Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

i81A1. Crab and snake. .24.-.26.38.

The fight between crab and snake (eel) determines the characteristics of the terrain of a particular area or has a cosmic scale.

Bataki, Tsow, Igorot, Ancient China, Ryukyu (Yaeyama Islands), Japanese (Yamagata).

Malaysia—Indonesia. Bataks [there is a big hole at the base of the earth, home to a huge Nibe snake and a small crab; when they fight, the earth trembles, volcanoes erupt]: Yoshiyuki Kojima 1993 in Matsumura 2011.

Taiwan — Philippines. Tsou [a huge eel blocked the river, caused a flood; people and animals escaped to the mountains; a huge crab descended the mountain, tore its belly with claws; the eel groaned and swallowed water; when the water descended, the eel's body turned into hills and mountains]: Yoshiyuki Kojima 1993 in Matsumura 2011, Yamada 2018; igorot [after learning that humans do not reproduce, God told the eel to shut down the water runoff; the tree was saved brother and sister; God sent the crab to pinch the eel, it opened the waters; when the water ran down, the water created a crossed terrain; brother and sister refused to marry; then God touched the brother's navel, and the men came out; to the navel of the sister - women]: Eugenio 1994, No. 132c: 236.

China. Ancient China (Nanhai daxie: a collection of miraculous stories, the Tang era) [a traveler from Persia sailed to India many times; his ship once landed on an island where the victim found himself shipwreck; he was taken to the ship and sailed on; saw that a giant serpent was chasing the ship; the rescued one explained that it was the hostile spirit of the mountains; at this time a crab appeared and began to fight snake; when it was grabbed by the neck with ticks, the snake died and his body looked like a mountain range]: Yamada 2018

Japan. Ryukyu Islands (island) Ishigaki, Yaeyama Islands) [giant crab and eel live at the base of the earth (nira is the lower world); a crab grabs an eel by the tail with its claws, it twitches, the ground shudders]: Yoshiyuki Kojima 1993 in Matsumura 2011, Ywasaki 1936 in Yamada 2018; the Japanese (Yamagata Prefecture, YuZ Tohoku) [1) Oguni was once a lake surrounded by mountains; a snake and a giant crab appeared; the crab cut off the snake's tail, they became fight, causing an earthquake; as a result, a passage was formed in the mountains, the waters subsided and the current valley was formed; the snake and crab are revered in separate temples; 2) the Oguni Valley appeared in the lake on the spot a three-headed serpent; he created a tornado that he tried to climb into the sky, but a huge crab surfaced from the bottom and grabbed the snake's tail; they began to fight, heaven and earth trembled, the mountains in the west collapsed and The waters have subsided; the snake and crab are revered in separate temples]: Yamada 2018.