Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

J3. Conception from under the ground .50.67.52.

A woman conceives a son or twins in a way she doesn't understand; the reason is that when she sits on the ground, a male character (animal) sneaks underground and below fertilizes it.

The Great Southwest. Gopher; twins are future victims. Mojave: Kroeber 1972, No. 18:100; maricopa [Gopher man appears in front of a girl across the river; she bathes, feels something four times; gives birth to twins; all birds and animals they claim to be paternity; she only recognizes Gopher; while their mother is away, babies get up from the cradle, kill partridges; she makes them bows and arrows, they kill bigger game; talks about an eagle a nest on a rock; see motif J4]: Spier 1933:367-396; diegueño (ipai), yuma: Kroeber 1972:110; Hopi (Oraibi) [girl rejects suitors; hunchback Kokopele lives at his grandmother's house; digs a passage to a place where a girl regularly sends natural necessities; sticks her long penis out of the ground into her vagina; she gives birth to a boy; men decide to race, hoping that the child will return the flowers from the hands of the winner; K. comes running last, but the boy takes flowers from him; the father tells his daughter to marry K.; he is a kachina, supplying abundant food to the family and the whole village; sorcerers from They envy crappy Kiva, call K. to themselves, intending to kill; a spider woman gives him a potion; he showers them with sorcerers, they all become humpback, beat each other; soon die; K. and his wife come to live with to his grandmother; they have many children]: Titiev 1939:91-94 (=Slifer, Duffield 1993:127-128); Western Keres (Akoma) [two Dapopo brothers lived next to Masewi (the eldest of the twins, the gods of war); daughter M. refused both (like all other young men); elder D. advised the youngest to dig a way to the place where the girl relieved herself every night; first the youngest, then the eldest D. hid there, became pregnant with the girl ; she did not know what was going on, but she liked it, she kept coming to the same place; gave birth to twins from both D.; M. called all the men; D. came last, the twins take flowers only from their hands; D. come to live in a girl's house]: Titiev 1939:94-95 (=Slifer, Duffield 1993:129).

Bolivia - Guaporé. Chiriguano: Cipolletti 1978, No. 2 [Tatú-tunpa (Battleship) became pregnant with a hole under her; her parents scolded her, she went to the forest; twins from her mother's belly began to ask her flowers, she got angry, they stopped showing the way, the woman came to the blind mother of the jaguars; she hid her under the roof; milk dripped from the woman's chest, the jaguars found her, ate her, the old woman asked for herself the insides heal the eyes; the twins grew up quickly; the Jaguar mother said they killed turtles to kill their mother's murderers; the twins began to kill jaguars returning to the house one by one, cutting off their heads; The two-headed one was cut off, the other stayed, he ran away, Luna hid it in her bag, replied to the twins that she did not have it; the Jaguar began to eat it, Luna asked the twins to come back, they refused]: 51-54; Metraux 1932:154-158 [Tatu-tunpa came down from heaven, got a girl pregnant; she didn't know how it happened; T. promised her to come back in a month; mother tells her to go to her husband; twins from the womb show her the way; she collects flowers for them, they need more; she refuses, they stop talking; she comes to the Jaguar house; Jaguariha hides her in addition to corn; Jaguars find her, eat her; toothless Jaguariha asks for her uterus; when she cooks, the twins sit on the edge of the pot; she raised them, gave them onions to hunt birds; the Jaguars ask the twins to teach them how to hunt too; they cannot learn; the twins they were lured first to cross a shallow lake and then a deep lake; all drowned, only the double-headed Sky Jaguar escaped; the twins made a chain of arrows, went up to heaven; the double-headed Jaguar followed them; ate the moon and the sun, their blood gave rise to a new moon and sun; these are eclipses of the sun and moon; one day they will eat, huge bats will appear, kill people; some will hide under leather cloaks (?) ; at night, pots, plants, stones will sing, dance, attack people; smut will turn green, there will be no fire; people will first make fire with mate, it will end, remain in the dark; will earthquake, everything will die; the sun will return, another era will begin], 158-165 [a woman did not let her daughter out of the house to isolate her from her men; Rei (like Aguara-tunpa, Lisa) asked her to be his wife, mother refused; he said this to his brother Tatú-tunpa (Battleship); he dug a hole under the girl, became pregnant, then went to her; the mother heard the conversation, found that her daughter was pregnant; the daughter left; the child from her womb shows the way to her father, asks to pick flowers; when the calebas is full of flowers, the mother is angry why there are so many; the son falls silent, does not show the way, the woman comes to her mother jaguars; she hid it, the jaguar sons came, one asked his mother to take out his fleas, the woman's milk dripped on him, the Jaguar found her, the jaguars ate her, gave her giblets to her mother; she hid the twins, they they shot her pigeons, told her sons that she caught birds with snare; the Jaguars do not believe, the old woman shows the twins, says she gave birth to them herself; pigeons explain to the twins that the jaguars ate them mother; twins bear fruit to the jaguars, they say they found them across the river; the Jaguars agreed to cross on a reed boat; the youngest pulled ahead of time, the boat sailed down, everyone drowned, but alone the pregnant woman escaped; the brothers started shooting at the sky, made a chain of arrows; the jaguar managed to eat the youngest; the elder returned, revived him from drops of blood; the eldest became the Sun, the youngest became the Month; sometimes the jaguar Yawarowi eats the Month; when the new moon, the Month takes women's blood; when three days are not visible, it is with the Sun]; Nordenskiöld 1912 [at the festival, the Battleship digs a hole under a girl sitting on the ground, does pregnant; she comes to the Battleship's hole, leaves her baby in it; he is no longer given to her; she is taken away and dazzled by the Double-Headed Jaguar; her father catches her son with a net; the young man hunts birds, one of them advises him to look for his mother better; he kills cat predators one by one; the Double-Headed Jaguar is the last to leave the house; hides under the moon's apron, eats the moon; son The battleship makes its mother new eyes out of clay]: 271-273.

Chaco. Chorote [girl rejects suitors; Battleship digs under her seat, fertilizes her without her knowledge; people don't know who the boy's father is; he immediately grows up and says he is the son of the Battleship; becomes the owner of the fish, the owner of the pond inside the bottle tree; his grandmother was the first to try the fish, then others]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1985, No. 39:67-69.