him back. At this time, Koschey is walking in the field, asking his horse if everything is alive and well at home. Horse: It's all right, only N. took RR away. Koschey goes home, demands: "Seven children! Bring me seven pitchforks, raise my heavy eyebrows. I'll see how far the Rebellion Tsarevich is going." The children raise their eyebrows with a pitchfork, Koschey looks, announces that there is nothing to hurry, they must plow arable land, sow bread, reap, threshing, grind flour, bake bread, then he will go. After what has been done, Koschey goes, catches up with N., takes away the PP and does not order him to steal it anymore, otherwise he will severely punish her. N. takes RR away for the second time. The horse reports this to Koshchei. Koschey goes home, demands: "Seven children! Bring me seven pitchforks, raise my heavy eyebrows. I'll see if N is going far." The children raise their eyebrows with a pitchfork, Koschey looks, announces that they need to grind flour, bake bread, and then he will go. He catches up with N., whips him, does not tell him to return, otherwise he pulls one leg and tears him apart. N. takes RR away for the third time. The horse reports this to Koshchei. Koschey returns home, everything repeats itself, this time Koschey tears N. apart, throws, RR takes him away. The RR brothers see that the necklace left by N. has turned black, and one of them goes to look for it. A crow ran over the body. He catches a crow, asks a crow to let him go, he tells it to bring alive and dead water, and ties bubbles to its wings so that it can collect from the dead sea and the living sea. Dead water makes the body grow together, N. gets up alive and says that he slept for a long time, but soon got up. The brothers persuade him not to save RR, he does not agree, they teach him to go to the hero's widow, get her horses for three days, and get the worst foal. On the way, the Restless Prince stings the gadfly, asks him not to kill him, let him drink, then he will come in handy. N. wants to kill the wolf, catches pike, but releases them in exchange for a promise to come in handy. The widow has chained heroes who used to herd horses. She sends N. to watch 33 mares, who lie quietly in the field. N. falls asleep. When he wakes up, there are no mares. Gadflies, led by the one N. released, bring mares. He gives them back to her widow: her three daughters and 30 black girls. She scolds her daughters for not being able to escape, executes her eldest. The next day, N. falls asleep again, but wolves, led by the one he decided not to kill, bring mares, and the widow executes her middle daughter for this. On the third day, N. falls asleep, the mares disappear, but the pike causes a flood, horses float up and can only go ashore where N. The widow executes her third daughter, allows N. to choose from good stallions, he asks for a lousy foal, carries him on his shoulders, this is the elder brother of Koshcheev's horse. The foal asks him to let him go to his mother for a drink of milk to become stronger, and when he returns, throw his hat at him to stop him. The first time N. hits the neck with a hat, the second time the horse can walk by himself when he returns, N. hits his hat in the side, the third time he can already ride a horse, he rode from his mother, raising dust. N. takes N. to a cauldron with strong water, N. drinks, feels that there is no stronger hero, at the behest of the horse he drinks more, feels that he can pull the earth and sky into one place. The horse tells me to drink half more, N. says that he has lost half his strength, the horse says it's good, otherwise the earth would not wear it. The horse runs to the hero's widow, deceives her, saying that N. could not ride it, fell and died. She asks him to wear her husband's armor so that he can run in them, otherwise he will become a thin foal again, returns with them to N., who puts on armor and goes to Koshchei. On the advice of the horse, he sets a fire in the field, comes to Kashchei's house, takes the RR away. Koschey returns from the field, discovers the loss, and goes in pursuit. When N. comes to the fire, the horse rises high above it. Koschey makes his horse stand up. He says he can't get so high because his older brother is under N. Koschey tells him to get up, at this time N. attacks him, his horse also hits the rider with his hoof, Koschey falls right into the fire, burns]: Potanin 1902, No. 55:111-114; Ukrainians (Kharkiv) [Elena The beautiful is stolen by a snake, her sister, Ivan Tsarevich's wife, becomes angry, the serpent "makes her a snake" (metaphor). Ivan asks the mighty hero Churila for help, who agrees to come instead of him at night and teach her a lesson. At night, C.'s wife takes C. for her husband, he beats her (while her husband hides). She asks to let her go, promises to be kind and obedient again. Asks her husband to return her sister Elena. C. promises to do everything instead of Ivan. On the way, he sees two snakes attacking one, helping the latter because he stole Elena, then protects him twice from other snakes. She comes to the beautiful tower where Elena is hidden and takes her away. The pigeon flies to the snake, reports the incident, the snake asks the horse if he will be able to catch up with the fugitives, the horse says that first the snake must sow life, collect, grind grain, brew beer, and drink horse. The serpent follows the instructions, catches up with C. on horseback - he has no weapon, he is forced to give it to Elena, the serpent recognizes him and promises to let him go alive three times (how many times he has been saved). C. steals Elena again, everything repeats itself twice (the horse orders the snake to sow buckwheat, etc.), the snake warns that it will no longer spare H.. He steals Elena for the third time, catches up with the serpent, cuts him up. Three days later, the wolf, Brother C., finds the body, grabs a crow that bites the dead body, demands that the crow bring healing and living water, and he brings it in 3 days ("as I slept!"). The wolf advises C. to take a foal from the snake mare, hide it on Tsar Mountain from wolves (they eat them), who digs a hole and hides it in it. When the wolves leave, the foal asks to let him go to his mother, C. lets him go for 3 days, the foal gains strength and grows up (the snake horse is three-legged, one leg was eaten by wolves). C. takes Elena on a new horse (she thought C. was dead and did not want to go with him). The pigeon tells the snake about the escape, the horse warns the snake that it is unlikely to catch up with the fugitives. C.'s horse asks why the three-legged horse carries a "reptile" (he did not let him "feed to his mother", did not save him from wolves). The horse drops the snake "the bones themselves are left", C. puts Elena on it. He leaves her and his horse to Ivan, his wife rejoices and arranges a feast]: Grinchenko 1895, No. 159:159-165; Belarusians (Hrodna) [two brothers go to plow in the forest, mark the road with straw, sister must walk along her to bring them dinner; the seven-headed Serpent overheard, changed signs, the girl came to the Snake; one, then the second brothers come, the Serpent shows his wealth, offers iron bread, hangs the brothers on beam; their mother's pea turns into a boy Pokatypea (P.), he grows up, the blacksmith makes him a seven-pound mace, he throws it to the clouds, she falls, breaks; he orders stronger; comes to the Snake, eats iron bread, breaks a deck without an ax, burns without fire; P. and the Serpent drive each other into the ground, P. drives him whole, kills him with a mace; kills a horse, hides in a carcass, grabs The Raven who descends, orders to bring living and dead water; he brings, P. tears the Raven in two, glues it, revives it with water; revives the brothers; on the way back, the brothers tie him to an oak tree, not believing that he is their brother; he drags an oak tree to the house, leaves his parents, leaves; meets and comrades Vyrvigora, Vyrvidub; P. kills a six-, seven-, nine-headed serpent, brings tongues to the king; wives of Snakes they turn into a bed, into an apple tree, P. cuts them without allowing their comrades to sit down and eat apples; the third Snake has a mouth from the ground to the sky; P. throws three kani (stones?) into its mouth , three falcons, comrades; each time she Snake returns to drink; P. hides with blacksmiths; they tell the Snake to wipe the doors with their tongue, grab her tongue with ticks, P. kills her]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 134:254- 263; Belarusians (Mogilevskaya, Gomel district, d. Kupreevka, 1888-1891) [Ivan Tsarevich plays cragley together with the lads. He throws a stick at cragley, the stick hits the grandmother, hits the leg. Grandma says that Ivan should not walk with her, but Tsar Kirbit has a daughter, Kirbitovna. Ivan decides to find her. He goes for several days without knowing where. On the third day, he drives past the forest. There is a hut by the forest. Ivan sends a footman to ask where Princess Kirbitovna lives. Ivan does not wait for a footman and goes to ask himself, go into the hut, there is a grandmother there. She asks her about Princess Kirbitovna, she promises to teach him how to find her. He says that King Kirbit has a good fellow Bulat, who wants to beat Kirbit, break it and stab Kirbit. Kirbit will sell Bulat at the bazaar. Grandma tells Ivan to go to the bazaar and buy someone who will be iron-clad. Ivan goes to the market, looks for Bulat and finds it. Ivan asks Kirbit how much he sells Bulat for. For 100 rubles. Ivan says it's expensive and doesn't buy it. Ivan returns to his grandmother, who asks if he bought Bulat. Ivan says it's expensive. She says she has to pay and puts him to bed. In the morning, my grandmother feeds and sings Ivan and tells him to go to the bazaar and buy Bulat. Ivan goes, meets Kirbit, asks how much he sells Bulat for 200 rubles. Ivan says it's expensive and doesn't buy it. Ivan returns to his grandmother, she scolds him for buying Bulat and puts him to bed. In the morning, she feeds him, sings and says that he should go to the bazaar and buy Bulat, and if he does not buy him, he will be beheaded. Ivan comes to the bazaar, finds Kirbit, asks how much he sells Bulat for - 300 rubles. Ivan buys Bulat and brings him to his grandmother. Bulat asks if Ivan wants Tsarevna Kirbitovna. Ivan says he doesn't know how to get it. Bulat says Kirbit has a seven-winged horse outside the twelve gates. If Ivan gets a horse, he'll also get the princess. Bulat instructs Ivan how to get to the stable: come and tell the guards that Kirbit told Ivan to go to the stables. That's what Ivan does. The guards don't believe it at first, but then they let Ivan in. Ivan reaches the last gate. The guards don't want to let him in, Ivan replies that since the others let him in, so should they. They agree and let Ivan in. Ivan takes a horse and leaves. She comes to her grandmother and asks how to get Princess Kirbitovna. Grandma replies that Kirbit will go to church to pray that he sold Bulat, Ivan should also go to church, and he will see Kirbitovna there. Ivan goes to the church, waits for everyone to leave, and sees Kirbitovna. Asks her if she'll go for him. The princess replies that she will take a towel down from the tenth floor for him. Ivan comes home, tells Bulat, Bulat tells him to go to her. Ivan arrives at the princess's window, she smells it and goes down on the towel. The princess gets on a horse and they leave together. Night falls, Bulat feeds them and puts them to bed. Bulat puts on his armor and stands on guard. He hears Kirbit's army is following them. Meets them. The soldiers ask if he saw Ivan and Tsarevna. Damask smashed everyone and left five people behind. He tells them to go to Kirbit and tell him not to send any more troops. He wakes Ivan and the princess up, feeds him and puts him on a seven-winged horse. Day goes, night falls, Bulat feeds them and puts them to bed. Bulat puts on his armor and stands on guard. This is the second time Bulat hears that Kirbit's army is following them. Bulat defeats everyone again, except a few, tells them to go to Kirbit and tell them not to send any more troops. Again, Bulat wakes Ivan and the princess up, feeds him and puts them on a seven-winged horse. Day goes, night falls, Bulat feeds them and puts them to bed. Bulat puts on his armor again and stands on guard. For the third time, Bulat hears Kirbit's army is following them. He meets them and breaks them all but five people. Again, Bulat wakes Ivan and the princess up, feeds him and puts them on a seven-winged horse. Day goes, night falls. Ivan asks to stay for the night, Bulat refuses and says that we should continue to go. Ivan is demanding an overnight stay. Damask is angry, but he feeds and puts Ivan and the princess to bed. Damask does not take armor and goes to the road with his bare hands. Hears Kirbit's army again, six regiments. They ask him where Ivan and the princess are. Damask grabs an oak tree in 4 girths and breaks everyone, leaving only ten people. He sends them to the king to tell them not to send an army. Bulat wakes Ivan and the princess up, feeds him and puts them on a seven-winged horse. Day goes, night falls. The second time Ivan says it's time to spend the night, Bulat refuses. Ivan insists, Bulat agrees, puts him to bed. Damask again goes out onto the road with his bare hands, hears Kirbit's army, ten regiments. They meet the army, they ask where Ivan and the princess are. Damask grabs an oak tree in eight girths and kills everyone, leaving only the blind and lame alive, and sends them to Kirbit. Bulat returns to Ivan and the princess, and the horse is seven-winged without a head, Ivan is headless, but the princess is gone. Damask rips open the horse's belly, pulls out the demand, and sits inside himself. Two crows, young and old, are flying. A young man sits down to peck a horse. Damask grabs it on his leg. The old crow asks to let his son go, Bulat asks him if he knows where the living and dead water is. The old crow says Bulat should tie him two bottles under his wings: for dead water under his right wing, for living water under his left wing. Dead and alive water outside twelve gates. A raven arrives at a dead water jar, and the guards want to catch it. The raven is collecting dead water. Then he also collects living water and returns to Bulat. Damask tears up the crow's son, smears it with dead water, then alive, the crow's son comes to life. Bulat lets them go. Damask revives Ivan and then the horse. He scolds Ivan for not listening to him before. They sit on a horse, they go. They come to the snake house on twelve sticks. Ivan walks into Tsar Idol's house, where the princess is. King Idol asks Ivan why he has come. Ivan takes Idol by the hair, puts it in the palm of his hand, and the other claps and throws it out the window. Ivan takes the princess, puts her on a horse, and they leave. They go, night falls. Bulat is in custody. Birds fly by, singing a song that Ivan's stepmother is preparing poison for him: whoever eats it will disappear, and his wife will herd pigs. And whoever tells us will be made of stone. Bulat will be Ivan and the princess, he feeds him, they will go on. Night is falling. Bulat wants to stop, Ivan refuses, Bulat again says he should spend the night, Ivan refuses. The princess urges Ivan to listen to Bulat. They spend the night. Damask puts them to bed and stands in custody. Birds fly by, singing a song that Ivan's stepmother is preparing him a fur coat with a gold and silver star, with creeping and flying reptiles. Whoever wears this coat will be lost, and his wife will herd pigs. And whoever tells us will be made of stone. Bulat returns, there will be Ivan and the princess, he will feed him and go on. They come to Ivan's house. Mother meets Ivan and wants to wear a fur coat. Bulat wears a fur coat instead of Ivan. Kills bastards who were wearing a fur coat. Servants bring food to Ivan. Damask takes food from the servants and drops it on the floor. Bulat wants to sleep in Ivan's room. Ivan resists, Kirbitovna urges him to listen to Bulat. At night, the mother sends three idols to tear Ivan's head off and steal Kirbitovna. Damask rips three idols off their heads. He wants to remove blood from the floor, Ivan wakes up thinking Bulat wants to kill them. Ivan orders Bulat to be shackled and killed. Bulat asks for a prayer, and he talks about the birds that warned him about Ivan's mother. Bulat is stony. A year later, Ivan and Kirbitovna had a son. Ivan has a dream: Bulat asks him to take out his son's heart, anoint himself with it, then Bulat will come to life and his son will be alive. Ivan sends Kirbitovna to the church, and he tells him to cut off his son's head, cut his chest, take out his heart and anoint Bulat with it. Damask comes to life. Ivan and Bulat go to Kirbitovna's church. Servants bring a son. They put their hearts in, put their heads on, poured dead water, poured live water. A feast for the whole world]: Romanov 1901:7-14; Belarusians (Gomelsky district) [the son is Ivan, the father is a drunkard; the neighbor took I. as an employee; he grew up, went on; hired a serpent; this is the serpent Chavolay; after 6 years I. left, C. gave him a book, ordered him not to open it, otherwise he would eat it; I. got lost, opened the book, cattle flowed out of it; C. appeared: eat; agreed that C. put the cattle in the book back, and I. promised not to marry; at home I. refuses matchmakers; still others say that they have two good dogs will fight off C.; during the wedding, C. appears; I. jumps away; the horse has fallen; the hut: turn your back to the forest; Baba Yaga fed her, put her to bed, gave bread with her, showed the way to her sister; she has the same thing, the oldest sister has the same; every dog, from afar, senses C.; every pernet and food appears; the third baba yaga gave a handkerchief to wave at the sea - a bridge appeared; when on the C. Bridge, wave again - the bridge disappeared, C. fell into the sea; I. woke up, three dogs nearby: Lomigor, Lomikamen, Lomizhelen; two kingdoms ate a 12-headed serpent, in the third he was led to eat a princess; I. and his dogs killed him, The princess tied her wounds with a handkerchief; the servant cut off I.'s head, ordered the princess to say that he had killed the snake; the dogs grabbed the viper, forced the viper to bring water growing and living; revived I.; the princess's wedding with her servant is being prepared; I. sends dogs, the princess recognized them; at the feast, the tsar sees the princess's handkerchief on I.'s hand; the servant's head was cut off; wedding]: Romanov 1887, No. 9:73-77; Belarusians [33 sons and two more and Ivan the Fool are going to marry; Baba Yaga has the same number of daughters; I. tells them to change their clothes for the night; Baba Yaga returned and chopped her daughters; the brothers came to the king; they say that I. can get Baba Yaga harps that play themselves; the horse promises I. to get it, they galloped, brought harps; a rooster that can be heard all over the world; the same; get Queen Alain; the horse created a bridge, a garden, food and drinks; the queen went out, fell asleep, they took her away; A. promises to be the wife of someone who gets living and dead water; horse: I'll die now, I must hide in his corpse, grab a crow and demand from him parents of living water; I. tore the crow, revived him; and revived the horse; A. killed I. in front of the tsar's eyes and revived; the tsar also wants; A. did not revive him; wedding]: Romanov 1887, No. 37:228-232.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Ossetians [Aldar has 3 daughters, he keeps them in an iron tower; later a son Soslanbek was born; the widow's daughter went to fetch water; S. fired an arrow and smashed her jugs; the widow teaches the girl the next Tell S. once: I would have found his sisters better; his mother had to confess that S. came to the sisters, they asked him to beg his parents to let them go to church for the party; after the service, three monsters kidnapped girls; parents tell S. to find them; while S. was sleeping, an elephant came out of the river, swallowed S.'s horse and told him to sit on it; brings him successively to his three sisters; they give them a ring, a knife, a purse to call them, if necessary; S. refuses to marry beauties whose portraits are shown and seeks to be shown the hidden portrait; the father-in-law of the S. sisters is the dragon Zaliag Kalm; he sleeps surrounded by his an iron fence with his body; S. cut the dragon, entered, to meet his daughter, beautiful Sugar; she gave him sleeping pills, ordered him to be thrown into the tower; S. summoned the horsemen from the ring, they released him, but when they saw him Sugar, S. lost consciousness and Sugar took his ring; the same with the knife; the heroes came out of his wallet, and S. hid it in advance; after that, Sugar agreed to become S.'s wife; ordered not to unlock the seventh the room; S. unlocked, the giant Khatag-Barag and his horse are chained there; HB asks to give them bread and hay, promises to provide them with three services; after being free, HB took Sugar; S. comes to her three times and takes her away, but HB every time he catches up; for the fourth time he chopped S. to pieces; his sisters caught a crow; told his mother to bring live water, otherwise they would tear the crow to shreds; after reviving S., the sisters told him to get it the half-brother of the horse HB; the owner of the herd tells him to herd him without loss: either he will give the horse or cut off the shepherd's head; on the way, S. wanted to kill, but let the wolf, the fox and the wasp go; each of them collects in the evening herd; the mare must give birth, the witch beat her; in revenge, the mare told S. that it is necessary to choose the foal she will give birth to, although he seems weak; the foal tells her to wait three days, becomes a heroic horse; tells you to get into one ear, get out of the other - S. became a hero in a golden robe; S. took Sugar away; when HB caught up and took off to hit S. from above, S. turned out to be taller and S. killed HB; everything is fine]: Dzagurov 1973, No. 32:80-91.

Baltoscandia. Lutsi (1893; the informant heard a fairy tale from people who did not know Estonian) [the couple are childless, her husband died, the widow was crying, her tears grew peas, the only pea in the pod; she ate it after 9 gave birth for months; the boy is strong; mothers: if she waited to eat, he would have been even stronger; ordered a five-pound iron club from the blacksmith, threw it up, the next day she fell, he put his finger up, his club split; 10-pound - bent; 15-pound - remained intact, suitable; Pea meets, takes as satellites 1) pulling oaks; 2) rearranging mountains; they were hired by the owner for the right to carry away that they would be able; he ordered to level the mountains; they began to make ropes out of sand, throw them over the mountains, pull them off, now a flat field; one took all the flour from the owner, the other all the grain, the third of all the cows; they put them in the forest was a farm; the demoness (mustabaaba) began to go to them, eat everything; he remained guarding the trees pulling; she spat in his eyes, ate everything; the one who moved the mountains was the same; G. beat her with a club, she grew to the clouds, he kept beating, she shrunk again, he tied her to an oak tree; she pulled out an oak tree and went to the lower world; only G. dared to go down; killed the woman's five-headed son; the girl knits stockings, G. pulled the rope, both picked it up, he gave it to the oak puller, went down again; killed the 1-headed, gave the second girl to the one who moved the mountains; the third time he fights the 15-headed; drove him into the ground waist-deep, and he was up to his neck; agreed to take a break; G. drank strong water, and gave the enemy weak water, killed him; went upstairs, but G. went down for the fourth time; it's a shame for the companions that G. took the most beautiful girl for himself, threw the rope down; thunderstorm, eagles on the Christmas tree say that whoever protects them from the weather will help their mother; he covered them; chicks: don't leave until their mother arrives; eagle: I know G. when he was born, three the earth trembled for days; the eagle agrees to carry it across the Sea of Fire, but let it fill three barrels of forest bird; he spit them; there was not enough meat in flight, the eagle tells you to cut off and throw her little finger first , then the calf of the leg; then the little finger of the legs; flew; G. caught the little girl, began to twist; ordered the daw to bring living water from the island in the sea of fire; his body healed with this water; came to his wife, forgave his companions, but he drove away; they began to live, they probably live now]: Annom et al. 2018:93-100; Seto [dying, the king told his daughter to rule until her brother grew up; she decided to lime her brother; pretended to be sick, She told me to bring hare milk; the hare gave milk; next time a fox; a she-wolf; a bear; a tigress, a lioness; her sister sent her brother to bring bread from the mill where the witch was; he went, with him all his animals who gave milk; he took bread, and when he sent the animals to eat too, the witch slammed the doors shut; the sister put his brother in the cellar, the witch must eat it; at this time the animals break the doors one by one; about this report a raven, a dove, a swallow; each time a young man asks the cannibal to give him more time; the last time he asks for let him light a pipe; animals break in, kill a witch; a young man telling his sister to cry for his return is a bucket of bloody tears, leaves with his animals; comes to a city where mourning; a man explains that every year a sea serpent demands a sacrifice, otherwise it will flood the city, the turn of the royal daughter; animals the snake tore, the princess gave the savior her handkerchief; the coachman crept up, cut off the young man's head, told the princess to swear that she would declare him the winner of the snake; the animals mourn, the fox told him to pretend dead, a raven with a crow descends, the fox grabs the crow, tells the crow to bring water that connects the members and living water; he brings it; the fox tore the crow for testing, glued it together, revived it; then the young man ; animals draw lots, fall on a bear, he brings a handkerchief to the palace, the princess recognizes him; meets the savior; the king orders to tear the coachman apart by four bulls; the young man gets the princess; goes to visit sister; she cried a bucket of blood; she puts a witch's tooth into her brother's head, he falls dead; he is put in a tower; the hare comes, the tooth pierces him, he dies, the young man comes to life; the fox takes the tooth out of the hare, throws into the bush, the bush has dried up; the animals tore his sister; the young man became ruler over both kingdoms]: Sandra 2004:192-202; Lithuanians [the king tells Juozapelis he will take him hunting when the horse himself saddles himself; a plain horse rides himself; does not tell you to pick up a pen, Yu picks up; the king orders to bring 1) a bird, 2) her nest, 3) a sea princess; each time the horse brings Yu to them, the princess tells lure out by spreading expensive cloth on the shore; the princess promises to marry the king if Yu 4) brings her ring from the sea (the horse tells you to catch the crustacean, give it to the cancer for the ring), 5) a necklace (the horse tells him to kill him, get into the stomach, crows will arrive, catch a crow, in exchange the raven will bring a necklace; the horse comes to life); 6) cut Yu. (the skate promises to revive it); the princess suggests that the king also cut and revive him, the king agrees; he is not revived, Yu marries a sea princess]: Lebite 1965:187-190; Finns [someone steals golden apples from the king's garden; the eldest, middle sons fall asleep; the youngest sees a glowing bird, which grabs an apple, the young man shot, only shot one feather; the king promises a reward to whoever will catch a bird; the eldest, middle son leaves, does not return; the youngest takes the horse, goes to the fork; on one road there is an inscription that the horse will be full, the rider is hungry, the other has a full rider, the horse is hungry, third, which will lead to misfortune; the names of those who chose this or that path are written, the elder and middle brothers followed the first and second; the young man went to the third; sat down to rest, the wolf appeared, he was his fed him; the wolf put him on his back, brought him to the castle; tells him to take a bird without a cage; the young man takes the cage, the bird screams, he is grabbed; the king agrees to give him a bird if he gets a horse that is all understands how a person is; the wolf brings to the castle, tells you to take a horse without a bridle; he takes a bridle, is captured, released for promising to get a princess; the wolf turned into a merchant, laid out goods; along with others the princess came, she liked the young man, she agreed to run with him, the wolf carried them both; the wolf took the form of a princess, the young man exchanged her for a horse, then the princess became a wolf again; the same with a horse; a young man returns with the princess, horse and bird; when parting, the wolf tells him to ride an old horse, and give the princess a smart one; tells him not to sleep on the way; but he fell asleep, the brothers killed him and his horse, took him a princess, a horse and a bird; the king wants to marry the princess of the king's son; the princess is sad, the horse does not speak, the bird does not sing; the wolf found the body of a young man, caught a crow, the crow had to be brought alive water; the wolf first killed the crow and revived, then revived the young man and his horse; the young man came to his older brother's wedding, the princess laughed, the horse spoke, the bird sang; the young man persuaded the king not to execute older brothers, but only to expel, married a princess and inherited the throne]: Salmelainen 1947:87-95; Danes [=1879:1-21; the poor have a son, they cannot find a godfather; the beggar agrees with them be, gives the boy the name Willy Faith; leaves a rusty key; when a young man is 14 years old, a house appears, he opens it with a key, there is a talking horse; V. leaves in it; the horse does not tell you to pick it up glowing feathers, V. picks up; is hired by the groom to the king; he forbids lighting the light at night; the feathers glow like fire, V. paints a portrait of a beauty; the groom brings it to the king; the king: this is the king's daughter, whom I killed and who ran away; tells me to get it; horse: it became a bird, it was her feathers; tells the king to give a ship; worms are thrown to fish along the way, barrels are thrown to whales to play, wolves on the other side and bears - meat, giants - bread; in the castle, a bird turns into a girl; the dog helps to find her among fabrics, straw; on the way back she throws away the keys, but the fish find them and give them to V.; the girl demands from the king to bring her castle to her; the king also tells W. (giants bring); girl: I need keys; V.: I have them; the girl demands the water of life and the water of death; the horse with V. jumps into the forest, tells me to kill the crow, the raven brings the water of life to revive it, . takes the bottle; the horse tells us to let the viper go to the nest; the raven brings the water of death to kill her, the young man takes it; the girl sprinkled V. with the water of death and then the water of life, he has become handsome; the king wants the same, she He does it; he wants to do it again; but the water of life is over; V. becomes king, marries a girl; the horse tells him to cut off his head, turns into Prince W.'s wife's brother; everything is fine]: Grundtvig 1920:9-26.

Volga - Perm. Bashkirs: Barag 1988, No. 46 [the late son of the elderly and the foal born at the same time constantly defecate; the old man leaves them in the steppe, the caravans pick them up and give them up to raise them old woman; children tease the boy with untidy; he asks his adoptive mother to eat peas, clamps hot peas in her hands; she admits that she is not his own mother; the boy leaves on his foal, who has become a horse; contrary to his warning, he picks up a golden pen; the king's servants notice the light emanating from the pen, the king calls the young man to live with him; his associates say that he despises the king, boasted to get the whole bird; the fox shows the way to the bird; the young man catches it, the king covers the palace with his skin; the servants advise ordering the king to marry the daughter of the sea king; the wolf teaches her to catch; the sea maiden promises to marry the king if he gets her ring that has fallen into the sea; the young man saves the fish, which brings the ring; the maiden tells her to bring her sea stallion; the fox teaches him how to stick; first the young man's horse is bitten as a sea horse, dies; a young man hides in his belly, grabs a crow that has descended; returns to the crow when it brings living water, revives the horse; he defeats the sea; the king tells the young man to swim in boiling water and in boiling milk, if not cooked, he can take the sea maiden for himself; the young man bathes, becomes handsome; the king is cooked; the young man marries, becomes king]: 314-334; 1989, No. 5 [orphan Umis for the last I bought money from an old man; saved a girl from a burning haystack; she turned out to be the daughter of a snake king; tells her father to ask her father for old chekmen (protects from arrows), a hat (invisible), boots (speeders) and sword (burns with fire); the princess disappears at night; wearing an invisible hat, W. sees her being taken away; W. then waved his sword, Yeget returned the princess, the king passed her off as W.; W. defeated the army of devas; wife asks what the secret is; W.: in a shovel; she tells her lover to replace the shovel; then W. tells the truth, the wife replaces wonderful objects; the devas captured W.; he asks to cut it into pieces, put it in the shroud, put the shroud to the saddle, the horse will take home; the king of the devas took his wife W. his wife, imprisoned his parents; the snake princess caught the crow, forced the crow to bring living and dead water, raised her dicks dead, revived alive; taught him to turn into a drake; the drake lured the Deva king, who left wonderful objects, W. flew up to them, captured and executed the Deva king and a traitor wife], 41 [someone steals golden apples in the royal garden; the eldest, middle prince guards return with nothing, the youngest sees how the golden bird has taken the apple, goes in search; at the crossroads there is a pole with the inscription, to the right you will die, to the left - the horse you will lose it; the prince turns to the left; the wolf eats the horse, carries the prince himself, tells you to take the bird without a cage; the prince takes it with a cage, the guards tell you to get a golden-tailed silver mane horse for the bird; the same - to take the horse without a bridle, the prince takes a check, he is told to get the princess; the wolf turned into a horse, the princess sat down, he carried her away; the wolf turned into a princess, then a horse, runs away from the new owners, everything goes to the prince; his brothers cut off his head, took everything for themselves; the wolf caught the crow, ordered him to bring alive and dead water, revived the prince; he married the princess, the brothers repented]: 54-61, 192-194; Kazan Tatars [ the hunter caught and tamed a bear, a wolf and a hare; came to four divas; defeated three, the fourth overcame him, the animals came running, killed three, the fourth was thrown into the well; the hunter's sister pulled him out, took him husband; brother saw, killed the diva, the sister hid the two tibia, put her brother in bed when he married; the animals ripped off half of the hare's skin, the magpie went down to peck, the hare grabbed her, let her go for promising to bring living and dead water; the young man came to life; cut off his sister's head]: Zamaletdinov 2008b, No. 2:33-37; Mordovians [parents died, brother and sister fled the war into the forest; the bear gave them honey, ordered to swing the chest in which he went to bed; they ran away; the elk tells him to sit on it, takes him away; tells him to kill him, watch the grave, take a gun on the first night, and the second dog; brother goes hunting with the dog , the sister is at home; that bear came in the form of a man, became his sister's lover; to lime his brother, the sister pretended to be sick, asks the bear meat; the bear asks not to kill him, promises to help; then but a lion; the lover became a bear, killed his brother, then became human again; the dog, the lion and the bear were at the mill at that time; they broke the door, found the owner's coffin, the dog caught the crow, tells the crow to bring live water, revived the owner, tore his lover, brother drove his sister into the forest]: Evseviev 1964, No. 30:227-230; Udmurts [spouses are 70 years old; passerby came in and left; after that, the old woman and the mare became pregnant ; the old people decided that at their age their son could no longer be fed, they threw him into the field with the foal; both grew up themselves, the boy rode a foal; the horse persuades him not to pick up the golden pen, but the boy picked it up ; joined the king's service; other servants, out of envy, told the king about the pen; the king demanded that the bird itself be brought; the foal brought the boy to the tree on which the hawk that had lost its feather sat; ordered him to leave a trough of wine, the golden hawk became drunk, the boy brought it to the king; the servants talked about the foal, the king orders to get a herd of the neighboring king; the foal took the boy there, told him not to look while he was fight with a local stallion; the boy looked, the foal fell with its belly bursting; a crow flew into the carrion; the boy caught her; she asked her to let her go, brought live water, the foal came to life; after that the boy did not watch the foal beat; he defeated the stallion, the boy brought the herd; then the servants persuade him to send the boy for the ring of the princess of the kingdom where the herd came from, and then for the princess herself; the narrator did not remember further; in the end, the king tells the boy to dive into a cauldron of boiling resin; he dived with the foal, whose snot protected both from tar; then the king and the servants dived and died; the boy reigned and married a princess]: Potanin 1884:227-229.

Turkestan. Kyrgyz [the old man had three sons and an apple tree; he ate these apples every year and got younger; one day someone ate all the apples still unripe; the following year, the eldest son went to guard, fell asleep; the next year the middle son was the same; in the third year, the youngest son did not sleep all night, played the flutes; a goldbird flew in, began to peck apples; the young man crept up, but the bird flew away, leaving him in him a pen in his hand; the father sent his sons to pick up a bird; the eldest went on good horses, the youngest was a two-year-old; reached the black stone with the inscription: "Whoever goes to the left will die, who to the right is a horse will die"; foal: "Go to the right"; a wolf chased the young man in the forest, the young man jumped off his horse, ran away, the wolf attacked the horse; the wolf to the young man: "Since I ate your horse, I will help you achieve what I want"; told him to sit down and close your eyes to him; when the young man opened them, he saw that the ox had brought him to the city; the wolf: "The bird is in this house, sneak in, grab the wings, not the legs; the young man grabbed the bird by the legs, the bells rang, horsemen woke up, the young man was brought to the khan; the khan promised to give the bird in exchange for a horse with a golden mane and tail; the wolf brought him to another city: "Behind 40 palaces, there is another palace, in which a horse, do not take it as an excuse, but grab the mane"; the young man again forgot the wolf's order; the khan will give the horse in exchange for Khan Bunchy's beautiful daughter; she went out into the garden in the morning, 40 girls were walking in front of her, 40 more behind, left and right; the wolf took B.; On the way back, the young man and B. fell in love with each other, the young man asked the wolf to come up with something; he turned out to be an even more beautiful girl than B., the young man took her to Khan, who gave the horse; when the khan entered the yurt, and there was a wolf , the khan fainted, the wolf caught up with the young man and B.; then turned into a horse, the khan gave the golden bird; Khan's wolf regained his appearance, ate all the horses and caught up with the young man; when we reached the forest, where the wolf ate the horse young men, the wolf gave the hair from his mustache and stayed there; when the young man and B. fell asleep at rest, the older brothers killed the youngest, took the girl, the bird, the horse; the wolf rushed, and his friend's corpse was pecked by crows; the wolf the ravens grabbed the ruler, ordered him to get immortal water; he sent the crows for immortal water, they brought it in their beaks; the wolf mixed it with the blood of the raven ruler, smeared the body of the young man, the young man woke up: "I slept for a long time"; at home, the elder brother is going to marry B.; the young man sent an old woman to his father: let him be allowed to play the flute; B.: "Here is the young man who took me, and these two killed him and they brought me here"; the old man married his youngest son to B.; once they were visited by a wolf in the guise of a wandering dervish; the young man recognized him, received him and escorted him with honor; the old man ate apples from his apple tree every year and was young]: Kebekova, Tokombaeva 2007:187-191.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Khalkha-Mongols (Dunsurun) [when he dies, the father tells his three brothers to learn something; they go along three roads; the elder has become a master, the middle has become a scientist, the youngest is a thief; the khan requires him steal a golden vessel guarded by two llamas; the thief replaced the guards horses with bags of dung, the shooters' weapons with rotten sticks; gave salt to the camel, meat to the dog, the horse's hay and the bull, they gave salt to the camel, meat to the dog, the horse's hay and the bull, they missed it; wrapped the heads of the sleeping lamas in pieces of bacon, put the intestines between the two khatun, carried away the vessel; the khatun began to argue which of them gave birth, then saw dirty intestines; everyone began to swear; the khan married the thief to his daughter; the brothers are jealous, they say that the thief promised to get the golden stallion Hormusto-Tengria; the wolf tells you to leave the horse and ride it; the wolf tells you to take the golden bird and the golden yurt, but not to take the golden yurt lasso; the young man took it, caught, runs away; take the stallion, but I will not check; the young man has taken a bridle, is captured, runs away; the second time the thief safely took the yurt, the bird and the stallion; he met the brothers, who stabbed him in his back, they themselves brought the stallion to the khan; the wolf grabbed the kite, forced the kite to bring living water from Mount Sumbur-Ula; the young man came to life, the wolf invited him to his place; then the young man came to the khan; the people given to him by the wolf cut down brothers; the young man forgave his wife for marrying one of the brothers; stayed with her]: Benningsen 1912:68-75.

Western Siberia. Northern Khanty: Lukina 1990, No. 85 (b. Kazim, 1961) [two brothers are hunting, the third youngest, Ratparho-Hishparho, is sitting in ash; the eldest went to look for people; when the arrow he left bleeding, the middle one went; same; RK went to look for them; Kirp-nyulup-im carried him in a boat, told him not to sit in the middle of the boat, but he sat down; sees human bones in her hut; she threw a hare head at him; RK caught her on the fly, threw it at K., hit, K. was killed; RK burned her and scattered the ash; chicks are screaming in the eagle's nest, RK fed them fish; they tell them to hide, their parents will arrive now; they are surprised that the chicks do not want meat; they talked about RK; grateful eagles offer help; RK asks to revive the brothers; the eagles grabbed the crow's chicks, ordered them to bring living and dead water; she brought it; they tore the crow, revived it, then released the chicks; brought water revived the brothers of the Republic of Kazakhstan; brothers live together]: 211-213; Steinitz 2014, No. 28 (Sherkal dialect) [husband and wife bought their son and daughter a toy - an iron horse; the horse destroyed the city and killed the couple; children hid under the floor; the horse asks where they are; the comb, the flint, the skin scraper do not answer, it breaks them; leaves; the cow tells me to sit on it, takes it to the sea, tells her to slaughter it there, wrap it guts, get into her stomach; horse chases, sister throws flint (fire), crest (forest), whetstone (mountain), flint again (horse burned down); brother and sister killed a cow, woke up in the house, there are many food; they live on an island; a dog jumps out of a ball of foam; tells his brother that his sister will send him for fox milk; his sister sends him - he will recover from the milk; the fox gave milk: if his sister does not drink, give it to my cub; my sister did not drink, the fox drank; the same with the blue fox; the dog to the young man: the sister hid the iron horse under your bed, lie down on the side; next time wolverine's milk and cub, you have to lie back to bed, and under the bunk there will be an iron horse; then a wolf; a bear; a horse under the threshold; in front of the doorstep; my sister sends them into the house behind seven locks; there the old man lets the animals pass through, closes the door; the young man returns alone; his sister tells him to wash in the bathhouse and then the iron horse will kill him; the bird reports three times that the animals are digging an underground passage; the animals have come and killed an iron horse; brother he nailed his sister's hands to the floor, vessels near his eyes: if necessary, his vessel must be filled with tears, and if an iron horse, then hers; the brother married the king's daughter; took his sister to him; she put him an iron horse's tooth in bed, his brother died; he was buried in an iron coffin; the animals dug, broke it; the dog found a crow's nest: bring the grass of life, otherwise I'll eat eggs; the crow brought, the dog crushed one the egg, restored it with grass; revived the young man; he let the animals go, left only the dog; tied his sister to two sledges, tore it with horses; threw one leg into the forest, from which a swamp willow grew, the other on a hill, a forest tree has grown; my brother lives well (with his wife)]: 169-185.

Eastern Siberia. Central Yakuts (no place of recording, links to archival materials): Ergis 1967, No. 108 [a young merchant has been feeding a wounded eagle for three years; the eagle carries it to a country with golden vegetation; the eagle's parents give the box, they don't tell me to open it on the way; the merchant opens, the box breaks, Satan collects it for promising to give his son; he comes to Satan; with the help of the girl, he performs tasks: feed animals, build an iron basement, get a flying horse; the guy runs away, the girl locks Satan in the basement; tells the guy to burn her, collect bones; the guy kills the moose, catches the Raven, threatens to kill her his cubs, the Raven brings live water; the guy revives the bride, brings him to his parents, they became the ancestors of the Yakuts], 118 [the abaas ate the fisherman's cattle, himself, his old woman; boys and girls run away, the calf covers the stalker's eyes with its manure; tells the children to look for lice on him; they kill the louse in which his soul is; the house and dogs appear from the calf's body; the boy hunts, the abaas ate his sister ; dogs descended to the lower world, brought her skull; wounded crows, Raven brought living water to revive them; the remains of the dog resurrected the girl; everything is fine]: 184, 187; Baikal Evenks (Baikal region, c. Karama) [the husband, then the son of a pregnant woman leaves, does not return; a boy is born, grows up right away, tells his mother to give him three curls mixed with her breast milk; meets a hero, fights with him, lets him eat a curl three times, he learns the taste, recognizes the boy's younger brother; the boy dreams of a monster, warns him of his approach in the morning, tells him not to give him anything; the old man threw him deer, the younger brother immediately fell ill, died; the elder shot the monster's hand with the deer, the youngest came to life; the brothers go to look for his father; the elder finds his bones, collects his bones, lies down, puts pieces of meat on his forehead ; Voronikha warns Voronyats not to peck, they bite, the hero catches them, promises to let them go if Voronikha brings live water; Voronikha brought two bottles; watered from one, Voronenok died, from the other - came to life; the hero poured on his father's bones, he came to life]: Titov 1936, No. 4:168-169.

SV Asia. Tundra Yukaghirs [(summary); hell comes to a rich old woman, eats up venison, then bursts, and everyone but the old woman runs away into the sky; the old woman finds three partridges, they turn into boys; a rich Yakut man takes all three as workers; kills the eldest two, but dies at the hands of the youngest; the boy makes the crow find living water and revives his brothers]: Gogolev et al. 1975:240-241.