Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

I117A. The bat helps you descend .49.50.


bat helps the hero to descend to earth from a high cliff.

Northern Payut, South Payut, Ute, Havasupai, Yavapai, Chirikahua, Navajo, Jicarilla, Western Apache, Zunyi.

Big Pool. North Payute (Owens Valley) [the hero rejects Coyote's daughters; he pushes him off a cliff, falls on a narrow ledge; months later he is so thin that the Bat catches him when he jumps down; returns to his family]: Steward 1936, No. 30:407-408; South Payut (Moapa) [a young man lets a bird carry himself to a rock; kills, takes feathers for arrows; the Bat lowers him to the ground; he kills her, returns home]: Lowie 1924, No. 19:187; Utah: Kroeber 1901 (Wintah), No. 6 [Coyote asks Drake to go with his eyes closed; takes his wife, urinates in the eyes of his children; Drake finds himself on a steep cliff; the Bat tells him to jump down, catches him; the Drake kills the Coyote, causing frost; the children born from him are thrown away]: 272-274; Lowie 1924, No. 28 (southern Utah) [Wolf speaks The frost that a dead ram lies on the rock; Frost climbs up, the Coyote cuts off the rope; Takes Frost's wives, she gives birth to a child; the Bat lowers Frost; he kills the Coyote and the baby born], 48 ( southern Utah) [every morning a girl lies down with her legs spread towards the rising sun; she gives birth to twins from the Sun; they go to visit her father; the old bat takes them to the house of the Sun; the wife of the Sun angry; The Sun denies that he had connections with other women, suggests that the boys' father is the Month; quarrels with the Month, knocks out his eye; since then the Month has been dim; the Sun cooks twins in boiling water, they are safe; he recognizes them as his sons; they return to their mother]: 53-54, 76-77.

The Great Southwest. Havasupai [hunters leave the chief on the cliff; at home, the Coyote takes his two wives without feeding them; the Bat lowers the chief, he kills evil tribesmen; jumps into the abyss with his wives; they turning into stars]: Smithson, Euler 1994:69-75; yavapai (northeast) [people lived underground at the bottom of a deep dip; there was a pine tree ("dog-tail tree") wrapped in vines; people they climbed it to earth, their leader is Hanyiko' (Frog); his shaman daughter made him sick; before he died, he ordered him to be burned and watched the stars; when two stars appeared before sunrise to the east are the feathers that adorn his head; in 2 months, 5 stars will appear - this is his right hand; in 3 months it will be cold, his whole body will be visible; the red star will mark 4 months; on his grave corn will grow; when a corpse is burned, everyone surrounds the fire, but the Coyote jumps over the short Badger, grabs it, takes it away, eats the heart; before that, people said that he died four days later will be reborn; Coyote: let him die forever; X. died forever; Coyote agreed; his daughter died, people refused to change their minds; it snowed; people: mountains covered with cornmeal; Coyote: snow; Therefore, snow does not consist of cornmeal; when it rained, the dry tree did not get wet; Coyote: let it get wet; because Coyote took possession of H.'s heart, from the hole from which people came to the ground, water poured in; people put all kinds of seeds and the girl in the hollowed out pine tree trunk, sealed it; after the flood, the girl went out, the others died; she lay down so that water dripped into her vagina, she shone sun; conceived and gave birth to a girl; she grew up, her mother placed her in the same place, but Water and Sun did not want to converge with her daughter; then the mother covered her with her body and the daughter became pregnant; her son Skatakaamcha; his mother took the eagle and fed it to the chicks; he interrupted the partridge's leg; when he fixed it, she spoke about the fate of his mother; S. decided to kill the monstrous bull (bison?) ; The badger dug an underground passage under him, S. stabbed the monster with a hot knife, killed him; put on a blood-filled stomach; the eagle brought it to the nest; the eagles say that the prey is alive, the eagle does not believe; the eagle flew away, the eagle flew in, S. killed her with a hatchet; told the eagles to remain silent; killed the eagle when it returned; threw the eagles out of the nest; made the rock half as low, but no more; The Bat lowered it in the basket ; he opened his eyes, they fell, the Bat was injured, S. cured her; came to his grandmother, who was crying; he threw eagle feathers at her, said he killed both eagles; married; The Wind stole his wife; Spider warns that Wind offers to compete, kills losers; S. beat him in a ball and ring game; won a competition whose hair is longer; Wind stabbed S. 4 times without causing harm; S. killed him with a knife; threw one hand to the east, the other to the south, one leg to the west, the other to the north: let the wind blow from different directions; S. brought his wife back; grandmother: there is a bad Chewasistesikkaamcha; S. came to him into the house, slowly throws food away for fear of being poisoned; killed C. with a knife; Bear's arrow reeds; S. invites him to marry his grandmother; he gave reeds; believes that the best tips are coal ; S. killed him with flint; the tree for the ends of the arrows at the Owl; S. and offered him his grandmother as his wife; she found the heart of the Owl, it was on the sole; S. shot there, killed the Owl; an bow tree in the canyon with converging and diverging walls; S. put a deer horn between them; went east to his father the Sun; the Sun's wife warns that the Sun will try to kill S. in the steam room; but S. is not afraid of the heat; the Sun recognized his son, let him choose a horse; a man at the cliff pushes passers-by with his foot; he grew up with his back to the rock; S. lets a chanterelle first, it dodges; then a rattlesnake, the man is afraid of it; S. disconnected him with an ax from the cliff, threw it into the abyss; below 6-7 women devour the fallen; S. threw that man's stomach into the fire, he burst into the eyes of the women, S. hacked them; there was a boy, he ran to the cave, S. did not I managed to get it, left the snakes to guard, but they fell asleep; the boy left, creating new ones like him; grandmother: you can't handle them]: Gifford 1933a: 349-364; chiricahua [Coyote has a wife and son; another The coyote asks him to climb a rock, she grows to the sky; the impostor takes his wife, gives his son the worst meat; the Bat lowers the hero in the basket; he opens his eyes, the basket falls, but he is unharmed; finds his son; wife carries him in her bag; he kicks the impostor out]: Opler 1942, No. 1:28-31; Navajo [older sister conceives Nyenezgani from the sun's ray, youngest from his water younger brother; brothers are gods of war, visit the Sun, the eldest receives lightning arrows from him; brothers kill monsters; N. goes alone to kill a four-legged monster with deer horns (his father is an antelope horn); Gopher digs an underground passage under the monster, gnaws hair from the skin under his heart, explains that the wool needs to warm the young; N. climbs under the tunnel, kills the monster with a lightning arrow; Gopher gets the skin; N. fills the gut with the blood of a monster, lets itself be carried away by a monstrous bird; it throws it into a nest on the rocks, but it does not break thanks to the pen given by the Spider; tears its gut with blood to make it look like he dead; the chick says that the prey is alive, the bird does not believe; N. asks the chicks how their parents will arrive; Father with thunderstorm and shower (letter with "rain man"), mother with quiet rain ("rain- woman"); N. kills both parents with lightning arrows, turns the older chick into an eagle, the youngest into an owl; the Bat lowers it to the ground in a basket; for this he gives her feathers of monstrous birds, but those turn into all kinds of small birds]: Matthews 1994:116-121; hicarilla [woman conceives from the Sun and from the Waterfall, gives birth to two sons; son of the Sun Jonahaiyin exterminates monsters, son The Cobaciscini Falls stays at home with his mother; the lizard gives D. his clothes, Gopher digs a passage under the monstrous Moose; gnaws at the wool on the skin where the heart is, says he will take it to his children; D. pierces the heart with an arrow; An elk blows up the ground with horns, creating mountains; four spiders of different colors on four sides of the world stop him, he dies; D. makes durable clothes out of Moose skin; huge the eagle takes D. to its nest; the chicks notice that the prey is blinking; D. asks how their parents will arrive; Mother in the afternoon with rain, father before sunset with rain and wind; D. kills adults birds with an elk's horn, turns chicks into ordinary eagles; the Bat lowers D. to the ground in a basket; for this he gives her feathers, tells her not to go to the plain, where there are many birds; she goes, the birds take all the feathers (the origin of their plumage)]: Russel 1898:255-258; Western Apaches: Gould 1921 (Mojave Apaches) [people in the lower world sent a bird to search for another world; it flew C, B, Y, Z; people sent it up they weaved climbing plants, climbed them, reached the upper world; looking down, they saw water rising; this flood was caused by the Frog woman below; people put the girl in a box, a box hit the sky four times; the girl went out on Mount Montezuma, the others drowned; lay down under the waterfall, gave birth to a girl; she also lay down, gave birth to Jesus; his mother was carried away by an eagle; he learned about it from his grandmother; man dug an underground passage for him under a lying bull, under his heart; I. stabbed a hot knife into his heart; smeared himself with blood and brain, allowed the eagles to carry themselves to the mountain; asked the chicks where their mother was sitting and Father, smeared the rock with resin, killed adult eagles, threw off the chicks; the old bat began to lower it in her basket; he opened his eyes, she fell; he cured her fractures]: 319-320; Goodwin 1994, No. 3 (White Mountain) [the grandson consistently asks his grandmother where to get bow tree, arrow reeds, bowstring tendons, arrow feathers; she replies each time that it is far and dangerous; he goes for an onion tree, says to the Bear, Grandma, I will be your wife; The bear laughs, allows you to take it; in front of the reeds there are interpreting rocks; Gopher digs a passage, brings reeds to the young man; the terrible male Antelope (Big Horns) lies on the ground; Gopher digs four underground passages, tells Antelope he needs wool for freezing kids, chews hair under his heart, a young man stabs a knife in it, an antelope plows the passages with a horn, dies; the young man takes his tendons, fills his stomach with blood; lets the Eagle carry himself, is thrown on a rock, blood splashes from the antelope's stomach, the Eagle thinks the young man is dead, does not believe the chicks that he is alive; the young man kills chicks except one; he replies that his brother, then that his sister will arrive with certain types of rain; a young man kills those who have arrived; that his father will arrive with a man's rain; the same; turns a chick into an owl; The female bat lowers the young man in his basket; he opens his eyes ahead of time, she falls, heals; the young man gives her eagle feathers, tells her not to go under the trees; she goes, feathers turned into all kinds of birds; a young man makes arrows; a white feather comes down from the sky, turns into a girl, he marries her]: 12-16; zunyi [the girl does not leave the house, does not look at the young man; rain enters her room, she gives birth to a boy; in a few days he grows up; throwing stones, hunts small game; sees men's bows; mother admits that bow trees and arrow reeds grow in caves in which a terrible bear; a young man goes there; his divine father closes the entrance to the cave four times when the young man wants to enter it, but then decides whether to let him do what he wants; bear to meet him, the young man grabs; he says that his mother is beautiful; the bear himself chose the material for his bow and arrow, taught him how to make a bow; they agreed that the bear would come for his wife in the evening; the young man equipped arrows with obsidian tips; the bear says it's just black coals, allows you to try it for yourself, is pierced with an arrow and killed; the young man hangs his heart near the house; the mother admits that there is terrible lizards whose spit burns; the young man goes to them, but their spits are harmless to him, because he has a divine nature; he himself throws a large piece of salt into the hearth, it explodes, the lizards die, he brings their hearts; the mother confesses that on the path there is a giant pushing those who walk into the abyss with his foot; under the rock his children devour the fallen; the giant straightens his leg, but the young man jumps back; kills him with a club, throws him down, the giant's children ate him; the young man carved the giant's heart; went down to kill his children, leaving two; thus twisted his necks, turning him into a falcon and an owl; the mother admits that there is a huge bison or elk; the gopher made an underground passage under the lying monster, gnawed at the hair where the heart was; the young man pierced his heart with an arrow, the monster plunged his horn into the ground, but the young man ran away; brought home his heart and part of the skin; the mother admits that there is a nest of cannibal eagles at the top of Shuntekia; when he went to the nest, the young man put on a monster-skin hoodie, attached his gut with blood; the eagle brought it to the nest for his chicks, the gut bursts, blood has flowed; the chicks respond that their mother arrives when the shadow of the clouds appears (actually from her wings); the father arrives when it starts to rain (actually dew); the eagle brought a dead girl, a young man killed an eagle with an arrow; an eagle brought a dead young man, a hero killed him with an arrow; killed chicks, took their feathers for feathers or for use during rituals; he cannot go down; the bat grandmother puts him in the basket, does not tell him to open his eyes; he does not like her song and for the fourth time he opened his eyes; they both fell but did not break; the bat leads towards him, she feeds, but she can't see well, she doesn't have berries, but lumps of clay, etc.; she tells me to go home, avoiding sunflowers; first she went around, then went straight; the feathers she took with her turned into summer birds - goldfinches, sparrows, etc.]: Cushing 1901:65-92