Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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i59B4. The Milky Way - snow, frost .26.34.52.

The Milky Way is associated with snow, frost, and cold.

Chinese (Shaanxi), Khakas, Altaians, Teleuts, Shors, Oirats, Tsotsil, Tseltal.

China - Korea. Chinese (Shaanxi, Wu. Lintong) [Once in ancient times, there was a terrible rumble and a piece broke off from the sky, the sun and moon lost their radiance, and the world became dark. One goddess decided to help people by patching the sky with molten stones, and to do this, she descended from the Sky Palace into the human world. Two daughters went after her and looked for red, yellow, blue, white and black stones in the rivers, collected them in Lintong and began to melt them. They melted them for 49 days, and the stones turned into gruel, from which they sculpted flat stone cakes that began to stick to the sky. The youngest daughter turned into a flying horse and seated her mother and sister, so the sky was patched up and the same as before. They were happy, lay down to rest and fell asleep, and when they woke up, they saw that everything around them was white and white. It turned out that there was a crack in the sky, through which snow fell. They made snowballs, got back on the flying horse, flew to a crack in the sky, and began throwing snowballs at it. After doing their job, they went back to earth and fell asleep again. They were awakened by an unusual sound, and when they opened their eyes, they saw a flood raging around them. It turned out that a fallen piece of sky destroyed the end of the earth, and groundwater poured out of the hole, and a black dragon came out and began to do mischief. The goddess and her daughters began to fight the dragon, rose from the water to the sky, descended into the water from the sky, called for help from the heavenly army, and then they defeated the dragon. After that, the flying horse took the survivors to high places and found food for them. The goddess and daughters threw the ash left from the melting stones into the hole in the ground, and when it was over, they melted the stones again, made flat cakes out of them, flew up to the hole on a magic horse, and began to fill the gap with them. However, there were not enough tortillas again, and the water kept coming. Then the older sister lay down on the ground, turned into a long dam and blocked the way for the water. The youngest decided that the eldest was tired and lay down to rest, so she lay down next to her and fell asleep right away, and the goddess decided not to wake her up. Waking up, the younger sister, who kept the appearance of a horse, saw how beautiful the world around her had become and decided not to return to heaven. It remained lying on the ground and after a long time turned into a mountain that people called Lishan ("Black Mountain"; the hieroglyph consists of two elements - "horse" and "beautiful"). The goddess patched the sky and earth, saved people, so people called her "the mother of Mount Lishan", and then built Mother's Temple in her honor, where she was erected a golden statue. It is still a custom in villages near Mount Lishan: every year on the twentieth day of the first lunar month, everyone eats steamed pancakes. After preparing them, one is thrown to the roof and the other to the ground, and they call it "the patting of heaven and earth"]: Zhou Yang et al. 1996, No. 5:7-8.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Khakasy: Butanayev 1975:231 [Milky Way - Hyro Choli, "Hoarfrost Road" (for all Khakas)]; 2003 (Sagai people, Beltirs, author's title) [Ah-Khudai said that there will be no place for Irlik Khan on earth, but agreed to leave him a piece of land on which to put his staff; I. pierced the ground with his staff and went down; as he descended, cut off his sides, his blood splashed into heaven and earth; in the sky it turned into Milky Way - Hyro Choli (Frost Road); in autumn, frost falls from the Milky Way and freezes the ground; snakes, frogs, worms and lizards crawled out of the pierced hole, and the earth's surface became dirty creatures; AH dawned and rose to heaven]: 112-113; Gyarmati 1993 [Xro čol- "frosty path"]: 226; Altaians [Karding Joli - "snow path"]: Ruth 1987:50; Chelkan people ( Lebedintsy) [Qurūdŭyol- "Ineist Way"]: Gyarmati 1993:226; Teleuts [Qar yol - "snow road"]: Gyarmati 1993:226; Shors, Khakas (Sagai, Koibals) [Qrā čolī, Qrānčolī - "snow path"]: Gyarmati 1993:226; Oirats [Kurudyng joly - "frosty road", Karding dioli "snow path"]: Ruth 1987: 50.