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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

I25A. Bones for cows. .11.13.-.

The character gives herbivores food intended for predatory animals, and herbivores for predatory animals; the character sees that the animals have inedible food in front of them, corrects position.

Mkulwe, Lamba, Maviha, Kordofan, Arabs of Algeria, Egypt, Kabilas, Sicilians, Corsicans, Ladins, Palestinians, Syrian Arabs, Tibetans, Punjabians, Kashmir (Hindi), Bulgarians, Macedonians, Greeks, Albanians, Romanians, Gagauz people, Russians (Arkhangelsk), Crimean Tatars, Adygs, Kumyks, Dargins, Lucks, Terek Cossacks, Georgians, Armenians, Turks, Azerbaijanis, Persians, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Sarykols, Vakhans, Rushans, Kafirs, Lutsies, Estonians, Finns, Western Sami, Bashkirs.

Sudan - East Africa. Kordofan (no language specified) [the king laments that he is childless; the sorcerer gives two lemons; let one be eaten by an Arab wife, she will give birth to a daughter, and the other a concubine, give birth to a son; when he grows up, he must come to the sorcerer; the boy's name is Shatr Mohammed (SHM); the sorcerer met him, told him to remind his father of the promise; he cries; the sorcerer became an eagle and took away the CMM; in his palace he gives the CMM the keys to all rooms, but forbids unlocking one of them; treasures are everywhere; in the forbidden room, the CMM is a beauty suspended by her hair; on one side there is a horse on chains, bloody meat in front of him; on the other, a lion, hay in front of him; floor strewn with the old and recently cut down heads of young men; the CMM freed the girl, swapped hay and meat, the horse and the lion broke their chains; the horse: put on armor, take the sword and the girl and jump; the lion is with them; the sorcerer catches up; the horse tells you to throw a comb (a thick forest), a piece of glass (a field covered with glass fragments), soap (a river); the sorcerer swam, drowned; the horse tells you to take his hairs to summon him and go to the city ; he hired a gardener; the youngest of the 7 princesses sees him swimming, calling a horse and putting on armor; she sends him food every day, but the gardener picks them up; princesses send his father 7 melons: them it's time to marry; everyone throws a handkerchief to the one she has chosen as her husband; the youngest with the CMM is settled in the slave quarter; the king is sick, she needs gazelle milk; the CMM gives it to his older sons-in-law, who allow them to stigmatize them in the ass ; sons' milk does not help, milk brought by the younger princess healed the father; enemies have attacked; sons-in-law are fleeing, CMM smashes enemies on his horse; to celebrate the savior, the king inflicts a slight wound on him with a sword on her hand and bandages him with her handkerchief; the wife recognizes her father's handkerchief, tells the mother; the king begs the CMM to return to the palace; the older sons-in-law have to show the stigma, now they are slaves to the CMM]: Frobenius 1923, No. 19: 216-224.

North Africa. Algerian Arabs: Aceval 2005, No. 85 (Tiaret Plateau) [stepmother tyrannites stepdaughter; sends gins to the river to wash clothes; along the way she sees a dog and a horse tied, barley in front of the dog, in front of the dog, in front of a horse gives bones, it gives barley to a horse, bones to a dog; a grateful dog gives it courage, a horse gives it a melodious voice; it releases jasmine and rose from a thorny bush; jasmine gives it the breath of jasmine, the rose - soft skin and blush on her cheeks; as soon as she approaches the river, it becomes calm and transparent, the kind genies wash the clothes; the stepmother sends her own daughter; she does not pay attention to the dog's suffering and horses, jasmine and roses; the horse gives her a horse gait, the dog barks dog, jasmine and rose smelly breath and skin, pale cheeks; the genies do not wash her clothes, but torment her in the water, then throw her ashore ; at home, the mother hides her return from human eyes in horror; the prince is attracted by the scent, the stepmother dresses up and belittles her own daughter, the prince drives her away, divorces her; the stepdaughter is found, marries the prince; stepmother and her daughter is expelled from the country]: 90-96; Filleul de Pétigny 1951 [Emhammed, the youngest of the Sultan's three sons, brings lions and panthers from hunting, the elders bring partridges; the brothers envy him; they tell his father that he can bring an apple stalk, whose fruits are rejuvenating; father sends E., who brought a stalk, the apple tree soon grew, brought three apples; the sultan ate and became younger; by the end of the year he aged again, but arrived in time new apples; once someone stole apples; the eldest son guards, efreet takes both the apples and himself; a year later, the same with the middle son; when E.'s turn, he cuts off the efrita's hand, but he took the apples away; On a bloody trail, E. comes to the hole; goes down the rope; there is a city; E. consistently meets three beauties, each on a golden bed, kidnapped on her wedding day; E. cut off the head of efrita, freed the brothers, whom he beat and walled up; found 9 stolen apples, divided them between beauties; sent brothers upstairs, then women; the youngest gave a ring: if E. is not picked up, let him open it a chest with two reeds, they must be thrown to the ground, they will turn into black and white goats; white will carry them to the ground, the black one will lower them even deeper; the brothers cut off the rope; E. touched the black goat, that took him down; there was an old woman with a dog, a donkey, two goats and a goat; straw in front of the dog, bones in front of the donkey, thistle in front of the goats; E. gave thistle to the donkey, straw, bones to the dog; the old woman said that goats should not be taken to good pastures, they have owners; E. began to herd goats there; lions, panthers, jackals attacked, but E. killed them all; saw a snake crawl to the vulture nest; chopped it into 7 pieces and gave them to the chicks; the mother bird is grateful, the snake was her worst enemy, the mother bird takes E. to the ground; the three rescued women do not want to marry the E. brothers, who called themselves saviors; the youngest requires a caftan sewn without scissors and a needle, let him stand and dance; the sultan tells the tailor to make a caftan; E. lives with the tailor, turned the ring given to him, 7 girls appear, they perform everything; now the girl demands a silver chicken with golden chickens; the same; the girl agreed with E. that at the wedding she would throw the apple not to the Sultan's eldest son, to whom he wanted to give it, but E.; E. appeared in white horse, cut off two fingers to his older brother; the next day against his middle brother on a black horse; the sultan slightly wounded E. with an arrow to identify; everything was clarified; the sultan gave the throne to E.; he forgave brothers, married them to older beauties, and married his youngest]: 39-63; kabila [a sick father tells seven sons to bring the hearts of their wives - he will eat them and recover; only the youngest refuses leaves with his wife; going for the fire, he comes to 99 Wuarssen (devas), who cook 99 dead people in the cauldron, offer to remove the cauldron from the fire; the young man picks up and overturns the cauldron, kills devas, throws them into the pit; leads to Deva's house wife, tells him not to go into the same room, goes hunting; the wife comes in, sees that one deva has just been injured, heals him, converges with him; the young man comes to the cannibal teriel, puts on her chest, now she is his mother, promises to help; to get rid of the woman's husband, Dev advises that she ask him to bring rejuvenating apples from overseas; T.: meat in front of the ox, change straw in front of the dog; there is a black bull nearby, he will throw horns furiously, you will fly across seven seas, fall on an apple tree, pick apples; an eagle's nest on the apple tree, give meat to the chicks, the eagle will bring back; when he returns, the young man gave 4 apples T. and 4 to his wife; dev to woman: tell your husband that you are afraid, if you are not weak, let him tie yourself; when I can't break my fetters, I'll get out and kill him; he tears all the fetters; T. young man: you will be killed, ask me to put it down put your bones in a bag, put it on a donkey, he'll come, I'll revive you; when he came back to his wife, she offered to tie it with her hair, he couldn't escape, the devil killed him and ate him, but the bones were sent on a donkey; T. folded her bones, covered him with wool and silk, poured milk on his body, she revived it with a rejuvenating apple; allowed him to return home when he could easily lift a bag of salt and a bag of salt with iron; he comes disguised as a beggar, Dev lets him in; offered to tell a fairy tale; while he is telling his story, dev and wife descend into the ground, he cuts off their heads; kills their deva son; wants return to his father, T. gives a box (do not open it on the way) and a black man; he opens it outside the house, there is a beautiful daughter T., she has a ring that creates a palace; the young man's father sees his wife, wants her for himself, promises a Jew the reward for killing his son; he leads the young man to hunt, feeds salty meat, gives water in exchange for his eyes, brings them to the boy's father; he and the warriors go to take his wife, but the black man does not let him in, kills everyone; a young man hears an old eagle talking to the chicks; the old one has lost his feathers, asks him to hide; chicks: suddenly our father will treat us like a man to his son under a tree; eagle: let the young man rub his eyes with the leaves of a tree; the young man saw the light, the chicks covered the eagle; the young man came to the old woman, changed his clothes, his father did not recognize him, promised to give him his power as an elder if he killed a black man alone; the young man agreed with his wife that a black man will be tied to blood, blood will be shed, he will fall; witnesses: this man killed a black man; the father hands over power to his son without knowing who it is; before that, asks the wise men if the father can marry daughter-in-law; 6 say yes, seventh, no; the father wants to kill him, the young man kills him, orders him to kill the Jew and punish the 6 wise men]: Frobenius 1922a, No. 2:11-24; the Arabs of Egypt [at night the king and the vizier walk around the city, hear three girls talking; each says what she would do to become the king's wife; the first will bake a cake for the king and all his troops; the second sotket tent for the king and the army; the third She will give birth to a son and a daughter with golden and hyacinth hair; when they cry, thunderstorms and showers will begin, when they laugh, the sun and moon will appear; the king married them; the first two failed to fulfill their promise, sent to the kitchen with slaves; when the third wife gives birth, the other wife bribes the midwife, who replaced the children with blind puppies; the king orders that the wife be tied at the entrance, smeared with resin and that everyone spit on her; The midwife put the children in a box, threw them into the river; the fisherman found and raised them; the fisherman caught two beautiful fish, the young man (his name is Mohammed Razumny) carried them to sell them, the king bought them; ordered them to continue to be brought; wife the king understood who this young man was, the midwife promised to lime him and his sister; she sailed in a jug, persuaded the girl to bring the Arab-Zandyq singing rose; M. came to the cannibal, venerated his chest; she explained the way to the rose; meat in front of the goat, clover in front of the dog - you have to shift it; take the rose, leave without looking back, otherwise you will petrify; M. brought a rose; she does not sing; midwife: you need a mirror (same episodes); the rose does not sing again; the midwife: her mistress Arab-Zandyk is needed; the young man got to her palace, looked out the window and began to call; after two shouts, he was half petrified, but grabbed AZ by the hair, let go how she revived all the petrified; said that he was the son of the king; created a palace on the island where the fisherman lived; M. invited the king to come to his wedding with his army; the vizier advised him to stock up on food, but the warriors could not eat everything they were offered; and when M. and AZ paid a return visit, their soldiers did not fit into the city; M. threw a shawl over his mother in the palace; AZ told the whole story; the fisherman was made a vizier , an angry wife and midwife were burned]: Spitta bey 1883, No. 11:137-151.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Mkulva [people gave the dog bones, the sheep meat; the old woman Mwawa ordered to change; The dog quickly ate the meat, barked, We will die, we will die, we will die; The sheep messed with bones for a long time and unsuccessfully, flashed, We'll die and be resurrected; people said the Dog was ahead of her, beat the dog]: Hamberger 1909, No. 4:300 (retelling in Abrahamsson 1951:21, in Frazer 1926:195; lamp [chief commands kill all fathers; one young man hides his own in a cave; the cannibal swallowed many people, disappeared into the abyss; no one knows how to lure him out; the escaped old man tells him to put hay for a dog, porridge for a goat; an ogre goes out to explain that the opposite is necessary; he is killed; Black Ant does not know what to do, the Lizard draws a line on the cannibal's stomach with charcoal, makes a cut with a razor, the swallowed ones come out; the leader transmits power to the old man]: Doke 1927, No. 78:151-153; Maviha [parents will give their daughter to someone who will catch the Ing'ondo beast ("water lizard") living high in a tree; The rabbit brought a goat and a dog to the tree, put porridge in front of the goat, leaves in front of the dog; I. screams that it's so wrong, the Rabbit seems not to hear; I. goes down to teach, the Rabbit kills him with an ax; gets a wife]: Harries 1940, No. 4:417-419.

Southern Europe. Sicilians [The poor shoemaker has three daughters; he sits on a rock, exclaims, Oh! ; a young man appears, asks why his name was, takes him to an underground castle, gives him gold, tells him to marry his youngest daughter; she agrees; it was King Cardiddu; the witch bewitched him because he refused take her daughter; he forbids his wife to unlock one room; sisters come and advise her to unlock; at night she lights a candle, wax drips on K., she ends up in the woods; the king says she must now go to witch; she demands to sweep and not sweep, make and not make a fire, cook and not make a bed; every time K. appears, teaches how to make half; teaches you to ask the birds to wash the pile underwear; a witch sends a girl with a letter to her sister; K. teaches that it is necessary to praise the river, where water is mixed with blood, she will calm down; take bones from the donkey, give the dog hay, and the dog's donkey hay; praise the door, it will stop opening and closing; you can't open the box along the way; run as soon as the witch reads the letter, it says that the letter that brought the letter must be eaten; the girl opens the box, it starts to ring, K. comes to fix things for the last time; the witch tells the door, the dog, etc. to keep the fugitive, but they say that the girl was good to them; the river is evil against the witch when she runs up, drowns her; the witch gives her daughter to K.; the girl stands at the foot of the bed, the witch's daughter is in bed; K. asks to switch places for a while; the witch brings down the floor, her daughter, not the girl, dies; K. s They run away to his wife, he turns into a vegetable garden, she is a gardener; a church and a clerk; a pond and an eel; a witch cannot catch him; at home she crosses her arms over her head until she is open, K.'s wife is born; K. tells ring the funeral bells, the witch believes he is dead, takes off her hands, K.'s wife gives birth to a son; the bells ring for health, the witch smashed her head against the wall]: Gonzenbach 2004a [1870], No. 49:324-332; Corsicans: Massignon 1984, No. 25 [the master marries a girl, takes her away, nothing has been heard about her; takes her sister; when she leaves, she goes down to the cellar; there is meat in front of the donkey, straw in front of the dog; the girl shifts; hears her grandmother's voice from hell: don't do it! the girl shifted it as it was; the grandmother tells me to find the room in which the other sister is locked; the girl finds it, promises to make a box, put it locked there and send it home; teaches her sister to say, "I see everything!" , if the husband wants to see what's in the box on the way; the grandmother sticks her hand out of hell, gives soap, glass, a razor, tells me to run; the girl runs away, throws objects, two slippery mountains appear, and the last with sharp edges, the stalker stops chasing; the girl ran to her parents], 27 [two fairies envy the beauty of a girl named Pretty Fairies; disguised as a beggar, they asked her to walk with them; promised if she will go with them a little more, golden frog; spindle; spinning wheel; brought to themselves; tell them to place and not sweep the floor, cook and not cook meat, set the table so that the tablecloth did not touch the table, and the table did not touch the floor; little Gjuvanninu della veritá teaches you what to do (do not sweep in the center of the room, fry on only one side, put it under the tablecloth and under table legs are paper); fairies tell me to bring a sieve from Aunt Luke (some terrible witch); J. teaches you to swap straw and wafers (hosties), which are in front of the dog and donkey, praise the water source, put something under the door so that she does not slap, put the spindle on the steps of the stairs leading to the second floor of the house where Luka; Luke stumbles on the spindles, falls, the girl grabs the sieve; Luke tells her the guards stop her, but they refuse because she did them good; the fairies want to throw something heavy on the girl and J., but they throw it on them themselves, they die]: 56-58, 60-62; ladins [while father during the war, the son grew up and went on a journey; he answered the gentleman in the green outfit that he was going to learn something; he put him on his back, flew to a secluded house, told him to give barley to the bear and the horse meat; the young man did the opposite; the horse said that the sorcerer had turned them into animals; you have to take an ointment, a broom, a brush, a scraper, run; the sorcerer chases green; a brush, then a scraper, turn into a thick forest; broom - into a rugged terrain with abysses and rocks, the sorcerer stopped pursuing; the horse orders to smear his head with ointment, the young man becomes handsome with golden hair; the horse orders to kill the bear and put on his skin, hire him to the palace to watch the chickens, then ask him to be a gardener; the youngest of the three princesses sees a young man when he takes off his skin; the princesses asked his father to give them gold an apple - whoever they throw at, they will marry him; the youngest throws them into Bear Skin, they are placed in a hut; the king tells his sons-in-law to go hunting; Bearskin takes her horse, puts on a luxurious outfit, caught a lot of game; his older sons-in-law got nothing; Bearskin gave them prey for apples they received from princesses; next time for his horse to kick them in the ass, leaving a mark; enemies attacked Unrecognized as a hero, Bearskin smashes enemies twice; the second time the king scratches him with a sword (to see who this stranger is); at a feast, the young man shows golden apples and tells his older sons-in-law show hoof marks; older princesses grieve for not marrying Bearskin]: Uffer 1973, No. 8:19-25 (=Decurtins, Brunold-Bigler 2002, No. 64:171-178).

Western Asia. Palestinians [when going on Hajj, the merchant promises gifts to his three daughters; the elders ask for a bracelet, a dress, the youngest (from another wife) Sitt il-Husun, the Chief of the Birds; the merchant's camels stopped in Aqaba, he remembered that he had forgotten about his youngest's gift, returned to Mecca, found the house of the King of Birds, it was empty, the merchant called him three times; at home, the King of Birds began to fly to C., spent the night with her in the guise of a young man; the sisters asked S. find out what is dangerous for him; it turned out that broken glass; glass was placed, he was wounded, flew away; S. goes in search, hears one dove say to another that the King of Birds can be cured by rubbing his legs pigeon blood with feathers; S. killed a dove, found and cured her husband; her sisters tell her to 1) sweep and clean the whole city, 2) fill 10 feathers with feathers; her husband teaches her to turn to spirits, they do everything; 3) bring a wicker tray from the ghoul; the husband orders to shift barley to horses, meat to lions, fix the stone terrace in Gulya's house; she takes the tray, the wall, the lions and horses refuse to detain her; S.'s wedding with the Tsar Birds, they fly away together]: Muhawi, Kanaana 1989, No. 12:117-121; the Arabs of Syria [the king is ill, the Indian doctor says only living water from Coral Island will cure him; the elder Aladin has gone on the road; a white dog jumped out of the ground, asked for food; A. grabbed the bow, the dog ran away; at the fork there is one road to the Golden City, the other to the Silver City, the third to Death; A. goes to the Golden City, there are all of gold, A. spent all his money, began to work in a coffee shop; the same middle son Madschd Ad-din (stayed in the silver city); younger Hasan feeds the dog, who says that the Red King is grateful to him, advises driving along the Death Road; trying to pick two flowers, they disappear, he hears the voices of his brothers; a dog reappears from the ground, promises to take them to Coral Island, flies there by air; tells him to enter to the palace, where the demons shout, "Ashtarot, die!" ; demons will die, we must take a vessel of living water, but nothing more; X. takes a necklace, demons grab H., A. tells me to bring an invisible hat; the dog brings a lion to the cave, at the entrance, barley in front of him, and a horse, meat in front of him; H. moved the food, towards the girl with the invisible hat; H. grabbed his hat, but then returned to the girl, who became a demon and grabbed him; the lion and the horse saved him, but the girl pulled him out his hat back, told me to bring the big pearl; the dog carried H. to the well; there was a door, a hall, there were girls, one would give a pearl; that's what happened, H. changed the pearl for an invisible hat, a hat for the water of immortality, the dog flew with him to the Golden City and Silver City for his brothers, they returned home, his father recovered, made H. an heir, married an Indian princess]: Kuhr 1993:169-176.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans [(from Vetala's Twenty-Five Tales); a girl comes to a cannibal's house to ask for fire; gets a piece of grilled human ear, eats it, she liked it; the cannibal and her daughter offer friendship, they explain to the girl how to kill her mother so that she does not interfere; the girl pretends to be sick, tells her mother that she will recover if she hits her chest against a millstone; cuts off her breasts with a millstone, the mother dies; the cannibal and her daughter eat the corpse, the girl herds their cows, carries firewood; the cannibal's daughter puts on her clothes and jewelry, gives her rags; the girl's mother is reborn as a cow, all her milk is cream and oil; tells the daughter to leave her apron for the night, in the morning it wears ready-made yarn, firewood, cooked food, well-fed cows around; the cannibal sends her daughter; in the morning cow manure on her apron, yarn hangs on trees, cows are scattered; the cannibal decides to kill the cow, she tells her daughter to ask for hooves, skin from her feet, part of her entrails, to bury under the threshold; the cannibal and her daughter go to the party, tells the girl crush barley and mustard; the turtledove tells her to dig up the buried, the remains of the cow have become clothes, shoes, ornaments; the turtledove does the work; at the festival, the girl sees the prince, loses on the way home a shoe; the prince promises to marry the owner of the shoe (he saw at the festival that she was a goddess); turtledoves tell the girl to go to the palace, the prince marries her; she gives birth to a son Jalaγu Ardasidi; in the country prosperity; the cannibal's daughter comes, asks about the habits of the new queen, she replies that she gives cows bones, dogs hay, the king soup, courtiers food, spanks her son, slams the door, stomps up the steps, puts a ball of thread into the fire in the evening (it will not remain hot until morning), etc.; the cannibal's daughter invites the prince's wife to wash her hair, pushes her into the lake, puts on her clothes and jewelry; imaginary the wife broke doors and stairs, feeds her husband with liquid soup, gives bones to cows, etc.; the groom sees the horse drinking from the lake, crying, a golden lark flying out of the water, asking which queen is under better; the groom tells the king about everything; he asks the lark to sit on his head, catches him; the lark says that she has committed a great sin (letters., "my daughter committed", but then the text on behalf of his daughter); it is necessary push the imaginary wife into a trap pit, fill her with hot coals, then the real one will take her form; and so it happened; the revived one orders to cut off the head of the cannibal's dead daughter, wraps her head in a ball of thread, comes to the cannibal under the guise of her daughter; asks for help unraveling the ball; taking the end of the thread, she jumps back; finding her daughter's head, the cannibal jumps after her; the girl screams that the cannibal's house is on fire; she takes the red scarf left by the girl in the window to the fire, comes back; everything is fine]: Schlepp 2002:125-132

South Asia. Kashmir (translated from Hindi) [the fakir lets the childless queen eat barley grains, a son Sherdil ("lion's heart") is born; he goes on a journey with a blacksmith, carpenter and grinder; they come to an enchanted city, everyone takes turns cooking; a dwarf rides up on a rat, demands food, turns into a giant, throws the cook at the tree; when it's S.'s turn, he kills the enemy leaves the grinder king of the city; in another city, S. kills a witch who appears to be a girl, puts a blacksmith king; in the third, a carpenter; each sister has a grain of barley, while the barley plant is green, with S. all in order; flowers float along the river; S. finds a tree, a basket on it, a beauty's head in it, drops of blood fall into the water, turn into flowers; finds bodies on the bed; puts her head to her body, the princess comes to life ; the genie who stole the princess decapitates her during his absence; S. asks to know where S.'s soul is; in the desert there is a tree, grass in front of the dog, bones in front of the horse; we must pass by them, remove them from the tree a cage with a starling, a bee in the starling, the genie's soul in it; to pass, you have to give the horse's grass, the bones to the dog; S. did so, killed the bee, the genie died; the princess let a box with her hair along the river, The royal son found her; sends the old woman to his wife Sh.; she found out that S.'s life was in his saber; on the advice of the old woman, the wife changed her sword, the old woman threw her into the fire, S. died; the old woman brought her to her master, the princess asked to wait six months; the barley shoots withered, the brothers found them, repaired their sword, S. came to life; the carpenter made a flying palanquin, brought the princess, threw the old woman from a height; S. returns to his homeland]: Zographer 1964:327-339 (=197:71-80); Punjabi [the fakir gives the queen barley grains to eat, she has given birth to a boy; he grows up, takes the Knife Grinder, Blacksmith, Carpenter as his companions; in a devastated The demon of the city The grinder cooks, the dwarf on his mouse demands to give him food, turns into a giant, hangs the cook on the banyan tree, eats everything; the same with others, but the prince kills the demon; people come back the prince makes the Grinder king, leaving the barley stalk: if it dries up, the prince is in trouble; the same in another city, the old woman eats the food, the prince kills her, the Blacksmith remains king; in the third city he became king A carpenter; a prince walks alone, sees a ruby carried by a river; upstream a tree with a golden basket with a beautiful woman's head in it, drops of blood fall in rubies; he puts his head to his body, the beauty comes to life; she is a kidnapped princess, a genie decapitates her when she leaves; she provokes the genie to tell him where his soul is; she is in the form of a bumblebee in a goiter, a lark in a cage on a tree, guarded by a dog and a horse; we must shift hay from dog to horse, bones on the contrary; the prince did everything, the genie died; the princess washed her golden hair in the river, put one on a sheet, letting him go down the river; the king saw him, the old woman promised to find a woman; came beggar, persuaded the princess to find out what the prince's life was like; the prince: in my sword; the old woman first changed her sword, then put it on fire, the prince rushed to the palace, but fell decapitated; the old woman brought the princess to the king; the barley stalks dried up, the prince's friends came, the blacksmith fixed his sword, the prince came to life; the carpenter comes to the kidnapped, offers to sit in the palanquin, he flies away; the sister who sat down with the princess The king and that old woman are thrown down; they all go back to the prince's father]: Steel, Temple 1984, No. 5:47-58.

The Balkans. Bulgarians [the tsar asks for a wonderful nightingale; the younger prince follows the advice of an elder (horse): he drinks blood and pus from a spring, sweeps the stove, steps the stairs, changes food in front of the lion and a ram (the lion had hay, the ram had meat), etc.; takes a bird, kisses a girl; she asks the guards to detain the thief, they miss it; the hero also takes the girl; brings the bird to his father, gets a girl and half the kingdom]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, no.*550**: 203; Macedonians [the king is sick; he will be cured by the nightingale Intizal; whoever of the three sons brings the nightingale will give him the throne; at the fork there is a stone: whoever goes along he will return on the first road, he may return on the second road, he will not return on the third road; the brothers leave their rings under the stone, the youngest is on the third road; the mother of 40 dragons greets her; she replies that if he hadn't greeted her, she would eat it; takes an oath from her sons that they will not eat the hidden one; they do not know about the nightingale, they send him to 80 dragon brothers; the youngest of 40 leads there; the same place; the youngest of the 80 dragons leads to the river; you have to whip up the foam, there will be a bridge; hang the left half of the door on the right hinges and vice versa; in front of the lion, the hay, the meat must be changed; get drunk from the spring with blood and rot, praise the freshness of the water; go up the stairs, there are two sabers, outweigh; a girl sits, if her eyes are open, she sleeps; you have to kiss her, pick up the nightingale cage; girl wakes up, tells me to grab the thief, but sabers, lion, etc. answer that they have not outweighed them for 9 years (etc.); the girl asks to take her with her, she will die without the cows; the young man takes her; he returns with her brothers his father marries him to the girl he brought, gives him half the kingdom]: Martin 1955:40-46; the Greeks (Lesbos) [the poor man has three daughters for marriage; the coffee maker advises not to grieve, but to throw a net in the name of his eldest daughter; the catch was unusually large and the proceeds of 800 piastres were enough to pass off the daughter as a mule driver; two years later, the same with the middle daughter (2,000 piastres, assistant greengrocer); when the net was abandoned in the name of the youngest, there was a huge lobster in her, loaded on two carts and brought home; daughter's father: this is your husband; at night a beautiful young man Melidoni is nearby; drinks and food appeared, the girl is happy; her mother and sisters feel sorry for her; they see Prince Charming three times, offering to marry him instead of looking at the lobster; unable to stand it, the girl replies that this is her husband; he leaves immediately: you are unlikely to see me again; the girl goes in search, taking three pairs of iron-soled shoes; a year later she saw a dried pond; a cannibal lies in the mud, long eyelashes cover her face; the girl slipped under her eyelashes a wand, cut them off with an ax, poured water on the cannibal and hid behind a tree; she could not see for 15 years; if you are a woman, I will make them queen, if a man is king; the girl left after the cannibal swore not to harm her; explained that she was looking for M.; the cannibal told her to spend the night with her, tomorrow her and her two sisters would come; turned the girl into a button and put it in her pocket; son: I can feel human spirit; Melidoni? I know that his beautiful wife betrayed him; the cannibal sends the girl to her sister, a year later she came, everything repeats itself; the cannibal says that M. is the son of her younger sister; gives a frying pan and three apples; it is necessary come and knock an apple on the pan, M. will appear in different guises; you can't let him kiss her; the girl did not allow herself to be kissed, but gives an apple every time; M. (he in the guise of another man) turned it into a button, brought it to his mother; took a bite from her that she would not eat his wife, turned the button again to the girl; she demands to sweep and not sweep the room; M.: litter and then sprinkle dust; cook and do not cook the meat (cook half and chop the rest and start cooking only when the cannibal returns); the cannibal tells you to go to her sister for yeast bread for her son's wedding; M. in the form of a boy (supposedly he is M.'s son); you have to walk barefoot on the thorns and grab them for their softness; praise wormy figs; in front of the donkey bones, in front of the dog hay - change; source blood and pus: drink and praise water; grab yeast at the top of the stairs and run; the cannibal tells you to detain the fugitive, the donkey, the dog, the spring, the thorns refuse; the cannibal tells you to fill the pillow with feathers, feed the dog, bring the donkey to dance, and bring bread intact; M. summoned the birds, they threw off their feathers; beat the donkey, let him lie; at the wedding you will be given torches; do not throw it, even if they will burn their hands and then throw them at the bride; the brides' hair flashed, everyone left to extinguish, and M. and his wife returned to her parents, who by then had burned the lobster shell]: Paton 1901, No. 16:86-93; Greeks: Kretschmer 1919, No. 34 (Crete) [the poor widow does not have bread for the dervish, he fed her children himself; took one to study; brought one to the mountains, the door opened in the rock, the dervish asked the boy to come in and take a lamp; girls play musical instruments in the cave; an hour later the door closed; the boy came to a place where there are bones in front of the horse and hay in front of the dog; put it in places; they say that the dervish they are tormented; let the boy ask the girls for a candle; the horse lit a candle lamp, a lion appeared, asked what was needed; boy: get out of here; lion: take the board out of the closet, throw it, it will be in the river, sit down and swim downstream; the horse and the dog hit the hair: if burned, they will come to the rescue; when they sail somewhere, the boy called the horse and the dog; the horse brought him to his mother, and the dog protected him from predators; the boy asked the lion of valuables, he delivered gold and diamonds; in order not to meet the dervish, the family moved to Constantinople; the robbers took gold on the way, but did not take the lamp; in K. they hired a house from a dervish; the gold taken ended up in the basement of the house, because the dervish was one of the robbers; when the dervish came for payment, the boy, on the advice of a lion, lowered a dog on him and it tore it apart; in the city, the king and minister agreed to marry the princess with the minister's son; the young man wanted to marry her himself; the king demanded slaves, precious clothes, etc.; everything was delivered; the ministers decided that the young man was of royal blood; but let everyone But he will be able to herd 14 birds with one stone without loss for three days; the maidens give a pipe to lure the hares back; the minister changed his clothes so as not to recognize him, came to buy a hare; but the young man recognized him, sold the hare for three slaps in the face, bought the hunter has a new one; the next day the king himself went - the same; the queen - for a kiss; now the king orders to build a palace - done; now we need to fill three bags with tales; the young man began to tell him interrupted - the bags are full; he received a princess]: 128-142; Megas 2012, № 884C [(many options; all of Greece); an aged father (king) cannot go to serve (fight), but he does not have a son; older daughters think that the father is concerned about the prospect of their marriage; the youngest dresses as a young man, goes to war; avoids exposure many times, but in the end the young man finds out that he has a girl in front of him; she does a lot difficult tasks; along the way, praises a dirty river or spring for its cleanliness , shifts food so that each animal can eat the food it needs; runs away from the pursuer, throwing objects that prevent the pursuer from moving; he grabs her horse by the tail, the horse tells her to cut off the tail; stalker: if it is a man, let him become a woman, and if she is a woman, let him become a man; the heroine becomes a man and marries a princess whose husband formally became a girl]: 187-189; Romanians [the king forbade lighting a fire in the evenings; the servants found three sisters, sitting in the light; the eldest promises to strain their hair for his coachmen, the middle one to sew horsemen, the youngest to give birth to two gold-haired sons; the king has fulfilled their wishes; the elders are envious that they only spin and weave; they replaced the children with puppies; the king ordered his wife to be buried in manure, putting the puppies on her nipples; the children went downstream in the box, they were found and raised by a shepherd; their mother gave birth to a gold-haired girl a year later, who was also lowered down the river, replaced by a puppy, was also found by a shepherd; the aunts found out about this, sent it as a sorceress; she told the girl that the Calman horse's feather would make her even more beautiful; the brothers went in search; the well in front of the dog is hay, and the bones in front of the donkey, the brothers changed them; they grabbed the feather from the horse's forehead, ran; the owner of the pen tells the dog, donkey and well to detain the fugitives, but they refuse; the sister stuck pen in their hair; brothers and sister came to the king's ball; sister talks about everything; king executes evil sisters, returns his wife and her children]: Bîrlea 1966:455-456; Albanians [Kjoftlárgu ( hell) fed the louse, she became the size of a ram, brought the king, suggested that whoever guessed what kind of beast it was should marry the royal daughter; only K. himself guessed, took the girl to the lower world, enclosed in the far corner of his palace; of the king's three sons, the eldest hears, the middle sees that underground, the youngest goes down a rope into the well; bones in front of the horses, grass in front of the dogs, a young man shifts; horses and dogs promise to help, give the young man an eagle ("doodle bird"), he must be fed with meat; they do not give the young man K., he leaves again; the brother puts his sister on a doodle, that flies to the ground, she feeds him meat, there is not enough meat, she cuts off a piece of calf from her leg, returns home; her brother stayed downstairs; a crying girl comes, she is the daughter of the richest citizen, given to eating K., who closed the water sources, passes water off as girls; the young man shot K. with a gun; blood flowed immediately from the springs, and clean water two days later; the young man married a girl, they were helped return to earth]: Lambertz 1952:29-36; Albanians [the sorcerer promises the childless king of children if he gives his first child to him; when the second son was born, he took the first one; he treated him well, taught him; allowed me to enter all rooms except the last 99; the sorcerer sleeps for 24 hours, awake for 24 hours; once a young man unlocked that room: a sorcerer sleeps in it, and there are various animals around that screamed; but the sorcerer did not woke up; in front of the mare's bone, in front of the dog, the young man shifted; the sorcerer woke up and rushed to kill the young man; but the mare tells him to take a basin and a jug for washing, salt, a comb and ride it away; the sorcerer is chasing, the young man has thrown salt (mountain), crest (dense forest), basin and jug (sea); the sorcerer has stopped persecuting]: Meyer 1994, No. 5:108-110; Gagauz people [the eldest of the shepherd's daughters: if son the padishah will marry me, a hundred square meters of carpet that will cover the entire army; middle: I will bake bread for the whole army; the youngest: I face a boy with a month on his forehead, a girl with the sun; the son of the padishah takes the youngest; leaves with father; wife gives birth to a girl Gn ("sun"), a boy Ay ("month"); mother-in-law and witch grandmother write a letter that the wife gave birth to two puppies; the children are lowered in a box into the river, their mother is buried in the ground belt, everyone should beat her and spit on her; the poor picked up the children; they grew up, left, found a home, began to live there; the witch's grandmother persuades her sister to ask her brother to bring 1) an apple from Dnna G ; zeli ("beauty of the world"); the old woman tells you to try bitter apples, praise the taste; drink from a spring of blood and pus, praise water; if DG's eyes are open, then she is sleeping; brother wraps DG hair around his arm makes you say where the apple tree brings apples; 2) the mirror from DG; 3) brought and married DG itself; the young man forgets that when his eyes are closed, DG does not sleep, she turns him into stone; his sister goes to look for him; old woman: grass in front of the wolf, bone in front of the goat, must be swapped; bitter apples, a spring of blood and pus (like a brother); wrap 99 DG braids around your arm, make your brother revive; she revives 99 men the hundredth is the girl's brother, all three come back, the young man meets his father, who has already become a padishah; DG frees the mother of the children, gives the dogs the food that the mother-in-law and witch wanted to poison them; grandmother 40 horses were tied to their tail, 40 knives were stuck in their mother-in-law]: Syrf 2013:174-181.

Central Europe. Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [two princes went for a walk with their sister Maria, lost her; the father gave a portrait of his sister, let them look; after they left, the queen gave birth to another son named Pokati-Gorokh; the brothers came to their sister, she hid them; Raven Voronovich flew in - shuryaks, come out; he killed them and drunk them - like alive; tells his wife that death was written to him only from Pokati Grokh; PG has grown up," I threw my grandmother in the back"; she cries: your two brothers and sister did not bother me; PG comes to my sister, does not hide; says hello to BB, both shake hands to blood; both eat and drink a lot; when flying away, BB tells you not to go into the back room of the front stable; PG goes, there is hay in front of the lion, meat in front of the horse, PG shifted; then opened the door - two girls flew out and disappeared; PG ran to BV's mother, asked forgiveness; she persuaded BV to forgive; both go to war, PG on the horse that BV fed meat; when BB fights, the street will wave to one side, the lane to the other; but only enemy forces more; PG came to the blacksmiths: soldiers appear from hammer blows, non-commissioned officers elsewhere, in the third, girls sew on a hoop like an officer poked with a needle; PG: amen to your work; they are grateful that stopped them; the warriors are no longer there, BB killed everyone, joyfully rolls like a hay hay pile; PG killed him; he was guilty to his mother, she led him to the well to collect living and dead water; PG drowned her in it, He took water for himself; revived his brothers, went home with them and his sister; picked up a stone, a hole under it, told his brothers to lower it on their belts; sent two girls to the brothers below, but they could not pull him out could; married those girls; PG came to the old man, began to herd his oxen; he told them not to drive them to the protected meadows; PG drove there, towards the monster with three heads, he killed him; the next day, oh five heads - the same; then six; hid these heads under the bed; the old man found it, glad; promises to ask the Firebird if it will carry PG to the ground; sitting on the bird, PG feeds the bird meat, it's over, he cut off his legs from his calves; the bird flew to the ground, died exhausted; PG revived her with living water, she regurgitated the meat from his legs, he took it with dead and alive water; returned home, married]: Smirnov 1917 , NO. 11:111-121.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars (Miskhor) [when dying, the hunter tells his three sons to hunt not in the west, but in the east; the elder brother and his men in the west did not find anything, he goes east; a rider tall two inches, a four-inch beard whips them and takes them away; the same with the middle brother; the youngest; the youngest comes to the old woman; she explains that the dwarf is a sorceress, the girl Zulbujar; sends them to her elder sister; she advises to change the places of hay and meat, which are chained in front of the dog and sheep sitting outside the palace; then wait for Z. to wake up; when she wakes up and sees the young man, Z. lost his magical power; wedding]: Zherdeva 2020, No. 40; Adygs: Khut 1987:124-137 (Abadzekhi) [Tleubokozh and Pshi, who called him on a hike, steal a herd of dust from the other brothers; every time Pshi does not hold a stallion who runs home and informs him about the kidnappers; T. consistently kills three other people; dying of his wounds, tells the pshi to go and shout, T. is dead; then comes to life; someone kidnaps foals; T. cuts off the kidnapper's leg with an arrow; mother and sister T. find a crippled frost in the reeds, take them as husbands; on the advice of a frog, the sister pretends to be sick, asks T. to bring an apple out of the garden beauties; T. kills three-, six-, nine-headed dragons, which were taken to eat by a girl; each gives birth to him a son, their mares from T.'s horse to a foal; the last wife advises giving birth to a hundred guards garden eagles for chicken, hundred shooters on the arrow (they fight for arrows with each other), take hay from the dog, give it to the horse, take meat from the horse, give it to the dog; the owner of the garden calls the guards, they let T. s apples ago; his grown sons greet him; T.'s mother and sister gave birth to 25 others at home, they ate almost everyone; T.'s sons kill these frogs and sister T.; mother and her husband T. throw them into the reeds] 235-248 (shapsugi) [Nogai is blind; sends three sons for a piece of land from a place where his horse's hooves did not set foot, then he will see the light; the eldest, middle sons return soon; the youngest finds gold pen; pshi adopts him, gives seven pelyuans as workers; they ask the magician to help them lime him; he advises him to say that the young man boasted to do difficult tasks; the horse helps to do everything; 1) get a bird with golden feathers (lures millet, catches); 2) get two lion cubs; 3) a wild boar; 4) the beautiful Gegulez; the horse asks to smear it with resin and sand, defeats the guard horse, he helps tells a hundred dogs to throw lamb carcasses, a hundred eagles of skin, prevent G. from taking out the whip, she turns it into stone; the young man revives the previously petrified ones with this whip; G. promises to take millet if he dives into boiling milk, millet and seven pelyuans were cooked; the young man's father reports that he pretended to be blind so that his son would get G.]; Kumyks: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 11 [the snake crawls into the old man's shoe, demands to give his daughter; only the youngest agrees; the father sends her to the snake in the barn; the serpent sheds its skin, becomes handsome, the barn becomes a palace; the sisters ask the youngest, out of envy put a knife in the crack from where the snake crawls out; he is wounded, returns to the lower world; his wife goes looking for him, puts a ring in the jug of the maid who has come for water; the snake husband recognizes the ring; his mother and aunt are ajdaha, and their aunt want to marry his aunt's daughter; the mother tells the girl to sweep the way to her sister's house, the Serpent arranges everything himself; tells her to bring yeast from her house; the Serpent tells her to praise black thorns, pin them to her chest; drink blood and pus from rivers, praise them; close the slanting gate; take the bone from the horse, give the dogs, the hay from the dog to the horse; the girl takes yeast, runs away; the dog, the gate, etc. refuse to detain her, because the hostess is ajdaha treated them badly, but the girl treated them well; The snake brought to the bride, he cuts her to pieces, runs with the girl, both chases; The serpent throws a comb (thorny forest), salt (salt swamps), needles ( turn into two trees); The serpent and the girl climb on them, azhdaha then, the Serpent throws two spinners, they turn into millstones, crush Azhdaha; the boy and the girl have achieved their desires], 53 [father agrees take a new wife only if the leather boot under the roof decays; she finds out if her boot is rotting, getting married; tells me to get rid of three stepdaughters; the father digs a hole in the forest, they fall into it; they dig an underground passage to the khan's stables; the khan asks what gift each one has; the eldest promises to sew clothes for forty riders, the average will cook for forty guys from rice filled with eggs in the shell, the youngest to give birth to a son with golden tuft, daughter with a moon-like forehead; the elders cannot fulfill their promises without the help of the youngest; the youngest gives birth, the sisters put their children in the chest, descend the river, replace them with puppies; the khan tells them to wrap put her in her skin at the door; the fisherman picked up the chest, the girl Suvsar and her brother Tabulda ("foundling") have grown up; the khan meets him; the sisters guess who he is, send the old woman to persuade S. to ask T. bring a branch of a wonderful tree and wonderful water; T. comes to the palace, there is meat in front of the horse, hay in front of the dog, he changes it in places; praises thorns, lubricates the gate, takes away the branch and water, the gate, etc. refuse to hold it; a watered, wonderful tree grows; the old woman says to ask T. to get the beautiful Karachach; T. calls K., begins to stone, after the third hail K. comes out, T. and earlier petrified ones come to life; in the house of T. and S. K. burned an old woman who came in the stove; T. comes to the khan, offers a wooden pigeon to eat; says that a woman cannot give birth to a puppy either; Khan comes to K., she explains everything; Khan has figured out how to take K away . from the son; K. throws him off the glass mast; mother T. and S. washed, her sisters wrapped in cow skins, T. was chosen khan]: 175-179, 479-488; Dargin [the snake requires the ploughman to give his daughter; only the youngest agrees; in her palace, the serpent sheds her skin, turns into a handsome man; the older sisters sweep, find skin, burn; the husband disappears; the wife descends the hole into the lower world, where the boy came for with water, she throws a ring into the jug; Agaikhan's husband recognizes her; his bloodthirsty mother Vahig gives difficult errands; 1) clean the house using triangular needles (the wind cleans); 2) cover the house with feathers ( birds perform); 3) bring zurna with a drum from behind the mountains for A.'s wedding; A. teaches to praise, sip blood and bitterness from rivers, shift meat to dogs, hay to horses, open closed gates close; the girl brings a zurna and a drum, the guard orders her to stop in vain; V. passes A. off as a freak - the daughter of another V.; A. kills her, with a girl in the form of pigeons they fly to the ground, V. chases eagle; pigeons into oats, eagle into chicken with chickens, peck grains; two grains did not notice, returned to the lower world, and A. and his wife became human beings, live well]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 42:378-383; varnishes: Kapieva 1974 [stepmother tyrannite stepdaughter; red-headed cow Zaza gives that honey from her right horn, oil from her left horn; stepmother gives her stepdaughter a spin of wool, the whirlwind takes the wool, Z. says where to find what has been taken away; greet people who harvest corals, gold, pearls, they will show the way to the mistress of the Chassages winds; take bones from horses, give dogs, dogs to horses hay; drink from the river, praise the sweetness of the water, the waters will part; C. will offer to shake her house, you need to clean it up; tear her dress, ruffle her hair - you need to rub it, comb it; C. pours the girl from a jug, her hair turns golden; the girl pulls her wool from under C.'s pillow, runs away; everyone lets her in, the river gives gold-heeled shoes; the stepmother sends her own daughter to herd a cow, she is rude to everyone, calls the water dirty, gives bones to cows, hay to dogs, turned everything in C.'s house upside down, she splashes water into her face, it is covered with warts; stepmother orders Z. to be slaughtered, she tells her bones to be buried under an apple tree; buried bones give a beautiful outfit to go to the wedding; one slipper fell into the stream, the khan picked it up, ordered it to be tried on, found the owner, ordered her to be brought to the palace to marry; on the way, the stepmother does not give her water, she collides into the well, gives her shoes to her daughter, the khan had to marry her; the merchants pulled the girl out, she became a neck; the gardener hears her telling the trees in the khan's garden to dry up; the khan catches her, she turns into a true bride; Khan expels stepmother and her daughter]: 24-35; Khalilov 1976, No. 46 (village. Tabakhlu, 1836) [the same in a shorter translation in Khalilov, Osmanov 1989:54-62; the red cow tells the hungry stepdaughter to suck her horns, honey flows from the right, oil flows from the left; the wind blows away the wool, the stepmother tells her to find her and return; the cow teaches people who grind pearls, gold, corals to go to everyone, wish everyone the best, ask themselves, they will show the way to the wind Chassage; horses will have bones in front of them, hay in front of dogs, hay must change; call the muddy river oily, take a sip; Wind Chassage, Air Asiyat should ask for wool back; she will ask you to scrape the rooms, they must be whitewashed, cleaned; pull out your hair, tear them clothes - comb, wash; that's how it happened; the girl put her finger into the river, it turned silver, the river missed her {apparently parted}; the same was a bloody river, the girl called it honey, her finger became gold; C. poured golden water on her head, her hair turned golden; C. offered to sleep on a golden bed, wants to make the girl a daughter, hides her wool under her head; the girl pulled her out, ran; the old woman tells everyone to grab her, calls the river bloody, but they only give the girl even more; the stepmother plants her own daughter to spin hair next to the cow; the wind blows away the wool, but the cow teaches the wrong way ; the girl scolds the people she meets, gives bones to horses, hay to dogs, her fingers are covered with ulcers from the water of the muddy river; she tears her hair and clothes; she pours dirty liquid on her head, her face and body become covered with ulcers and boils; the cow was slaughtered, the stepdaughter buried her bones; asked them for beautiful shoes and clothes to go to the wedding; one shoe swam along the river; the prince found it, he was just right for his stepdaughter, the prince took her to his place wife; stepmother and daughter also went; the bride is thirsty, the stepmother gives her a drink, taking her eyes out; throws her into the well, dresses her daughter in her dress; the merchants pulled the girl out of the well, she turned into a canary; when she flew into the prince's garden, she asks the gardener to say hello to the prince and let the tree dry up; the prince sees that many trees have dried up; the canary was caught, the false wife told her slaughter, a tree has grown out of blood; dates fall on the prince, his wife is scratched by thorns; his wife orders to make a cradle for her child out of wood; the old woman's son picked up the chips, threw it behind the chest; they turned into a girl when she cries (?) , when she laughs, pearls, silver and gold horseshoes fall from under her feet; the cradle squeezed the child to death; the old woman's son fattens a lousy horse in the palace; the girl turns it into a painted horse; the king comes to see him, falls in love with a girl; girls are going to tell fairy tales, a true bride tells her own; stepmother and her daughter are tied to horses; wedding]: 109 -119); Terek Cossacks (Naurskaya) [the tsar goes blind, sends his sons to bring land from the country where he was, from it he will see the light; the eldest, middle son brings land where it is covered with gold, where wood is exudes milk and water; the king says he was next; the younger chooses a frozen gelding, comes to the right place; on the way back he picks up a golden pen; stops at the Sultan; wanting to take possession of the pen , the vizier suggests 1) sending the prince for the sea maiden; at the bottom (all on the advice of a horse), the prince gives the wolf, in front of which lay hay, meat; ram instead of meat, hay; they are allowed to enter the palace; lubricates 90 doors with oil; the queen tells the doors, the wolf, the ram to detain the prince, they refuse; the prince brings it to the Sultan; 2) get the bird whose feather was golden; the horse tells them to sprinkle cereals, replace it in the lake water with wine, hide in the camel's carcass, leave the other to the birds; the prince grabs the intoxicated king bird pecking; 3) the milk of the sea king's goat; at the bottom of the sea, the horse fights with the goat, wins (the horse is covered from goat bites with camel skins); 4) swim in sea goat milk (it is boiling); the horse spewed water into the cauldron, cooling it; the sultan began to swim - he cooked; the prince puts the vizier in prison, marries Queen of the Sea, treats her father for blindness]: Vostrikov 1904, No. 1:66-74; Terek Cossacks (v. Naurskaya) [the tsar goes blind, sends his sons to bring land from the country where he was, from it he will see the light; the eldest, middle son brings land where it is covered with gold, where the tree exudes milk and water; the king says he was next; the youngest chooses a frozen gelding, arrives at the right place; on the way back he picks up a golden pen; stops at the Sultan; wanting to take possession of the pen, the vizier suggests 1) send the prince for the sea maiden; at the bottom (all on the advice of a horse), the prince gives the wolf, in front of which lay hay, meat; ram, hay instead of meat; they let them into the palace; lubricates 90 doors with oil; the queen tells the doors, the wolf, the ram to detain the prince, they refuse; the prince brings it to the Sultan; 2) get the bird whose feather was golden; the horse tells them to sprinkle cereals, replace the water in the lake with wine, hide in camel carcass, leave the other to the birds; the prince grabs the intoxicated king bird pecking; 3) the milk of the sea king's goat; at the bottom of the sea, the horse fights the goat, wins (the horse is hidden from goat bites camel skins); 4) swim in sea goat milk (it is boiling); the horse spewed water into the cauldron, cooling it; the sultan began to swim - cooked; the prince puts the vizier in prison, marries the queen of the sea, treats his father from blindness]: Vostrikov 1904, No. 1:66-74; Georgians (Kartli, Karelian District, p. Breti) [the king is blind, asks his sons what is fuller, faster, more beautiful; only the youngest son says that spring, harvest, look; the king sends him back his sight; the horse advises him to help the king of the West in his the struggle against the king of the East; the envious courtiers of the king of the West order to send a young man to buy ivory to build a palace (the horse tells you to pour wine into the pond, the elephants are drunk), for the king bird (the horse tells you to lie under the heap grains, grab the king bird), for a beautiful woman from the country of Nigozeti; she is a mare, the horse's sister, stronger than him; there is a bone at the door in front of the goat, hay in front of the wolf; they need to change their food, open the closed doors, close - open; the young man grabs the beauty, the doors, the goat, the wolf refuse to help, are happy to change; the horse holds a mare; the beauty asks for a bath with boiling milk, pushes the king, the courtiers into it; the young man gets kingdoms, beautiful; the horse shows where the drug for blindness (it flew to heaven); the father saw the light]: Chikovani 1954, No. 6 (Kartley, p. Breti): 49-53 (=1985, No. 6:31-33); Turks [the younger sister's horse secretly turns into a young man from others; she does not marry, meets an imaginary horse at night; burns his skin; he flies away as a dove, says that she will find it when she wears out her iron shoes and staff; at the source, the maid says she is collecting water for Chamber-Tiar; the wife, disguised as a beggar, throws her ring into the jug; and she recognizes him, comes for her; the devas want to eat it, THT's mother gives tasks; 1) sweep - do not sweep the room (collect the garbage in the middle); 2) go to the neighbor behind bars (the meat lying in front of the horse, give the dog grass from dogs - a horse, venerate the neighbor's chest thrown behind her back); 3) fill the cauldron with tears (add salt to the water); 4) fill the bag with fluff (the birds gave); during the wedding, THU tied the daughter of the devas to a pole instead of the padishah's daughter, she runs with his wife; she throws a comb (thorns), soap (slippery), a jug (water); Thu became a gardener, his wife a garden; a tree and a snake wrapped around him (the devas broke the net - they tore off their little finger); in flowers at the feet of the padishah; he gave them to the devas, they bite into grains, the chickens peck, two grains remain, turn into a young man and a girl, are having a wedding]: Stebleva 1988, No. 27:105-109; Armenians (Turkish Armenia) [ the king builds the temple three times, the storm destroys it; the hermit: the nightingale Khazaran is needed; the king's three sons go in search; hermit: the one who has traveled along a wide road will return, on the middle road he will either return or not, the lower one will not return; there the river, the owner of the nightingale Khazaran does not drink from it; you must drink, say, "Oh, living water"; pick a thorn, say "Flower of Paradise"; grass in front of the wolf, meat in front of the lamb, must be changed; the pretended gate leaf should be opened, the opened door should be pretended; the nightingale's mistress sleeps for 7 days and is awake for 7 days; the elder brother went to serve, the middle black Arab turned into stone; the younger drove down the lower road, did everything, kissed the girl, took the nightingale away; the gate, the wolf, etc. did not detain the young man; he gave the hermit a nightingale, brought his older brother to him, turned an Arab into stone and revived his middle brother with a whip; the brothers lowered the youngest into the well, left, taking the nightingale; but their nightingale does not sing; the girl came, put the king and older brothers in prison; the reapers released the youngest, he told the girl how it was, how he kissed her; wedding, the nightingale sang]: Khachatryants 1933:66-72 (=Wingate 1910, No. 4:507-511); Azerbaijanis [=Azerbaijani tales 1987:128-159; padishah Deshkuvar is childless; the dervish gives birth to an apple, tells him to give it to three wives, when the sons are 15 years old, one must be given to him; the khan's daughter gives birth to Hanbal, Bey to Beibal, the camel driver Nerbal; the dervish is given to N. ; the skull warns that it will be baked in a tandoor; N. pushes him into the cauldron; in the fortieth room, a lion, a horse, a bird; grain, meat, hay in front of them; N. swapped places properly; they promise to help; N. she dresses poorly, lives with an old gardener in the city; the older princesses do not like him, the youngest wants him to bring her flowers; the bird brings him an unfading bouquet; the son of the vizier and the son of Vekil N. in his she gives the same bouquets to the true image, but for this he puts a stamp on her hand; the daughters of the padishah throw an apple at the one they want to marry; the elders to the sons of the vizier and the vekil, the youngest to N.; to the sick padishah you need game broth; the lion drives all the game for N., the other sons-in-law come back with nothing; N. gives game, puts a stigma on the other hand of his rivals; but the padishah recovered only after broth from the head of the roe deer, given N.; Padishah D. goes to war; only N. defeats him; N. justifies everyone, retires to a castle in the mountains with his mother, wife, gardener, bird, lion and horse]: Nabiev 1988:218-239.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians [the dervish gives pomegranate to be eaten by the Shah's childless wife and the apple is the vizier's wife; the vizier gives pomegranate to his wife, she gives birth to daughter Bibi-Mehrnegar (B.), the Shah's wife, the son in the guise of a black snake named Mirza Pust-Humar (M.); the shah orders the vizier to give his daughter for his son; at night, the serpent sheds its skin and becomes a young man; at the request of his father-in-law B. burns the skin when he learns that it will burn in the fire from the husk garlic and onions; M. says she won't find it before she wears out seven iron dresses, a pair of shoes, staffs, chews seven boxes of chewing gum; along the way she meets seven divas, each throws it on the box; throws the ring into the jug that the maid carries for M.; she pours water into M.'s palm, he recognizes the ring; to prevent his aunt from eating B., M. disguises her as a maid; opens it, taking a promise from the divas not to kill B.; the aunt demands 1) sweep the yard with a broom covered with pearls so that no one falls (M. fulfills); 2) water the yard with a sieve (the same); 3) take the "play-dance" box to her aunt's brother, bring him "grab and plant"; on the way she opens the box, cannot put the dancers back; burns the hair, M. comes, puts it back, tells her to do everything against her aunt's orders; respectively, B. throws straw to the horse, bones to the dog, calls the hole with mud and blood honey, opens the closed door, closes the open door, greets everyone, leaves one box, grabs another, runs, doors, etc., refuse to detain her; M. marries her aunt's daughter, cuts off her head at night, B. says goodbye to all objects, forgets about the stone (a measure of weight); B. and M. run, the stone wakes up her aunt, she pursues ; the fugitives throw 1) reed (reed thickets), 2) a needle (a forest of needles), 3) salt (salt marsh), 4) sea foam (sea); the aunt asks how they crossed; M. replies that on the stones; she steps on foam flakes, drowns]: Osmanov 1958:15-24 (=Rosenfeld 1958:103-111); 1987:250-256 [A childless woman promises a stump that if she becomes pregnant, her son or daughter will serve him; the Bibinegar girl was born and raised; goes past a stump with two others; a stump tells her to stop; her mother sends her to the stump, a young Maisaskabar comes out of it; with him carpets and a wheel from which emeralds and yakhonts fall; M. gives B. a fur coat - if will disappear, they will break up; her aunt overheard; hopes to marry B. as her daughter; put B. to sleep and burned her fur coat; B. has only a turquoise ring; B. goes in search; the shepherds answer her rude: these are herds of M. , ransom for B.; the boy did not let me drink, she told the water to turn into blood and pus; M.: what is this? ordered to let me get drunk; B. threw a ring into the jug, M. realized that she was nearby; M.: everything around the diva; B. was hired as a maid in the house of M., whom Aunt B. married to her daughter; at night M. cut off his wife's head, rode away with B.; aunt chases, M. threw a piece of sheepskin (mountain); a piece of iron (iron mountain); salt (salt sea); aunt: how did you swim across; M.: stand on that pebble (it's a sunny glare); aunt drowned; a few drops of her blood splashed ashore, became a gazelle; M. brought her home; in her absence she butts B.; when everyone was sleeping, the gazelle became an aunt, gathered everyone in the house to sleep in a vessel, gathered throw B. into boiling water; B. asks for permission to pray; a virgin appeared, taught her to break a bottle; M. appeared, threw the gazelle into boiling water; gives B. a bottle of her aunt's life, tells her to go to her house, pick up those lying in front of her give bones to the dog with a camel, and straw on the contrary; praise the dried garden, which the aunt calls thorns; clean the dusty carpet and bed; agree to comb your aunt, and when she falls asleep, hit her ground your head and run; the bed and everyone else refuse to hold B., the dog tore his aunt; B. ran to M., he ceased to be a diva, became human, everything is fine], 301-306 [the childless woodcutter wants to kill a snake, which promises to become his son Sabzkaba ("green caftan"); orders to marry the ruler's daughter Shakarhava ("sweet wish"); he requires 70 bags of jewelry, etc., S. sends and receives a wife, takes off his snakeskin at night; warns not to burn it; otherwise, in order to return it, you will have to wear out 7 iron dresses, shoes, staffs; Sh. Sh. came, threw the skin into the fire; Sh. searches; meets women, girls, everyone says that their father S. went to S. and disappeared, they would kill her; one girl carries water S., S. throws a ring into the jug; S. meets Sh., tells them to venerate his mother's breasts are diva; mother-in-law tells him to pour tears on the floor (S. performs); wash the black bag white (dip it in water when white water flows); bring a sieve from her diva sister, she must tear Sh.; S.: there are bones in front of the horse, straw in front of the dog, you have to shift; put cotton wool in every bell on the door; S. grabbed a sieve and ran away; at the wedding of the divas, S. and S. put hot candles in their arms, but they candles were not thrown; at night S. killed the bride and groom, ran with Sh.; brother S. chases, S. became a broom, S. became a rope; uncle (garden and gardener); father (mill and miller); mother (cypress and dragon); S. killed mother, all is well]; Lorimer, Lorimer 1919, No. 6 (Kerman) [the wives of the vizier and king are pregnant; the king suggests marrying children if they are of different sexes; the vizier has a daughter, Mer Niga (Eye of Grace), to the king the son is a black snake Miz Mast, or Humar ("Sleepy Head"); on the wedding night, H. takes off his skin, appears as a young man; in the morning he puts his skin back on; the king tells his daughter-in-law to prevent her husband from turning into a snake; prince tells his wife that his skin can be burned in a fire made from egg shells, a broom handle, and hair from a dog's tail; in which case he will disappear and they won't see each other; MN burns the skin; prince says the wife will find him, trampling seven pairs of iron shoes and wearing out seven paper cloaks; after wearing out the last pair, MN meets the slave; she says that X. is going to marry; MN throws the ring into the jug, tells the slave to get it into the hands of H. along with water; after recognizing the ring, H. finds MN; she faces death if found out; MN pretends to be a slave; H. gives her his curl, tells her every time burn a hair if his help is needed; mother of the bride H. (this is his aunt) tells the imaginary maid 1) sweep with a broom to which the pearls are attached without losing a single pearl; they immediately crumble, MN calls H., he does everything; 2) bring water in a colander and sprinkle the floor (X. performs); 3) fills the box with stinging insects, says that it is full of pearls, tells you to take it where it should be; throw bones on the horse on the way, straw the dog, do not open the closed ones doors, do not close the open ones, do not go to the hole with dirt and blood; MN looked into the box, insects crawled over it; H. collected them; ordered them to do the opposite of what his aunt told him to do; MN opens and closes the doors, greets everyone, gives bones to the dog, horse straw, says that she would like to taste honey from a sweet pit; the aunt orders the door, the dog, the hole to catch the girl; they refuse; on the wedding day, the aunt tells his wife to put candles on the fingers of the slave (i.e. MN) to illuminate the path for the bride; the prince tells his wife to say goodbye to all things; after the wedding ceremony, she cuts off her head; takes away many; she forgot to say goodbye to the pound weight; the kettlebell talks about the bride's murder and escape; Aunt H. and her husband (they are divas) follow the fugitives; turning to God in Solomon's name, H. throws reeds, it turned into reeds; the needle is a grove of needles; salt is a salt marsh; sea foam is the sea with a clot of foam floating in it; aunt: how did you get there? H.: stepped on a rock in the middle of the sea (this is foam); the pursuers jumped on it, drowned; everything is fine]: 25-32; Persians (Isfahan) [after the death of his wife, the padishah asks three sons to find him a new one; the elders Jamshid and Khorshid reached the city, where one became an assistant to a hay merchant and the other to a grocer; the youngest Ibrahim came to the city where the dead are burned, because after burial they find themselves again on surfaces; I. asked me to try again, hid; someone drove up, hit me with a stick, the grave opened; I. grabbed the defiler; that: did you take my cemetery away? and flew away as a dove; elsewhere people do not salt food; as soon as they collect salt in the mines, a hand sticks out of the river, grabs salt and carries it into the river; I. grabs his hand, hears a voice: he took his sister's cemetery, and I have salt; in the third city people are afraid to go to the bathhouse; I. went, grabbed his hand above him with a knife; voice: he took away my bathhouse, you and I will count; in the fourth city, I. carried the hay laid dogs, donkeys, and bones from donkeys to dogs; he came to four virgins; they tell donkeys and dogs to grab the visitor, but they refuse because I. was kind to them; the sisters recognized I. as brave and submitted to him; the youngest gives a lock of hair to cause her in case of trouble; of the other three sisters, two I. gave it to the brothers; but they threw it into the hole; the younger sister promises to marry the winner - let the brothers fight; the old man pulled I. out of the hole, he came to his city disguised as a bald poor man; then burned his hair, asked the maiden for a horse and armor, went to Meydan in all his splendor, knocked J. out of the saddle and fled; the next day, H.; girl shows an earring and promises to marry someone who will bring her the same; I. sends it to the padishah; the girl realizes that I. is near; he goes to the padishah, forgives her brothers; three weddings]: Jaliashvili, Faras 1967:150-158; Tajiks [the old man has three daughters but has no son; he is blind; the eldest daughter dresses up as a man, visits an old woman, who says that many brave men died looking for a cure the girl returns; the same middle daughter; the youngest is not afraid; the old woman sends her to the healer; he will ask for the seed of the tree that the three-headed diva has for medicine; everyone must do good in the diva's abode; the old woman gives a mirror, a comb, a bar; the girl cleans and adjusts the gates of the fortress, shifts hay to horses and bones to dogs; sewed sleeves for baking bread, gave them to girls who put cakes in tonur with her bare hands; the diva sleeps with her eyes open; the girl pulled out a bag from under his head and ran away; the maids, dogs, horses, the gate refused to grab her; she threw a mirror (river), a bar (mountain), comb (forest); divas stops chasing; witch doctor gives seeds; his friend says that the hero is a girl; chrysanthemums are placed at her head (if a woman withers); the girl got up at dawn and picked fresh ones ; but the healer's son saw this and went with her; the father saw the light, the young man married his daughter]: Amonov, Ulug-zade 1957:77-83; Uzbeks [The White Shah is looking for batyrs to fight with the Black Shah; bald offers take him; buys a thin oath, cares, she turns into a mighty horse; the bald man asks his mother if his father has a weapon left; a knife and a poker; he takes them; meets a young man; he tells him to rest he turns himself into a steel-clad horse, a steel horse, a magic sword in his hand, smashes the army of the Black King, tells the bald man to say that he has defeated the enemies himself; the Black Shah invites the victorious batyr and promises him a daughter; at the feast, the vizier offers to give the princess to the fastest rider; that young man appears again, gives a victorious horse, the bald one gets the daughter of the Black Shah; when parting, the young man gives bald folding knife: if you say "Vozpirahun", it will come to the rescue; the old woman tells the bald woman that V. is a girl; the old man teaches how to get into her castle; straw in front of the dog, bone in front of the camel, you need a bone change; say "V.", the div guard will fall asleep; cut off the cat's head, remove the bunch of keys from its neck; the old man teaches to go down to the bottom of the river to mother V.; she teaches you to tie 40 braids of sleeping V. to 40 pegs; V. found out bald, they began to live together; V. gives his portrait, but the wind flew in, threw it into the river; the fishermen pulled him out and told the king that V. wanted to marry him and sent a portrait; the old woman promises to get V. tells her to give her a boat, load her with carpets and fabrics; cuts her donkey's leg, tells the bald man that he broke his leg, the bald man sheltered her, against the wishes of V. and her mother; the old woman persuaded her to go to the river and get into a boat, took him to the king; V. sets the condition: to build three houses in 30 days; V.'s mother turned the bald man into a dervish, he came, began to drink with the king, the king fell asleep, bald and V. agreed to flee; at night bald climbed onto the fence; the robbers threw him into the hole, and V. mistook the chieftain for bald, he took her away in a boat; she killed him, returned to the robbers, promised to marry the one who would be the first to bring her abandoned girdle; swam home, the bald one also returned; the king found neither gold nor V.; they arrived at the White Shah, who gave his daughter and throne to the bald man; V. promised to give birth to a son and daughter and conceived, and the daughter of the White Shah promised two sons and is infertile; when V. gave birth, the children were replaced by puppies and thrown into the steppe; V. was thrown into the zindon; the elder of Khizrbuva picked up the children, ordered the goat to feed; the boy was Sohibkurol, the girl was Sohibjamol; they live in an iron castle; the midwife guessed it; advised the girl to ask her brother to get roses with birds curling over them; Hizrbuva gives the young man a magic sword, shows the way; the young man killed the divas, brought roses and nightingales; the midwife advises to ask for a white winged horse; H. taught to catch a horse; midwife: get the girl Sangil Sopoltosh; H.: drive up to the river, there are stones, these are petrified people; call 3 times SS; you'll be petrified up to your throat, but if you shout a fourth time, all petrified ones will come to life; the SS will ask everyone who called him; when he finds out that the young man was sent by H., he will call himself his girlfriend and the others again will turn her into stones; the SS ordered not to let the midwife in, the young man hacked her; he met a bald man while hunting, had to invite her to visit, but how to receive the king? H. promises to arrange everything; the pilaf from the small cauldron was enough for all the guests; H. told everything, disappeared with the iron lock; the evil wives were tied to the tail of a mare, driven through thorns; {about V. more it is not said}; the bald man gave the throne to his son; the SS gave birth to three sons; their father saw a girl in the mirror, the sons went to look for her; at the fork in three roads on the poles the inscription: 1) Maybe you'll come! 2) You'll get there, but you won't come back! 3) Don't take risks, don't go - death lies ahead! the youngest took the last road; helped the old woman get water from the house; stays with her; at night there are two moons in the sky: the second is light from the face of the daughter of the Western king; the young man went that way to meet Hizrbuva, gave a sword, the young man cut the divas with them, grabbed the winged horse, but he escaped, a piece of mane remained; then the young man gave a cake to the lion; ants; the lion gave a piece of mane, the ants allowed them to pass; other suitors were killed by a lion, died in ant possessions; the king will give his daughter to whoever throws millstones on the roof of the palace; the lion placed a millstone on the back of a winged horse, he threw it on the palace, the palace collapsed; having received a wife , a young man on a winged horse brought her to a place where he broke up with his brothers; one became a cook, the other became a stoker in a bathhouse; on the way, the brothers tied the younger hand, threw her into the hole, and said at home that they were heroes; the younger brother managed to give his wife a piece of horse mane; the wife summoned the horse, brought her husband; the elder sons were tied to the tails of mares, the youngest received the throne; then a feast with the Western king; the bald grandson began to rule two kingdoms]: Afzalov et al. 1971 (1): 174-200; Uzbeks [chasing a pheasant, the youngest of the old man's three sons enters a cave and spends 40 days there with peri; when the young man returns home, Peri tells he asks his father to build a house for him, build a yurt; when he comes to his son, the old man sees only a cat next to him; secretly peeks, sees a beautiful woman; before a relative's wedding, the old man tells his daughters-in-law to sew dresses, bake cakes; other peri do everything on the orders of the young man's wife; Peri replies to the other daughters-in-law that the clothes will be made of paper; they also make paper dresses, peri sends rain, dresses get wet; the old man asks his son where he keeps the cat's skin; when he finds out, he throws it into the fire; peri flies away, telling her husband to wear his iron boots and staff; the young man comes to the house of Almauz Kempir (AK), where his wife and boy are also ; the young man asks the boy for water, he does not give it, the water in the jug turns into blood for the first time, into pus; peri tells the boy to give water to a stranger; the young man throws a ring into the jug, peri recognizes him, goes to her husband; when AK is at home, turns him into a flower, hides him in his hair; then passes her husband off as a younger brother; AK tells her to look in her hair, sucks the young man's blood; peri tells her husband to give meat for the dog, hay for the camel (AK did the opposite); when the AK falls asleep, tie her hair to a pole, take a comb, scissors, a mirror, run; the doors, the camel and the dog refuse to detain the fugitives; they throw comb, AK answers that you need to pull out two teeth, make axes out of them, cut through the road; the same is scissors; AK has only four teeth; they throw a mirror, it turns into a river; the fugitives answer what is necessary tie stones to the neck and put stones in their sleeves, walk along the bottom; AK drowns; the young man and the peri live in their own house]: Konovalov, Stepanov 1986:166-178; Sarykol residents [the rich man promises to pass off his son for a princess if he will bring a magic kaka flower; he comes to an old woman, takes her as a grandmother; she teaches you to call a waterless gorge water, a crooked bridge straight, take a bone from a camel, put a dog, hay from a dog to a camel , call the squeaky door uncreaky; and vice versa, call the water gorge waterless, etc.; take a flower; the witch tells the gorge, camel, etc. to detain the thief, everyone replies that the witch called him that, and the kidnapper, on the contrary (this is good for them); the father gets the princess for his son, gives wealth]: Pakhalina 1966:103-106; the Vakhans [the maid tells the king that his three beloved sons are sleeping, and the son is from an unloved wife wants to go to Mount Kaf to bring the Pearl that Shines at Night; the king sends sons, loved ones go along the road from where you return, the unloved ones from where you will not return; kills black, white, red divas, three wagers remain waiting for him; the latter sends him to the Simurg bird; she has a nest on a plane tree; every year the dragon comes out of the pond, eats its chicks; the prince cuts off his three heads, chicks they tell their mother that he saved them; Simurg carries him, runs out of meat, he cuts off some of the caviar; on Mount Kof Simurg regurges a piece, puts it; explains how to take the Pearl and the White Falcon from the Queen with Hair in Forty Gyazov; the scorched garden should be called blooming, the crooked bridge and the crooked gate should be called straight; under the dog, the hay, in front of the horse, the bones must be changed; the hair of the sleeping Queen with Hair in Forty Gyazov you need to nail it to 40 pillars; swap the pearls in the legs and heads, inner and outer trousers; in the inner keys, you need to unlock 40 rooms, take the Falcon and the Pearl; the Queen woke up, tells the guards (gate, bridge, etc.) to hold the kidnapper, they refuse; on the way home, the prince buys the brothers from slavery; they tied a sword to the doors of the tent, the prince stumbles upon him, remains without legs; brother they pulled out his eyes, put him side by side; the dog and the horse take care of the prince; the voice tells him to hold on to the dog's tail, which leads to the spring, the legs grow, the eyes grow in the eye sockets; the brothers bring the Falcon and the Pearl; the Queen with Hair comes to Forty Gyazov, asks each of the brothers how they managed to get things; she cuts off one nose, the other's arm, and the third leg; makes them find the prince, takes him as a husband, his father gives him the throne]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 8:113-125; the Rushans [the tsar gives his three sons guns, let them marry wherever the bullet hits; the elders got into the houses of the king and arbob ( foreman), the youngest has a pile of stones; her rupture, the young man sees the serpent, greets her; the big one offers to choose whichever he likes, the young man chooses a colorful snake; the brothers avoid the young man, at night the snake is made beautiful; when she washed her hair, the brothers saw her, pushed the snake shell into the hearth; the brothers offer the father to get rid of the youngest in order to take possession of his wife; the father tells 1) to bring a cauldron with 40 ears; mother-in-law leads to Baba Yaga; on the way, you should call the crooked bridge straight, the sloping garden flat, the loose sand hard, the creaky door good, take hay from dogs, put the horses, bones on the contrary; BYA he will sleep with his eyes open, he must take the cauldron, not touch the door with his eye; the young man touched, but all the servants of the BU refused to detain him; 2) a mare with 40 foals; mother-in-law teaches how the first time, the mare is not must touch the ceiling with her head; you have to hit her head with a bottle of sour milk, she will scream, the foals will run after her; 3) the Green Book; in the cemetery, you must take away the jews harp from the Lady playing it, in exchange she showed her grandfather in paradise; he gives an apple, give it to her brothers and father one piece by piece; they ate and died]: Andreev 1927d: 113-137 (=Sokolova 1959, No. 14:47-55); kafirs (kati; west in 1968 in Kabul from a native of villages. Kulem) [the man had three daughters and a son; daughters married diva brothers; the man fell ill, gave his son all the keys to the house and did not give the key to one room alone; when the father fell asleep, the young man pulled out from the key to that room was out of his pocket and opened it; there was a millstone; the young man looked through his hole and saw a beautiful woman; she said: "At one time, your father missed [me], now you're in in turn, you will miss me"; the young man came to his father, who sent him in search; the young man met his sister's maid at the spring; threw a ring into her jug; when the maid poured water on her hands to the hostess, the ring fell into the pelvis; the sister, recognizing his brother's ring, sent him for him; fed him and hid him under the house; the divas returned in the evening; the children began to repeat that the mother's brother was in the basement; the mother was angry, pulled her brother by the hair; the divas stabbed a goat for him; the next day the young man left; met his second sister's maid at the spring; the situation repeated; the same: with the third sister; the young man met a witch who was the sister of the divas; gave her a note from one of her brothers; she recognized the handwriting, let the young man go; the situation repeated with the second and third witches; the young man met the shepherd and asked him where Paradise is the shadow of the sun {the name of the beauty}; the shepherd gave him a staff: "When you reach the river, raise your staff and point to the water; [water] will part and you will go to the other side. You'll get out of there and you'll be in front of the gate. Dice are thrown in front of the donkey and hay is placed in front of the wolf. You throw the hay to the donkey and the dice to the wolf. There are two poles there. Put the one on the right to the left, the one on the left to the right. When you enter the house, pick up the beds spread out, and spread out the collected beds. This house is the house of Paradise - the shadow of the sun"; the young man did as the shepherd told him; R. saw the young man, he asked her where the diva's soul was; R. replied that he did not know; in the evening the diva came and fell asleep; R., on the advice of the young man, took it children in the thicket of thorns; the divas asked why the children were crying; R. said they were asking where their father's soul was; unable to withstand crying, the diva said: "My soul is in one parrot, and a parrot - in a cage. This cage is in a large cauldron, and the cauldron is buried in a hut on the summer." In the morning, the divas flew away, and R. and the young man went to the summer and began to dig; they pulled out the cauldron, it had a cage, and the cage a parrot; the young man tore off his legs, wings and head; the diva fell apart; the young man took R. to his home, his father had a feast]: Grunberg 1980, No. 4:141-145.

Baltoscandia. Lutsie (Western 1893) [the king held his son behind 10 locks; but he is strong, escaped; in the forest an old man in a house; teaches and feeds him, forbids him to enter a room with a bast door; the young man enters, there is a horse, meat in front of him, and a lion, hay in front of him; the young man has shifted his places; the old man is angry; after a while the young man enters that room again; the horse: hold me by the face; shakes his face, the young man falls; horse: take a sip of water from a bottle; same; more; this time there is so much strength that you can hold on; take a brush and a whetstone; the horse is flying, the old man is chasing, his mouth is open; the young man throws a brush (forest and mountain), a whetstone (mountain); the old man makes his way; the horse tells us to wave the right rein - the bridge over the river of fire; they galloped along it; left: the old man was on the bridge at that time, the bridge collapsed, the old man burned down; the horse was sent to graze, young man he arranged a house and a garden near the royal palace with silver and gold apples; the younger princess noticed him; the grooms arrived; the king: whoever is offered a cup will be a husband; the elders offered visitors, the youngest to the gardener; the elder grooms do not want such a son-in-law, they came with an army; the young man called the horse, defeated everyone, disappeared into his house again; a new groom came to the youngest, the young man defeated his army ; then he brought the terrible horse out of a high mountain, and there was an old man on him; a difficult battle; the young man was wounded in the arm, asks the king for a blessing (the king does not understand that this is his younger son-in-law), then killed the old man, and the groom is walled up; the young man falls asleep for 12 days, the king recognizes his bandage; after 12 days the young man wakes up healthy; at the feast, the horse tells not to drink the first cup; the young man sipped, the horse has fallen, crashed; the horse tells me to take the queen's handkerchief and wipe the lips of the young man and himself; turns into the brother of a young man who has long been gone; I drank and ate there, it flowed down my lips, I didn't get into my mouth]: Annom et al. 2018:135-139; Estonians (Väike-Maarja) [a person saws a tree in the forest, it becomes intact again; the spirit allows you to saw for a promise to give what he will meet first at home; a three-year-old son comes out; the boy is given spirit; he leaves with his son, gives the boy the keys, forbids him to unlock one room; he unlocks, there is a horse and a dog; meat in front of the horse, oats in front of the dog; when he returns, the spirit scolds the boy, but not kills; next time the boy asks the horse for advice; he tells him to take a piece of gold from under the spirit pillow, a drop of water, a grain of sand and a knot from the window; the boy sits on the horse, jumps away, with them the dog; the horse tells you to throw a grain of sand (a sand mountain; the spirit sends a son for a shovel; they hide a shovel, the crow screams what he sees, the spirit sends the son to take the shovel home), a knot (forest), a drop of water (lake; the son of the spirit drank, burst; the spirit threw himself into the water, drowned); The horse tells him to remove his hooves, hit him three times with a rod; the horse and the dog turn into the same boys; all three live with the boy's father; since then, felling in the tree has not overgrow]: Järv et al., No. 36:153-154; Finns [standing on guard, a sergeant hears a woman scream from the swamp; crossing the girl, pulls her out; she is an overseas princess who has been carried away by hell; let the sergeant will come to the pier, she will take him away by ship; but the devil, disguised as an officer, came up and quietly stuck a sleeping pill needle into the sergeant; so three times; after the third time, the princess sails away on the ship, and the sergeant must find it himself; not knowing what to do, the sergeant is going to hang himself on the oak tree; a thunderstorm has begun, he hears a squeak; it is the dragons who suffer from the rain; the sergeant covered them with an overcoat; the dragon flew in, wanted eat it, but when he learned from the cubs how it was, he ordered him to sit on his back and took it to the princess; there the sergeant hired a gardener; dug up the giant's bones and buried him in consecrated land; the enemy attacked; the giant has come to life, grateful to the sergeant, teaches you to find a bottle of strong water, weapons and clothes in the dungeon; hay in front of the lion, and meat in front of the horse, the sergeant swapped them; jumped on the horse and defeated the enemy; he was given an order; when he returned, the sergeant drank weak water and took on his former form; the enemy attacked again, this time the sergeant came with the lion, defeated the enemy again; the princess recognized him; wedding]: Konkka 1993:111-122; Western Sami [giant {probably Stallo in the original} has a lion to whom he gives hay and a horse to whom he gives meat; worker S. changes food; says that cut down the poles to poke out S.'s eyes; they carry a tree home, S. is afraid to look back, does not see that the worker is not carrying a tree, but is sitting on it; the worker pretends to throw S.'s axe on the cloud, what can break his boat and oars, he brings an ax, rows himself; suggests punching trees with his head; the worker makes holes in the trees in advance, S. gets stuck with his head; the worker replies that he is fast asleep when looks like a bag, like a stone, puts a bag, a stone on his bed instead of himself, S. hits them at night; replies that he is fast asleep when frogs jump out of his nose; the worker cuts off S.'s head; the horse tells you to run, taking a comb, a flint, a wet rag; S. (obviously alive) catches up, abandoned objects turn into a thicket, mountain, lake; S. returns for an ax, for a drill, then loses time carrying them back, as the sparrow threatens to pick them up; S. tries drink the lake, tells the maid to close his ass so that the water does not pour out; the fox tells him to hold it tight, the maid laughs, S. bursts; the young man washes his hair, it turns silver; he hides it under his hat, but the princess notices, takes him as her husband; the horse tells him to cut off his head, he also becomes a young man, he was bewitched before]: Klaus 1995:55-63.

Volga - Perm. Tatars [the hunter shot a duck with pearl feathers, gave it to the padishah; viziers: let him get the same fur coat; the old woman sends to another, the third one who has such a lamb in the herd; young man brings skin; viziers: let her get the main pearl; this is Sylu's girl from the same third old woman; the first tells the guards to give clothes, bone in front of the bull, put the dog's hay, and the hay from the dog to the bull ; he takes S., the guards refuse to detain the fugitives; S. refuses to marry the padishah, marries a young man, he himself became a padishah]: Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 66:329-335; Bashkirs [three sons are going look for a cure for a blind father; at a fork in the roads there is an inscription: the one who goes to the right will be lucky, to the left will be unlucky, straight ahead and so; the younger brother goes to the left; the girl in the copper palace tells you to rearrange barrels of living and dead water, a young man kills a three-headed maiden; the same episode in a silver (6-headed) and in a golden house (12-headed deva); a girl from the silver palace advises a young man on the way to the 12-headed lubricate the gate, hand the hay from the dog to the camel, and the bone from the camel to the dog; on the way, the young man sees how the old man and the old woman each pull a fur coat; the young man covers the old woman with a fur coat, the old man's skin; taking medicine and, contrary to the ban, after kissing a sleeping girl, the young man runs away, the devil chases, the dog, the camel, the gate, the old man and the old woman refuse to stop the young man; he blows away all 12 heads with arrows; brothers they envy, hang a sword in front of the tent, he cuts off the young man's head; he is revived by a girl from the golden palace who recognizes him; a young man heals his father, forgives his brothers]: Barag 1988, No. 40:272-281.