Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

I38A. Dogs are women's husbands .


women's husbands are dogs or psoglavans.

Shilluk, Sakho, Germans (conditionally north), Vatut, Kachin, Paywan, ancient Chinese, Dargins (Muregins), Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Uighurs, Buryats, Mongols, Shirongols, West Greenland ( Saqqaq).

Sudan - East Africa. Shilluk [two out of 10 hunters lost their way, ended up in a women's village; asked where their husbands were; one of the dogs jumped on a man and killed him, dogs were women's husbands; the second boy lived 5 months in this village; the dog gave him three cows, put him on his back, took him to the border of the country, told him what he saw, otherwise he would die; but the young man was silent; the dog appeared to him again in a dream, In the morning, the young man spoke about his adventures]: Westermann 1912, No. 82:201-202; sakho [a man came to a country where men are dogs; one woman hid him; while her dog husband was hunting, they ran away, climbed a tree; a dog ran, a woman told the man to kiss her, the dog died of grief; then the fugitives came to the land of giant snakes, then to the land of cannibals; there the woman tasted human beings, her man left, came to normal people; bought a cat, came to a country where there are many snakes, the cat killed them, he sold it for a high price]: Reinisch 1889, No. 4:113-116.

Western Europe. Germans [Adam Bremen, Gesta Hammaburgensis: There is a country of women on the east coast of the Baltic; women conceive from the wind or from drinking water; these women's husbands are dog heads]: White 1988:138.

Melanesia. Vatut [the brothers heard the sound of water in the roots of the breadtree; the elder shot, the water did not appear; the youngest fired an arrow with his left hand, the water poured in, carried away the brothers; the elder clung to the tree, the younger stream took to the mouth of the Markham River; women with dogs lived there; women found a young man, packed the dogs into the house, set fire, and the dogs died (some turned black from the fire, others turned gray with ash); the older brother came to the younger brother; the youngest took a betel in his mouth, touched his wife's genitals with his mouth and chewed a nut there; the elder told me not to do this; went upstream, became a stone; the younger one went down]: Fischer 1963, No. 11:144.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Kachin (jinpo) [overseas lies the Land of Dogs, where men have dogs of heads and women have ordinary heads, these women are beautiful; if an ordinary man gets there, all women try to take possession of it, and Psoglavtsy tear it apart; puppy babies are raised, human babies are killed; if a woman calls her husband a dog, after death she goes to Dog Land]: Elwin 1958a, No. 5:188.

Taiwan - Philippines. Paywan [Pungudan people stopped paying tribute to Qalu people with dried meat; they went headhunting, but when they approached the village, they saw a beautiful girl and decided not to attack, but to take a girl to marry; but it turned out that she did not have genitals, but a tail; and when it was time for dog weddings, the girl's genitals appeared; the girl said that her mother was human and her father was a dog; and when she gave birth, it turned out to be twins]: Whitehorn, Earle 2003, No. 7:66.

China - Korea. The ancient Chinese [in the far northwest lay the Land of Dongheads; they were descendants of Huang Di (to great-great-grandson H. Longming was born two white dogs, became the ancestors of dog heads), or descendants of the dragon dog Panhu; all P.'s male offspring had human torso and dogs of heads, while the daughters were very beautiful]: Yuan Ke 1987:206.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Dargins (Muregins) [there is a country where men turn to dogs at night]: Khanagov 1892:153.

Turkestan. The Kyrgyz [episode from the Manas epic; 600 hunters sent by Manas were returning with their loot; the Div Cyclops captured 400 of them and started throwing them into the cave; Kutu Mergen hits the Cyclops with an arrow in the eye , frees 92 prisoners who languished in a cave for 2 to 7 years; one of them described how he arrived in the Italian country, where women are beautiful and men are like dogs]: Abramzon 1971:360; Kazakhs [one family lived in an area illuminated by the moon and covered with ice; their men were gray dogs, hunted, and women were human; a Kazakh came to such a man's house; invited the woman to run with him; they loaded the property onto the sleigh; not finding his wife's house, the dog chased; the wife successively threw things on the ground; every time the dog took the thing home, returned; when things were over, reached warm places where the dog could no longer chase]: Kaskabasov et al. 1979, No. 28:58-59; Uighurs [8th century AD Tibetan commentary on the northern provinces: 5 Uighurs talk about their wandering; the first dogs, red and black, came down from heaven; married a she-wolf but had no children; then they kidnapped a Turkic (drugu) girl; she gave birth to children, the male children were dogs, female - people; the race of people from the red dog is Ge-žir gušu, from the black dog - Ga-ru gu-šu; their mother became the mistress of their wealth, herds and food; in the same source: two army warriors Ž ama hagana got lost in the desert, came to the land of the Sun; there a woman and her dog husbands helped them return home; Plano Carpini: Het'un place a dog country north of Tatarstan]: White 1988:134-135.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Buryats: Potanin 1883, No. 70 [there are people in the east whose women are people, men are dogs; children will be born if people urinate in the first three months of spring, facing theirs side; therefore, at this time you can't pray east]: 323; Khangalov 1890 [(Unga Buryats); in the east, in the dog kingdom of Nohoy Hani uram, all men will be born dogs, but big; women - ordinary; perform the hurulha shamanic rite so that their sons are born human; the Buryats considered it a sin to urinate at night while facing the SV, because as a result, this person's son may be born in a dog kingdom]: 19-20 (=1959b: 220, same in 1960, No. 129:362); Oirats (durbuts) [Kuner Khan lives west of the Russian tsar, followed by Shibit Ulus, then the ridge, behind the Nohoy-Erte Ridge (- erten , - ergeni), who have men with dog heads and women are people; one man came there, the woman told him to leave; he hid in a cave; wounded and then killed her husband with a gun- psoglavtsy; ran away with her to people; she began to lose weight; he began to feed her bones and she became prettier again; the Mongols do not urinate west in the evening, because this gives birth to normal children, whom they are they tear them apart and make sakiyus out of them]: Potanin 1883, No. 70:322-323; shirongols (Sanchuan) [1) there are Nohoi Bargasu people on the SV side; there are beautiful women there, and men look like big black shaggy dogs; the people are rich in sheep and goats; they only eat meat; 2) there are people with a dog's head and one leg; they walk hugging two at a time]: Potanin 1893, No. 19:351.

The Arctic. West Greenland (Saqqaq) [two sisters and little brother go for berries, brother drowns, girls are afraid to return to their parents, come to dog heads, get married there; both give birth first a dog head, then a normal boy; mothers do not want to look at the former, fathers at the latter; the older sister overhears that dogheads are going to eat them after feeding them; they kill dog heads sons, run away with normal ones; on the way, children are strangled; sisters resort to parents, tell them to leave in umiak, dog heads bark on the shore; sisters marry normal people, although they regret dog-headed husbands]: Millman 2004:106-108.