Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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J22A. Two out of one.

.18.-.20. (.24.) .

Two men, or a brother and sister, emerge from one body or embryo cut in half, or the second comes from a part of the body or secretions of the first. Cf. Motive M37.

Kaitish, keva, (khmu), South Cook Islands [Sun and Month], Nabaloi [lightning and thunder], igorot [two thunders], kankanai [lightning and thunder; two thunders], ifugao, saisha, lilluet, clakamas [two stars], halkomel [Sun and Month], Puget Sound [Sun and Month], Twana [Sun and Month], Puyallup [Sun and Month], Upper Chehalis [Sun and Month], Lower Chehalis [Sun and Month], Coolitz [Sun and Month] Month], tillamook [Sun and Month], yakima [Sun and Month], Takelma [Daldal (dragonfly) and his younger brother], Klamath, Modoc, Upper Coquil [two warriors], kiowa, vintu, oriental pomo, achomavi, coastal miwok [Coyote and his brother], chemewevi, southern payut, uté, tewa (San Juan) [summer and winter suns], yanomam, andoque [sun and month], caduveo, tereno, yagans.

Australia. Kaitish [a man from Purula's marriage unit was born at a small spring; he was sleeping at sunset, and when the sun rose in the morning, he split into two people, Kumara and Purula; at sunset they reunited, went to the spring; the next morning the man doubled again and the two remained separated]: Spencer, Gillen 1904:418 in Abrahamyan, 1983:135.

Melanesia. Keva [if Kilimi Wi's wives give birth, they should only raise boys; one gives birth to a son, the other has a daughter; KV sends a daughter to bring water in a bamboo vessel without a bottom, tells everyone to leave; when a girl catches them, he cuts her in half, throws her into the river; one day her mother comes to a rich house, she is stopped by a big pig; a young man and a woman recognize her mother; they have arisen from her halves daughters; mother turns into wild pandanus, daughter and son into cassowaries]: LeRoy 1985, No. 70:212-214.

Micronesia-Polynesia. The Cook Islands (Mangaia and probably other islands in the southern group; "among the almost extinct Tonga tribe") [Vatea and Tonga-iti (Tangaroa on the other islands) both claimed to be considered father of the first child born to Earth-Papa; cut it; Vatea took the upper half, threw it into the sky, it became the sun; Tonga-iti got the lower half, she stayed on earth; later, imitating Vatea, he also threw it to the sky; this half has already partially decomposed, blood has flowed out of it, so what was thrown became a pale moon; "members of the victorious tribe reject this myth because they believe Tonga-ichi by the Pope's son and not by the Pope's husband "]: Gill 1876:44-45 (retelling in Dixon 1916:37).

(Wed. Burma - Indochina. Khmu [see motive M39; Ñaar tries to follow his wife's instructions too literally, acts ridiculous, doesn't understand the simplest things; thinks his wife is dead and has returned from the spirit world, locked in the house, is afraid to open the door for her; suggests dividing their three children so that each takes one and divides another in half; the wife breaks in, fearing that the husband is in the case will cut the child]: Lindell et al. 1978, No. 1:31).

Malaysia-Indonesia. Iban [at the request of the Month, Sovka married him and gave birth to a radiant boy; four years later, Months wanted to return to heaven, Sovka said she would have nothing to eat there, spouses quarreled; shared the child, Month took the upper part with him, made stars out of it; The scoop kept the bottom, made it all kinds of trees; the scoop still screams at the full moon; (hereinafter the story Cuckoos, Calao and Nightjar)]: Sandin 1964 in Macdonald 2005:76.

Taiwan - Philippines. Saisha [water woman Kateteru teaches people how to weave; marries a person, gives birth to a son, decides to return; they agree to share the child, throw her head into the water, the body remains with her husband; after 6 days K. returns to show their alive son, and the body left on the ground has decomposed]: Macdonald 2005:91; Nabaloi [Kabunian got married; other women tied a goat under the house so that he decided as if his wife smells bad; K. guessed, went to heaven with his wife; she gave birth; cannot get over a rock; K. cut the child, turned his half into lightning, half of his wife into thunder; sends Lightning and Thunder on the ground to see what people are doing and scolding them]: Moss 1924, No. 6:237-239; translated to Rybkin 1975, No. 14:46; Igorot: Eugenio 1994, No. 14 [Kabunian went down to earth, married Bangan, she gave birth to a son Kabigat, a daughter of Daungen, and another child; Kabunian returned to heaven, taking a son, leaving his wife a daughter; to split his third child, he cut it in half; a girl came from one part Bugan, stayed on earth with her mother; the other, Lumawig's son, went up to his father], 146 [Dumagid went down to earth, married Dugai, who gave birth to a son Ovug; returning to heaven, warned that his wife would not be able to to accompany him because of the heat; people told her to go with her husband, she died; then Dumagid went down for his son; people did not let him in; Dumagit cut him in half, took half to heaven, revived him; half on earth began to decompose, Dumagid and revived it; the one taken to heaven became a Thunder with a sharp sound, and the second young man became a rolling Thunder]: 48, 260-261; kankanai [A star steals sugarcane, owner grabs her; she finds the clothes he has hidden, flies away; one of their children dies, the mother goes down to the other at night; argues with her husband who will get it; divides him in half, takes one to heaven; the father does not can revive his own, his mother does it herself, tells him to respond to the call of the other half, but his body has already been decayed, so his voice is weak; these two halves are big and small thunder]: Moss 1920:382 in Lessa 1961:153-154; kankanai [Lumawig married an earthly girl; her sisters, out of jealousy, put garlic under their bed; L. returned to heaven, taking his son's head, making her torso; the son became With thunder; he attached his head to the remaining body, it became a Lightning woman, she married Thunder]: Eugenio 1994, No. 148:262; ifugao (Kiangan District) [Umbumabakal and his son lived in Dukligan village Lumawig (Bontok's ancestor, Ifugao mythological character); L. even ate his fellow villagers; W. asked him to get a spear from a felled tree, knocked him down, crushed the boy, and returned alive in the evening; W. and L. dug a hole under the boulder, fish started in the resulting pond; W. sent L. into the pit to catch it, pushed the boulder; in the evening L. returned, brought a boulder; W. sent L. to hunt east; he came to the god of war named Meyingit ("red"); M. burned it in the fire, threw ash into the river, two boys came out of the water; M. burned them again, 4 young men came out; then 8 young men; they went hunting, caught a woman, wanted to eat; she turned out to be their mother (i.e. L.'s mother); said that their village was burned down, their father was killed; the brothers attacked Binang village; went home, the residents were pursuing them; L. cut the mountain in two from top to bottom, pushed them away half, lowered the vine down; the pursuers climbed it, L. cut off the vine, the pursuers fell, died, maimed]: Barton 1935:85-87; ifugao [Boogan, daughter of the supreme deity, consistently refuses to marry the inhabitants of different tiers of the sky, including Lightning; descends to earth, takes a poor young man as her husband, gives birth to a son; people envy her, she decides to return to heaven, but her husband cannot follow her; she cuts their son, takes half of them with her, revives them in the guise of a new boy; what is left on the ground begins to decay because the husband is unable to revive it; she turns a rotting head into an owl, ears into a tree mushroom, the nose into the shell of a snail living on trees, part of the excrement into the beak of an ido bird, the tongue into a pipun in people's tongue, the heart into a rainbow, chest bones - into a poisonous snake, fingers into long shells, hair - worms, larvae, skin - red bird, blood - small bats, liver - breast disease, intestines - animals like hares or rats, hand bones - rotten branches falling on passers-by]: Eugenio 1994, No. 10:33-37; ifugao (Amganad band) [Tillay went to look for water, saw four female stars swimming in a stream; hid his wing-skirt one of them; brought home, their son; T. hid his skirt under rice, his wife took rice and found it; divided her son in half, took a part with her legs, flew to heaven; one part became a red bird (Blueheaded fantasy, Rhipidura cyaniceps, sem. Muscicapidae) and cockroaches, the other with a cuckoo (Centropus melanops, sem. Cuculidae) and bed bugs]: Wrigglesworth 1991, No. 21:221-223; ifugao (Batad band) [Tilay always brought a wild boar from hunting; one day his dog began to bark incessantly; at dusk he saw when big ducks came down to the pond, took off their feather clothes, turned into girls; T. hid the most beautiful clothes; others flew away, he brought this one, covering her nudity with a piece of his own loincloth bandages; they have a daughter and two sons; playing, they found their mother's clothes; she put them on, cut one son in half, took the lower half and one child, left the other and the upper half, flew to heaven; the remaining half below began to decay; T. said he was human and could not revive her; his wife said she was a star, came down and revived; these T. children have many descendants]: Wrigglesworth 1991, no. 22:225-229; ifugao (Banaue band) [a rich man hid the skirt of one of the Stars who came to swim by the pond; she couldn't fly away; he brought her home, she settled in the barn because she can't stand it the smell of onions, snails and ginger; gave birth to a daughter; when she went to get rice, she found her clothes in the same barn; after separating the child, she took the lower half to the sky, finished it to the whole; three days later she smelled it decay; when she returned, she reproached her husband why he did not warn her that he could not make half the child full; she made parts of the upper half a red bird that would guide her husband on the way; a cockroach that will stay eating insects in the house; a mosquito for the husband to send mosquitoes to enemies; ants that will help the red bird warn of threats; if instead of a red bird a person sees a column of ants, this is a bad omen]: Wrigglesworth 1991, No. 2:260-261; tinghian (bilongan itneg) [Stars came down to eat sugar cane on a man's field; one hung her clothes on the fence; the owner woke up, found these clothes, the rest of the Stars flew away, the most beautiful remained; she gave birth to her husband a daughter; she found her mother's clothes in the ash; she put them on, invited her husband to share daughter in half; the husband received a part above the waist, the wife at the bottom; the star revived its part in the sky, so the stars look like legs; the top began to rot, the husband buried his head, and a coconut palm grew out of it; therefore coconut can see its eyes and mouth, and there are rotten coconuts]: Wrigglesworth 1991, No. 25:237-239.

The coast is the Plateau. Halkomel, Puget Sound, Twana, Puyallup, Upper Chehalis, Lower Chehalis, Cowlitz, Tillamook, Yakima [see motif A5A; Little Sun Brother is made from the urine and diapers of an older brother (usually of the Month) kidnapped in infancy; lillouette [old Kaiyam took caviar out of salmon, turned it into a girl, then a short part calves in the second; they grow up, K. pretends to be dying, tells her to leave her with all her possessions; comes disguised as a man, covers her toothless mouth; at night uses a pestle instead of a penis; in the morning with sisters The genitals are swollen, they suspect deception; at night they tickle the imaginary husband, the old woman confesses that they tickle her to death; they came to a blind old woman sitting in the cradle of the baby; pretended to wash him, took him away, they put a block; the old woman's husband took her on his back, almost caught up with the kidnappers, but as soon as he threw her off, the path was delayed; he threw his wife face against a log, told her to become an edible plant {mushroom?} , growing on fallen trees; the daughter of the elderly returns, squeezes the diapers of the stolen baby, makes a new one out of squeezed out; the brothers meet, get to know each other; the elder throws the kidnappers to the ground ( they are his wives), turning the eldest into a grizzly, the youngest into a black bear; returns to his mother]: Hill-Tout 1905:185-189; clackamas [see motif K23; a young man rises to heaven, marries a Sun Girl ; she gives birth to Siamese twins; he digs a hummock, makes a hole in the sky, sees his village; together with her family he descends to earth in a basket of Spiders; Blue Jay cuts twins with its tuft, separating them from one another prematurely; they die; mother takes them back to heaven; turns into the sun, twins into two stars]: Jacobs 1952:121-129; cous [enemies kill everyone relatives, his grandmother and grandson remain; he shoots an arrow up; when she falls, she splits him into two boys; they take revenge on enemies]: Jacobs 1939, No. 11:53-54; takelma [Daldal (dragonfly) lived by the mouth, Chopped bodies float along the river; goes upstream; shoots an arrow into the sky, it falls to the top of his head, separates from him a second person, his younger brother; they successfully fight oaks and fir trees; They come to Blue Jay, she is the mother of the forest man K'uk'u; reluctantly agrees to give them her son's big shell in exchange for bundles of dentalium money; the son comes and kills her for it; catches up with the brothers, demands that the shell be returned; D. breaks his leg with a stone; he weakens and dies, repeats everything they say in front of him (he is probably an echo); the old man always turns into blood, travelers taste it, die; the younger brother almost died choking, D. extracted blood from his throat with a flint squeezer; the woman offers to warm her back by the fire, D. tries, burns, turns the woman into a burning plant in the swamp ; another woman lies with her legs apart, offers to have sex; Brother D. tries, is wounded; D. puts a push-up in her vagina, turns her into a freshwater shell, throws her into the water, she will become people's food; two blind women push the seeds; Brother D. takes them quietly, ties the women's hair; they accuse each other of stealing, fighting; D. touches their eyes with the burning end of the stick, they see the light; D. looks into the house, there are tendons, this is a character, trying to burn incoming ones; D. turns him into reindeer tendons to attach feathers to arrows; in another house, D. sees baked salmon, eats, Ostrog attacks him; he turns her into a prison to beat salmon; brothers look into two empty houses, an old woman and a girl in the fourth; the girl is afraid to go fetch water; D. sends her, she is grabbed by Cancer, D. turns him into cancer, crayfish cook; brothers meet two bad people, older and younger brothers; defeat them; D. turns the eldest into the Evening Star, the youngest into the Morning Star; tells the Coyote to catch not salmon, but gophers; turns into a low mountain, his younger brother turns high]: Sapir 1909, No. 2:34-42; upper coquill [a ferocious warrior fires an arrow, it falls, divides it into two people, now two warriors; the second leaves, a woman comes to the first, brings the dentium, asks for salvation from enemies; he destroys all enemies; his strength was from wolves]: Jacobs 2007:146-148; Klamath [red-haired woman married; going across the mountains, tells only the youngest of his brothers to accompany her; sleeps with him; he leaves a branch instead of himself, runs away; the redhead sets fire to the world; only the mother of the Sibling is saved; in a charred body daughters-in-law finds a boy and a girl; knowing that the girl will repeat the crime of a redhead, she glues them together into one two-headed creature; he sees his double shadow, shoots an arrow up, she falls, separates them from him sister; children force the Sun to tell them who killed their parents; the redhead lives in the lake, the girl cuts off her head, brings it to her grandmother; brother and sister go down through the hearth; brother's arrow gets stuck in a tree; the sister agrees to get it after her brother calls her not sister, niece, etc., but wife; becomes pregnant by her brother; the grandmother finds the skin of a bear killed by her grandson, puts it on, turns her into a Bear, catches up and kills her grandson; letting the Bear drink, the sister-wife throws a hot stone in her ass; she dies; the sister-wife takes the child, rushes into the fire; Gmokamch snatches the boy, he grows up; See further motif K1 (G. Sends a young man to an eagle's nest, tries to take his wives)]: Barker 1963, No. 4:25-37, 47; modoc [(Quail in Lévi-Strauss 1971:48-51); the red-haired Tekewas has a husband and five brothers; the elder married, his youngest mother named Tutats hides from her; T. finds out about him when he finds his hair; makes her accompany her to her house, sleeps in the woods, lies down with him; he leaves a deck instead, runs to the brothers; the old spider raises the brothers to the sky in the basket, does not tell them to look down; the younger one looks, the basket falls into the house set on fire by T.; the mother pulls the hearts of her sons out of the fire, they turn into mountains (heart the youngest - in the city. Shasta); the mother finds the corpse of her daughter-in-law, next to her two living babies; turns them into one boy; he notices that he has a double shadow, fires an arrow, chipping off his younger brother; secretly She brings him up, asking his grandmother for things and food as if for herself; she notices that now he has only one head; he confesses, brings his brother; the brothers want to kill the duck, which tells them about their fate parents; T. swims on the lake like a monstrous duck; brothers cut off her head, turn it into a duck whose meat is inedible; they ask for help from water, fire, trees, onions and arrows, all household utensils, but they forgot about the awl; they go through the hearth; the grandmother finds her daughter's head, the awl tells us where the brothers have gone, the grandmother follows them underground; they go west; the Duck is their other aunt, she has a bloating on her head; they press him down, since then birds and animals do not carry cubs on their heads; they kill Snake, Duck's husband, turn his remains into rocks and snakes; turn live pebbles into ordinary pebbles; younger brother would like serve the Month, the eldest to the Sun; the elder defeats the Bald Eagle, turns him into a bird, his servants Raven and Louse into a crow and a louse; they meet a one-legged giant, defeat him five times, kill him, he now wanders through the mountains, dreaming of shamans; brothers turn into two stars appearing in the sky before dawn in early spring]: Curtin 1912:95-117.

Plains. Kiowa [a girl climbs a tree for a porcupine or a bird; a tree grows to the sky; a porcupine or bird turns into a son of the Sun, marries her; tells her not to dig up a root if it the tip is bitten off by a bison; it pulls out a root, making a hole in the sky; sees her home, goes down a rope; her husband kills her by throwing a stone; the son in her womb remains alive; the Spider brings him up; he throws up a playing wheel, it cuts it in half, turning it into two twins; they destroy monsters; one disappears into the water, the second, divided into 10 parts, turns into a potion stored in sacred bundle]: Mooney 1898b: 238-239; Parsons 1929a, No. 1-2:1-8.

California. Vintu [The sun is an evil father-in-law; the hero throws it into the sky; the sun splits, the sun and the month form]: Curtin 1898:121-158; Dubois, Demetracopoulou 1931, No. 7:295; oriental pomos [The hawk is not loyal to the Partridge Wife, she decides to leave him; weaves a basket with patterns symbolizing the water world; sends children with food to the cave; sits in the basket herself, swims across the lake; seeing patterns, water creatures don't touch her; she goes ashore, the flying monster Gilak takes her away; his sister is a ritual drum, she has teeth in her vagina, with which she devours those brought by her brother and thrown into a hole in the roof of women, bones spit out; in the passage leading to the house from the side, there are two bears and two rattlesnakes; Gadfly also guards; once he fell asleep, G. snatched one for him as punishment eye; Brother G. forgot to set a trap at the entrance, G. tore off one leg; hawk's wife G. did not throw his sister to eat, but led him through the door to keep it for himself; The hawk flew to G.'s house, killed two bears and two snakes, but was trapped, broke his spine, Brother G. threw it into Sister G.'s vagina, who ate it; Hawk's grandfather asked two Flint Brothers and two Bluebirds brothers to go with him; gathered him Hawk's bag of bone, blinded bears and snakes with smoke, trapped a stone; Coyote and his four companions and two Brothers-G. began to play guessing (dice); G. shot Flint, an arrow bounced; Bluebird shot G.'s second toe, killed him; then they killed Brother G., fed them a toothy vagina; started dancing on the drum, smashing it; Coyote revived Hawk; they wanted to burn down the house, but Bumble-Fly asked to leave him; everyone comes back, but people smell dead, Hawk decides to leave, his brother is with him; Coyote goes to the fork, and then Hawk's trail goes along the same path, his trail brother on the other; Coyote throws up his stick, she falls, divides him into two Coyotes; they follow two paths (text ends)]: Angulo, Freeland 1928:244-249; achomavi [Wild Cat comes to bed with her relative Gagara; she stains herself with resin, finds the Cat's hairs stuck to her; comes to the men's house, sings, I want a man; shoots lightning, showing her strength; rejects Wolf, Fox, Marten; other men push the Cat out to her; but Loon grabs the Woodworm, the son of the Cocoon Chief, whom his father hid; he is small; everyone gives him their penises, now his penis is dragging on the ground; he quietly tears it off, throws it into the fire; at night he runs away from the Loon, puts a stump in his place; the Loon approaches, burns everything; the Spider spins the rope, the Lizard ties it to the arrow, shoots into the sky; everyone is climbing a rope, in front of the Eagle, behind the Coyote Old; Loon screams, Father, he answers, Daughter; looks around, the rope breaks; Eagle, Cocoon, Worm climb into the sky, the rest fall into flames; Loon makes a necklace out of their hearts; the Lizard's heart falls on Mount Shasta; turns into a baby, finds him by the Blue Jay, brings him to his wife; a growth on the boy's forehead; the boy shoots him with an arrow, the growth turns into his twin; The Forehead Boy kills Gagara's daughter with an arrow on the lake; she chases him, his brother kills her with an arrow]: Angulo, Freeland 1931:126-132; coastal mivok [ The coyote fired an arrow four times; the fourth time it fell to the top of his head, split it in half; the Coyote went north, his brother went south; the Coyote sailed in a reed boat across the sea, built a house; so as not to I could see he was smoking, there was fog; Coyote had a lot of acorns there]: Kelly 1978, No. 14:32.

Big Pool. Chemewevi [The Lizard (Gila Monster) and the Turtle prepare food supplies; the Coyote finds and eats them; the owners raid, many of the Coyote's people are killed; the old woman is saved by the baby's grandson, the Dove; he breaks the bird's leg, she shows him a pile of father's bones, says that the Lizard captured her mother; tells his grandmother to hit him on the top of his head with a wooden knife, split him in half; so one young man turns into two; Coyote prepares younger chiefs (various animal people) for the campaign; young men in the guise of pigeons fly to their mother; kill a rabbit for her; she lies to the Lizard as if she killed him herself; the Lizard applies hot coal to pigeons' beaks, but they do not blink, he believes that they are just birds; pigeons bring water to warriors dying of thirst; the Rattlesnake overturned the vessel, a stream has flowed out of it; woman hides the stone clothes of a sleeping Lizard; the Lizard, the Turtle and all their men are killed]: Laird 1976:168-182; the southern payutes [The pigeon asks his grandmother to hit him in the middle of his head; splits into two twins]: Lowie 1924, No. 10 (Shivwitz), 20 (Moapa) [enemies kill father and relatives, take mother away; son stays with grandmother; two young men who have arisen fly to their mother in the form of pigeons; kill her new husband by sending a snake bite him when he relieves himself; kills other enemies; brings his mother home]: 122, 189-190; Sapir 1930, No. 8 (kaibab) [Coyote only pretends to hunt; eats berries, hits mocassins with a stone, brings his wife to fix it as if he had been chasing antelopes for a long time; finds and ravages Ironwear's meat supplies; he sends his two daughters to exterminate people; leaves the old woman and her grandson, whom she is disguised as a girl; the boy's mother married Jo; this boy digs up roots, someone steals them, he catches the kidnapper, he talks about the fate of his mother; the boy tells his grandmother to hit him with a stick on the head, cover it with a basket; two young men are under it; they tell the Coyote to lead people (animals) to the JO; only the Rattlesnake, crawling underground, bites the Antelope Watchman; along with others, the Coyote turns into sparrows; double boys kill a rabbit for their mother (wife JO), who demands that his wife show that she killed the rabbit herself; she hits the arrow with a stick, Jo does not fully believe; young men and others turn into rats, gnaw through bow bowstrings; Rattlesnake bites JO, he dies; only the Red Ant manages to shoot JO's two daughters; boys bring their mother home]: 395-409; utah [ The Stone Shirt kills the Crane and his men, kidnaps the Crane's wife; she manages to give the baby to her mother; the child grows up, breaks the man's leg; he shows him the bones of his murdered father; the young man asks his grandmother to hit him with an ax, turns into two twins; his mother tells them that the Stone Shirt's clothes are impenetrable, and his two daughters' arrows are flying on their own; the twins turn into mice, bow bowstrings gnaw; Rattlesnake bites the Stone Shirt; he and his daughters die]: Powell 1881:47-51.

The Great Southwest. Teva (San Juan) [Yellow Corn rejects grooms, gives birth to a boy from the sunlight; the grandmother tells him who his father is; he meets a Sun man; he tells his grandmother to cover him with a blanket, hit them with a stick; two come out of one young man; the sun bathes them in a spring, adorns them with parrot tail feathers, turquoise and quartz beads; the eldest becomes the summer Sun, walks slowly; the youngest is winter, walks fast]: Parsons 1926, No. 30:99-102.

Southern Venezuela. Yanomam [a jaguar kills a person; eats everything but giblets and head; a clever brother comes from the head, stupid from giblets]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 187:369.

NW Amazon. Andoque [the Sun and Month brothers arise from two halves of the same egg]: Landaburu, Pineda 1984:45.

Chaco. Tereno: Altenfelder Silva 1946 [a boy steals crops from his sister's garden; when she gets angry, she takes his double out of her womb]: 217; Baldus 1950 [boy wants to go with mother collects seeds and roots; mother gets angry and cuts it in half; two brothers emerge from the lower and upper halves]: 218; Oberg 1949 [1) Yúrikoyuvakái lived with his mother Livécheché na; his sister cultivated the garden, he stole her fruit, L. cut it in half, two twins appeared; 2) Yúrikoyuvakái was a centipede, lived with his mother; followed her every day on the garden, which made her angry; she cut it, half turned into two twins; they taught people how to hunt, gather, farm, and gave them the necessary tools and tools]: 42; caduveo [jaguar kidnaps a woman; she cuts a child born to him, two boys emerge from the halves]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990a, No. 51, 52:84, 87;

Southern Cone. Yagany [the youngest of two Yoálox brothers marries Mákuxipa, who gives birth to a son (first birth); the baby cries all the time; the father shakes him in his heart, he breaks up into two boys, they do not cry; M. dies, J. takes Lisa to look after the children; she tells them to bring firewood, intending to fry and eat it; they bring green, damp branches; ask a roadboat to transport them across the strait; They see the Fox devouring M.'s corpse behind them; seeing his sons, J. drains the river, the sons come running to him; he kills the Fox with an arrow]: Gusinde 1937:1174; Wilbert 1977, No. 18:47-50.