Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

J23C. It flies through the body of an ogre. (.18.19.52.)

To make sure that an enemy is actually dead, an insect or bird enters his body from one end and comes out of the other.

Tanna, Futuna, Totonaki.

Melanesia. Tanna: Bonnemaison 1987 [giant Semo-Semo ate everyone; the last old woman and lost her little daughter in the grass; she sucked roots, grew up, rubbed fire, found yams on abandoned ones vegetable gardens; became pregnant by inserting a vine into her vulva; gave birth to twins, taught everything; they lit a fire to attract the SS, ran, throwing spears stuck in advance along the way, killed; first the ants checked Whether the SS was dead, then one bird put the SS's head in the anus, the other flew through and back from mouth to anus; then various parrots and other birds of different colors climbed into the SS; the brothers cut the body swallowed people, chickens, rats, birds went out; everyone was thrown a piece of SS flesh, told who would live, how and where; mother and sons turned into stones at the entrance to the cave]: 98-105; Humphreys 1926 [one a woman left her baby daughter to eat tree sap; she and all other people were eaten by the giant Semsem; Nepkalam ate a piece of edible stone, gave birth to twins Kasasaou and Kaniapnin; taught them make spears; they killed S. with spears; asked the birds to check if he was dead; two flew into his wound, stained with blood; the third (now this parrot is all red) flew through; the brothers cut the body ogre, pieces turned swallowed (retelling in Poignant 1967:95)]: 95-97

Polynesia. Futuna [the cannibal ate everyone; only Majihjiki and a few other children survived; climbed a tree, the cannibal climbed too, fell, crashed; the children began to send insects and birds to find out if it really was whether the cannibal is dead; the ant bit - does not wrinkle; the fly buzzed in the ears - the same; the last one is black bird; the bird flew into the mouth, flew out of the anus, the feathers on the head turned red, now it's a cardinal bird]: Richter- Gravier 2019:171-172

Mesoamerica. Coastal Totonaki [see motif A24; ancestors live in a dark cold world; only the sky's serpent, the Milky Way, shines; its mouth is open; the lizard finds a hot stone and cooks food on it; four birds manage to break a stone, get a shining egg; animals bring it to the spring; an orphan girl finds an egg, brings it home; it returns to the spring three times; on the fourth, a girl grabs it with her teeth, it bursts, she swallows it; after nine days she gives birth to twin sons; born first stronger; the girl dies, her grandmother leaves babies on the branches of the mageian cactus, they are not die; puts an anon on a tree, whose fruits look like women's breasts; babies feed on honey like hummingbirds; the old woman is happy to bring them home; the Great Serpent shines poorly, feeds on young girls; brothers they heat the stones in the temazcal, throw it into its mouth; it gets completely dark, many people turn into stones and idols; brothers send a green fly to check if the snake is dead; it flies into the mouth, flies out the anus is dead; the eldest tells the animals that he will become the Sun; they should not show his younger brother the path he took; the youngest spends time at the holidays; explains to numerous mistresses that he will become the sun; the elder tells the animals to make a fire, jumps into it from the mountain, flies east; his uncle comes later, when the coals are almost extinguished, follows him; the younger brother finds only ash animals show him the way west; the old man predicts that three will soon appear in heaven; he is considered crazy, thrown to the ground; he turns into a dog, says he will be a guide to souls the dead, leading them to the Sun on its trail; the Morning Star rises, all ancestors (tutu na cu) die; the dog takes their souls to the Sun, which judges them; tells the good to repopulate the earth]: Münch 1993:37-40.