Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

i8G1. A giant at the base of the world. (.

At the

foot of the world pillar, there is an anthropomorphic character, or the character is identified with a tree or pole on which the world rests, or the character holds ropes that the world is suspended.

Samoans, Chinese, Bulgarians, Sami (Western only?) , Tundra Nenets (Obdorsk), Altaians, Inghalik, Tagish and Inner Tlingits, Tlingits, Haida, Tsimshian, Bellacula, Kvakiutl, Seneca, Munduruku, Apapokuwa.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Samoa [1) flat land is supported by a pillar; when Mafui (Maui) is angry, he shakes a pole, an earthquake occurs; 2) Ti'iti'i-Atalanga holds Savaii Island on his left hand; if only if he kept it on the right, he would break the island to pieces, but Mafui killed his right one; M. was considered the god of earthquakes, but the islands were supported by Ti'iti'i-Atalanga]: Williamson 1933 (2): 210-211.

China - Korea. Koreans [the corner of the sky began to settle; the lord of the sky told the strongman to hold a bronze pole on his shoulder; earthquakes occur when he shifts weight]: Choi 1979, No. 734:320.

The Balkans. Bulgarians (Plovdiv) [the earthquake arises from the fact that St. Eño (John), who carries the rod on which the Earth rests, shifts it from one shoulder to the other]: Plotnikova 1995:314.

Baltoscandia. Sami: Petrukhin, Helimsky 1982 [Veralden-Olmai ("man of the universe") supports the world with a pillar]: 565; Holmberg 1927 [The Sami erected altars split or naturally a forked tree, calling it a "pillar of peace"; the North Star is a Pillar of Peace, Veralden tshuold]: 222; Tolley 2009 (2) [Veralden Rad's character is associated with a tree whose crown is buried in the ground and the trunk split in two or three to support the sky]: 28-29.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Altaians [to strengthen the land, Ulgen put three fish, two along the edges, one in the center; the central one is the main one; directed head to the north, picked up under the gills by a hook with an arcana, the end which is directed to the sky and is fixed there on three pillars; this device is controlled by the hero Mangda Shire; if the lasso on one pillar weakens, the earth will slope to the north, forming swamps and swamps, if on the other, the land may sink altogether]: Verbitsky 1893:90; 1992:111-112.

Western Siberia. Nenets (Tundra, Obdorsk): Lekhtisalo 1998:10-11 [=Lehtisalo 1947, No. 1:1-4; the hunter went into an iron hut, found no way out, fainted; his companion followed; the Earth's old man invited him inside; held a lump the size of his head in his hand, said that this was our land; said he was tired and put him himself as the foot of the earth], 11-12 [=Lehtisalo 1947, No. 2:4-6; the sorcerer rises to Numa, who sends him to the lower world to marry his daughter Nga; after a seven-day struggle, N. agrees to give the youngest of seven daughters; the sorcerer and his wife went down even lower and sits there with the ground in hand; he is an old man on Earth].

Subarctic. Ingalic; Osgood 1959:51-52 [The raven lives near the river that separates the world of the dead from ours; he has pointed skis, as can be seen from the cloud trail in the sky {apparently the Milky Way, not clouds}; Raven's wife's home is nearby; dead women on their way to another world spending several days with Raven, and dead men with his wife; Raven's wife wants more to visit her men are shaken by the stone pillar that Denato has built to support the sky; this causes earthquakes], 104 [the creator of Denato has put a pole to support the sky; a woman living with the Raven sometimes shakes it to make people die; it causes earthquakes]; tagish, inner tlingits: Cruickshank 1992 [a woman holds the ground on a pole; when she moves a pole, earthquakes occur ]: 74; McClelland 1975 (1) [a woman holds the ground on a pole; sometimes someone tries to shake a pole, she prevents it]: 72.

NW Coast. The character is holding a pole or rope. Tlingits: Boas 1895, No. XXV/1 [the earth is square; swayed and trembled; animals fail, the old woman manages to crawl under her, keep her alone; the Raven visits this old woman]: 320; 1916 [=1895, but for more details; see English var.]: 732; De Laguna 1972 [the earth rests on a bamboo pole (bamboo is known as a fin); an old woman holds it, shakes it, earthquakes occur; var: The raven told the old man install a pole; then tries to snatch it from him]: 793; Swanton 1909 [After trying all the materials, the Raven makes a support pole from the beaver's front paw; an old woman from the Lower World looks after the pole , shakes him if hungry; then people throw her food into the fire]: 20; haida [on a copper box stands Sacred and Standing and Moving (SSD); a stoke that reaches the sky rests on his chest; during an earthquake, a marten runs along the pole, making a sound that precedes the earthquake; when the SSD was still walking on the ground, it killed a duck (mallard duck), poured its fat into the shell (clam); he put a red-hot duck there stone and fat have boiled; the SSD belongs to the Raven family; during an earthquake, members of this genus repeat the words "fat can splash"; a "rope of shining sky" stretches from the top of the column; if you throw a stone at Little Gogol (Bucephala albeola, bufflehead), this bird pulls a rope and duck feathers on the pole fall from above; it's snow]: Swanton 1905b: 12-13; Tsimshian: Barbeau 1961 [one of four The leader's sons pretends to be lazy and weak; at night he trains strength and endurance; the only hunter who is not afraid of sea lions; even trees and mountains win martial arts; his grandfather or uncle at the bottom of the sea, he keeps the world at the end of a pillar of hemlock; ducks and loons grease his joints; when he moves, earthquakes occur; a boat comes for the young man; her crew is loons, the boat itself - black fish; the young man takes the place of an aged and tired grandfather]: 40-60 (=1953:320-325); Boas 1895, No. 3 [flat round earth rests on a pole held by the old woman; her movements cause earthquakes; the sky sent a flood to destroy evil people in a village in the upper reaches of the river. Ness (they danced and gambled all night long); mountains appeared after the flood; some say the earth turned upside down at that time; an old woman said that coal found on the Queen's Islands Charlotte, there are pockets of people who lived on the primary land]: 278 (=2002:561); bellacula [our world is an island in the vast sea; far to the east is the giant Alep! alaxtnaix sits with his legs apart; holds a stone strip with outstretched arms; the ground is tied to it with two stone ropes; when the giant gets tired and moves his arms to get better, they happen earthquakes; when the earth shifts to the west, epidemics spread, when to the east, diseases go away]: Boas 1898:37; Quakiutl: Boas, Hunt 1902, No. 14 [The Pillar of Heaven told his people- the stars that he would descend into the world below, told the servants to lower the copper pillar of our world there, descended it with his son and servants]: 401; Boas 1935 [the pillar of heaven stands in the ocean; the Heaven Pillar is also the name the chief of the upper world, whose people are stars; he descends down the copper pole of heaven]: 126.

Northeast. Seneca [at Seneca, the branches of the world tree pierce the sky and the roots penetrate the waters of the underworld; Hadigo, the Great Face, the invisible giant leading the False Faces, guards this wood; in order to be endowed with the power of a tree, rubs its turtle shell rattle against it and empowers other falsehoods; therefore, members of the Fake Society also rub their rattles against trunks pine trees]: Fenton 1968:154.

Central Amazon. Munduruku: Murphy 1958, No. 4 [Karusakaibö promises a newborn daughter to marry Daiïrú; she dies after copulation; K. sends D. to a tree for an arrow, he does not fall; on a palm tree with thorns on the trunk, he did not peel off; on the site, sets fire to the vegetation around; D. turns into an battleship, climbs underground (var: K. asks D. to grab the tail of the battleship, he drags D. into his hole); D. gets out, reports that people are underground; wild Indians come first, then peaceful Indians, then munduruku; a flying bird cuts the rope with its beak, the most beautiful people remain underground; wife Only K. has it, he makes other women out of clay; they do not have a vagina; agouti, paka, squirrel and other animals began to copulate with them, making vaginas, so they are of different shapes; D. sprinkled rotten on them wood decay, so the smell; K. invited D. to swim, ordered him to take a flat stone on the way, carry it on his head; the stone began to grow, turned into the current sky; roots grew from D.'s nose, it turned into an apoi tree (high in the jungle); it still supports the sky, but it is not known where]; Teschauer 1906 [the world is dark; Rairu tripped over a stone shaped like an overturned plate; his father Karusakahiby He did not tell him to touch the stone, but R. put it on his head; the stone began to grow, turned into the sky, the sun appeared on it; R. knelt down]: 731.

Southern Brazil. Apapokuwa [Nyanderuvusu (Our Great Father) puts an eternal cross, creates land on it; if you remove the cross, the earth will fall; his son Nyanderikoy holds this support]: Nimuendaju 1914: 393.