Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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I6. Birds carrying a storm.

. (.37.) .41.-.

A person meets a huge bird carrying clouds, rain, snow, thunderstorm, etc.

Karachays, Balkarians, Ossetians, Dargins, Georgians, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks, Kyrgyz, Altaians, Chelkans, Mongolian Buryats, Darhats, (Udege), Koyukon, Tanana, Kuchin, Upper Tanana, Tagish, Southern Tutchoni, Helmet, Beaver, Hea, Slevi, Chipewayan, Yellowknife, Tlingit, Inner Tlingit, Kutene, Grovantre, Crowe, Omaha and Ponca, Arapahoe, Wichita, Hopi, Zunyi, Lipan, Chirikahua, Jicarilla, Western Apache, Mescalero, Navajo, Ayoreo, Nivacle, Chorote, Maca.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Karachays and Balkarians: Aliyeva 1994, No. 47 [=Lipkin 1973:68-77; Sosruk falls into the lower world; eagle chicks are eaten by a dragon every year; S. kills a dragon with an arrow and sword; chicks they explain that the downpour is the tears of their desperate mother; warm rain in half with the sun - she hopes for salvation; Orlitsa brings S. to the ground]: 383-387; Aliyeva, Kholaev 1983 [the sick old man says sons about a beautiful woman across the seas, in front of her there is a golden trough, he has goldfish, if he eats one, he will recover; the eldest go one way, the youngest to the other; the man gives an unsightly stallion, that speaks in a human voice; the blackbeard sends to his middle brother, then to his younger brother, the youngest is gray because he lives near that girl; the blackbearded teaches how to change horses, otherwise the girl will catch up ; he catches a fish, a girl can't catch up, is near home; his brothers throw him into the lower world; he kills a dragon, grateful residents teach him to kill a jellmouth snake that devours eagle chicks; he the monster kills, the eagle arrives, its wings are overshadowed by the sun, the rain is her tears, when the sun comes out, the eagle hopes to save the chicks; the grateful eagle takes the young man to the upper world, his foal brings home; he explains to his father that he, not his brothers, caught the fish; let everyone shoot up; the arrows of the older brothers fall and pierce them]: 43-52; Balkarians (Western 1967) [the childless khan had a boy; he was given to Myrzaev Kanmyrze; he matured; MK does not tell him to run after the hare into the hollow; the young man violates the ban, there is a portrait of the girl; he asks MK to get her; MK penetrates the fortress; the girl teaches how to cover the horse with buffalo skins, mix glue with sand; her father's horse will fight with the MK horse, but will peel off his skins, and this horse will cut off his meat; the horse is tamed, begins serve MK; brought his wife to a young man; now MK decides to get for another young man who showed him the entrance to the fortress, his wife's stolen from him; lay under a pine tree, heard a noise; it was the dragon who wanted to eat two eagles; MK killed a dragon; eagles: every year the dragon devoured our mother's chicks; when she arrives, her tears will rain and cause mudflow, and the wind from the wings of the summit will bend; the eagle brought MK to the fortress of Dzhansyza- Mujiza ("soulless, lifeless"), who stole a woman; MK teaches the kidnapped woman to ask what DM's soul is; DM: in a broom (she dressed a broom like a girl); (hereinafter referred to as a pass in the story); DM reports that his soul is in (what- then), in a deer, there are three pigeons in it, they have three flies; the eagle catches up with the flying ones each time; the MK crushed the flies, DM died; the eagle takes the MK to the upper world; the meat supply is over, the MK cuts off a piece from its calves; the eagle swallowed MK and regurgitated healthy; KM and her pupil son and daughter-in-law go home; hears two voices: the bridge will fail; MK does not enter the bridge; the next night: the khan wants to take away the bride from the pupil; in marriage, MK killed five attackers and then turned to stone; let the daughter-in-law give birth to a boy, he must be slaughtered, the stone washed with blood; it happened, but the boy is alive; MK killed everyone who tried to destroy his pupil]: Malkonduev 2017:442-447; Ossetians: Byazirov 1971, No. 1 [the son of a witch from the Borata family (SK) and his son Malik (SK) go to marry the sister of seven giants, send their matchmakers arrows; giants and UK go hunting, tell sister and UK not to open the seventh door; SM threatens to leave, the bride opens, Waig from Black Mountain (UCHG) is released, takes the girl away; SK goes to look for her; meets , takes the Sea Drinker as his comrades (he shoots after the UCHG, tears off his leg), Zorky, Carrying mountains and valleys on his back, each says in response that he is not amazing, but SK and SM; UCHG goes underground; only The UK was able to push the stone away, go down on a rope through the flame; sends the girl upstairs, the comrades remove the rope, fill the exit with a stone; the UK tells an old woman whose fang touches the sky, the other in the ground rests, tell me how to kill the UCHG (burn it, it burns), get upstairs (grab the horn of a white ram); SK grabs the black horn, which takes it even lower to the world of Donbettyr; there the dragon closed water; swallows the UK, it cuts it from the inside, refuses to be belched, spit out, goes out over its side, the dragon exhausts; Tsar Donbettyrov sends the UK to the black eagle; the UK hears one of her daughters singing ( her snake will eat the day after tomorrow), another laughs (her tomorrow), the third cries (she will be eaten today); SK is killed by a snake; a downpour begins (eagle tears), the sun shines (eagle sees that her daughters are alive), a whirlwind (flies); the eagle takes the UK to the ground, which feeds it with supplies given by the Donbettyrs; there are not enough of them, the SK cuts off the meat from its thighs; the eagle puts it back; the swineherd says that three brought the sister of seven giants, the king took her away, marries; the UK changes clothes with the swineherd, the elder princess chooses him when she sees his golden curls under her hat; everyone tries the SK quiver and arrows; the SK takes them, puts on gold clothes, exterminates guests with arrows, takes wives for himself and SM]: 5-19; Dzagurov 1973, No. 45 [voice from the source to a childless aldar: slaughter a black chicken and let your wife eat boiled goiter; the crawler was eaten by a dog, she has a golden-haired boy was born, and his wife Aldar had an ordinary boy; they came to the Waigs to marry their sister for their son Aldar; waigi: to go up to the tree from a full bowl and go down without splashing; the son of the female fulfilled; get an apple from a tall apple tree (a female's son cut a tree); Aldar's son was given a wife; Suki's son and Waigi's son hunt, and Aldar's son and his wife were at home; he was forbidden to unlock the eighth room, he unlocked it, there seven-headed waig on hot iron chains; Aldar's son poured water on him; waig tore the chains, took the wife of his son Aldar; the son of the female went in search; met and accompanied 1) a priest carrying on his head church; 2) running after a hare with millstones on his legs; 3) drinking the sea; there is a hole in the ground, the companions ordered them to be lifted back - it's hot; the son of the female went down, there is the wife of Aldar's son; he teaches you to find out from the Waig where his soul; waig: in the middle pole of the house; under the hearth; a woman decorates these places; in a boar, for which a hundred mowers mow hay; in the boar there is a roe deer, in it a hare, in it a casket, there are three swallows in it; the son of a female killed the boar tore off the heads of two swallows, and when he came to the Waig, he tore off the last; sent the woman up; then tied a block - the companions cut off the rope; in the corner of the house, the female's son sees the mother of the Waiga, one fang higher heaven, another in hell; she tells him to grab the right horn of a ram, which accidentally grabs the left horn, does not rise to the ground, but falls into the seventh lower world; there the dragon locked the water once a year he is given a girl, it is the turn of Aldar's daughter; the son of a female dresses as a girl, hacked a dragon; refuses his daughter Aldar, asks for a way to earth; kills a Zaliaga snake, which regularly devoured eagle chicks; it rained (an eagle's tear), the sizzling sun sparkled (the mother saw that the chicks were alive, the light from her eyes), the wind (from her wings); the eagle orders to prepare bulls' meat and wineskins with beer; The son of the female cut off the last piece from his leg, the eagle put it back; the herdsmen say that the priest who wore the church is getting married; the son of the female asked to give the ring to the bride, she recognized it; the son of the female he cut down his companions, brought the Waig sister to his son Aldar; on the way home, the devils put a bed for the couple, they became petrified; the son of the female returned behind the Waig whip and revived the couple; he also rejuvenated Aldara and his wife with her]: 162-177; Dargin [a young man kills a snake that regularly devours eagle chicks; an eagle arrives, raising the wind with its wings, rain its tears; gives the young man one eagle to help; the young man defeats enemies gets married]: Mazaev, Kasumov 1997 (1): 401-413; Georgians [young man falls into the lower world; Pashkunji chicks are constantly eaten by gveleshapi; one chick cries, it will be eaten today, the other laughs at him tomorrow; a young man kills Mr. with an arrow; there is thunder, it is raining, it is the mother of the chicks who cry, thinks that the children have been swallowed; the children first hide the savior, then show their mother; she takes him to the ground]: Chikovani 1954:28-33 (=1985, No. 3:19-22).

Iran - Central Asia. Uzbeks [Zabunshah's messenger asks for help against diva Aquon, who demands Princess Zubaida Zulfikor; Kahramon (the youngest son of the king of the city of Mir) rides a rhino, ends up in a cave, on His name is written on the iron gate; K. frees 12 divas led by Sanghi, chained by his grandfather Sakwon; they help overcome the diva from Z.; K. cuts off his little finger, the divas disappears; fortunetellers say that he is in a sunny country beyond seven seas of darkness; the old man orders to kill the flying dragon, which devours the chicks of the Semurg bird every year, she will bring him to the city of Cavus; K. kills the dragon with arrows; the storm is breath Semurg, lightning - the glow of her eyes, sighs - thunder, hail - drops of sweat, rain - tears; the chicks first hide K. from her mother so that she does not accidentally kill him; in flight, K. gives Semurg food and water; A. entangled the city Cavus with wire, it rings with touch; by throwing stones, Semurg helps defeat the divas, K. cuts off A.'s head, Semurg carries him back, he marries ZZ]: Sherkhunaev 1972:498-509.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Kaskabasov 1979, No. 22 (Dzhezkazgan Province) [the Shynyrau bird was Simurg; it nestled on the top of one baiterek for 15 years, during all this time it has not been able to breed a single chick; Having gone far away, now she returns, carrying prey - several carcasses; tears drip from her eyes and turn into rain and snow; this crying, the whistle of the flapping of her wings, the wind they raise, handed over by singer Ikhlas; Aydahar ate the chicks]: 51; Potanin 1916, No. 47 [bay visited three sides, died on the way to the fourth; before death he tells four sons (the youngest from his youngest wife); the youngest is from his youngest wife Zadà's brother guards the elders' sleep, kills the seven-headed old woman Jalmouth Kempir; another old woman said that the prince was building a ladder to reach the princess living between earth and sky; Z. was not afraid to get up , killed a dragon who was about to swallow the princess, returned to the brothers, leaving a note; another dragon grabs Z., turns into a woman, tells us to know what Saduar did to the rose and what the rose did to Saduar; the old woman sends an answer to the mullah, he to the cherry plum kara-gus (bird hero); Z. swims to the island, lies under a tree, kills a dragon that crawled to eat chicks; their mother arrives with storm and wind ; brings Z. to the city of Saduar, leaves his pen; S., the local king; tells how he rushed at the black slave, the lover of his wife Rosa; his wife hit him with a cane, turned him into a crane for three years, three more in a pole; into a cat; Rosa's six-year-old son touched the cat with a cane, restoring S. to human appearance; S. turned his wife into a donkey, then her and her lover into pigs, people beat them to death; S. wanted to execute Z. but the alyp-kara-gus took him away; that woman was S.'s daughter, S. married her to Z.; the king of the heavenly kingdom passed him off as Z. and his daughter; the brothers buried Z. in a hole to take his wives; he burned the feather, the bird brought him his home; he fired arrows into the sky, they fell, pierced his brothers]: 159-162; 1972, No. 1 [Bulat-Pai had horses that ate people; people avoided him, he took a hundred horses, migrated, leaving nine at home sons; horses flew away like birds, he held one by the tail; his 70-year-old wife became pregnant, ate this mare's tostyuk (brisket), gave birth to a son Yer-Tyustyuk; people ask why he is not looking for his own nine brothers and nine thousand horses; he clamps his parents' thighs, makes them tell the truth; comes to nine brothers, takes an eight-legged horse; the youngest, then the rest of the brothers recognize E. the brothers return to their father, now he is rich again; they put him on a sixth horse, tell him to find ten brides-sisters; the old woman indicates where to look; B. and nine sons take the brides home; the youngest Kenjackay; the old woman warns not to stop at the Bai-Terek tree; B. stops, sees a lung in the water, hits with a stick, it turns into an old woman (kempir), grabs B. by the beard, lets go for a promise to give to E.; K. asks E where his goldmoney is; he thinks he is left by the Bai-Terek tree; K. talks about an old woman, gives a chain mail, a horse she took from home; E. grabs the money, the old woman is chasing after him, he falls into the ground with his horse, where 80 old women promise to let him go if he brings the Khan's golden braid; on the way, E. takes as his companions a mountain raising, drinking a lake, finding out fate; khan tries to burn them in an iron house, a drink fills the fire; in another house, the knowledgeable says that an iron mountain will be thrown at them, he can catch it; the khan orders them to get the cauldron out of the well; they take it out, he gives his daughter; E. cuts off his head, brings him to the old women, they let him go; the young birds of the Alyp-Kara-Gush bird cry in the Bai-Terek tree; the dragon (Azhdagar) approaches, E. kills him with a sword; the cubs say that his mother will arrive with a storm; she swallowed and regurgitated E.; lifts her up to the upper world, he gives her water and feeds her, at the end cuts off the meat from her thighs; on the ground she regurgitates meat, puts it back, gives her a feather; man, in whose house E. stopped, dug a hole, E. fell through there; burned the feather, the bird carried it upstairs; E. returns, his wife is the first to recognize him, everyone is happy]: 104-116; Sidelnikov 1971 (3) [khan dreams of a bird, Flowers fall from her mouth, pearls fall from her eyes; three sons go to look for her; Asan goes back along the road, Usen may return, younger Hasan will not return; old woman zhalmauyz- the camper turns it into a gazelle, her daughter regains her human form, gives an arrow to kill her mother, sends it to the tree where the bird is Samruk; H. kills the boa constrictor crawling towards the chicks, they eat pieces of the body boa constrictor, it is said that the rain is their mother's tears, the wind is from her wings; Samruk does not eat H., brings virgins to the country, he cuts off the meat from his thighs, lets her eat, she heals his wounds; he takes the bird leaves a note to the sleeping daughter of Khan Virgins, returns to the bride; the brothers lower X. into the well, cut off the rope, the girl runs away to the steppe; the daughter of the Khan of the Virgins accuses Asan and Usen of lying, they are executed; finds them Hasan and his wife, leaves the bird to his father]: 66-75; Kyrgyz: Brudny, Eshmambetov 1989:19-24 (=1981:19-23) [Khan lost the wonderful bird Zymyryk; the slave's son Bekjal met six argali, they said that they were human; he went into the yurt, ate, became an argali; the girl restored his human appearance, said that her evil mother turned people into argali; said that at the top of the poplar, reaching heaven, there is a doodle bird's nest; every year a one-eyed dragon eats its chicks; B. killed the dragon with an arrow, climbed into the nest; the chicks said that the mother's tears were rain, the storm was the flapping of her wings; the chicks explained to their mother that B. had killed the dragon; for this, the bird carried him across the pass, the forest and the sea, ordered him to drink water and feed him with harvested meat; B. cut a piece out of his thigh; everything in the city they were sleeping, B. took the Zymyryk bird, the bracelet from the hansha's hand, the karakush brought it back, he gave the bracelet to the girl who saved him; two khan's sons pushed him into the water, the girl became a swan; the bird Zymyryk spoke only when K. came with the girlfriend who saved him]; Er Toshtyuk 1958 [the Alp-Karakush bird with bronze claws and an eagle's head in the desert in a nest in the tree of life, whose branches support the sky, brings out chicks; every year they are devoured by a horned dragon; Er Toshtyuk kills him with a sword, feeds pieces of his body to chicks; the bird flies with rain and hail, brings forty deer on each wing; swallows and regurgitates ET, gives his herd is over and his magic pen]: 144-155; Kyrgyz (Issyk-Kul Province) [Nurzhan, he has daughters Aykyz, Gulkyz, Nurkyz, and a son Sarytai; his wife dies, Nurzhan is suffering and wants to marry again, but sorry for the children; in a dream, a voice tells you to give daughters without a dowry, someone hands Kyzyr Niyaz a ring, it fulfills wishes if you address him by name; in the morning, a ring on the right thumb; check whether Nurzhan demands good food from the ring; the family has healed for pleasure; Nurzhan announces a will to his son during his lifetime: after his death, three dervishes will appear who will wash his body and betray him earth, the son must give them sisters without dowry, as well as all the goods that are at home; let him keep only the ring, do not tell his name to anyone; S. fulfilled his father's will and went to distant lands; he forgot that the ring makes wishes come true; it almost drowns in the river, the fish takes it ashore; in the forest it hides from predators in a tree, by morning they eat each other; S. reaches the mountains, cannot pass them, falls asleep; perishte spirits they moved him across the mountains; S. finds himself in an area where the wind is raging, clouds of poisonous insects in the air; in some old courtyard he finds an old man and an old woman, offers them to become their son; they ask not to go outside; he goes out and sees two moons in the sky; one goes out in the morning, becomes darker; the old woman says that the ruler has a married daughter named Sahipzhamal, she plays in the palace courtyard with friends and so beautiful that the radiance from her face is the second moon; S. falls ill from love; notices a ring on her hand, remembers, tells her to fill the house with food; asks adoptive parents to marry him Sahipzhamal; an old woman comes to ask her to marry S.; the vizier advises to give an impossible task: to bring 40 gems; S. orders the ring to deliver 40 camels, 40 horses, 40 mules and 40 donkeys, loaded with precious stones; be accompanied by 25 beautiful people whose clothes are decorated with gem buttons, decorate the bangs of their horses with gemstone bells as well; highlight mothers a separate horse, let the clothes on her be luxurious, like the harness on horseback; the ruler is shocked, asks the groom himself to come; wedding; S. tells the ring to create a new palace on the cloud, and under it a lake milk and a lake of butter; the vizier persuades Sahipzhamal to find out her husband's secret; S. says the name of the ring; the vizier says it, he orders the palace and Sahipzhamal to be moved to seventh heaven; S. searches sisters, their dervish husbands help him; the eldest husband is guilty of sleeping for 40 days and 40 nights, all this happened when he slept, takes S. to his younger sister's husband, who reports that the Zymyryk bird can move it to the palace, the Zymyryk bird lays 2 eggs every year, but the dragon eats the chicks, you need to kill the dragon, save the chicks and Zymyryk will help; the dervish gives the young man a one-inch sword, which the wave extends to 40 fathoms, and takes it to a tree with a nest Zymyryk; S. drinks from a spring at the foot of the tree and falls asleep in anticipation; wakes up from the rain, these are the tears of chicks, sees that the dragon is preparing swallow them; he kills the dragon, feeds its chicks with meat, after eating a leaf from a tree, he begins to understand the language of the chicks; they say that their mother will arrive soon, hide it under their wings; storm, wind, tornado, rain and hail notify the appearance of the bird Zymyryk; seeing that the chicks are intact, the bird is happy, ready to fulfill any wish of the savior; S. asks to be delivered to seventh heaven; they take 40 wineskins with water and 40 with meat; the bird teaches: if you look to the right, you should throw her a wineskin with meat, if to the left, a wineskin with water; supplies run out, S. gives the bird meat from his right thigh and moisture from his left eye; oh, appearing at the palace, Through the crack, the vizier sees Sahipzhamal pulling to his bed, and she screams that she has a husband; after waiting for the vizier to fall asleep, S. says "Kyzyr Niyaz" and the ring is on his finger; he Orders them to be transferred to Father Sahipzhamal; shows him the sleeping vizier and Sahipzhamal, the king orders the vizier to cut off his head, scolds his daughter; calls him to imitate Sarytai, true to his word]: Sabyr uulu 2008: 119-125; Karakalpaks [Khan does not have a son, he gives his daughter Gulziba to a boy; hands over the throne to his imaginary son, the vizier's son becomes a vizier; finds out that the young khan is a girl; they agree run, but at night the vizier is replaced by the chieftain of the robbers; G. offers the robbers to race, she will marry the winner; runs away; marries the shepherd Meytin; sews skullcaps, M. sells them for a high price; the merchant finds out about this, the khan takes M. into service, gives difficult assignments to seize G.; 1) build a palace of tiger fangs (M. takes out a splinter from a lion, he tells the tigers to give him a fang); 2) a palace from the feathers of the king bird; the Aydarkha serpent devours her two chicks every year; M. kills a snake, a storm begins with rain; rain - the tears of birds, the wind - from their wings; all the king birds give a pen; the khan wants to burn M. at the stake, say hello to his parents in heaven; M. burns the king bird's feather, she brings it to her, gives fruit for the khan; the khan and the viziers behave to burn themselves, M. becomes khan]: Volkov, Mayorov 1959:3-13.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Chelkans: Kandarakova 1988 [after calling a shaman, the wife of childless Ak-Kaan gives birth to seven sons; after the second vocation, six-eyed Karagys; eldest son Maka-Maatyr Sees a girl get up from her cradle, devour animals, lie back; MM runs away, marries the youngest daughter of a great khan; two other sons-in-law are persuaded to give MM difficult tasks, the wife explains how to do them; 1) get the golden eagle's feather; MM cuts off the heads of a seven-headed snake coming out of the lake to devour the golden eagle chicks with an arrow; they hide it from their parents; it is said that their father arrives with with rare snow, the mother - with heavy rain (these are the tears of golden eagles), will bring deer in their claws; the chicks explain that MM saved them, the golden eagle does not kill MM, but gives a feather; 2) get the tooth of a monstrous wolverine (one of her horns stuck in the ground, the other supports the sky; MM jumps between horns, wolverine runs under the clouds, cannot shed it, gives two teeth); sons-in-law do not know how, MM makes a cauldron, working with these teeth as tools; 3) bring Altyn-Tan, daughter of God; wife gives MM fur coats to have them, the AT brothers ask her to show MM face, drink araki from a thimble; AT loses consciousness, MM takes her away; brothers catch up, she sends them back; turns the khan into a fox, his people and property into black land; MM climbs the mountain, sees his camp, cries; says that the branch, pipes, wind have damaged the eye; AT punishes them, mother Wind explains what's going on; MM gets home on a six-legged horse; six-eyed K. ate everyone, chases MM, tears off all the horse's legs one by one; AT tells her not to touch her husband, K. leaves]: 44-72; Sadalova 2002, No. 20 {is this the same text as Kandarakova's, but recounted in more detail?} [after turning to a shaman and sacrificing a horse, the wife gives birth to seven sons, the elder Maka-Maatyr; next time she asks the girl, but donates not to a mare, but a dog, gives birth to a six-eyed Karagys; MM sees K. getting up from the cradle, eating a calf, lying back; then a foal, a goby; MM says he will leave for a while, leaves altogether; marries the youngest of three daughters, Ulug-Piya ; other sons-in-law advise her father-in-law to tell MM to bring 1) the feathers of the Purush bird; the wife says that her nest is on top of one of the seven larches; a seven-headed snake crawls from lake to nest, MM kills seven heads with arrows, climbs into the nest; the chicks say that this snake always eats chicks; Father P. flew in with wind and light snow, then the mother with wind and rain (these are her tears), gives two feathers; 2) the tooth of a wolverine living at the confluence of seven rivers to make a tagan; the wife says that one horn is stuck in the ground, the other is raised to the sky, you have to cling to both; wolverine gives two teeth; 3) Kudaya's youngest daughter Altyn-Tana; his wife teaches how to make a home where K. takes water; his three sons will come; ask for half of his sister's face for a fur coat made from collected from the mountains; for sewn from the meadows - button under his arm; from rivers - let him drink araka from a thimble; AT is intoxicated, MM takes it away; the brothers who have received fur coats catch up, AT sends them; turns the UE cattle into black ground, them into a fox; MM marries AT ; she says that only six-eyed K. remained at Father MM's camp; AT gives him a six-legged trotter; K. eats his parents' bones, sees MM on the chimney, chases, cuts off, eats the horse's sixth and fifth legs, fights with her brother; AT tells her to leave, she returns home; AT and MM live on]: 173-201; Altaians: Potanin 1916, No. 59 (west from a baptized Altai to villages. Onguday in the river valley Ursul) [Altai-Buchi went to fight Demichi-ter; his wife Edil-Jebil and sister Edil-Kojil wrote a letter with the duck to Aranai-Charanay, Elden-Chaldan's son, that they would be better off without Ab; they gave Ab wine with sweat workers and a horse; Ab fell into a hole; AH ordered Ab's sixth horse to be tied, his thumbs cut off; three more horses, two dogs and two golden eagles Ab were also confused and taken away, but Demichi-Jeren's horse (DD) tricked them into freeing them, becoming a sparrow, took Ab's thumbs away; Ab's wife gave birth to Kan-Sorysh, DD, becoming a sparrow, carried him through the smoke hole in the yurt; the mother cut off her son's leg, but DD stole his leg; from the sky from the milk lake, where the birch tree is in bloom, brought the girl Temene-ko, she revived everyone, put the cut back, married the COP; Ab tied his wife to the tails of nine horses; went underground to fight with Aranai-Charanay; fished with a fishing rod with a bait of 6 bulls, this fish is gone; marries Kan-Jackpay's sister; goes to look for his missing son; the serpent climbs into the nest of the Kan-Gerede bird, Ab kills him; the chick replies that when his mother arrives, it will rain a little, there will be wind; the bird sends Ab to Yerlik to look for Altyn-Gerel; the wife gave needles (stick in front of two camels, have time to pass between them) , a hundred eyes (let two crows and two magpies bite), threads (give two girls so that they do not tear out their tendons), coals (give coal burners so that they do not burn themselves), iron (to blacksmiths, so as not to split themselves); a woman, a goat and a foal in front of her, she stole them from a mare and a goat during her lifetime; it is not enough for some spouses to hide 9 sheepskins, others feel good under one; children who looked sideways at their parents are hooked for eyes; the woman who killed the child is hanged by the navel; who condemned people, and freestyle himself, the soles are pinned with iron; the woman has a male bone, the man has a female bone, both freestyle; the murderers boil in sulfur; Ab beats E. with twigs that have grown out of her hands, she promises to help him; Ab made a live head go to Kutai, dead to Yerlik; (etc.); Kan-Jackpay nailed Jergenis-Boko's lower lip (boko is a strongman) to the ground, lower to heaven; Kan-Sorysh cut his stomach inside and got out]: 181-186; Yutkanakov, Tokmashov 1935 [Karaty-Kan gives Kuskun-Kara-Matyr difficult assignments; get seven foals kidnapped Kan-Kerede bird; KKM comes to heaven, there is Kan-Kerede's nest on silver poplar; its chicks are eaten every year by a seven-headed snake; one chick cries (it will be eaten today), the other laughs; the snake comes out seas, the cash register cuts off her heads with an arrow; the elder chick stretched out its wing, the cash register crossed it across the sea into the nest; the chicks reply that their parents will arrive with rain (tears) and wind (flapping wings), hide Cash register under his wing; birds give foals to the cash register; then Kan-Kerede saves him, he takes her chick daughter as his wife]: 129-171; Nikiforov 1915 [Ain Shain Shinshirge receives more and more difficult tasks from Toybon- khan and "nine good zaysans"; the third is to bring a shaman from the sky; she is also a Kan-Kerede bird; ASHSH finds her two daughters in the house, they hide her, say that her mother will come with wind and rain - her wind wings, with drops of sweat from them; KK arrives, agrees not to swallow the ASHSH, but to visit the land with it]: 31-64; Mongolian Buryats (close to Khorinsky) [Tsoloo J., Gantogtokh G. Arvan Gurvan noyodyn dun. Sub. 2007:489; a Russian and a Mongolian woman ate a pink flower and gave birth to a son; the eldest left an arrow for the younger one - if it rusts, trouble; flew on horseback, saw a yurt, became a sparrow, looked into the upper hole; hears those sitting talking about Han Sun's daughter Shiren Dun; all the herds are hers; the young man asks the shepherd how he eats, sleeps, brings calves; recognizes the shepherd as his younger brother; he marries SD, and her father was not told; in his herd there was a foal with a golden chest and a silver back, Garuda stole it; the mare must give birth again, 33 heroes fell asleep again; the elder brother grabbed Garuda by the tail, she released a foal; Khan's youngest wife was stolen from the Sun himself; the elder brother finds the first kidnapped foal and the khan's wife; she says that if Garuda is in a good mood, it rains a little before she arrives , and if she is angry, then a strong hail; first the vulture will arrive, then Garuda herself; the young man shot the vulture, then Garuda, freed the prisoners; brought living water, cured the khan's son; the khan pardoned 33 heroes, forgave his daughter for leaving without his knowledge; he gave his second daughter to his elder brother]: Egupova 2012:21-23; darkhats [Dzaluta Mergen has been sleeping for three years and has been awake for three years, he has dogs Khasyr and Basyr evil for three years, horses in three months, camel in three days; they all raise the alarm; Ebögun Mangys ("old mangys", SM) comes, the shepherd tells him where the DM weapon is; his wife wakes DM up, he jumps into the steppe; horses tell me to return; on the ashes he finds his wife's note; she writes where the weapon is buried, promises to help kill EM; DM meets the hero, fights him, turns out to be his son; DM comes to EM, She meets his wife, she has seven sharp-headed children with EM, she promises to persuade them to find out where their father died; this is a red-pieked tiger, a golden bogshiro, etc. (seven, according to the number of children); EM destroys all the receptacles of EM's soul, he dies, he takes EM's wife and property; goes to marry Narsyn Guali, daughter of Lusay Khan; under the guise of a poor man, he competes the winner will get NG; only DM pulled out his bow; shaking out bags of ash, sand and snow, caused a blizzard and dust storm, won the race, won the fight; L. does not want to give his daughter to the poor man, demands to tame stallion (tamed), then bring foam from Hangai-talay (informant: Lamaists sacrifice sea foam when worshiping Lusai Khan); this foam is poisonous; DM sees a Dzandyn Modo tree along the way, with a nest Khan Garidi, Abaga's snake, wrapped around the trunk, is going to eat the chicks; DM killed the snake with an arrow; the chicks say that only their mother can get the foam; she arrives with wind and rain ; the bird brings, DM returns alive; Lusai Khan invited food to sit down, he fell into the hole; the horses found him, brought a girl with a scythe in 90 fathoms, she lowered them into the hole, DM got out, killed Lusai Khan, Narsyn Guali married his son]: Potanin 1883, No. 147:507-512.

(Wed. Western Siberia. Mansi: Lukina 1990, No. 134 [Ekva-Pyris lives with her grandmother; shows her her invisible hat, goes to see people; meets four old people, one gives him a ball of thread, the other the skin is ermine, the third is the skin of a mouse, the fourth is a hatchet; Ushing-Otyr promises a daughter to someone who 1) kills two cannibal birds Tovlyng-Kars; they live on top of a larch tree in the middle of a hot seas; E. climbs the trunk with an ermine, a mouse; kills the Heart-Free Iron Frog with a hatchet, who lived under the nest and gnawed on the feathers of the chicks when they were about to take off; for this T. promises not to kill people anymore; first a female flies into the nest, followed by a male, brings people; E. makes sure that when they fall down, the released people do not crash; grateful T. takes E. to W.; 2) catch golden perch (T. brings E. to the icy sea, catches perch); 3) get the Satnematur cones bird (T. brings E. to the ends of the earth, catches the bird); E. gets a wife; carries the ends of the horns to the momont, broken off by T., brings T.'s feathers from the mammoth, which he snatched from him; now both are still strong]: 346-352).

(Wed. Amur - Sakhalin. The Udege [on the back of the Koi bird, which has iron plumage, a shaman carries the souls of the dead to the afterlife; Koi guards the passage beyond the celestial sphere; it is an oval hole surrounded by two rows of sharp rocks; the rocks are constantly moving in the opposite direction; when the hero kills Koi, he divides her meat between people and gives them names in tune with the name received parts; the genus that has received the larynx becomes the main one; its relatives have the gift of eloquence; if Koi flaps its wings, the wind will begin with thunderstorm and rain; in autumn, Koi's flight causes storms and storms at sea]: Podmaskin, Kireeva 2010:47-48).

Subarctic. Koyukon: Jetté 1908-1909 [(European story contains some Indian motives); a rich man tells a bad man to kill a dangerous eagle; the poor man climbs into the nest; the chick replies that his mother will fly with with wet snow, father with hail; poor man kills both adult eagles with a gun, brings legs to the rich man]: 498; Wright 1908 [the old man tells two sons they should go alone; they raft down on the ice floe on the river; they see a porcupine crying, he does not answer them, they kill it, they fry it, they eat it; they come to a village where there are only young women and an old man; the older brother insists on competing in archery; tries to dodge, but women's arrows easily hit him to death; the youngest comes to the nest of huge birds; the chick replies that the parents will bring clouds and thunder; the mother will arrive with the rain, the father with hail; the young man kills a chick, then with arrows and a club of both birds; kills a giant porcupine; he is caught by a Lynx, tells him to bring firewood to fry it; he goes farther and farther for firewood; the ermine brings it to his parents; they give the ermine a shell necklace (white stripe around the neck)]: 33-34; tanana [one brother marries, the other asks to give his wife to him; the first tells the second to climb the mountain first; the second climbs into Osprey's nest on a tree on a mountain; kills a boy chick, asks a girl how her parents will arrive; Father with snow, mother with rain; kills parent birds and a girl, returns home, kills brother, takes wife]: Chapman 1914, No. 30, 101-102; upper tanana [see motive K27; Tsaosha (Beaver) marries Bear's two daughters; he asks for arrow feathers from eagles- cannibals; C. climbs into the nest, kills a male chick; asks the female how her parents fly in; Mother with a cloud and a snowball, a father with clouds and hail; C. kills adult eagles, tells the chick to eat from now on marsupials, squirrels and partridges]: McKennan 1959:179-180; Kuchin: McGary 1984 [people complain to Ch'iteehaakwaii that the Eagle is taking them away; Ch. comes to the Eagle's nest, pierces it under with a wing; the chicks reply that their mother will arrive with hail; she arrives carrying a woman, Ch. also stabs her; tells the chicks to stay small, live away from people, not to eat people]: 412-415; McKennan 1965 [see motif L5; Jateaquaint and his younger brother escape from their mother chasing their head; they play ball, he falls into the boat; the boat owner (this is Brown Bear) invites D. to take the ball: takes him away; the younger brother left on the shore turns into a wolf; the owner's eldest daughter refuses to marry D.; the youngest goes out, makes him handsome; the father-in-law demands 1) bring material for the flagpole arrows from a tree throwing sharp chips around; 2) get resin from a tree splashing boiling resin; in both cases, D. calms the trees by spitting on them; 3) reach the tendons of two animals, covered with impenetrable hair; The mouse gnaws out the hair under the hearts of animals, explaining that its babies are cold; D. kills animals with arrows; 4) get the feathers of cannibal eagles; D. kills a female chick; asks male, when his parents arrive; Father with rain and hail, mother with a blizzard; D. kills adult eagles with a spear, turns the chick into an ordinary eagle; 5) kill a bear; D. grabs a forbidden arrow, pierces a bear; she turns out to be his wife; father-in-law turns into a bear, rushes at D., also killed by him]: 101-103; Peter, Pope 1976 [eagles hunted people; Vasaagihdzak climbed into the nest, killed chicks, left two, a male and a female; asked how their father would arrive; "With hail"; the remaining chicks tell their father that the others played, fell out, probably dead; the eagle leans over the edge of the nest, V. kills him with a sharp stick; asks how the mother of eagles will arrive; "With a light snowball and rain"; V. kills an eagle with a stick; tells the chicks to eat rodents (ground squirrels), not humans]: 5-9; khan (Eagle): Schmitter 1910 [(=1985:32-35); old man marries Bear's daughter; Mother with snow, father with hail; kills adult birds with a spear, brings feathers]: 21-23; southern tutchoni: McClelland 2007 (1), No. 11c [Äsúya (Beaver Man, Beaver Man, Beaver Doctor) was sailing in a boat, saw a cliff, next to a tree with a nest of giant eagles, under it human bones; a chick the size of an ordinary eagle replies that his mother will arrive with the south wind and snow; she brings the upper half of the man, says that she feels someone's eyes, the chick replies that these are the eyes of the one brought; A. pierces the eagle with a spear; the father will arrive with the north wind and snow, he brings the lower half of the woman; A. pierces him; A. teaches the chick what to eat from now on (rabbits, gophers, wolverine cubs), tells him to be an adult of the same the size he is now]: 68-71; Workman 2000 [Äsúya (Beaver, Clever) walks on the ground, correcting animals that ate people; sleeps in the woods with Wolverine; he offers to dry moccasins; Ä ;. quietly changes moccasins in places; at night Wolverine gets up, pushes her own moccasins into the fire; in the morning Ä. goes on the ice of the lake; Wolverine chases but freezes; Ä. throws the corpse at water, says wolverines will no longer kill people; Ä. comes to a huge Bear; he turns his daughter into a pretty girl; offers to hunt a grizzly that takes and eats any prey; gives Ä. sedge arrows; grizzly is the Bear's daughter; sedge arrows bounce off her, Ä. hits her with his flintlock arrow, but she is only injured; Ä. turns into a beaver, hides in the middle of the lake; she tells Kulik to drink water, looks for a beaver in the mud with her Father Bear; Ä. asks yellow legs (snails yellow-legged, Tringa flavipes, long-legged bird) to hole Kulik's stomach; Ulit asks Kulik to allow him to collect worms for his kids, makes a hole, water pours out, the Bear and the Bear drown; (the episode with the eagles - p. 85-96); Ä. comes to the nest of cannibal eagles; asks the chicks which one is the biggest talker; the female and male nod at each other; Ä. knows that the male is lying, pierces him with a sharp stick; the eagle arrives with snow ; the female chick replies that her brother had a headache, he went down to look for cold water, disappeared; that the foreign smell is half of the man brought by her mother; Ä. pulls the Eagle down, kills; The eagle arrives with hail, the same; Ä. teaches the female chick to eat rabbits, partridges, etc., no longer eat humans; (tendon harvesting - p. 97); Ä. asks the Mouse where to get tendons for a bowstring; she shows a huge animal lying in a clearing; Ä. asks to climb from below, gnaw the hair on her chest; Ä. hits the beast with an arrow at this place, takes its tendons; a huge worm in the mountains kills hunters; Ä. lures him out of his lair, cuts him apart with a spear, throws him off the mountain, blood turns into ocher; the cannibal invites hunters to hunt mountain sheep, leads to a cliff, collides, his wife downstairs finishes them off with a brass stick; Ä. confronts him, his wife mistakenly finishes her husband; at night Ä. comes to her plague, kills her]: 91-100; tagish [see motive K27; Beaver wants a bear's daughter to marry; he demands to get feathers for arrows from cannibal eagles; the Beaver climbs into the nest; the chick says that his mother brings warm and sunny weather, the father brings hail; the Beaver kills adults Orlov, turns the chick into an ordinary eagle, tells it to eat marsupial rats, rabbits, not humans]: Norman 1990:111-113; helmet [Beaver sails in a boat down the river; An old shrew helps gives him advice, gives him two fish; a snake on both banks of the river; he throws fish into the mouth, they devour fish, the Beaver swims by; turns into a bird, lets two sisters catch himself; the eldest takes him into their bed, he turns into a man; father-in-law cooks him in a cauldron, he flies out as a bird, comes back; father-in-law demands 1) to finish the boat (takes the wedge out of the log; the Beaver is not crushed, splits the log); 2) get feathers for arrows (Beaver climbs into the Eagles' nest; asks the chicks how their parents will arrive; Mother at noon with wind and rain, father in the evening with wind and hail; kills one chick, kills adult eagles with a club, brings feathers); 3) get the tendons of a shaggy monster (The Shrew digs a hole under a lying monster, hides Beaver there, gnaws hair from a place under his heart, supposedly to warm her kids; Beaver shoots at this place, kills the monster, brings tendons); 4) bring paint (The serpent lies on the paint; The shrew lets the clay doll go with the flow; the Serpent rushes after her, Beaver pulls out paint); 5) get huge fish to cook glue (Beaver kills it with a harpoon); father-in-law mourns the death of his pets; turns daughters into bears, Beaver kills them with arrows; father-in-law chases him , The Beaver hides at the bottom of the lake; the father-in-law tells the Bird (species not specified) to drink water; The snipe holes the Bird's belly with its beak, the water pours back; the Beaver revives wives, comes with them to people; one day sleeps with ex-wife; new ones rise to heaven, almost all people die from the terrible heat; Beaver goes to look for wives; his father-in-law comes to him for the night, replaces their hanged pants to dry; Beaver throws in early in the morning fire father-in-law's pants; he admits defeat, rises to the sky, he is the Sun]: Teit 1917a, No. 1:435-441; beaver [Tumashale comes to the beaver dam; there is a girl crying; says that a giant beaver can only be pacified by people who give it to him, now they have given it; T. kills Beaver with an arrow, cuts it into small pieces, from which the current beavers emerge; T. puts a trap, hits him The sun; it gets dark; T. cannot approach because of the heat; other animals also fail, only the Mouse gnaws through the fetters; T. meets an old man who eats lynx meat, they spend the night in the forest; T. replaces in advance moccasins drying by the fire; the old man throws his own into the fire instead of T.'s moccasins; in the morning T. gives him one moccasin from his pair; the old man gives him an arrow; T. shoots, follows her, ends up in the sky; the old woman He lowers him on a rope; he thinks he has reached the ground, gives a signal, the rope falls; in fact, he is in a big nest; he kills two chicks; the third replies that the father will arrive with hail, the mother with rain; T. kills adult birds, turns a chick into an ordinary bird, teaches how to fish; T. comes to a woman who says that inside her three daughters are bad creatures that kill men; T. destroys these creatures (without details), marries girls; father-in-law consistently orders to bring various materials for making arrows, the old woman warns of dangers every time; 1) bring saskatoons (probably reeds) make poles (there are snakes, T. puts on stone moccasins, brings reeds); 2) get a grinding stone; on the edge of the cliff, an elk man throws down those who come, his wife kills them; T. throws off the Moose himself, the wife takes the fall for a stranger; T. kills her with a stick, brings a stone; 3) bring feathers for arrows; T. kills huge eagles, brings feathers; 4) bring huge tendons a bison; he has two snipes sitting on his horns, warning of people approaching; T. turns into a rodent, digs passages in different directions, gnaws hair from the bison's chest (shoulder), pierces it in this place, brings tendons; 5) bring resin, it is between two collapsing trees; T. puts on stone mittens, brings resin; 6) hunt bears; father-in-law turns his daughters into bears, T. kills; chases his father-in-law, he jumps into the water; T. tells the pelican to drink the lake; father-in-law drowns; T. meets the old man, who turns out to be his younger brother, they tell each other about their adventures]: Goddard 1916:232-237; hea [Kunyan climbs into an eagle's nest to get feathers for arrows; kills a female chick, asks a male how the parents will arrive; Father will bring light, mother will bring darkness ; both birds arrive with a thunderstorm; he kills them and the baby, pulls out feathers]: Petitot 1886, No. 13:141-144; slevi: Moore, Wheelock 1990, No. 9 [Yamonhdeyi's father advises him to marry; the old man is ready give him my daughter; I understand that she already has a husband, he kills sleeping people; I kill him with an arrow; the wife replies that her father takes arrow feathers from huge eagles; I climb into a nest in a tree; the eagle says that the mother will arrive with the rain, the father with snow; the eagle's sister promises to complain to her mother that he told the man; I kill the eagle girl, kills the female who brought half a man; tells eagle to eat rabbits, ducks, fish; I go to get the tendons that my father-in-law uses for the bowstring; the mouse gnaws at the hair under the heart of a lying monster, says that her children are cold; I pierces him heart, brings tendons; brings flinttips from where they fly like arrows; wife turns into a bear, I. kills her with an arrow; her parents hoped that she would kill her son-in-law; I run, became fish at the bottom of the pond; my wife's parents tell two pelicans to drink water; I tell the bird to snail (Tringa melanoleuca) to pierce the pelican's belly; the water pours out, I. jumps out, my father-in-law and mother-in-law drown]: 43-48; Petitot 1886, No. 5 [enemies kill everyone, grandson and grandmother remain; he marries, he needs arrows; climbs into the eagle's nest for feathers; the chick hides him under his wing, replies that the father will bring snow, the mother will bring rain; a person kills adult birds, tells the chick to eat fish, not humans; asks the Mouse to dig a passage under a huge deer lying on the ground, gnaw the fur from the skin under the heart; kills a deer, takes tendons for a bowstring; kills a toad sitting on a piece of flint, makes tips; the wife turns into a bear, he kills her; father-in-law chases him, turns into a flying monster; the man, becoming a Beaver, hides in lake; monster drinks lake; Plover holes his belly, water pours out; monster flies to the sky; Beaver makes rapids on the McKenzie River]: 321-327; Chipewayan: Goddard 1912, No. 1 [hunter climbs tree by arrow, ends up in the sky; comes to an old woman, marries one of her two daughters; misses her parents; goes down a rope, finds herself in the nest of a huge bird; female brings darkness, male - light; chicks do not allow a person to be killed, give him wings to fly across the river; tell him not to go at night; he goes, carried by another bird to its nest; asks her for a fire drill; burns the nest; saves the chick who helped him]: 46-49; Lowie 1912 [the Cree kill everyone, two brothers remain; they come to the giants, they give two arrows, tell them not to go after one of them if she gets stuck in a tree; one of the brothers breaks the ban, climbs a tree, goes to heaven; it's winter there; the old woman gives her two daughters for him; one has a mouse in the vagina, the other has an ermine; he sticks his hand, is bitten; falls into the ground, his wife dig up; wolves tear a girl with ermines, tear off clothes from the one in which the mice are wearing; mice come out; mother-in-law lowers the young man in the basket through a hole in the sky; he falls into an eagle's nest; an eagle says that his mother will fly like a cloud, his father will make a noise like the wind; gives the young man feathers, he flies to the ground; the big eagle brings him back to the nest, but the eagles release him again]: 189-193; Yellowknife [the giant gives two brothers male and female arrows that hunt males and females; tells them not to pick them up, they come back on their own; the youngest shoots a squirrel, climbs a tree for an arrow, she takes him to heaven; he comes to the old woman; in the vagina of her eldest daughter there is a caress, the youngest is a mouse; the old woman stains his face with soot, but in the morning he washes and his sisters ask him to lie between them; he fails; the wolf digs a move, helps to get back; the young man tries to kill his younger sister, but she is immortal; mice, rats, moles, snakes, worms, death, hunger, cold, illness come out of her vagina into the world; an old woman He lowers the young man on his belt from the sky, he finds himself in the nest of cannibal eagles; the chick hides him under his wing; replies that the father will bring the day, the mother the night; gives the feathers to go down]: Petitot 1886, No. 3:352-361.

NW Coast. The Tlingits [an old woman tells the son of the Fire Drill that cannibal birds have killed his mother's brothers; he comes to the chicks, learns from them that their mother will arrive in yellow and their father in a black cloud; kills adult birds; tells children to eat ground squirrels from now on]: Swanton 1909, No. 31:97; inner tlingits [son-in-law asks where 1) get a birch tree to make onions and arrows, his father-in-law sends him to a certain place, he disappears; so with five out of six (or seven out of eight) brothers; the last youngest is attentive, finds the remains of the dead, kills the beast that killed people; 2) a bowstring; father-in-law sends a huge bison lying on the ground; The mouse digs a hole to the bison, plucks the hair on its chest, replies that the wool from the tail is not suitable for making a nest for mice; a young man pierces the bison's heart through the place where the hair is gnawed, brings tendons; 3) flint for tips; a young man drops a stone on a giant frog, picks up flint; 4) arrow feathers; a young man climbs into the nest of bald-headed cannibal eagles; there are two chicks, he kills one, the other replies that the father will arrive with a strong wind, the mother with darkness; replies to the eagle father that his sister herself fell out nests; that the traces on it are from a man brought by his father; a young man kills a male eagle; then a female (all episodes are the same); tells the eagle to eat fish]: McClelland 2007 (3), No. 147:653-661.

The coast is the Plateau. Coutenay [The old man warns the Coyote not to look at the thunderbird nest they walk past; the Coyote looks, imitates the voice of the chicks; both end up in a nest on a pine tree; the chicks respond that their mother will arrive with the rain, the father with hail; the old man pretends to be more tired than the Coyote, the female who arrived first, then the male thunderbirds are preparing to eat him, he kills them with a knife; tells the chicks to let them down to the ground of him and the Coyote; kills chicks, smaller birds fly out of the eyes of one; these are today's thunderbirds, the Old Man has forbidden them to kill people]: Linderman 1997, No. 9:90-107.

Plains. Grovanter [see motive K27; the hunter does not give meat to the father of his four wives; he hides some meat, the blood clot turns into a young man; kills a hunter and three evil wives; marries; father-in-law gives difficult errands; one of them is to get arrow feathers; a young man climbs into the Thunderbirds nest; asks the chicks how their parents will appear]: Cooper 1975, No. 11 [two chicks answer that "Father will fly to black cloud, mother in a white cloud"; birds cannot hit the young man with lightning, he wounds them with arrows himself, returns, kills his father-in-law with an arrow]: 482-487; Kroeber 1907b, No. 20 [chicks produce lightning by blinking , and thunder when moving; "Our mother will fly in a black storm cloud, and our father in a white cloud with thunderstorm and hail"; a young man kills parent birds, leaves chicks, brings feathers]: 82-90; Crowe: Lowie 1918, No. 1 [When touching something in the grass, the hunter feels hit, finds himself on a cliff near the Thunderbirds nest; two chicks cover it when their mother arrives, and then their father, each bringing it with them a rain cloud; a bald eagle brings a deer to a person to eat; explains that chicks are swallowed by two monsters crawling out of the lake; a man kills monsters by throwing hot stones into their mouths and pouring water from above; Thunder summons all the birds, asking them to cut their bodies; Blue Heron succeeds; birds eat monsters], 2 [after touching something in the grass, the hunter feels hit, finds himself on a rock among lakes; two chicks tell him to hold on to their wings; first their mother arrives with rain, then their father with hail; the condor brings him a deer; the male thunderbird explains that every summer two chicks are devoured a snake crawling out of the lake (letters, "long otters"); further as in (1); Thunder invites a person to become a condor; one day an elk drags him into the river, where he is beaten by underwater inhabitants, made human again; he returns home]: 144-145, 146-148; arapaho [see motif J27; twins climb into the Thunderbird's nest]: Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 139 [the chicks say their father will come with a black cloud and with a shower; twins kill both the father bird and the chicks, bring feathers], 140 [Thunderbird throws lightning from his eyes; twins kill it with arrows], 141 and 142 [approximately like (140)]: 346, 353, 364-368, 381-384; Omaha, ponka [The rabbit needs feathers; he lets the Eagle carry it to its nest in the sky; the chicks respond that their father will arrive in the rain, the mother in the dark; kills the chicks first, then the adults Orlov; a woman lowers him on a rope in her bag; asks him to put an acorn in her bag when he reaches the ground; he puts his excrement there; returns to his grandmother]: Dorsey 1890:30; wichita [The vulture lives in a hot and dark space on the far side of the sun; is covered with sharp flints; takes a man to an island, throws him into a nest in a tree; a man throws two chicks out of the nest, embodying bad weather, leaves the other two embodying good weather; gets off a tree, hits the water with a bowstring; she gives up, he returns home; Vulture attacks again, the hero kills him]: Dorsey 1904a, No. 16:122-123

The Great Southwest. Hopi [women masturbated with eagle feathers, gave birth to Kwatoko; one of K. invites the twins to sit on his back, throws him down, takes the chicks to the nest; does not believe when the chicks say that prey is alive; twins kill K. male with lightning; ask chicks how the female will appear; "With light, quiet rain" (and males carry "heavy rain"); kill the mother of the chicks with lightning; turn chicks owls and crows]: Stephens 1929, No. 7:17-18; Zunyi [the girl does not leave the house, does not look at the young man; the rain enters her room, she gives birth to a boy; in a few days he grows up; throwing stones, hunts small game; sees bows in men; mother admits that a bow tree and arrow reeds grow near a cave in which a terrible bear; a young man goes there; his divine father four times closes the entrance to the cave when the young man wants to enter it, but then decides whether he should do what he wants; the bear meets him, grabs the young man; he says that his mother is beautiful; the bear chose him material for bows and arrows, taught me how to make a bow; they agreed that the bear would come for his wife in the evening; the young man equipped the arrows with obsidian tips; the bear says they're just black coals, allows him to try it for himself, is pierced by an arrow and killed; the young man hangs his heart near the house; the mother admits that there are terrible lizards whose spit burns; the young man goes to them, but their spitting is harmless to him, for he has a divine nature; he himself throws a large piece of salt into the hearth, it explodes, lizards die, he brings their hearts; his mother admits that on the path there is a giant who pushes those who pass into the abyss with his foot; under the rock, his children devour the fallen; the giant straightens his leg, but the young man jumps back; kills the giant with a club, throws him down, the giant's children ate him; the young man carved the giant's heart; going down, killed his children, leaving two; thus twisted his necks into a falcon and an owl; his mother admits that there is a huge bison or elk; the gopher made an underground passage under the lying monster, gnawed at the wool where heart; the young man pierced his heart with an arrow, the monster plunged his horn into the ground, but the young man ran away; brought home his heart and part of his skin; the mother admits that at the top of Shuntekia there is a nest of cannibal eagles; going to the nest, the young man put on a monster-skin hoodie, attached his gut to blood; the eagle brought it to the nest of his chicks, the gut burst, blood poured; the chicks reply that their mother arrives when a shadow appears from clouds (actually from her wings); the father arrives when it starts to rain (actually dew); the eagle brought the girl dead, the young man killed the eagle with an arrow; the eagle brought the killed young man, the hero killed him with an arrow; killed chicks, took their feathers for feathering arrows or for use during rituals; he cannot go down; his bat grandmother puts him in a basket, does not tell him to open his eyes; he does not I like her song and for the fourth time he opened his eyes; they both fell but did not break; the bat leads to her, feeds her, but she can't see well, she doesn't have berries, but lumps of clay, etc.; she tells me to go home avoiding sunflowers; first walked around, then went straight; feathers taken with them turned into summer birds - goldfinches, sparrows, etc.]: Cushing 1901:65-92; lipan [Enemy Slayer Wraps Up into horse giblets; the Eagle takes him to the nest, pierces his giblets with its claws, not the heart; I.V. asks the chicks how their parents will arrive; "Carrying the rain, the father is with V., the mother is with Z. "; kills parents, descends on an older chick, kills him; makes the youngest an ordinary eagle; all kinds of birds emerge from the feathers of the Father Eagle]: Opler 1940, No. 1:19-21; Chiricahua: Hoijer 1938 [Woman -Painted White lies under a stream of water, gives birth to the Son of Water; hides him from the Giant; and the already adult Enemy Killer is afraid of the Giant; the Son of Water offers the Giant trying to take away what he has received deer, shoot at each other; The Giant misses, the arrows of the Son of Water break one after another four flint covers on the Giant's body, the latter hits the heart; the Ox kills with his gaze; Gopher digs for The Son of Water four underground passages under the heart of the lying Ox; the Son of Water pierces the heart; the Ox breaks three passages with a horn, dies; the Son of Water fills his intestines with his blood, wraps them around himself; the Eagle takes him away, throws his children on the rock, thinks that the blood of the captured person has splashed; the chicks say that the prey is alive, the Eagle does not believe; the Son of Water kills all the chicks, leaves the youngest; he replies that the father will come with with men's rain (i.e. with a thunderstorm), and mother with female rain (light rain); Son of Water kills both; descends on an eagle, kills him; Orlov turned feathers into all kinds of birds; Gophers killed with his gaze; he blinded threw salt into the fire, then killed them; created Indians, and the Enemy Killer Europeans]: 5-13 (episode with Eagles: No. 4:10-12); Opler 1942 [as in Hoijer; reindeer giblets; father arrives with a thunderstorm, mother with a slight thunderstorm raining]: 3-13; hicarilla: Mooney 1898a [White Beads girl lags behind the tribe; The sun shines on her when she sits down, she gives birth to a son with him; The month shines when she sleeps, she gives birth to the second; the first is stronger, because the Sun is stronger than the Month; the mother warns not to roll the hoop to the north; the son of the Month rolls, he rolls to the Owl; he cooks, bakes the brothers, they are alive; he lets them go; the son of the Sun visits his father, receives a bow and arrow, the name Nae-naeshkhuni (Monster Slayer); The frog sucks people; N. dries the lake, throwing hoops received from his father at it; makes it immovable house guards (swallowed pueblo Indians, snakes, cougars), strangles the Frog with smoke, releases swallowed ones; Gopher digs a passage under the lying monstrous Moose, gnaws hair from under the heart, supposedly for freezing children; N. pierces his heart with an arrow, disorients the Moose, blowing smoke from different sides; makes clothes for himself out of moose skin, puts a wineskin with blood on his chest, takes horns as a weapon; allows the Ogre Eagle to carry himself into the nest; blood sprays from the wineskin, the Eagle thinks that the prey is dead; the chicks respond that the father will hail to the east, the mother with rain from the west; N. kills both parents with a horn; The Bat descends him in a basket from a cliff; he gives her Eagle feathers, birds take them away from her (the origin of the plumage); the children of the Frog, Moose, Eagle turn into current frogs, moose, eagles; The Rock chases and swallows people; N. kills her with an arrow; the son of the Month kills a flying ogre fish with lightning from the Sun; raises her heart with four arrows, throws her at the moon (you can see her heart there); both brothers now live in turquoise home in the West Sea]: 200-209; Opler 1938, No. 9 [The Enemy Killer (UV) hears about monsters; every time his mother asks him not to walk; he goes, wins; a giant elk lives in the east; a woman gave birth to him, masturbating with a moose horn when women separate from men; Moose paralyzes victims with a look, kills; UV wears four sets of hot clothes in terms of directions and colors, each time the heat neutralizes Moose's gaze; Gopher digs passages in four directions; asks Moose to allow him to gnaw the hair from his chest to make a nest for the young; UV receives a rainbow bow from the Rainbow, lightning- Thunder arrows; shoots at Moose from below, sends four arrows in four directions; The elk runs each time, plows the passages dug with its horn; at the end of each spiders placed flints; The elk is exhausted, dies ; UV takes his right horn, fills his stomach with blood, lets the huge Eagle grab himself; the eagle throws the victim onto the rocks; when he sees the blood, he thinks it has broken; the chicks tell their father that the prey is moving and frightens them; father does not believe, flies away; UV asks the chicks how their mother will arrive - with a quiet rain; father - with hail; kills both parents with a horn, turns chicks into ordinary eagles; old woman Flying The mouse lowers him off the cliff in the basket, tells him not to open his eyes; UV gives her Orlov feathers, tells her not to go to plants and little birds; she goes, feathers stick to plants and birds (this is their fluff); The bat gets a black skin; UV returns to his mother; the collision-in-boiling water pushes passers-by off the trail into a hot spring, where his daughters devour them; UV pretends to pass, collides the monster itself, the daughters eat it; UV comes down to them; the father used them to lure men; these girls are the only ones with a vagina, they themselves are vaginas; they want to copulate; UV gives them swallow a drug made from sour berries; it brings them to orgasm, their vaginal teeth, which they used to devour their father's victims, fall out; vaginas hang everywhere on the wall, girls guard them; UV takes the most the biggest and smallest, brings the mother, she gives them to two girls; others suggest placing vaginas on the head, then on the chest, arm, knee, foot; when vaginas are placed between the legs, that's it, including UV, decide that this will be the case; four female vaginas come and tell UV that they suffer without it; he refuses them; they reply that people will have sexually transmitted diseases and those who touch menstrual blood will get sick; UV goes to destroy the Rolling Stones]: 57-77; Russel 1898 [a woman conceives from the Sun and from the Waterfall, gives birth to two sons; the son of the Sun, Jonaaiyin, destroys monsters, son The Cobaciscini Falls stays at home with his mother; the lizard gives D. his clothes, Gopher digs a passage under the monstrous Moose; gnaws at the wool on the skin where the heart is, says he will take it to his children; D. pierces the heart with an arrow; An elk blows up the ground with horns, creating mountains; four spiders of different colors on four sides of the world stop him, he dies; D. makes durable clothes out of Moose skin; huge the eagle takes D. to its nest; the chicks notice that the prey is blinking; D. asks how their parents will arrive; Mother in the afternoon with rain, father before sunset with rain and wind; D. kills adults birds with an elk's horn, turns chicks into ordinary eagles; the Bat lowers D. to the ground in a basket; for this he gives her feathers, tells her not to go to the plain, where there are many birds; she goes, the birds take all the feathers (the origin of their plumage)]: 255-258; Western Apaches (San Carlos) [Black Tornado rubbed his chest, rolled a lump out of skin scales, made it into earth, placed it on 4 supports; made coyotes and birds destroyed by the flood; a woman (in hicarilla she is Earth) became pregnant from the Sun, gave birth to a girl; she became pregnant from water, gave birth to a boy; he has membranes on his fingers, no hair, ears, etc.; the grandmother does not want say where his father is; the Spider showed how to get to the Sun (on his web); the Sun's wife tries in vain to hide it; the Sun smokes a pipe, tries to burn it, his son is unharmed, the Sun has recognized him ; the Sun's relatives give his son a completely human appearance by placing him in a hot steam room; the Sun brought obsidian clothes with him, his grandmother made a bow and arrow; he consistently asks her about dangerous creatures; 1) sitting by the cliff pushes passers-by down; the young man first sent a fox to that, then killed with a club; 2) killed the killer with his gaze; 3) the grandmother tells not to cut the deer under the tree, grandson cuts; a girl sitting on a tree calls him husband; she has a toothy womb; he runs, throws a scar, mountains grow (the same as hicarilla); the grandmother hides him in a hole near the hearth; the girl finds him; he says that he is only ready to sleep with her in the house on a bed; while she is running after a tree, he makes penises out of white stone, sand, resin, wax; knocked out her teeth with a stone, she cries in the morning; 4) kill a horned beast; gopher dug a hole under the lying beast, wool lifted up, where his heart, the young man pierced the monster with an obsidian point; 5) hung a bag of blood and manure on himself, let the bird carry himself away; thrown on the rock, the bird saw splashes, decided he was dead; threw away three chicks, asked the fourth how the parents would arrive; they came in with the rain; he killed everyone, left their parents and chicks in different parts of the world; the Raven gave him his clothes, he went down, went back to his grandmother]: Goddard 1918:7-19; Western Apaches (White Mountain): Goddard 1919 [the hunter has a wife and two sons; Coyote reports a nest with eagles at the top of the cliff; lowers the hunter to rope on a rocky eaves, throws a rope, says he will now pick up his wife; a man asks eagles how adult birds will arrive; a male arrives, then a female, a male again, a female again, each with" rain man" or with "rain woman"; eagles bring water to man in a turquoise vessel, give an eagle robe; a man kills a man with a skull who killed eagles with a stone; kills bees, wasps, hornets; grass that attacks the eagles; the stars bring him down to the top of the hill, from there he flies to the ground; the Coyote gouged out the eyes of the man's children with an awl; he told his wife to heat four stones, and put the Coyote's legs on two, Two were ordered to be swallowed; the Coyote's tail fell off; a man killed the Coyote's children with a stick; became an eagle and lives in the sky]: 132-135; Goodwin 1994, No. 3 [the grandson consistently asks his grandmother where to get a tree for onions, arrow reeds, bowstring tendons, arrow feathers; she replies every time that it is far and dangerous; he goes after the bow tree, says to the Bear, Grandma, I will be your wife; Bear laughs, allows him to take; there are crushing rocks in front of the reeds; Gopher digs a passage, brings reeds to the young man; the terrible male Antelope (Big Horns) lies on the ground; Gopher digs four underground passages, says Antelope that he needs hair for freezing kids, gnaws off the hair under his heart, the young man stabs a knife in it, the Antelope plows his horn, dies; the young man takes his tendons, fills his stomach with blood; gives himself to the Eagle carry away, thrown on a rock, blood splashes from the antelope's stomach, the Eagle thinks the young man is dead, does not believe the chicks are alive; the young man kills chicks except one; he replies that his brother, then his sister will arrive with certain types of rain; a young man kills those who have arrived; that his father will arrive with a man's rain; the same; turns the chick into an owl; the Female Bat lowers the young man in his basket; he opens eyes ahead of time, she falls, heals; the young man gives her eagle feathers, tells her not to go under the trees; she goes, the feathers have turned into all kinds of birds; the young man makes arrows; a white feather descends from the sky, turns into a girl, he marries her]: 12-16; mescalero: Hoijer 1938 [A white-coloured woman lies under a cloud, gives birth to an Enemy Killer (UV); hides him from the Giant; he tries to take him away from UV meat, offers to shoot at each other; misses, UV arrows break four flint covers on the Giant's body one by one, killing him; every time HC goes to kill another monster, mother says it's dangerous, and he replies that he himself is dangerous; Bison kills with his gaze; Gopher digs four underground passages for UV under the lying Bison; where the heart gnaws its hair, says his children freeze; UV pierces the heart; The bison breaks three moves with a horn, dies; UV fills its intestines with blood, wraps it around itself; the Eagle takes him away, throws him on the rock to his children; UV kills three chicks, leaves the fourth, who can fly; he replies that the father will arrive when it rains, the mother does the same; UV kills both; goes down on an eagle, kills him; Orlov turned feathers into all kinds of birds; The owl looked at, the Owl's house was guarded by the Gophers; UV entered the Owl's cave, killed everyone there with a club; UV goes to the Killer Antelope; fires four arrows of different colors in four directions; each time there A cloud of the same color appears and Antelope runs there; gets tired; UV tells her to become just an antelope and will be hunted by humans]: 183-188 (eagles episode: 186-187); Navajo: Matthews 1994 [older the sister conceives Nyenezgani from the sun's ray, the youngest from the water conceives his younger brother; the brothers are gods of war, visit the Sun, the elder receives lightning arrows from him; the brothers kill monsters; N. goes alone to kill a four-legged monster with deer antlers (his father is an antelope horn); Gopher digs an underground passage under the monster, gnaws hair from the skin under his heart, explains that the wool needs to be warmed cubs; N. climbs under a tunnel, kills a monster with a lightning arrow; Gopher gets a skin; N. fills his gut with monster blood, lets himself be carried away by a monstrous bird; she throws him into a nest on the rocks, but he does not breaks thanks to the pen given by the Spider; vomits its gut with blood to make it look like he is dead; the chick says that the prey is alive, the bird does not believe; N. asks the chicks how their parents will arrive; A father with a thunderstorm and a shower (the letter with "rain-man"), a mother with a quiet rain ("rain-woman"); N. kills both parents with lightning arrows, turns the older chick into an eagle, the youngest into an owl; The Bat lowers him to the ground in a basket; for this he gives it the feathers of monstrous birds, but they turn into all kinds of small birds]: 116-121; O'Bryan 1956 [as in Matthews; the moose episode, p.84-87, p. birds, p.87-92, men's and women's rain, p.89; then Big Brother destroys or transforms other monsters]: 87-92.

Chaco. Ayoreo: Wilbert, Simoneau 1989b, No. 175 [pío (big black bird) was a heron hunter; told his grandmother he killed the Heron; grandmother: white? If you didn't kill, then follow a trampled path - Heron's trail; P. went and came to the Heron's children; - Where is your father? - It will arrive soon. - How do you know he's coming? "A breeze would blow before he approached; when the Heron appeared, Pio ran; the tree promised to help him and his trunk opened; and when the Heron appeared, the tree fell and crushed him; Pio dragged Heron's body towards his grandmother; he couldn't drag far, so he carved only one feather, sharp as a knife; his grandmother at first did not believe that Pio had killed the Heron; but Pio showed a machete taken from the Heron's house; all rejoiced, but they did not have enough tools for everyone; then Heron's fluff was carried to trees that had since white flowers; there was not enough fluff, others were given blood, they now have red flowers; watermelons also got blood, so their flesh is red], 176 [children ask their grandmother: when will the big bird come to kill us? grandmother: if a strong wind blows, it is a sign that it is approaching; but one day people attacked a bird; she ran, but the tree stopped it; when the bird was killed, its feathers turned into iron tools; blood into a very hard pototo tree; feathers in {other} trees], 186 [the gill stork was human, and other ayoreos came to kill him; at that time only his daughter was at the camp; she was asked when the father returns; daughter: the wind will blow, then the father will appear; the wind blew; daughter: will appear now; the gill sat down on the house, the aioreo rushed at him, but he ran away; the tree trunks opened and they let him in; others shouted to the trees: close and grab it! the third tree closed and the gill was caught; he was killed; one took feathers, the other took red feathers, the third took blood; cactus: I want its blood, I want to dye my whole body]: 245-246, 246-247, 255; nivacle: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987b, No. 164 [Stavuun - the royal vulture (S.) took the hunters to be eaten by his wife; his children played with their bones; Ajti'ta began to train running, cutting their bodies; the vulture's children's place of play is the Milky Way; it used to be below, but heaven and earth changed places because the sky was very dirty at that time; two bright spots in the night sky {Magellanic clouds?} - this is where two menstruating women relieved themselves; when the earth and sky changed places, the people of heaven fell into the underworld; with a stick with a fork in A. pressed the vulture's grandmother to the ground; she said that the royal vulture is very angry; but A. promised to kill him; killed his children; when the COP began to approach, it began to rain; the sound of rain was heard approaching; the COP asks grandmother- the vulture, where A.; she consistently points to the four sides of the world and to the zenith; S. rushes in these directions; from the zenith he sees that A. has gone underground; digs the ground; finding a snake, asks his grandmother - is it him? - No; then A. ran, followed by S.; A. took the form of trees; then asked the bottle tree to hide it, it opened, but said that only Palo Mataco would hide it; Palo Mataco opened, and when S. tried to enter it, it closed; therefore, when the wind blows, you can hear kuuunnn; A. killed S., who almost exterminated humans; all kinds of animals came and took a piece of flesh S. This flesh suited the deer well; the birds did too; the birds also bathed in blood, took on color; some immediately shook off the blood, leaving only specks, others kept their red color], 165 [royal vulture (S.; Sarcoramphus papa) hunts humans, his wife Kafók (K.), black-headed vulture (Coragyps atratus); their daughters played with bones eaten; now these daughters are wasps; K.'s grandson, Axtitá, trained to kill S.; cut his body and ran through the fire; when the blood stopped flowing, he realized he was ready; K. lived on the ground and S. lived in the sky; K. replied that S. would come from the south, but she doesn't know exactly when; but there will be a signal: it's going to rain; S.'s children asked A. why he painted him so beautifully; A.: you have to cut off your tongue and paint yourself with your tongue; they allowed K. cut off everyone's tongues (and there were many of their children) and died; but A. shamanically made them look alive; asked K. to answer S. that the murderer of his children (and S. immediately realized that the children were dead) fled to north, south, east, west; A. himself dug into a hole; going up into the sky, S. realized that he killed children in the ground; began to dig; as he dug, different types of lizards appeared, then snakes, then grass in dew, then butterflies; he killed them all; now A. jumped out and ran, S. after him; palo flojo replied A. that his wood is too soft to cover A., let him hide at palo mataco; palo mataco opened to A., it went {through?} , and S. was clamped; when the wind blows, palo mataco was buzzing - it was S. moving inside him; A. attached an S pen to his head, which was like a knife, he killed people with it, came to his grandmother; told her There are no more humans; all the birds raced to where S. was killed; the turtle too, but could not get over the fallen tree; the birds had long beaks, but became shorter, they broke them off against S. , because they were their axes; the little woodpecker (Picumnus cirrhatus) managed to cut S.; blood gushed and the birds colored with it; those that do not have red feathers did not spray to them; some shook them off part of the blood; K. did not paint, remained black; the stork (Jabiru mycteria) painted only the neck; this is how all the birds got their current appearance], 169 [Fitskajich decided to find out where people go, because Only 5 young men remained in the village; when he heard the sound, he came to the place where the sons of Stavunitáx (the royal vulture) played with the bones of the dead; quietly hid the fallen bone; said he knew where their baton disappeared; they came to him in the thickets; he promised to make them beautiful like himself; we must cut off their tongue, dye themselves with blood; two species of wasps doubted, but the others agreed; cutting off their tongues, F. told others that those undergoing surgery had only lost consciousness, not killed; F. found S. Qafók's wife (black vulture) in the back of the hut; S. pulled out her eyes and kept them in calabass; F. returned her eyes; pretended to be leaving, and hid himself in a hole, taking snakes and a couple of butterflies with him; K.: when S. arrives, it always rains a little; this rain is the blood of young men; F. heard a sound like thunder and it began to rain - S. was coming; S. saw his dead children, took K.'s eyes again, told him where the murderer had gone; K. pointed up and down; S. went up and down; S. went up into the sky and from there saw the mink, where A.; took out a snake, killed it, showed K.: is this him? K.: no; so 10 times with 10 snakes, they are all poisonous; when two butterflies flew and S. chased them for half a day, A. ran away; palo mataco was too weak to cover him and the quebracho opened; A. came in and out, and S . clamped; A. attached his pen to his head and came to K.: let him believe that S. was killed; she looked in his head and saw a pen]: 388-392, 393-398, 410-415; chorote: Wilbert, Simoneau 1985, No. 100 [ The Sákiti harpy eagle lived high in the sky near vultures and an eagle; it had four chicks; when he flew to them, it sounded like the wind; killing small game and killing people; his children played with their bones; Wiskilióte ("laughing falcon") lives with his grandmother, hears this knock; painted himself beautiful yellow paint, took the head of a rattlesnake with him; tells the chicks what to give Bite the snake's tongue, then you'll turn yellow; the chicks die; S.'s wife shows V. where he holds his spears; S. is surprised why you can't hear the children making noise; makes his wife admit where V. is; pokes there with a spear, but V. turned into many butterflies and S. does not know what kind of butterflies they are; V. turns into flowers, into hummingbirds; no longer able to turn, asks his grandmother the bottle tree to hide it; she replies that she has only one root, let her grandson hide in the one with five roots; V. hid in a tree, S.'s head is stuck; he began to tear, four of the five roots cut off, then V. cut off his head; S. said this to his wife, she was happy, because S. wanted to kill her; V. came to his grandmother, asked him to look for lice, she saw S.'s red feathers on him; all the people with knives went to slaughter S., Woodpeckers in front; no one the ax cannot pierce the hole, the little piculet pierced; blood gushed; all the bird people were smeared with red, yellow, blue, green, taking on its current color; and the piculet was pushed back, he was offended and left], 104 [The black and chestnut eagle Kiliéni Thlásini was larger than an ostrich, carried away sleepers at midnight; after eating the inhabitants of one village, he took on the next; the shaman decided not to sleep; he felt the wind as if a plane was approaching; while CT was eating the man taken away, the shaman came up and killed him with a club]: 194-195, 201-202; poppy [royal vulture (CS) killed the boy's parents; he began to burn seed fluff and run; when he returned faster than the fluff had time to burn out, decided that he was sufficiently trained; came to the children of the CS, they play with the bones of the dead; they want to be like a young man painted red and yellow; agree to have him pierce their tongue; CS's eldest son: are the brothers dead? the young man puts spiders under his arms, the eldest son of the CS believes that their hands are moving; the youngest boy did not kill, asks him when his father will arrive; CS son: usually arrives at noon, at which time the strong one will go rain; young man: point your father north, south, west, east when he looks for me; the young man is covered with yellow butterflies; hiding in tree trunks; grandmother's bottle tree opened, but it's soft, CS punched through it; the carandá tree clamped the CS, its branches began to make noise; this noise in the branches of the carandá tree can still be heard; when the young man rested, the tree released the CS and his young man killed; I came to my grandmother a turtle, asked him to look for lice; she sees a CS pen in the young man's hair, began to dance with joy; the wives and husbands of all the other victims also began to dance]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991a, No. 11:46-50.