Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

I8I. At first, the earth swayed .

Initially, the earth swings, is unstable, and it has to be specially fixed.

North Africa. The Berbers of Morocco (Nador) [first water; from the presence of God, it began to boil, smoke rose, became the sky, moss formed, became earth; when God sent Adam to live on earth, he was irritated staggered and swam; God nailed her with the mountain that is at the base of all mountains; this is Mount Jbal Kaf near Mecca]: Thay Thay 2001, No. 10:14; the Berbers of Morocco (Tangier) [When God sent Adam to land, she swayed like a ship on the waves; God turned the waves into mountains and they began to hold the earth like pillars]: Thay Thay 2001, #11:15.

Western Asia. Babylonia [to strengthen the earth, it was tied to the sky with ropes and pegs; these rope ropes are the Milky Way]: Afanasieva 1982b: 653; Palestinians: Hanauer 1977 [Allah first created the Tables of Destiny recording everything that was and would be; created a giant Pen, told him to write; when the tables were full, A. placed them and the pen in an unknown place; then A. created water and a huge a pearl the size of heaven and earth; A.'s voice spread to the first waters, they began to boil, then everything subsided; then A. created his throne, placing it on the waters; created a winged Wind, telling him support the waters; the snake lying in a ring around the Throne; his head is a white pearl, his body is gold, his eyes are sapphires; then A. told the Wind to stir up the sea; the foam formed land on the surface of the waters, splashes and steam have become clouds; frozen waves have formed mountains; mountains prevent the earth from floating on the waters, their roots go to Mount Kaf, which encircles the world and holds its contents; surface waters A. turned into seven concentric seas, separated by the same number of continents, but connected by straits and bays; first the earth swayed, A. told the angel to hold it; he wrapped one hand around the world from the east, the other from the west already holds; with the support of angel A. made an emerald rock, placing it on the horns (var.: on the back) of a bull named Behemoth; when a bull shifts the rock from one horn to another, the earth shakes; a bull who looks into the ferocious red eyes will immediately go blind; a bull stands on a whale that swims in the ocean created for it; below the ocean and around the world, air resting in the dark, through that the sun, moon, and stars created to illuminate the world move]: 3-5; Meyouhas 1928 [the beginning is about Hanauer; the purpose of mountains is to keep everything on land from sliding into the abyss; Allah divided the waters, creating seven seas separated by land; first the earth swayed on the waters; A. told the angel to support it by placing an emerald rock under his feet; the River Horse with sparkling eyes A. ordered to keep the rock on one of the horns; when this Beast gets tired, it throws the rock to the other horn, the earth shudders; this creature was generated by Leviathan floating in the waters; to illuminate the land and sea A. created the sun, moon and stars]: 7-11.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Garo [at first Mother Earth was unstable, moved, unable to hold water; Phitrang and Gorand sowed stones; then the Earth became firm, its surface was divided into sites; earthquakes cause huge rocks falling from the mountain into the waters]: Rongmuthu 1960:263.

South Asia. Juang [first a fluctuating sea of mud; an anthill rose from it, Mahesur Rusi from an anthill; ate forest fruits and rhizomes; met an asur girl; she said she lives alone and is not going to eat it; they are married; there was a Kapila cow on Baora Hill; the wife sent MR to slaughter the cow and then the earth would stop shaking and wobbling; when the cow's blood spilled on the ground, the earth was established; the blood turned into a rainbow, it arched above the world, attached to each end with a peg (nail); from the head of a cow; at first MR did not want to eat beef, his wife said, otherwise the earth would not will be established; Dharam Deota gave a digger stick, taught farming, gave clothes from bast and leaves; this is how Juang appeared]: Elwin 1949, No. 18:39-40; barela-bhilala [Wijati (Willa bai) was born from the third the fruit of the first plant, she is instructed to make the ground; she sculpted it on a potter's wheel; a bull, a cow, a serpent cannot hold the ground, it is placed on 12 pillars, but it is still wobbling; then Bhagwan made mountains and the earth was established; the world was dark; Vijati made a little sun and moon on a potter's wheel; to become big, they must be born a woman; Vijati's brother Bholo Ishwor told the virgin Ranu bai give birth to them: he and everyone will get the first born, the rest to her; after 9 months and 9 days she gave birth to them, but did not want to part with them, hid them, told the animals to guard them; BI gave the animals fruit started playing guitar, the sun and moon went out to listen, BI took them away, but their mother fed them first; they soared into the sky but spit out their food, it became stars]: Stiglmayr 1970, No. 6:149-152; varley [ Mahadeva and Ganga Gauri created the world; M. called the gods, no one came, then he flooded the earth with a flood for 12 years; then asked Naranadeva and Brahmadeva {then Barham is the same?} bring land from the world of Gunderideva (ghunderi is a fly that collects clay and makes it a nest on the corner of the house; they brought clay, painted on it, made cakes, they began to grow, they made heaven and land; only Bhimabali was able to raise the sky by tearing it off the ground; the earth was unstable; to secure it, Mahadeva ordered Naran and Barham to bring stones from the world of patheri (a species of small rat in her burrows are always a lot of stones); hills and mountains were made of stones; to create vegetation, M. sent N. and B. to the world of squirrels and ants for seeds; they brought them, but not enough; he sent them to King Lakhapati to bring them more; M. and Gauri dug a hole to get water at the foot of the date palm tree, got drunk; G.: let no one do this; M. created dense forests, G. created trees in savannas; during the flood, two were saved in the tree children; M.: who are you? - Brother and sister; the gods separated them, brought them together - the same thing; so 7 times, but then did not recognize each other and said that husband and wife; people from them; gods created animals; animals and plants multiplied, the earth became it was impossible to bear such a burden; she turned to her brother King Pandu ("white" in Sanskrit and Marathi), but he picked it up and threw it; M. and G. returned, the land complained to them, they called the gods; M. punished Panda by making him master of the lower world; a bull in this world told the cow: Our world will now be the realm of death; Jum Joshi (god of death) sent messengers to P., but P. put them in prison; himself disappeared; JJ sent him poisoned berries and he died; after that, people began to die and the earth felt better ; before that, people were like snakes - they changed their skin and renewed themselves]: Dalmia 1988:25-30; dhanwar [the birds had four legs each and the earth was unstable; Mother Earth took a pair of legs from the birds, made them supports under the ground]: Elwin 1949, No. 10:34; dhoba [Bhagavan created the earth, Bhimsen hammered an iron nail in the corners; the ground continued to wobble in the middle, so there he put the old woman to hold the ground on his head; about every two years, her husband comes and matches her (although she screams that it smells terrible); earthquakes occur at this time]: Elwin 1949, No. 11:34; baiga [see B2A motif; The turtle took out the ground, tied it to the neck of the Ravens, she brought it her Bhagavan; he summoned a virgin, she knocked down the ground in a vessel of leaves for 8 days and 9 nights; B. threw the earth into the waters, it grew, became dry; at first the earth was wet and slippery; B. called the Wind and Bhimsen; The wind dried the earth, but when they stood on one side, the other rose; Bhimsen walked, created mountains, valleys; Nanga Baigin (Nang Baigi's wife) drove four nails into the corners, the ground established (but the earth itself is round, p.330)]: Elwin 1939:308-316; condas [the world went under water, brother Dakpaska and sister Dakadidi escaped in an empty banyan log (these names have options); log sailed to the hill; brother and sister gave birth to Gogerenga and Jagarenga, who had a daughter; Mother Earth told them to sacrifice a girl, they killed their granddaughter, the water came down; to prevent the earth from trembling, they drove stakes out prickly shoots]: Elwin 1949, No. 21:41-42; agaria [Bhagavan put a lotus leaf on the water, but it withered in the sun; created the world from lac (?) , but he broke; having rolled the dirt off his chest, created a crow, gave him his milk, sent him to look for land; tired, the Raven fell on the Kakramal Kshattri crab; he dived, found Nal Raja and Nal Rani sleeping; the crab squeezed NR's throat, forcing the earth to regurgitate, brought it to Bhagavan, who created land; to prevent Mother Earth from wobbling, the first agaria placed 12 iron pillars at the four corners of the world]: Elwin 1949, No. 1:27-28; Muria (Raja Muria) [Kaitab, pregnant with earth, sat on the waters; Mahapurub created a man, told him to kill her; her flesh became earth, her bones became rocks; at first the earth staggered; M. pulled out 9 hairs from his leg, hammered like nails in the 9th corner of the world]: Elwin 1949, No. 30:47; pardhan [the ground trembled at first; Mahadeo went to drive sandalwood nails into it, banning Parvati the seventh he had sown herbs; she ate, became pregnant, could not call M.; scraped off the dirt from her body, created it out of this tiger, sent him to bring M. to her; gave birth to many children, M. married them, and various groups descended from them people]: Elwin 1949, No. 32:48-50; kuruba [the land is disc-shaped; two sisters had an ox; the earth was trembling; they decided to consolidate the land; secured but the ground turned over; the older sister fell, died; the younger and the ox began to hold the ground on one shoulder and on one horn; when they are tired and put on the other shoulder or horn, the ground shudders; this girl is called Būma-Tāyu - Mother of the Earth]: Kapp 1982: 235.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Malays [light from God became water, foam surfaced above the water, steam thickened, land and sea formed, each of the seven layers; the earth swam on the water and swayed; to consolidate it, God surrounded it with a diamond chain - the mountains of the Caucasus; spirits live on them; behind them is a desert covered with gold, ischemores, flowers; all mountains come from the Caucasus mountains, strengthen the land]: Skeat, Blagden 1900:1-2; bataki (toba) [the supreme god Mula Dyadi lived on the upper of the 7 tiers of heaven; created three sons; created a tree on one of the lower tiers, its branches reaching the upper tier; created a chicken, it sat on three eggs in the tree, three of which were born, he married them to his sons; one had the face of a lizard, chameleon skin, the girl refused, spun, dropped the spinning wheel into the lower world; after the unwound threads descended on the head of a snake swimming in the sea; put a handful of earth in it, brought at her request by the MD swallow; the snake was tired and turned upside down, the world that arose was flooded with water; MD created eight suns, they dried up excess water; the maiden plunged her sword into the snake, nailing it tightly to the ground so that it would not turn over again; taking new soil, created the earth anew; MD shot the virgin's fiancé with a blowpipe; Once on the ground, the young man shot a throat, which grabbed an arrow, flew away; following her, he found a heavenly maiden, married her; they gave birth to people]: Warneck 1909:30 in Dixon 1916:160-161 (short retelling in Hatt 1949:33); Tuaran [Kenharingan created a fragile land for humans, sent a green parrot to Bisagit, the spirit of smallpox, behind (another) land; he agreed to give him a promise to give him half of the people; K. put the land brought from B. in the middle of his own, the land hardened; after two or three years, half of the people died of smallpox; K. agreed that B. should come every 40 years, but did not kill everyone; smallpox is not treated, because K. and B. agreed in advance to divide people]: Evans 1913:424-425; pairara (Timor) [a piece of land ("head of the earth") descended from heaven to sea, turned into land; on it Paunu, Navar-Lonu, Mau-Lonu appeared, they had no limbs; first the Earth moves and speaks, Lightning pressed it with rocks]: Azevedo Gomes 1972, No. 1. 1:10-12.

China - Korea. Miao (SE Guizhou) [at first heaven and earth were close to each other; the river could not flow east, gold and silver could not be transported to the west; if you stand up, you will rest your head against the sky; grandparents, the creators of the sky, melted what was in the huge crucible, the white particles rose up, the black ones fell down; but Heaven also claimed that it was larger than (Earth), and the Earth was larger than (Heaven); The sky fell, the Earth rose, they met on seven mountains; grandfather Ha Liong's son-in-law killed Li Bo with a sword in heaven, grandmother Vong E's son shot Li Qe on the ground; each of those killed was left with a widow; but Heaven and Earth continued to argue which of them was bigger; long-armed grandmother Niu Dliang was called to measure heaven and earth, she measured the east in girths, the west in steps; it turned out that the Earth was a little longer and the Sky is slightly wider; nowadays, gold pillars firmly support Heaven and silver pillars support the Earth, and then the sky was supported by birch pillars, the earth by wubei wood, Heaven and Earth were wobbling, people They ran to the sides seven times; Je Sang Ngang's grandfather, whose body was seven iron barrel hoops as thick, raised the sky, but it split, a crack appeared; Grandma Yu and Grandpa Sang Ngang were crushed by the Sky; this grandfather became a cicada; a white-nosed pig undermined supports, a white chicken flew east and west, a gust of wind knocked over the supports; the Yang Yu family was rich enough to replace wooden supports 12 gold, each made for 12 years; (hereinafter about the places where the supports were placed); it became light; but the day and hour of installation of the supports were poorly chosen and they fell; they were reinstalled, but one the support broke; it took the fruit of immortality to take her initiative; the sky was firmly established; Hxu Niu paved riverbeds, Bu Pa cut through mountains; Hxu Nu's body is like a buffalo, head like a lion, tail like a palm front, four legs like an iron rake]: Bender et al. 2006:11-19; Chuan Miao: Graham 1954:12 [Ntzï Je Ldo Lai plowed heaven and earth to make them even; once plowed a stone bone (bone stone) but left it in place, calling it stone bamboo; it is a stone pillar, a peg that secures the ground], 13 [Glang Ma and Gkang Gi tied heaven and earth; if they are not tied with ropes or vines, they will fall apart], 14 [the earth and sky were woven, pulled up; the sky became as wide as a hat, the earth was not too wide as a basket for a trend], 18 [when King P'an Ku separated heaven from earth, sister Hu Hsi descended from heaven to earth, King Shen Lung descended to control five cereals, Emperor Hsuen Yuen went down to make people clothes; he created 44 big fish to use by setting 4 corners peace; he made 48 pegs of mutton antlers, using them to make the world strong in four directions; he firmly established heaven and earth, and there was yellow gold in the middle of the earth]; lahu [first only G'ui-sha in the center of the world is like a spider in a web; he scraped off the dirt from his hands and feet, made four fish out of it: gold, silver, copper and iron; put them on a pole; laid 4 beams of heaven and 4 earth; from the same scraped mud he made poutrelles, creating heaven and earth, but the earth staggered; G. rolled 70,000 balls out of the same mud, filling the cells (mailles) of earth; from the bones of his hands He made the bones of the sky and the bones of his legs the bones of the earth; to find out how thick the earth was and the thickness of the sky, he created two ants from the mud; one climbed through the sky, the other through the earth; when they returned, they said that the thickness is the same; G. has two assistants: Ca Law, the man he told to make heaven, and Na Law, the woman he told to make the earth; NL worked day and night, and KL drank tea, so heaven and earth were they are not the same in size: the sky is like a large canopy, and the earth is narrow and wrinkled; due to the fact that the earth was compressed, valleys and mountains appeared; to prevent the earth from swell, G. put a rock on it, but that slipped; the bulbul bird (Hypsipetes mcclellandii) told her not to slip; G. put fire in the Sun, fireflies in the moon; but they don't go to heaven, afraid of people; then G. gave them needles {obviously rays that prick your eyes}; tiger to the Sun: you're too bright; he bit him, hence eclipses; frog to the Moon: you're too cold; she tried to swallow it, so there are spots on the moon; letting a tiger into the sky with as a frog, G. made the sun go east and the moon west, otherwise they were constantly in the sky; from the mud scraped off his hands and feet, G. created stars, as well as a chicken and a rooster; the rooster sang east three times lit up; this is how light separated from darkness; G. moon: it will be 12 months in the year]: Coyaud 2009, No. 1:9-12.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Karachays, Balkarians [Teyri Solna (Kainar Teyri), together with Tairi Earth, created the earth; at first the earth trembled and the seas worried; then KT created mountains and drove them into the ground like wedges; after that, the fluctuations of the earth and the waves of the seas stopped]: Aliyeva 1994, No. 1:302; Ingush: Dakhkilgov 2003:22 [when God created heaven and earth, the earth was three times larger than the sky; God squeezed it, mountains formed; the earth was wobbling, God created more mountains; God asked who would keep the land; bulls appeared and agreed that they would not be harnessed to work on Tuesdays, and while driving they will be allowed to urinate while standing; under such conditions they hold the ground], 23 [foam began to thicken in the boiling sea; a place was formed where Mecca is now; then the land grew and became large; to strengthen the earth, God created hills and mountains], 24 [God created the earth, but it hesitated; then God hammered nails into the center of the earth, their hats mountains; the bull on whose horns the earth stands is to blame for sometimes shaking it; his a fly bothers, then it shakes his head].

Iran - Central Asia. Kafira (kati) [god created a land that swayed because it had no support; then he scattered stones that had turned into something like stakes and used them to secure the ground, and later put it on iron pillar]: Hussam-ul-Mulk 1974a: 26 (quoted in Litvinsky 2004:123).

Western Siberia. Nenets: Lar 2001 (Yamal) [Num sculpts the earth, throws it into the water; it is unstable at first; Num puts it on the whale, the earth trembles again; throws a stone of copper, iron and transparent stone; the earth freezes]: 188-205; Lehtisalo 1998 [Num took sand, put a cake on the water; told Nga to bring a whale to establish land on it; but the earth kept moving; then he ordered to bring a stone, the earth stopped; this stone is Ural]: 9; nganasany [the earth first is bare ice; the first man finds the first woman all white; she says she gave birth to worms , birds, all living things; they gave birth to a blade of grass, from which the icy ground gradually became covered with grass; the man is afraid that "something flying" will destroy the child, the earth will not grow; they give birth to a second the child is a hornless deer; the flying man appeared, this is a horned deer, defeated the hornless; he asked the White Man to give him horns; the father made one horn of stone, the other from a mammoth bone; the son of White the man defeated the enemy, he left; the earth became big; many flying flew in, the son of the White Man defeated everyone; the White man and the woman gave birth to many people; the son of the White Man asks to clean him horns; cleaning the stone horn strengthened the earth with stones, it was soft, moving; cleaning the mammoth horn became a mammoth bone; the mouse asks for help, everyone overcomes it; the son of the White Man threw his stone horn, clouds have become out of it, it has snowed; the mouse wants a long winter not to be found under the snow; so it was; the mammoth horn threw it up - it was frost, clear; thunder - the stones above are knocking, lightning - sparks from stones]: Dolgikh 1987, No. 1:39-44; Mansi: Lukina 1990, No. 112 (Vezhakory village, r. Ob, 1937, A. Balandin) [Yoli-Torum-xian (Lower World, i.e. Earth, Mother, Older Sister of Num-Torum; aka Kaltas-Ekva) and Winged Calm (God's messenger, daughter of Torum) went down to the ground; J. asks K. to go up to the NT to say that the earth is swaying and people will not be able to live on it; NT agrees to encircle the ground; his belt was decorated with heavy buttons; the earth settled in the water, became motionless; the belt is the Ural Range, runs in the middle of the earth]: 297-298; Rombandeeva 2005, No. 2 [Lula's wife and husband ask Lula's bird to get the ground; the third time she brings a lump in her mouth from below; Earth emerges, it swings; a stone has been lowered from the sky to make the earth heavy, stable]: 63; Munkácsi 1892:33-37 in Lintrop 2019 (p. Nyaksimvol, Severnaya Sosva) [an old woman and an old man live on a piece of land; either Numi-Torum threw it from the sky, then he rose from the depths of the water; the north wind is blowing - the earth is leaning into the south sea, blowing the north - to the south; in the seventh year, a stalk with a yellow head grew near the house; the old woman uprooted it, covered it with a handkerchief, the child cried; grew up and asked for permission to take a walk; the old woman tells the old man to watch so that the boy does not fall into the water; the old man entered the house, and when he left, there is no boy; the old woman reproaches the old man, but the son appeared; he was in the sky near the Golden Coast (Kores); he ordered not to go out for 7 days, although they will rumble and noise; after 7 days {big} the earth is ready, but it rotates; the son went to the ZK again, he again tells him to stay at home for 7 days; after that, the ground is surrounded by the TsUral Range, does not swing or rotate]: 47-49; northern Khanty [the northern Ostyaks have a fairy tale about strengthening the earth with the help of the belt of the heavenly god; from the first belt, a hill arose on the right bank of the Ob, but the land did not stop; from Ural grew the second "shirt belt", and he secured the land]: Karjalainen 1995:197.

Subarctic. Taltan [the land was light; after the flood, people were afraid that it would bend again, the sea would flood; the raven crushed it with a glacier (some say the glacier is in the north, others say it is in the mountains)]: Teit 1919, No. 1.24:219.

NW Coast. The Tlingites [the earth is narrow (in the sense of thin) and sharp (at the edges); at first it swayed, going up and down; all animals tried to stop it, the last was the ermine, the tip of its tail then turned black; then the spirit woman, smeared with duck glue, crawled under her and hugged her support; now her name is the Old Woman of the Lower World; the Raven visits this old woman and pulls her, so there are earthquakes]: Boas 1895, No. XXV.2:319-320 (=2002:622).

The Midwest. Winnebago: Radin 1909, No. 4 [the creator of Ma-ona cries in empty space; his tears form the primary ocean; created the earth with his thought, it swings; created four Winds, putting four each to the sides of the world like four mighty men; threw four snakes with their heads east, they pierced the ground, it stopped swaying; created four Thunderbirds, they hit the ground with clubs, creating hills and valleys; created four brothers, gave them tobacco, sent them to land]: 307-310; 1932:56; Smith 1997:18-22 [The creator woke up, cried, his tears formed the sea; by the power of thought he created light, the earth, it swayed on waves; grew grass, created stones, placed four Winds to the cardinal points, but the swing continued; then he pierced the earth with four snake heads to the east, the earth froze; created four from clay Thunderbirds in his likeness; created four brothers by giving them tobacco, the Thunders lowered them to the ground; by hitting clubs, they created hills and valleys], 149 [the creator of Ma-ona saw that the land he created was smooth, people They slip off her; he began to cry, his tears formed seas, rivers, washed valleys, mountains appeared; under their weight, the earth moved, people stopped sliding].

California. Yuki [foam on the water; Taiko Mall ("Lonely") comes out of it; puts the rope four times from south to north, but the water absorbs it; then places the "stone hooks" at the four corners of the world pulls them to cross in the middle of the world, creates land; covers its edges with whale skin so that the sea does not wash away; creates mountains, rivers, birds; takes sticks of mountain mahogonia, turns them into people (with thickening at the end in men, smooth in women, little in children); Coyote helped him, put the sun and the month in the sky]: Curtis 1976 (14): 169-170; Maidu [on the water Creator of the Earth and the Coyote; on the water - bird's nest; the Creator of the Earth tied it with ropes to B, Y, Z, NW, C; Malinovka sang, then Coyote, then himself; stretched the ground with his foot; created people; the ropes stretched, so the earth does not hesitate; The creator of Earth stayed in the house in the middle of the world]: Dixon 1912, No. 1:4-27; Maidu, Konkov [The creator fixes the earth with ropes; the Maidu believed that there were five of them (sacred number) reaching for C, Yu, V, Z and NW; the Konks had a widespread cult of Kuksu, where the sacred number was four; accordingly, their ropes stretched to C, U, B, Z]: Dixon 1905 in Riddel 197:383; achomavi [delivered At first, the pillars loosened with the Coyote, our world began to move; Annicadel ties reeds to the ground from the north, east, south and west]: Merriam 1992:111-113; Cahuilla: Curtis 1976 (15) [in Múkat and Témayawut arose in the primary darkness; they created earth, sky and water from their hearts; they created stars; the earth rotated, they sent ants into it, it froze]: 106-110; Strong 1929 [inside clusters of darkness - masculine and feminine; gave birth to Temaīyauit and Mūkat; they got out, arguing about which one was older; M. took the black pipe and black tobacco out of his heart, and T. took the white pipe out of his heart a pipe and white tobacco; to light the pipe, M. took the sun out of his heart, but it fell and rolled into the darkness; M. extracted western light, T. removed the eastern light, they lit the pipes; the smoke from the tube M. formed clouds; M. said that he hung up the phone and picked it up himself, T. did not see it; T. said he picked up the phone and lowered it himself, but M. found it; so it turned out that he was older; they removed the central pillar from their hearts peace, but he did not stand; they created all the snakes to support it - they could not hold it; two mountains were the same; then spiders; they covered it with webs and the pole was established; they climbed to the top of the table and saw clouds below smoke; these are all kinds of diseases that arose from where M. and T. were born; M. and T. decided to create shamans to treat diseases; M. extracted black earth from his heart and T. white earth, put it on top of the pole, but it fell down; then they took out black and white spiders, they entangled the earth with their web; the ants spread it, and the whirlwinds did it quickly; but the world swayed because the ants were too light; then around The lands M. and T. created the ocean by placing two water demons and all aquatic creatures in it; the earth stopped swaying; they placed the sky, but it swayed in the wind; they fixed the sky with their saliva - stars; T. created (always: took it out of his heart) a coyote and M. created an owl; making a man, M. worked slowly and diligently; and T. turned out to be a man with a belly and face in front and back, with eyes everywhere, hands like dog paws; T. managed to make three times more such freaks than M. created the moon; T. and M. argue; T. wants people not to die, or come back, clearing themselves of the mortal smell; there is not enough food, even if they eat the earth, if necessary, we will expand it; M. objects every time: let people die forever, otherwise the earth will overflow; offended T. decided to go underground, taking his creatures; wanted to take the sky from earth, but M. did not allow it; this shuddered the earth, formed a rugged relief; when the sun appeared, M.'s people spoke different languages; when the sun appeared, the dog stopped speak; Luna (she is a woman) divided people into fratria of a coyote and a wild cat; everyone offended the rattlesnake, but M. gave her a poisonous tooth; invited people to shoot at each other, many were killed; M. made a hole in earth so that the souls of the dead would go into it; the Moon was a beautiful naked woman, slept separately from the others; once M. touched her (no details, but it was "the Creator's terrible sin"); the moon fell ill and disappeared; but then reappeared; people decided to get rid of M.; the lizard saw where he was relieving himself, the frog swallowed his excrement; M. fell ill and died; the coyote ran after the fire, but at that time the fly received fire by friction; the coyote jumped over those surrounding the fire, grabbed, carried away and ate M.'s heart; strange plants grew at the site of M.'s burning; the shaman caught up with M.'s spirit and asked what it was; M.: from mine tobacco grew from his heart, pumpkin from his stomach, melons from his pupils, corn from his teeth, wheat from nits, beans from semen; all other vegetables also from parts of his body; after Coyote ate M.'s heart, he fell ill; then he rolled reeds into a ball, swallowed and regurgitated all diseases; from sea cane (and something else that needed to be taken out of the sea) he made an image of M.; people, singing mournful songs, put he was burned to the fire (funeral ritual)]: 130-148.

Big Pool. Northern Payutes [during the flood, the Duck (Mallard Duck) began to scatter the earth on the water; gradually the earth became large; the Duck tied it with reeds to keep it from parting]: Steward 1936, No. 3:364.

The Great Southwest. Pima: Bahr et al. 1994 [Jeoss, a spirit without flesh, was in emptiness and darkness; created another who was light; then created the man who came down and created our world, this is Earth Shaman ( Earth Doctor); he created the one Siuuhu; after that, earth and sky came closer, Siuuhu, the son of Mother Earth and Father Heaven, appeared; S. and ZSH made another man, the ancestor of Pima, from clay, breathed into his breath; then they made a woman the same way; created a sun that rose from the east and a deer to hunt him; a rabbit; a storm and rain; wild edible plants; Mother Moon and Sun Father gave birth The Coyote; ZSH, J. and S. created the stars and the Milky Way to navigate; at first the earth trembled, S. weighed the mountains, taking the gold off his hat, stepped foot, the earth established himself; an evil spirit entered the woman so ZSH told her to menstruate and give birth in agony; the gods also received fire by friction]: 46-53; Olmos Aguilera 2005 [in the darkness, Djivut Maka (Shaman of the Earth) picked up a lump of clay from the bottom, threw it up, stood on it , began to sing, the lump grew, covered most of the water, the current ocean remained; the earth swayed, DM told the spider to braid it around the edges with a web, the earth established itself; created two pimas and two Apaches, they spoke different languages, he resettled the Apaches, now they are enemies; DM Siöhö's son picked up a baby he liked from the village, left it under the bush; when he returned to this place, water was pouring from there, the flood began; the woodpecker clung to the sky with its beak, its tail was soaked; people fled to the mountains, turned into stones; Woodpecker, Coyote, DM and S. began to make new people out of clay; Coyote made one-legged, DM threw them away at sea; DM people could do everything, S. sent illnesses out of envy; people asked Vulture to kill him; he made the water in the pond where S. bathed boiling, S. died; Vulture said that he four years later will be reborn; four years later, S. came to his father, who began to reproach him for his attitude towards people; S. went underground, promising to send a new flood; it will come again]: 187-190; Russel 1908 [Creator of the Earth (Earth Doctor) takes some dust from his chest, makes a cake out of it, grows a bush on it; creates a termite that makes the earth big as it is now; first it trembles; the Creator makes a gray Spider, that He cobwebs the edges of the earth and the sky, the earth ceases to fluctuate; the Creator makes water, mountains, plants; pours water into the bowl, it freezes, he throws this piece of ice west, north, south; that every time slides down; thrown to the east, turns into the sun, it begins to move as expected; a month is similarly created; after taking water in his mouth and spraying it into the sky, the Creator makes stars; the Milky Way - his staff, on the ends of which he poured ash]: 206-208 (retelling in Judson 1994:29-31); papago: Kroeber 1912 [from the friction of darkness, air and water, the Firstborn arises; from bubbles of foam he makes earthworms; they collect grains of earth; it swims, swings; he sends Spiders to fix it with a web]: 96; (Western?) Apache [a yellow and white disc appeared in the dark, with the Creator (Living Above) on it; his gaze spread light; he wiped the sweat off his face, rubbed his hands, and the Parentless Girl appeared on the cloud; asked where he came from; he replied that from the east, where is the light; asked Where is the earth, he asked Where is the sky; the Creator wiped his sweat and rubbed his hands twice more, the Sun God and the Little Boy appeared; then created Tarantula, the constellation Ursa Major, the Wind, the Lightning Worker; all the gods wiped off their sweat, the Creator rubbed his hands, fell a ball the size of a bean, became earth; the Creator, followed by the first three gods he created, kicked him, he grew up; Tarantula stretched four threads from the ground in different directions, stretched the ground; the Creator rubbed his chest, rubbed his fingers, created a Hummingbird, ordered him to fly in four directions for reconnaissance; the Hummingbird returned, saying that the earth is beautiful and the water is in the west; the earth continued to swing; to secure it, the Creator made four pillars (like the threads, they are of different colors: black, blue, yellow, white), put it under in four directions of the world; the earth froze; the Creator sent the Lightning Worker, who found two girls and a young man in a turquoise shell, they had no eyes, ears, mouths, noses, hair, teeth, fingers; they were placed in the steam room, they sang spells, they became normal people; the Creator made the young man the leader of heaven, the girl the guardian of the land and the harvest; called the second girl Pollen, responsible for treating people; The Creator sent the Dove, who returned four days later, said that the water on the other side of the earth would flood the earth; the Parentless Girl put everyone in a ball, 12 days later they came out; the water that ran down created valleys and mountains; The Creator and his assistants waited out the flood in the sky; the Creator tells Lightning-Rumbler to watch clouds and water, Sky Youth to watch the people of heaven, Daughter Earth to watch the clouds and water plants (all crops) and people of the earth, the Pollen girl for people's health, the girl without parents for everything; together with her she lights a fire, rubbing her arms and legs, ascends to the sky on a column of smoke, the rest gods ascend on other columns of smoke]: Curtis 1976 (1): 23-35 in Edmonds, Clark 1989:101-104.

Mesoamerica Tzotzil [when our father Vaxakmen created the land, it swayed and shook; to establish it, he created mountains, rocks, caves; it took 13 days]: Relatos Tzotziles 1995:10-12.

Montagna - Jurua. Kashibo [Bari comes to our world; it has only water; throws the earth onto the waters, creating red, yellow, white layers of the earth; these layers are his sons; asks the Earthquake to run; he runs, the earth cracks ; B. reinforces the ground with log fittings; The earthquake is running around again; reports that the earth is strong]: Frank et al. 1990, No. 1:44.