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I27A. Dog villages and pathways.

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souls of dead dogs go to a special place in the afterlife and/or go to the afterlife along a special path.

(Wed. Western Europe. {The source is not well understood, there are no other Western data}. Germans [below heaven proper are "dog skies" for loyal dogs]: Schlerath 1954:27-28, 31 in Litvinsky, Sedov 1984:165).

Micronesia-Polynesia. Maori [there are special afterworld sections for dogs, rats and other animals, as well as fish]: Frazer 1931:72.

Iran - Central Asia. Avesta (Vd, XIII) [the souls of dead dogs come to water springs; there, out of a thousand females and a thousand males, two otters appear - a female and a male]: Kryukova 1999:19; Zoroastrianism [dogs have a place in paradise, in a parking lot of stars, and from the Ursa Major, i.e. the north, the Deva side, they are farther away than people]: Chunakova 2004:203.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Tofalars [on the way to the land of the dead, the deceased had to cross the abyss on a hair-thick rope; this could be done by someone who did not have great sins; the spirits moved the deer to the other side on the other side safe road; on the way to Erlik Khan, you must go through a dog village where dogs died; if a person beat dogs during his lifetime, he must grab a bone for them]: Alekseev 1980: 175.

Amur - Sakhalin. Orochi [(reported. I.I. Kozminsky); the afterlife of dogs is located in front of a hole leading to the afterlife of people]: Kreinovich 1930:52; nivhi [like the Oroches, but it is not known exactly where the afterlife of dogs is located]: Kreinovich 1930:52; Wilta [The Underworld of Dogs - Indus Bunini]: Missonova 2013:190.

SV Asia. Chukchi [a newcomer to the realm of the dead goes through the dog world; if he mistreated dogs during his lifetime, they rush at him and bite him]: Bogoraz 1902:636; 1939:45; Koryaks [like Chukchi]: Jochelson 1908:103 (in Bogoraz 1939:45, note 1).

The Arctic. Central Yupik: Edmond 1966 (south Norton Bay) [several villages pass through the soul on the way to the next world; the first is a dog village where dogs attack those who beat them during their lifetime]: 70; Nelson 1899 [ a young woman has died; her late grandfather wakes her up, takes her to the land of the dead; they come to the village; in one house an old woman tries to hit her with a stick, drives her away; the grandfather explains that this is a village of dogs; now a woman understands how dogs suffer when they are beaten; she finds herself by the river of tears shed on the ground for the dead; straw and garbage float along the river, stops in front of her; across this bridge she crosses to another shore; comes to the village of the dead; returns to people with them for a holiday; comes to life, because the old woman, her namesake, died instead of her]: 488-490.

Subarctic. Ingalic (Anvik) [a person dies, his soul follows a wide road, from which narrow souls of various animals branch off; he goes through a village of human souls, then dogs; there are two dog souls protect him, this place is dangerous; he travels in a boat first across the black river, then formed by the dead, then through the bright one, from tears shed during mourning; he is sent back he returns to his body and talks about what he saw]: Nelson in Vanstone 1978:55-56.

NW Coast. The Tlingits [who died in wars or accidentally go to heaven in the world of Spolokhov; closer to earth, there is the Sky of Dogs in the clouds; the souls of sorcerers, suicides, and those who killed animals aimlessly fall there; they they live there with the souls of dead dogs; men walk upside down, women walk on all fours]: De Laguna 1972:771.

The Midwest. Eastern Ojibwa (southern Ontario)] [young wife dies; husband remains at the grave; as soon as he closes his eyes, he sees his wife come out of the grave and walk away; he walks behind, sleeps in some far away from where she stayed; a house nearby; someone (this is Nanabush) says that there are all dogs a person has ever owned; if they have harmed them, they will take revenge; this someone gives bags of with shoes; when dogs attack, a person throws their shoes and they tear them without touching the person; then another house, his name is, but the man does not go in; finally, the last one, it is empty, only small beds; N. says that when the spirit enters the house, it becomes invisible; but promises to help by hiding the one who has come in his pocket; at night, the spirits will begin to dance on the occasion of the arrival of the new deceased; the person sees, grabs wife, put it in a box; there is some kind of rubbing in the second box; the man teaches: you got here in two years, and you will return in two days; you have to heat two pebbles at home, put them in a box of rubbing so that it melted, cover both boxes and yourself with a blanket; if the wife speaks, then she came to life; everything was successful; parents came to visit the grave and saw the young couple alive]: Laidlaw 1915, No. 18:14-15 .

Northeast. Iroquois [Rev. Mr. Kirkland: Five Nations believe that suicides, violators of Council of Chiefs orders, and those who leave pregnant wives will not be able to reach Eskanane after the death of the blessed country; on their way there there is a deep dark ravine; seeing a suicide, the guide refuses to help him; he steps on a shaky log, falls; at the bottom of the ravine lives a huge dog; he has scabies, he is angry; all fallen they get this disease from him and suffer; idiots and dogs also get there, but their life in this place is slightly better]: Beauchamp 1922:188-189.

Southeast USA. Seminoles [The Creator of Breath blows into the sky, the Milky Way, the "road of souls", appears; the souls of good people walk along it to the city in the western sky; they used to kill dogs to accompany their owners; dogs and probably other animals are following the "dog road"; these two trails get closer and meet in a sky city]: Greenlee 1945:138-139; Alabama [two (or four) men decide to go to heaven (west); they come to Sharp buttocks, they dig shelter, wait for ducks, geese and white cranes to attack; the battle begins, people beat and fry birds; they come to the old woman, who gives them some pumpkin, food does not end; brings with them a scoop of pumpkin, they scoop up water from deep water, splash on both sides, the waters diverge, they run along the bottom, the waters close behind them again; the man gave them cigarettes, the other to tie the bark to their feet; in tobacco smoke they passed the fighting, with bark on their feet, snakes on the trail; the old woman told them to avoid the village of Dogs and the village of Girls; you can look at dogs You have to pass by the girls in spite of them; on the way, travelers saw a lot of people walking; they came to the one sitting upstairs; he gave them a melon, told them not to bite through the seeds, picked them back in their peel, the melon became whole again; he poured boiling water over them, which seemed only warm water, scraped them, the dirt came off, their bodies became light; he pulled the lid away, they saw their house below; when they woke up, they were at home, next to them God-given corn, melon, and bean seeds]: Swanton 1929, #20:139-141; Natchez, Chickasaw [The Milky Way - Dog Trail]: Greenlee 1945:139; (cf. choctaw [there are three crimes: gossiping, leaving a pregnant wife, shedding innocent blood; the road of souls leads east, a cypress log lies as a bridge over the Black Water River waterfall flowing from the south to the north; on the other side, two start throwing stones at the crossing; if he did not commit crimes, does not pay attention to the throwers, crosses the river, walks past people having fun; in every hundred women - one man; finally, he reaches a place where women do not have their own man, they accept him; but the offender stumbles, falls into the water, climbs to a dirty shallow shore; there is a cold north wind, thorns; voices of people having fun can be heard from afar]: Campbell 1959:147-149).

(Wed. Central Amazon. Munduruku [girl Dachekorö has her first period; Karupitubö comes to her; they copulate at her insistence, he does it like a dog; says that she will give birth to puppies, teaches how raise them; lovers manage to split up only in the evening when the girl's mother comes and hits them on the genitals with a stick; the D. brothers find out that she has given birth to four puppies; the youngest wants to take one for himself, the elder kills two; with the two remaining and his mother, D. runs into the forest; her dog sons bring her a lot of game, because K. is the father of wolves in the savannas in the south; D. gives newborn puppies to his younger brother; tells them to bite the elder, but then gives it to him; with the two dogs she born, she goes to K. in the Land of Dogs]: Murphy 1958, No. 36:114-115).

Central Andes. Waquirca (dep. Apurimac, Peru) [the soul of the deceased travels west through the city of dogs and across the Mapa Mayo River, sometimes crossing it on the back of a black dog]: Gose 1994:125 in Bolton 2002:391-392.

Montagna - Jurua. Urarina [a man sailed in a boat up the river, arrived at Rimae Sant ú - Dog Spirits; they have a lot of meat, but they gave him bones; they said that people feed dogs with bones, let him try it now; the man chewed bones, turned into a dog; RS tried to attack him, but he jumped into the boat and sailed away (regaining his human form?)] : Bartholomew 1995:234; shipibo [after death, three souls leave the body; one of them heads to a large lake, where he meets a Dog Master living in Dog Village; if a person is alive treated his dogs badly and fed them bones alone, the Dog Master will also offer his soul meatless bones]: Roe 1993 in Schwarz 1997:97.