Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

I4E. Thunder is two fighters. (.12.)

The hero and his opponent fight and are still fighting in the sky. This is thunder.

House, bull.

West Africa. Hausa: Abrahams 1983, No. 15 [a man can turn trees, tells his wife that he is a husband of husbands; his wife warns him not to brag, he may have to run away from someone who is stronger; goes to get water, cannot collect water with a heavy bucket at the well; a woman with her young son meets her young son, who easily lifts a bucket, collects water; a woman says that she is her husband's wife from her husband; an imaginary husband from husbands tell his wife to take him to the house where that woman lives; hides, sees the giant return, eats several elephants; runs away at night, the giant chases; three groups of people are ready to shelter first a person, but when they feel a hurricane wind, they tell him to run away; another giant eats elephants, keeps a person; two giants fight, go up into the sky; thunder is the sound of their struggle]: 86-89; Olderogge 1959 [Audu goes to try his strength; along the way, he consistently takes three more strong young men with him; they hunt, leaving one to guard the property; each time an evil tree comes out of the roots spirit, wins, binds the watchman; when A. remains, neither he nor the spirit can win; they rose to heaven and are still fighting, it's thunder]: 229-230; bulsa [10 women gave birth to one son, his name is the Common Son of Ten Women; he grew up hunting; defeated the demon Beard Covering the River in martial arts, who became his companion; they left animal meat to dry on a stone; God sent a bull from heaven with one eye, one back, one front leg; he swallowed the meat and returned to heaven; so several times; the demon began to guard, the bull trampled on him; then the young man remained on guard; he and the bull fought three days; after that God dragged them to heaven; there they sometimes fight, at this time of thunderstorm]: Schott 1993:51-57.