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I65. The souls of the dead on the Milky Way .


The Milky Way is a path to another world, followed by souls of the dead and/or shamans, or by a funeral procession.

Luba (Shaba), Fioti, Aquapim, Latins, Portuguese, Italians (Piedmont, Lombardy, Friuli, Tuscany), Sicilians, Welsh, Germans (Westphalia), French, New South Wales ( Illawarra, South Australia, Herbert River (SV Queensland), Sema, Rengma, Bhila, Ancient Greece, Bhillas, Hungarians, Romanians, (Bulgarians), Poles, Russians (Tula, Vladimir, etc.), Ukrainians, Adygs, Mountainous Tajiks, Finns, Scandinavians ("Edda"?) , Taltan, Thompson, Shuswap, Klamath and Modoc, Eastern and Western Ojibwa, Menominee, Ottawa, Winnebago, Montagne and Naskapi, Mikmaq (or Passamaquoddy), Abenaki, Penobscot, Delaware, Hurons, Iroquois (five tribes), Sarsi, Grovantre, Teton, Omaha and Ponka, Kuapo, Sheyen, Pawnee, Chiroki, Katawba, Seminole, Screams, Chickasaw, Shasta, Karok, Yurok, Hoopa, Chilula, Kato, Pomo, Achumawi, Atsugevi, Wappo, Nomlaki, Vintu, Maidu, nicenan, chumash, luiseno, northern payutes, shoshones (northern, western, and possibly others), utah, hopi, yucatec, lacandons, quiche, sumu, miskito, guajiro, bari, panare, taulipan, arecuna, wapishana, sekoya, yagua , chayahuita, trumay, tapirape, caraja, lengua, vilela.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Luba (shaba) [an invisible heavenly river flows from east to west perpendicular to the Milky Way; at the intersection of the river and the Milky Way, the fate of the souls of the dead is determined; some go east to the upper reaches to a banana village, others to the lower reaches to the west, to the red underworld, where unkind gods who get there do not revive]: Studstill 1984:102; Fioti [The Milky Way is the funeral road a monstrous star that once shone brighter than the sun]: Pechuël-Loesche 1907:135.

West Africa. Aquapim [the soul of the deceased comes out of the grave, crosses Volta, goes east to the place where the Milky Way joins the earth, following it; the Milky Way divides into the road of the good and the road of evil souls]: Lagercrantz 1952:65; ha [The Milky Way is the road of spirits going to God]: Lagercrantz 1952:66.

Southern Europe. Latins: Manil. Astr. I. 750-761 [Astronomy by Mark Manilius (1st century); on the Milky Way: "I will not hide another old legend, not so terrible: one day, a stream of milk poured out of the snow-white chest of the queen of the gods and left its color in the sky; this place is called milky: the name explains the origin. Or did a dense crowd of stars combine their light here, and it is all the more bright because it comes from the combination of many stars? Or do the heroes' souls, freed from their bodies and leave Earth, rise up and live in the sky they deserve for centuries?" (per. E.M. Steerman)]; Macrobius, "Comments on Scipio's Sleep" in Hell 1994 [The Milky Way - "Road of Souls"]: 264; Latins: Cic. De re pub. VI. 16 [Scipio's Dreams in Cicero's treatise On the State (written in the middle of the 1st century BC): "<... > like your grandfather present here, Scipio, like me who gave birth to you, be fair and do your duty, and this duty, which is great to parents and loved ones, to to the fatherland is the greatest. Such a life is the way to heaven and to a host of people who have already finished their lives and, freed from their bodies, live in the place you see (it was a circle with the brightest brilliance that shone among the stars) and which you, following the example of the Greeks, call the Milky Circle" (trans. V.O. Gorenstein)]; Macr. Comm. in Somn. Scip. I. 9. 10 [Commentary on Scipio's Dream" by Macrobius Theodosius (5th century): "After all, the stellar part of the universe provides shelter to souls that are not yet thirsty for the body, and from there they slip into their bodies. There will also be a return to those who deserve it. Therefore, it was extremely correct to say [Scipio] when the following words were uttered on the Milky Way, which is kept on a fixed sphere of stars: from there, they also return there." (per. M.S. Petrova)]; I. 12. 1-4 ["[1] Thus, the order of the very descent by which the soul slides from heaven into the underworld of this life is as follows. The Milky Way covers the Zodiac in such a way, meeting it in an inclined arc, that it cuts through it where two tropical constellations are located: Capricorn and Cancer. Natural philosophers call [these constellations] the "Gates of the Sun" <... > [2] It is believed that through this gate, souls from heaven pass to Earth and return from Earth back to heaven. Therefore, some are called [gates] of people, while others are called [gates] of gods. Cancer is for humans, because through [this gate] lies the descent to the lower one; Capricorn is for the gods, because through [his gate] souls return to the seat of their own immortality and to the number of gods. [3] <... > Pythagoras believes that the kingdom of Dith begins down the Milky Way, because it seems that the souls that have slipped from there have already fallen away from the divine. He says that milk is therefore the first food offered to newborns, because the first movement [of souls] that slip into Earth's bodies begins with the Milky Way. Therefore, Scipio, when the Milky Way was shown to him, was told about the souls of blessed [people]: when they went from here, they also return here. [4] Therefore, as long as souls who are about to descend, are in Cancer (because they have not yet left the Milky Way when they are located there), they continue to be among the gods <... >" (per. M.S. Petrova)]; Portuguese [The Milky Way is the road of souls going to another world; "bridge of souls"]: Volpati 1933b: 36, 46; Italians [Piedmont, Lombardy, Friuli, Tuscany: Road to Paradise; Lombardy: strada degli innocenti, by which only the souls of the righteous go to heaven]: Volpati 1933b: 36, 39; Sicilians [not yet completely parted with life, the soul of the deceased goes to Sanyago through the Milky A path covered with daggers and swords; if a person makes a pilgrimage during his lifetime (at least to a chapel in the name of Sanyago), his soul will not have to go through such a test]: Rotzler 1915:797, 805-806.

Western Europe. Welsh: Trevelyan 1909:35 [the Circle of Gwydion is home to the souls of heroes, kings, princes, and other prominent personalities], 35 [this Gwydion is getting closer to Mercury and Odin; he invented writing, was a magician and built a rainbow; his fortress rose to heaven and the Milky Way was the road to it]; Germans (Westphalia) [Milky Way - Kriegweg, the "path of the army" along which souls those killed in battle go to heaven]: Gładyszowa 1960:77-78; the French: Rotzler 1915 [after naming the Milky Way as the "Road of St. James" designation "road of souls" is the most popular]: 796; Sébillot 1904 (Haute-Brittany) [Josaphat Road]: 34.

(Wed. Western Asia. Hadramaut [The Milky Way is the "straw way"; stars on it low above the sky (unidentified) are "girls carrying a funeral stretcher"]: M.A. Rodionov, 2006, personal message).

Australia. New South Wales (Illawarra Group) [The Milky Way is the road that the souls of the dead go to heaven; the Magellanic Cloud is a hole formed during the catastrophe that shook the world; on its way souls must squeeze between the trees and cross the turtle bridge; one deceased returned and told how he had gone to the middle of the turtle, but it moved, he was carried by a stream into the dungeon; when he carried it out outside, people on the shore did not see him, but heard him and were frightened; the river carried him into the sea, he came to life; the sorcerer chief took an ax, went with his men to make a free passage, but could not get through little men in the forest; climbed a tree, saw the turtle grab some passing with its hind legs, eating; the sorcerer came back, plunged a bone into his leg, died, returned to the trees again, but instead There was a snake there; he cut off its head, walked over the turtle, cut off its tail on the other side, cut off its head and placed the snake in its place; since then, turtles have no tails, and heads like snakes]: Peck 2010:27-30; South Australia [souls of the dead go along the Milky Way (mamramko)]: Bonwick 1870:188; Herbert River (eastern Queensland) [The Milky Way is a road, along which the souls of the dead go]: Howitt 1904:431 (quoted in Berndt, Berndt 1964:413).

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Sema [Milky Way - "River of Souls", maybe "reflection of the river" (the words of the soul (the deceased) and the river are combined]: Hutton 1968:251; Eastern Rengma [souls gather on the Milky Ways to Talk to Each Other]: Mills 1937:244

South Asia. Bhila (Udaypur) [The Milky Way - Road to the Palace of Death God Yam Raz]: Koppers, Jungblut 1976:219.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece: Porph. De antro nymph. 28 ["About the Cave of the Nymphs" by Porphyrius (ca. 234 - ca. 305): "<... > souls are a bunch of dreams that converge on the Milky Way, so named because souls feed on milk when they descend into the world of formation. Therefore, those who summon souls libate them from honey mixed with milk, because they are born through sensual pleasure, and because milk also appears when souls are conceived" (trans. A.A. Taho-Godi)]; Macr. Comm. in Somn. Scip. I. 12.3 ["Commentary on Scipio's Dream" by Macrobius Theodosius (5th century): "<... > Pythagoras believes that the kingdom of Dith begins down the Milky Way, because it seems that the souls that have slipped from there have already fallen away from the divine. He says that milk is therefore the first food offered to newborns, because the first movement [of souls] that slip into Earth's bodies begins with the Milky Way. Therefore, Scipio, when he was shown the Milky Way, was told about the souls of blessed [people]: when they went from here, they also return here" (trans. M.S. Petrova)]; Fortenbaugh, Pender 2009:109 [according to Damascus (5th-6th centuries), the Milky Way is the road of souls going through Hades to heaven (in this post, Damascus probably relies on the lost treatise by Heraclid of Pontus, who lived in the 4th century BC)]; Hungarians [The Milky Way - God's Way (isten utja), The Road of Jesus (Jézus utja), the Road of the Fairy (tündérek utja), the Military Road ( hadak utja); souls of the righteous go to heaven via the Milky Way]: Kálmány 1893:29; Romanians: Mladenova 2006 ["the path of souls" (to heaven, to hell, to the Last Judgment) in southern and eastern Romania: Moldova, Oltenia, partly Muntenia and Dobruja]: 176; Volpati 1933b [The Milky Way is the road of souls going to heaven]: 36; (cf. Bulgarians: Belova 2004c [one of the titles is "The Way of Sinners"]: 264; Mladenova 2006 [this name in Kovachev 1914:26 is probably written from a Romanian, since from the same informant the cosmonym Luchafr, which is not in Bulgarian]: 176).

Central Europe. Poles: Belova 2004c [Road of the Souls of the Dead]: 264; Gładyszowa 1960 ["Road of Souls", "Road of Warriors" (of the Killed), "The Road Between Hell and Paradise"]: 79; Niebrzegowska 1999 ["Road of Souls" "]: 149; Ukrainians [a road that crosses in the middle; one half leads to hell and the other to paradise (Grubeshovsky district); the road along which the righteous souls of the dead march to paradise (Ushitsky u.)]: Chubinsky 1872:15; Belova 2004c (Kholmskaya Rus, Podolia) [the road of souls to heaven, the road of righteous souls to paradise]: 264; Russians: Asimov, Tolstoy 1995 [The Milky Way is the path of human souls flying in the form of birds in Irei, or Paradise]: 118; Belova 2004c (Tambov) ["the path of ordeals", as each soul goes through it 20 ordeals; one sleeve leads to heaven, the other to hell]: 264; Dobrovolskaya 2010 ( Vladimirskaya) [the road of the dead; "the path for darling": "the rainbow is the road to heaven, and the Milky Way is the road to hell" - or vice versa; the Milky Way is two roads, to hell and heaven; the road of killed soldiers who walk say goodbye to home; during wars, the Milky Way glows especially brightly]: 147-149; Kolchin 1899, No. 4 (Tula, Chernsky U., Polzikovo) [The Milky Way shows the way to Kiev and Jerusalem. This same path also showed the way for Moses when he led Jews from Egypt to the promised land. The Milky Way itself serves as a road to heaven for dead righteous souls. Its bright stripe is the traces of righteous souls, covered with light and clouds. Souls go this way to God on the fortieth day after their death. They also explain the brilliance of the Milky Way by the fact that the sun passes through it every day and leaves a white road behind it. It is also said that in the old days a pagan goddess walked across the sky and spilled milk, which is why this path is called milky. An old man said that this path is made of shaped boards (parquet) to make it easier for the righteous to go to heaven. Every morning of the Bright Resurrection, when the righteous rise from their tombs, the Milky Way descends to earth and opens the way for them to the kingdom of God]: 10:10.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Adygi [Shif Laagu, Trail of the Dead]: Nikonov 1980:256.

Iran - Central Asia. Mountain Tajiks (Karategin, Darvaz) [after the death of a person, angels lead their souls to Khudo; the Milky Way is the road of holy people and children]: Semenov 1903:71.

Baltoscandia. The Finns [The Milky Way is a fallen tree; according to other ideas, the trunk of this tree is a bridge connecting the world of the living to the world of the dead]: Eichenwald et al. 1982:164; Scandinavians {specific source not specified} [The Milky Way is the road of souls going to Gladsheimr in Valhöll (Valhalla)]: Allen 1899:476-477.

Subarctic. Taltan [The Milky Way is a bunch of skiers trying to reach the sky and the land of the dead; someone has turned them and their ski track into stars]: Teit 1919, no. 6:229.

The coast is the Plateau. Thompson [The Milky Way - "trail of the stars" or "trail of the dead"]: Teit 1900:342; shuswap [the dusty "path of the dead" they follow]: Teit 1909a: 597; Klamath, Modoc [Milky The Way is the Road of the Dead]: Voegelin 1942:147.

The Midwest. Ojibwa [The Milky Way is the road of souls; Orion is Nanabush; Leo is Misha Peshu, lynx, the guardian of the lake. Upper]: Coles 1991:158; Winnebago, Menominee, Ojibwa (Timiskaming), Chippewa: Gibbon 1971:237; Ojibwa [The Milky Way - 'Road of the Dead']: Chamberlain 1896:82 -83; Ottawa [Living Statue is a great sorcerer, his sister was taken by the Moon Prince; he was met dressed in a green dwarf, offered to fight, LS hardly defeated him; the dwarf praised him, turned on a corn cob, told him to plant seeds, so corn appeared; one day LS was sleeping, two dwarfs tried to pull his heart out, one put his hand in his mouth, LS bit off his fingers, they turned into wampum; he came to the river, there is a stone boat with two petrified dwarfs and wealth - bear skins; LS refused all the girls, married a Star, they now live in the sky next to the Road of the Dead]: Compton 1907:78-84.

Northeast. Montagnier, Nascapi [The Milky Way is called Spirit Road, the Path of the Dead]: Speck 1935a: 65; mikmaq [(or passamaquoddy?) ; stars (Milky Way?) - The Road of the Dead, including three hunters who are always chasing bears]: Leland 1968:379; Passamaquoddy [The Milky Way is the Road of Souls and the Bowstring of the Giant Invisible Spirit]: Chamberlain 1896 : 82; Abenaki (in Wabanski, perhaps a typo from Wanabaki, distorted from Abenaki) [Chief M'Sartto follows his departed son along the road of souls to the Milky Way, enters the land of people with rainbow belts , this is the Northern Lights, they are playing ball; the local chief tells two birds to take M. and his son back home, they return safely]: Judson 1997:143-145; penobscot [The Milky Way, the Spirit Trail" , there is a path that the souls of the dead follow to their world]: Speck 1935b:19; delaware [dogs must be well treated as they guard the bridge at the fork in the Milky Way, where the way to the afterlife lies] : Bierhorst 1995, No. 151:65; Hurons: Sagart-Theodat at Schwartz 1997 [souls go to the afterlife along the Milky Way; a nearby trail, also marked by stars and called the "dog path", walk dog souls]: 93; Iroquois [The Milky Way is the way of the dead; it branches out, more souls go where more stars can be seen]: Parker 1913:63f, Fenton 1962:295, Wrong 1939:172 in Mathews 1982:49

Plains. Sarsi [the souls of dead orphans walk along the Milky Way]: Dzana-gu 1921, No. 42:49; grovantra [The Milky Way is the road the souls of the dead take]: Kroeber 1908b: 278; teton: Erdoes, Ortiz 1984 [giving birth to her third child, the wife dies; her ghost is her husband, says she can take him and her children to the Milky Way; the husband would like his wife to return alive in front of her; four days later, that appears again, tells her not to look behind her curtain of skin for four days; comes to life; later her husband takes a second wife; she offers to be the first to go to the Milky Way; she leaves, taking her children and husband]: 462-463 ; LaPoint 1976 [The Milky Way is the Road of Spirits, the Road of the Dead; where the blind sleeve separates from the Milky Way, stands Judge (Arbiter) with a feathered rod; looking at the tattoo (it depends on during his lifetime belonging to a certain society) and to scars from bad deeds, directs him either down a short sleeve that ends in an abyss, or along a long one, at the end of which - home of the departed souls]: 29-31; Omaha, Ponca [LaFleChe told the author earlier in 1882: the deceased walks first along the dark road, then finds himself on the bright Milky Way; at the fork, an old man wearing a fur coat outward shows his hand where to go next; one road is short, the other is endless]: Dorsey 1894:419; the sheyens [the souls of the dead follow the Milky The way into their own world; where this path branches out, the good go away from the evil; the good follow the left, bright and radiant road, and the evil follow the right, disappearing, going into nothing]: Dusenberry 1962: 100; Pawnee [the dead go from the North Star along the Milky Way to the death star in the south, where they stay]: Chamberlain 1982 [The Milky Way is the Road of the Dead]: 21; Dorsey 1904b, No. 14 (skidi): 57; 1906, No. 35 (pitahauirat): 134, 490 (summary); Fletcher 1903 (skidi) [the souls of the dead walk along the Milky Way, driven by the wind blowing from the north and pushing them towards a star in the south; the short branch of the Milky Way is the trail of the dead violent death]: 13; kuapo [The Milky Way is referred to as the Road of the Souls of the Dead]: Dorsey 1895:130.

Southeast USA. Chirokee [Sirius and Antares are two dog stars opposite each other, where the Milky Way meets the horizon; they cannot be seen at the same time; the soul crosses the stream on a thin perch, villains fall off it; others continue to go east and then west; at the entrance at the fork in the road, you must feed the dog well; going on, the soul meets the second dog and also feeds; who have little with them food, he may not be able to escape the second dog and will wander between the two forever]: Hagar 1906:362-363; catawba [the souls of the dead go to another world along the Milky Way]: Speck 1934:24-45 (quoted in Rude et al. 2004:306); Seminoles [Creator Breath blows into the sky, the Milky Way appears; the souls of good people walk along it to the city in the western sky; dogs and other animals walk along another path and die; these two trails come closer and meet in a sky city]: Greenlee 1945:138-139; Shouts: Swanton 1928 [The Milky Way - Road of Souls of the Dead]: 479; Townsend, Sharp 2004 [ interview with Joyce and Turner Bear, 12/29/2002; The Milky Way is the road to heaven, where souls go to a better life]: 188; Chickasaw [The Milky Way is the "Spirit Road"]: Swanton 1928b: 256; (cf. choctaw [the souls of the dead cross a log across a river running from south to north; the souls of bad people fall into a waterfall; the afterlife is divided by a chain of mountains; to the north, there is a dim, cold world for the bad , to the south - bright and joyful for the good]: Campbell 1959:147-150; Chickasaw [The Milky Way is called "the dog's white footprint"; the famous shaman demonstrated his power while traveling the Milky Way]: Speck 1907:51; Natchez [Milky Way - Dog Trail]: Greenlee 1945:139).

California. Shasta [wife is dead; husband follows her along the Milky Way; everyone dances in the afterlife; they lie like ash during the day; Coyote was given a wife; she gets harder on the way home; he drops her twice, twice returns; no more wife; husband dies at home, his spirit comes to his wife]: Dixon 1910a, No. 9:21; Miller 1997 [The Milky Way is the road that the dead go from east to west; they come into the house Mockingbird; that flies up the Klamath Valley in spring and down in autumn]: 140; Voegelin 1947:53; karok [when the Milky Way appears in the sky, it means that someone has died for his soul as well The road to the world of the dead is ready; when the Evening Star sings to get her lover back, other women also sing to bring back the men who have left them]: Miller 1997:139; yurok, chupa , chilula, kato [Milky Way - Road of the Dead]: Driver 1939:344; pomo [Shini Suni took wives and they died; refused to pay ransom to the relatives of deceased women, for him this Chief Kuoti had to do it; he asked the two girls to agree to marry the SS, prepared a hole with hot stones, disguised the bed in this place; the SS suspected fraud, but when he saw the girls, he lay down, fell, burned down; everyone began to sing to send his spirit forever to the world of the dead (the origin of funeral chants); SHS did not want to go in the right direction, but K. partly persuaded him, partly forced him threats; his embittered spirit could not fly and walk along the Milky Way like all the dead, fell into the sea, became a crab]: Clark, Williams 1954:76-79; achomavi [The Milky Way is the "path of souls of the dead"]: Merriam 1992: xxiii; atsugevi [The Milky Way - the Devil's Way or the Road of the Dead]: Miller 1997:141; wappo [The Milky Way - "The Road of the Souls of the Dead"]: Driver 1936:195; nomlaki [souls rise along the Milky Way, the road of the dead; from there they go to a plain covered with grass and flowers, where those who always rejoice and celebrate live]: Goldschmidt 1951:352; screw [the souls of the dead are coming north and then south along the Milky Way]: DuBois 1935:79; Vintu, Maidu, Nisenan [The Milky Way is the Road of the Dead]: Voegelin 1942:147; Maidu [souls go to heaven as a Milky Way] The path; where it branches out, the paths of souls also diverge; the path to the left is easy and convenient]: Schmidt 1933:34 in Dusenberry 1962:100; chumash [The Milky Way is a path followed by the dead]: Monroe, Williamson 1987:93; Luiseno [The Milky Way is the road of spirits, where the dead go after death]: DubOis 1908:162 (quoted in Applecate 1979:85).

Big Pool. Northern Payutes: Curtis 1976 (15) [see motif L5; husband and wife go west then heaven; souls of the dead go to them along the Milky Way]: 129-134; Kelly 1932 [The Milky Way is the road of the dead, heading to the spirit world]: 198; Mooney 1896:1053; Powell 1971 [Spirits go to the land of the Sunny South along the Milky Way; Vulture raises the edge of the sky when it comes to passing]: 242; Stewart 1941:415, 417; northern shoshones [a pole with a fork at the end above the central pillar of the Sun Dance building symbolizes the Milky Way]: Clark 1966:186; Western shoshones [The Milky Way is the road of the dead, road of souls, sky path]: Steward 1941:267; shoshone {the band is not a decree.} [Wakini black bear ate ants; Wakinu grizzly demanded that he give him the anthill; Wakini won, Wakinu went to the edge of the sky; the Milky Way was the snow dust he shook off his fur; he illuminates the path to the land of the dead, it's the bridge of souls]: Wherry 1969:52-53; Utah [one of the Utah groups calls the Milky Way the Road of Souls of the Dead]: Miller 1997:132.

The Great Southwest. Hopi [Old Spider Woman (SP) and her nephews Sr. Pöqangwhoya and younger Palöngawhoya decided to make stars so that there was light even on a moonless night; SP ordered to collect mica, fold shards into two baskets; thrown by the older brother became the Evening and Morning Stars, they chase each other endlessly; thrown by the younger brother is the cornmeal path (obviously the Milky Way), through which the dead going to the afterlife of Maski]: Malotki, Gary 2001, No. 21:208-211.

Mesoamerica Yucatec [at night the dead walk along the Milky Way]: Sosa 1985:432 in Milbrath 1999:41; lacandons [The Milky Way is the road of our true Mr. Hachäkyum, who is the host of the sky where the souls of the dead go]: Duby, Blom 1969:295, Rätsch 1985:37 in Milbrath 1999:41; Quiche: Milbrath 1999 [The Milky Way - xibalba be, "the road of the lower world"]: 41; Bassie- Sweet 2008 [The Milky Way and the ecliptic are associated with four rivers in mountainous Guatemala, flowing from where the Milky Way meets the ecliptic; the Milky Way is a river where a crocodile swims; where its open mouth, the road to the afterlife]: 266-267.

Honduras-Panama. Sumu, Miskito [there is Mount Kaun'ápa between the Butuk and Seko rivers, where you can see the remains of human umbilical cords, Indians were born there; there was a great father (Maisa h á na for sumu, Uan ba íkan on miskito; "man, who has cleft us") and great mother Iti ána, what is the same as It óki, on miskito y ápti misri ("scorpionic mother")"; miskito also calls her "great mother"; she lives at the end of the Milky Way, where the souls of the dead go to her; she sends us newborn babies ; she is depicted with lots of breasts that people suck like babies]: Lehmann 1910 in Bowditch 1940:43-44.

The Northern Andes. Guajiro [The Milky Way - "the Road of the Dead Guajiro", "Ghost Road"]: Perrin 1989:143; bari [the souls of the dead rise to heaven along the whitish strip (the Milky Way?) ; they go to the waterfall, after bathing in which they become healthy and young, children become adult boys and girls]: Villamañan 1975:9.

Southern Venezuela. Panare [Milky Way - Souls of the Dead]: Dumont 1979:248.

Guiana. Taulipan: Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 14 [The month wants to steal the child's soul; the boy's father exposes and beats the sorcerer, tells him to go; the Month thinks where; Aguti eat, tapira eat, all animals and birds, too; I decided to go to heaven with my daughters, the bird fixed a vine in the sky for this purpose; the Month illuminates the path of the dead, i.e. the Milky Way; the house of the dead is at the end of it in the west; above ours Ten more heavens in the sky, the Month sent its daughters there]: 53-54; Lowie 1948 [the dog leads the souls of the dead along the Milky Way to their heavenly abode; kills those who treated dogs badly]: 47-48; arecuna [Kalapijéima tries to catch a frog sitting on a tall tree; it drags it to an island in the sea; leaves it under a tree where vultures nest; they stain it with theirs with excrement; it's cold; K. asks the Morning Star to give him fire, take him to heaven; he refuses, because K. gave cakes not to him, but to the Sun (he dried them in the sun); the same episode with the Month; the Sun takes it into his boat, tells his daughters to wash it, cut it; puts on a feather crown, a silver hat and ear jewelry made from the elytra of the beetles, it gets hot; gives K. his daughter, tells her not to cheat on her; K. goes out from the house of the Sun, falls in love with the daughter of the Vultures; in the morning he becomes old and ugly; if he stayed with the daughter of the Sun, he would be forever beautiful and young; now people's youth and beauty are short-lived; daughters The suns scattered across the sky to illuminate the Milky Way, the Road of the Dead]: Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 13:51-53; wapishana [The Milky Way is the River of the Dead]: Farabee 1918:102 (quoted in Goeje 1943, no. c28: 83.

Western Amazon. Sekoya [in the sky across the road of the dead lies in a hammock; he does not allow the dead to go back]: Cipolletti 1988, note 21:255.

NW Amazon. Yagua [underground is a world of people without anus; water from our world seeps in there, it rains there; aquatic people have corn, turtles have benches; just above the land of "earthmen" in in the middle of the sky is the "half-moon" that illuminated the world when there was no sun and moon; criminals rise to the sky of vultures, their souls are burned alive; the rainbow is a heavenly serpent, above it is Thunder; in the sky the lake of poison, once it flowed out of the vessel, it was received by iguanas, snakes, ants, scorpions; the owner of animals Rudra lives even higher, the Month and his nephew North Star ("soul of the night"); the Milky Way - the road of souls; even higher is the sky where the souls of the dead live; two sloths support the sky on either side; if they move, catastrophe can occur]: Chaumeil 1982:49-53.

Montagna - Jurua. Chayahuita [The Milky Way - Chimirin Ira ("Death Road"); the souls of the dead go along it; these are two roads: one leads to hell and the other to heaven]: Shlyakhtinsky 2008.

Southern Amazon. Trumai [souls go to the afterlife along the Milky Way; ferocious jaguars await them along the edges of the road; at the end of the journey, the dead end up in the village of Vammini, where they live a normal life]: Murphy, Quain 1955 : 75.

Araguaia. {The Shamans' Road probably assumes that shamans follow it the same path as souls}. Tapirape [Milky Way - road of the Panche]: Wagley 1977:185; carage [Milky Way - Shamans' Road]: Lipkind 1940:248.

Chaco. Lenghua [Milky Way - "Kilykhama Road" (Spirits, First Ancestors)]: Grubb 1911:139; Vilela [Milky Way - Road of Souls]: Lehmann-Nitsche 1935b: 550