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J31. Father's gun.


Heroes receive weapons or other items that belonged to their deceased father and are necessary to fight antagonists.

Iraqi Arabs (Jibbali), Mustang, Serbs, Karachays, Balkarians, Nogais, Adygs, Ossetians, Ingush, Chechens, Georgians, Armenians, Komi, Bashkirs, Chulym Turks, Northern Altaians, Evenks Chinese, Dagurs, Nenets, Southern Selkups, Northern Alaska Inupiate, Alsea, Kus, Wappo, Yokutz, Northern Payutes (Owens Valley), Papago, Yuma, Otomi, Tepehua, Totonaki, Quiche, Chorti, Chimila, Uitoto, Andoque, Yagua, letuama, huamachuco, tacana.

Western Asia. Iraqi Arabs (Lower Euphrates Shiites) []: Campbell 1950:71-109; (cf. jibbali [the elder brother of the Sultan, the youngest killed him and buried him; the son of Mektub remained; his uncle gave him an inferior camel, ordered him to clean; M. has his father's sword; he comes to another city, heals a camel, finds two friends; goes back, kills the slave who guarded the city; then the second; comes to his uncle with a sword, gives an inferior camel, tells him to clean; becomes a sultan]: Müller 1907, No. 21:96-101).

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Mustang [the king from the upper reaches and the king from the lower reaches met hunting, agreed to marry children when wives give birth; the king from the upper reaches is poor, he has a son and the other has a daughter; wild yak Gala Rinchen carried the king away from the upper reaches; he managed to write on the saddle: if the son is worthy, let him take revenge, and if not, let him become a shepherd; the son read, the mother and uncle deny; a man with a bag of wheat came , the young man quietly made a hole, picked up wheat, fried it, called his mother, held her hand, she had to tell about the death of the boy's father; the same with his uncle (a bag of peas); uncle and mother tell me to find his father first the horse; no one can tame him, the prince tamed him; met the king Yaks, suggested: break his right horn, the horse will tear off its right ear, I will break my right thumb; the horse held his ear, the prince bent his finger, yak really broke his horn; then broke his left one, the prince killed him with an arrow; sent three servants to dismember the carcass; they found in the yak's stomach a gold necklace, a knife, a bow and an arrow of the king, they brought only meat to the prince; their prince beat, they got everything back; the prince comes to marry the promised princess, the daughter of the king of the lower reaches of the valley; her three brothers are organizing a groom competition; 1) whose pair of birds will fly together (prince in advance I met the princess at the well; at night she explained how to win: catch two native birds on the roof, they will fly together, and the others will fly on different sides); 2) cover the whole kingdom with cloth (the princess gives a piece fabrics, it grows); 3) ride around the kingdom on horseback with three saddles (everyone hit, the prince galloped four times); 4) eat a whole ram, skin, drink lots of beer; princess: just bite off - you will win); the prince got a wife, took him home; the brothers decided to kill him; the youngest came at night, called his sister, asked which side of the bed she was sleeping on; she lied; he shot, killed not the prince, but his sister; hundreds of people can't lift their bodies, only the prince succeeds; he took the body to the pass, came back, saw smoke, thought someone had lit a funeral fire; when he came there, the princess was alive, said that the owner He sent her back to the dead; they hugged each other and died, the birds sprinkled them with water, they came to life again; they smeared the heads of birds with oil, since then there have been white feathers; the couple forgave the brothers, lived well]: Kretschmar 1985, No. 16:105-110

The Balkans. Serbs [the king keeps his three daughters locked up; when they grew up and went to the party for the first time, they were carried away by a whirlwind; the king died of grief, the queen gave birth to a boy, Stoisha; when he was 18, he began to ask questions mother; she had to be told; S. ordered to tell him where his father's horse and weapon were; the horse was released from the stall, the weapon rusted; S. polished it to shine, fed the horse, that winged cat; for the sisters to know S., the mother gave he had three handkerchiefs embroidered with them; S. lay down to take a nap at the well, covered himself with a handkerchief; his sister came up and recognized the handkerchief; they were stolen by three dragon brothers; S. ate all the food prepared for the dragon; as he approached the house, the dragon throws a club; S. caught it and threw it back a longer distance; S. defeated the dragon, but did not kill; the feast; the dragon showed the way to the city of the second dragon; (still the same); the second to the third (then same); in the courtyard of the third pit; the dragon king often comes to fight three dragon brothers, always wins, they hide in this hole; S. went to look for the dragon king; there is a hare on the roof; people explain that when the dragon king comes up, the hare refreshes himself, cuts and roasts himself; this time the hare fried himself for S.; the dragon king has come, S. defeated him; he said that his name is Mladen; S. replied that he too youngest son; they fraternized; defeated the army of the dragon brothers, who hid in a hole, they threw straw there and burned the hidden ones; S. returned to his mother with his sisters and wealth, and the dragon king took possession of the dragon brothers]: Karadzic 1854, No. 5:40-54 (=Eschker 1992, No. 3:22-34 (=Dmitriev, Volkonsky 1956:51-60).

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Karachays: Aleinikov 1883, No. 1 [Achi's 6 adult sons died at the hands of Khubun; A. stole a herd of H., H. overtook him and killed him; Achi Nasyran's brother drove up to the Kuban, but could not cross; from his wife Achi was born a boy, and two years later he is already playing with others; they say that his father is not avenged; they teach him to make his mother tell me everything: ask for hot halva and hold her hand; the mother confesses; says that his father had left heavy weapons and three horses; Acimez tamed the horse, took up arms, crossed the Kuban; N. approached with fear, Achimez convinced him that he was Achi's son; stole the herd of H.; began to fight with H., pretended to lose consciousness; H. brought him to his home; at night, Achimez cut off his head, took his young wife, returned to his homeland, becoming ruler]: 139-144; Stamboliev 1896, No. 10 [ 10-year-old Yetsemei offends the other boys; the mother of one of them says that it is better for him to try his hand at Cuba, his father's killer; E. asks his mother to hand hot roasted corn, clamps his hand, forcing him to tell the truth; mother shows where a horse stands in the tower behind the iron doors; E. tames him; meets his father's sister, hijacks and hands her herds K.; K. arrives on a six-legged horse; four for days they shoot at each other, every night K.'s wife takes bullets out of him, heals him; K. brings the killed E.; his wife revives him, says that in the twentieth chest there is a knife that can kill K.; E. cuts him off head, takes his wife; on the way back, the sledge Sosruk demands a woman for himself; E. dies in battle]: 76-88; Balkarians [The Gezokhovs had 60 horsemen, they died of illness, a pregnant woman, his wife remained one of the Gezokhovs; gave birth to a boy named Sozar; Aksak-Temir raised him; S. asked if his father had any property and weapons left; he showed his weapon and gave a bridle; she should be called, father's the herd will come running, and the horse that comes first should be saddled; the foal came running, instantly grew up, became a heroic horse; the horse teaches that if you steal the end of Elijah, lightning will kill the Nart prince Temir-Chokka, that S. will carry out blood feud for his father; the horse jumped over the bridge, and S. shot down an eagle with an arrow that flew to inform Elijah; horse: in Eliya's herd there is a white stallion with a golden tail; he, a horse, will fight with him, and if he overcomes, we must ride him; S. managed to tie a copper trough to the tail of his new horse; after that, lightning killed Temir-Chokka; S. healed richly]: Tulchinsky 1903:53-56; Nogais (Kuban only) [published in 1940 in the Kyzyl Cherkes newspaper; retelling from Kapaev 2004:474-476; Crimean Khan Kuba became Ashshy Batyr's guest; after feasting, a herd took him away in the morning; A. chased, but was killed; after the death of her husband, his pregnant wife gave birth to Ashamai; from the children he had beaten in alchiki, he learned that his father had died; asked his mother for a handful of hot roasted corn, clenched her hand, and she had to talk about his father; in his father's armor and on his horse, Ashamay went to K.; after a three-day fight, he pretended to be dead; K. dragged him on an arcana, left him in the yard; K.'s wife washed his body and Ashamay recovered; K. dreams that Ashamay took out his sword and cut off his head; his wife calms down, but when the couple fell asleep, Ashamay took out K.'s sword, cut off his head, poured blood into his wineskin, lay down with his wife; in the morning tells her to follow him; his wife did not immediately realize that this was not her husband; at home, Ashamay gave his mother K.'s head, blood and jewelry, married his enemy's widow]: Plaeva 2015:39-41; Adygi (shapsugi) [ Tlegutse-jache kills Yashche, takes away his land; kills his six sons who have come to take revenge; their mother gives birth to Ashamez, hides him from people; he goes out to play, gets into a fight with another boy, his mother advises him it is better for him to avenge his father; A. asks his mother to cook hot porridge, puts her hand in the porridge, forcing her to talk about her father; she shows the cellar where weapons, armor and horse Y.; A. are hidden along with sledges. hijacks T.'s herds; A.'s arrows bounce off T.'s shell, T.'s arrows injure A.; he pretends to be dead; thrown overnight in the stable; T.'s wife cares for him gives him T.'s sword, he kills them T.]: Huth 1987:33-40; Ossetians: Abayev et al. 1957 [Tsyryng's son tells Batradz that he kills enemies, but not his father's murderer; B. kills his son Ts; since the murderer is unknown, B. demands that sledges fill his father's boots and helmet Hamyts with ash from burnt silk; the wind scattered the ash; B. asks for rafters made of wood uádtsym (there is no such thing); B. puts a hot shovel to Satan's chest, she says that the murderer is Sainag Aldar; says where H.'s sword and his horse are hidden; old Kulbadag says that S. will only hit his sword; under the guise of a beggar, S. should be asked to let him look at his sword; S. explains that the sword has memorized against H.'s tooth; B. asks where the east is; S. turns around, B. cuts off his head; S.'s relatives are unable to snatch B.'s spear stuck in the ground, refuse revenge]: 206-218; Britaev, Kaloev 1959 [seven widow's sons they go to face off the giant; on the way, the shepherds gave them a ladle of milk, they could not drink even half; they cannot separate two fighting bulls; catch horses in a herd; the giant's wife sees that the brothers are not they go straight and look for a ford - an easy life for her husband; pears and apples cannot be knocked down in the giant's yard with arrows; Watzilla sends a swallow to ask the widow if she wants 7 new sons instead of the missing ones, or one, but by force like 7; the widow chose one; gave birth to a boy named Late; he breaks the jug of the old witch's daughter three times; the girl tells him to better find the brothers' murderers; his mother gives him a weapon and his father's horse harness, and the horse is head over heels in manure; Z. took up his weapon, washed his horse, galloped to the giant; on the way he drank a ladle of milk, separated bulls, caught horses, rides straight across the river, shakes apple trees, pears, from them arrows, swords and bows fall; eats meat, throws bones to the giant; drove the giant up to his shoulders into the ground and cut off his head; his wife confesses that it is necessary to cut her husband's little finger, from there brothers appear; On the way back, they dug a hole, Z. fell into it, they threw earth and stones at it; the horse asks the fox, the wolf, the bear to dig Z., everyone promises their back leg, but they did not eat the horse; the eagle promises his eyes, for which he pulled Z. out of the pit, but did not bite the horse's eyes; Z. fired an arrow at home: let him hit the guilty; the arrow split into 7 parts and hit the brothers; the mother found it for Z. good bride]: 118-131; Dzagurov 1972, No. 33 [comrades reproach the young man: first find your father, and then quarrel with us; he tells his mother to cook corn and clamps her hand; she has to say that his father was kidnapped by a giant, and his father's horse is head over heels in manure; does not believe that the son will be able to raise his father's sword; the young man came out his horse, easily raised his sword, leaves, the horse shows the way; the young man whipped The decayed corpse of a giant: come to life, but be blind; the lively one says that his wife was stolen by the same giant who took the boy's father; at night he tries to throw trees and stones at the young man; the young man again turns him into a corpse; the young man found a giant, cut off six heads, told him where his father was, then cut off his seventh head; on the way, the horse slipped through, only cut off half a tail; the boy's father, a shepherd, cleans his fur coat from lice; the young man brought the giant's ears to his wife; she tells him to be afraid of the giant's mother; the young man killed her, but she cursed him: he will not rest until he gets the daughter of the king of the jinns; the horse teaches give the birds millet, drink from the spring and praise the water, throw the ram to the iron-faced wolves; lubricate the door hinges; the young man found the girl and lives with her for a month; then they loaded all the property on everything that could contain felt and galloped away; the young man destroyed the pursuing army, but one warrior killed him with a dagger; the fox licked the blood, the woman killed him; the fox bought it from the spring, the fox came to life; then the woman revived the murdered husband; he says he was about to marry the daughter of Barastur, the lord of the afterlife; the young man revived that giant with the whip and gave him his wife kidnapped by the seven-headed giant; young man returned home to his wife, everything is fine]: 91-99; Libedinsky 1978 [Satana hides from Batrazd that his father Khamyts was killed; Akhsartaggat is sent the wind to tell B. that H. is killed; he asks S. to fry for he has grains at their fingertips; clutches his hand; S. calls murderers from the Borat family; he kills murderers]: 362-371; Libedinsky 1987 [Soslan (he has two pupils in his eyes) kills Alymbeg and his six sons; after his death, his wife A. gives birth to his son Totradza; the baby spreads the cradle (the part that fell on the mountains divided the mountains, the one that fell into the sea created islands, glades into the forest, hills into the steppe); the mother says where the cave fell on the mountains, divided the mountains, the one that fell into the sea created islands, glades into the forest, hills into the steppe); the heroic horse and weapons are hidden; T. pulls them out, raises S. on a spear, he asks for a week of delay until the next fight; Satana makes a wolfskin coat for S.; the horse is afraid of wolves, turns, S. hits T. in the back]: 201-211; Sokayeva 2012 [one khan had a daughter, the other had a son, they decided to marry them, exchanged rings, put them on the children's fingers; the boy's father died; the boy grew up, his mother told him to find his father's horse in the stable, with only ears sticking out from under the manure; he cleaned, washed the horse, went to inspect his herds; the herds slaughtered the pregnant mare, a colorful three-legged one-eyed foal fell out; the khan's son did not like to see this, he hit the stabbed with a whip, one young man said that it would be better if the Khan's son found his bride; her father raced, would pass his daughter off as a winner; the Khan's son shook his bridle, and a three-legged one-eyed man ran out to him three times foal; the khan's son first rode his old horse, leading the foal; the horse tells him to let him go, move to a foal, but first hide in the house where the three sisters are flying in and overhear them conversation; taking off her wings, the older sister says that she could not catch up with the rider by a three-legged foal; the khan's son opened up, the maidens called him brother; the khan's son, ahead of everyone else, galloped to the tower and carried the girl; the seven-headed giant set off in pursuit; began to hit 7 felt targets, and the khan's son consistently knocked him down 7 heads; took his name as his wife, everything is fine]: 169-174; Ingush [seven-headed vampal fatally wounded a sledge; he told his wife to hide his horse in a hole behind nine doors, tell his son when he would be 15; the prince marries the princess; she ordered the young man (i.e. the son of that sledge) to be sold when he was 12 years old, to bring her money; the prince invites the young man to go overseas with him, lets him choose a horse, but all the horses on which the sledge's son sits, he breaks his backs; the son asks his mother to fry barley, clenches her hands, forcing him to say who his father is and how he died; the young man saddled his father's horse and went with the prince; at the seashore, the Grand Duke should wait for him to return from the bottom of the sea; if the sea is covered in blood and foam, from the grinding Lightning will flash vampal's teeth, we must let the horse go, he will come to the rescue; but the prince took the horse and left; at the bottom, the young man defeated the Vampals with the number of heads from 1 to 6; pulled the seven-headed ashore, cut off his head with a knife; snakes, cockroaches and other scum crawled out of his body, since then there have been insects and various evil spirits in the world; the son returned to his mother, who is blind, does not believe that the son has come; when he pulled his mother out from the chicken coop and washed it, she saw the light; the prince told the princess that he had sold the young man and bought a horse with that money; the princess wanted for the young man, not for the prince (the boy is 14, but he looks 30); he came when a wedding was being prepared; he ripped out the prince's throat and threw it to his dogs; the wedding of the son of the sledge with the princess]: Tankieva 2003, No. 183-188; Chechens [mother says Nelbiy Chuara that his father is a horse, he eats iron and flint; heavy weapons and armor remain; NF tames the horse, puts on armor, kills rivals, marries the princess; on her wedding night she disappears; the shepherd says that she was kidnapped by Nege ("Nogai"); advises him to wear his clothes, drive calves across the river, come with congratulations; his wife recognizes him, hides him; when N. enters, he kills him, returns his wife]: Dalgat 1972:326-328 (=Malsagov 1983, No. 16:100- 102; =Dirr 1920, No. 22:106-109); Megrelians [when King Muzarbiy died, the wife was delighted because she loved the 12-headed maiden; against her daughter's will and at the request of her daughter, she goes to live in a cave; gave birth to a son half gold and half silver; she put it under a stone, but her daughter took it out; the old woman talks about Tsar M., the boy realized that he was his son, but his mother denies it; the old woman showed where the bow and father's arrows; killed all three devas; mother revived the 12-headed deva flint; when the son began to fight him, the mother helped the deva, he killed M.'s son; the sister collected the remains and revived; he killed the deva, tamed father's horse, tied his mother to his horse's tail]: Chikovani 1954, No. 30:162-166; Georgians [the white deer invites the hunter to shoot him if he misses, dies; the hunter missed, returned home, died; his son grew up, hears people saying that it would be nice to give the boy his father's bow; his mother reluctantly shows where the bow is; he cannot pick it up; his mother tells him to swim in the dirty first in the stream, then in the clean, the son gains strength; kills a white deer, hangs his skin on the wall, light emanates from it; the servant sees this, the vizier persuades the king to give the hunter difficult assignments to take possession of with his skin; the young man builds a palace from the bones of the Gveleshapi, brings the golden pillar of the iron maiden; the virgins come running after him, destroys the palace, kills the king and viziers, takes away the skin and pole; the young man lives peacefully with his mother]: Chikovani 1986:118-123; Armenians: Melik-Ohanjanyan 2004, No. 16 [a detailed description of how David, having learned from an old woman that his father's horse, sword, helmet, etc. are kept by his uncle, makes him give them to him; the horse is walled up under a chicken perch; all other horses fall when D. puts his hand on their back, and this horse breaks the wall with his hoof]: 64-66; Shahnazaryan 1988 [the epic David of Sasunsky, probably from the 7th to 10th centuries. (no later than the 13th century); first recorded in 1873; childless Mher the Elder agrees to the angel's condition: he will have a son, but after that both he and his wife will die immediately; David's boy is raised by Mher's brother Ohan and his wife; Tsar Msyra Mystramelik goes to war against Sasun; O. and all the people agree to go under his sword, D. refuses; the rest persuade M. to spare the boy; O.'s wife asks for D. a job; he orders to be a shepherd, D. wearing iron bast shoes and taking an iron staff, brings the cattle along with all the wild animals; the old woman tells her not to trample on her field, but rather to go to the mountain that belonged to Father D.; Ohan we have to talk about how M. took everything away; D. brings people, builds a monastery on the mountain; defeats the commanders M., frees the captured women; M. goes with the army himself; the old woman tells D. where the armor is his father; O. is forced to give D. Mher's armor, sword and horse; the giant Toros fights with D.; the warriors ask not to kill them, but to fight M. himself; M. has difficulty waking up when he is beaten with a hot iron ( thinks that mosquitoes are biting); M. digs a hole, covers a millstone, invites D. to the tent, D. fails; O. dreams about it; only a black horse instantly drove him to Sasun; hearing his uncle's voice, D. breaks the millstone, comes out, cuts M. in half]: 12-42.

Volga - Perm. Komi [the childless king asks God for a son; the man gave him cabbage, his wife ate and became pregnant; Ivan Tsarevich grew up quickly; the tsar died and his wife was a witch; I. gives bread to the hungry wolf, meat - bear; shoved a pike on the shore into the water; mother tells I. to herd pigs, if at least one is not present in the evening, she will kill; the pigs have scattered, the wolf collected them; the horse warns I. that his mother will try it poison; he gave food to the cat, she died; the mother tells the sheep to herd (the bear collected); the mother gives poison again (the same); the mother tells the cows to herd, they rushed into the sea (the pike collected); Ivan's horse: your mother took lovers of the three-headed line; the horse teaches you to hit the cross on the iron gate with a special stick; they opened; so 6 gates, and the seventh was broken by the horse itself; followed by Father Ivan's sword and armor; the horse gives a drink strong wine; they jumped; the horse flies below the cloud, above the forest; in the city, a three-headed line comes out of the sea, every day he has to give a person to eat; Princess Elena's turn; her bones can be seen through meat and brain through bones; I. asks E. to look in his head, falls asleep; E. dropped a tear, I. cut off the head of a line that came out of the sea; the same on the second day (6-headed line); on the third (9-headed); I. hid heads under a heavy stone; I. injured his right hand, E. tied her with her handkerchief; I. received E., came with her to his kingdom, cut off the heads of a three-headed line, his mother, taking her legs, tore it in half; probably they are still alive and reigning]: Fokos-Fuchs 1951, No. 6:84-99; Bashkirs [Masem Khan kills sleeping Sura Batyr; he previously gives his flintlock gun to old man Taraul; S. throws his wife into the lake; Sura Batyr's little son Khauban leaves, accidentally meets T., receives his father's gun from him; after many adventures, he kills M., returns his kidnapped daughter M. and his mother from the underwater world, marries Narkes is the daughter of the lake owner; before that, N. gave him Akbuzat, an underwater winged horse tulpar]: Sagitov 1987:135-177.

Turkestan. Salary (Ujirem, Xunhua-Salar Autonomous County) [General Wuusyn killed his sister's husband; she gave birth to a son; his children teased him: "You are a child who does not have a father!" ; the boy asked his mother about his father, who replied that the father was dead; the boy heated sand in the spoon and locked the door; the mother came and told him to open the door; the boy opened her slightly and asked for her hand; when the mother she put her hand through the door, put hot sand on her hand and asked her where her father had gone; her mother admitted that V. had killed her father; the horse that the boy's father rode and the sword he fought with said that they will help take revenge; the boy came to V.'s house, demanded that his father's soul be returned; V. went to the steppe with his army; the boy sat in the saddle, picked up his sword and closed his eyes; the horse and sword destroyed the army; the boy tied V.'s hair to his horse's tail; V. was torn to pieces; the boy returned home and killed his mother]: Tenishev 1964, No. 5:14-15.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Chulym Turks [Kuchuk is the son of his middle brother, strong, went towards the sun, his father died in the war; Ochol is the elder's son, weak, went towards the moon; the elder brother was named Kodaiochka, the youngest is Solomochka; the widow of the deceased middle gave birth to a guy Ak Kobey, he does bad things to people; K. sees three girls bathing; hides the eldest's clothes, because after urinating, she made the deepest hole; they son Mangush; AK tells the blacksmith to make a sword, but it is difficult for him; blacksmith: you will die at the wrong hands; he tried unsuccessfully to kill Babai Khan; tells Sagai Khan that there is a man who enters the sea and freezes in it; S. froze, AK wanted to hit him with a sword, but could not kill him, he went out; AK asks Solomochka and receives a weapon, a horse, a harness, a dog and his father's falcon; M. envies that AK catches a lot of animals; got together with Mangush's wife; M. tells his falcon, dog to kill a falcon and an AK dog; then AK drugged M. and Kodanochka, tied Mangush with skin removed from the old man, cut off his head; but Kodanochka killed AK, his horse became a deer, Mangush's horse became a moose; AK Kuchui's brother cut off Kodanochka's head and put it in AK's grave]: Abdrakhmanov 1952:65-69; tubals (black Tatars) [Aksar-Atty Altyn-Tana (AT) has no children; goes to Kara-Muke Kara-dor-Atty (KM) to take away his wife; cannot wear a heavy chain mail; KM picked him up and killed him; AT widow Altyn-Sabak just gave birth; KM came kill a boy; the more a baby hits a stone, the faster he grows; this is Altyn-Chobe (AH), he grabbed the KM and threw his wife in the bosom of 9 heaven; the mother gives AH his father's horse; he goes to look for his own sister Altyn-Aryg; sees how the heroes try to jump to the palace on horseback, fall and break; the horse tells AH to tear him to the bone, brings him to the palace; the girl has a transparent body, apparently how the brain shimmers in the bones; it was created, not born; the book says that she must marry Karador Atty Karadas, the son of Charakrachta-Karagat Cherezi (one-eyed black woman, earthen mistress); his maiden fed (he had not eaten anything before), his chain mail burst, he himself grew stronger; the girl sent Sarakarakhta to her sister; S. lies, covered one tit under her, and covered the other from above, dust on her accumulated by a quarter, an eye the size of a month; when she finds out who is in front of her, she says: your father was my friend; I took your sister to feed her, but she was stolen by Acckoyatty-Altyn-Kartaga; suck your right breast; if If you suck half, you'd better come back, and all - go forward; AH sucked everything; she tied the hairs from her horse's tail to the tail of her horse AH, he became strong and can now carry its owner; in the house Altyn- Kartaga 9 identical girls; AH took out his handkerchief and dried himself off; then her sister recognized her brother; (fights and fraternities); Kurubash (empty head) robbed ACH's house; Sarakarakhty tells her to cut off one tit, take it with him; died herself; after sucking milk from her tit, AH cut Kurubash's iron house; he tells me to come to the fight later; ACH went home to pick up his wife, who is riding a five-legged horse; (further confused episodes)]: Potanin 1883, No. 174 (western Adrianov): 566-577; Dagurs: Bender, Su Huana 1984:31-43 [Angar Mergen wins the competition; hears an old man asking why he won't release his father; asks his mother to tell everything ; she explains that on his way back from a fur hunt, AM father met a 9-headed mangie named Yeladengayar and his relatives; they killed them all, AM's father was captured; one man ran away, said he also died; mother shows where his grandfather's sword and spear are in the pantry; AM rides, wins along the way, captivates mangie; learns from him that Y. has a wife and three children; kills Y., frees father, kills wife and sons Y.], 92-102 [ the younger brother fell ill and died; the elder met a monster in the forest, who let him go for promising to bring him human eyes; he blinded his brother's widow, brought her eyes; his little nephew and niece lodged in a hut; the servant takes care of them; the uncle tells them to leave the children in the forest, but the house has already been prepared there; the servant reports the flying horse on which the father rode, calls the horse, burning the stems of wormwood; with the horse weapon; the first time the boy (his name is Hareladi Mergen) cannot pull the bow, hold the horse; after two years he becomes strong, finds his father's horse and weapon; the uncle's wife overhears the servant's conversation with blinded; the uncle goes to XM, calls to hunt, kills with a shot in the back; the sister turns into a hare; the horse tells her to go to the lake where three heavenly fairies fly; we must steal their feather clothes, bring him a horse; fairies find the murdered young man, guess everything, revive him; they bring them into their house; the hare whispers that she is his sister, tells him to test the fairies who have a kinder heart; leaving, HMM consistently leaves the hare with the older, middle, younger fairies; the hare spoils what they sewn; the first two scold and hit her, the third says that the seam on the boots was bad, strokes and cares for the hare; XM marries a younger fairy; the wife gives XM magic wands, turns him into a golden hornet so that he can regain his mother's eyes; XM flies into the monster's ear, climbs into his chest, stings his heart; getting out , finds a pantry full of human eyes; takes his mother's eyes away, restores her vision; uncle asks XM to catch a snake in the East Sea and a wild boar in the Northern Mountains; in the form of a hornet, XM climbs inside a wild boar (and, apparently, a snake), they are powerless to do anything, he leads them, ties them to the gate; uncle and wife go out, one was eaten by a boar, the other by a snake; HMM lives well with his family].

Western Siberia. The Nenets [see J4B motive; Han Hadengoth and seven Soho brothers kill owner Yabt Salam; his young daughter and son stay with their grandmother; XX takes his daughter and promises to kill his son; a girl takes her brother, runs across the ice across the strait; enters house XX, his mother quietly gives them meat; enters the house of seven Soho brothers who participated in the murder of their father; their sister helps them , gives their father's bow; S. return, boy kills them with bow; wins and kills XX.; children find mother; boy marries sister S.]: Kupriyanova 1960, No. 16:140-146; Southern Selkups [evil heroes kill everyone, grandmother Chvechshembale (chwech - "earth") hides her grandson; gives a falcon skin to turn into a falcon; in a burnt city, a grandson finds his father's bow on an iron pole; first pulls only to the elbow; later he becomes an iron hero, kills enemies, gets a wife]: Pukhnachev 1966:47-54.

Eastern Siberia. The Evenks of China [when Altyn Buto was born, his parents were taken away by Dalai-Lama-Takan with a horn on his head; his father was tied at the main gate, his mother at the side doors, they must open and close them; parents managed to put AB in a pot of broth; he ate broth, grew up, got out of the cauldron; learned to hunt himself with onions and arrows, made clothes for himself from his skins; chased half a doe (two legs and half body); she said that AB should not shoot at her, but save her parents; we should ask the fir growing near the house, she saw everything; AB knelt in front of the fir, called her father; fir replied that AB's parents were taken prisoner 17 years ago by D.; indicated where the cattle, horses, clothes, weapons hidden for AB; the mare gave birth to a foal with him, he immediately allowed himself to ride; surpassed the rest of the horses; carries AB , stops at the stream; AB hits him; the horse replies that he has not drunk milk since birth, asks for permission to drink water; drinks and grows; next time stops: there is a gate with sickles in front; let AB three times He will whip him and close his eyes; they flew through the gate; in front of the sea, in the middle of the palace; D. noticed those who had arrived at the shore, sent servants; the horse barely woke up to AB, ordered to throw manure at the attackers, AB threw it, After killing the majority, one returned to D.; D. ordered AB to be called to him; AB refused to go in the boat, fired an arrow across the sea, the horse and rider flew over the arrow; D. released AB's parents; they warned his son about AB cunning; AB had a feast, gave AB his daughter to lull his vigilance to lull his vigilance; pretended to be sick; to supposedly cure him, the shamans ordered AB to get the hearts and heads of wild animals; but he easily killed tigers, leopards, bears and snakes; then D. asked to make a coffin for him the size of AB's body; his wife warned him to lie face up in the coffin, not down; AB he lay face down, the servants threw toads and snakes there, they boarded up the lid, threw the coffin into the sea; the wife rides along the shore on horseback, asks if AB hears her, if toads and snakes have harmed him; he first replies that they are eating his legs; then his body; there is a cliff in front, the wife can no longer follow the coffin along the shore, remains on the cliff with her horse and dog; the coffin brought Mangiä to the top; when he discovered it, she saw toads, snakes and a human skeleton; daughter M. wants bones for herself, the father says he will donate them to the spirit; the daughter hid behind the figure of the spirit, said on his behalf that the father should give the bones to his daughter; she let the dog lick them, revived them with an amulet, AB was reborn; first she hid it from her father in a chest; said that man's smell came from bones; then she opened herself to her father, who recognized AB as his son-in-law, gave him an amulet; the wife and AB arrived at the cliff, the second wife revived first, her horse and dog; AB's horse ran himself - he escaped from the stable and hid; AB came to D., began to fight him, but to no avail; the horse explained that D.'s life in three iron files in a helmet in more often than the forest, they are guarded by a hawk; the hawk drove the wind towards him with his wings, but AB hit him in his beak; came to D., broke the files, D. died; AB freed his parents and other prisoners, became ruler]: Bä cker 1988, No. 24:169-182.

The Arctic. Northern Alaska Inupiat (Noatak) [the boy lives with his grandmother; growing up, he notices hunting gear hanging on the wall; a rich man tells a young man to bring the head of a polar bear; he brings it, the rich man does not eat; tells me to bring a man's head; the grandmother says that so rich man killed the boy's father, his hunting gear and hang on the wall; the young man goes over the mountain, sees people; everyone screams that his head young men are his; everyone runs after him, but falls one by one; the head of the last fallen young man brings to the rich man, tells him to eat it; the rich man dies]: Hall 1975, No. PM41:215-217.

The coast is the Plateau. Alsea [brothers (no number specified) from one side of the river go to play with brothers living on the other side (shooting at a target, throwing a spear, gambling - dice throwing, guessing game); killed, a grandmother and a boy remain from the whole family; he trains to become invulnerable to a knife; finds a set of playing sticks in the steam room owned by his father and uncle (uncles); plays, wins; he they attack, he cuts off the attackers, the grandmother throws them into a hole so that they go to the world of the dead; the youngest has his neck cut off, so the hawk (which he has become) has a crooked neck]: Frachtenberg 1920, No. 12:137 -159; cous [enemies kill five brothers, their wives and children; one of them's pregnant wife hid but suffocated from the smoke; the mother of the dead (this is an old Spider) removed the boy from her belly, raised; made him a bow and arrows; one day an arrow hit the door of a dugout, where he found five sets of bows and arrows; his grandmother told the boy about the death of his parents; offered to hit her with a stick, then she hit him, he was not hit; his grandmother gave him a set of gambling sticks and a quiver with arrows and bows; Spider's grandson came to play with his father's killers; they decided to kill him, he only flew to the side like a feather, demolished the attackers with a club; one ran, Spider's grandson threw that quiver, he chewed on the runner and all the women and children of the enemies; Spider's grandson found the bodies of his father, mother, uncle, aunt, moistened them with water, they came to life; a woman came to him, then another, he married them]: Frachtenberg 1913, No. 11:59-71.

California. Wappo [see motive J4; The Hawk marries the two sisters of the Month; performs all the difficult tasks of the Month; breaks the branches of a pine tree; for this Month kills him with an arrow; Hawk's wives give birth to a boy and a girl ; a boy finds his father's bow and arrows under a pine tree, traces of his blood; kills the Month with his father's bow]: Radin 1924, No. 11:135; Yana [a boy is born from the saliva of Flint killed by bears; breaks easily all bows, finds father's sturdy bow; kills bears]: Curtin 1898:303; Sapir 1910, No. 1, 4:19, 218; yokutz [see J33 motif; girl picks clover, Grizzly eats her; mother finds blood on leaves , brings home, a boy emerges from the blood; she makes arrows for him; each time he brings bigger game; she shows him the closet where his (father?)'s battle bows and arrows lie i) relatives (killed by a grizzly?) ; he takes them, goes east; sends all the grizzlies one by one; when his mother's killer comes out, he kills him with an arrow]: Kroeber 1907a, No. 34:225-227.

Big Pool. North Payut (Owens Valley) [Kiao'nu always wins, tortures and maims losers; made the Bear and the Raven lame; Tuhuki'ni boy sees his mother's bow, arrows, playing hoop, etc.; mother claims that this is her property; he realizes that these are the things of the murdered father; comes to his father's sister, who says that K. is digging holes where rivals fall; Aunt Frog and Woodpecker went with the young man; Crane held out his leg to them like a bridge across the river, told them not to sit on the cape offered to him by K.; T. does not eat poisoned food, does not sleep (so as not to be killed in his sleep), does not take the daughter K. offered to him; plays with his own ball; wives T. and K. sit by the fire; The frog pours water on T.'s wife and K.'s wife is hot; with the help of Woodpecker, T. plays better; Gopher digs holes in K.'s way, the Woodpecker drives his ball into the hollow; T. wins; burns the Player and his wife, the Bear and the Raven regain their eyes and claws; kill people K.]: Steward 1936, No. 28:388-396.

The Great Southwest. Papago [playing sticks made from magic cane obtained by their father and uncle]: Desmore 1929:73; yuma [in his ancestors' house, the hero finds a magic belt, an amulet, a hat]: Densmore 1932a: 54.

Mesoamerica Otomi [the woman kept her daughter in the drawer, did not let him out; the young man made wooden spoons, bowls, came disguised as a salesman; the girl asked her mother to buy it; when she saw him, the girl felt itchy; when she went swimming and took off her dress, found a corn kernel in it; she rubbed it and threw it into the water, the shrimp took care of it, the fish raised it, since then some have dark spots on their backs; boy grew up, asked the girls who were washing their clothes to cross the river; they refused; then persuaded them to stand in a row to cross their backs; as they walked, the girls turned into frogs; came to his mother, she made clay vessels, he smashed them with arrows; she scolded him, he explained that he was her son, whom she grinded and threw into the water; he began to play an instrument her grandfather; told him to stop: another, angry, grandfather would hear him kill the player; he came, took the young man to the temazcal, closed the door, gave a couple; opened it, intending to cut and eat the cooked; the bathhouse was empty, the young man came from the spring, all wet; then the grandfather offered to separate the black grains from the white ones; the young man covered the vessel with a cross, the grains separated; but the grandfather could not separate; the young man offered to catch the abandoned a stone; the young man caught; he threw the stone himself, and when he fell, he threw cornthorns (espigas) into his grandfather's eyes, the stone hit him in the head and killed him; asked his mother for cakes, she replied that they were eating here only bones, nothing else; he told me to take the pot, it boiled, it contained cakes; he ordered the field to be cooked, the first corn grew on it]: Oropeza Escobar 2007:185-191; tepeua [cf. J4 motif; some characters don't like the musician's performance; they invite him to a party, feed him, offer more and more servings; he can't anymore; they call him to play ball, kill him with their iron balls; his pregnant wife wants to have an abortion, a baby from her womb tells her to wait, give birth to him where she bathes; she gives birth and buries a dead baby; corn grows on his grave; a woman cooks the cake, it is bitter, the woman throws it away; the turtle puts it on her back, the cake turns into a boy; the baby is dirty, since then you can see a picture on the tortoise shell; the turtle makes arrows for him , but tells not to shoot poor fish; the boy asks the scorpion to take him to his real mother; finds his father's musical instrument under the roof of the house; opponents hear the game again, call the player to their place to subject him to the same tests as his father; he is fed to slaughter, but he asks the shrew in advance to hole his food vessels; during the game, he hits balls, killing opponents; spares three for what they show is where his father's bones are; revives his father, brings him home, forbiding him to open his eyes; a leaf falls on him, opens his eyes, turns into a deer; his son gives him a handkerchief - a tail]: Williams Garcí a 1972:87-92 (89: the hero finds his father's musical instrument); Totonaki (Chicotepec) [the man played the violin; the Groms sent a messenger to him to appear; let him tell him who to him allowed him to play, they don't like it; he was asked to sit in a chair and then compete in running; at a distance he saw pajaro de primavera lying upside down; not wanting to step on him, man hesitated and lost the contest; he was killed and buried; his wife remained pregnant; the Thunders summoned her and forced her to miscarry under threat of death, the baby was buried in the yard of the house from which they managed town hall; 8 days later, a corn shoot grew on this place, the cob ripened on it; the thunders called a woman and told her to pick it up; she ground the grain, cooked a tamale; it turned out to be bitter and she threw it into the river; downstream, the old woman heard crying and picked up the baby; brought it home, her husband is also happy; the boy grew up quickly, calls the couple parents; asks where the father goes; the old woman: take care of animals {fish, but they are more commonly referred to as animals}; these animals lay motionless; kingfisher and other birds that eat fish came to eat them; the young man asked for permission he should go with his father; started shooting at kingfishers and killing them; promised that now the fish ("animals") would multiply; the next time he went alone, started shooting the fish in the head, they had fins, and in the back a tail has appeared; tomorrow or the day after tomorrow God's children (i.e. people} will appear, they will need animals {i.e. there must be many fish and should not be concentrated in one place}; the fish has moved {i.e. blurred}; the next day the young man came with his father again; he: how to catch now; then the young man gave his father a net; people would appear - they would need it; the young man came to the crocodile, he wanted to eat it; the young man asked him to open his mouth to get into it, cut off his tongue and said that he would now be called a crocodile; when the lightning flashes, they would read you {that is, lightning is made of the crocodile's tongue}; The young man told the old woman that he knew that he had a real mother and his real father had been killed; the young man came when his mother sadly sang and made clay pots; hiding in a tree, he broke the pot with arrows; she began to swear; he went out to her, told her not to swear and called herself a son; sat on her knees and spoiled her; told the whole story of his father's death and his appearance; he was the cob of corn; he assured him that he would not be killed; he opened his father's house and all the violins, guitars, drums and flutes were there; he started playing the violin, the Groms heard it, sent messengers for him; he volunteered to go; when {people} will come, you will be called rain/storm clouds, for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow God will increase the number of his children {i.e. people}; and they have agreed to be under his control, to be clouds, not who were; they were given their horses - white clouds, and given to their machetes; and they would produce lightning, scream {thunder} and pour water; in the morning clouds appeared in the east, rained, and a thunderstorm began; He did not look at the person lying down and ran first; the second test was to eat a lot of corn porridge; he agreed with Agouti to gnaw a hole in the bottom of the porridge vessel; the porridge flowed out, and the Thunders they believed that the young man ate everything; then he took his father out of the grave to revive him; but he should not be afraid; but when he heard the rustle of a fallen leaf, his father was frightened and turned into a deer; now people will be you Yes, hunters will kill; this young man is Wonder Man]: Aschmann 1977; quiche [see J4B motif; Hun-Hun-Ahpu and Vukub-Hun-Ahpu brothers are invited to play ball in Shibalba; they die there; the daughter of one of the rulers Sh. becomes pregnant from the saliva of the severed head XXA; comes to mother XXA, gives birth to twins Hun-Ahpa and Shbalanka; they tell the ax and hoe to clear the area themselves for vegetable garden; at night, all the birds and animals of the forest restore vegetation; the brothers guard, cut off the tails of the rabbit and deer; they want to kill the Mouse; she reports that the grandmother hides their accessories for playing their father and uncle's ball; sending their grandmother to get water and telling the insect to hole her jug, they sent the Mouse to gnaw through the rope, for which a bundle with a ball, gloves, etc. was hung from the roof.]: Popol-Wuh 1959:51 -55; chorty (synopsis of several versions) [hero - Kumix Angel ("little angel, little brother", hereinafter K.) lives with his four older brothers; he has a cut on his leg; when he swims, fish His blood and flesh eat; his brothers rubbed him on a stone, threw him into the water, it foamed like a vine used to poison fish; the brothers are disgusted to understand that the fish they eat has been fed K.'s body; or K. turns into a fish himself; when the brothers leave, K. revives and cries on the shore; the old cannibal K'ech'uj takes him home; var.: she takes the bloody foam on the water for her own miscarriage; K. hunts birds and deer, but K'ech'uj secretly gives meat to her lover; after learning that K'ech'uj and her partner are not his parents, K. kills both; K. hides in a guitar that the hummingbird took to heaven, her mother meets there; all her property has been taken away by the Bronze King; K. turns the few remaining beans and corn grains into abundant supplies, rebuilds the house that his uncle San Lorenzo (SL) built and where Mother K. lives; arranges the ritual of feeding her father's brothers, i.e. four-way winds; causes SL with the power of a drum; deceives her father's tools (sword, drum, flute, ring, cloth), owned by a monkey, battleship, crocodile; defeats and kills the Bronze King (sometimes with lightning); hitting a drum and striking with a sword (thunderstorm), creates a milpa; older brothers create a mountain so that they too climb into heaven and see her mother; eagles begin to descend from the sky, threatening people's existence; K. destroys the mountain with lightning; the older brothers are told to hide their heads, but they stick them out and are blinded; their tears are a small November rain; K. turns them into frogs - "rain priests" on the four ends of the world; K. finds his father's grave; when he tries to revive him, a flock of partridges distracts him and revival is not succeeds; according to one version (Girard 1995:404), K. rises to heaven and becomes the sun]: Braakhuis, Hull 2014:452-454.

The Northern Andes. Cimila [two sons went to hunt tapir; their mother sends their old father to work on the site, who dies of heat and fatigue; sons come to the cleared area, see their father, he has good clothes and jewelry, he is beautifully painted; he appears and disappears with a gust of wind; tells them to kill their mother, gives her club for this purpose; they kill his mother with a club]: Reichel-Dolmatoff 1945, No. 12 : 11-12.

NW Amazon. Dad's wind gun, if not otherwise. Uitoto: Pereira 1980 (2): 488; Preuss 1921, No. 8:308; Rodríguez de Montes 1981, No. 19 [father's amulets to become jaguars], 23 [see motive F33; Hitoma (The Sun) received his wife from the riverine people; vultures stole her, he killed them; the other wife's lover is a river man; H. kills him, lets his wife eat his penis; the third wife has a jaguar lover Gaimo; the wife tells him to swim down the river; H. goes above, G. ate him; she gave birth to a son by H.; tells him that he was born from her knee; he sees his father's heart hanging on a tree - a hummingbird egg; he warmed up at home, his brother came out of the egg; the mother lies that his father was bitten snake; brothers found a snake - it does not want to bite; fell from a tree; burned in a fire; brothers do not break, do not burn; woodpecker is injured, he lives on the same tree as G.; for treating, the woodpecker talks about G. G. has an assistant; advised him to bring cassava to G.'s hollow so that he thinks that a woman has come; said that pucuna (wind gun?) the father is under the roof; the assistant (ocelot?) will be the first to come out , do not kill him; the brothers called and killed G., H. the youngest took a tooth for the necklace; for the fact that his sister was silent, turned her into a tuayó bird, sings at night]: 159, 199; andoque [women's brothers - night monkeys, ate her husband, hid his wind gun (sarbakan) in the house, the woman hid the dart and cotton wool between her breasts; the victim's son made a small sarbakan, shot flies, hit to his grandfather in the testicles, who said that the boy had his father's habits; so the boy found out that he had a father; began to ask his mother how he died; she replies that he was eaten by the owner of the forest (the boy walks through the forest at night , intact); 2) fell off the roof (the boy jumps off the roof, alive); 3) was bitten by a snake; 4) ran into a branch; the boy wants to kill a rat, she says that his father was killed by his mother's brothers, showed where the sarbakan is; the boy found him, asked his mother to give him a breast; she admitted that his father was killed, by mail that he killed monkeys himself; the son put his hand in the hollow, then his head was stuck; his head was cut off]: Landaburu, Pineda 1984: 133-136; yagua [sacred flutes obtained from parents' spirits]: Chaumeil, Chaumeil 1978:163-164; Payne 1992:202; Powlison 1959:9-10; 1972a: 75-76, 79; yagua [see J4A motif; man married to Night Monkey; wife cooks masato, sends her husband to hunt night monkeys; her brothers are waiting there, they kill him themselves; everyone eats him, drinks masato; they give meat to his little son, they plan to kill him too; or the son is born after the father's death; asks the mother how the father died; she replies that she fell from a roof, from a tree; cut down a tree, it crushed it, a nest of bees fell on it; ate a jaguar; bitten by an anteater, a snake; a young man exposes himself to the same dangers, is alive; asks animals who say they are innocent; (see motive H39); the young man smashed Chuchupe's vessel of poison, the snakes took possession of it; Ch. tells him the truth; the mother lies that there is a bird's nest under the roof; the son climbs there, takes his father's wind gun; waits for monkeys in ambush; the father of the young man's mother hangs the skull of the boy's eaten father around his neck, he blows at him like a horn; others flutes made of the bones of the killed; the young man kills everyone; the cub escapes, the current monkeys come from him, but the young man makes them harmless; asks the electric eel for his rod; he gives a fake one; a young man sits next to his mother, hits the ground with a rod, there is a distant thunder; he throws ants in the eye, grabs the rod, the Eel jumps into the water forever; the son cuts the mother in half with a thunder; both half turn into frogs; now when lightning strikes, their tadpoles lose their tails and become adults]: Powlison 1959:9-11; 1972a: 78-79; 1993:80-96; letuama [night monkeys killed hunter; head fell into the hollow, body to the ground; pregnant wife put a stick in her ass (thinking there should be a head), and palm leaves stopped blood in her neck; the body turned into an anteater; the woman gave birth on the road; the boy grew up in seven days, came to his grandfather; he says that if the boy is his grandson, he will not get wet in the rain; he went out and did not get wet; Who killed my father? - Snake; a young man came to the Snakes, asking him to be killed as a father; - Not us, ask his mother; - He fell off a tree! - I ate a jaguar! - The forest spirit of Kurupir killed; once a young man helped his grandfather get rid of mosquitoes on the site; he said in gratitude that night monkeys had killed; the young man shattered his mother's wind gun and shot him monkeys, but one was only injured; when her mother wanted to put her into the fire, the monkey killed her; when she saw the mother dead, the son turned into a frog]: Palma 1984:134-137.

The Central Andes. Huamachuco (dep. La Libertad) [Ataguju creates together with Sugad-Gabra and Ucioz-Gabra created Guamansiri (Huamansuri, i.e. "Son of the Falcon"), sends them to land in Huamachuco, where Guachemines live; they force him to cultivate them fields; he seduces their sister Cautaguan; they burn him, push his bones into dust, she rises to the sky to A.; Cautaguan gives birth to two eggs, dies, throw eggs on a pile of manure; they are picked up by a woman, one of them Cepokatequil (or simply Catequil) and Piquerao are born; Catequil revives his mother, she gives him the two slings left by his father; with them he kills some of the guachemines, drives the rest away; asks A. to populate the land new people; he tells you to dig on Guacat Hill, aka Ipuna, on the site of Puerto de Santa between Trujillo and Lima; Catequil digs with a silver and gold shovel, people come out of the ground; with his sling Catequil produces thunder and lightning]: Relación 1918:19-21; see also Tello 1923:142-144 (full text); San Pedro 1992 in Topic 1998:112 (summary).

Bolivia - Guaporé. Takana [Paititi Edutzi (the general name for supernatural creatures, first ancestors) hunted near large bodies of water; male and female Iba Bana (flying jaguars) came out of the water; PI did not release a male arrow made of a peach palm tree, and a woman's arrow made of bamboo; the arrow was frightened, flew around the target; the female information security swallowed PI; the swallowed man's wife found his bow and arrow on the shore, and five days later gave birth to Arauari Edutzi; he began to practice with his father's heavy bow early; went to take revenge by hanging bags of coca and tobacco around his neck; killed a male and a female information security with arrows; took out a stone from the female's heart into which he had become swallowed by the father, put it in a bag with coca; (spirit) PE went to the world of Edutzi, will be there until the end of the world]: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 216:338.