Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

I86. Fluff in birds, scales in fish. 35.-.38.

The inhabitant of the upper world releases fluff, wool, scales, which turn into birds, animals, and fish.

Kets, Northern Khanty, Northern and Southern Selkups, Evenks (all?) , Nivkhs, Nanais, Orochi, Ulchi, Negidals, Ainu.

Western Siberia. Northern Khanty (Kazim, d. Yuilsk) [Torum has Torum-Anka's wife (Mother Sky); when they quarrel, he starts tearing her bunny coat and then big snowflakes fly to the ground]: Moldanov 1999:66; Kets: Anuchin 1914 [Tomam (mother Tom) is considered the third strongest after Yes and Khosyadam; lives in a stone house far to the south; very beautiful; in spring she goes to a rock on the banks of the Yenisei, shakes her sleeves, of which fluff falls, turns into birds (geese, swans, ducks, etc.); they fly north, and in autumn they turn back and again to fluff]: 7; Nikolaeva 2006 [every spring, the goddess Tomam goes to the rock above the Yenisei, shakes her hands, down falls from her snow-white sleeves, turns into different birds, they fly north]: 63; northern Selkups [A heavenly old woman throws bird feathers on the ground through a heavenly hole, they become ducks, geese]: Prokofieva 1976:118; Southern Selkups (b. Kate) [commercial animals emerge from wool sent by God through a hole in the sky or scattered by Father Itte across the ground; seeds sent by God produce edible berries]: Tuchkova 2004: 71.

Eastern Siberia. Evenks [the owner of the land has a husband, an unnamed shepherd with her animal herd; the hostess releases more or fewer animals out of the ground; they turn into fur brought by a shaman from- underground in her tambourine, shaking them out onto the taiga fishing grounds; the hostess keeps her fur in a shingken, a leather handbag under her arms]: Anisimov 1959:34.

Amur - Sakhalin. Nivhi: Kreinovich 1929 [old tairhand nigvyn (he also created rivers, coastal relief; the Milky Way is his road) throws scales into the sea in handfuls, from which various salmon scales emerge]: 90-91 ; Panfilov 1965 [the fisherman loses his way to the sea; sails to the old man; he throws a handful of scales, it turns into fish; the old man sends the fisherman home in a box, tells him to kill the deer, lower the carcass for him into water in the same box; a fisherman meets his wife, both are old]: 245-247; Pilsudski 1991a [six seal hunters sail to an unknown land in the fog; in one house they open a box, in which a naked old man- cilantro; he and other cilantro chase people, grab one; in another house, the owner strings one of those who come to the skewer, roasts like fish; the stone house has no holes; the old woman teaches how to remove the sword from the box , cut the way out; cilantro grabs the boat, people cut off his hand with a sword; sail into the country of beautiful women; at night one of the hunters copulates, his penis is bitten off, he dies; the old woman teaches to enter vaginas are stones; by this time an uncle and nephew remain alive; an uncle introduces a stone to women, they are happy to have got rid of their teeth; copulate with hunters; a man throws scales of chum salmon and pink salmon into the sea; scales turn into salmon; sends hunters home in a box; for this they donate red and white deer to him, put them in boats, they sail to sea themselves]: 16-19; Sternberg 1908:165, note 14 [old man in throws scales into the sea to give people prey]; the Nanais [Baksu-Batura's wife is Simfuni beautiful; the wife turns bird feathers into birds, turns animal hair into animals; B. goes to hunt, his wife tries in vain to detain him, knows that she will be kidnapped; the underground old man Tundurhan hero defeated and took her away; she gave birth to three boys in the boat, T. throws each into the river; the last Larenchu is a hero, promises to return; older brother sucks catfish caviar, middle brother sucks pike caviar, L. sucks Kaluga milk; invites brothers to live in dead Kaluga; the beauty saw them run out of Kaluga's mouth, brought to herself, breastfed; L. put her hands in hot buckwheat porridge; she admitted that they were S.-beautiful's children, went to her copper mountain, asked Gagdanchu Molodets (=Tundurhan) to kill the boys because they burned her hand; G. and L. have been fighting for a long time; the bird threw a silver ball, a gold ball; a child inside; L. tore off his arms, legs, and head — G.'s limbs and head have come off; the brothers go to look for parents; the mother was found; the bird says that the brothers' father is fighting the Sankau hero; on the hill, the sky covers the poplar, the sun covers the talnik with three processes, between them a snake, in it the spirit of life of the enemy L. - gray and white eggs; two girls killed the snake, gave the eggs to L.; he threw gray eggs into the old man's forehead, he died, took the white one with him; returned home; father and mother burst into tears when they met, their father's tears formed a big river, her mother's tears made the small river happy; Salhan, Senke's daughter, asked her father to fold her body so that his wounds could not be seen, revived him; three brothers, three houses, all married; father one house; they lived richly]: Sunik 1958, No. 2:122-126 (=Medvedev 1992:286-296); Orochi: Aurora, Kozminsky 1949 [the owner of the waters catches salmon, his wife cleans the fish, the scales fall into the water, turns into new salmon ]: 328; Medvedev 1992 [a stupid young man named Daredevil Yaduri begs; an old woman calls him into the house, turns out to be beautiful in the morning, everything is in the house; her father comes and tells his daughter that she will be the mistress seas, and I. thunder; he rode to heaven on a winged horse, visits his wife in spring, mid-summer and autumn; his wife peels fish skin and throws scales into the sea; as many fish as she leaves; manages the sea animals, spirits, fish]: 374-375; ulchi [four young people and one old fisherman got lost in the fog; on the cape they see a stone house, beautiful in it; the young leaves, does not return; so three times, they stay an old man and a young man; the door is in the rock, there is a cauldron, a fish, they ate; a huge man without a head comes in, shows them their village; this is Yz, the master of the sea; when he throws a quarter of the fish skin into the water, there are few fish, when half the skin is a lot, when the whole skin is abundant; Y. you need to feed good berries and fish; on this day it was forbidden to comb your hair so that women's hair did not fall into the berries; in other cases, the owner of the fish was old man Taygoch, ordinary; fish swim under sledges in his whalemustache yurt; he throws scales into the sea, they turn into fish]: Zolotarev 1939:97-98; Negidals [goddess Kaldyam, y she has wool in her bag, animals emerge from them]: Cincius 1982:.

Japan. Ainu [fish and deer disappear; the goddess dances before the god of fish and the god of deer; they laugh, their scales and fur fall, the goddess throws them into the water, into the forest, they turn into fish, deer]: Kubodera 1977 in Yamada 2010.