Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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I116. The Milky Way is the border of seasons.

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The Milky Way separates seasons of the year or worlds (dry from wet, sky from earth, etc.).

Luba-shaba, luba-kasai, mpongwe, wili, shogo, dum, ndumu, ngala, bangui, Liberia, corn, yabem, miri, abor, ao, chan, lushey, (sora, buryats, nenets, igloolik, zunyi) lango.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Luba-shaba [The Milky Way is considered the boundary between dry and wet seasons]: Studstill 1984:129; luba-hemba [The Milky Way - "the boundary between dry and wet seasons"]: Colle 1913:716; luba -kasai [The Milky Way is the barrier that separates the world of evil spirits thrown from the sky from the world of good heavenly spirits]: Studstill 1984:129; mpongwe (also Shogo, Via, Duma, ndumu, vili-Gabon-lower reaches of Congo) ["wet and dry season separator"]: Lagercrantz 1952:66-67; ngala, bangui ["wet and dry season boundary"]: Lagercrantz 1952: 67.

West Africa. Liberia (hinterland, mano groups, probably gbunde, mano, joe, gbe, ngere, kra, sapo, loma) [The Milky Way is a cloud whose movement "creates the seasons"]: Schwab 1947:413 ( quoted in Lagercrantz 1952:65); corn [The Milky Way is the "wet and dry season separator"]: Thomas 1919:180 (=Lagercrantz 1952:66).

Sudan-East Africa. Lango [Jok placed stars between the upper and lower worlds so that the Milky Way can help distinguish between the two seasons necessary for people's lives (ordained the Milky Way as to arrange for the two diverse seasons necessary for man's life)]: Scheub 2000:86.

Melanesia. Yabem [The Milky Way is dust from beetle larvae living in fallen tree trunks; when it falls on dark ground, it forms similar stains; Jabem calls the Milky Way the boundary of dry and rainy seasons]: Lehner 1931b:116.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Miri ["winter and summer border"]: Smith 1925:115; Cold Weather Guide, meaning the boundary between warm rainy season and dry cold season]: Smith 1925:115; ao ["Cold-Weather-Rains-Divider"]: Mills 1926:302 (quoted in Smith 1925:115); better ["weather path"]: Smith 1925:115; chan [ Smith: Same associations as other nagas]: Smith 1925:115.

(Wed. South Asia. Sora (informant Srinivas Gomango (Christian, d. Nuagada, Gajapati County) [Milky Way - ongtangra (b), letter. ongtang, "fence, fence", rara (b), "god". God divided the sky into parcels between his seven sons and seven daughters. The Milky Way is the boundary between the possessions of seven brothers and seven sisters]: Krylova, Renkovskaya 2017, field materials).

(Wed. Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Buryats [The Milky Way separates the world of the living and the dead]: L.R. Pavlinskaya, personal report on September 22, 2011).

(Wed. Western Siberia. The Nenets (Bolshezemelsky) [The Milky Way separates the world of the living and the dead]: Nikolay Aleksandrovich Taleev, shaman, born in 1969, personal communication on September 22, 2011).

(Wed. The Arctic. Igloolik [The Milky Way - Avigutaa, Avigur, Aviguti - "separator, separator" in the sense of "wind separator"; if it deviates in a certain direction, the wind is on the other side]: MacDonald 1998: 91-92).

(Wed. The Great Southwest. Zunyi [people scattered corn uselessly, the Corn girls decided to leave; they were led by Yellow, followed by Blue, Red, White, Variegated; Black went behind to prevent their pursuers from finding them; Pautiva (the head of Kachin) called them to the village of Kachina to return them to the people; he did not want them to go elsewhere; in Itiwana, the middle place, people collected grain, but it was sick and useless; The priests sent the Medicine Flower Boys to search for the Medicine Flower Boys, then the Jimson Weed Boys, but they did not find the Corn Girls; then the twins Gods of War sent a fly; the Kachina women put freshly brewed pumpkin soup, the fly burned his tongue, has not been able to speak since; arrows were sent, but they found only the wind; the Gods of War invited the priests to look for someone wiser than them; they sent Newekwe, he He sits on the Milky Way and sees everything; he told the priests not to eat or drink for four days until he returned; N. threw ash up, the Milky Way appeared, he climbed it, went south, north, east, went down to the west, told the Milky Way to remain as he did, protecting people; N. came to P., who gladly returned him the Corn Girls who were in the Holy Lake; N. went In front, the Girls behind him, P. with a calebass of water from the Sacred Lake behind them; since then N. has always brought the Corn Girls after Shalako (early winter after solstice ceremony), then P. brings rains]: Hodge 1993:29-32).