Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

I112. Monster boat . (.62.) .65.68.

A boat is a living creature with a mouth, a fish.

Chukchi, Tlingits, Haida, Tsimshian, Bellacula, Quakiutl, Quarry, Teton, Mochika, Kamayura.

SV Asia. Chukchi (reindeer) [two options; 1) girls Geese and Seagull take off their feather clothes, swim in the lake; a man steals clothes; returns them to everyone but the most beautiful Seagull; takes her as a wife; they are two sons; instead of edible roots, she collects unnecessary herbs, her mother-in-law scolds her; when the birds fly south, she asks them to throw her feathers; she flies away with the children; the husband goes in search; the Eagle sends him to an old woodcutter; a country of birds can be seen through his anus; an old man sends a man there in a self-propelled boat; a man comes to his wife; she has a new husband, the Bourgmeister seagull; birds attack man, firing feathers instead of arrows; man maims and kills birds with a club; splashes water, birds freeze to the ground; man brings his wife and children home; 2) as in (1); wife - Goose; sun rays they penetrate the old man's mouth, shine from his ass; a man gets into the ass, jumps out of his mouth; an old man makes a boat out of a log, it rushes across the sea like a fish; the son of a man in the land of birds catches it on a hook; a person kills the Mayor with a club, the rest of the birds flee]: Bogoras 1928, No. 48:429-432.

NW Coast. Tlingits: De Laguna 1972 [man marries Good Weather Daughter; to visit relatives, sails with his wife in a live boat; she rows herself and is hungry all the time; they feed her; people Daughter Good Weather appears as a ray of sunlight; a man hugs his former wife; the new one immediately sails away on his boat]: 883-884; Swanton 1909 [as in De Laguna], No. 31, 84:99, 244-245; Romanova 1997, No. 25 [by Swanton 1909, No. 89, two options; the chief's daughter picks berries, steps into a bear cake, swears; her berry basket falls apart, the maids go away; the Grizzly in the form of a man takes her away; she collects dry firewood, it does not burn; Bears collect raw wood; when they take off and shake off their skins, fat drips on the wood, they burn well; they teach the woman what to do; the mouse grandmother tells her to run, gives a branch of a thorny bush, a spike from rose hips, dirt, sand, stone; a woman runs away, throws what she received, prickly thickets, rose hips, a quagmire, dunes, a rock appear behind her back; a man in a boat (this is son of the sun, or Gonakadet) promises to help when a woman agrees to marry him; kills grizzlies with a club; the sons of the Sun were married to a cannibal; they killed her to marry the girl was cut to pieces; it was over the Tsimshian country, so there are many cannibals among the Tsimshians; from above, the girl sees her father's house; loading the Sun Father's boat, his sons and a woman with her belongings her child sailed to her father's house; on the way, they fed the boat; for earthly people, the sons of the Sun, the glare of the moon, the woman's son, a ray; once a stranger took a woman by the hand; the water she brought turned into mucus, her husbands immediately returned to heaven; when they left, they wanted the woman's son to fall ill; people told her to leave the village; she lived with her son in a hut, he did everything stronger; people called the boy the Man from the garbage dump; his father's copper boat sailed at him with its mouth open; he shot, it fell apart; the young man made the first brass things out of her; married the chief's daughter; looking for daughter, chief found a copper house inside the hut; this is how copper appeared]: 87-91; Hyda: Bringhurst 2004 [low-relief image made of mudstone (black slate): Raven (with a spear or harpoon in hands, nose) and Mushroom (with a paddle aft) sail in a boat depicted as a living fish-like creature], figs. 9, 10; Swanton 1905b [a man pierced its fin while swimming past a killer whale with a stone; the next morning smoke was noticed at the cape; a man came up, someone was repairing a hole in the boat and asking why he had damaged his boat; so the man knew that killer whales were boats of water inhabitants]: 17; Tsimshian: Barbeau 1961 [see motif I8; one of the chief's four sons trains strength and endurance at night; even trees and mountains wins; his grandfather or uncle at the bottom of the sea keeps the world at the end of a pole; ducks and loons grease his joints; when he moves, earthquakes occur; a boat comes for the young man; her crew is loons, the boat itself is black fish; the young man takes the place of an aged and tired grandfather]: 40 -60; Boas 1902 [children play, climb into an empty deck, it takes them to sea; with blood from their noses they lure seagulls, kill them; a one-legged man pulls the deck ashore; gives children a boat with mouths on at both ends; it swallows those approaching the stern or nose; children feed both mouths with seals, the boat brings them home]: 102-106; 1966 [the two-headed snake is used as a boat; like the Quakiutl, the owner must feed her seals]: 307; bellacula [Siciutl was first a boat made by carpenter Yulatimut; he let her go, she moves on water and on land; looks like a snake or salmon with heads on both ends of the body; who meets S. may become rich but may also die; S. causes landslides]: McIlwraith 1948 (1): 529; Quakiutl: Boas 1895, No. 13 [Hayalikawa protects (probably tar) his home during a flood; his snake boat (sisisutle) with heads on both ends of his body causes a flood itself; one person flees to the mountain; tongues protrude from both mouths; when the owner says: Row; the boat answers: Wu, and rows; can sail underground]: 167-168 (=1935:137, 147); 1897 [sisiutl has a head with a horn at each end of the serpentine body, a full-face human head with two horns in the middle; a sisisutle can turn into fish (if eaten, you die) and a boat powered by fish fins]: 371-372; (cf. Boas 1932 [in March, if the moon sickle is vertical, there will be no candlefish, because then it falls out of the moon canoe]: 218-219).

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry [Wolverine kills the chief's wife, puts her skin on; the son of the deceased sees an imaginary mother eagerly eating dried fish; swims with her cousin down the river; a mouse girl tells them the truth, he husbands a cousin; the young man himself marries the chief's daughter; his father-in-law makes a boat for him with her singing faces on the sides; in this boat both couples return home; the boat turns into fish, kills and swallows Wolverine, goes to the bottom; The mouse puts skin back on the body of the young man's deceased mother, who comes to life]: Jenness 1934, No. 46:225-227.

Plains. Teton (oglala) [Thunderbird takes the young man's wife; his grandmother gives him an invisible hat and a knife that cuts everything; makes a self-propelled boat with eyes and tail; a young man kills three out of four Thunder Birds; drops his hat, Western Thunderbird picks it up, escapes; a boat brings home a young man and his wife]: Walker 1983:121-126.

(Wed. NW Amazon. The ancestors of the Eastern Tucanos climb rivers while sitting inside the anacondas. Desana [one anaconda boat]: Reichel-Dolmatoff 1975:134; 1986:77, 146; Siriano [all tribes within one anaconda; crawling forward, she makes a riverbed]: Urbina 1991:21; macuna : Ã…rehem 1981:108-109; years: Palma 1984:21; cubeo [the ancestors of the family come in the form of an anacondas, each with brother and sister; when they reach, they shake off snakeskin, turn into people]: Goldman 1940:242).

The Central Andes. The north coast of Peru, vase paintings of the Mochica culture IV-V [mythical characters (including in radiant halos - Sun, Moon?) they swim in boats in the form of monsters with mouths on their bow and stern; boats usually have legs and occasionally arms; Cormorants often serve as rowers or pull the boat by the rope]: Anton 1962, pl.18; Donnan 1978, fig.162, 163; Kutscher 1950, fig.17, 69; 1954, fig.66; 1983, fig.254, 314, 316, 318-320; Ubbelohde-Doering 1926, pl.XII; and many others.

Southern Amazon. Kamayura [a man makes a boat when his wife gives birth; the boat even moves by itself through the forest; the fish jumps into it, the boat swallows it; after eating, the boat gives the fish to its owner; the next day a person takes his first fish; the boat swallows it himself]: Villas Boas, Villas Boas 1973:135-136