Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

H7H. Death followed a man. (.11.)

Contrary to warning, a person comes to where Death is at this time. She gets into or follows his body, and people have been mortal ever since.

Rwanda, Rundi, Nyoro, Ganda.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Rwanda [originally Masculine Death]: Abrahamsson 1951:90 [Imana ordered Lightning to find and kill Death, told people not to leave their homes; one woman broke the ban; when Lightning was almost Death caught up, she entered this woman, people have been dying ever since; (retelling Kotlyar 2009, No. 499:255)], 90-91 [Imana ordered to stock up on water and food, not to go out the next day; finding Death in the cave, hit the ears so hard that the piece came off, fell to the ground; Death ran away; one woman ate greedily, choked, did not stock up water, came to drink; a piece of Death became a worm, the woman swallowed it with water, Death remained at peace (retelling in Kotlyar 2009, No. 500:254)], 91 [Thunder lived on earth with his mother and brothers - Elephant, Leo, Hyena, Leopard, Dog; when the brothers were hunting, Death came, forced the mother eats the earth; the first time the sons did not believe, the second Thunder ordered them to guard one by one; when he saw Death, the Thunder was frightened; the others; the Thunder began to throw lightning at Death, broke her body; while he pulled out a speck out of his eye, Death took refuge in an old woman; Thunder invited the brothers to go to heaven, but they refused; he himself left with his mother, there was no death in heaven; (retelling in Kotlyar 2009, No. 501:255-256)], 92-93 [ Death met an armed man and grabbed him, but he drove her away; asked the woman for protection in the field, she refused; persuaded the old woman to let her slip into her body; the pursuers did not find Death; she began to kill people, taught hyenas to eat corpses; (retelling in Kotlyar 2009, No. 498:254)]; Rundi: Parrinder 1967 [(=Abrahamsson 1951:92, Kotlyar 2009, No. 497:254); king with his hunters Rufu (Death) stalked with dogs; he asked the woman to hide it, threw himself into her mouth; the woman began to deny seeing Death; God said she and her descendants would now die]: 54; Zuure 1926 [man went to buy a bull; Rufu (Death) sold him a bull; warned him that if he ate a bull, he would eat it and his family; a man killed a bull; R. came on the sixth day as promised, the man ran away; the supreme god Imm âna allowed R. to kill with his permission]: 754; nyoro [Mujonde went to heaven for Eleusina's seed; the brothers said that fortunately Death is not there now; if she met her, Death would went with her to people; M. went back but remembered that she had forgotten the seed; came back for it, then Death met her and went down with her to the people]: Janssens 1926:563; ganda [Kintu had only one cow, he ate milk; Nambi's heavenly woman, Gulu's daughter, fell in love with him, but his father took her back with the cow; K. went up to heaven and was offered 1) a lot to eat and drink (he threw everything away and poured it into a hole in the floor); 2) cut down a rock for firewood with a copper ax (K. found a rock with cracks, cut it down); 3) bring a bucket of dew (the bucket left in the field was filled with dew); 4) identify your own cow among cows L. (the bee said it would sit on its horns; there was no cow in the first two herds; in the third herd, K. immediately found a cow with a bee on its horns; the bee sat on its horns and on its horns, K. and identified them); L. gave his daughter to K.; G. tells K. and N. to leave faster while brother N. Death (Walumbe) did not follow them, do not return if they forgot anything; N. forgot chicken grain, came back, V. followed her; K. and N. have many children; V. asked their daughter to be a cook, K. refused; after This children began to die; G. sent Brother V. Kaikuzu persuaded him not to kill children; V. refused, ran underground; Kaikuzu told people and animals to stay in their homes, not to shout, if they saw V., then he would catch him; but the children drove the goats to pasture. saw V., called out; since then V. has been killing people, hiding underground]: Roscoe 1911:461-464 (=Radin 1952, No. 16:69-72; retelling in Parrinder 1967:41-43; in Zhukov Kotlyar 1976, No. 28:76-81); Anpetkova- Sharova 2010 [Kintu lost a cow; when he climbed the rainbow, he came to heaven to look for her; God Gulu told him 1) to bring a piece of heavenly rock; lightning struck the rock, chipped off a piece; 2) identify his a cow in the herd; the fly first buzzed at K.'s ear, then flew up to the cow; K. got a cow and daughter G. Nambi; her brother Walumbe warned her not to return to heaven, otherwise he would kill her children; N. forgot food for her favorite bird, returned across the rainbow; V. did not catch up with N. on the ground, disappeared underground; since then sometimes he goes out, kills his sister's descendants; three sons K. and N. give rise to rulers, farmers and craftsmen, slaves; but V. kills everyone]: 409-410.