Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

J14. Flutist. .19. (.21.37.) .48.-.50.66.52.

To find the desired man, a woman goes to the sound of music or singing; she usually distinguishes impostors by listening to their inept performance. See motive J12.

Melanesia. Buka [similar texts on the Bismarck Archipelago (Trobrians, D'Entrcasteau, Gazelle Peninsula, Massim, etc.) and SE New Guinea; giant Monohan kills people; all people sail to another island, no one does not take a Toboan woman into her boat; left alone, T. copulates with two types of baked bananas, gives birth to boys Tchikenau and Bakiano; when an arrow mark remains on a wild areca palm brothers (this palm tree has hardwood, the trace on the trunk has been visible since then), T. says that they will be able to kill M.; climbs a tree, teases M., the bird insults him, M. knocks down all the trees, not can knock down the one on which T.; brothers kill him with arrows; try to carry the carcass by hanging it from a tree trunk, all the trunks break, only the fragile fern can withstand the weight; the brothers make a slit gong, two girls come to its sound; T. denies that there are men here (women have no right to beat the gong); girls hide, find brothers, marry them; it's a holiday, people come back, eat M. brothers climb the fruit tree, throw fruits down, break the wives' vessels in which they store lime with fruit; they tell their wives that they will not go down, turn into birds, T. into a white ant]: Blackwood 1932:67-72; Vedau [Nagari lizard sings "Oooh", a woman gathers around, happens; the Webubu lizard does not make sounds, women ignore it; then he makes the first flute, climbs a tree tioba, plays; women leave N., come to V., climb a tree to him; the platform on which W. sat has collapsed under weight; since then, trees of this species have been tilted to the ground]: Ker 1910:1-3; Vogeo [Maragoag lives with her mother; brings fish and pig meat; one day she harvested meat and left; M. caught up with her; she ordered her leg to be pierced with a thorn and died; night fell and M. fell asleep with his head down on her back; her mother got up, split herself, created a mansion in which a platform, slit gongs, a sink horn, ornaments; a vegetable garden nearby; when M. woke up, he found himself in a man's house, and his mother disappeared; until This is what she did to her son a flute to lure women; M. played, two girls, Murarumba and Sararumbe, came to the sound; the flute calls, calling them by name; girls: the bird sings, calls us; M. hid, girls we went into the house, saw how beautiful everything was; M. went out to them, married them]: Anderson, Exter 2005:55-58.

(Wed. Tibet is the Northeast of India. Mizo [three girls went for firewood and agreed that if one of them could not carry her load, the others would not help her; one could not; heard the sound of a flute, called for help; player warned that she might be frightened of him; when she approached, she squinted her eyes and saw that there was a hole in her stomach in place of her spleen and that leaves were crammed into it; he carried brushwood, but warned that would kill her if she told her what she saw; that she would penetrate any hole; when the young people gathered, the girl told her to plug all the holes in the house; and the big hole went unnoticed; entered The spirit of Thinlanoa, dragged the girl out, stuck her head into the ground so that her skirt fell and everyone could see her genitals]: McGall 1949:91-92).

(Wed. Japan. The Japanese (Tohoku) [the maiden in heaven hears the young man playing the flute and goes down to it; the local ruler wants to take her away; to do this, she gives her husband difficult assignments, he does them with help wives; they go to visit his wife's heavenly parents; the husband receives magic rice as a gift; sees the ogre in chains and gives him rice; he breaks his chains and takes the wife of his liberator; the husband goes in search; his wife hears the sound of his flute, hides it in the house; hereinafter referred to as No. 312C]: Ikeda 1971, No. 312D: 77).

California. Serrano.

Big Pool. Southern Payutes.

The Great Southwest. Western Apaches; Mojave; Maricopa; Diegueño (ipay); Papago.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Chiriguano: Nordenskiöld 1912:285-286 [The battleship plays the flute well; two sisters come to her sound, the youngest marries the Battleship; the fox kills him, takes his form, comes to a woman; she takes out his sleeping lice, sees a seam on the back of his head (Fox is wearing the victim's skin); sisters kill Fox with a club], 292 [two girls hear Hummingbird playing the flute; one marries him he takes her to him; his house was too small, the girl returned to the village; in the evening, the Hummingbird started playing again, the girl did not come; she still plays in the evenings].

Chaco. Nivacle; poppy; pilaga.