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J13. Two sisters.


Not one woman, but two sisters (or more, but only two have an important role in the story) wander and meet an unwanted liar instead of a desired husband or groom, or they fall into dangerous creatures. See motive J12.

Valbiri, Murinbatu, Oenpelli, Cooney, Vogeo, Vedau, Apatani, Sinhalese, Athoni, Central and Northwestern Yakuts, Evenks (Sym, Baikal, Cyrene, Turukhans), Udege, Nanai, Chukchi, Kuchin, Upper Tanana, Tanana, Tagish, Southern Tutchoni, Tsetsot, Helmet, Taltan, Slevi, Nootka, Chilkotin, Shuswap, Thompson, Kutene, Puget Sound, Lkungen, Klallam, Twana, Snookualli, Puyallup, upper chehalis, quinolt, quileut, okanagon, kalispel, kordalen, cowlitz, yakima, takelma, kous, ne perse, modoc, steppe crees, northern ojibwa (Sandy Lake), menominee, mississauga, ojibwa (including timagami), potauatomi, seneca, hurons, mikmak, passamaquoddy, grovantre, santi, iowa, assiniboine, kaddo, screams, alabama, koasati, yurok, karok, viyot, yana, achomavi, pomo, maidu, chumash, serrano, washo, oriental, Western and Northern Shoshones, Chemewevi, Southern Payutes, Western Apaches, Lipan, Mojave, Maricopa, Diegueño (Ipay), Papago, Tewa (San Juan), Guayabero, Sicuani, Sanema, Yanomami, Yanomam, Colorado, Napo, Canelo, shuar, aguaruna, candoshi, desana, tariana, uitoto, surui, sinta larga, chiriguano, vaura, kalapalo, kuikuro, kamayura, trumai, iranche, nivakle.

Australia. Valbiri; murinbatu; oenpelli.

Melanesia. Cooney; Vogeo [Maragoag lives with her mother; brings fish and pig meat; once she harvested meat and left; M. caught up with her; she told her to pierce her leg with a thorn and died; night fell and M. fell asleep with his head on her back; her mother got up, split herself, created a mansion in which a platform, slit gongs, a sink horn, ornaments; a vegetable garden nearby; when M. woke up, he found himself in a man's room at home, and the mother disappeared; before that, she made her son a flute to lure women; M. started playing, two girls, Murarumba and Sararumbe, came to the sound; the flute calls, calling them by name; girls: the bird sings, calls us; M. hid, the girls entered the house, saw how beautiful everything was; M. went out to them and married them]: Anderson, Exter 2005:55 - 58; Vedau [mother tells two daughters to wash their brother and cook food for him; the older sister insists that the mother ordered the brother to cook food; kills him, cooks meat; the father drives his daughters away in anger; they are starving, collecting grasshoppers, lizards, snakes in the basket, come to a house where the man is in ulcers; the eldest sneaks to take his head to make a fire, but the spark falls on the man, he calls the girls to his place; eats everything himself, makes the girls work in the garden; they ask for time off cook, eat, take food, run away; the man is chasing; they ask the Uapanipani crane to save them; he picks them up, brings them to their parents; they are happy]: Ker 1910:64-68.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Apatani [people put the ogre under lock and key; he asks the sisters Biinyi and Biine to release him; Biinyi replies that he must go feed the chickens and pigs; Biine releases; the cannibal tells the sisters get into the basket, brings him, turning into different animals along the way; tells the sisters to get into the cauldron; Biinyi makes sounds like the water is already boiling, Biine says it's not true; the cannibal with his wife they go to the granary, the sisters get out, put the cannibal child in the cauldron; Biine shouts to the cannibals that they are going to eat their son; the sisters run away, ask the grasshopper mantis to hide them, he hides them in the ground; the cannibal turns into a dog, sniffs; the sisters run on, climb a tree; Biine admits that they have climbed the vine; Biinyi asks for help from a white chicken, he throws her sickle, she cuts off a vine, an ogre breaks, his wife cuts off his penis and testicles; cuts a tree; stupid Biine tells it to fall down the slope (if it were up, it would be easier to hide behind the mountain); sisters come running to the river; Popi Sa (the embodiment of wisdom) lets them across the bridge, brings it down when a revived cannibal steps on it; the water takes him away, he turns into a dangerous spirit; the sisters return home; their parents and older brother ask for feathers, fly away; sisters go look for them; a snotty boy tells him to wipe him off, says that the disappeared can be seen through a bamboo shoot; sisters see parents and brother ; Biine slides on chicken manure, falls under the house, the manure eater spirit eats it]: Blackburn 2008, No. 1:59-63.

South Asia. Sinhalese [two sisters go in search of husbands; animals they meet offer themselves; each sister asks what they eat; reject bulls, jackals, and marry two plowman brothers (those they answered that they ate dried fish, and the sisters said that this was their food); each of the sisters gave birth to a girl; the older sister became jealous of the younger one, because she lived well and the eldest was poor; decided to kill invited her to swim, pushed her into the river; married both brothers, fed both girls; the girls saw a white turtle in the river; the older sister's daughter tried to catch her, but the turtle sailed; and she sailed to her youngest daughter and rubbed against her body; the eldest daughter told her mother about the turtle and she said that she would eat it; the youngest's daughter came to the river, called the turtle her mother and spoke about the danger; she told her keep the seed, leave it in the cow shed, it will grow into a mango tree; the older sister sent men to catch a turtle; the tree grew; when the younger sister's daughter came to pick a mango, branches for it they leaned down, and when the eldest daughter, they rose high; when they learned that the older sister wanted to cut down the mango, the tree told the youngest's daughter to keep the chip; it grew out of it a vine with fruit; fruits are not given again one girl and given to another; vine: find the root, throw it into the river, the Blue Lotus will appear; only the younger sister's daughter can touch it; the older sister sent people to pull out the lotus, but it is not given; drove up king; told his younger sister's daughter to snatch the lotus, took her and the lotus and took her to his capital]: Parker 1910, No. 11:113-119.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Athoni (Amanuban District) [two sisters see a Musang man (common muskang, Paradoxurus hermaphroditus, one of the palm civets, viverr), both expressing a desire to marry him; Musang hears them talking, marrying them; in the morning he says that he will go to the field; let them follow; at the fork on his path there will be his dry, fragrant excrement, and on the Monkey trail - liquid and smelly; Monkey overheard, changed the excrement; the sisters come to the Monkey; he tells his mother to give them mats to sit down, give them betel, food; in fact, they are leaves from a tree and some wild fruits; at night the Monkey lies down between both wives; when he falls asleep, they leave a stupa and a piece of wood in their place, run away to Musang, talk about the deception; he tells them to go up to his tree; the Monkey comes running with his people, Musang offers to go up to him, the Monkey asks for stairs; Musang lowers a long bamboo; when they reach half, lets go of the bamboo, the Monkey and his people fall into the pond, drown, Musang breaks their heads with a club]: Middelkoop 1959, text C: 169-173.

Eastern Siberia. Central Yakuts (Lake. Churapcha, Churapchinsky Ulus) [the old man and the old woman have two daughters, he catches four hares each; decides to leave his daughters in the forest so that they and the old woman can get two hares each; took his daughters to pick berries, left his own clothes on a stump; but caught only two birds with one stone; the older sister was half abaasa herself; they find an iron yurt with an iron cradle; the youngest spies on the child pulling fish out of his penis, cooks; returns to the cradle; does not tell the younger sister to eat fish, she eats; the old woman tells her to go from the fork to the east; the older sister goes west, the younger sister does not want to throw it; there are no holes in the iron yurt; the eldest makes them as small as sawdust from a needle, they end up in a yurt; inside the abaasa woman does not bring fish, but leeches; the younger sister casts the same spell and ends up outside; the elder she sticks her head; the abaas eats her torso, the youngest carries her sister's head, throws it under the larch; she sees an island on the lake, where she is beautiful, this is the older sister's abaas essence (the informant does not remember further)]: Vitashevsky 1912, No. 5:456-458; northwestern (Olenek) Yakuts [a poor old man takes three daughters to the forest, leaves old Doha on a stump; the girls found a farce, one picks up iron child; when they come back, they see that fish porridge is cooking in the pot; the youngest does not eat, hides with a needle, sees the child turn into an iron man; next time the middle one hides, older sisters; sisters put the potted child in the fire, run away; he chases them with a hot pot; the old woman stretches her leg across the river, they cross; she asks the abaas if his leg is rough, he replies that very much, she throws him off, he drowns; Abaasa's daughter, with an eye on her forehead, cuts wood with one hand, one leg; catches and locks the girls; becoming needles, they get out, but the eldest tells her light, her stomach swell; sisters pull her head off; put her head off; put it on a tree, her head cries; on a birch tree - the same; at a pine tree - laughs; since then, the coffin has been made of pine]: Ergis 1964, No. 66:245-246; Yakuts : Ergis 1967b, No. 213 (summary of several texts, including archival ones) [parents take their girls to the forest to leave them there; sisters find the Iron Child (doll, stone) in the forest; When they learn that this is an Abaasa child, they decide to kill him, but the Iron Child pursues them himself; the sisters manage to escape by throwing a comb, scissors, needles that turn into a mountain, a forest, etc.; on their way a river meets, they cross it with the help of a lynx (old woman); walk along the forbidden road, get to Baba Yaga; the eldest dies in prison, the youngest, using a spell, escapes; comes to a man married to a frog marries him; the older sister came to life and married the son of thunder, from whom she receives wealth, and the frog-wife brings water insects and dies]: 217; Sivtsev, Efremov 1990 (unrecorded) [poor parents go with their two daughters to pick berries, leave them in the woods; they find a hut with black stone nearby and an iron cradle; the younger sister suspects it is a child abaas; at home, a stone turns into a baby; sisters find baked crucian carp near the house; the youngest hides in the cracks with a needle, sees how the baby turns into a giant, commands the fire to ignite, the fish to bake; the older sister hides, sees the same thing; they throw a pot of boiling water over the child, run; the youngest throws a needle (thicket), a thimble (forest), a handkerchief (a cliff to the sky); by the river, the sisters ask old woman Talas-Talas (" walkways") throw the bridge; she stretches out both legs, the girls cross; the Abaas says she is busy; stretches out one leg, cleans it, it drowns]: 64-71; Sym Evenks (Chirombu): Vasilevich 1936, No. 21 [ The bear came to the two bunny sisters, who put sand in his legs into his eyes; a grandmother named Kandika came, grabbed the Bear, told him to bring a table, and lowered the Bear on it, returned home; the bunny sisters decided to leave; K. tells them to walk along an ung-shaped, not kel-shaped road; at the fork they began to fight, the youngest won, so they went along the kule-shaped road, she closed with all sides; the eldest became a needle, slipped through, the youngest bump, got stuck; the eldest pulled it, tore her head off; put it on a stump, rock, deck, her head cries every time; left it on the other rock; came to the Frog; after living, she went to stay with her relatives; boasted to the Frog that she had a steel thimble; reached the place where her younger sister's head remained, she married God; there deer rattle through holes snags; the eldest asked to call, rang behind the clouds; the eldest took away the big deer she had received from her sister as a gift; the frog brought insects, the deer carried them away on their hooves; the storm demolished the Frog's house, she dived into the lake], 22 [Wolverine ate the mother of two hare girls; they poured earth into her eyes, ran to the old woman; all her things move and work at her will; they hid in the cauldron, the cauldron is not goes; the old woman beats him, the sisters laugh; the old woman calls them to live with her; when they want to leave, the old woman tells them to walk on the hoofed, not to walk on the kule-shaped; the older sister remembers that she is kule-shaped; they they are fighting, the eldest has won, they walk along the kule-shaped; the hut surrounds them in the dark; the eldest has become a fur, a needle, slips into the gap; the youngest is a bump, gets stuck; the eldest pulls her off, tears her off head; left it on the deck, her head cries; left it on a tree broken by lightning - laughing; the eldest went beyond Thunder, her children are just like her - only heads; the youngest came to the Frog; she brings deer - these are insects, they are carried away by the wind; The frog began to live in water]: 22-23, 23-24; Evenki of the Baikal region: Voskoboynikov 1967, No. 13 [two sisters find a cradle with a child, bring them home; left alone, The child comes out of the cradle, becomes a monster; then returns to the cradle; the sisters throw him into the boiling pot, run away; he chases them; they throw a handkerchief, the comb turning into a sea, a thicket; the stalker screams, Mother, where the ladle is, drinks the sea, cuts down the forest; they throw the file, but it falls in front of them; the youngest becomes a fur, the eldest becomes an ant, climbs into a crack in the rock; the monster pulls the youngest, the eldest holds her, the youngest is torn in half; the monster eats the back, the front older sister carries her with her; tries to leave her on a stump, on a tree, but the sister cries; when leaves her on a hummock, laughs; The frog marries her]: 43-45; Titov 1936, No. 9 and 10 (p. Karama) [(No. 9:179-180); two girls went to pick berries, returned - a baby in a shaky baby; sings that if a good woman took him, he would become her good husband, if her husband took him, he would become a good woman for him; girls agreed to say out loud that the child is beautiful, pass him through a boiling pot of porridge, put him in the cauldron; they ran away; the monster is catching up; the eldest threw her handkerchief - the sea (the monster ran away for the boat, swam across); the comb is the thicket (the monster behind the sword, cut through); the bar, it fell in front (mountain); the youngest became a fur, crawled into the hole, the eldest became an ant, her ass was stuck; the youngest began to pull, but the monster ate ass, the youngest returned home alone; (hereinafter No. 10:180-181, from another informant); the youngest dragged the eldest, left; she cries; dragged again, left, she laughs; went alone, the frill untied, she she stood on a stick to tie her foot, the Frog jumped out, told her to go to her yurt, fed her, hid it; ordered her to sew a pullover (?) for his husband; the husband was surprised, she never sewed; the next day the Frog tells me to sew a pouch; the husband hid, found the girl, began to live with her; told the frog to pour blood into the skin, wrap himself; that first it was warm, but at night she froze to death; they killed frog deer; the younger sister went to where she left her elder; there was a hut, where her sister was backless, gave the youngest a lot of deer, she brought them to her husband]: 179-181 ; Cyrene Evenks [two sisters find a cradle with a baby, bring it home; see that when left alone, he turns into a Manga giant, catches fish, then returns to the cradle; sisters they throw a boiling pot over him, run away; he chases them; one throws a comb, the other a bag, they turn into a forest, a rock, they can't stop M.; old woman Achekai hands them out for them across the river, his legs are like a bridge; when M. walks, he removes his legs; M. shouts to make ladles from his hands, a bucket from his head, paint from his blood, a shuttle from his spine; at the fork, the sisters drove along the left path, they fall to the old woman; she hides them, turning them into a needle and a thimble; two cannibals come; the eldest thimble girl laughs, the cannibals eat her; the youngest old woman gives a bird's wing, she flies away on it, meets a guy, gets married]: Pinegina et al. 1952:58-61; Turukhan Evenks (Katanga, i.e. the upper reaches of Podkamennaya Tunguska, west 1928) [two sisters dug sarana, picked up a baby; when they returned, they see the plague as a cauldron on fire, two whitefish cooking in it; watched a man turn two of his worms into whitefish; filled the baby with melted with tin, they ran; they were chased by giant Mani in a tin belt; the eldest threw a suede scraper (mountains, M. made saddles in them), a whetstone (a cliff, M. split), a jagged chuchun, i.e. round suede scraper (forest, M. threw off his tin belt, crawled), comb (stones, mountains, forest), M. got lost in them as an ant]: Osharov 1936a: 19-21 (retelling Vasilevich 1936, No. 15:280-281).

Amur - Sakhalin. The Udege people [=Podmaskin, Kireyeva 2010:105-107; two sisters are getting married; the eldest Ohoni is afraid that the youngest Adiga is more beautiful, makes her go on the left road; A. comes to cannibal spirits, runs away, turning into a needle, huchen, mosquito; throws a comb, a thicket appears; comes to the house of hunter Nyent; he drives away the spirits of smut; leaves for seven years, returns after killing spirits; tests A.'s loyalty by trying to hit A. with a spear; it bounces; he marries A.]: Podmaskin 1991, No. 26:136-140; Nanais (Amur District, 1968) [older sister invites the youngest to go looking for husbands, dresses up; at the fork, tells the youngest to follow a path with crutches; the youngest replies that the path chosen by the eldest will lead to the rich man; the youngest comes to the house of seven bald cannibals; breaks crutches folded outside the house; hides in ash, becoming a needle; cannibals ask the skull where the girl is, they see the needle, but the girl flies away with a midge; cannibals ask the skull where the girl is, they see the needle, but the girl flies away with a midge; cannib they chase because the crutches are broken; the girl comes to Mergan, is well at home, becomes his wife; looking like a mess, at worst, comes to her sister; she is idle, the servants do everything; when leaving, the younger sister takes her true form, lets water into the elder's house; at night, the eldest sister and her husband run to the youngest's house and treat them; since then, the eldest has begun to do everything herself]: Kile 1996, No. 32: 321-329; (cf. Nanai [younger sister Pudin invites the eldest to take turns picking berries so that someone is always in the house; the eldest is walking, Taka (an arrow with a blunt head) falls next to her, tells her to leave, for she will come Inda Khochiani (from the waist down - a dog's leg with a tail); the eldest returns; the youngest comes the next day, does not listen to Taka, they tell him to allow him to look for lice from her; says that he found a gold, brick , stone, cannot be crushed on a stone, the ground will not stand it, tells you to stick out her tongue, crush her tongue, pulls out her tongue, runs away; at home, the eldest puts the dog's younger tongue; the old woman, girded with live snakes, in in a dream, tells the youngest to go back her tongue, leaves three silver tōro rods, a white horse; the youngest takes rods, a needle bed, a scallop, a knife, flies on horseback to the house of dog people, pretends that agrees to marry THEM, cleans the house, finds his tongue in a bunch of others, takes it, leaves the dog's tongue, flies away on horseback; THEY tried to grab the horse's tail, Pudin cut it off; horse asks whether to fly home or to people, P. says that he marries people; the husband goes hunting on a horse, P. does not tell her to be tied to a tree, only to grass; gives birth to a son, her husband's parents send her to he has a maid with news, THEY tell her to return, tell his daughter-in-law to be expelled, she is supposedly homeless; P. leaves, chases THEM, she throws a comb (thicket), a needle (thorny bush), rods (turn into three pole); THEY gnaw at them, P. moves from one to another, calls the horse; when the third pillar is ready to fall, the horse comes, dragging the tree to which P.'s husband tied it; P. flies away on horseback; dying, she tells her to take off her skin, cover herself, P. wakes up in a warm house, two roe deer are tied at the entrance; THEY come, the roe deer tear him to shreds, P. and his son burn the leftovers; P.'s husband comes. (Mergen); roe deer fly to heaven; husband takes P. to his place, his parents have repented; sister P. is also married]: Hodger 2011:15-29).

SV Asia. Chukchi (Western 1958) [parents died, sisters went to get water, the youngest brought home a stone god, a boy; he cried, she breastfed him; the eldest told him to leave boiled meat for him to migrate; the sisters ran away to the river, on the other side, the beetle catches lice in torbas, the stone god chases; the beetle grandmother stretches out her leg, the sisters cross to the other side; God also asks to blow her leg, there is a beetle in the middle of the river He throws him into the river, he drowns; in front of the sisters there is a fork in five roads: freezing, spirits, dead, swampy, people, the youngest insisted on following the road of the dead; the eldest persuaded them to let them go: we let's bring you some delicious people; sisters came back and came to people]: Portugalov 2009:35-37.

Subarctic. Kuchin [two sisters shake their younger brother's swing; he falls into the river, drowns; frightened of their parents' anger, the sisters leave; they get to Spider; her two sons follow the sun every day; they are considered girls' husbands, but they do not sleep with them or take food from their hands; contrary to warning, sisters move a stone; see their house on the ground through the hole; the Spider agrees to let them down; tells them not Cut the rope on the ground or she will die; when her sons cause a storm, the sisters must turn their backs bare to the wind; the sisters do so, the wind subsides; Wolverine promises to show them the way home if one of them lies down with him; sisters push him into the river, come home]: McKennan 1965:136-137; Upper Tanana: Brean 1975 [two sisters follow a butterfly, get lost; at the fork the youngest suggests walking along a straight and narrow path, the eldest along the wide left; they go to the left, come to the old man; in the evening they see him sharpening knives and spears; at night they ask permission to leave, he ties them to them ropes; they tie them to the stump, run; the Red Fox transports them across the river, they give him a necklace; he throws the old stalker into the water; he gets out; the Spider hides his sisters, directs them to The old man's finger, the Old Man crumbles into a pile of bones; the sisters turn every bone into a kind of berry; when they returned, the sons of the Spider began to quarrel over who would get the girls; the Spider pushed back the stump, the sisters saw the ground through the hole; the Spider lowers them on a web to the outskirts of their village; says that if it snows fluffy, she is dead; in winter it snowed, the girls regretted the Spider]: 17-19; Kari 1996 [two girls follow butterflies, find themselves in the sky; old Chickady tells you to walk along a narrow path, not to walk along a wide path; at a fork, sisters argue, the eldest makes you follow a wide path; they they see a platform, cut dog carcasses bark on it; "Damn" next to it, an old woman lives opposite; at night she whispers to the youngest that the eldest Devil will kill; in the hearth there is a hot iron penis, the devil inserts it into the vagina The eldest, she dies, the devil covers her with a blanket; pretends that she is sleeping; the youngest asks out of need, the devil offers her palm and head for that, but the girl replies that she does not want to get her father dirty; The devil ties a rope to her; the old woman secretly gives moose fat and a stone scraper; the girl ties the rope to the stump, tells him to answer for himself; Damn pulls a stump by the rope, chases, girl tells fat to become a lake; then the scraper is a mountain; The devil goes around the lake, drills a hole through the mountain with an iron penis; by the river, the girl promises Lisa to paint her ocher, she sends it on her tail {not clear - stretching her tail like a bridge or a girl sits Lisa east}, since then the foxes are red; the same by the second river, the girl paints the Fox with charcoal, since then the {black and brown} foxes are black; The devil enters the water, but comes back; the girl comes to the mother of the Sun; she hides her in a box of thread and needles; answers the devil that no one was there; Damn is going to put a hot iron penis in her ass, but she melted the Line by looking at it; the girl tells the blood line to become cranberry on tall bushes {in Alaska, cranberry is not our cranberries, but red berries that are similar in taste and appearance on tall bushes}, waist - cranberry on low bushes, penis with cranberry mushrooms, testicles with salmonberry berries (Rubus spectabilis, excellent raspberries), bones with dog rose hips (Rosa canina) and bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi), the brain is a silver sucker; berries have existed since then; two sons of a Sun woman came, married a girl; she misses relatives on earth; the mother of the Sun tells move the stones away from the hearth; the girl sees her mother and relatives below on the ground; the mother of the Sun says that if it snows sleet, you should turn his ass and say "The dog took it.." (the informant does not remember the meaning); lets the girl down on the web; the mother of the Sun is the Spider; (further it is not entirely clear: Wolverine either raped the girl or is trying to do it; Herbal People (Grass Tussock People) hide her); she comes to her mother; it's snowing, she said, "Take the dog.. ", it's sunny]: 23-33; McKennan 1959 [two sisters follow a butterfly, go to heaven; Chickady tells them to follow a narrow path; the older sister insists on walking the wide one; they come to the old man he cooks a dog's eye, a man; kills his older sister by inserting the hot tip of a spear into her vagina; the youngest runs away; throws fat, a pebble, a lock of hair, they turn into a lake, mountain, forest; Fox transports the girl across the lake, she gives him red paint; the Spider hides her in a bag; carrying the Old Man, the Fox dumps him into the water; he gets ashore, wants the Spider to give him the girl; she looks at it into a pile of bones; each bone turns into a special kind of berry; Spider's eldest son marries a girl; she wants to go home; the Spider pushes a stone in the corner of the house; you can see through the hole girl's house; a girl wraps a rope out of her tendons, goes down to the ground; her husband kills Spider for helping his wife escape; a storm begins; the girl returns home]: 199-203; tanana: Rooth 1971:314 [two sisters look at the sky, want a star for their husbands; he takes them to heaven], 328 [two sisters follow a butterfly, go to heaven]; tagish [the girl went for berries, she was taken away Bears; her aunt, who has long been kidnapped by the Bears, tells her to run, otherwise she will turn into a bear; she gave a whetstone, a comb, explained what to do; the girl runs away, throws a comb (thicket), a vessel with water (lake; twice), whetstone (rock); bears can not climb, fall into the water; the girl approaches salt water, offers the fisherman a wife if he saves her from bears; directs her stick to bears, they die; explains that his monstrous wife (or mother) kills real ones; you can't look at her; a girl spies on her swallowing a seal, it gets stuck in a monstrous woman's throat she pulls out the girl's eyes; the husband kills the monster with a spear, cuts it to pieces, throws it into the water, the pieces turn into crabs; he puts the girl's eyes in her eye sockets; she wants to go home, her husband brings her to her parents visits annually]: McClelland 2007, No. 58:302-309; tagish (both informants have one Tlingit parent; since other sources do not have this motive among Tlingit, but is known to many northern atapasca, the Tlingit origin of the texts is unlikely) [two sisters look at the sky, want stars for husbands; find themselves in the sky; stars are good hunters; sisters dig a hole in the sky, they go down the rope, get home]: Cruickshank 1992:106-107 [one wants a red star, the other wants a blue star; when they go down, they find themselves in a tree; many animals can't help them go down to earth; Wolverine descends; they run away from him, leaving the leggings responsible for themselves], 216-221 [one wants a dim star, the other a bright star; the dull one is an old man, the bright one is young; husbands supply fur, meat and fish to their wives and their parents are on earth; sisters go right down to the ground; var: first they find themselves in a tree]; southern tutchoni [two sisters sleep outside; one wants a blue star as her husband, the other a red star; wake up in the sky, their husbands are Stars; sisters make a rope out of straps, go down, find themselves on top of a tree; a moron (usually Wolverine) lowers them, takes them as wives; brings rotten things from hunting tree instead of meat; sisters run away; Crane stretches its legs like a bridge; sisters cross the river asking the Crane to bend its legs when Wolverine goes; Wolverine sinks; sisters come to mother]: McClelland 1987:311-312; tsetsot [two sisters look at the stars; one wants a white husband, the other red; wake up in the sky; one husband's blanket is white, the other is red; there is no water in the sky, they are thirsty; they find a hole in the sky; they descend on a strap of skins, find themselves at the top of a tree; the Wolf, the Bear and others refuse to help them; Wolverine descends to the ground in exchange for a promise to marry him; sisters leave pieces of meat to answer for themselves, run away; Grizzly wants to marry them, they push him into the abyss; come home]: Boas 1896-1897, No. 12:39-42; helmet [two sisters admire the stars ; one wants red as her husband, the other white; they wake up in the sky, one under a red blanket, the other under a white blanket; husbands are good hunters; sisters dig a hole through the sky, go down a rope, find themselves at the top of the tree; Moose, Wolf and others refuse to help; Wolverine brings them down; they promise to meet him if he brings venison; they flee; he catches them; they push him into the river; the bird reaches out legs like a bridge across the river; sisters cross it; Wolverine reaches the middle, the Bird removes his leg, Wolverine falls, sinks; sisters return home; then turn into beavers]: Teit 1917a, No. 13:457-457; taltan [two sisters want a star for their husbands; wake up in the sky in the morning; husbands are good hunters; sisters find a hole in the sky, see the ground; go down a rope; husbands cut it off; sisters fall to the top of the tree; some animals can't help, others promise to come back later; Wolverine brings the sisters down; they promise to lie down with him after he brings them food, drink, makes a bed on on the edge of the cliff; they push him down, he dies; the rat kills and eats one of the sisters; the other returns to the people]: Teit 1921a, No. 52:247-248; go down [father and mother went to the forest, did not return; to distract the younger sister, the older one says that the little star will be hers (little sister) and the big star will be hers (older); they pointed to the stars, fell asleep, woke up next to two male stars; dug a hole through the sky, made a belt, cutting their moose skins, descend into an eagle's nest on a fir on a river island; none of the animals passing by agrees to help, Wolverine lowers; they push him down; they push him off the cliff; telling trees to whistle, Wolverine rushes to the whistle, stops chasing]: Moore, Wheelock 1990, No. 1:3-5.

NW Coast. Nootka [a woman scolds her two daughters, they leave home; there are two houses side by side in the forest; the youngest enters one, wearing a wooden figure of a woman; a man comes, throws a figure into the fire, marries on a girl; her sister entered another house, where Puma and Raccoon, they kill those who come; she manages to escape, she also marries the first man; both give birth to him a child, the youngest a son, the eldest a daughter; her father teaches her a song that attracts game; the cougar hears her singing, makes the girl teach him a song, kills him, pulls her heart out; the father kills the Puma, finds his daughter's heart inside him, revives her; both sisters go to their native village, but it is empty; they create trout, let them into the river, and all trouts come from it]: Boas 1895, No. 8:112-113 (=2002:265-267; retelling in 1916, No. 17:745-746).

The coast is the Plateau. Chilcotin; shuswap; thompson; coutenay; Puget Sound; okanagon; kalispel [chief has two sisters; men hunt; chief to sisters: people will bring the bones and you take them to the lake; just don't look; younger: I'll see! the eldest called; the lake is full of good (goods); {apparently they took something}; when they returned, the people left, only their grandmother was left; she scolded them for what had happened; move the stone away; there's a hole, you can see people and homes, sisters recognized their own; grandmother led them by the hands down, but someone blew and threw them back; grandmother: it's all because of you, they couldn't stand it for three days, your brother would distribute the goods; now I will go down, and you you will stay; if necessary, the stone will crack by itself; the sisters went and reached the river, the house on the other side; a man ran out of it: your aunt crossed where the top of the hill was; while the women were gone, he cut his penis, drained blood into a pot, smeared blood on his deer skin {to show that he had recently killed a deer}; offered boiled blood; the older sister did not eat and tied something under the younger sister's chin what was returning the food {which it put in her mouth?} ; in the morning, the owner: your other uncle lives upstream; the blue jay sailed there, brought his excrement in the boat to make it seem like the dwelling in this place is a long time ago; the same as with the first "uncle" (ford higher downstream, blood from the penis to the pot); this time the little sister actually ate this food and gave birth to a baby in the morning; so she couldn't easily run up the hill like her sister; sister: go back to your husband! the youngest threw the blue jay out of the boat and it drowned; she found a lot of food in his house; the blue jay {this time it must be a woman's child} started shouting "Dad, dad!" The woman threw it in the soup; and the older sister's name is Flawless; (the story is still long, but the informant didn't have time to tell it)]: Vogt 1940, No. 17:129-135; takelma; cous; ne perse; modoc; curdalen: Reichard 1947, No. 23 [Skunk and Fishing Marten (Fisher; KR) live together; hunt deer; Skunk orders to give him only giblets and meat and fat at the tail; Chief Eagle sends his daughters Chipmunk and Squirrel to go to the Kyrgyz Republic; their mother warns that Skunk eats garbage and KR eats good meat; sisters hide in the house, hear Skunk come up, blowing the winds in front of everyone Step; The chipmunk giggles, the Squirrel tells her to remain silent in vain; the Skunk heard, hid the girls behind his bed; when the KR brings deer, he speaks as if it were him - the KR (telling him to give him ribs, not giblets); The skunk offers to feed their pillows, the KR is surprised that the plate of meat for the "pillow" is soon empty; prevents Skunk from extinguishing the fire at night, although he tries to do so; the next morning the KR pretends that leaves; waits for Skunk to leave too, finds the girls in Skunk's bed; tells them to set fire to the house, take the meat and go with it; when Skunk sees the smoke, he thinks it was the kayuz who attacked the curdalen, but then runs home; not finding girls' bones in the coals, begins to pursue; drinks water under a rock, sees the reflection of KO, demands the girls back, lets a stream into the water; when he looks up, he sees fugitives on the rock; lets a stream into the eye of the Kyrgyz Republic, makes the sisters let the sisters down, tells Belka to lie under his head, the Chipmunk under his feet; in the morning the sisters leave pieces of wood for themselves, run away; the Skunk comes to people; says that he ran away from the cabins, they captured his three sons; kills everyone with his jet; two blind old women make her see; they agree to take him in a boat for this, he tells him to be treated like a leader; they sail to the village, to him they honor, raise them in their arms; everyone is transformed (perhaps turning into stars)], 24 [The Eagle Chief has two daughters; he tells everyone to bring him bones if they eat meat; tells daughters to throw dice at ice-hole, leave without looking back, so nightly; one looks, bones turn into dentalium shells; sisters pick them up, go to live in the forest, build a house; ask people for threads, as if their father asked for it, the ligaments of the shells are lowered; the chief watches them, tells people to leave, leaving the girls alone; they take the shells, come to people who give them boiled blood; the youngest eats, the eldest only pretends; the youngest She has disappeared somewhere, the eldest sails in a boat to Fulica americana; gives her dentalium, since then the coots have a nose of this shape; Coot gives her grandson Woodpecker as her husband; she gives birth to a boy, everyone loves him; one night four cannibal sisters kidnap him; his mother goes looking for him, the Skylark teaches him what to do; the mother finds her son as an adult boy; assures that she is his real mother; he invites her to jump accurately in his footsteps, she does it, now he believes her; they leave the stuffed young man, run away; cannibals drive animals to the stuffed animal, but the shooter does not shoot; realizing the deception, they chase; the woman turns around the belt, they cross the river, she turns it back; the cannibals turn their own, but cannot cross them; the woman unfolds her belt again, advises them to cross, filling their clothes with stones; pulls her belt, cannibals drown, turn into terns; mother and son live by the river; mother says she will become a robin and her son a red-necked toadstool (hell-diver); showers him and herself with shells, so these birds in white specks; the robin will live near people, sing when someone dies]: 158-162, 165-170; chilcotin [two sisters sleep outside; the eldest wants the Big Star to go to bed with her, the youngest wants a little one; the big one is a blind and lame old man, the little one is handsome; the old man has a bag of dried female breasts; the sisters run away; they can't climb over the log; the eldest kicks him, it turns into the same old man; the eldest makes a crevice in the ground, spreads the bed over it; the old man goes to bed with both sisters; at night they cut the ropes, the old man falls into the crevice, dies]: Farrand 1900, No. 16:31-32; shuswap [two girls travel looking for a husband; sleeping outside, wanting a bright star as their husbands; an old man with sore eyes ends up in bed with them; they run away, but he is in front of them again; he feeds meat but does not eat it himself; he does not sleep with them; they learn that he eats human beings and feeds them to eat; they run away, create an abyss behind them; they connect the edges of the abyss log; cannibal steps on a log, falls into the abyss; girls marry Wolverine, he is a good hunter]: Teit 1909a, No. 25:687-689; kutene [girl wants a weak star as her husband; wakes up on the sky is next to the old man; he forbids digging tubers under a tree; she digs, sees relatives below; she goes down to the ground along a rope; the Star kills her the next night]: Boas 1917, No. 70:247-249; quinolt [a bright star turns out to be a young man, marries an older sister; the red star is an old man, takes the youngest; the girls' father organizes a trip to heaven; large animals fail, Wren makes a chain of arrows; animal people climb into the sky; it's cold there; the flycatcher is sent for fire, it stays warm; the Beaver lets himself be trapped; brings fire to the expedition members; Mice gnaw through the bowstrings celestials, expedition members attack them, return to earth]: Clark 1953 [return with both girls; Stingray and Marten remain in the sky; Stingray turns into Big Dipper; Marten causes eclipses by biting the moon and sun]: 158-160; Farrand 1902, No. 5 [older sister hurries Spider to bring her down to the ground; the rope is short, the girl dies sitting in a basket between heaven and earth; people they go to save her sister; the dog is sent for fire, it remains to eat the roots; on the way back, the chain of arrows breaks off, the rest in the sky turn into stars]: 107-109; quileut: Andrade 1931, No. 26 [the younger sister wants a dim star, the older one a bright one; the youngest wakes up with the old one, the eldest with her young husband; the girls' father makes a bow; Keith, Bear, Moose can't pull it The wren shoots, makes a chain of arrows; only the Snail sees an arrow piercing the sky; Osprey borrows her eyes, does not return it; animal people climb into the sky; the Spider lowers his younger sister on a rope, she hangs between heaven and earth, turns into a star; in the sky there is a Thrush (Snowbird), then the Dog is sent for fire; both stay warm, do not return; Rabbit kidnaps and brings fire; Rats spoil weapons and clothes of the Stars; many Stars are killed in battle; animal people descend to the ground, the chain of arrows breaks; those who remain in the sky become stars]: 71-83; Farrand, Mayer 1919, No. 10 [sisters sleep on on the street; one wants a red star, the other a blue star; Stars take them to heaven; red is an old man with sore eyes, blue wants a young star; sisters want to go home, Stars send them to earth; earthly people decide to fight against the heavenly; (episodes with Wren and Snail like in Andrade); after climbing into the sky, the Raven and the Stingray duel; the Stingray turns sideways, and the Raven is wounded by a spear; the little bird asks let the owners of the fire warm up; her breast turns red; (the Beaver episode is like in Andrade); heavenly people win, earthly people hurry back, the stairs break; the rest turn into stars, including Stingray]: 264-266; lkungen [two sisters sleep outside; the eldest wants a bright Jupiter as her husband, the youngest wants reddish Mars; the stars take them to heaven; Jupiter has sore eyes; husbands do not tell them to dig up rhizomes; the eldest breaks the ban, makes a hole in the sky, sees the house; sisters go down the rope, return to her mother]: Boas 1895, No. 2:62-63; clallam [two girls sleep outside; eldest wants a bright, younger dim star as her husband; the stars take them to the sky, the dim turns out to be handsome; a hot fire is burning in the sky, the sisters throw algae at him, it gets cooler; the sisters pass between interpreting rocks, passing other dangers; finding a hole in the sky; weaving a rope from cedar paws, going down to the ground]: Gunther 1925:135-136; twana [two sisters want a star for their husbands; they wake up in the sky; they want to return; they dig a hole through the sky, go down a rope; one of them gives birth to a son; two girls, who have come from salmon milk, kidnap him with a rotten deck in the cradle; a shaman turns her into a boy; Blue Jay flies under the descending and rising (sky?) , his head becomes flat; finds the kidnapped; he is already an adult man, married to his kidnappers; sea fish, Cedar, Spruce his children; returns to the earthly world; makes the Raven black; runs away from people setting fire to the ground; turns a swimming child into a loon, a Deer into a deer, a Beaver into a beaver, a monster and a menstruating girl into rocks, drowns a witch; turns into a Month, his brother (from a rotten deck) - in the Sun]: Elmendorf 1961, No. 5:32-37; Snookwell: Elmendorf 1961, No. 4 [one sister likes a bright star, the other a dim star; bright red eyes; husbands carry sisters to heaven; they dig in hole, go down a rope to the ground; one gives birth to a son, the other daughter; a star father kidnaps his son from the cradle, putting a rotten deck in return; hides the baby in the north behind descending and rising ( firmament?) ; many birds fail, a little bird brings the boy back; the star's son marries a star; she fills women's baskets with berries and roots]: 27-31; Haeberlin 1924, No. 2 [one sister likes a white, another red star; both wake up in the sky; the Red Star has sore eyes; husbands forbid digging a deep root; after the birth of a boy, one of the sisters dig up a root, in A hole forms in the sky; sisters and boy descend on a rope; ask a blind toad woman to watch the child; he is stolen; Blue Jay flies to the country of salmon, slipping between the crushing rocks; returns with the boy; he grows up, creates rivers, mountains, animals; his name is Shvek u], 2a [as in 2, three sisters, the youngest stays on earth; the monstrous woman Scully and her two daughters a child is kidnapped; his name is Arch Hade, he later becomes a Month]: 373-375; puyallup [five sisters sleep in the open air; the youngest wants a bright star for her husband, the eldest is dim (the rest are intermittently); wake up in the sky; the youngest's husband is an old man with sore eyes, the eldest is young; sisters dig roots, make a hole in the sky, go down a rope from their bast, return home]: Adamson 1934:356; Puget Sound [like Snookwell; White Star turns old; Brother of the Month becomes Sun]: Ballard 1929 [husbands learn about a ban violation when they feel the wind blowing from the hole]: 68 -71; Clark 1953 (puyallup) [older sister gives birth to a son when she returns to earth]: 143-146; upper chehalis [two var.; two sisters sleep outside; one wants a dim, the other bright star for her husband; stars take them to heaven, bright stars take them older; Spider brings sisters down to earth]: Adamson 1934:95-96; cowitz [two sisters look at the sky; the eldest wants a bright, younger dim star for her husband; wake up in the sky; a bright star is young, a dim star is an old man; husbands do not tell wives to dig a deep root; they dig, make a hole in the sky, from there the wind blows; sisters descend on a rope from the roots; the eldest is with the boy she was born; see motif A23]: Adamson 1934:269-271; yakima: Beavert 1974:3-8 [Eagle is son of Coyote; two sisters Amushy óy (Monetaria seashell) and Wuxinshy áy (Abalone shell) live on an island in the sea; their grandmother sends them to marry Eagle; you have to go in the morning, but V. insists on going in the evening; the Eagle wants to sleep, hits those who come to the nose, they they run away; then he finds sea shells where the blood has dripped, realizes that they are his girls, follows; the old Heron refuses to stretch his leg like a bridge to the island; five Ducks go looking for the Eagle, that the Heron insults him, spits on him; the Wolf, the Grizzly, the Hawk, the Snake, the Salmon are coming to the rescue; the Coyote swims on the Salmon, drowns; they clean the Eagle's clothes, he takes off, kills the Heron; the Salmon brothers make a bridge; V. goes first, Salmon rightly believes that Eagle does not need her, dumps her, she drowns; A. moves from the island to the mainland; whoever gets V. from the bottom will marry her; no one can, Coyote brags what he got, but his tail is above the water; the turtle pulls out; says he does not need a wife, asks for beautiful clothes; he is given (patterns on his shell); since then, a woman has been following a man, should not be aggressive], 188- 192; Hines 1992, No. 49 [mother sends two daughters to dig roots; they sleep outside, younger Yas-lum-mas wants a red star as her husband, Tah Pal-Meadow offers sister a bright one; Stars take both to heaven; Y. has an old husband, T. is young; husbands do not tell me to dig deep when collecting roots; T. digs, the wind blows into the resulting hole, husbands feel it; sisters weave a rope from hazel root , go down to the ground; T. has a child, the Golden Boy (ZM); a woman from the east comes when a blind grandmother (mother of sisters) rocks the baby; replaces him with a rotten snag; a rope descending from the sky, who served as a swing, immediately breaks; sisters soak and squeeze dada (diapers?) , make them a new boy; Blue Jay gets east to a place where the ground rises and falls; flies through the crack, only the feathers of his crest are touched; ZM is already a man, making arrows, throws flint fragments into Blue Jay; he talks about what happened, ZM removes the fragments from the wounds; the wife leaves their son to watch his father; he leaves his hair responsible for himself, along with the Blue Jay returns home; becomes the Sun, brother Month made of diapers; Europeans descend from ZM's remaining son in the east]: 141-146.

The Midwest. Steppe Cree; Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake); Menominee; Mississauga; Ojibwa (incl. timagami); potauatomi.

Northeast. Seneca; hurons; mikmaq; passamaquoddy.

Plains. Grovantre; santi; iowa; assiniboine [two sisters admire the stars; the youngest wants a dim husband, the eldest wants a bright husband; at night, the stars take their sisters to heaven; they tell them not dig roots under trees; the youngest digs, makes a hole, sees the ground through it; the Spider lowers the sisters, they find themselves on top of a tree; Wolverine man lowers them to the ground for promising to marry him get married; sisters run away from Wolverine; get to waterfowl; they don't want to marry Dirka, he kills them with arrows]: Lowie 1909a, No. 18:171-173.

Southeast USA. Caddo; screams; alabama; koasati.

California. Yurok; karok; viyot; yana; achomavi; pomo; maidu; maidu [after coming of age, two girls sleep outside, seeing the dream of star husbands; the eldest wanted a bright red star as her husband, the youngest wanted a blue star; in the morning they did not pierce their ears, did not swim to wash away evil; the next night they find themselves in heaven with their husbands; Red eats only hearts, Blue is fat; everyone gives birth to a child; wives tell husbands that children want to play with tendons, weave a rope from tendons, go down; husbands cut off the rope, women break; brothers they find them, put them in water, they come to life]: Dixon 1912, No. 10:183-189; chumash; serrano.

Big Pool. Washo: Curtis 1976 (15) [The grandfather of the two sisters rejects all kinds of plant food they collect; they go to bed in the open; the youngest wants a white star, the eldest, the eldest, to be her husband offers red; stars take sisters to heaven; red turns out to be the Sun, white turns out to be the Month; younger sister (wife of the Month) says her husband does not hunt, but bites meat like a coyote, it's bad; the eldest invites her to her place; while digging roots, the youngest pokes an anthill with a stick, making a hole, the sisters see her grandfather below; the eldest asks her husband to collect the tendons that their child wants to play with; they weave a rope, start going down; the child is offended that his mother does not take him, tells his father, the Sun cuts the rope, both women fall, die]: 154-156; Dangberg 1927, No. 5 [grandfather catches fish, eats good food]: 154-156; Dangberg 1927, No. 5 [grandfather catches fish, eats good food himself, second-rate, feeds two granddaughters; they decide to leave; lie down, admire the stars; the eldest says that she wants a bright husband, the youngest - that she is dim ("with small eyes like herself"); The stars take them to heaven; one gives birth to a child; one husband brings venison to his wife, the other gives his own kidneys under the guise of game; contrary to the ban, sisters try each other's food; dig lily tubers; Stars forbid wives dig bulbs on an anthill; they dig up, making a hole in the sky; they see their grandfather from above, who is still calling the eldest named (Hélida); they go down a rope of tendons; their baby cries; mother unties him, he flies back to heaven; tells the Stars about his escape; one of the husbands cuts the rope; women fall on their grandfather, killing him]: 433-439 (=1928:90-98); Lowie 1939, No. 17 [father of a mother of two girls tasted the flour they made, threw it away, gave them the worst fish; the sisters go away, spend the night in the open air; one wants stars with big eyes, the other wants stars with small eyes; at night, the Stars raise girls to the sky; digging roots, making a hole in the sky, seeing their grandfather below; weaving a rope from their tendons, going down, one with them has a baby; he flies to his star father, cries; he comes to hole, cuts off the rope, girls break]: 350-351; oriental shoshones [two girls want stars as husbands; agree to go to heaven; one gives birth to a son; husband does not tell me to dig up a big one rhizome; she digs up, sees the ground through the hole; the husband helps make the rope, lowers it and the son; warns that the woman's brother should not see the boy; he violates the ban; the child turns into a piece of bison skin; a woman returns to heaven]: Saint clair 1909b, No. 6:268-269; western and northern shoshones; chemeuevi; southern payut.

The Great Southwest. Western Apaches; Lipan; Mojave; Maricopa; Diegueño (Ipay); Papago; Tewa (San Juan) [The skeleton comes to the festival disguised as handsome; two Yellow Corn girls go with him, marry him; in the morning they see a skeleton in bed; run away, he chases them; the Morning Star sends an arrow with a rope from the sky, takes them to heaven; each gives birth to son; grandfather does not tell them to go north; they go; they go; they go first to the old man, then to the old woman; he has Raven as a watchman, she has an Owl; the old man and the old woman are owners of commercial animals and birds; offer to play in order; if the brothers win, they will receive animals and birds; they are also recognized as children of the Morning Star, not the Skeleton; the old man (and then the old woman) and boys turn into wild animals and birds, into objects ( lake); the old man (old woman) can't guess, the younger brother always guesses (the elder does not); the brothers get what they promised; the grandfather sends them with their mothers to earth; with them - animals and birds that are not was on earth]: Parsons 1926, No. 23:81-86.

Llanos. Guayabero; sicuani.

Southern Venezuela. Sanema; yanomami; yanomam.

Ecuador. Colorado: Aguavil, Aguavil 1985:38-40 [two women go into the hollow to get bats; the husband has other women, he cleans the stairs, walks away; one woman starves, the other sees the road, goes along it, goes to wild pigs; they look like humans; then to a female battleship, she is ferocious; then to an old woman guatusa {it seems paka}; lives with her; one cub is trapped, guatusa says that a female fell on him], 178-180 [her husband has a mistress, he wants to get rid of his former wife; he lets his wife and her sister down the cliff to get toro chicks, cuts off the rope; the women climbed into the cave, went out on the road; came to the old woman; she said her sons would come; one hid under the roof, they killed the other; the old woman sent the rest along the path to another old woman, she took her to the ground]; Mix 1982 [ a man painted by a genipa came to two sisters, led them to a tree, began to shed fruits, the fruits turned into skulls, and the sisters fell into an unknown land; two sisters go to a female star; the eldest did not listens to her instructions, sees not water, but blood, not beans, but human ribs; the Star brothers are condors; Condor smelled her eldest, began to eat her, and it seems like a love game to her, she laughs; The Star tells the youngest to run; parrots refuse to help because people killed them; Iguana transports them across the river because the woman did not eat her eggs; spends the night in a tree with parrot women; returns to her mother; The star did not tell her eat people's food; her relative gave her, she disappeared]: 91-97.

Western Amazon. Napo; Canelo; Shuar; Aguaruna; Candoshi.

NW Amazon. Desana; tariana; witoto.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Surui; synta larga; chiriguano: Nordenskiöld 1912:285-286 [The battleship plays the flute well; two sisters come to her sound, the youngest marries Battleship; the Fox kills him, takes his form, wearing his skin, comes to women; the older sister says that her husband has come; the youngest, seeing him eat the second portion (the battleship was modest in food), doubts; takes out his sleeping lice, sees a seam on the back of his head; sisters kill Fox with a club], 292 [two girls hear Hummingbird playing the flute; one marries him, he leads her to him; his house is turned out to be too young, the girl returned to the village; in the evening, the Hummingbird started playing again, the girl did not come; she still plays in the evenings].

Southern Amazon. Vaura; kalapalo; kuikuro; kamayura; trumay; iranshe.

Chaco. Nivakle.