Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

I129. Heron constellation. 59.62.

The rainy season is associated with the appearance of the Heron constellation in the sky.

Insular Caribbean, Wapishana, Guarikena, Barasana.

Guiana. Caribbean Islands [Sky Heron (constellation) causes storms and thunderstorms]: Metraux 1944:134; Robiou-Lamarche 1990a: 39-40; 1990b: 84-85; vapishana [thunder, lightning, rain causes, waving its wings, a flying heron (the constellations of Gemini, Cancer, Leo)]: Farabee 1918:102 (also cit. Metraux 1944:134).

NW Amazon. Guariquena [it was raining all the time; Atjúwali heated two stones, killed a man and a woman who owned the rain with them; a boy and a girl remained; the rain stopped raining altogether; A. asked for children make it rain; the boy said that his sister (her name was “Drop”) could hit the drums left after his father himself; A. created a “mother water” bird from the ash of their murdered mother; the girl began to clean up At home, I found a fried heron, threw it into the sky, it became a constellation, its appearance marks the beginning of the rainy season, at which time there are many herons; the second rainy period is the rodent constellation cachicamo]: González Ñañez 1980, No. 15:207-211; barasana [several constellations and their constituent stars are associated with herons and fruits; they are all related to rain and water; this is the Froth Heron (Veronica's Hair). Pineapple Heron (part of the Lizard), Grilled Fish Heron (α Perseus and neighboring stars), Summer Heron (β Perseus and neighboring stars), Inga Fruit Heron (part of Cassiopeia) — all along the Milky Way; herons are associated with cold, fog, rain; groups of herons arriving during the rainy season bring occasional rains]: S.Hugh-Jones 1982:189, 196.