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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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i87ab. Only a child moves.

Strongmen or many people cannot move the body of a killed animal or the leg of a person lying motionless, and a child or woman

of the

2nd is easy does. Cf. Motive B83.

Gagauz people, Moldovans, Abkhazians, Abazans, Adygs, Kabardian people, Karachays and Balkarians, Ossetians, Ingush, Svans, Georgians, Scandinavians, Lithuanians, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz.

The Balkans. Gagauz people [three brothers drove the bull to drink; one drove from behind, the other in the middle, the third from the front; the post office caught up with the brothers in the morning; the brother, who was behind, punished the middle man through it to stab the bull is in the middle, otherwise it slows down; the post office reached the middle brother at noon; the middle asks to tell the front to stab without slowing down; the post office reached the front in the evening; the bull brothers caught up to the sea, he began to drink, the water in the sea decreased by arshin, the bull died; the weather became thin, the water spilled, the bull was covered with silt, people built a village of 30 yards on it; the houses turned over - it turned out to be a fox she grabbed her shoulder blade; she was killed, her skin was removed from one side and not turned over on the other; they sewed everything for themselves from what they had ripped off their caftan and a pair of mittens; one woman passed with the child, which was easy turned the fox's carcass over with his foot, ripped off the skin and made himself only one caftan]: Moshkov 1904, No. 136:204-205; Moldovans [three brothers took their oath to a watering place; three days from head to tail; the eldest reached his front hooves in the evening, the middle brother reached his hind legs at sunset; the youngest reached the tail at dusk; the mare drank the sea; one fish began to fight, swallowed the mare; the eagle carried the fish to the top of the oak tree; the bone fell into the eye of a sleeping shepherd; the fishermen threw a seine into his eye, took out the bone the third time, the shepherd threw it away; the gypsies broke the camp on it; the wolf pulled the bone, the gypsies decided that an earthquake; they killed a wolf; half were ripped off, but they could not turn it over; the furrier sent a boy, he turned the wolf over and ripped him off to the end; the gypsies ran to him, the boy was frightened, rushed away from them; the old man sowed sunflower, put seeds in his mouth, the boy was in his tooth; sneezed, the old man let the dog in his mouth, she smelled the wolf and ran away; the old man asked his wife to joke with a poker, she pulled the boy out; he ran to his father, who is sewing a shower heater for him]: Botezat 1981:368-371.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians [three brothers have a bull, he drank water only once a year; when the time came, the brothers drove the bull to a watering hole; the elder sat on his neck, the middle on his back, the youngest behind everyone else; the rider met; the elder asks him to tell his middle brother to drive the bull as soon as possible; by noon, the rider reached the middle brother, who asked him to give it to his younger brother; by evening the rider caught up with the younger brother and said that asked; the bull drank water until the next noon, then the brothers drove him back; the kite took the bull, sat between the goat's horns and ate the bull; the shepherd took refuge from the rain under the goat's beard; falling out of its beak the kite shovel fell into the shepherd's eye; at home, the sister took out her shoulder blade and threw it away, it was covered with earth, and a thousand people settled on it; one day the ground shook; it was the fox who noticed a bone sticking out of the ground and began to gnaw on it; people killed the fox, ripped off the skin on one side, a thousand people sewed dudes for themselves; but they could not turn the fox on the other side; the woman walked and spun; the tip of the spindle turned the fox over and took off her skin from the other side; wanted to sew a dude for her son, but he died; a thousand people dug a grave for the boy for a month, but his head remained outside; one day we went to get salt; on the way back they decided to hide salt from rain and hid under the jaw of the buried man, put arbs there, went home themselves; one person stumbled, put salt from a thousand arbs into his pocket and went home; sister cooked food, needed salt, brother suggested, but the sister replied that this was not enough and went to her neighbors for salt; who was the strongest?] : Khashba, Kukba 1936:204-206 (=Shakryl 1975, No. 4:20-22); Abaza [the old man has a huge ox; if you shoot at the head, the one standing at the stomach would hardly hear a shot; it began to rain, the fish grabbed the ox, dragged him into the water; the old man sat under the goat's beard, saw an eagle carrying an ox dragged by fish; the eagle sat on the goat's horns, ate the ox, dropped his shoulder blade; the shovel hit the old man's eye, he asked his daughters see what prevents them; they threw the bone away with a wooden shovel; carried it behind the village; the shovel was covered with earth, a new village has settled on it; people feel an earthquake - it was the fox that began to gnaw on the protruding the end of the shoulder blade; the fox was killed, the skin was removed from one side, but they could not turn the fox over; they sewed hats for the whole village; the widow's son did not have a hat; she turned the fox over with a kick, but not on her son's hat enough; the prince sent a squad to kill the boy, for he would be too strong; he was beheaded, thrown out of the village; the skull was covered with earth; the prince sent a hundred arbs for salt, they drove into the nose of the skull, They wandered for seven days, only on the eighth day they got out of the skull; the shepherd took a piece of salt out of his pocket, broke off half, loaded a hundred arbs; who was stronger and bigger?] : Tugov 1985, No. 121:336-337; Adygs: Aliyeva 1978, No. 25 [three brothers drove the bull; the eldest sat between the horns, the middle on his back, the youngest at the tail; the oncoming rider drove from the eldest to the tail at midnight middle and midnight from middle to younger; the eagle carried the bull; the old man hid from the rain under the goat's beard; the eagle sat on the goat, eating up the bull's shoulder blade; the old man went out, the eagle flew up in fear, dropped his shoulder blade, she stuck in the old man's eye; daughters-in-law did not find this speck; one herd climbed into the old man's eye, dragged his shoulder blade into the steppe with all the bulls; the village settled on it; the fox gnawed his shoulder blade, the residents were afraid earthquakes, one shot a fox; only the upper half was hardly skinned; a woman passing by ripped off the skin from the other half, made a hat for the boy; the wind carried the fox's skull into steppe; several carts with people who went to the Kalmyks for salt drove into it; a Kalmyk dog brought a skull; the Kalmyks threw a piece of salt to the Kabardian people; they loaded all the arbs and returned home], 26 [ it started like (25); the eagle dropped the bull's leg in the shepherd's eye; the women hardly dragged it out, the village settled on it; the salt carters drove into the hole on the bull's leg, loaded salt; the old woman asked her daughter to bring salt; she was poured salt into her palm from seven carts, the old woman put all the salt in her mouth; about the fox and the woman who made a fox skin hat, as in (25)]: 223-225, 226-227; Andreev-Krivich 1957 [starved Kuytsuk promises to get food overseas; they come to the wilds, eat their food, say they have come to the wise who will answer the question; there was an ancient bull, his hind legs behind Indyl, the front of Psyzh, pinched the grass on the bank of the Terek; the eagle carried him away, sat on the goat's horn; the shepherd hid from the rain under the goat's beard; the eagle dropped his bull's shoulder blade, it fell into the shepherd's eye; nine daughters-in-law took a wooden shovel into the eye , but they did not pull it out; the old man's mother licked her with her tongue; the shoulder blade was covered with snow, people settled on it; the fox began to drag it; the fox was killed, one side was ripped off, the other could not; K.'s mother easily turned the fox over, ripped off the skin - if there were two, it would be enough for half a hat for a newborn; who is more? the hogs argued and killed each other; K. and his companions packed food; then the sledges moved to the lands of others]: 327-335; Kerashev 1957 [=Maksimov, Kerashev 1953:189-191; from head to tail of a horse three days ways; there was not enough water in the rivers for her, she was taken to the sea for a watering hole; one brother sat on the withers, the other on her back, the third on her tail; the first asked oncoming travelers to tell the second to drive the horse, and the second to the third; the horse was swallowed by a fish, carried away by an eagle, sat on the goat's head, began to peck, the horse's shoulder blade hit the shepherd's eyes; 9 daughters-in-law boarded 9 boats, swam in the shepherd's eye, found a shovel a day later, they said - how tender the father-in-law was, he made him look for such a trifle; they threw out his shoulder blade; it was covered with earth, overgrown with grass, people built an aul there; an earthquake began; a visitor noticed a wolf trying pull the bone out of the ground, shot it; only half of the skin was removed, because they could not turn the wolf's carcass; turn it over; the woman walked, picked up the carcass, took off her skin, said it would be enough for half a hat boy]: 271-272; Kabardian people: Aliyeva, Kardangushev 1977 [Kurgoko's elder brother, middle Kandoko, younger Kaitsukoko; they had a bull in their herd; they drank the river right away, they had to drive him to the sea; when driven, the elder sat on his neck, the middle on his back, the youngest at the tail; his neighbor Dokhshýko jumps towards him; the elder brother asks him to give him to the middle brother, and the middle brother to the younger one so that he is better chased a bull; by noon, D. reached middle ground, by evening to the youngest; an eagle flew in, ate a bull, took his shoulder blade, sat on the goat's horn, began to eat up his shoulder blade; a herd with a shepherd hid under the goat's beard in the rain; the shepherd looked out, the eagle was frightened, flew away, dropped his shoulder blade, it fell into the shepherd's eye; the whole village was looking for her there; when they found it, they tied ropes, harnessed a thousand bulls and pulled it out; the shoulder blade was covered with earth, on it a forest grew, people built a village; the fox smelled a bone, dug a shoulder blade, choked on it, died; no one knows how to remove the fox's skin; the woman took off on the condition: when everyone sews their fur coats, give her the part that will remain; one fox ear was sewn on a fur coat for everyone who gathered; the rest was only half a hat for her boy; who is more: a bull, an eagle, a goat, a shepherd, a fox, a woman or her little son?] : 123-125; Lopatinsky 1891a [when the bull drank water, the rivers ran out; the owner's three sons drove the bull to the sea; the eldest sat between the horns, the middle on his back, the youngest at the tail; the oncoming rider exclaimed from surprise; the elder brother asked him to bow to the middle brother and the middle brother to the younger brother; the rider reached the middle brother at midnight and the younger brother by morning; after drinking the bull, the brothers let him graze; the eagle carried him away; the old man hid from the rain under the goat's beard; an eagle sat on the goat's back; dropped the bull's shoulder blade, it fell into the old man's eye; one herd climbed into the old man's eye, tied his shoulder blade by the rope, and pulled the whole village out; the shovel was covered with earth and grass, people built a village; the fox began to pull its shoulder blade, people thought it was an earthquake; the fox was shot, but only half of the skin was removed; a woman from a neighboring village she turned the fox over, took off the skin and, adding the skins of 300 sheep, sewed a hat for her boy; the wind rolled back the fox's skull, and the barbers drove into it for salt; the Kalmyk dog brought the skull to the owners; they threw a piece of salt to the workers, it seemed like a mountain to them; they loaded their arbs and left]: 93-96; Karachays or Balkarians [Aladin asks his father to get him a good horse; he brings a plain horse horse; the horse got stronger, rushed further at the races, ended up on the seashore, disappeared into the sea; A. sees three girls bathing, hides their swan clothes; promises to give it back if they help get the prince's daughter you need to get to talk; you have to touch the fur coat with a wand, she will tell a fairy tale, there will be an argument in the fairy tale, you have to resolve the dispute incorrectly, then the girl will start talking; the brothers for three have one bull; the elder head , the middle one was the belly, the youngest was the hind legs; the youngest thought that the bull was sick, went to consult his middle brother; late in the evening he reached the bull's belly, both went to the elder, reached the bull late at night the bull's heads; the brothers took the bull to a watering hole, he drained the sea with a sip; the brothers decided to leave the bull on the island, it turned out to be the back of the fish; the fish swallowed the bull; the eagle took the fish; in the steppe, the shepherd sat down to rest in shadows from his goat's beard; the eagle descended on the goat's horns, ate the fish with the grass and trees that grew on it; a bull's shoulder fell out of its beak, hit the old man's eye; he asked his daughter to take it out; she was in a boat she drove her father's eye up and down, picked up her shoulder blade with her little finger fingernail, threw it out the window; the shoulder blade fell at the well, where a caravan of ninety camels had stopped; the caravans spread the fire on the bull's shoulder blade, and a fox ran by, smelled the smell, began to gnaw on the shoulder blade, the caravans thought that an earthquake had begun; the woman hit the fox with a rocker arm, killed; the caravans took off half of their skin , but half were not - 90 people could not turn the fox to the other side; they decided to sew 90 fur coats from half a skin; the woman pushed the fox with the dude's toe, turned it over, wondered if half the skin would be enough for a hat for newborn son; which one is bigger? ; Aladin: fish; she could not stand it: the child was more and more; A. got a wife]: Aliyeva, Kholaev 1983:90-97; Karachays [when the bull came to the watering hole, the head was by the river, the back part was on the mountain; eagle carried the bull to the top of the mountain, pecked, the shoulder blade remained; holding it in his paws, he flew into the valley, sat on the horn of a goat, under whose beard a herd and shepherd hid hid from the rain; the shepherd looked out, the eagle was frightened, dropped his shoulder blade, it fell into the shepherd's eye; the runaway people began to pick this speck out of his eye with crowbars; the shoulder blade was covered with earth a few years later, the village settled on it; the fox noticed the end of the shoulder blade, began to gnaw, people got alarmed, killed the fox; could not turn the carcass over to remove the skin; a woman passing by easily turned the fox over, asked for half of the skin; one half was enough for hats for all villagers, the other was not enough for one hat for the giantess's son]: Aleinikov 1883, No. 4:155-157 (=Dzhurtubayev 1991:204); Ossetians: Britayev, Kaloev 1959 [Uataga bull grazing at the top of Beshtau, and the body stretched to the slopes of the Oise (40-50 km); the kite carried the bull, descended on goat horns and began to eat; the shoulder blade fell into the steppe, people settled on it; the fox gnawed at night, the village swung; the poor widow managed to watch and kill the fox; their side was refreshed, but could not turn it over; half of the fox skin sewed their hats for themselves, the son of water was left without a hat; the widow easily turned the fox over, tore off her skin, but not enough for the boy's hat; the rider he met put the widow in the stirrup, brought him home and made him a slave; says that there is no other strong man; the widow tells him not to brag; he went met the strongman, who put him in his pocket to bring his mother's dental remedy; the hunter cut a hole, ran away; the strongman's brother met him, also put the hunter in his mother's pocket for a barbecue, but he ran away again; third the brother locked the hunter in his purse, brought him to his mother; she put it under the thimble to eat in the morning; at night the mouse dropped his thimble, the hunter ran away; he met a one-armed man carrying a luggage of a hundred bulls; he hid him in a bag of salt; three brothers chased, but when they saw the giant, they returned; the giant says that he was the youngest and weakest of the seven brothers; they took refuge from the rain in their skulls; the dog brought the skull into the yard; the owner's daughter threw this stuff off the cliff, six brothers and bulls died, and the narrator lost an arm; the hunter returned and released the widow]: 417-419; Shanaev 1870 [the bull was standing on Garamonov Field, grazing on on the bank of the Terek (the distance between this field and the Terek is about 75 km); a hawk descended, clutched the bull and carried it away; sat on a tree, began to devour prey; the bull's shovel fell and fell into the shepherd's eye, who was hiding under a tree from the sun; when the shepherd came home, said to his mother, "Mother, something has fallen into my eye: look at it"; she cleared her eye with a shovel and threw away a bull's shoulder blade; on this The meadow on which the whole village settled was green with his shoulder blade; a fox got into the habit of walking to the shoulder blade; grabbing it by the cup and knocking it over on one side or the other, worried the village; the residents of the village tracked down the fox and killed her; having peeled off her skin from one side, they could not turn it over to the other side to peel it off; in the morning, the newlywed was fetching water, who, pushing the dead fox with the tip of her foot, knocked her over the other side; taking her tail in her hands, ripped off her skin and said: "Here's a rim for my son's hat"; meanwhile, the skin was not enough for half a hat]: 14-15; Ingush [an ox walks through the gorge above the mountains; he was carried away by an eagle , saw a goat below, went down to its horns, ate an ox, threw out the ridge, he hit the shepherd's eye, he did not immediately notice, the bone was pulled out by the whole village, new houses were built on it; they swing - at night a fox pulls a bone; the fox was shot, but they could only take off the skin on one side; the old woman picked up a fox, began to sew a fur coat for her grandson, but it was not enough for her sleeves and collar]: Kibiev, Malsagov 1981:26- 28; swans: Palmaitis 1986:134 [the ox was standing on the sea, the front legs on one side, the hind legs on the other; the eagle carried him away; in another country there was a goat, the shepherd and the herd took refuge from the rain under his beard; on an eagle came down the goat's horns, the ox carcass was pecking, the shovel fell, people built a village on it; the fox began to gnaw the shoulder blade, the village swayed; people killed the fox, but could not rip it off; the woman took off the skin one side, turned it over with her foot, ripped it off on the other side, but not enough for a hat for her child; the mouse dragged the fox meat into its hole, but the mice did not have enough; which of them is the strongest?] , 136-137 [the ox stood on the sea, its front legs on one side, the back legs on the other; the eagle carried it away, sat on the horns of the shepherd's goat, the shepherds themselves and the herds gathered under the goat's beard; one boy looked up, the bull's shovel fell into his eye; the rest of the shepherds took shovels and sticks and pulled it out with difficulty; people built 12 farms on his shoulder blade; the fox began to drag it; people killed the fox, but they could only skin it west side, because the fox cannot be turned over; clothes and hats were made of skin for everyone; a woman came up, crossed the carcass with a spindle, ripped off the skin, but not enough for a hat for her infant; who is the biggest one?] ; Georgians [an old woman carries the body of the murdered Badri, Uncle Amirani, on an arba; asks A. raise B.'s hanging hand, put it on Arbfshkftsh y; A. could not, the old woman easily sticks her hand with a whip; A. meets the godfather, who adds strength to him]: Chikovani 1966:302.

Baltoscandia. Scandinavians [Thor went east to beat the giants, and Odin on Sleipnir to Ötunheim to giant Hrungnier. He says his horse, Golden Mane, is better. In anger, he chased him after Odin and quietly found himself in the fence of aces. He is given a generous beer, he brags that he will kill everyone, and Freya and Siv will marry Freya and Siv. Thor appeared, Hrungnir told him that it was not good to kill an unarmed man, and summoned him to fight at the Stone Gate. The giants made a huge clay man, and put the heart of a mare in him. Hrungnir had a heart made of stone with three sharp protrusions. His head and shield were made of stone, and his weapon was a sharpener. The clay giant standing next to him was a coward. Tialvi went with Thor and told Khrugnir that Thor would attack him from under the ground. He stood on his shield. Thor threw his hammer, Hrungnir threw the sharpener, and they collided in the air. The sharpener split in half. One piece fell to the ground, all the flint rocks sprang out of it, and the other hit Torah's head. Thor fell down. The Mjöllner hammer crushed Hrungnira's skull. Hrungnir fell on Thor, with one leg lying around Torah's neck. Tyalvi crushed Mökkurcalvi clay. All aces are trying to remove Hrungnir's leg, but they don't have enough strength. Only Thor's three-day-old son Magni shoved his leg lightly. Thor wants to give Magni's Golden Mane, but Odin: don't give the giantess's son (Yarnsaxs) such a horse, give it to me, your father]: Younger Edda 1970:64-66; Lithuanians [three sons of an old man sat between the horns, on the back, at the tail of the bull; from one brother to another, the rider rode for three days; the bull drank the lake, the eagle carried the bull; their father took refuge from the rain under the goat's beard; did not let the eagle carry it away, that came back with the bull's edge, poked his old man in the eye; the old man noticed that something was interfering, telling his son to look into the eye; for three days, men with horses and chains pulled the rib out of his eye; it was covered with earth Three yards were built there; a fox came to nibble on a rib, houses collapsed; she was shot, but could not be turned over to remove her skin; the old woman did it easily, added 500 sheepskins, sewed a hat for a son]: Lebité 1965:277-278.

Turkestan. Kazakhs [the gray bull littered with gold, urinated with silver; the eldest son of bai herded his tail, the middle son on his side, the youngest on his head; the eldest answers the passerby that there is nothing to treat, because the bull has constipation; middle - that there is no urine, the youngest is that the bull does not chew gum; the cherry plum kara-gus bird carried the bull, sat on the goat's horn to eat a bull; a shepherd slept under the goat's beard; the bull's shoulder blade fell out, fell into the shepherd's eye; wife they picked it up, threw it away, water accumulated in it; in this lake, the people began to water the cattle; the fox grabbed the shovel, the fox was killed; they could not turn it over, they took off the skin only from one side, sewed it for everyone hats; the woman turned it over, only a quarter of the baby's hat was enough skin]: Potanin 1916, No. 36:138-139 (=Sidelnikov 1962:405-406); (cf. Kazakhs [the old man looked at the sky, a fly was flying, something fell into the old man's eye; he asked his wife to take out a speck; she pulled out the pelvic bone of a bull that had been pecked by a young swallow last year; that a fly ate a swallow; an old man threw a bone into the sea, an island was formed; 40,000 kibitki hibernated on it; one winter night the island trembled; people ran, came to see in the morning; their island was gnawed by a fox; people killed her, could not take off all her skin because they could not turn the fox over; the old man who threw the bone was walking by, ripped off the other half of the skin, asked his wife to sew a fur coat and malachai; old woman: enough only for malachai; the old man ordered to give the skin to a neighbor; he sewed two fur coats and 1855 Malakhays]: Sidelnikov 1958:420-421); Kyrgyz: Brudny, Eshmambetov 1968 [Alabash tells his eldest son to feed the ox and the youngest to drink; on the eighth day, the ox stopped eating; the oncoming man said that he should be given a drink on Lake Ala-Kul; the younger brother remembered that he had not watered the ox, brought him to the lake, the ox drank it; there was a fish at the bottom, swallowed the ox; the golden eagle took the fish, began to eat on the rock; water poured out of the fish, the old man under the rock was surprised that something had splashed; looked up, a bull's shoulder fell into his eye; his daughter pulled it out and threw it away; the caravan sat on it; the fox began to pull her shoulder blade, she was shot; 40 caravans managed to remove the skin from only one side, because the fox could not be turned over; the woman asked to leave her the other half the skin: she will make a hat for the newborn; without getting off her horse, she took the fox]: 196-198 (=197:205-206); Sabyr uulu 2008 [Three orphan brothers have a blue ox. The elder lived on his horns, the middle one on the ridge, the youngest on the repitsa. One day, the younger one noticed that the ox began to defecate kyuchala ("a poisonous plant, perhaps referring to the ox defecating with hard and dry discs similar to the roots of this plant), went to report Brothers, by noon I got to middle ground, by evening both reached the eldest. The elder decided that the ox should be given a drink. They took him to the lake and drank it in one fell swoop. One fish on the dry bottom swallowed the ox, and three orphans fled. The Alpkarakush bird came down from the sky and carried away the fish. Where fish hits a mountain, a mountain collapses, where a stone hits, a stone bursts. She flew to an old man herding a herd of goats and sleeping in the shade of a goat leader. The bird sat on the horns of this goat and started eating fish. One ox shovel hit the old man's eye. All the shepherds and other neighbors made a lasso out of their goatbeard, tied their shoulder blades to the head, pulled their shoulder blade out of their eyes, put it on the ground, and covered the whole city. Forty merchants were going to spend the night and found an open space, but the ground began to move and roll. It was the fox who pulled the shoulder blade in her teeth. The travelers shot a fox, peeled off the skin on one side, and God cannot turn the carcass over to the other. The old woman turned the fox over with one hand and peeled off her skin; there was not enough fur for the newly born boy's hat. The boy, once seeing mountain sheep hunters, asked his father to make him an iron club. He threw it up to the clouds, too light. Master Dev forged him twice as big a club. The boy took two horsemen and went to the mountains. They take turns cooking at night. A man appeared, his eyebrows were covered with snow, his mustache was covered with ice, tied the horseman to a pine tree, and ate everything. It's the same with the second horseman. The boy tied that man himself, but he pulled out a pine tree and disappeared into the ground. The boy after him has overcome that man's daughter, but doesn't know how to get back to earth. A dragon wrapped around the plane tree, and at the top there is an Alpkarakush bird's nest, with three chicks in it. A boy killed a dragon. The mother bird tells us to stock up on 40 sparrows and 40 water bubbles, and promises to take them to the ground. Calf-sized sparrows. The supply ran out, the boy threw both his eyes to the bird, pulled out pieces of meat from under his knees and squeezed the bird's blood. On the ground, the bird restored his legs and eyes. The boy bothered the lion and came to the ruler. He got scared and gave me the gold. The boy fed his two horsemen and those three orphans]: 71-74.