Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

J30. Parents' remains.


Before heroes defeat or run away from antagonists, they find or receive the victim's remains or property.

Sudan - East Africa. Somalis [the father called his five daughters to pick fruit; went to bed under a tree with a bell on it; while it was ringing, he was there; the cannibal came and ate it; the girls found blood; came to the house where the cannibal's daughter; she hid them from her mother; the cannibal found them, offered to stay with her, went to bed; the girls and the cannibal's daughter killed her with boiling water; men came, gathering kill a cannibal (her name is Langor); married girls; the cannibal's daughter has four sons; when her husband was sleeping, she killed him, hid the remains in a vessel; replies to her son that the father went to the council; the son asks for a drink, she tells you not to open the big jug, he opens it, sees his father's remains; the boys run, the mother is chasing them; a snake appears, makes the cannibal come back]: Reinish 1900, No. 64:198-201; Sudanese Arabs [ the husband, his pregnant wife, son Muhammad and daughter Fatma come to the cannibal, the husband leaves the family there; while F. took M. to play, the cannibal killed her mother, began to cook, ordered to cook porridge; answered the children that their mother had given birth; F. lifted the lid of the cauldron, saw her mother's remains; took her brother and ran away; they got to the old woman; there the cauldron, F. found it full of gold; asked her brother what to do with the gold; he ordered him to buy him a scourge, a sword and a horse; they built a house; returning from hunting, M. asks F. to open the door every time; the drone heard it; he pretends to be M., F. replies that the voice is like a donkey; the ghoul told change his voice to the blacksmith; he changed, but warned that the ghoul should not eat carrion; the ghoul ate, the voice is again like a donkey; the same thing again; F. opens; the ghoul asks if he should eat it or M.; that replies that M., let the ghoul hide in addition; the ghoul attacked M., but he called animals {which ones?} , ordered to eat ghoul, dog, throat (dog and turtle came to see) and F., leaving only tendons; F., dog and turtle say this is unfair]: Al-Shahi, Moore 1920, No. 5:68-69.

Western Siberia. Mansi: Lukina 1990, No. 128 [Mos-ne and Por-ne live together, both have two children, a girl and a boy; P. calls M. for grass for insoles, offers a ride down the mountain; kills, after riding on M.'s back with iron skis; M.'s children find their mother's intestines in the grass, run to her sister; P. tells another Por-ne to kill M.'s children, but at the same time kills P.'s children; M.'s children run, abandon a comb, a whetstone, matches, a thicket, a mountain, a fire; M.'s children sit on the bed, it falls apart, three times appear; one made friends with them, goes on with them; the boy pricked his finger with an awl, died; P. sat on a sledge with whites (this is the Ushing-otyr-oiki sledge), and M. with black deer (Tonton-Oiki sledge), come to town; M. finds his brother, he kisses his wife; leaves with him, does not wait for P.; she hides the sun; the Hare says it will reappear; grandfather tells P. to let go of the sun, it's light again]: 334-336; Popova 2001, No. 3 [hero White Pine Nut Kernel (BYA) marries a Russian; she persuades him to go to the Ob for fish; in the parking lot he pretends that the child is crying because his father is wearing chain mail; sews up the bottom of the removed chain mail, spoils the arrow, bow; the Russian hero attacks, BYA cannot put on chain mail, shoot; killed; his scalp hanged on larch on an island up the river; mother offers to kill the baby, the Russian assures that the boy will consider him father; the boy is strong in play injures and kills other children; they ask where his strong hand was when his father was killed; he asks his stepfather to make him a boat, sails to the island, finds, buries his father's bones and scalp; the brother of the victim He notices a boy from the shore, can hardly catch an arcana, admits his nephew; they all sail together to the boy's mother; he kills his stepfather with an arrow, tells him to tie his mother by the braids to the boat; they swim while the woman's body does not fall apart]: 21-37; Chernetsov 1935 [it is not said that the wife is Russian; without catching her nephew with an arcana; stepfather is killed by BYA's brother; a woman is nailed to the bottom of a boat, trampled]: 112-118; northern Selkups [Natank ("girl") and Tomnank ("frog"+two diminutive suffixes) live in the same camp; T. calls N. to collect grass for the insoles, kills N., pierced her with a blade of grass (sliver) ear; daughter N. notices her mother's leg leaning out from under the tire on the sledge; spies on T. cutting the corpse, promises her children to eat and N.'s children; N. plugs the chimney with a rag (so that T. thinks what else is night), leaves, carries his younger brother in a box; he dies pricked with an awl or drill; then see motif J54]: Tuchkova 2004:208-209; northern Khanty (Malaya Ob) [seven stone-eyed heroes; each of the seven sons of old Lampaska, old man Wampaska, asks his father for his shell; he does not give, his son dies, his scalp is thrown on a tree; the youngest daughter-in-law gives birth to a boy, he He grows up quickly, notices scalps on a tree, goes to take revenge; on the way he hits a bear who has come out to meet him three times; he turns into his grandfather, offers a shell, the young man rejects him; then he gives a ball thread; when he comes to the sea, the young man throws a ball, crosses the bridge to the other side; stone-eyed heroes promise him a sister as a wife, lock him in a stone house, set it on fire; the young man's heavenly father lets him down shell and sword, a young man kills heroes, throws their scalps on a tree, brings his wife home]: Lukina 1990, No. 35:136-141; Kets: Alekseenko 2001, No. 111 [Yurak kills Ostyak, takes his wife and two little sons; one of them asks a mother why his face does not look like (that of her husband?) ; the old woman tells him the truth, he tells his mother that he will kill Yurak; finds a tree on which the Yuraks hung his father's scalp; meets his father's friend, receives a bow and arrows from him; kills Yurak, his mother keeps alive]: 205-208; Dulzon 1972, No. 75 [one of the cousins is married to Kolmas, the other is married to a woman; the woman and Sausages went to cut the insole; began to look for lice from each other; K . put a wand in the woman's ear, killed her; at home she told her eldest daughter that her mother would come later; she saw K. eating her mother's meat; the girl closed the smoke hole with a plague with holes (like stars) an ermine, a fox, an ox, a bear carry her and her sister; old man Erohot carries girls on the back of the lamb (plague poles); girls transport K., knock her over into the water; she drowns]: 83-86.

SV Asia. Tundra Yukaghirs (Hallerchin Tundra, Nezhnekolym District) [Umchagen goes to visit his wife's parents, her brothers kill him; W. asks his mother why his father has not returned for a long time, she answers, I don't know; W. He comes to his uncles, sees them playing with his father's skull; they invite the young man to sleep on the blanket on which his father slept, bring water to his pot, eat from his plate; he defies cunning ( details are not a decree.); pushing off the ground with a spear, jumps over enemies, running home; uncles come for him; he offers to ride down the mountain, pierces nails into trees; uncles stumble upon them, die; mother cries, he kills her; becomes a good hunter, gets married]: Gogolev et al. 1975:195-196.

The Arctic. West Greenland (Sermiligaq) [Itsilik pregnant enters a cave, the bear who lived there eats her, keeps the boy, warns her not to approach the bipedals; the boy finds a skull mother, plays with him; the skull tells him that he is his real mother; the boy takes the skull and sails to people, the shaman revives I. from the skull; The bear grieved for the young man for the rest of her life]: Millman 2004:151- 152.

NW Coast. The Tlingits [a woman has four sons and a daughter; a drop of blood drips from her husband's box; she finds her uncle's hands severed off; her sons sail to her native village, make a boat out of leather and the hair of the dead; they return to the father's village; they magically begin to immerse him in the ground; the father gives them the hands of their relatives; the village disappears; in the mother's village, brothers resurrect her relatives from their skulls]: Swanton 1909, No. 31:90-91.

The coast is the Plateau. Shuswap [see motif J52; Grizzly kills Beaver, brings severed breasts home; the elder Beaver sees her frying them; two Beavers drown two Grizzly sons, hiding on a rock above the river; The grizzly goes after them; they push the stairs away, the Grizzly falls into the river, dies]: Teit 1909a, No. 21:681-683; Thompson [see J52 motif; a man marries a Grizzly and a Black Bear; each gives birth to three or four sons; jealous Grizzly asks her husband to help him carry the dug up roots; says that there are many insects in his head, kills by biting his neck; calls the Black Bear to look for her husband, kills in the same way in a way; Black Bear's youngest son notices that the Grizzly first roasts their father's genitals, then their mother's breasts; Black Bear's children drown Grizzly children, run away; their grandfather kills the Grizzly]: Teit 1898, no. XXII: 69-71; lillouette [like Thompson; both wives give birth to four daughters]: Teit 1912b, No. 19:322-323; comox (chatloltk) [Grizzly asks the Black Bear to take out her lice; they're frogs, they fall to the ground, the Bear says that knots fall from the tree (should she eat imaginary lice?) ; The Grizzly kills the Bear, cuts off, cooks her breasts, gives the Bear's sons to eat; they recognize their mother's meat, kill the Grizzly children, leave them standing beside the chest as if they are getting food from there; they run away, climb on tree; ask Grizzly to open her mouth, throw wood dust in her face; Grizzly runs away]: Boas 1895, No. 9:81; skagit [see J52 motif; Grizzly and Brown Bear are married to Woodpecker; Grizzly kills The bear, looking in her head; the Bear's youngest son sees the Grizzly frying his mother's chest; the Woodpecker makes the sons from the Bear with flint arrows, from the Grizzly with coal tips; the former kill Second; the Crane stretches its leg like a bridge; the Bear's sons cross to the other side; he pretends to have a pain in his leg; twitches when the Grizzly steps on her, throwing her into the river; she swims out; runs to Flint, the Bear's father, where his grandchildren hide; he invites her to enter the house backwards; the blade cuts her in half]: Hilbert 1985:130-136; quinolt [young man fishing, someone cleans the salmon he catches; he hides, sees a woman coming out of the forest; takes her as his wife; she does not laugh or open her face; Blue Jay makes her laugh; she throws off the veil; she has the face of a monster pieces of man between her teeth; those who hear her laugh fall dead; she devours them, hides the genitals of her eaten husband in the basket; gives birth to twin sons; they find the father's genitals, they see the empty village; they set fire to their house, run away, climb a tree; the mother rushes in pursuit; they ask her to wrap around the trunk, tell the bark to fall on her, the mother is killed; the brothers travel further, killing monsters]: Farrand 1902, No. 1:81-82; quileout [The Raven tells Olenikha to cry for the long dead and do it on the edge of the cliff; do not look back, if he hears footsteps, they may be long dead; he sneaks after Olenikha himself, pushes him off a cliff; his wife freshens the carcass; the wife cooks the breast, gives it to the Deer, who will learn the taste of the mother's breast; Raven lies to his wife that he has a daughter from another marriage, offers to take the meat to her; in a boat Shouts that enemies are coming, telling her wife to run without looking back, fires arrows over her head; eats all the meat; the wife is surprised that the arrows of her enemies are the same as her husband's, finds only crow feces in the boat]: Farrand, Mayer 1919, No. 14:271-273; (cf. Lower Chinook [the girl is taken away by the Bear; she gives birth to a son and a daughter; her four brothers take turns coming to the Bear's house; his son asks to remove his lice, kills young men; the younger fifth brother does not shoot at the pheasant on the way, does not enter the bear house; together with the Bear's daughter, he burns the Bear and his son in their house; the Bear's wife revives the brothers; dives into the lake, turns into a monster; Bear's daughter is married by Chief Blue Jay; she never laughs; promises to laugh if he gets on all fours in the woods; laughs, devours all men; husband has lower legs The knees disappear; she keeps it in a basket; gives birth to two sons; does not tell them to go down the river; they go, find the bones of people their mother regurgitated; they find the basket with their father; he says that their mother has become a monster; brothers turn her into a dog, put her father under water; go wandering; see a double-headed swan on the lake {perhaps a swan with heads at both ends of the body}; the younger one shoots swims to the bird, disappears; the elder throws hot stones into the lake; the water boils; he rips open the bellies of all monsters; in the latter he finds a brother holding a swan; revives him; the man dances with an oar, at this time fish jump into his boat; his brothers taught him how to fish with a net; another man shoots in the rain because his house has no roof; his brothers taught him how to make a roof; they wash dirt off his skin, make people out of it, they blow on them, people have come to life; a man sharpens knives, promises to kill those who fix everything; brothers turned him into a deer, tying his knives to his head, these are horns; a woman throws people into the abyss on sharp flints; brothers throw her, cut her body to pieces, throw it in different directions; Indians who live where their legs fall have strong legs; those who live where her hair has fallen have long hair; etc. ]: Boas 1894a, No. 1:17-21); catlamet [see motif J52; Malinovka and Yagodka (Salmon-berry) sisters; the first has five daughters, the second has sons; sisters go for berries, Malinovka is looking for Berry in her head, wants to eat it; Yagodka warns sons to run if eaten; the youngest sees Malinovka throwing Berries into the fire; the brothers invite Malinovka's children to play in the steam room, strangle hot; run away]: Boas 1901a, No. 15:118-128; Kalapuya [Puma hunts, Minka catches fish and collects roots; Puma marries a Grizzly; her four sisters come one after another, he fights them, kills; the wife finds out the truth in her dreams, puts on a grizzly skin, devours her husband, carries his penis in her teeth; revives her sisters, returns to her father; gives birth to a boy and a girl; they hear the mother cry, see in their teeth she has a penis; they come to Norka, he tells them about their father's murder; they tie up the sleeping Grizzly sisters and their father in the house, set him on fire, run away; the mother chases them; the boy creates a berry tree behind a clearing, a turtle, a teasing stalker; she loses time picking berries, catching a turtle; children swing on an oak branch; mother asks for permission to swing; when they rock her, they break the swing, she falls far north, disappears; boy turns Norka into a hole, sister into a grizzly, himself a cougar]: Gatschet et al. 1945, No. 8:261-272; Takelma [someone (probably the Sun) kills an Otter; two sons the victim is seen in the house by a bow and arrow, a shell, a harpoon; the mother's grandmother is asked who the owner is; she lies that she is, they suspect the truth; brothers go up the river; they kill two daughters of the Sun who came for with resin, they stretch their skins; jumping into a boat, one brother stumbles; the old man suspects that these are not the daughters of the Sun; in the house of the Sun, they smoke the Otter's heart on resin; at night, the brothers kill the Sun, bring the heart father home]: Sapir 1909, No. 17:155-163; tillamook: Jacobs, Jacobs 1959, No. 8 [a man from heaven kills a man from earth; two sons of a murdered man rise to heaven, making a chain of arrows; heavenly people hit the young man's father in the head like a drum; brothers kill the enemy and his men; take the father's head; the spider brings them down to the ground; they revive the father], 14 [A wild woman kills a man; his sister-wife rushes into the fire; an eagle saves their son; brings him to play his mother's ankle and father's rib; talks about the fate of his parents; a young man learns to fly, lifts a Wild Woman into the air; Blue Jay reports that her heart in her wicker hat; an eagle boy tears his hat, a woman dies; a young man's sister Mole sneaks underground, takes all the Wild Woman's shell money; see motive F90]: 25-28, 50-54; modoc: Curtin 1912:73-75 [The thunder killed all the boy's relatives, only the grandmother remains; the boy digs roots for her, the Thunder takes them away; shows his necklace from the bones of his relatives, promises to kill himself; Grandma says Thunder's heart is in his index finger; the boy shoots his finger, turns Thunder into thunder]; see motif J52. Klamath [The bear gives Antelope's sons meat; the youngest discovers the smell of mother's milk in him].

The Midwest. Menominee [Olenikha and Moose live together, go for berries, both have two children; The deer is fat, the Moose kills her, brings the meat home; puts the Deer in a bag, hangs it in the chimney, says that their mother is left to pick berries; the mother's meat, while it is frying, shouts to the eldest son that she has been killed; the elder Deer kills Moose, puts them on stakes, leaves them standing against each other with their teeth pieces of venison; runs, taking his brother; Moose scolds the children; chases the Deer; they ask the Old Heron to transport them across the river; the Heron asks him to look in his head, gnaw a louse; the deer gnaws cranberries; The Heron stretches its beak like a bridge over the river; the Moose calls the Heron dirty, refuses to gnaw the louse; the Heron turns its beak, the Moose drowns (up to here pp.493-497); boys come to the sea; the old man arrives in a hollow, asks the elder to see what is in his eye, takes him away, the younger brother stays on the shore; the old man gives his daughter to the young man; the wife teaches how to stay alive; father-in-law and son-in-law in in the winter forest, they hang moccasins to dry; the son-in-law replaces them, the father-in-law throws his own into the fire; the son-in-law comes home first, and his wife they return to where they left their younger brother; the elder meets the youngest, when he carries a bear; he is now a strong man; brothers stay together]: Bloomfield 1928, No. 110:493-501.

Northeast. Seneca [see J4B motif; the cannibal Wolf killed all the relatives of the old turkey woman; his little grandson remains; she shows him the room where his weapon, drum and ball accessories are kept father and uncle; he kills the ogre, revives the dead]: Curtin, Hewitt 1918, No. 21:135-138.

California. The bear kills and eats a deer or a deer; brings part of the victim's body home. Kato [Bear and Olenikha are married to the same person; boy and girl deer find their mother's eyes in a clover basket]; lassik [like a kato; The bear brings Olenikha's head, sticks it in fire; two deer girls hear their eyes burst; mother's hair tells them to run]; yuki [The bear is Olenikha's mother; Deer's husband The deer brings birds to his son and daughter, gives his mother-in-law giblets; mother-in-law took out the birds she had caught, left one partridge in the trap; the deer leaned behind her, her mother-in-law killed him; called her daughter to collect clover, asked her to look in her head, then looked for her daughter in her head, bit it off; put the eyes of Olenikha and the Deer in the acorn porridge, gave it to the Deer; they recognized their eyes; invited the Cubs to play in the steam room, closed the smoke hole; put the bodies with sticks to them, turning them into skunks; they ran to the sea, asked Grandfather Crane to transport them across the sea; he stretched out his neck; when the Bear came, he removed his neck, she fell into the sea, but swam out; Coyote, Rabbit, Fox and others killed her on the shore with stones, turned her into a bear]: Foster 1941:236-237; wappo [The bear kills her husband Deer; puts his head in the basket (the following text is unclear: the two sons of the victim's sister they take clover from the basket and, apparently, find their uncle's head]: Radin 1924, No. 8:47; wappo [Hawk comes to the house of the Month; Coyote, Hawk's grandfather, lives there, helps his grandson; makes hugs safe with two sisters of the Month; The Month always kills the sisters' husbands; Hawk 1) stays alive in a hot steam room; performs tasks 2) bring arrow reeds (guarded by bears and winged rattlesnakes; two hummingbirds bring reeds to Hawk, explain that monsters are relatives of the Month); 3) bring red earth (apparently to color arrows; it must be taken from the mouth of the cannibal wife of the Month, it is red ground; hummingbirds get and bring them to the Hawk); 4) bring two eagles (obviously ahead of the arrows; when the Hawk climbs a tree, it rises into the air, the Coyote pulls him back), 5) drive the deer kill a spotted man to get arrow tendons (two owls kill a deer, it was a relative of the Month, it all consisted of tendons), 6) catches siren fish (this is the sister of the Month, two drakes kill it) ; The Hawk breaks the branches of a pine tree; during this Month he kills him with an arrow; the Hawk's body is burned, a hawk flies out of the ash, returns to his country; the eldest wife gives birth to his son, the youngest a daughter; an old coyote helps them grow up right away; mothers do not tell them to go to the pine tree; they go, find onions and traces of their father's blood; the young man breaks pine branches in front of the Month, kills him with an arrow; the sisters of the Month cry; Uncle Month ( revived?) comes, offers a competition in running; Coyote helps the young man win by creating thick grass, the Month is entangled in it; they run further; in the steam room, the young man knocks his head off the Month with a poker, she is alive, he breaks it with a poker]: Radin 1924, No. 11:93-141; mountain mivok: Gifford 1917 [two deer girls in a clover basket find and recognize their mother's liver], No. 2, 13:287-288, 333-334; Merriam 1993 [ The deer is the sister of Grizzly's husband; she has two sons, the Grizzly has one; the Grizzly invites her to look in her head, kills her, brings her liver home; the deer find and recognize her; playing with him, they strangle the Bear cub in a hole with smoke, put it as if he were sleeping; they ran to the other side of the river; the Grizzly asks how they got there; Backwards; the Grizzly goes backwards, the deer roll a hot stone on her; out of her skin they make a belt, climb into the sky; they meet their mother there; she drowns in a spring; they go back; so deer live on the ground, not in the sky]: 103-109; coastal mivok [The bear suggested to Olenikha look in her hair, gnawed her neck, ate it; two Deer noticed a piece of venison in the house; when the Bear left, they killed two bears with clubs, put them in the steam room on either side of the chimney; ran away ; crossing the river, they ask the Bear not to talk about them; they climbed the sequoia, heated the stones there; the bear found the dead Cubs, rushed in pursuit; asked the Deer how they got in; they replied that upside down; killed the Bear, throwing hot stones into her anus; saw a mother in the sky; the elder shot, the mother caught an arrow, pulled out her son; the youngest shot, followed the arrow into the sky; mother told the children how the Bear killed her]: Kelly 1978, No. 20:36-37; serrano [two sisters go east, the eldest carries a vessel of water; does not give the youngest, she dies of thirst; the eldest gives birth to twins Tsatukotani (elder) and Parakonix; Bear, Wolf, Vulture, Eagle say they are their fathers; the real father is the Sun; boys secretly come out of their cradles to hunt; mother tells them about an eagle's nest on rock; they rise as fluffs, take two eagles; quarrel over who will take the larger eagle; eagles die; the mother of the boys revives them; the young men take reeds out of the sea; make flutes; the younger one plays can be heard on the other side of the world; Vulture's two daughters walk from there to this sound; on the Coyote Road, the Hawk say they played; the older sister believes the youngest tells me to move on; the sisters spend the night with brothers leave in the morning; brothers follow them soon; mother knows they will die; Vulture sends his son named Tcaikakat to find out who has come; light from the bodies of young men kills Tc.; Vulture calls his warriors, the Hawk manages to kill the twins; their bones are crushed into powder, long bones are used to play; the younger sister gives birth to a son Kwexomári; he also shines; she lies to her father that she gave birth to a girl; K. plays with his uncle, who says he did not kill his father and uncle; K. finds the bones of his father and uncle, begins to revive them; they say it's impossible, stay dead; plays with Coyote; throws dice, ground Everyone splits, dies, except mother K.; with her he visits his grandmother; carries his mother across the sea, drowns]: Benedict 1926, No. 3:2-7.

Big Pool. Chemewevi [The Lizard (Gila Monster) and the Turtle prepare food supplies; the Coyote finds and eats them; the owners raid, many of the Coyote's people are killed; the old woman is saved by the baby's grandson, the Dove; he breaks the bird's leg, she shows him a pile of father's bones, says that the Lizard captured her mother; tells his grandmother to hit him on the top of his head with a wooden knife, split him in half; so one young man turns into two; Coyote prepares younger chiefs (various animal people) for the campaign; young men in the guise of pigeons fly to their mother; kill a rabbit for her; she lies to the Lizard as if she killed him herself; the Lizard applies hot coal to pigeons' beaks, but they do not blink, he believes that they are just birds; pigeons bring water to warriors dying of thirst; the Rattlesnake overturned the vessel, a stream has flowed out of it; woman hides the stone clothes of a sleeping Lizard; the Lizard, the Turtle and all their men are killed]: Laird 1976:168-182; Utah [The Stone Shirt kills the Crane and its men, kidnaps the Crane's wife; she manages to give his mother's baby; the child grows up, breaks the man's leg; he shows him the bones of his murdered father; the young man asks his grandmother to hit him with an ax, turns into two twins; the mother tells them that The Stone Shirt's clothes are impenetrable, and his two daughters' arrows fly to the target on their own; the twins turn into mice, gnaw on their bow strings; the Rattlesnake bites the Stone Shirt; he and his daughters die]: Powell 1881:47-51.

The Great Southwest. Western Apaches (San Carlos) [mother shows her son his father's hand]: Goddard 1918:72; Zunyi [bones, skull, eyes, mother's heart]: Cushing 1901:452-463; Western Ceres (Laguna) [ The Coyotich goes with Antelope to collect cactus fruits; takes out her lice, kills her; gives her meat to her two children; the meat tells them to strangle the Coyoticha's children with smoke in the house, follow their mother in Venimac ( the lake where the katsins live, where the dead go); the Coyoticha descends into W. ze by Antelope's children; many antelopes below take her to their horns, throw her back]: Parsons 1931:137; tiva [see motif J52; The she-wolf kills the Deer, brings meat home; Reindeer don't eat, they run away; Deer kill the Wolf]: Parsons 1932c, No. 16 (Isleta) [Reindeer roast meat, it tells them it's their mother; Reindeer strangle Wolf with smoke]: 403-404; 1940, No. 52 (Taos) [The bear wants to make her children spotted like Deer, smokes, they die]: 109-111; Mojave: Desvereux 1948 [bones of relatives killed by enemies]: 243-244; Kroeber 1948 [father's kneecap; serves as antagonists to play ball], No. 1:9; 1972, No. 17, 18 [without a game episode]: 96, 108-109; diegueño (ipay) [like Mojave No. 1; also other father and uncle bones ( maternal grandmother decorates herself with them)]: Dubois 1906:156-157; yuma [in his ancestors' house, the hero finds a magic belt, an amulet, a hat]: Densmore 1932a: 54; havasupai [mother speaks to two sons, that there is no reed for arrows in the well with converging walls; they put a pole in it, the walls have stopped, they have brought reeds; they watch their mother straighten her arrows with them in her vagina; the arrow broke immediately; the owl gave a solid tree for the tips, began to live with their mother; they told him to fry his gut with meat, which burst, the Owl went blind, his brothers killed him; the Bear's tip stones; he gave, lives with their mother; the young man made a tip out of coal, offered to shoot the Bear; replaced them with a stone tip, killed the Bear; the brothers hid in the skin of a deer; the eagle took them to the rock, eagles They shout that the prey is alive; the brothers consistently kill all eight eagles, then eagles, tell the rock to go low, go down; they play the flutes before going to bed, two girls go from the south to the sound; Lizard: I played; they don't believe, they come to their brothers, their mother says they will ruin their hunting luck; the younger brother gets together with the girl, the older one refuses; the girls left before the mother wakes up; the eldest unsuccessfully wants to stop the younger brother; the younger brother loses his hunting luck; both went to the girls, left two hairs tight, if they burst and bleed, trouble; the younger sister is ready to give birth; the older one calls Kite kill the brothers, who cut off their heads, carries them to his cliff; the boy born sees men playing; the mother and aunt say that they fed him from his father's skull; the aunt replied that Kite lives on a rock, told them not to go there; the boy followed the feather, killed Kite, told the women to stand in a row, threw a piece of wood from the nest at them, killed them; killed their mother, sister, and all women at home with a stick; came to my grandmother; she told him to go east, west herself; You'll visit me (clouds across the sky); she lives by the sea herself]: Smithson, Euler 1994:54-61.

Honduras vs Panama. Mothers. Cabecar [jaw]: Stone 1962:60; bribri [skull]: Bozzoli, Cubero Venegas 1989, No. 12:19; Bozzoli, Cubero Venegas, Constenla Umaña 1983:18; Bozzoli, Murillo Chaverri 1984, no. 33:33.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritare [Mahanama and his wife have a pregnant daughter; she went for fetuses; Jaguar's men shot and ate her; among them were the Anteater, the Lizard, the Oriole, they were all Stars; a baby from the belly fell into the river, swam away; Sardine, then Perch, Stingray swallowed it, it grew in their stomach; began to go ashore, steal peppers at site M., return to Stingray's stomach; M. leaves the Caracara bird as a watchman, catches a boy; he says he is his grandson Kuamachi; promises to avenge his mother's death; kills an Anteater; meets Jaguar's daughter; Jaguar invites his son-in-law to hunt Paku to attack him in disguise Jaguar; K. makes a trap, kills Jaguar, kills his father; Jaguar's son indicates which of the skulls belongs to K.'s mother; K. brings it to his grandfather]: Civrieux 1980:103-108.

Ecuador. Colorado [Ilusun ate a hunter, came to his house instead, brought a liver, said it was a trapped guanta, the rest was eaten by a jaguar; when the liver is brewed, tells the kids, I'm yours father; mother sent her sons for pepper, they ran away, came to the village where he was despicable; I. asked the victim's wife to look for lice from him, she saw a second bloody mouth on the back of her head, he ate people for them; the woman said , who would follow her sons, ran to the same village, leaving her bowel movements to be responsible for herself; I. came in the morning, he was given an intoxicating drink; the widow of what he had eaten was dressed up as a man, cutting off her hair and making a penis from the cob so that I. would not recognize her; they blew pepper into his nose, threw him into a fire pit; his wife came in his footsteps, she was also given a drink; she had time to suck the child's brain; she was told to dance around the fire pit, they also pushed them into the fire; the shaman collected their ashes in a rubber bag, ordered them to be thrown into the water without opening it; curious people discovered flies, horseflies and other bloodsuckers flew out on the way; now there are many of them in the summer]: Aguavil, Aguavil 1985:108-118.

Western Amazon. Koreguahe [father-in-law took his son-in-law to look at the drawings on the stone, pushed him down, he was eaten by chulos; later the father-in-law returned, pulled out his son-in-law's bones, hid it under the roof; the victim's little sons hunted crickets, they asked not to kill them, but to feed them, showed where their father's bones were, folded them, ordered them to bring tobacco, began to smoke, the man began to revive, came to life, went hunting; the boys' mother does not believe when he sees husband, frightened; he tells his wife to put starch in the pot, which turned into a little harpy eagle; then he told his wife to put more starch, a big eagle appeared, and the man began to feed him meat animals, he was able to lift the tree trunk; the father-in-law was hit by a splinter in the leg, he asked his daughter to pull it out, the eagle grabbed it and took it away; at the request of his wife, the husband shot the eagle, but the arrow did no harm; the eagle ate father-in-law, head fell, tutamono (monkey?) began to blow at her, causing a dull sound; the jaguar asked me to give his head to him, since then he has been growling loudly]: Jimenez 1989, No. 43:96-98; canelo [cannibal Inti Runa ("sun"+plural suffix) devours a pregnant woman a woman who takes a baby out of her womb, he jumps into the water; grows up himself, hunts flies; IR found him, took him, gave arrows; the birds said that IR killed his mother; he found his mother's skull; he revived the birds, whom he shot; at the station he turned IR's mother into a deer, killed him, fed her meat; killed him with a spear while he ate his head]: Coloma et al. 1986:89-93; shuar: Barrueco 1988 [Cere (monkey) climbs a vine into heaven, brings a woman from there, Atsuta; Ivia marries her; she always brings a lot of fish; I. watches her, discovers that Anaconda gives her fish; out of jealousy, I. kills wife, gutt; his (second) wife finds two eggs inside; the Duck takes them away, from which the Sun Oetz brothers and the Month of Nantes appear; they eat all the pepper from the Heron garden; she sends them to steal from I.; I. leaves two insects as guards, catches thieves; I. takes E. as a grandson (N. is no longer mentioned); E. invents a wind gun, kills birds; Pigeon advises killing his mother's murderer better; E. sees I. with the wife is played with his mother's skull and eye, the eye sheds tears; E. kills I.'s wife, cuts off his head and limbs, turns his torso into a deer, feeds I.; kills him with a spear, burns him; at this point Tobacco grows up; I. comes to life but cannot kill E.]: 36-41; Pelizzaro 1993 [Ivianch (Ivia) ate the hiwaro family, married the most beautiful girl; then killed her, her children Etza (sun) and Yanguami (star) fed by the water goddess Tsungi (sometimes in the form of an anaconda); Y. climbed the vine into the sky, became a star; E. began to steal pepper from I.'s site, who caught it and adopted it; E. caught a lot of game for I.; was going kill a totora bird with a wind gun, she said that I. killed E.'s mother, made a flute out of his skull, used his eyes to paint vessels; E. killed I.'s current wife, the corpse became a deer; E. cut off and dismembered he cooked his head and meat, ate it with I.; seeing the head in the hands of E., I. turned it into a tobacco plant; E. was released from it; E. gave I. a sarbakan, ordered the birds to pretend to be dead; I. picked them up, they they came to life, lifted him to the sky, promised to marry a huge woman who turned out to be a rock; then I. was immersed in the waters of the river, his right hand was tied by a vine, his left hand could catch some fish]: 44 (briefly in 1961, No. 12:8, retelling in Forno 1970:42-44); Aguaruna: Akutz Nugkai et al. 1977 (1) [A predator (el Carnívoro) killed a pregnant woman, gutted it, began to wash meat in the river, found an egg in her stomach, put it on a stone to bake it later, the goose took it to his nest down the river; a boy came out of the egg, the goose raised it; the boy began to come to the site of the murdered mother, ate hot pepper there; from the boy it was radiant, it was the sun; the Predator's wife noticed that on their property (they considered him their own) someone was eating all the pepper; the Predator lay in wait for the boy, called him a son, brought him to him; made him a little sarbakan; wanted to shoot flies that stuck to the Predator's body, and hit each one without injuring the Predator; the Predator offered to build a house, asked for a pole hole to go down to deepen it, lowered the pole from above and threw earth at the hole; the Sun got out through the hollow core of the pillar; both pretended that nothing had happened; the Sun became a young man, the Predator made him a big sarbakan on the condition that he would be all the game bring him; the Sun brought birds, the Predator barely fried them, devoured them raw; made thundering pendants in the Sun's ears to hear him approach; left alone, he played the flute from his skull mother; The sun destroyed all the birds, the dove remained; asked to shoot bird feathers from the sarbakan, the birds were reborn; the dove told everything; ordered to fix the pendants so as not to make noise, to approach quietly and see what the Predator is doing; he tried to hide the skull, the skull rolled under the Sun's feet, tears are dripping from his eyes; the Sun has created a tree whose fruits are loved by deer; the Predator ordered to go hunting tomorrow; The Sun made him a spear out of bad wood, bewitched him not to hit the target, and the Predator made a good spear for the Sun; since the Sun hit the target, he was the one who went hunting; let the Predator send his wife to the area behind cassava; the Sun turned her into a deer, killed her, but the head was human; The sun told the digging stick to be responsible for it; brought home a deer without a head; The predator eats meat, the Sun pretends to call" his mother," answers the digger stick; the Sun sent the Predator to swim, brought his wife's head, cursed all objects to rot immediately; when he saw the head, the Predator wanted to kill the Sun, but all he took into hands, crumbled to dust; the Sun pierced the Predator with a spear, nailing him to the ground; a vine grew and tied him; the Predator's back took root; a flower grew out of the penis, hummingbirds flocked to it, the Predator caught He ate them; once he almost ate a man, the Sun decided to move him to the end of the world; the toucan and woodpecker cut off the roots, raised the Predator into the air; the Sun created a fruit tree, and many birds rushed to it; The sun told the Predator about the tree, who did not resist, he sucked the guts of the gathered birds; he did not want to fly, but the birds carried it; they shouted "like a balsa" (i.e. light) and he "like a stone"; at the end of the world downstream The Predator could only grab and eat fish, catch it all; then the Sun left him only one hand free; he turned into a tree, and the three women promised to him were red, cream and gray clothes (they are actually birds) - leaves; at certain times of the year, the leaves dry out, and the wind brings birds from the lower reaches of the river; these birds bring the Predator the souls of the dead, but they themselves say that they hunt monkeys; when birds arrive, many people die; when corpses are smoked, birds are driven away]: 135-169; Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1979 (1), No. 1 [Ajáim went to the site, met a pregnant woman killed a woman, gutted it by the river, found an egg in her stomach, put it on a stone; duck (sem. Phalacrocoracidae) took him away; Etsa (the sun) was born from him; one day he got out of the water, came to site A. and began to eat hot pepper, which was sweet to him; A. sent a snake to find out who was on the site; E. he ran away from the snake, but then A. caught him, brought him to his place; E. began to live with him; A. tied seed bells to him; when E. grew up, A. made him a small sarbakan; E. shot flies, then A. sent him to bird hunting; E. brought them, A. ate them; made a big sarbakan for E.; E. soon shot all the birds, the hummingbirds were the last; the dove tells me not to shoot, says that A. killed E.'s mother; from her head made a resonator for a wind instrument, played it; E. crept up and saw that it was; his mother's skull rolled up at E.'s feet, tears were dripping from his eyes; E. calls A. into the forest: there is a fruit tree, to whom deer walk; E. throws his spears more accurately; tells A. to send his wife to the site; he killed her himself, turned her into a deer, only a human head; E. cut her off, and ordered A.'s wife's digging stick to be responsible for her; A. ate the deer, and when he returned from bathing, E. gave him his wife's head; A. grabbed his spear, but it turned out to be rotten, and E. pierced A. with his spear; a flower grew out of A.'s penis, and they began to flock to it hummingbirds, A. caught and ate them; to take A. to take A. to where he could not eat, E. called for help from Pauhil, Toucan, Woodpecker and Peacock (Pipile cumanensis, sem. Cracidae); at first A. shouted: as heavy as a stone, the birds could not lift it; then he was promised two women and A. began to scream: light, light; he was placed on the island, but he ate all the fish; this place called Tunkín; left one hand on the ground - the same, he was fishing with one hand; you can still hear his screams when he is hungry; the Leistes militaris (Pexites militaris) bird fumigates sick people or the dead and brings A. to be eaten; A. sings, birds flock to him, sitting on trees]: 39-45; achuar [mother's skull]: Seymour-Smith 1988:117-118.

NW Amazon. Carijona: Schindler 1979, No. 1 [see J4A motif; a woman takes Jaguar as a lover, lets him kill her husband; her son Month finds a Sun Brother, they kill Jaguar; in another hollow of that But the Night Monkey lives in the tree; she has a horn from the brothers' father's skull around her neck; brothers kill the Monkey in an ambush, but the mother creates a snake, which steals her father's skull; so he could not be resurrected], 12 [Kaeromati dug a hole in the forest, pushed his son-in-law there, died a week later; K. collected the bones, hid it under the roof; the victim's little son asks his mother about his father; tears off the heads of the crickets, one asks not to kill him, talks about his father; for this, the boy revived the others; bewitched the tree on the site to be strong, cassava - to make it difficult to dig (so the grandfather and mother will not return home soon, they will work), planted The cricket to the ceiling, who gnawed through the rope of the bundle, the bones fell; for which the boy gave the cricket to chirp the bone that people had between their thumb and forefinger; fumigated the bones, covering them with leaves tobacco, the father came to life; K. took meat from his grandson, now the father brought monkeys to his son, and gave his father-in-law a skin; the boy sculpted two harpy eagles from manioc starch, they grew up quickly; the boy built a platform for them by the water, so that the bones would fall into the water and the mother did not revive his grandfather like his father himself; the harpies grabbed and ate his grandfather, the bones fell into the water; the boy pretended to shoot, but with blunt arrows; then drove the harpies far away]: 35-36, 114-115; Barasana: S.Hugh-Jones 1979, No. 4E [mother's head]: 278; Torres Laborde 1969 [see motif J16; Month (Muihu), Menya's son, comes to his sister at night (her name is Mé Neri, MYA), she became pregnant; spread black paint, smeared his face; identified him in the morning; spots on the moon since then; the month drowned in shame; his body rotted on the shore; the Bat ate his flesh, since then since he became an ogre; Meni sent a shaman owl to look for his son, he did not find him (owls have big eyes since then); Adiab's three brothers (creators) found Muihu's bones; told the ants to connect them , stuck to tobacco leaves, creating a new body; Muihu came to life, but fell apart again when middle A. said that M. slept with ME; A. revived him again; ME did not recognize him; he had a monkey with him, he asked ME to get her a kaimo fruit from the top of the tree to eat; made the tree tall, I stayed in the upper world; the mochilero bird looked for it, saw a reflection; I was bitten by a wasp, a mochilero killed a wasp, brought ME water, a anklet; weaved a rope to go down; the rope broke off, I fell, returned home; Muihu told her to bring water, but the vessel filled immediately dried up; while she was trying to fill it, Meni and Muihu left; at the fork in Menya, he left a vessel decorated with turkey feathers that looked like a man; Meni told him to point out ME is the right way if I comes crying, and false if laughing; ME laughed while I was far away, and when she went to the vessel, she cried; the vessel showed the way to the Jaguars; I came to the Possumicha; she asked her to lie in her son's hammock, but he smelled badly, Mya moved on; the Jaguars had their mother Oaco, Menya's sister; the Jaguars returned from work on the site, carrying axes; Jaguar saw ME hiding in a vessel in the mirror; she spat out of disgust; the youngest of the Jaguars agreed to dance with her; starting with his fingers, he ate her; they gave her giblets to her mother; she carried them to wash on the river, boy Warimí Sué jumped from the womb into the water; the Jaguars tried to catch him; he became a frog; they ate a frog, but in fact he went down the river to where Menya's sons live; bathed with them; the boys did not know who he was; he did not go into the house; painted or ate butterflies; their fathers told them to lure V.; the big girl was buried in the sand, others wrote from above; butterflies flew; V. became and to paint, the girl grabbed it; V. became a little boy, began to cry; Menya thought it was the child of his eldest daughter; they passed it from one daughter to another, but V. stopped crying only on the youngest's lap; he was blew on, painted with red paint (since then they have been doing this to babies); V. quickly grew into a ten-year-old boy; Meni told him that his mother had eaten jaguars; V. Jaguar came to Maloka, became a baby again; the Jaguar who ate Menery-I touched V., licked his finger, it turned out to be bitter; V. saw how this Jaguar regurgitated his mother's blood; V. turned the Jaguars into different animals (tapir, paka, etc.), they eat each other; the Jaguars played a sounding calebas made from mother V.'s head, her voice is heard, my son; V. put a log in the hammock instead of him, the Jaguar ate it ; in the morning, the Jaguars played with Mya's skull again, V. threw him into the forest; told the water gauges to collect the husks of the Miriti palm nuts, threw it into the water, it turned into piranhas; Tapira, with whom he went to collect miriti, V. pushed it into the water, the piranhas ate it; V. made a bridge, the Jaguars walked along it, V. swung it, the Jaguars fell, the piranhas ate them; the eater held one paw above the water, was left with one paw; the house Yaguarov V. szheg]: 31-45; Kabiyari [Month, Jejechu's son, began to come to his sister Meneriyo; she smeared his face with a genip to find out who his lover was; in the morning Month could not wash himself off, died; his raised from his bones; when asked if he knew that M. was a sister, he broke up again, rebuilt again; M. climbed a tree, it grew to the sky, she went down a rope; got to the Jaguars; their grandmother hid it under the roof; the Jaguars returned from the site, found M. because she looked down; the grandmother took her giblets and found the boy Mujnuyi in them (a name common to several brothers in other texts, see below). motif B7); he slipped into the water, became a fish; at the mouth of the river he began playing on the beach with Jejechu's daughters; they buried one in the sand, hands outside, wrote, butterflies flew, M. came to play with them, girl grabbed him; he immediately became a baby; grew up in five days, shot flies, then birds, asks how his mother died; J. replies that she was bitten by a snake (M. lets himself be bitten, alive); burned, fell from a tree, ate jaguar, drowned; every time M. shows that this is not the case; now his name is Pitche; he comes to the Chawine Jaguars who killed his mother; finds his mother's head; the jaguars licked his head, it is bitter (tree pitchi is bitter on his head); P. placed his mother's head on the other side of the river, made a bridge there; the jaguar stepped on him, he collapsed, the fish ate them, one escaped, bit off his heel; then see motive K1]: Correa 1989, No. 3:53-67; macuna [see motif J15; Meneriyo turned onto the path leading to the cannibal ~Gãs; he kills her with a dance rod; G.'s mother rescued her baby Ryãkomak & # 252; (her son from her Brother Month-old), releasing him into the river; R. goes ashore to play, painted butterflies (they were white); Mawão's three daughters buried one of them in the sand, wrote on the sand, butterflies flew, R. came up to them, the girl grabbed him; he stopped crying in the younger one's arms; he grew up in a day; W. had to take him to G.'s house, tell him about his mother's death; W. tied him bitter leaves; G. licked, it turned out to be bitter; in the forest G. became a jaguar, but R. became a lizard, escaped; at night R. put a deck in his hammock, G. attacked it; in the afternoon G. and his brothers began to throw M.'s head was like a ball, and R. was given a lighter calebasa; if R. did not throw his own over the maloka, he would be eaten; R. transferred strength from his mother's head to the calebasa, threw his ball; since then, children have been forbidden throwing the ball over the maloka (it's like throwing his mother's head); R. threw garbage into the backwater, puño (Serrasalmus rhombeus) and piranhas appeared; he created a fruit tree on the shore, fish constipation like bridge; when G. and his men went, R. told the bridge to fall apart; everyone was eaten by piranhas, but G. only weaned their feet, he rose to heaven; W. invited R. to burn the site from the middle, lit it himself around the edges; R. became a fish in a hole of water, waited out the fire; W. sent R. for Thunder's daughter; R. replaced Thunder's lightning club with a wooden fake; R. brought G.'s daughter to W., telling her to be unfaithful; she took the Pisces Leader as her lover; knocked on the calebass on the water, calling him; the bird told W. about it; W. killed his lover with an arrow, cut off his penis, gave it to his wife under the guise of a fish; told her what she ate, turned him into a dolphin; the fish began to fight with W., he had them won, rose to heaven; in the morning W. appears in the form of a rainbow]: Århem et al. 2004:484-494; uitoto [father's skull]: Preuss 1921, No. 7:289; yagua [see J4A motif; man married to Night Monkeys; wife cooks masato, sends her husband to hunt night monkeys; her brothers are waiting there, killing him themselves; everyone eats him, drinking masato; giving meat to his little son, planning to kill him too; or son is born after the death of her father; asks the mother how the father died; she replies that she fell from a roof, from a tree; she cut down a tree, it crushed it, a nest of bees fell on it; ate a jaguar; bitten by an anteater, a snake; the young man exposes himself to the same dangers, is alive; asks animals who say they are innocent; (see motive H39); the young man smashed Chuchupe's vessel of poison, the snakes took possession of it; Ch. tells him the truth; mother lies that there is a bird's nest under the roof; the son climbs there, takes his father's wind gun; waits for monkeys in ambush; the father of the young man's mother has the skull of the young man's eaten father hanging around his neck, he blows him like a horn; others have flutes from the bones of the killed; the young man kills everyone; the cub escapes, the current monkeys come from him, but the young man makes them harmless; asks the electric eel for his rod; he gives a fake one; the young man sits next to him with his mother, hits the ground with a rod, there is a distant thunder; he throws ants in the eye, grabs the rod, the Eel jumps into the water forever; the son cuts the mother in half with a thunder; both halves turn into frogs; now when lightning strikes, their tadpoles lose their tails and become adults]: Powlison 1959:9-11; 1972a: 78-79; 1993:80-96; chikuna: Nimuendaju 1952:122-123 [nu'tapa got angry with his wife, tied her to a tree, hornets bit her genitals; she told cancan (Ibycter americanus) that if he were a man he would untie her; that's what happened; he gave her a nest hornets; she threw him at her husband, hornets bit him, and his knees were swollen for a long time; they were born from the right Dyoi and his sister, from the left Epi and his sister; came out five years old; their father N. was torn to pieces by a jaguar ; his mother tells her grandchildren that N. killed ash, they showered themselves with ash, nothing happened; that a leaf fell on him (the same); when they grew up, she told the truth; the brothers surrounded the ground with hair, driving all the animals in the corral; the Jaguariha was the last to come, blowing into a horn made of N.'s stomach; when she saw the brothers, she swallowed her stomach, began to mourn N. hypocritically; they offered her to wear a necklace, put on a chain, their stomach was pulled out, but it fell into the river, swallowed by the caiman; it was pulled out, but the stomach bounced again, swallowed by a forest lizard; hot coal was put to her throat, and her stomach fell between the butterfly's wings; They burned a hole in her wings, took out her stomach, revived her father], 148 [her father's liver].

Central Amazon. Father-Falcon feathers. Rio Negro (manao?) : Barbosa Rodrigues 1890:170; maue [Eagle Harpy wears the son of monkeys; he cries, wants fish; the Eagle suspects that his wife has a lover bringing fish; sends a fly to watch her, kills lover, Soko's bird, drives his son away; tells his wife to put her hand in the hollow to catch a rat; the hand gets stuck, the wife turns into the creaking of trees; the eagle asks Aram to eat the corpse, take the twins out the womb of the dead; eat Soko's son too, and give his son (Eagle) to his mother; she washes the baby in the river, he slips away, becoming a fish; the brothers of the killed invite Eagle to raise a log heated in the middle of the water; it breaks, the Eagle falls into the water, the Big Turtle kills him; the grandmother asks the sisters of the killed to catch his grandson; he asks his grandmother who killed his father; answer, Wind, then Hot Summer; he scratches aunts, who say that their father killed his father; he finds feathers, later his father's leg, on the ceremony site; trains to pick up logs and stones; pulls the Turtle out of the water; Toucan, then the Dove her shell cannot penetrate, the Woodpecker pierces; these birds are stained with her blood; the Jaguar and fish also color]: Ugge 1991, No. 2:130-146.

Central Andes. Kant (dep. Lima): Arguedas, Izquierdo Rios 1947 [passers-by do not know that the old woman Mama-Gallo feeds them human; one day she sends two grandchildren to bring water in a basket, kills and cooks her daughter; pieces of the mother's body they shout to the children from the cauldron to run to heaven; children ask their grandmother to show them how to carry water in the basket, take pieces of their mother's body, run; San Miguel lowers a chain from the sky, they climb into the sky; MG climbs after him, an acacllo bird (= chihuaco, Turdus sp; see H34A motif) cuts off the chain with its beak; MG asks the Fox to spread out on the ground; he does, but MG still turns into a lake in the air; the rock in the lake is now called MG]: 113-114; Arguedas, Izquierdo Ríos 1989 (San Miguel Village, Arauay County) [the Pistaco cannibal on Mount Pishta Machay requires a child for lunch every week; when everything has already been eaten, she brings a widow with a son and daughter; calls Wilka's children grandchildren; tells them to bring water in the basket; when the children return, they find their mother's meat in the cauldron; P. asks to take out his insects, falls asleep, the children run away; ask the Weichau bird to wake P. when they are behind the fifth mountain; the peasant hides them in the nostrils of an ox; the woman makes chicha, gives water to P.; him a drunk is invited to dance, pushed into the abyss; Wilka makes guns from deer antler, harvesting a big harvest]: 22-23; Ortiz Rescaniere 1973:186-187 (Huaros County, Prov. Kant, dep. Lima) [Huajunes went out to look for children to eat; in winter, a widow with two children went out for brushwood; to meet Huajun, took them to his cave; sent the children to bring water in the basket, their mother ate them, told the children who had returned without water that she would come soon; W. himself went to get water with a basket, the children saw their mother's head in the boiling pot; W. came, began to eat stones, the children could not eat them; he fell asleep, they tied his hair to a stone, ran away; when W. woke up and was free, the children were already far away], 187-189 (Kant Village, Prov. Kant, dep. Lima, west 1969) [the area is devastated by hunger, leaving a poor widow with two Willka children; wandering in search of food, a woman with her children met the cannibal Wa-Qon; he invited them to his cave; sent the children to fetch water, gave a basket, killed the woman, put it in the cauldron to cook; the children returned without water, Wa-Kon went to bring water in the basket himself, but it was not enough, the boy noticed his mother's breasts, performing in a cauldron out of water; while Wa-Kon was sleeping, the children tied his hair to a stone, ran away; Wa-Kon woke up, set off in pursuit; met a weaver, a farmhand, a female skunk, each replies that the children ran for a long time, and the weaver and farmhand threaten to beat Va-Kon; he leaves, the children remain with the skunker; she feeds them with her milk; once she went with them to the mountains, fell, crashed; Vilka became husband and wife, became cultivate fields, local Indians are their descendants].

Montagna - Jurua. Chayahuita: García Tomas 1994 (3) [The sun is an orphan, lives on earth with her grandmother, she is blind in one eye; it burns people quarreling with them; when she wears a white hat, it's hot; when black, clouds cover the sky; kills many birds, but his grandmother eats them all; she makes him a crown of feathers, he must wear it when he becomes the sun; Kumpanama tells Pauhil to tell the Sun that his wind gun and the quiver is made of the bones and skull of his murdered mother; the sun breaks the gun, discovers the mother's blood; kills the grandmother, cooks her in the cauldron, tells the toad to be responsible for her when the grandfather comes; she invites her grandfather to meal; then explains that he ate his wife's head; grandfather wants to kill the Sun, he climbs to the roof, then jumps east to the sky, because it's farther away; to the west, the grandfather could get it; his hats The sun is still changing]: 80-83; Shlyakhtinsky, Arozero 2008 [Pi'i's grandfather, thunder Weir, killed and ate Pi'i's mother and father, made a wind tube out of his mother's leg bone, from the humerus a quiver, a vessel from the skull carrying wild cotton fiber necessary for darts; Pi'i filled his mother's hair with a quiver to prevent darts from falling out of him; gave these things to his grandson, nothing After talking about what had happened; Pi'i shot big ies's and yunkurun, brought them home, gave them to his grandmother to cook; the next day he killed almost all the birds, made them out of their feathers a crown for himself; one I'sa's bird said that his blowpipe was made of his mother's bones, his head was a cotton box, his hair was full of quiver; Pi'i revived the birds, one said his mother his grandfather killed him; Pi'i killed his grandmother with a spear at home, cooked him, caught a grasshopper, put the meat in a pot, took him to the site with the grasshopper, ordered him to be responsible for his grandmother; told Grandpa Thunder that ate his wife; Pi'i grabbed an arrow, climbed onto the roof of the house, shot up, but the arrow did not reach; then shot towards the mountains, and there the arrow stuck into the sky; Pi'i put it together bamboo trunks, he climbed upstairs; when he was in the sky with his arrow and his feather crown, he said that in the morning he would be red in a crown of feathers of the red ta'mu parrot; in the afternoon - yellow sha'uito' parrot in a feather crown]; machigenga [aunt bones and skull]: Baer 1984, No. 20:479-480.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Chiriguano Cipolletti 1978, No. 1 [Tatu-tunpa (Battleship) met a girl; she left him pregnant; twins from her womb each ask to pick a flower for him, put it on her chest ( en su seno); when asked again, the mother replies that there is no more space on her chest; the twins fall silent, do not show the way at the fork, the woman goes to the Jaguar Mother; she hid her; the jaguars have come, the last Yawa with two heads, one is sleeping, the other is awake; the woman has flowed milk, the jaguars smelled her, lowered her (from under the roof); the mother of the jaguars asked for her insides, hid the twins in a vessel; When hunting, birds reproach them for feeding their mother's murderers; that the mother of the jaguars has a medallion (medallita milagrosa) that belonged to their mother; at a watering hole, the twins kill jaguars one by one; The two-headed man had only one head cut off; he jumped to the moon, the twins behind him; Luna the woman hid it under her clothes, told the twins that she did not have a jaguar; the jaguar ate it, Luna called for help ( eclipse); the twins said that one day he would eat the moon, the sun, the stars, come out from under the moon's clothes, the earth would end; one of the twins was Kembiliá (Venus), the other Yasotátobos (Orion's Belt) ]: Cipolletti 1978:48-51, 64-65 (note 11).

Southern Amazon. Kuikuro [mother's body]: Carneiro 1989:11; nambikwara [only Ne.àlusu owns cassava; one group of hunters goes to him for another; meets the evil spirit Haiêhru along the way (Pentatomideo, an insect that gives off foul-smelling liquid); he kills them by peeing in their eyes, roasts their meat; only 9 boys and 8 girls are left in Maloka; H. feeds them with animal meat; they ask dad vento (Anolis punctatus) to get a piece of meat that H. himself eats; this is a human ear; children open calebasa H., find their fathers' jewelry inside; dig a trap hole; H. fails, they finish him off with arrows; tell his wife that her husband asks her to bring him food; they make a shaky bridge over the river; when she steps on him, two boys knock him over, the cannibal falls into water; they finish it off with arrows; they come to N.; the fog over the water is the crushed human meat that the cannibal had; the children began to think where to go now - underground, under water? Ne.àlusu heard them, invited them to clear the site; the children did not cut down the trees, but wrapped them in a vine, knocked them all down at once, returned quickly; N. decided that they were playing off; the children were offended, smashed the vessels with the chicha are gone; they began to rise to heaven - the boys in front, the girls behind (the girls are behind so that the boys do not see their genitals); in the sky they turn into the Pleiades (var.: Southern Cross), honeycombs that they took it with them - into the Coal Bag; Inambu (Crypturus sp.) and the lizard Papa Vento (Anolis punctatus) climb too, but they are frightened, children turn them into birds and animals, boys cut off their inamba tail]: Pereira 1983, No. 46:65-77 (=1973:24-28); Iranian [Mamsy's forest spirit and his wife call the man and his wife to the forest, kill, fry meat; bring it to two sons killed along with the meat animals; brothers find their mother's ear; make a trap pit, make a fire at the bottom, M.-man falls through, dies; makes a shaky bridge across the river; tell M.-woman that someone took her husband, left something for her on the other side of the river; they destroy the bridge when M. steps on it; she falls into the water, turns into a buriti palm]: Pereira 1985, No. 25:122-125; bororo [mother's necklace]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1983, No. 71:138-141.

Chaco. Chamacoco: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987a, No. 101 [Maned Wolf (GW; species not precisely established: Chrysocyon branchyrus or one of the species belonging to the Cerdocyon families, Dusicyon or Lycalopex) is a good gatherer, fisherman and hunter; the Jaguar (GW calls him "big brother") returns empty-handed - the game runs away when they see him; Jaguar found a place full of tubers aquatic plants, decided to lure GW there; GW's wife saw Jaguar carry tubers and send her husband; Jaguar lured GW deeper, hit and drowned him, took his bag of tubers; told GW's four sons that their the father went home before him; they started playing with Jaguar's sons and noticed their father's bag; they lured Yaguar's children to hunt guinea pigs by setting fire around their holes; the Yaguar children found themselves in a ring fire and died; at home they mixed guinea pig meat with the meat of the Jaguar's children and let him eat it; told their rabbit maid to tell Jaguar when he finished eating, whose meat he ate; he is chasing her, she turns into a rabbit; there is a mark on the back - the mark of a spear thrown by the Jaguar; the Jaguar set fire to the thickets, but the Rabbit Girl ran away], 102 [Maned Wolf (GW) collects more honey and finds better ones tubers than Jaguar; the Jaguar tried in vain to scare him, and GW frightened him; he cried out but said that it was the horsefly that bit him on the penis; while collecting the tubers of aquatic plants, the Jaguar drowned GW; the sons of GW noticed on Jaguar's feet, his father's sandals; bakers imitating traces, called Jaguar's children to hunt; set fire to the vegetation and they burned down; the GW children mixed their meat with bakers meat, let the Jaguara eat; asked the woman The rabbit tell Jaguar what he ate; he chased her, but she ran away], 103 [Jaguar and Maned Wolf (GW) are friends, both have two sons; the Jaguar brings small tubers and the GW brings big ones; the Jaguar lured GW bend down for a tuber (there's only a piece of wood) and kill him; GW's sons spotted their father's basket at Jaguar; reproduced the traces of wild pigs, brought Jaguar's sons there, set fire to the vegetation, and they died; them bakers mixed meat with meat; asked Jaguar Hare's servant to give him this meat and then report what he ate; the Jaguar threw his spear and since then there is a bald patch on the Hare's back; the hare became a hare; (the end is confused: in in particular, an adult GW successfully frightens Jaguar, but does not get scared himself)]: 403-410, 411-415, 416-419; matako: Calífano 1974 [The deer marries Jaguar's daughter; deceives his father-in-law, but in the end he is his kills; brings a piece of his meat to her daughter; she recognizes her husband; two sons of the Deer lure Jaguar's children into dry grass, set them on fire, they die; they give meat to a Jaguar under the guise of a boar; they report it, run, they make a chain of arrows, climb into the sky; the Jaguar climbs after, the chain breaks, it breaks]: 49; Wilbert, Simoneau 1982a, No. 2 [The deer marries the daughter of Jaguar; Jaguariha mother-in-law kills the deer son-in-law, brings daughter a piece of his meat; she recognizes her husband; two sons of a deer kill Jaguar's children, feed him meat; when they run away, they shout about it; he chases them, they shoot at the sky, making a chain of arrows; the sky turns into the Pleiades; their mother follows them, turns into the Southern Cross (it says that we are talking about stars near the Pleiades that appear in the morning in mid-September; that is, it is not Southern Cross)], 3 [The Deer has three sons; he went for honey, disappeared; the boys are crying; the eldest came to Jaguar's house, found his father's head in Jaguar's bag, identified it by his face painting; the Jaguar lies that they are both with The deer hunted wild boars, the Deer has not yet arrived; the deer offer the two sons of the Jaguar to set fire to the thickets to drive the frogs out (the children of the Jaguar ate them); they set them on fire from all sides, the Jaguars burn; the Deer turn their bodies into hog bodies, give them to Jaguar; shout that he eats his children; shoot at the sky, climb a chain of arrows; when a Jaguar climbs, the elder breaks the chain, the Jaguar falls on sharp stakes; Deer become the Gemini constellation (large, small and large red stars)]: 38-39, 40-42; chorote [genitals]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1985, No. 63 [penis], 114 [testicles]: 114-115, 222; nivacle [testicles]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987b, No. 171:421-422; maca: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991a, No. 15 [wife warns that she has her period, but her husband still asks her to cook an anteater; steam from the brew changes her nature, she now eats only raw meat; her husband leads her to the parrot's nest, dumps the chicks, she swallows them whole; he throws an ax at her forehead, she licks the blood from the wound but is unharmed; the husband goes down, she kills him by tearing off his testicles; at home she approaches women cooking from the fruit, starts chewing on her husband's testicles; women, then all people run; she tries to snatch the tongues of horses; she grows wings, one with a hook; she flies, picking up men, does not touch women; her three young sons recognize the bodies she brought; send her mother to fetch water, bend the tree, making a trap; mother gets into it; unharmed under the blows of clubs; tells her to hit her little finger with bola verde sticks, keep her tail (like a dog's); they burn a corpse, tobacco and palm trees grow; the tail leads them to people, people return to the village], 16 [], 17 []: 58-66, 66-70, 71; toba: Wilbert, Simoneau 1982b, No. 163 [head]: 309; 1989a, No. 141 (pilaga) [a menstruating woman went with husband behind the parrot chicks; the husband climbs a tree, dumps the chicks, the wife devours them immediately (menstruating should not eat meat); the husband threw one away, tears, hid in a hole; the wife grew claws, knives, she dug and killed her husband, cut it, ate it, brought some of it home, began to cook her penis; the children saw, told; while chewing the penis, Nesóge approached the women, they ran, she chased people; the Hawk climbed to a tree; she asked me to go down, offered to marry her; he said let her climb to him; cut off her claws, which contained her heart, she died; she was burned, tobacco grew], 142 (pilaga) [NeSoge went with husband for parrot chicks; husband dumps them, she eats raw; one chick flew off, her husband went down and ran, she caught up with him, ate him; at home, the children found their father's head in her bag; she chased people, many ate; people hid in a bottle tree; the hawk cut off her claws, which killed her, burned her, tobacco grew], 143 (pilaga) [the husband threw off the parrot's chicks to his wife; she ate them raw, then killed them and After eating her husband, she became Nesóge; she grew cogs, hair on her body; she brought her husband's head home in her bag; the children looked there, ran to tell people; the Hawk told everyone to hide in a bottle tree, N. cut off N.'s claws, she died; the corpse was burned, tobacco grew out of the ashes], 147 (oriental toba) [a woman should not eat meat during her period; she went with her husband to pick up parrot chicks; she ate them raw, she grew up claws; the last chick flew off, her husband managed to escape; she caught up with him, ate him, brought some home; in her bag, the children found the head and other parts of her father's body; people ran; Nsor'ói came back and ate their own children], 148 (oriental toba) [the woman turned into Nsogoy; went with her husband to pick the parrot's chicks, began to eat raw ones, she grew teeth and claws; the last chick flew off, the husband got off the tree, ran, she she caught up and ate him, brought the rest of the meat home; her two children identified a human being; some people hid in a bottle tree; N. cut off her claws, her heart was there, she died; people celebrated a party ]: 205-207, 208-209, 209-210, 210-211, 216-217, 218-219; Pilaga [Kakadelachii warns that menstruating women should not eat fish; alone eats, goes with her husband to pick up parrot chicks; husband She throws them off when she climbs a tree, she devours them raw; he goes down, runs, she catches up with him and devours him; she hides her head in a bag, brings them home; her two sons find their father's head, tell her mother (their own grandmother) that their mother has turned into a bed; people run, hide inside a tree trunk; N. puts his long nail inside to grab someone; K. cuts him off, she dies; the corpse is burned, on this Tobacco and pumpkin grow in the place, which are used by shamans]: Idoyago Molina 1985:2-3; mokovi [head]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1988, No. 200:245-246.