Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

J12D. Kills an opponent .12.43.-.

After a girl marries a worthy fiancé, the rejected applicant or his relatives kill the rival. See motive J12.

West Africa. Ewe [sisters Atawa and Atawa Kuma, their parents are killed; Spider and Dzodzro ("in vain") decided to marry them, Spider took the youngest, D. the eldest; at the fork, D. walked along an overgrown path, and Spider went along an overgrown path trodden, but overgrown, led to a good house, and the trodden one disappeared in the woods; Spider's wife ran away from him to his older sister, D. married both; Spider came to demand his wife back, she refused to return to him; in front of D. The spider dug a trap hole with knives at the bottom; shouted that enemies were coming - D. did not come out; then began to shout that he was being killed; in the end, D. fell into a hole, died; wives began to mourn her husband; D. death people They still mourn, because D. was virtuous (ein Gütiger); people were asked why they were crying, and they answered, "in vain" (dzodzro)]: Spiess 1918, No. 6:123-124.

The coast is the Plateau. Chilcotin [Skunk kills some men]; coolitz [Skunk kills Puma]; Okanagon [Skunk kills Fisherman's Marten]; clackamas [Flint kills Puma]; kalapuya [Flint kills Puma]; coutene [Skunk kills Fisherman's Marten].

The Midwest. Steppe Cree [Toadstool kills Wampum Man]; Menomini [Toadstool kills White Wampum]; Ojibwa (incl. timagami) [Toadstool or Dive kills Loon]; Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake) [Toadstool kills Loon]; potauatomi [Toadstool kills Loon - White Wampum]; swamp crees (west shore hall. James) [{3 stories are mixed}; this is about Weesakechahk and birds; Chahkabesh {must be Weesakechahk} gathered birds about to fly away, offered to dance with their eyes closed; began to strangle them one at a time; Loon opened his eyes, raised the alarm; V. kicked him, since then the loons have a flat tail; Loon gradually died; V., which means Shingibish {Weesakechahk, then Shingibish}, that was the name of this Otter, i.e. Duck, he has two wives ; Loon was handsome, covered in beads, and took his wives away; when he slept with his mouth open, S. put a hot incisor down his throat, Loon died, S. took his wives; so the loons had a dark throat]: Ellis 1995, No. 8:41-43 .

Northeast. Seneca [Owl kills nephew]; mikmaq [Loon kills Duck]; passamaquoddy [Seagull kills Duck].

Plains. Grovantre [Loon kills the Beaded Spit]; santi dakota [Teal sends Sedge to kill the Beaded Spit]; iowa [orphan servant kills the Spit Shells]; Arapaho [Shattered Butt Kills the Spitting Beaded].

California. Karok [Bushhat (bird) kills Salmon]; screw [Hawk kills Beadman].

Southeast USA. An owl kills the Beadman. Alabama; koasati.

Llanos. Guayabero [Wamuk kills Laman]

Southern Venezuela. The opossum kills Med. Sanema; Yanomami; Yanomam).

NW Amazon. Desana [the mother of the Possum creates two eagles, they kill the Forest Cockerel]; Barasana [The Eagle kills the Forest Cockerel (like a desan?] ; bar [Opossum people kill a woman and her husband]; Tarian [Possum's mother asks two Eagles to kill Mahadië].