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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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I81A. Chthonic crab. 21.22.24.-.26.38. (.65.) .66.

A giant crab causes earthquakes or floods, closes or can close water runoff.

Lakher, Banar, Moy, Palaung, Nias, Mentawai, Bataks, Malays, Bontok, Igorot, Bukidnon, Mandaya, Tsow, Lee, Koreans, Ryukyu (Fr. Ishigaki), (Peru coast), ashaninka.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Lakher [all waters have a single drain; at the entrance to it, crab and shrimp release the duct from floating debris with claws; then water falls between two hot Hapa stones and Longlang, evaporates; once the crab and shrimp grew old, lost their claws, garbage blocked the runoff, water flooded the ground; all living things gathered on Mount Leiparang (ancient land), which remained unflooded; after the girl was thrown into the waters, the flood ended; the shrimp and crab grew new claws, there was no more flood]: Parry 1932:490-490.

Burma — Indochina. The banar [kite) and the crab got into a fight, the kite pecked the crab's shell, disappeared into the clouds; then the crab raised the waters of the sea and rivers to the sky; brother and sister escaped from the flood in the large box, gave birth new people]: Maître, Kes Jungkes Moï, p.417 in Matsumoto 1928:121 (end) and Matsumura 2011 (beginning); mine [Kite pecked Crab in the shell, it raised a sea wave, flooded the ground, people died, brother and sister escaped in the pumpkin; brother asked the Turtle, Bamboo, if they could marry; both answered yes, the brother smashed them, but they grew together (marks on the shell, on the bamboo); the spirit gives the girl has eight beans, she happily swallows them at once, gives birth to eight children, people come from them]: Baudesson s.a. in Walk 1949:63; palaung [crab is the mother of water, so where it appears, there is a flood; He once flooded the whole earth; Buddha gave a big pumpkin to save, but only a few people and animals escaped; men married heavenly women, gave birth to new people]: Yoshiyuki Kojima 1993 in Matsumura 2011.

Malaysia—Indonesia. Nias [the mountains argued which one was taller; God promised to drown them all, threw a golden comb into the sea, which turned into a crab, closed the runoff from the sea; it also rained heavily; only three mountains were not flooded and the people who climbed them escaped]: Chatelin 1881:115 in Dixon 1916:181-182; mentawai [in search of food, a giant crab living in the sea emerges and then sinks again; this causes ebb and tide]: Schefold 1988:71; bataks [there is a big hole at the base of the earth and is home to a huge Nibe snake and a small crab; when they fight, the earth trembles, volcanoes erupt]: Yoshiyuki Kojima 1993 in Matsumura 2011; Malays [there is a huge tree in the middle of the ocean, a crab lives in the cave at its roots; when it comes out of the cave, water rushes there, low tide; when it climbs in - tide]: Skeat, Blagden 1900:6-7.

Taiwan — Philippines. Bontok [a stranger with a leashed boa constrictor tells his brother and sister to ask his parents to perform a ceremony in his home; otherwise, his boa constrictor will close the hole in the north they are rushing into rivers, a flood will begin; parents laugh; brother and sister flee to the mountain; a dog and a cat bring fire for them to drive away wild animals; an old man with a giant crab on a leash says he will crab remove the water barrier; tells brother and sister to marry, making them forget about their relationship]: Eugenio 1994, No. 128c: 227-229; Igorot: Eugenio 1994, No. 132a [hunters loudly shouted, Lumawig was furious about it, told the crab to close the water drain, saved a man and a woman from the flood; then told the crab to release the water; when the water ran off, the waters formed a rugged terrain], 132c [learning that people do not reproduce, God told the eel to close the runoff to the waters; brother and sister saved the tree; God sent a crab to pinch the eel, which opened the water; when the water ran off, the water created a rugged terrain; brother and sister refused marry; then God touched his brother's navel, men came out from there; female sister's navel]: 234, 236; bukidnon: Eugenio 1994, No. 135a [=Cole 1916:125-126; a huge crab entered the sea, pushing water ashore; some people escaped on rafts], 135c [about the same]: 240, 243-244; bataks {?} (“Fr. Palawan”!) [huge crab causes ebb and flow]: Eugenio 1994:240 (note); Mandaya: Eugenio 1994, No. 71 [The sun husband was ugly, quarreled; chased his Moon Wife; still chasing, sometimes almost enough; their first son was a big star; the Sun got angry, cut it into small pieces, scattered it across the sky, it turned out to be stars; their other son is a huge Tambanokaua crab; when he blinks, out of his eyes lightning flies out; when it sits in its hole on the seabed, the tide; when it comes out, the water fills the hole — low tide; sometimes it tries to swallow its mother the Moon (eclipse); at this time, people hit the gongs, driving away Crab]: 137; Cole 1913 [the ground rests on the back of an eel; when crabs and other creatures bother it, the eel moves, shaking the ground]: 172; tsou [a huge eel blocked the river, caused a flood; people and the animals escaped on the mountains; a huge crab came down the mountain, tore its belly with claws; the eel groaned and swallowed water; when the waters came down, the eel's body turned into hills and mountains; (cf. The eel climbed to land, causing the flood, people fled to the mountains; the boar dived into the water, bit the eel to death; the waters came down; since then, wild boars have been allowed to ruin vegetable gardens)]: Yoshiyuki Kojima 1993 in Matsumura 2011).

China — Korea. Koreans [there is a hole in the sea at the bottom, it has a huge catfish; when it gets out, the water rushes into the hole, it's low tide; when it climbs back, displacing the water with its body, the tide]: Choi 1979, No. 735:320 ; whether [1) the cannibal crab sent wind and waves, ate the dead; the Master of Thunder sent his heavenly warriors against him, but they were defeated; then the Thunder Master himself rushed at the crab, began to press with his iron; when he died, the Crab regurgitated the yellow water that caused the flood; only brother and sister escaped in the pumpkin {further on Ho Ting-jui 1967, No. 102:276: Brother and sister escaped after the flood; the god of Thunder allowed them to marry; they still refused; then, in his brother's absence, Thunder painted his sister's face black, his brother did not recognize her, married her); 2) there was a huge crab under the mountain; once a year he began to move causing tsunamis and earthquakes; people asked the Master of Thunder in vain; a young man and woman turned to the Wind God for help, who sent a storm, the crab sank far into the sea]: Yoshiyuki Kojima 1993 in Matsumura 2011.

Japan. Ryukyu Islands (island) Ishigaki) [giant crab and eel live at the base of the earth; the crab grabs the eel's tail with its claws, it twitches, the ground shudders]: Yoshiyuki Kojima 1993 in Matsumura 2011.

(Wed. The Central Andes. Huaca Prieta, Chicama Valley, northern coast of Peru, ca. 2750 BC [fabric depicting two crabs joined together and a snake with heads on both ends of the body]: Bird in Anton 1984:6).

Montagna — Jurua. Ashaninka [the waters of the rivers flow east, where they fall into the lower world; the hole is partially blocked by a huge crab; when it moves to the side, the water level in the rivers drops; if at all will close the hole, the flood will fill the earth]: Weiss 1975:251-253