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I67. Emu and nanda on the Milky Way. 18.67.70.-.72.

The giant figure of an emu (in Australia) or a nandu (in South America) can be seen on the Milky Way.

Australia. Australia as a whole [ideas about a giant emu whose silhouette is visible on the Milky Way (primarily in the form of dark spots in the Coal Bags) have been recorded for Kimberly, Western and Central Australia. Victoria, New South Wales, Arnhemland, Queensland, Sydney area; in particular for Burong, Euahlayi, Kamilaroi, Larracia, Ngalia (Great Victoria Desert Language Group), Pitjanjara, Ngitji Ngitji, vardaman]: Fuller 2014:77-79; kamilaroi and euahlayi [emu head (Coal Sack under the Southern Cross) is visible all year round, and the neck (from α and β Centaur to z/Hare and γ Square) and body (Scorpio, Ophiuchus, Sagittarius) - depending on the season; it is best seen in April and May, when the emu's body is directed from the south to SE; this is the time when female emus lay eggs; this is the time when female emus lay eggs; this the time an emu can see her legs in heaven, she runs; in June-July, her legs are not visible, the emu is interpreted as a male sitting on eggs; in August, the time for initiation, the heavenly emu is visible vertically; in August-September the neck is not visible and the body is interpreted as an emu egg]: Fuller et al. 2014:171-178; Fuller 1914:80-86.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Chiriguano [ideas about celestial objects are extremely limited; they see an ostrich in the sky]: Cipolletti 1978:59-60 {considering Guarani data, almost certainly the Milky Way}.

Eastern Brazil. Apinaye, apaniekra, ramkokamekra [both teams consider the Milky Way to be a Nandu figure]: Lowie 1946d: 515; frame camera [The Milky Way with dark spots on it - nandu ostrich, its head is lower than the Southern Cross; if one night it makes a sound (? begin humming), people are over; one day he began to do this, dragging one wing on the ground and killing so many people; next to him is the babasu palm tree (Orbignia speciosa), a Scorpio constellation without tail stars; she was standing on the Nandu trail and he threatened to knock her down, but she begged her to leave her standing, because falling to the ground would kill many people; there is also an unidentified constellation of wild chicken in the Milky Way (Tinamus sp.); Magellanic Cloud - ash from the burnt anthropomorphic character Auke]: Nimuendaju 1946a: 233-234.

Southern Brazil. Mbia ("east of Paraguay's forested region") [Tupã took a giant nanda, the Milky Way, into the sky; to prevent it from pecking people, he gave him three piles of food (Coal Bags on the Milky Way ); one pile has already been eaten; when Nandu eats the remaining two, he will take on people]: Müller 1934:453-454 (quoted in Lehmann-Nitsche 1935b: 549).

Chaco. Toba: Lehmann-Nitsche 1935b [nandu's neck begins at the Coal Bag, the body extends to Antares and Ophiuchus; then you can see a fan of tail feathers; 1) nandu's head is a Coal Sack, α and β Centauri is a young hunter and a dog]: 549; Wilbert, Simoneau 1982b, No. 2 [three hunters; Nandu is the Centaur constellation; 2) 4 stars of the Southern Cross are the head (α - beak), and at the same time 2 dogs that clutched to the neck], 7 [boy and girl]: 27-28, 40-41; 1989a, No. 13 (eastern toba) [Pinyolqa's brother and sister stayed in the forest eating honey his father had obtained, did not find their way home; the boy wanted to kill the bird, that warned that the cannibal was going to fry; they pushed her into the fire themselves, cut her breasts, and two dogs were there; Magonalo rainbow fish sent a storm, people were running; dogs killed the rainbow; chased red nandu, he flew, they too, the children are behind them, everything is in heaven now], 14 (eastern toba) [like (13)], 15 (eastern toba) [father tells Pinyolqa to wait for him, leaves himself; at night the beast man wants to eat them , the boy puts honey-smeared stakes in his mouth, he dies; then in (13); a huge snake with a sparkling tongue (rainbow?) blocks the path, the wind spews, dogs kill her, children take their tongue; as in (13)], 16 [husband and wife cannot feed their children, leave them in the forest; they hide from the jaguar in a tree, kill it with an arrow in the eye; as in (13; dogs kill a monster living near the lake)], 17 (eastern toba) [as in (13; the widow promises to marry the one who kills the Rainbow; the boy cuts off the monster's tongue; another person claims that he is a hero, but the boy shows his tongue)] and 19 (pilaga) [the boy and sister hunted battleships, their dogs drove Nanda, everyone was in the sky], 20 (pilaga) [as (19) , in short], 21 (eastern toba) [two men with two dogs drove nanda, nanda and dogs are now in heaven], 22 (eastern toba) [the dog in the forest gave birth to two boys; they drove Nanda, grabbed the tail, Nandu flew with them, and now they and Nandu can be seen in the sky], 23 (eastern toba) [the hunter drove Nanda, shot all his arrows, and now Nandu took off in the sky]: 24-27, 27-30, 33, 37, 38, 39, 40-41; mocovi: Guevara; Lozano in Rivera de Bianchi 1973 [dogs chase Nanda first on the ground, then across the sky (origin of a particular constellation; Coal Sacks)]: 704; Wilbert, Simoneau 1988 [humans they kill the cannibal nanda; some constellations and nearby stars include this nanda and dogs], No. 5 and 10 [Milky Way], 6 and 9 [Southern Cross], 7 [some constellation], 8, 10 [the Milky Way is nandu, his head is big star; dogs drove him and grabbed him by the neck], 11 [parents went to collect honey, took the children; the boy put his hand in the hollow to get honey, his hand was stuck; the parents decided that the children were eaten by jaguars, left home; the boy pulled out his hand; wants to shoot the pigeon, he tells me not to shoot; warns that they will come to the house of nesogoy (witches); you will have to ask her to fan the fire herself, push it there; cut it off right chest, two dogs will jump out from there; dogs kill jaguars approaching children, catch game for children; children grew up to live with the king; dogs killed an underground lightning snake, the young man cut off its tongue; the black man said that he killed the snake, demanded the king's daughter; the young man showed his snake tongue belt; after the wedding, he was put on a bed with needles, he died; dogs dug him up from the grave, revived him; killed nandu ogre; nandu and dogs are now visible in the sky; the dove is also in the sky, and brother and sister are left behind], 12:17-26, 26, 27-30, 31-33; vilela: Wilbert, Simoneau 1988, No. 5 [(Cipolletti ms); hunters surrounded Nanda the ogre, who was hiding in a hole under a tree; three chicks escaped and became snakes (the origin of snakes); Nanda was killed, his skeleton was the Milky Way], 10 [The Milky Way is the master of all Nandu; The star at his head is two dogs clutching his neck]: 17-19, 26; matako [the Milky Way's common designation is "nandu road"]: Braunstein 1989:59.

(Wed. The Southern Cone. Tehuelche ["Patagonians saw a trail in the Milky Way where a hunter drives Nandu"' {without details, no source of data}]: Gibbon 1972:232).