Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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I56. Spirits don't see the living.

.18. (.21.32.) .33.-.38. (.39.) .40.42.

A person who enters another world is invisible to its inhabitants, and whoever he touches usually falls ill.

Australia. New South Wales (Illawarra Group) [The Milky Way is the road that the souls of the dead go to heaven; the Magellanic Cloud is a hole formed during the catastrophe that shook the world; on its way souls must squeeze between the trees and cross the turtle bridge; one deceased returned and told how he had gone to the middle of the turtle, but it moved, he was carried by a stream into the dungeon; when he carried it out outside, people on the shore did not see him, but heard him and were frightened; the river carried him into the sea, he came to life; the sorcerer chief took an ax, went with his men to make a free passage, but could not get through little men in the forest; climbed a tree, saw the turtle grab some passing with its hind legs, eating; the sorcerer came back, plunged a bone into his leg, died, returned to the trees again, but instead There was a snake there; he cut off its head, walked over the turtle, cut off its tail on the other side, cut off its head and placed the snake in its place; since then, turtles have no tails, and heads like snakes]: Peck 2010:27-30.

(Wed. Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans (Amdo) [the poor man falls into a deep hole; sees a worm licking something glowing; also starts licking, ceases to feel tired, hungry and thirsty; the worm grows into a dragon He flies away, the poor man has time to cling to him, finds himself on the ground; now the people on earth do not see him; he lives in a rich house, eats up the owners; the monk expels him, he finds himself in his poor hut again ]: Tshe dbang rdo rje et al. 2007:178).

(Wed. Volga - Perm. Udmurts [no one marries the beautiful woman; the father says let the hell take her away; rich merchants come to pick her up; her grandmother accompanies her to the river, sees the wedding train go into the water; the daughter took wumurt (water); after seven years, the son-in-law invites the grandmother to be a midwife when giving birth to her granddaughter; brings her to the underwater world; gives a bottle, tells him to smear the newborn's eyes, but not to smear himself; the grandmother smears her right eye; returns to the ground; goes to the shop, no one sees her, she picks up the goods without paying; next time she is asked what eye she sees; she answers; her right eye is pulled out, she becomes visible, and those who asked are invisible to her; the Wumurts carry goods from one merchant to another if they are laid without prayer]: Vereshchagin 1996 [1889]: 175-177).

Turkestan. Kazakhs [=Tursunov 1983:234-239 {another translation from the same original or two very similar originals}; the khan makes the son of the late vizier new; the young man sees a duck of 99 colors, she asks not shoot, becomes beautiful; the young man is not in the palace for a long time, the khan sends servants, the wife turns into a golden chest; two former vizier candidates offer to destroy the young man by giving difficult assignments; get 1 ) a golden eagle with feathers of 99 colors, 2) a bear with 99 hair colors; the wife releases both of the scarf; the beggar offers to tell the young man to get 3) "Go there, come back here"; the wife sends him with her handkerchief to the world Peri, at this time she will be a stove in the house; in the city of Peri, the young man does not see the inhabitants, and they do not see him; he approaches the boy, who immediately falls dead; mullah peri explains that the boy was hurt by a man; a young man Peri is brought to king; the young man's wife's sister recognizes her handkerchief; the young man is sent to another city where his wife's second sister lives; only a blind frog knows how to carry out the task, tells him to build a ship from precious stones; a young man comes to another king, who says to the servants "Go there-come back here"; this is the name of the servant, who brings a cup of tea and a cup of meat, the young man gives meat to the servant; the servant says that the king is not He has never treated him once, he goes with a young man; watching the miracles that happen from the tower, the old khan demands to get him "Go there and come back here"; the khan's people killed and chose a young man as a new one]: Daurenbekov 1979:96-99.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Southern Altaians (p. Chagan-Uzun, Kosh-Agach District) [a man, hunting in winter, fell into the crevice of the glacier and fell on the street; with the onset of spring, the ulu began to move, rose with the hunter to the sky to Kuday ; there the hunter saw yurts, came up to them; the locals did not see him; when he drank their milk, it turned sour; when he ate aarchs, the aarchs deteriorated; the hunter saw those people shear their sheep, how they knock down wool, how felt is made - kiis, how they make a felt yurt, how they weave a rope out of wool; the shaman said: "An unclean spirit has come from the middle world - krms"; ordered bring the horse's bare skull; when it was brought, the shaman began to fight; the hunter jumped on his skull and, breaking the rope {part of the lattice of a felt yurt}, went down to his land; told people about what had happened and explained: "It turns out that's what they [do]... sheep are sheared like this, wool is made like this"; since then they make rope]: Yadanova 2014:512-513; tofalars [two people found a hole into the lower world, came down; local people did not see them; their touch caused illness; when a girl fell ill, they called a shaman, he saw aliens, asked, brought them back to the ground; three years]: Katanov 1891:88 (=1907:651-652; =Rassadin 1996, No. 40:97-98); Tuvans [Dovurrakai hunted gophers, got lost, went into the beast's lair, sat down, it turned out that on the dragon's tail, he raised D . into the Upper World, threw it there; the locals do not see or hear him; he sees a cow for the first time, secretly drinking milk; stroked the girl, she fell ill; called the younger lama, D. poked him in the eye, his eye flowed out, the llama was taken away; the elder lama came with two people; D. poked him too, but he did not react; D. was lowered home on a horse of dough, sprinkled with barley and millet, giving a wall from the yurt; on the ground, D. taught make a yurt, grow barley and millet]: Alekseev 2010, No. 32:83-87; Khakas: Butanayev, Butanayeva 2001 [=Butanayev 2003:100; older brothers (they are sons of another mother) threw a 12-year-old boy into the taiga; he crossed the Ala-Son Ridge ("Motley Ridge"), went down to the white steppe, where all the cattle were colorful; kissed the girl, she immediately fell dead; the shaman explained that a guest had come from Sunny Country I drove him into a tambourine, he woke up at home; sent that girl with him; smallpox and measles have been coming from Smallpox since then]: 25; Katanov 1907, No. 185 [=1963:108-109; wife is lazy and clumsy; husband finds a hole to the lower world, disguises it, sends his wife to pick currants there, she fails; he marries another; but misses his old wife; hell says she will destroy all the inhabitants of the lower world brings her back; she tells her husband that the lower people did not see her; they died as soon as she touched them]: 276-279; Mainagashev 1915 (Sagai people) [a hunter who left his youngest daughter and karyuya at home the horse got lost, went down to the steppe; all the cattle were white and white; he saw his horse, entered the yurt, sat next to his sister, who immediately fell ill; the shaman dragged the man into his tambourine, threw it away his house on a pile of garbage; the man found out that he had been away for a year; during this time his sister died of smallpox]: 286; Torokova, Sychenko 2014, No. 36 [the youngest of the three brothers got lost; a man arrived and suggested take him to a good country, but don't open your eyes on the way; there the guy was given a wife; she sewed shoes: when you lose weight, you will die; once a person noticed that there are holes in the shoe; he can't move; the wife laments; they put him in the coffin, threw him down the slope where the other coffins are; someone made a hole, the guy stabbed his tongue; split the hole, went out; came to his wife; there was a wake on him, he was not they hear and do not see; when he touched his wife, she lost consciousness; one shaman is powerless, a shaman with a bronze tambourine says that a man from sunny land should be sent back; only in the ninth, bronze tambourine managed to do it; a man came to his earthly wife; three years have passed since he disappeared; they remarried]: 533-541; Buryats [(from V.A. Mikhailov's unpublished work); man found in the ground the hole found himself in the underworld; its inhabitants were like earthly people, but did not notice the alien; when he ate something, the food did not decrease; the local shaman found it, ordered him to be sent back; the shaman performed a ceremony; the man sat down on a nightmare, took off, found himself at the hole through which he climbed from the earthly world to the underworld]: Poppe 1933:54; darkhats (northern Mongolia; possibly darkhats; cf. Neklyudov, Novik 2008) [a man came across a pile of snakes; a snake with two red horns rubbed its head against his knees; his horn broke off; it became dark; he found himself in an unfamiliar world where he was not visible; slept up his sleeve Khurmusta Khan's daughter, she then fell ill; the Tsorji Lama was able to see him, lowered him into his yurt on the ground, giving him the book Tsagan-Sukkurt; having it and a horn, the man became rich]: Potanin 1883, No. 165:548-550.

Western Siberia. Nenets: Labanauskas 1995:163-166 [everyone is dead, old Marindya is left alone; comes to an old woman making babies out of her buttocks, helps her; children go to the world to be born to parents; comes to the plague, where a girl and a boy; they do not see or hear her, they think that the fire is bursting; these are M.'s dead children; the girl's sister orders to make a sacred sledge, cover her with deer blood, put her on her M.; M., the patron spirit of the dead], 185-186 [Sev Sir's two children (boys) are lost; in a cave, an old man and an old woman Sihircha fry a partridge, do not see or hear those who come in; in another plague they cook disgusting owl meat; children only blaze fire; older brother dies, younger brother returns home]; 2001 [two men go for a tree for runners; approach three plague, two families in them; they are not heard and they do not see, everyone says that the fire is bursting; one is eating, the other is not; a shaman enters, half of his face has been bitten by mice; says that two children of the god of the underworld have come, one is ours (he ate), the other stranger; when the drunk woke up, saw that he was lying among the dead, and his companion was dead, half in a coffin; sees deer, then fog, then bones of fallen deer; fish fallen asleep in the net; cannot stop the old man's sledges, stops the young woman's sledges; finds out at home that the old man is dead, the woman is not]: 150-155; Khomich 1976 [children (usually a boy and his older sister), fleeing from the pursuit of enemies families, wandering through the tundra at night, stumble upon a plague; a girl comes in, asks for some food; the owners do not pay attention to her, only an old woman says that the fire has made a noise; the girl leaves in fear ; the children spent the night at the coffins; they were the dead who live alive at night]: 25; nganasans: Dolgikh 1976, No. 21 [Kyhe-lu (Kurapashechya Park) lives alone, decides to kill himself, rushes on foot, did not die; came to the plague, where a woman, then her husband returns from hunting; when K. says, they think that the fire is bursting; K. takes the woman for himself, brings the man another wife; K. enters his mouth Shige cannibal, cuts his belly, goes out to kill him; takes off his skin; another man puts on his skin, dies immediately; K. revives him; K. and his wife became the father and mother of wooden ones, and the other man and his wife stone idols], 22 [two old shaman brothers got lost, came to the land of the dead; the locals do not see or hear them, they think that the fire is bursting; one touches the girl's hand, the other by the hair, that one an arm and a head ache; a local shaman asks what they want to let the girl go; they take two devils to heal another, still alive girl waiting at the border of the land of the dead; when they return, the older brother died because he ate rotten fat in the ground of the dead], 31 [starting at (22); the one of the two who took fat from the dead and pinched the girls was torn apart by the seagulls], 33 [the man fell into the river, saw the seagulls strangling deer girl; touched her, she fell ill; the fire clicks; the old shaman did not see him, the young man asked him what he wanted; he asked for that deer; he made a wooden one, he sat on it, ended up on the ground]: 79- 81, 81-91, 118-121, 126-129; Entsy [Sirota-Tau (Sirota-Nganasan) marries Sigio's daughter; he sends him to fish, he lowers the hook in the forest at Mach 150, pulls out a woman with a child, in He cuts off the forest with fear; father-in-law says that it was caviar fish; ST and his wife run away, kills S. (shoots at the last one, he falls, cuts the axe of the one in front, and that's it); his iron dog (hitting her nose); S. stops chasing; comes to cannibals who are going to slaughter his daughter for him; takes takes her as his wife; both wives eat human meat; in another place, the owners harness people into sledges, hunt wild deer, which are humans; elsewhere, ST kills deer, locals do not see it for a long time; his words for them are the crackling of frost, fire; he teaches them to make bows, they used to have planks with a hole in the middle; ST returns to his land]: Long 196:73-81; Mansi [man has entered the village; they do not see him, the tambourine speaker says that the fire has begun to whistle; he is haunted by a creature in a shabby park; at home they explain to him that he has entered the cemetery]: Lukina 1990, No. 163:439-440; chum salmon: Alekseenko 2001, No. 52 (=Dulzon 1972:94 in Alekseenko 1976:80) [the hunter in the sky fell into the crack, fell on the land; lay for three years, ate the roots and grass brought by the mice; went to the sound of a tambourine, pinched the shaman's sister, who fell without memory; shaman Doch felt a stranger; the fallen said that the girl would stay for three days, asked him to understand him upstairs; D. picked him up, rode in white, a man on black deer; he plugged the hole with black, came back in white], 53 [the man fell into the lower world; asks for food, people think the fire is bursting; the shaman recognizes him, tells him to slaughter a deer for him, wrapped in the skin of a white deer, delivers to the ground]: 117-118, 118; Nikolaeva 2006 (village. Sulomai, Baikit District) [the hunter fell asleep under the cedar, fell into the lower world at night; enters the plague, he is not seen, he touches the owners' daughter, she falls unconscious; shaman Dog said that the devil has fallen from the sky; spoke to "a heavenly man; he invited him to spend the winter in heaven; returned home]: 42; northern Selkups [a man went to a hole through which birds fly, fell down, broke his arms and legs ; hit the mouse that came up; it ate the root of the grass, its bones grew together; the man ate the same root, recovered; came to people who do not see it; when he speaks, they think that the fire is snorting; from a person's touch dies two vazhenki and an old woman; a shaman discovers him, sends him back to the ground]: Prokofieva 1976:125-127.

Eastern Siberia. Western Evenks: Vasilevich 1938, No. 36 (Yerbogachen) [a man wounded a hare, climbed under his talnik, went down the hole, went into the booth, people in the booth say that the fire is clicking; they see that the meat disappears, but they do not see how the person who comes to eat it; the one who comes lay down next to another person, he falls ill; they called the shaman, then another; he sent the one who came back to earth], 38 (Ingharigdov Katanga District, retelling and explaining in Vasilevich 1959:187-188) [Charchikan stole sons from a stupid bird Kingit (Kingit (the name of one of the Mongolian families in the 12th century according to Rashid al-Din); two or three later asks her why she is crying for years; K. says that tomorrow Thunder will kill her sons; C. hides them, her sons died from the impact of Thunder, but came to life; grateful K. is ready to take C. to any land for this; he wants to go to the heavenly hole (North Star); C. prepares two moose, feeds K. meat for four days of flight; K. asks not to say in the sky that she brought it; C. comes to a beautiful woman; that it seems that the fire is bursting; he sees C. only after copulating with him; says that there is no land in the sky, sends C. on a winged horse to bring land to the middle world; the horse falls on the path, the old woman asks to raise fallen sledges, holding C.'s hand; the horse flies away], 39 (Yerbogachen, Katanga District, retelling to Vasilevich 1959:166-169) [people from middle land sometimes make their way to the upper earth through the North Star; when they get to the people of the upper earth, they cause misfortune, usually nerve attacks; invisible to the people of the upper earth; a shaman named Gidalo ("dragonfly") decided to live on the upper land; brought a bird, which ordered three years to stock up on supplies; penetrated into the upper world; when G. talks to the inhabitants, they notice that the fire has shone; touched the girl, she has gone crazy; the shaman, having learned that the cause of the misfortune is man middle land, invites him to come back, shows a hole, a bird, a bird brings him home]: 33, 35-36, 36-37; 1959 (Nepsky Katanga District) [two people died while hunting moose and But they found themselves on the other side (that is, in the world of the dead); found the way of the dead, walked along it; found their late older sister; they started eating, the dishes were all perforated; the fire (in the fire) began to crackle when they began to ask; the dead say: "The fire has begun to crackle"; one of those who came asks his sister to feed her, she does not hear; the hunter pointed his finger in the side, she groaned heavily, felt his presence; the dead called the shaman for treatment, he did not see people; the patient is more ill - the stabbing in the side increased; the dead say: "Go get the big shaman Burundiak"; Burundyak saw people before entering; began to shamanize, took both men, brought them to the path they were walking; above you can see the day through the hole like a star; the shaman put the man up; the men conspired to take the shaman with them; when he poked a second man into the hole, the latter captured the shaman, could not drag him through the hole, tore only his cloak; the shaman was defeated by people, so a child was born on earth (narrator's remark); the men went to the ground, went to bed, woke up, told everything at home]: 169; Yermakov 1988 (Ilimpic, pos. Murukta, West 1943) [Hargi, in the form of a hunter boy, goes to the Middle Earth; the iron bird Kingit brings him to the rock; he hides her children in a cave; he promises to take him to the Middle Earth; they don't see him there, they think that the fire is bursting; H. touches the deer, he falls dead; sits next to the girl, she falls ill; the shaman sees H., asks to be removed from the girl, otherwise she dies; slaughters a white deer, sends H. back to the Lower World]: 47-48; Duvakin 2013 (Ilympic, Chirinda, 2007) [A man fell into a hole while hunting - he went to the lower world; found plague and people there; but those people did not see him, and when he did something spoke, heard the crackling of fire; the man took one of the skins he had worn and climbed the stairs into his world; showed his skin to people and told them what he saw; he did not go hunting to the place where he fell]; Sym Evenks: Vasilevich 1959 (registered in 1930) [in the evening, a man went to get dust (it is put in the cradle) for his son; walked along the lake, failed, fell for a long time, fell to the ground, walked along the path, saw blacksmiths, a deer wandered nearby; a man looked at him, the deer died; told the blacksmiths that he was lost, they brought him home, and the woman died immediately; the shaman began to shamanize, realized that the man had come from above, sent him back; the man climbed for a long time down the stairs, found myself where I failed, returned home]: 168; (cf. Vasilevich 1938, No. 37 [the man does not listen to his mother, goes for rotten things after dark; fell into the swamp, flew down; approaches the blacksmiths, who sent him to the yurt, where a woman died; the shaman speaks to him that he fell from the upper ground shows where the stairs are, the man returns home]: 34); Baikal Evenks (north of Transbaikalia) [the fox left the hunter with an arrow pierced his back; when he came to the hole, the hunter failed and found himself on the lower ground; greets, enters the plague, eats, but he is not seen, as well as the arrow in the fox's back (apparently, the fox in the lower people instead of the dog}; the old woman tells her son harness the deer and go get the shaman; the deer are withered; the shaman is one-eyed, sees the hunter, tells him to give him food; then tells him to take the fox away, the hunter will leave; after that, the hunter is on the ground, caught the fox is with him; went to the hole, but it disappeared]: Pinegina 2019:112-113; Evens: Robbeck 2005 [the youngest of four brothers is Oindya; the elder sends the eldest two for food, leaves the youngest; tells cook lard; O.'s stomach is upset, he went to relieve himself, sees the light below; brother came to see, O. pushed him down; brother was on the lower ground; he was not seen or heard; he touches the man, he screams, fell ill; they called a shaman; he ordered to bring a deer skin, put Brother O. there, began to tell stories, he fell asleep, found himself on the other side; entered the house, where a terrible old woman was around the fire; cut off her flesh from her peritoneum, cooked it, gave it to brother O., it turned out to be delicious; told me to answer "I'm a mouse" at night, if called out; fell asleep again, was at home; O. now wants to go to the lower world himself; his brother he pushed; he takes meat - it tasteless as dust; touches the girl's chest, she is sick; he was also put on her skin; he feels like the devil is around; he called himself a squirrel; then a mouse, he is at home; the brothers go to the cannibals, tied O., who tore the ropes, follows; tied it to a tree, tore out a tree; the brothers were placed in an iron house, only O. broke it, threw the cannibals into the fire; then killed cannibals, the brothers' father and other people came to life; O. turned handsome]: 221-226; The history and culture of the Evens 1997 [a living person can go to the lower world, meet with deceased relatives, but cannot Talk to them, they don't hear him; one of the characters, who accidentally finds himself in the world of the dead, returns from there, wearing female natazniki on his head instead of a hat]: 112; dolgans [the hunter fell into a hole in the ground; three girls on horseback passed by, can't hear him; came to their parents' house, they don't see him; touches the girl, she falls ill; only the great shaman saw him (he can hide from the rays from his eyes); the shaman plants him on a rotten dry tree, it turns into a horse, which takes the person back to our world]: Efremov 2000, No. 25:321; central Yakuts: Alekseev et al. 1995, No. 50 (1st Nakhar Nasleg of Megino-Kangalassky Ulus) [a squirrel killed by a hunter fell on the mountainside; he climbed after it, fell, fell on a haystack covered with mold and worms; hay a one-eyed, one-armed, one-legged man with a mouth in the middle of his face took him; a man from the ground got on his sleigh, came to his house; local people (the same halves) do not see him; he bothers the girl, she screams and moans; only the oldest shaman finds him, blows him, sending him back to the ground], 53 (1st Nakhar Nasleg of Megino-Kangalas Ulus) [a man meets the prince's deceased wife while the spirits were driving her to the places she visited during her lifetime; he does not understand the speech of her companions, and they do not notice his presence]: 249-255, 257-259; Western Yakuts (northwest of the Vilyuisky District) [mow places flooded with water, it is possible only in autumn on top of the ice; a man mowed, fell into a haystack; a woman came for hay on a red bull; the man began to help her load, went with her; she did not notice him; at home fell ill; the shaman said that the spirit was strong; the shaman found a person, sent him to his world; he found himself in the place where he failed]: Popov 1949:259-260; Yakuts ("there are many in the archives of the Nuclear Physics SB RAS notes from old people from different regions") [young people accidentally enter the underworld, sometimes go through a cave out of curiosity, sometimes fail while searching for a missing deer; they find themselves in the same country as on their own land; people of the underworld live in farces with their families, engage in cattle breeding, eat in the same way as earthly people; do not see aliens from the ground, people's attempts Talking to them is mistaken for the crackling of fire in the pebble; when aliens begin to take care of their daughters, they fall ill. Shamans invited to heal the sick find the intruders and drive them away they are returned back to earth; the deer they have come to them are also returned; the story is presented as a funny event, an adventure without causing fear or faith; the plot is mainly common in the outskirts of Yakutia, perhaps borrowed from the Evenks and Buryats]: Ergis 1974:138-139; northeastern (Kolyma) Yakuts [a person has come to the lower world; everything is like on earth, but they do not see him, although their presence is felt and they take him for an evil spirit (abaas); he who comes eats, hugs the girl; the owner accuses the children that they ate all the food, the girl has a seizure; a shaman sees him, gave him a silver fox for leaving their world; sent to earth]: Jochelson 1908:122.

Amur - Sakhalin. Negidals [the dog brings the owner fried moldy fish; he goes down to the hole for the dog; people sit by the fire, the fish is dried and fried, no one pays attention to the person; he takes fish, returns to earth; the fish turns out to be moldy; since then it has been known that there are people in the world of the dead]: Khasanova, Pevnov 2003, No. 29:81; Wilta [in winter, a hunter climbed into a hole for a fox, falls into a hole booney; it's summer there; comes into the house, they don't notice him, they don't give him food; he tries to hug the girl, but she only complains to his family that she is cold; he returns home, talks about what happened, dies]: Bereznitsky 2003:42-43; nivhi: Kreinovich [the young Ainu followed his dog, went to the underworld, where he was not seen or felt; touched the fisherman's jail, he could not fish, said to a friend, which became uncomfortable; at night he tried to hug the woman, she complained that she was dying, others treated her; the man returned alive; the fish brought from the world of the dead turned into oxalis; he died three days after talking about what happened] 1929:101-102; 1973:374-375; Sangi in Bereznitsky 2003 [The Nivkh hunter comes to the afterlife after the fox; he is not noticed; he tries lie down with the girl, but she is only cold; the fish brought from the afterlife turned into bitter dust; the hunter spoke about what happened, died after a while, went to his deceased relatives]: 43 ; nivhi: Pevnov 2010, No. 6 [the man's bride died, he married another, he has children; he wounded a fox, chased her, climbed her hole, the hole is wider, went out into the bright world; the people there are not him they see; he touched the prison, which the old man was slaughtering, he cut himself; the man ate yukola, it seemed tasty; lay down next to the bride, she screamed in pain; they called a shaman; the man was frightened, taking yukola, went back, two big deer chased him, he crawled through the hole to the ground; the jukola brought was rotten; he talked about what he saw and died]: 37-43; Samgi 1974 [man advises to put nets at the mouth; they caught all the fish, hunger began in winter; hunters go into the forest, disappear; that man follows the fox, climbs into the hole, it is wider; he comes to the bright summer world of abundance; the dead do not see him; he goes to bed with a woman, she feels something cold, jumps up; he eats jukola, takes a bunch with him; in our world, the jukola turns to rot; the hole becomes narrow, he will not return to Mlykhovo; he tells people what he saw, dies because he ate yukola in another world and went to bed with a woman; since then it has been known that he is in Mlykh]: 53-59; Ulita 2011 [the old man sees that the dog brought something puppies, followed her to a hole in the ground, went to the river, entered the house, where his dead parents, brother and first wife; no one sees him; tried to hug his wife, she screams that she is sick; when he meets an ermine, a man found himself in the second Mlygvo {g crossed out} below the tier; touched a man, he immediately cut himself with a knife; with an ermine he got to the third tier; there the old man saw him, sent him to the first; the boy's father asks on the ground, tell him where he put two knives before his death; he woke up at home, showed where the knives were, and soon died]: 24-25.

Japan. Ainu (Hokkaido): Brauns 1883 [when the storyteller's great-grandfather lived, there was a man who wanted to see if Pokna Muschir existed; he went into a cave, saw light in the depths; there was a country with trees, rivers, villages, including both the Japanese and the Ainu; the locals do not see it, but dogs smell and bark; people think that an evil spirit is throwing rotten fish and rice at him; he cannot cleanse himself of them; he enters the house, there his dead parents, as they were when they were young; he turns to them, he is frightened; neighbors bring ritual sticks to inou; when he returns to earth, he manages to cleanse himself of the dirt]: 253-254; Sarasina 2014, No. 22 [two old men went hunting; saw a badger disappear into the cave; so did the man chasing him; the old people came in, the pace became narrower, and then the spacious country opened up; dogs barked, but people did not see them; the old people decided to return; people clung to their clothes; they had difficulty shaking them off, ran out of the cave; one said he wanted to return and died immediately; the other I didn't like the country, he began to live forever]: 72-73.

SV Asia. Forest Yukaghirs (p. The ridiculous Verkhnekolymsky ulus of Yakutia) [the man was riding a horse from one village to another; felt that he was flying somewhere; landed, twilight around, went to the sound of a song and saw a girl in white; she put hay on a cart drawn by a bull; the man took her pitchfork, began to help; the girl felt uneasy, she moaned; the man began to ask her, she did not hear; the man put her on the cart, came to the village; there are people, the girl was brought into the house, they can't hear him; getting used to the dark, the man noticed that everyone had white eyes; he went to bed next to the girl, she felt even worse; they called a shaman, he also had white eyes; then they called another, one eye was white and the other was like a man; he asked the man how he got here; the man said, the shaman sat him on a horse, blindfolded him; told him to take off the blindfold when the horse would stop; the man flew again as if into an abyss; the horse stopped, the man took off his bandage and saw himself sitting on his horse skin; told people some were looking for a place where he failed, but not found]: Zhukova, Prokopyeva 1991, No. 11:153-154; (cf.

coastal Koryaks (Palana) [Aka is a good hunter, his brother Oyo is lazy; a hard-working man fell in love with a girl, went to her, did not bring food for Oyo; he left home in search food, jumped into a crack in the ground, went at random; met yaranga, an old woman in her; Oyo asked for food, the old woman started cooking, puts meat cut off from her side in one pot, blows her nose in the other; Oyo refused to eat it, asked him how to get upstairs; the old lady said that he should go to the river, see a little pink salmon going upstream, cut off a piece from her hump; Oyo went, saw the river, took a pink salmon, plunged a knife deep into it; the pink salmon hammered, hit its tail and knocked Oyo down, he fell on the ice floe, froze to it, could not tear himself away; he died on an ice floe since then people began to die]: Menovshchikov 1974, No. 144:459-460).

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos: Menovshchikov 1974, No. 8 (Naukan) [the man wakes up and sees that he is naked and out of the blue; he is without clothes or food; a huge seagull is hammering ice with its beak so that the water around him does not freeze ; kayaks are swimming, a man screams, they do not hear him; other kayaks have docked, he was allowed to sit down; they came to the village, entered the house, but the person is not noticed, heard, not invited to eat; he has become dwellings to walk without fear: no one sees him anyway; saw a beautiful woman: through her fair skin, the entire skeleton and entrails can be seen; he entered it, was born a boy; grew up, but decided to die; then entered female, born an intelligent puppy; visited brown bears, wolves, foxes, birds in the same way; reached Kygmik and was born human there again; he was named Amek ("skin")], 32 (Chaplino) [=Menovshchikov 1988, No. 2: 18-20; a man from Napakutak hunted in a kayak; saw kayaks pulling whales; followed them ashore; he was not seen; he put pieces of whale skin on the woman's back to make her feel cold and I noticed it; the pieces disappeared under her skin, she fell ill; he ate meat from another woman's dish, she did not understand where it went; only the shaman saw a man who agreed to cure the woman, took off the meat from she from behind; he was taken home in a kayak; when he looked around, he saw killer whales swimming away]: 66-67, 140-143; Rubtsova, Vakhtin 2019, No. 28 (Chaplino) [just like in Menovshchikov, No. 32]: 362-372; Van Deusen 1999 [ a man in a kayak got lost in the fog; swam to the hunters who killed the whale; he is not seen, he is not heard; he swims with them; he eats whale meat; a piece of skin is stuck in his throat, he coughed, a piece flew off on his back girls, she is ill; the shaman sees him, tells him to remove whale skin from the girl's back, she recovers; the audience sees this man for a while, then he disappears for them; the man sees that the fog scattered, comes home]: 209-210; Northern Alaska Inupiate (Anaktuvuk Pass) [husband and wife see that strangers have arrived in beautiful but unfamiliar clothes; they talk to them, they don't hear; they are people with sky (Atalich); they smeared their sledges with urine and feces, their dogs could not move the sledges; they cut off their buildings and took to the sky]: Ingstad, Berngland 1987:151-153.

NW Coast. The Tlingit ['Askadut is dead; sees everyone gathered and crying, unable to eat, sleep with his wife; touches his brother, asking why he does not let him eat; he says his body has been reduced cramps and the fire bursts (fire makes a noise); every time A. started saying something, sparks flew out of the fire; ate only after the food intended for him was put in the fire; the body was burned, And . felt pleasantly warm; after that he could not follow the people who had gone home; went into the world of the dead; the journey was hard, he was tired, scratched; by the muddy river he began to scream, no one hears; yawned, dead they heard them, carried them in a boat; they were mossy, trees grew on their heads; A. wanted to return, his recently deceased aunt sent him back across the river; he sat by the river, 9 days later the water washed the shore, he fell into the water - and was born as a baby to his sister; he was ashamed, he refused to suck his breast, had to invite a wet nurse; A. knows that in the world of the dead]: De Laguna 1972:767-768.