Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

I95C. Orion is a staff.

Orion's belt - a staff, a stick, three sticks, a rod, a crutch, etc.

Portuguese, Spanish, Italians (everywhere, incl. Sicily and Sardinia), French (especially southern France), Germans (Upper Palatinate, Swabia, Thuringia), Negrito Luzon, Bulgarians, Serbs, Slovenes, Hungarians, Romanians, Poles, Russians (Vologda, Pskov, Yaroslavl ), Adyghs, Ossetians, Armenians, Livonians, Leaders, Amouesha.

Southern Europe. The Portuguese []: Volpati 1932; the Spanish [staff of St. Jacob]: Volpati 1932:183; Italians: Mladenova 2006 (southern Calabria; Sicily; Sardinia; Greeks in southern Italy) [Rohlfs 1964; stick, staff of St. Jacob, three staffs, staffs]: 141; Sardinians.

Western Europe. Germans (Upper Palatinate (Schönwerth 1858, No. 10:80), Swabia, northern Thuringia; since 1599; staff of St. Martin, Peter, Jacob, Prophet Moses]: Mladenov 2006:141; Germans (Swabia) [Moses' staff, in some places St. Jacob]: Meier 1852b, No. 259:235; French (South of France: Provence, Gascony, Aquitaine; also Luxembourg) []: Volpati 1932:181-186.

Taiwan - Philippines.

Negrito Luzon [The Orion Belt is the pole on which they carry hunting prey]: Garvan 1963:208

Balkans. Bulgarians [Orion Belt - Toyagi, Prachki (rods, sticks)]: Mladenova 2006:140-141; Romanians: Mladenova 2006:141 [Staff of Moses, Staff of St. Petra (usually borrowed from the Bulgarian word Toeige)], 142 (Karash-Severin County, extreme SW) [Orion's belt is a stick that a mother threw after her daughter who ran away with a pork]; Hungarians ( Transylvania, Moldova) [the baton of St. Petra, judicial baton, shepherd's staff]: Mladenova 2006:141; Slovenians [St. Petra, Jacob, Roca; celestial sticks, three sticks, Roman sticks; {also referring to Matičetov 1972:89, linked to the kidnapping of a girl, a stick thrown}]: Mladenova 2006:141-142; Serbs [staples , stapzi stapovi, babini stapovi (from stap - "cane"); Vlašići (Pleiades) stole the old woman's daughter; the old woman, angry, threw a stick after the kidnappers, which is visible in the sky (=Mladenova 2006: 142)]: Belova 2004b; Greeks (Islands, Milet) []: Mladenova 2006:143.

Central Europe. Poles [Orion is the star-turned staff with which Lucifer wanted to hit God]: Belova 2004b; Russians: Belova 2004b [arshinchik, arshinnitsa (Vologodskaya; Ruth 1976:43), driftwood, crutch (Yaroslavskaya; by Svyatsky 196:125; Ruth 1976:43)]; Mladenova 2006 (Pskov) [arshin]: 143.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Adyghi: Kokov 1980a: 262; Ossetians [lädzguta - "sticks"]: Potanin 1883:724; Armenians ["skewer, rod"]: Abeghyan 2012:775.

Baltoscandia. Leaders [Orion's Belt - Kerääjää keppi, Mao-keppi ("beggar's staff, snake staff")]: Ernits, Ernits 2012:100-101; Izhora [Orion Belt - Kerääjään keppi ("beggar's staff")]: Ernits, Ernits 2012:101; Livs [Orion's belt is a "beggar staff"; God placed it in heaven as a sign that he favors the poor]: Loorits 1926:81; (cf. Estonians [Vardatähet by varras ("rod"), vart ("flail"), but I mean flail, not staff, as in Central Europe]: Kuperjanov 2003:166).

Montagna - Jurua. Amouesha [Yomporr Pencoll (pencoll - "flute") - Orion, Orion's Belt - flute, or rather three stars of the Orion Belt - three flute holes that are pinched with fingers]: Santos-Granero 1989:102.