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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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I2. Lightning from the eyes or mouth .


Lightning flies out of the eyes or mouth {indicated} of the creature that embodies the thunderstorm. See motive I1.

Ila, Nauru, Chuang, Tsou, Mandaya, Manobo, Chinese (Shaanxi), Lithuanians (Samoites), Komi [beak], Mordovians, Altaians [tooth — lightning], tundra and forest Nenets, Eastern (?) Khanty, Ket, Nivhi [from the mouth], Kodiak, Copper [from the mouth], Tanaina, Kuchin, Hea, Chipewayan, Southern Tutchoni, Tagish, Inner Tlingit, Tsetsot, Tlingit, Nootka, Halkomelem, Quileut, Alsea, Cous, Winnebago, chippewa, potauatomi, steppe crees, steppe ojibwa, menominee, fox [from mouth], sarsi, teton, mandan, hidatsa, iowa, arpahoe, arikara, skidi pawnee, chiroki, yuki, pomo, tewa, eastern Panama [from mouth], desana , central and southern regions of mountainous Peru, Siriono, Matako, Toba, Caduveo.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Ila [lightning comes out of god Leza's mouth or eyes]: Smith, Dale 1920:220.

Micronesia—Polynesia. Nauru [the Eigigu woman has three daughters; the older parents are loved and pampered, and the youngest is oppressed {at the end of the story, the youngest is named Eigigu}; the youngest planted a nut on the shore, a sprout broke through, she watered it, and the tree grew to the sky; she named it Deigimadere; she climbed it; her mother and sisters asked her to come back, but she refused and went to heaven; saw a blind a woman who made syrup in coconut shells; counted 10 out loud; the girl stole one, drank the syrup; when she reached for the second, the old woman caught her; first tickled her and then promised to eat; said that she did not need a maid; it was another matter if a girl made her sighted; she said the magic word and the old woman's eyes opened; various flies and ants and an old woman came out from there saw the light; immediately fell in love with the girl; her son Thunder came first; the thunder was his voice, lightning flew out of his eyes; he smelled the man, but the old woman hid the girl until Thunder fell asleep; the same with her second son, the Sun (he is terribly hot); the third, Month, is benevolent and pleasant; the girl chose him as her husband; they are now seen together in the night sky; Eigigu is sitting in front of their house waving to her sisters and mother; she is happy woman on the moon]: DeRoBurt 1968-1976.

Burma — Indochina. Chuang (Yunnan) [the sky was close to the ground, since then the tops of bamboo have been crooked as they rested against the sky; the thunder god emitted lightning, blinking his eyes, creating wings gusts of wind, kicks — thunder, an ax and a chisel in his hands, destroyed everything with them; came to visit a man named Bubo; after eating and drinking, decided that he should collect tax from farmers; B. offered him choosing the top and root; he said he was a celestial, so he chose the tops; B. planted a tarot, the thunderman got rotten leaves and dry stems; the following year he chose roots, and B. planted rice; more the following year, the thunder promised to pick up both the tops and the roots, but B. planted corn and took the cobs; the thunder told his general Lumeng not to send rain anymore; B. told people to open the locks the heavenly river, the water irrigated the fields; then the thunder raised the sky higher, leaving only the tree of the sun and moon to communicate; B. led the people to take water from the underground dragon, but he was the thunder's brother and refused; then B. grabbed him by the horns and told him to pluck his beard; the dragon gave him water; but in the third year there was drought again; the thunder sent General Lumang to repair the locks; B. climbed a tree into the sky, pushed L. into the river; one of the warriors, Qigao, warned that the thunder was going to kill people by drought; B. put his sword to the thunder's throat, making it rain; the thundertaker came down to take revenge, slipped on wet mats, caught and tied up; B. went to get salt to kill the thunder and pickle his meat; tells his children not to let him go, drink him, or give him an ax; the thunder persuaded them (they gave him water with indigo paint , so he turned blue), gained strength, flew out; gave his tooth, telling him to plant it: only Fuyi and his sister will be saved during the flood; the thunder opened the locks of the heavenly river, and the dragon released the waters of the underground lakes; B. swam in an inverted umbrella; the thunder wanted to hack him with an ax, but B. cut off his legs himself; the thunder was afraid that with the waters of the flood B. would be in the sky, threw off the water; B. fell with his umbrella up the mountain, broke, his heart bounced to the sky and became Venus; F. and his sister escaped in a pumpkin (which grew out of a thunder's tooth); went out when the waters came down; turtle, bamboo: you must get married; brother and sister: if you come alive, get married; kill a turtle, cut a bamboo, they are reborn; Venera-B. also told them to marry: light fires on two mountains, if the columns of smoke merge, then you can; sister gave birth to a piece meat; they cut it and scattered it, people came out of the pieces; the thunder attached cockclaws to his legs instead of the severed feet; after the dragon's beard was pulled out, two pieces were left: his carp children; Qugao has become an earthworm; when he crawls out, the thunder tries to cut him in half; if worms crawl out, it means a thunderstorm; shamans recognize turtle shells and bamboo stems future]: Miller 1994:137-150.

Taiwan — Philippines. Tsow [the expression grandfather in heaven sings means “thunder thunder”; when this grandfather sings, the spirits of trees and rocks here and there imitate him in ropax, making the “grandfather” angry and splitting trees, splits stones; lightning is considered the gleam of the eyes of an angry “grandfather in heaven”]: Nevsky 1935:67; mandaya [son of the Sun and Moon, the huge Tambanokaua crab; when he blinks, lightning flies out of his eyes; when it sits in its hole on the seabed, the tide; when it comes out, the water fills the hole — low tide; sometimes it tries to swallow its mother the Moon (eclipse); at this time people hit the gongs, driving away the Crab]: Eugenio 1994, No. 71:137; Manobo [if thunder, Anit is angry with people for disrespecting animals; lightning is A.'s long tongue, a red tongue-like stone that she sends at the culprit; but no one saw of this stone]: Eugenio 1994, No. 149.

China — Korea. Chinese (Shaanxi) [a man beat Thunder, whose eyes are like mirrors, red lips, a soft horn 10 cm tall, a monkey's face; Anhui: The thunder fell into the house, he was doused with urine to make him Couldn't get up any more, he cried like a bull]: Eberhard 1968:253-255.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians (Samogites) [when Perkunas opens his eyes, lightning flashes and when he closes, thunder thunders]: Veckenstedt 1883:127.

Volga — Perm. Komi [Yomal let a kite on the two brothers, which produced thunder with its wings, flame came out of its beak]; Mordovians [beautiful Syrzhu (syrzha — “dawn”) were bypassed grooms; an unknown man appeared with eyes like fire; at the wedding he began to dance on cups and spoons, scream; took his wife away, shouting with thunder, the flame from his eyes burned the hut; it was Purgine Pass; during a thunderstorm he also dances on cups and benches]: Melnikov-Pechersky 1909:437-438; Endyukovsky 1932:231.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Altaians [Tengre-Burkan has Kajit-Buura (i.e. a camel, stallion Kajir); his molar has a zipper; his back has four humps along the four bottom of the sky]: Potanin 1883, No. 2.14:141.

Western Siberia. From the mouth. Nenets: Lehitisalo 1998 (forest) [thunderstorms are a species of birds living in the sea; from there they bring water to the heights; they cannot move without water and use clouds as draft animals; when they open their mouths to speak, lightning flies out from there, and thunder is their speech; then they descend into the sea again]: 15; Popov 1944 (Yenisei) [Hae Ru thunder rides across the iron sky on a sleigh; the sound of thunder is a gnashing runners, lightning — from the eyes of Thunder and his deer]: 85; oriental (?) Khanty; Kets [Thunder are female creatures; Doch met seven Gromov — mother and six daughters; distant thunder and lightning were said to be yawning, releasing sparks from his mouth; when near a flash of lightning, “the thunder breathed a lot"]: Alekseenko 1976:91.

Amur - Sakhalin. Nivhi [from the mouth].

The Arctic. Kodiak [from the eyes]; copper [from the mouth].

Subarctic. Tanaina; kuchin; hea; chipewayan; southern tutchoni, tagish, inner tlingit; tsetsot.

NW Coast. Tlingits; chickpea.

The coast is the Plateau. Halkomel; quileut; alsea [girl swims, sits on a log, it takes her across the sea; she gets married; her brothers come to her; they are Thunders; when they blink, out of their eyes lightning flies]: Frachtenberg 1940, No. 6:99; cous [Raven's voice is like thunder, lightning flies out of his eyes when blinking; he agrees to give it to Thunder, for which Thunder creates a low tide so that the Raven can find food for yourself]: Frachtenberg 1914, No. 5:35-37.

The Midwest. Winnebago; chippewa; potauatomi; steppe crees; steppe ojibwa; menominee [thunder is the flapping of thunderbird's wings, lightning flies out of its eyes when she opens them]: Hilger 1960:49; Fox [Thunder get fire from underground manitou; when they fly across the sky, this fire bursts out of their mouths]: Jones 1911:214.

Plains. Sarsi; teton; mandan; hidatsa; iowa; arpahoe; arikara; skidi pawnee.

Southeast USA. Chirokee: Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick 1966, No. 9 [after dancing, the young man cannot catch up with two girls; next time one agrees to marry him; her brother Thunder rides a big snake; when she his tongue sticks out, lightning flashes; in the box lies his necklace — a rattlesnake; the man is afraid to take it, everything disappears, he finds himself in the forest; if he hadn't chickened out, he would have become a shaman]: 392-393; Mooney 1990, No. 84 [two girls come to dance, a young warrior falls in love with one; a week later she comes back and tells her that her brother agrees to the marriage; they walk down the river, the water turns to grass; the girl's houses they remove their hair from their heads and hang them on a rock; their benches are turtles, the horse is a snake, bracelets are other snakes; the thunder is furious that the young man is frightened, lightning flies out of his eyes, the young man is alone in the forest]: 345-347.

California. Yuki [Taikomol is an anthropomorphic supreme deity, a thunder; at the same time he is a giant eagle or a Pal or Mitlíli condor (heavenly noise); breaks off pieces from a huge mass of flint or obsidian, brings them to the ground (the origin of flint); some believe that lightning flies out of T.'s eyes]: Foster 1944:204; pomo.

The Great Southwest. Teva [lightning is “young man's stone arrowhead”; when he speaks, the ground shudders, fire flies out of his mouth]: Parsons 1929b:265.

Honduras vs Panama. Eastern Panama (kuna?) [The thunder gets stuck in the blackberry bushes; hunters free him, brings him home; it produces thunder with split reeds, flame and flint come out of his mouth; it disappears]: Adrian de Ufelde in Casimir de Brizuela 1972:127-128.

NW Amazon. Desana [lightning is a) the Sun's gaze at the earth; 2) the result of a paye (shaman) throwing his quartz cylinder at an enemy]: Reichel-Dolmatoff 1971:98; chikuna [during a thunderstorm a woman sees diyo-wayo raise her head and neck above the water, then lower it; when her head touches the water, lightning flashes; this D. opened her eyes under the water; this d. owns fish in the Amazon, he is The rainbow in the east; the rainbow in the west is a d., who owns pottery clay]: Nimuendaju 1952:120.

The Central Andes. Central and southern regions [(generalized version): Koa (Koacha, Titi, etc.) is a feline predator flying in clouds near springs, from whose eyes lightning flies; he It also produces thunder and rainbows, rain is its urine]: Kauffmann Doig 1991:1.

Bolivia — Guaporé. Siriono: Holmberg 1969 [there are three explanations for thunder and lightning; 1) A month throws bakers and jaguars from the sky; 2) Bamboo pulls across the sky for a month; 3) when the heavenly jaguar Yakwadusu blinks, sparkles lightning, thunder when shaken off]: 119; Lunardi 1938 [Amêy's main deity, “grandfather”, is associated with thunderstorm and rain, rain is his tears; lightning gives an angry look, thunder is someone punishes]: 206.

Chaco. Matako {Metraux has mixed data on matako and toba, but Takxwa, a matako character, is mentioned later in the same paragraph} [Rain rides a mule in a raincoat; occasionally raises his head and his sparkling eyes fly out of his sparkling eyes]: Metraux 1935c: 140; toba [(painting by Angel Achilai, a Toba Indian); the hostess of the Gasogonaga storms in the sky throws lightning from her mouth; all You agree that the character's elephant-like contours and rainbow coloring are related to ideas about rainbows and rain]: Wright 1992:156, fig. 7.1; caduveo [honey collectors find in a hollow an ugly pot-bellied boy with huge eyelashes; brought to the village; children play with him, pull out his eyelashes; then lightning flies out, thunder sounds, all children die]: Ribeiro 1950, No. 7:140; Wilbert, Simoneau 1990a, No. 20 [English translation]: 41-42.