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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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J47. The stalker falls from a height.

.10.-.14.16.-.22.24.-. (.55.) .

The character climbs to heaven on a rope, ladder, etc. or climbs a tree or rock, or descends from the sky to earth, or rises to the ground from the lower world. Another character follows, but the rope, the ladder is cut off or cut off, and the character falls down.

Hottentots, Sakata, Xhosa, Von, Limba, Manden, Mosi, Sapo, Ikom, Ashanti, Banen, Kalenjin (Marakvet), Kordofan, Nubians, Sudanese Arabs, Somalis, Malgash, Libyan Arabs, British, Palestinians, Yemen, Nguluwonga, Warrai, Bunya Bunya, Bijanjara, Olo, Watut, Yakamul, Buka, Tanna, Yap, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands (Wotje), Tibetans (Amdo), Mustang, Lushey, Bori, Apatani, Mishmi, Kachin, Burmese, Karen, Minahasa, Toraja, Atoni, Boogie, Tobelo, Loda, Sangihe Islands, Ifugao, Nabaloi, Paiwan Islands (?) , Chinese (Shanxi, etc.), Koreans, Hungarians, Ossetians, Balkarians, Ingush, Latvians, Dongxians, Mongors, Nenets, Japanese, North Ryukyu, Nenets, Southern Selkups, Puyallup, Snookualli, Tunic, Katawba, Keddo, Shinkyon, Achomavi , kawaiisu, luiseño, valapay, diegueño (kumeai), paypay, tarahumara, chatino, triki, tzotsil, (embera, nonama), shikuani, maquiritare, trio, aguaruna, shuar, achuar, huambisa (?) , cofan, napo, uitoto, ocaina, chikuna, juruna, quechua and mestizos of northern, central and southern Peru, shipibo, ashaninka, machigenga, siriono, chacobo, guarazu, wari, paresi, bororo, apaniecra, crajo, chorote, matako.

SW Africa. The Hottentots [the lion and the jackal agreed to hunt together; the jackal suggested that the animals be hunted by a lion, and he would carry meat to his family; the lion found the lioness and the lions slightly alive from hunger; ran to kill the jackal; he carried everything to the top of the cliff in advance; hits the skin with a stick, says that he hits his wife, it is her fault, his wife and children are pretending to scream; invites the lion to lift him up to the rock; twice cuts off the rope, the lion is barely alive; offers to open its mouth - drops a piece of meat; drops a red-hot stone wrapped in fat; the lion is dead]: St. Lys 1916:145-148.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Sakata [Takinga does not listen to his parents, they give him to a harsh teacher; on the way, he asks for permission to say goodbye to his parents, runs away to the forest, eats bananas on someone's property, Trimobe comes (this is a buffalo man), says that his bananas, puts T. in a bag; he asks him to put stones there as well; on the way, Trimob calls out to T., he throws a stone every time; the last time he jumps out himself, Trimob thinks it's a stone; realizing the deception, he catches up with T., brings him home, tells the children to cook their prey; the rat advises asking Trimob to go for pepper, while T. will supposedly turn into a cauldron in two boys; T. tells the children to untie him to put them in the cauldron, throws them into the cauldron; runs away after receiving an egg, a stone and a stick from the rat; the rat tells Trimob that he ate his children; T. throws objects, they turn into a forest (stick), lake (egg), mountain (stone); Trimob asks to lower the vine, promises to become T.'s friend; he cuts off the vine, Trimob breaks; the bird helps T. go down the mountain for promise to become an obedient boy; T. comes home, everyone is happy]: Colldén 1979, No. 19:172-174; scythe [Leo invited Jackal to hunt together; Leo will take large animals, and the Jackal will take small animals ; The lion killed the antelope, told the Jackal to take it to the Lion's house; the Jackal called his children, they dragged the carcass together onto the rock; the lion could not get there; one day the Jackal went to get water, the Leo saw him, chased him, The Jackal whizzed into the hole; the lion grabbed his tail, the Jackal said it was the root; let the Lion pick up the stone and hit to see if blood came out; while Leo was looking for the stone, the Jackal climbed deeper; then ran away; once I met Leo, pointed him to an antelope supposedly standing nearby, promised to drive her to Leo, ran away again; there was a collection of animals, only horned ones could come; the Jackal made horns out of wax; fell asleep at the fire, the horns melted; the lion recognized him, chased him, the Jackal stood under the rock: it will now collapse, we must hold it; while the Leo was chasing the pole, the Jackal ran away; they are hunting together again; the lion tells us to carry the bull's chest to his wife, and the bottom of his leg to Jackal's wife, he did the opposite; the lion went to the rock with the Jackal on it; he lowered his rope of mouse skins; the lion climbed, the rope broke, the Leo hurt painfully]: McCall Theal 1882: 175-179.

West Africa. Background [during hunger, only the dwarf antelope (Cephalolophus maxwellii) remains well-fed; she goes to her mother, summons her with a song, she lowers the rope, the antelope rises and eats; the animals sent the Cat to follow; when she heard the song, the Cat called the animals, they grabbed the rope; Antelope's mother felt that her child could not be so heavy, cut the rope; where the animals were fell, the sea formed, and Mawu sent food to the animals and now they are not hungry]: Müller 1907:279; limba [Baboon is surprised that Monkey remains fat when hungry; sees how The monkey calls his grandmother, she lowers her rope from the sky; the Baboon collects the animals, calls the grandmother in the voice of Monkey, everyone climbs up the rope; the monkey comes running, tells his grandmother to throw the rope; animals fall, the blow made the Baboon's ass red]: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010:172-173; manden [the girl's father promises her to the one who will run faster; the fastest antelope, but the chameleon hides on her back first touches the girl, gets a wife; she gives birth to a son, then a daughter; the mother tells them to take food to their father; they call their father, the chameleon answers; the children do not believe that he is their father, they laugh; (in anthropomorphic form) the father tells them to always be together; they hear the chameleon again, they kill him, the mother drives them away; they come to the lioness, kill, cook one of the three cubs, feed the lioness; she asks to bring her cubs breastfeed; the boy brings one twice; explains that he has already eaten beans, so he does not want to suck; the same with the second; fed the lioness and the last, hid in a hole, threw her skulls to the lioness children, put a bag over her, sold the lioness bag to merchants - supposedly a big dog; told her not to open it right away; at night, the merchants opened them, the lioness ate them, there was only one old woman left; the children climbed the tree, they lowered the rope to the lioness, she got up, they threw the rope, the lioness crashed to death; the tree was high, don't get off; the bird put the children on its wings; boy: the bird stinks, I'll cut off its wing; the girl doesn't objects: we must be together; the wings have been cut off, the bird has fallen, the children have crashed to death; the turtle has revived the boy, who does not want his sister to be revived, but the turtle also revives her; sister: let's eat the turtle! went to buy firewood; the brother tells the turtle to leave, but the sister catches it; they come to the blacksmith and ask him to cook a turtle; he has swollen testicles, the children offer to cure it, burn it, run away; they come in a peanut field, a boy tells a story, people understand that this is about how he maimed a blacksmith; the blacksmith puts the boy in a bag, walks away for a while; he tells the blacksmith's children that there are peanuts in the bag; they untie the bag, get inside instead of the boy, the blacksmith throws the bag into the fire; the boy screams that he burned his children, runs away; comes with his sister to the village, gets a wife; sister: let's kill her; brother does not I may disagree, they kill the girl, run away, climb trees; two old men come, the sister pees, they think it's raining; the brother poops, they notice them, they cut down the tree with axes, it starts to fall, two lizards restore it; the sister kills one lizard, the tree is cut down again, but the second lizard restores it again; the sister kills the second lizard, people cut down the tree, brother and sister go up to heaven, since then they have been raining and thunderstorming]: Frobenius 1922b, No. 95:170-177; mosi [the hare and hyena were ordered to bring honey to the king; the hyena filled its vessel with crap, smeared honey on top, the vessel The hare is smaller, but it contains only honey; the king gave the hyena his main wife and the hare a second wife; realizing what was going on, the king decided to teach the hyena a lesson; the wives prepared fritters for the hyena out of rotten flour, put them on a hill the hare - pancakes with meat, put on the ground; the hyena specially drops pieces of its pancakes into the hare's bowl so that they are smeared in sauce; the goat is tied on a strong rope, the bull on a thin rope, they offer to choose, not seeing animals; a hyena is strong enough, it gets a goat; next time, on the contrary, the hyena has a goat again; on the way back, the hyena eats the goat, gives the hare a liver (apparently hoping that he will eat it, and she will demand it from him the bull's liver); the hare does not eat, returns it; he himself offers to slaughter and eat the bull, sends the hyena behind the fire; hides the meat in the skin in the baobab hollow, sticks the tail into the ground, says the hyena that she swallowed the bull Earth; the hyena drags its tail, eats it; the hare confesses that the meat is in the hollow, promises to raise the hyena; throws the rope, the hyena falls, since then it has a lame gait]: Frobenius 1922b, No. 101:233-237; sapo [in the chameleon's hunger is only getting fat; the baboon persuaded him to reveal a secret, promised not to tell anyone; the chameleon's mother lives in the sky, cooks, lowers his rope and he gets up; the baboon broke his promise all the animals followed the chameleon; when the elephant climbed, the chameleon's mother released the rope; the baboon fell on the elephant, since then its ass was red; the chameleon now walks sneaking and no one knows where where his mother lowers a rope from the sky]: Pinney 1973:269-270; ikom [the hare proposed to allocate an inviolable area for a king who violated the ban on eating; arranges a pogrom on the site, sends a forest cat there, and then accuses him that he violated the ban; the cat was killed; the hare offered to entrust the lazy animal Keroho, who does not eat meat, to guard the cat's meat; steals meat at night, accuses the watchman of selling that meat; so one by one, many animals put by the guards die; it's the turtle's turn, they just pretended to be sleeping, covered the meat with a sticky substance, the hare stuck first with one paw, then with all; the animals decide that the hare must pay many brass rods, otherwise they will kill him, his mother and sister; the hare promised, but together with his relatives he climbed to the top of the tree and lowered the rope; all the animals climbed it, the hare cut off the rope, everyone fell, crushing the turtle's shell that remained on the ground; since then it seemed to consist of fragments]: Dayrell 1913, No. 2:3-7; ashanti [Kweku Tsin, Anansi's eldest son, caught a deer; stayed guarded while A. himself went to get the meat basket; that's not the case, the COP called out to him, someone responded; it turned out to be a dragon; then A. came up; the dragon came up took them both to his castle, where there are many other prisoners; they are guarded by a rooster; the COP poured him a whole mountain of grain to peck and not give a voice, ordered him to make a hemp ladder, threw him into the sky; all climbed the stairs; the COP told people to take the meat of the cows and give him the bones; he climbs last; every time the dragon approaches, the CS throws a bone at him, he goes down to gnaw it; when the bones are over, plays the violin, the dragon goes down to dance; jumping into the sky, cuts off the stairs, the dragon fell and crashed; CS became the sun, A. became a month, the rest of the people became stars]: Barker, Sinclaire 1917, No. 18:97- 101; banen [the tarantula spider invited the monitor lizard to a festival in the sky; he climbed its web; girls and boys are dancing in the sky, the girls like the spider, but the monitor lizard does not; the boys offer to fight, the spider refuses, he is ashamed; he fights a monitor lizard and he broke an egg in his stomach; the spider was offended and descended to the ground, cutting off the web; the monitor lizard that followed him remained hanging and then fell; since then he has no ear holes]: Dugast 1975:422-426; (cf. banen [young men from heaven went down stairs to earth, changed food at the bazaar; when they returned, stairs came down from the sky; one girl watched, exclaimed - that's where they came from! The stairs have disappeared, and the chimpanzees who did not have time to go to heaven became chimpanzees and stayed in the forest; they think the red fruit is fire]: Dugast 1975:428).

Sudan - East Africa. Kordofan (no language specified) [the king laments that he is childless; the sorcerer gives two lemons; let one be eaten by an Arab wife, she will give birth to a daughter, and the other a concubine, give birth to a son; when he grows up, he must come to the sorcerer; the boy's name is Shatr Mohammed (SHM); the sorcerer met him, told him to remind his father of the promise; he cries; the sorcerer became an eagle and took away the CMM; in his palace he gives the CMM the keys to all rooms, but forbids unlocking one of them; treasures are everywhere; in the forbidden room, the CMM is a beauty suspended by her hair; on one side there is a horse on chains, bloody meat in front of him; on the other, a lion, hay in front of him; floor strewn with the old and recently cut down heads of young men; the CMM freed the girl, swapped hay and meat, the horse and the lion broke their chains; the horse: put on armor, take the sword and the girl and jump; the lion is with them; the sorcerer catches up; the horse tells you to throw a comb (a thick forest), a piece of glass (a field covered with glass fragments), soap (a river); the sorcerer swam, drowned; the horse tells you to take his hairs to summon him and go to the city ; he hired a gardener; the youngest of the 7 princesses sees him swimming, calling a horse and putting on armor; she sends him food every day, but the gardener picks them up; princesses send his father 7 melons: them it's time to marry; everyone throws a handkerchief to the one she has chosen as her husband; the youngest with the CMM is settled in the slave quarter; the king is sick, she needs gazelle milk; the CMM gives it to his older sons-in-law, who allow them to stigmatize them in the ass ; sons' milk does not help, milk brought by the younger princess healed the father; enemies have attacked; sons-in-law are fleeing, CMM smashes enemies on his horse; to celebrate the savior, the king inflicts a slight wound on him with a sword on her hand and bandages him with her handkerchief; the wife recognizes her father's handkerchief, tells the mother; the king begs the CMM to return to the palace; the older sons-in-law have to show the stigma, now they are slaves to the CMM]: Frobenius 1923, No. 19: 216-224; kalenjin (marakvet) [Zebra and Slonikha are friends, each with a child; during the drought, they dug two holes nearby, from which they drank water; once Elephant saw Zebra and Zebrenk drink water from her holes and killed Zebra; Zebrenok ran home, killed Elephant, ran to his relatives; asks baboons, then antelopes to cover him, calling them mothers; they are afraid of Elephants, refuse to help; monkeys they agree, raise the Zebra to the tree; offer the Elephant to pick her up; they lift her up and throw it three times, pretending that they have little strength; the third time the Elephant broke all her bones and died; monkeys Zebrenka escorted him to his relatives]: Chesaina 1997:66-68; the Nubians [seven girls went for firewood, they were caught at night, they noticed the big and weak lights, decided to go to the big one; came to the cannibal, who gave them crushed bones mixed with her milk; one said that others prevented her from eating; they, having already taken food in their mouths, spit it it it out; in the morning Fatma the Beautiful hears the cannibal sharpening a knife; she coughs loudly, replies that 1) camels are interfering (the cannibal shouts to take them away), 2) bulls (the same), 3) wants to drink, asks for water from an unopened calebasa, from an unburned clay vessel, from the net; the cannibal cannot collect water, while the girls run away; the cannibal asks God to create their wedding on the way so that F. can stay to watch and dance; the girls run to the river, ask for a crocodile translate them, promise him food; when he carries the cannibal, they shout that this is his food, he drowns, eats the cannibal; girls get married; options (11 versions): cannibal name Su'luwwa, Silha, Itkal, Irkabi; Fatma is kind to cannibal children, they ask their mother not to eat girls; human bones, 1 girl eats, girls hide food in holes; F. complains that goats and horses interfere; bring water in a sieve; cannibal eats the girl who ate bones; the cannibal eats her own daughters instead of girls; creates distracting obstacles in the way of girls: weddings, bracelets and pendants (girls rush to collect them) sea; crying people, date palms, ornaments, a thorn in F.'s leg; girls hide in a tree, lower the cannibal's rope, cut it off, it falls, breaks]: Al-Shahi, Moore 1978 in Goldberg 2003:342- 343; Sudanese Arabs [by the river, Fatma's older brother's horse slipped on strands with an ox; the brother promised to marry the one whose hair was, even if it was F.; F. persuaded seven girls to run with her, and then their brothers will do the same; before the wedding night, she went out to pee, pierced a pre-prepared wineskin of water, the murmur of the jet, the girls managed to leave; in the desert they came to the cannibal; she invited them milk and one of the girls tried it; at night F. replies that she is awake; asks him to go to calm the dogs in a distant village; and other tasks (not named); in the morning they asked the cannibal to bake bread for them on fire, the one that burns there is the sun; she tasted it, but she did not bake bread; when she returned, she found only the one that tasted milk; she broke her neck and ate it; the girls asked the tree to become small, climbed on top of it, then asked him to stand tall again; stuck knives around; lowered the cannibal's rope, picked it up and threw it several times; knives pierced her and she died; the girls moved on; F. began to look for the old man in her head; asks how he could be killed; the old man: plunge a thorn into the crown; F. did so, put on old man's skin; the girls began to live in a cave; merchants passed, their camel became chew the straw that closed the entrance; the merchants dismantled the girls; one of them is crooked; says to the merchant: they took the curve, but left the flower; the Sultan's son heard, returned, took the imaginary old man; when they go, jewelry F. ring; "These are my bones"; F. chose to herd geese rather than sheep to be able to swim; the slave sees her taking off old man's skin; she makes him speechless (apparently by witchcraft); at home he points to F., but cannot say anything; F.: he is crazy, he should be burned with iron; burned to death; this is how almost all slaves died; the Sultan's son went to spy himself, climbed a tree, stole F.'s ring; at home he offered to play checkers: the winner would take off the other skin; F. won twice, but did not exercise her right; then the Sultan's son won; married F., but hid it from people; once F. left, people fell breathless because of her beauty; she sprayed blood on them from her little finger, everyone came to life; everything is fine]: Al-Shahi, Moore 1920, No. 21:114-118; Somalis [the young man drove the cattle destined for dowry; towards the lion, offers to fight; the young man defeated the lion, but he says that this is because the young man has a right hand, but he does not have a lion; the young man cut off his right hand; then his left hand; after that the lion ate the young man, took his form and came to the girl; he needs raw meat for food; at night the young woman sees that the groom is covered in hair, but her parents are driving her back; the lion rides a camel and begins to devour it hump, telling his wife to take off her clothes and go naked; bringing his wife to him, the lion followed the other animals; the girl cut off her finger and ran away, climbed a tree in the middle of the pond; the lion brought a rat, a leopard, a hyena, a snake; the finger says where the girl ran, the rat leads; the lion throws the rope, the girl pretends to pick it up, let go of the rope, the lion drowned; the same in all the animals; a bird flew in with one wing; the girl asked her parents to find her and tell her about her; mother, father do not listen, brother leads them to the tree; the girl does not want to get off the tree; the brother asked God to knock him down; the girl returned home; began to make oil on the roof of the house, the wind blew her away; father and mother to the wind: take your daughter, but give the oil; when she fell, the girl turned into two sticks; the camel driver picked them up, they entered the camel's body; the driver's father did not believe it and killed his son; he also stabbed the camel while trying to get sticks]: Reuss-Nliba, Reuss-Nliba 2018:101-114; Malgashi: Haring 1982, No. 3.2.327k (bar) [], 3.2.327L (bar): 386, 386 ; Dahl 1968, No. 13 [three sisters marry three men who refuse to give them their names; two older husbands have indecent names; younger sister goes to the woods, eavesdropping on husbands calling each other; when they return, the wives speak to them by name; the youngest's husband tells the wife that the older husbands want to kill their wives; the older sisters do not believe, they are killed; the youngest and husband run away; the husband tells the baobab bend down, then pick them up; when the cannibal Bibibé comes, they lower his rope, cut him off, he breaks; the couple has 8 sons; they kill the husbands of older sisters]: 89-91); Rodman 1965 [three brothers, and the fourth, named Isilakuluna, has half a wooden body; his father drove him away, his mother left with him; they live in the forest, have dogs; brothers ask their father what are the curiosities in the world; father: white guinea fowl, red bee honey, a wild bull, monsters with a woman's head; brothers go in search, I. with them; tells his mother that if bananas dry up, trouble with him, let him release the dogs; I. lures guinea fowls, fills the calebas with honey, tames the bull; every time the brothers take what they have earned from him, take credit for themselves; when they enter the monster house with a woman's head, they are frightened; I. tells them to bring water with a net, brothers are fleeing; monsters are chasing; I. stuck a piece of wood into the ground, a forest appeared, monsters cut it down; scattered rice (tall, hard grass); eggs (the river, the pursuers drank it); I. and his brothers climbed on a stone, I. told him to become a tall rock; I.'s mother let the dogs down, but the monsters ate the red, black and yellow ones; the brothers lowered the rope, then cut them off, two monsters crashed; the third did not go up; the last dog grabbed him by the tail, I. captivated him; brought him to his father; told how everything was, his father made him heir, and the rest of his sons were happy]: 161-169.

North Africa. The Arabs of Libya (Tripoli) [the old man gave the judge 12 apples for his childless wife to eat them and give birth to 12 children; she eats 11 and half of the last, giving birth to the other sister; gives birth to 11 normal sons and one half-boy; they go to marry their father's brother's 12 daughters; Half warns that they did not come to an uncle, but to an ogre; he covers his wife with a red veil and his daughters with a white blanket; Half put red on his daughters and white on his brothers; he also changed the hats of the cannibal's brothers and daughters; at night, the ogre's wife kills her daughters instead of brothers, only the latter wakes up and talks about it mothers; brothers run away, come to their real uncle; brothers get a bride, Half is the youngest and most beautiful of them; brothers, out of envy, tell him to go down to the well and cut off the rope; fish gives him scales to call her for help; on the way home, the Half meets the ogre's wife, who brings him to her; he advises the ogre to fatten him first; then asks him to invite other cannibals to a feast, it remains to cut wood to bake it; asks the cannibal daughter to help, kills her with an ax, runs away, hides in an iron tower; tells the cannibal who has run up to collect all the cannibals - let them bring firewood and lay it the tower, it will burn in it; when the tower was hot, the cannibals themselves burned down; and the Half upstairs was unharmed; he began to lift the cannibal on a rope, cut it off, the cannibal fell, crashed; on the way home, Half met another cannibal; she said that today his wife is being remarried; says she will help with the promise to give her first child; she put her older brother on her back, took him to the wedding, Halves, wife; became a scorpion and bit her brother to death; father tells Polovinka that his brothers said he was killed; the boy grew up, the cannibal met him, asked him to remind his father of his promise; boy I forgot; then she put a ring on his finger; his mother asked where it came from, he told me everything, his parents sent him to the cannibal; a year later, the father went to visit his son; he said he had found a better father and mother; The cannibal promises that she will not take away new children from Half]: Stumme 1898, No. 3:93-104.

Western Europe. The British [poor widow tells son Jack to sell the cow; the buyer gives her 5 beans: they will grow to the sky; the mother throws the fruits out the window; they grew to the sky overnight; Jack went up there came to the giantess, she gave him something to eat and hid it in the stove; convinced the giant that it smelled not of human, but of boiled rhinos; the giant counted gold and fell asleep; Jack took one bag of gold and brought mother; Jack climbed again, convinced the giantess that the thief was not him, took away the chicken that lays golden eggs; for the third time he hid in a lara of flour, took away the golden harp; Jack carried it, but she began to call the owner; The giant went down after Jack, but the boy's mother managed to cut the stem; Jack seems to have married a princess]: Shustova 1994:347-354 (=Kharitonov 2008:191-197).

Western Asia. The Palestinians [Gulya took the form of an old woman, asked Uhdai-dun to go with her to the forest for firewood; he guessed it, promised to come, put the firewood in a bag and climbed there himself; Gulya carried the bag home, W. stabbed her with an awl; leaving the bag at home, went to look for W. he pretended to have delicious gum, Guli's daughters untied the bag, he chopped them and cooked them, hid their heads under the dish, ran away; Gulya ate her daughters; W. was at the wedding, Gulya came, W. drove her away with an ax (guli are afraid of iron); when W. in his mountain castle, gulya, disguised as a peasant woman, came to ask for a sieve; W. lowered her rope, cut it off, gulya fell and broke ]: Hanauer 2009:195-201; South Yemen (Khujariya) [when she died, the mother left her son Janbiya (dagger) jewelry; asked her husband not to send the children from home until they could reach for it by themselves these items left on the shelf; the stepmother tells the children to bring clay into the house, the floor level is getting higher, the children have taken out items; the stepmother put cow manure in their bag, only covered it with bread on top; children came to the house of the blind cannibal Dougayra; she smeared her hands with henna to distinguish them from her children; the girl guessed it, at night she washed henna off her hands and her brother's hands, smeared the hands of V.'s children; she and her brother ran away D. threw her own children into the oven; the girl tells her brother to relieve himself twice so that the excrement answers D.'s call for them; in front of the rock, the boy promises his sister to the camel driver if he picks them them up; he lowers the rope; when D. comes, he first tells her to collect a bunch of thorns; lifts half on the rope, sets fire to the thorns, D. falls into the fire, dies; the boy tells the driver to buy the bride clothes; covers the trunk of a thorny tree, runs away with his sister; the driver wants to hug the bride, but there are only thorns; brother and sister meet the sheikh, who takes the girl as his wife; three older sisters they envy; when the husband leaves, they push the young woman into the well, she is picked up by fairies; she gives birth to a son in the well; asks the driver to tell her husband about it, and if he forgets, let the camel say it; the driver I forgot, but the camel stopped in front of the sheikh; the sheikh pulls out his wife and son, rips open the bellies of his older wives]: al-Baydani 2008:91-103; Yemen [after the death of his wife, a widow neighbor takes care of the orphaned children, her husband marries her, then she demands to get rid of the children; the father takes his daughter and young son to the wadi to the cave, goes to relieve the need, does not return; the children are left alone; in bags left behind they find manure and ash with provisions; a white bird comes to them, says that she is their mother, who has come from paradise, feeds them; stepmother comes when her sister is away; little brother tells her everything; she leaves a sharp stake where the bird usually sits; the bird is injured; says that if children see a white cloud at sunset in the evening, everything is fine, and if it is black, it will not fly again; children see black; they go at random, a cannibal named Darkness comes to the house; she also has a son and daughter; the sister suspects something is amiss; before going to bed, the old woman smears the legs of her children with henna, who comes with cow manure; the sister washes smeared by an old woman, does the opposite; the cannibal kills and cooks her children; orphans run; there is a rock on the way, there is a shepherd on it; the sister promises to be his wife, he raises orphans on a rope; when he comes running an ogre, advises her to collect a bunch of firewood, climb it, lowers the rope, lifts it to the middle of the cliff, sets fire to the brushwood, throws the cannibal into the fire; the sister marries the shepherd, the brother helps him herd sheep]: Daum 1992, No. 9:97-111.

Australia. Nguluwonga [the wife of the Month leaves him, becomes a star; the Month calls her daughters to eat a duck, sends her penis underground to the eldest; the mother lowers the rope to the girls from the sky, they climb it; they are cut off when the Month follows; now the Pleiades are held in fear in a handful, and the Month is still haunting them]: Waterman 1987, No. 275:34; varray [text 11 (two versions) as explained by the author; old man Awananangku, his wife and two daughters lived on the Milky Way; the wife saw her husband making love to her eldest daughter; she weaved a rope of bast fibers, he went down it to fish; when he began to climb the Milky Way, she cut it off with a knife out of the shell; he fell, breaking through a hole (a dark spot near the Southern Cross) and falling on a banyan tree (hit the ground at a banyon tree) on the ground near Humpty Doo parking lots; therefore, the Milky Way is called Ampik ("rope")]: Harvey s.a.; nguluwonga (b. Daley) [The crocodile was married to Duck; returning from fishing, he called his two daughters each time to pick up the catch, raped them; the Duck weaved a rope, climbed it and her daughters from the banyan to heaven; threw it off the rope to her husband; when he almost got up, he cut it off; the youngest daughter could not prevent it; when he fell, the Crocodile put together the pieces into which he had broken, became a crocodile; the rope was the Milky Way]: Berndt, Berndt 1964:333 (translated into Kudinov 1980:126-127); bunya bunya [the hunter wishes the eldest of seven sisters; extinguishes his fire, each comes to light it, he grabs the last one; others burn it, burns it turn into stinking ulcers that do not heal; the older sister gives birth to a girl; sisters, taking the girl, climb a rope into the sky, turn into Pleiades; only the fourth has the power to lure a person to climb then cuts off the rope; fishermen find a stinking body, bring it to Merovrang (the Creator's Assistant); he puts it in a bag, heals it; the hunter violates the prohibition not to touch his savior, falls a boomerang; M. throws it five times; a boomerang goes to heaven, becomes a young month]: Waterman 1987, No. 285:35; bijanjara [Windaru lived with his grandmother Ganjilu (a type of possum); she brought her husband, told W. to build a separate hut for himself; W. was offended, killed her husband G.; G. told the spirits to catch up with the murderer; W. climbed into heaven by tree; when mom followed, W. rocked the tree, my mother fell, broke, became granite boulders, and their teeth and knives became smaller stones]: Kudinov 1980:119-120.

Melanesia. Vatut [an evil spirit ate parents; the children climbed a palm tree, told it to grow to the sky, lowered the rope down; the spirit climbed the rope, they cut it off, it fell and broke]: Fischer 1963, No. 14:150- 151; olo [the hunter fell asleep soundly; masalai (spirit) saw him, put him in his bag and carried him away; masalai lived on an island and swam with a bag on his back; when he woke up, the man cut the bag with a bamboo chip, put it down A block of wood floated into it and reached the tree; the masalai saw that the bag was not game, but a log; the masalay returned to the shore; the man climbed the palm tree; the masalai cut it down with an ax, and the man moved to another; so several times; the stars noticed the man and lowered the stairs for him; the masalai asked him to go down too; they lowered the rotten one, it fell apart, the masalay fell and crashed; the stars brought the man to his at home; the man celebrated a party, warning that guests only he could see would come; when the stars returned to heaven, they lit the lights; they had not lit the lights before and they could not be seen at night]: Slone 2009: 110-112; yakamul [two friends went fishing; masalai overheard their conversation; in the morning he called the man in the voice of his friend and got into the boat with him; after catching fish, the man looked back and saw that the boat was empty : Masalai ate raw fish; the man did not betray himself, but asked his imaginary friend to wait in the boat while he sailed ashore for a bucket of fish; told the crabs on the shore to answer for it; saw two in the sky the star sisters, asked them for help; they lowered the rope; the masalai asked him to pick him up; the stars lowered the rotten rope; it broke off and the masalai broke; the ants gathered his body again and he came to life, became crush ants; gone; relatives think man is dead; star people, turning into flying foxes, brought him down to his house on earth; but the star sisters who saved him are upset that they lost him; It is still time for the festival to use the products (yams, tarot, etc.) that gave stars; a person who came down from the sky taught people to sing and dance]: Slone 2009:100-102; Buka (or Bougainville?) [Tchinaleke tells his son-in-law to knock when he comes so she can put on her takop (hat; son-in-law and mother-in-law should not see each other); she cuts off pieces of her flesh herself, cooks, spits areca juice, explains to his son-in-law and daughter that people came, chewed areca, brought a pig; son-in-law and wife leave their son on the roof to spy; he sees the bones of the grandmother, from which the meat was cut, screams in fear; says parents; they accuse T. of deception, run, climb a tree; advise T. to climb the aerial roots of the ficus, take the root, T. falls, turns into stone; her daughter and son-in-law have risen to heaven]: Blackwood 1932:74-76; Tanna [Ramsumas ate them all, left a group of boys to feed behind a stone fence; Matiktik (a name known all over Oceania) broke the wall, told the boys R. wanted to eat them. climbed with them onto a tree, which made them first low and then tall again; R. sees the reflection of those hiding in the pond, dives; they laugh; he asks how they got in; on his knees; on his back; R. only injured himself; M. lowered his vine, cut him off, R. crashed; three follower birds fly into his wounds to make sure the ogre died, get red plumage; the body was cut into pieces, blew into the horn from shells, pieces turned into people eaten by an ogre]: Humphreys 1926:99-100.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Yap: Müller 1918, No. 54 [a woman sends her two daughters to fetch water; tells her not to follow the Makaran trail that leads to the cannibal, to follow the Makatar Trail; the girls go to the Makaran Trail; the cannibal calls to take out her insects; says that's not all, night falls; the cannibal goes to buy food, propping up the door from the outside; the good spirit of Tivul (woman) comes, tells her to dig a way out under the wall go out with a rope and oil; the girls put banana stalks on their mats instead of themselves, climb a tree above the spring into which they sketched the thorns; the cannibal comes back, does not believe that T. did not release her" crabs", hits, kills; the cannibal sees the reflection of the girls, dives into the spring, there are thorns; sees girls in the tree, asks how they got in; they oiled the trunk, it became slippery; they let the cannibal down the rope, they let go, it falls; so three times, it breaks to death], 62 [a woman has many children; when her mother went to the field, they heard a fruit fall from the tree of the spirit and one of the children following him; his spirit ate; the fruit ran out, the spirit began to lure the children by hitting the tree; the mother came back, found out, hid with the children in the tree; they discouraged the rope, picked it up, threw it; so four times, he broke everything limbs; they finished him off, the children turned his corpse into boats; the youngest was the fastest, she was the lungs; he sailed to the village where the spirit lived; residents asked whose lungs the boat was made of; when asked if it was out of an easy spirit, the boat set in motion; the spirits wanted to go to war, but the youngest made holes in their boats], 63 [the cannibal Norol sailed from the north, ate everyone; the last remaining ones climbed the tree, they lowered the cannibal's rope, let go four times, he broke his legs, arms and neck, died; he was cut, swallowed out, only the people of one of the villages were already dead; he was made into toy boats; a boat from His tribesmen saw his heads; they began to ask whose head, when they called N., the boat head sailed; they wanted to go to war, but two girls made holes in their boats]: 581-583, 583; Tuvalu (Waitupu) : Kenndedy 1931:197-199 [The cannibal Finimata chased the children, hid alone in a coconut; child F. asked to split the nut; F. almost ate her child in anger, but found it in coconut Tulekaleka, praised the boy; T. persuaded her to leave him to work for her; pulled out her child's liver, let F. eat under the guise of a shark; running away, shouted that she was eating; T. wished a thicket to grow behind her; palisade; F. moves; T. climbs a tree; F. climbs after him, T. wants the branch to break, F. falls, breaks his arm; she climbs again, the branch breaks again, F. breaks his second arm, legs, dies; T. calling the spirits, they ate the corpse of F.], 223-226 [Tulekaleka boy steals food from the half-blind cannibal Finemata; to find him, F. dances with his skin under his eyes, lifting his legs; when he lifts his skirt, T. giggles; F. agrees not to eat it so that he can play with her own son; T. snatched the child's liver, said he cried because he threw a stone at the bird; let the liver bake it under the guise of a shark, ran away, shouting that F. ate; climbed onto the pandanus, F. followed him, T. told the branches to break so that F. fell, broke her leg; the other; arms; T. tears and finished off F.]; Marshall Islands (Wotje) [two boys are asking their father to bring them warbirds (the fighting birds {roosters?}) ; he catches, brings, tells them not to go with these birds to the north side of the island; they go, meet a demon, he plants their birds with his own, they defeat the demon birds; the demon took the boys away, became to fatten; the older brother does not eat, but weaves a rope of coconut fiber; the brothers show the demon their hands that are still thin; the elder throws the rope on the tree, climbs, raises his brother in the basket; the demon I came to eat them, did not find them, saw in the sink where the boys specially poured oil, their reflection, rushed there; then I saw them on the tree; the brothers said they had climbed the roots; on the rope; the demon did not maybe; then they lowered his basket, picked him up, dropped him, the demon crashed to death; the brothers returned home, took the demon's food]: Kelin 2003:21-27.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans (Amdo) [mother goes to dig wild tubers, tells her three daughters not to unlock strangers; the cannibal eats her, takes her form; eldest daughter: the mother was not wearing black clothes; the cannibal comes in white; middle daughter: the mother was not wearing white clothes; the cannibal persuaded the youngest daughter to stick her hand in to take the tubers; grabbed her hand: if you don't tear it off, I'll tear off my hand; at night the cannibal lies down with the youngest; sisters they hear chomping, the cannibal replies that she drinks water, eats beans; the sisters felt the youngest's head torn off; persuaded them to let them pee (they refused to do it in the pot, into the hearth); the cannibal tied them ropes around their necks, they tied them to the chicken and the pig; the sisters ran to the top of the mountain, turned to the Pleiades; they lowered the iron staircase, the sisters climbed into heaven; the cannibal followed, the crossbar broke down, she fell; during the day, the mother is looking for her older sister, who became the sun, and at night, the youngest, who became the moon]: Kajihama 2004, No. 9:33-37; Mustang [seven yaks are missing, parents sent to look for them the eldest daughter, she came to the old woman, spent the night; the old woman gave her brains to eat, the dog asks for her, the girl replies that she is hungry; at night the old woman killed her; the same with her middle sister; the youngest gives food the dog, she teaches to put a pot of brains on the bed instead of herself, run, answers the old woman instead of the girl; when the old woman finally came in, she broke the pot, killed the dog, rushed in pursuit; the girl asks yoga hide her, he chained her off the cliff; when the old woman came running, began to lower her on a rope and let her go, the old woman crashed, the girl buried her body; the yogi gave the girl a sieve of corals, she returned home] : Kretschmar 1985, No. 38:216-217; the best (Anal) [The Sun and the Month came down to the holy man with a proposal to change their virtue to his; he gave his own, they ran away; he chased them with a dog; the dog put up a pole, climbed across the sky into the sky, chases the stars, causing eclipses; the man followed, the ants gnawed the pole, the man crashed]: Shakespear 1909:394-395; bori [ Abu-Tani married Doini-Aiye, the daughter of the Sun; they went to visit her home, leaving their two sons at home; the stupid older brother let in the cannibal Wiyu Mikam-Purbo, who took the form of an old man; when Wiyu at night went out, the younger brother told the elder to leave his clothes on the couches, hide in the pigsty; MP stabbed hot knives into his clothes; the brothers ran, Abu-Tani lowered the basket from the sky, picked up the younger one, and the elder became swing, crashed; the cannibal asked him to pick it up; tore off a piece of meat from the sole of Abu-Tani from the sky, he released the basket; MP says it would be good if he fell on a stone; crashed, fragments turned into snakes, leeches, hornets and other creatures; they are also greedy for human flesh and blood; humans have concave feet because MP pulled out a piece]: Elwin 1958b, No. 1:354-357; apatani [people planted the cannibal under lock and key; he asks the sisters Biinyi and Biine to release him; Biinyi replies that he must go feed the chickens and pigs; Biine releases; the cannibal tells the sisters to get into the basket, brings them to him paths turning into different animals; telling sisters to get into the cauldron; Biinyi makes sounds like water is already boiling, Biine says it's not true; the cannibal and his wife go to the granary, the sisters get out, they put cannibals in the cauldron; Biine shouts to the cannibals that they are going to eat their son; the sisters run away, ask the grasshopper to hide them, he hides them in the ground; the cannibal turns into a dog sniffs; sisters run on, climb a tree; Biine admits that they climbed the vine; Biinyi asks for help from a white chicken, who throws her sickle, she cuts off the vine, the cannibal breaks, the wife cuts off his penis and testicles; cuts down a tree; stupid Biine tells him to fall down the slope (if it were up, it would be easier to hide behind the mountain); sisters resort to the river; Popi Sa (embodiment of wisdom) He lets them across the bridge, brings them down when a living ogre steps on it; the water takes him away, he turns into a dangerous spirit; the sisters return home; their parents and older brother ask for feathers, fly away; sisters go looking for them; a snotty boy tells him to wipe him off, says that the disappeared can be seen through a bamboo shoot; sisters see parents and brother; Biine slides on chicken manure, falls under house, litter eater spirit eats her]: Blackburn 2008, No. 1:59-63; Taraon (Digaru) Mishmi [the young man grabbed a flying Star, cut off its wings, hid it in a drum; began to hit him so hard that the drum burst, the wings fell out, the Star grabbed them, flew to heaven; the rank man said that the Star must be returned; together with the young man, they made a ladder to the sky; the Star lowered a thin vine for him to he crashed; the rank did not understand the catch, grabbed the vine, it broke off, he fell, became a rooster; the young man made him a red flower comb and leaf wings]: Elwin 1958b, No. 11:387-388; kachin [ the mother went to buy firewood, told her daughters not to unlock the door; the Tiger pretends to be a mother, says that her eyes are red with pepper, her hands are dirty from work; the girls open, hide in the tree; the eldest advises to smear the tree trunk with oil, but the middle one advises to make notches on it; God lowers a golden vessel on a rope from the sky, picks up the girls; he raises the tiger in a clay vessel with a rotten rope, Tiger falls, crashes; older sister becomes sun, middle moon, younger star]: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 29:104-106.

Burma - Indochina. Burmese [the mother goes to the village for a holiday, tells her three daughters not to open it - a tiger may come {rather a tigress; gender is not specified}; the mother has not returned; the eldest daughter is the first to guard, replies to the tigress that her voice is rude and does not unlock it; then the middle daughter asks her hand to be put under the door, says that it is a paw covered with hair; the youngest unlocks it; when they see the tigress, the sisters jump out the window they climb a walnut tree; the tigress, still pretending to be the mother of girls, asks for help climbing the tree; the older sister advises to pour liquid soap on the trunk, the middle one with oil, and the tigress slides; the simple-minded youngest feels sorry for her mother, she advises making notches on the trunk with an ax; the tigress rises, the sisters ask the rain god to save them; at that time he was pulling water from the sea with a bucket and rope, threw the rope to his sisters, they went to heaven; the tigress asked her to throw it too, but under her weight, the rope broke off and she drowned; the rain god turned his older sister into the sun, the middle sister into the moon, the youngest into the moon evening star]: Coyaud 2002, No. 7:25-29; karen [a strange creature without arms, head and body tells a person to take it, chop it to pieces, cook it in a pot, eat it; the person does not eat, runs away; the pot chases a man; Buffalo, the Cow lie that they did not see a person; The squirrel hides him in a hollow, he climbs there through a stream of urine; when the Pot climbs, the Squirrel breaks the stream, the Pot breaks; pieces of meat that have fallen into the water, became leeches, to the ground with gadflies]: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 159:392-394.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Minahasa, Toraja, Boogie, Tobelo, Loda, Sangihe Islands (the retold text belongs to another group, no links; groups with similar ones are listed texts) [white cat drinks from a pot that served as a hunter for household needs; gives birth to a girl Nini-anteh; when she is seven years old, the hunter takes a wife; in his absence she does not feed the cat and N., bad belongs to them; N. goes to the river, climbs a tree, it grows almost to the moon, from there a staircase descends for her; now she can be seen there behind a spinning wheel with a cat; the hunter followed him, the stairs were not lowered, he fell off, crashed]: Dixon 1916:238-239; eastern torajas (poso) [Lasaeo went down the vine to the ground, married Rumongi; their child stained the floor in their house; the wife shouted for L. to clean up for him; but the stench seemed unbearable to L., he returned to heaven; his wife climbed after him, he cut off the vine, his wife fell, turned into stone with the vine]: Kruyt 1920:77 in Fischer 1932:208; atoni ( Amanuban district) [two sisters see a Musang man (common muskang, Paradoxurus hermaphroditus, one of the palm civets, viverr), both express a desire to marry him; Musang hears their conversation, takes his wife; in the morning he says he will go to the field; let them follow; at the fork on his path there will be his dry, fragrant excrement, and on the Monkey trail - liquid and smelly; The monkey overheard, changed excrement; sisters come to the Monkey; he tells his mother to let them sit down, give them betel, food; in fact, they are leaves from a tree and some wild fruit; at night the Monkey lies between both wives; when he falls asleep, they leave behind a stupa and a piece of wood, run to Musang, talk about the lie; he tells them to go up to his tree; the Monkey comes running with his men, Musang offers to go up to him, the Monkey asks for a ladder; Musang lowers a long bamboo; when they reach half, he lets go of the bamboo, the Monkey and his people fall into the pond, drown, Musang breaks with a club on their heads]: Middelkoop 1959, text C: 169-173.

Taiwan - Philippines. Nabaloi [the girl did not want to marry, ran into the woods; met a wild cat in the form of a human being; they got married, she saw him become a cat, devouring chickens; asks Kabunian for help; he lowers a rope from the sky; she climbs; when her husband climbs, K. cuts off the rope; parts that fell into the water became fireflies, and black ants to the ground]: Moss 1924, No. 42:277 (translated into Rybkin 1975, No. 17: 49-50); ifugao: Barton 1935 [Umbumabakal and his son Lumawig (an ancestor of Bontok, a character in Ifugao myths) lived in the village of Dukligan; L. even ate fellow villagers; W. asked him to get a spear from the chopped the tree, knocked him down, the boy was crushed, in the evening he returned alive; W. and L. dug a hole under the boulder, fish started in the pond; W. sent L. into the hole to catch it, pushed the boulder; in the evening L. returned, brought a boulder; W. sent L. to hunt east; he came to a god of war named Meyingit ("red"); M. burned it in the fire, threw ashes into the river, two boys came out of the water; M. burned them again, 4 young men came out ; then 8 young men; they went hunting, caught a woman, wanted to eat; she turned out to be their mother (i.e. L.'s mother); said that their village was burned down, their father was killed; the brothers attacked Binang village; went home, residents are chasing them; L. cut the mountain in two from top to bottom, pushed half away, lowered the vine down; the pursuers climbed it, L. cut off the vine, the pursuers fell, died, maimed]: 85-87; Lambrecht 1955, No. 3 [Bugan went to wash Aliguyun's belt jewelry; Binkgitin ("fanged") ordered them to be given to him, otherwise he would eat them; A. dragged B. through the thorns, threw it there; her turtles revived her; she was pregnant , gave birth to a son Duldulawan; he came to his father (i.e. A.), promised to return his jewelry; B. finds his wife Dulimay in the house; she hid him in the attic; B. comes, senses the man; tells the guest that if he He will jump into the yard, he will become his son; D. jumps off, they drink rice, B. gets drunk, D. leaves, taking away jewelry and the gong, brings it to his father; B. comes, asks for a ladder, he drops the rope, he climbs on she, she is cut off, he crashes to death]: 173-174; paywan [Sapulungan lived in the sky; when he was playing with his comrades, his ball (or hoop) rolled into a hole; S. climbed after him and found himself in the lower world {i.e. apparently on the ground}; began to ask people he met, no one knew; came to Dadengeraw's grandmother, saw his hoop under the sleeping platform; D. said he could not see well {so he did not know that the hoop had rolled to her}; asked to stay with her; when everyone goes fishing, D. gives S. a pole (used to carry or borrow pots); no one caught anything, and S. brought fish on a pole; when everyone went hunting, D. gave a needle for the nets - only S. caught the game; the same when everyone went headhunting; S. overheard that they wanted to kill him; he put up a grindstone, climbed it into the sky; then pushed him, the stone column fell and all Walivaliw's people died {it's not clear if they followed or were run over}, only D. was left; S.'s parents were worried about him in the sky]: Whitehorn, Earle 2003, No. 74:338-339.

China - Korea. Chinese (Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang {especially many versions}, Fujian, Shandong, Guizhou, Guangdong, Yunnan, Hubei, Shanxi, Anhui, Sichuan {version 1}, Manchuria {1 version}), Koreans [Tiger (less often a wolf, bear, fox, evil spirit, cannibal) devours a woman, enters her children's house, pretending to be their mother; at night she asks for her youngest child, devours him; the eldest girl asks what the mother chews, sees the baby's finger, realizes that it is not the mother; children flee in the tree, advise the tiger to rub the trunk with fat to make it easier to climb; the tiger slides down; in some versions, children climb from a tree on a rope to the sky; the stalker tries to follow, falls, breaks; the plot is widely known in China, also in Korea and Japan; in Korean versions, children turn into the sun and moon]: Eberhard 1937:19-23; Koreans (Hebei, Funing County Korean Village; Western 2004 from a 68-year-old woman, teacher, lower secondary education) [there was no sun and moon; an elderly widow earned money by that she sold sweet buns; gave birth to a son and a daughter (the older one); when she left, she told her daughter not to unlock someone else's door; on the way back, the woman was met by a tiger; first demanded buns; then, every time she returned, the hand, the second, the leg, the second, ate the whole; the tiger knocked, the boy wanted to open it, the girl asked why the rude voice (tore it off while selling buns); asked to stick her hand, it was covered in wool; the children hid on a tree in the yard; the tiger jumped into the yard: how did you get in? girl: you have to smear oil on the trunk; the boy is naive: we have to make notches on the trunk; my sister prayed: "O Grandpa Heaven, feel sorry for us brother and sister, lower a good rope, and if you don't feel sorry for us, rotten." The sky was good, my sister and brother went to heaven; the tiger also asked, the sky lowered rotten, the tiger almost caught up with the children, but the rope burst; the tiger broke into a stubble, millet {in the text "sorghum", but obvious anachronism} turned blood and has since turned red; sister and brother decided to become the moon, and let the brother be the sun; however, at night she was frightened, her brother agreed to change; ashamed of people and They did not stare at her, her brother gave her a needle to stab her eyes (rays)]: Bai Gengsheng 2007a: 10-11; Ancient China (Gansu, the Tang era; also the Qin era) [an elderly woman went to the mountains with a bag, sat on a stone relax; the Tiger took the image of a peasant woman, began to ask questions, found out that the woman had 3 daughters and a son at home, found out their names; offering to look for lice, killed the woman, put on her clothes; began to call the children by the name, they unlocked; the daughter asks why the mother's face turned black, he smeared her face with flour; refused to light the lamp - it's expensive and the midges flew off; the sisters went to bed separately, and the brother and the imaginary mother; At night, the Tiger hit one girl with his tail, replied that it was hemp brought from her uncle; What do you eat? - Turnips. - Give it to me! The imaginary mother gave the boy's finger; the girls asked for time off, climbed a tree, called the imaginary mother, pulled her up twice on a rope, threw her down; the Tiger climbed the trunk, was doused with oil; the Tiger said that he would go to sharpen his claws and come back; in the morning the girls got down; the needle merchant stuck needles by the bed, the egg merchant put an egg in the cauldron, the turtles put a scorpion in the firewood compartment, and the ducks put the duck flowers, millstones - hung a millstone above the doors, with carts - tied a cart to the doors; at night the Tiger came, sat down on the bed, pricked; he was bitten by a scorpion, an egg burst into his eyes, the duck frightened him with quacking, The millstone fell on him, the wheels of the cart spun; in the morning, the girls buried the dead Tiger; a huge cabbage grew in this place, but they did not eat it]: Eberhard 1941, No. 8:27-33; Chinese (Shanxi) [ a woman went to take lunch to her husband in the field; a werewolf asks for permission to remove the louse from her head, eats the woman; comes to her five daughters under the guise of a mother, consistently addresses each of daughters asking them to unlock the door; each replies that the mother had a bruise on her right knee and a white spot on her left knee, saying that the caller was not the mother; the youngest unlocked the door; in the evening, the imaginary mother told the youngest - a fat girl to lie down with her and ate her; replies that she eats beans; each of the sisters asks for permission to go out into the yard out of need; imaginary mother: in the window the spirit of the window, the spirit of the doors in the door can harm; finished eating the youngest; sisters went out into the yard, climbed the tree; the eldest replies that she climbed, stepping on branches, the others that the eldest picked them up with a rope tied to her leg; the older sister raised the imaginary mother to half the height, let go of the rope, the werewolf fell, became a head of cabbage; the older sister exchanged it for a thread from a beggar; a head of head to a beggar: if you carry me (too) high, I'll cut your neck, if it's low, my legs; beggar asked the innkeeper to cook a head of cabbage; when he was brewing, he heard something like "I'm eating your mother's ass"; it turned out to be a pot full of soup]: Serruys 1946:210-214; Wilhelm 1921, No. 9 [mother with baby They go to the grandmother as a boy, two daughters stay at home; the leopard eats the mother, puts on her clothes, carries the boy's bones in the basket; the sisters do not open it, they say that the mother had different eyes, face, legs; The leopard explains why they changed (spots on her face - she slept on peas); the sisters open it, make sure it's not the mother when she gives them not turnips, but her brother's finger; they climb a tree and offer the Leopard pick it up in the basket, hit it against the trunk, the Leopard takes his shape, runs away; the sisters tell passers-by that the Leopard will come back and eat them; the nail seller tells you to drive two nails into the bench with the point up; scorpion catcher - put the scorpion behind the stove; the egg seller put the egg in the ash; the turtle seller - the turtle in a vat of water; the mallet - hang two above the door; the Leopard comes, sits on nails, bitten by a scorpion, the egg bursts into the eye, he rushes to wash, the turtle grabs his hand, the mallets fall, kill]: 19-22; Chinese (Shandong; cf. Klaus 2015:301-302) [An old monk with a 12-year-old novice lived near Mount Taishan (this is Shandong); tormented the boy with hard work, did not feed well; two girls came in red jackets and green pants, then they brought others; did any job easily; the monk forced the boy to talk about them; ordered the rope to be quietly tied to one of the girls's leg; found ginseng along the rope; threw four roots into the cauldron, the others were locked in the closet; the girls called for help; the boy opened the closet; the girls said that the four sisters could not be returned anyway, they had to escape; they scooped up soup from the cauldron and poured it on the ground, the temple began to climb into the clouds; the monk brought the other monks to cook all the roots and rejuvenate; clung to the temple, but the girl hit the monk on the fingers, he fell and crashed; in clear weather, over Mount Taishan you can see a temple with red walls and a green roof]: Riftin 1957:186-190; Koreans: Kontsevich 1980b [The tiger ate the mother of four boys, dressed in her dress, came to her house, grabbed his younger brother; the rest climbed the pine tree, the Tiger followed; the heavenly lord lowered the iron rope for the brothers; the Tiger also began to rise, fell, fell into the millet field, broke, since then the millet stalks have been red; brother Hesun became the sun, Halsun became a month, Pelsun became stars; var: Brother and sister who love each other were frightened of the tiger, rose to heaven, became the Moon and the Sun]: 565; Choi 1979, No. 100 [Tiger ate mother, put on her clothes; her three children do not open the door, because they do not recognize their mother's voice, they see her shaggy paw; when they open it, the Tiger eats the youngest; the other two asked permission to go out of need, ran away, hid in a tree; two ropes came down from the sky, new and rotten; brother and sister rose to heaven, brother became Sun, sister Moon; Tiger climbed a rotten, fell into a millet field; since then, millet stalks red with his blood; options: The tiger tied ropes to the children, when they went out, they tied them to a mortar; the Tiger fell into the well, drowned; his sister was afraid to shine at night, asked her to give her a day; embarrassed became a bright Sun so as not to be looked at; three sisters run, turn into Sun, Moon, Stars]: 27-28; Cho 2001, No. 78 [a woman returns at dusk, carrying cakes to her children; Tiger meets her on every hill, consistently demanding that she give her cakes first, then her garments; on the last hill there is nothing more to give away, the Tiger eats the woman (obviously takes her form); her three children do not first they open the door because they do not recognize the mother's voice, they see a rough paw; the imaginary mother explains that she is hoarse, her hands are rough from work; asks to give her younger one; sister and brother spy, see her eat him; they hide in a tree in the yard; the Tiger first sees their reflection in the well, then looks up; the brother explains that they climbed in with sesame, castor oil on the trunk; but the sister says that they made notches on the trunk; at the request of his brother, a strong rope descends from the sky, the children climb it; the Tiger asks God to lower his rotten rope, believing that he will do the opposite; it broke off, the Tiger fell to the millet field, since then the roots of the millet have been red; first brother became the Sun, sister Moon; but the sister was afraid to walk at night, so they changed; so that they would not stare at her, the Sun Sister began to dazzle her watching with light]: 118-122; Park 1991 [a woman returns at dusk, carrying roasted beans to her children; the Tiger ate her, put on her clothes; her three children do not open the door at first, because they do not recognize their mother's voice, they see rough paw; imaginary mother explains that she is hoarse, hands are rough from work; children unlock; while sister and middle brother eat beans, Tiger climbs under the blanket, eats the younger one; children ask for more beans, Tiger gives the boy's fingers; the sister asks for permission to go out of need; in the yard he climbs the willow with his brother; the Tiger first sees their reflection in the well; the brother calls out to him, he looks up; the brother explains that they they climbed in, lubricating the trunk with soybean oil; then they say what they did on the trunk; at the request of their sister, an iron chain descends from the sky, the children climb it; the Tiger asks him to lower the rusty chain, she breaks, Tiger fell into a stubble, since then the roots of the corn have been red; sister became Sun, Brother Month; to avoid staring at her, the Sun Sister throws needles at the looking needles]: 46-51; Koreans [first wife gave birth to a good Kongjwi, died; her father remarried, the new one gave birth to an evil Patjwi; after the death of her husband, her stepmother tyranite K.; tells P. to fill a small vessel, K. a huge vessel with holes (the toad plugs the hole); cultivate the ground by P. with an iron, K. with a wooden hoe (the ox eats weeds, digs up the field); peel rice (sparrows perform); squeeze the millet; fairies lower the rope from the sky for K.; P. asked to lower and to her, her rope is rotten, she fell, broke]: Cho 2001, No. 82:130-134.

The Balkans. Hungarians [the boy exchanged the last cow for one bean; in the morning a stem grew out of it to the sky; in the sky, a boy came to the wife of a seven-headed dragon; she hides it under the bed; the dragon and the wife they fall asleep, the boy grabs a chicken that lays golden eggs, runs, goes down to the ground; cuts down the stem; the stalker dragon falls, breaks; the boy and mother are rich]: Gidash 1953:20-23.

Central Europe. Ukrainians [the princess fell ill; caught, fried loach fish, let her eat; she ate one, recovered, but became pregnant; the cook ate all the fish, also became pregnant; born babies they were taken to the forest, found them, raised by a clerk; they grew up, went to look for happiness, their names are Ivan Tsarevich (IC) and Ivan-Kukharevich (IK), he is stronger because the cook ate more magic loins; at a crossroads inscription: whoever goes to the right will become a tsar's son-in-law; whoever goes to the left devours snakes there and does not give water, and such dew that a drop falls on will tear him apart; IC and IK parted, sticking a knife into the pole; with each lion cub, bear cub, wolf cub given by a lioness, a bear and a she-wolf; IK went to the left, his mare had enough dew, it was torn; they come to the city, there is a pole where they put those given to eating a snake, then he gives water; IK killed a snake, took the princess's ring; another hero took the victory for himself; at the wedding, IK showed a ring, married a princess, hung the hero; once IK drove into the forest, there is a hut, her mother is a snake, asked her not to kill, waved a towel, IK and the animals are petrified; the IC sees blood on the knife, follows the trail of IC; the princess takes him for her husband, but he denies; she calls him brother ; The IC grabbed the snake, ordered the petrified ones to be revived; it leads to the well, the IC throws a branch at it, it turned to ashes; the same in the other; in the third it turned green; the IC sprinkled live water on the petrified, the snake was killed, the ashes were scattered]: Pankeev 1992:193-196.

Baltoscandia. Latvians [An old man defeats a witch. An old man climbs into heaven by bean. There he finds a cheese oven and butter cakes. The old man eats them. The witch sends her three daughters - one-eyed, two-eyed and three-eyed - to guard the stove. The old man puts the first two daughters to sleep. The third does not fall asleep, the witch catches the old man and throws him into a mortar to crush him. The old man asks to let him go and promises that his wife has a beautiful canvas for the witch. When he goes down, he cuts down a bean, the witches break, the old man gets cheese and butter]: Aris, Medne 1977, no.*327A*: 278.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Ossetians: Britayev, Kaloev 1959:107-109 [Aldar takes the sister of three brothers; leaves her to play the harp; the mouse tells her to run, runs along the strings; Aldar kills the mouse, catches up with the girl; the next once she sews ash into her hem to leave a trace; the old woman lowers a simple rope from the tower to the girl, she rises; Aldar wants silk, the rope breaks, he breaks; the brothers take his wealth], 164-172 [The sister of the three brothers goes to play with the seven daughters of the Sun; they detain her by throwing a bead into her hearth, she sparkles like a fire is burning; returning to the extinct hearth, the girl comes for fire to a giant; he pours coals into her sieve; the giant comes to the brothers on an ash trail; the brothers go to look for firewood, the giant goes to bed; the mouse gives the girl scissors, a comb, a mirror, tells her to run; abandoned objects turn into a mountain, a sea, a forest; the woman in the tower tells her to fill the tubs with tears (she fills her), throws her a simple rope, she rises; the giant fills her with spits, demands a silk rope, a woman lowers a simple one, but cuts it with scissors, the giant breaks; the girl works diligently for the hostess; violates the ban on entering the seventh room; the women from the first room are petrified; in the seventh, a whirlwind rose, took away the shirt hanging there; Aldar's son finds her, comes for the girl; the petrified come to life, the hostess passes the girl off as Aldar's son]; Balkarians (Western 1965) [poor Khuduychik asked the king for work; the king: to deliver a tree for the arba from the land of five-headed emegen; H. cut, took away the tree; crossing the border of the land of emegen, replies to the fact that X. deliver the tree to make a yoke (the same); deliver the emegen itself; H. comes to cut down trees; says he wants to make a chest catch H. in it; emegen helps; agrees to try it on, gets inside, H. he nailed the lid, brought the chest to the king; the king opened the chest, emegen killed him, ran away; at this time H. climbed the ladder to the throne; emegen: lift me up; H. raises emegen several times and pretends what he can't hold; when he falls, emegen loses one of his heads every time; after killing emegen, H. took the throne himself]: 364-366; Ingush: Malsagov 1983, No. 44 [the children went for berries, one girl was tied to braids , they took away the berries; the sparrow, the owl refuse, the dove frees her; she comes to the din (witch); puts her daughter in her place, the din kills and cooks her daughter; the girl runs, throws flax (forest), comb (thorny thickets), oil (towers with people); people pick up the girl; when they raise the din, throw the rope, the din breaks; the girl returns to her parents]: 178-181; Tanbiyeva 2003 [mother died, Tourilg lives with her father and stepmother, who wants to lime him, pretends to be sick, asks him to bring 1) the door from the hut of a witch living seven mountains; T. slowly entered the witch's house; when she began to go out, the door did not open, she broke it down and left, T. brought the door to her stepmother; 2) the witch's bowler hat; T. quietly throws pebbles into the brew, the spray burned the witch, she threw away the bowler hat, T. brought it; 3) the witch's mattress (T. hid under the bed, stabbed with an awl, the witch threw away the mattress, T. brought it); 4) the witch herself; T. came to the witch unrecognized, said he was making chests, offered to try it on, closed the lid, brought it, climbed on tree; the witch jumped out, ate her stepmother and the others, asks T. to pick her up; he lowered the rope, the witch fell, crashed]: 252-254.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Dongxiang [the old woman has four daughters, the eldest has a daughter, the old woman went to her with gifts; on the way she is swallowed by a monster, takes her form; the youngest daughters do not open the door, they say that the mother had sleeves of a different color; the youngest fourth daughter opens; at night the monster eats her, the second and third daughters run away (the first is not mentioned); the girls tell the river to become narrow, they cross; the tree is low, they climb it; they answer that they have risen, holding a stone slab on their heads, leaning on a stick; then they lift the pursuer to half, cut off the rope; the fallen monster turns into a dog, a delivery man kills it; one girl marries a peddler, the other marries another person]: Todaeva 1961, No. 2:80-83; Mongors: Jugui et al. 2012 [mother, going for brushwood , warns daughters (eldest Nduangmu, middle Kangxi, youngest Zuzuri) not to unlock strangers; the nine-headed old woman changed her appearance, asked the woman what her daughters were called, swallowed it, came, asked N. to unlock it, she refused - her mother had white clothes; the old woman was lying in white clay, called K.; she replied that her mother had green clothes; she was lying in the grass, called Z., she: her mother had red clothes; she was lying in red clay; N. and K. asked not to unlock it, but Z. believed and unlocked it; the imaginary mother asked her to put a bowl of wheat grains and a bowl of water at her bed; at night Z. began to eat, K. and N. replied that eats wheat grains; when only their heads were left, the sisters asked them to leave the house to urinate; the old woman tied them to a rope; they tied a rope to the chickens' legs, climbed a tree; the old woman pulled the rope, ate the chickens; went out, asked how the girls climbed the tree; piercing her nails into the trunk; sliding on her stomach; the old woman tries, got hurt, could not climb; they tied her up, lowered their belts raised, thrown off, she crashed to death]: 51-54; Stuart, Limusishiden 1994 [the old woman has four daughters, the eldest is married, she has a grandson; the old woman goes to visit him, tells her younger daughters not to anyone open; a mangus in the form of a woman meets an old woman, invites her, takes on her true form, eats; taking the form of an old woman, comes to the house where the girls are; the older three do not unlock, they say that the clothes are not the same color; the mangus changes the colors of the clothes; the youngest hesitates, sticks her finger, the mangus grabs it, has to open it; when going to bed, the mangus tells the youngest girl to lie down with her; at night sisters hear sounds - mangus eats a girl, drinks her blood, her head rolls to the floor; sisters ask to go to the toilet, mangus ties a rope to them; they tie her to the kettle and to the chicken, run away; ask the mountain to become low, behind them high again; the river is narrow, wide again; so 9 mountains and 9 rivers; ask the tree to become low, then raise them; mangus answer that you can climb by eating pigs, human, dog crap; they lower the rope, let go; the mangus breaks; the young woodcutter walks by, finishes off the mangus, cuts it, buries it]: 112-116.

Western Siberia. The Nenets [a stranger tells the seal hunter that his heavenly father calls him, tells him to sacrifice dogs; an iron rope descends from the sky; the elder wife refuses to climb because she does not have clean clothes; the youngest climbs after her husband, forgetting to leave her unclean bakaries (shoes?) ; the rope breaks, the woman falls; the heavenly father makes man the patron saint of deer, gives a new wife; the man's father receives a thousand deer as a gift]: Labanauskas 1995:8-11 (=2001:252-254); southern Selkups [Garunya meets Tumunya and Itoshka; they build a house, take turns cooking; G., then T. are sick; I. remains, an old man with a big beard comes in, I. pours boiling water on him the cauldron, tears off his beard, the old man hides underground; the brothers twist a rope out of their beard, lower him into the hole, promise to pull him out and cure him, first ask him to send them his daughter; they pick up their daughter, they cut off the rope, the old man falls, breaks; all three married the girl, from them the Chumul-Kup people]: Pelikh 1972:329-330.

Japan. Japanese (everywhere from Tohoku to North Ryukyu): Ikeda 1971, No. 333A [a cannibal comes to a woman, eats all her food, then the woman herself, takes her form, goes to her children; they ask put her hand into the hole, it is said that the mother's hand was softer; the cannibal returns, rubbing her hand with tarot leaves; the mother's voice was softer; the cannibal drinks butter (honey); the children let her in; she lies down in bed, eats a baby; one of the children asks for food, gets a finger; children say they need to go to the yard, untie the ropes that the cannibal tied to them, climb a tree; How did they get in? - After dousing oil on the trunk; 1) she falls, breaks; the children take the living mother out of her belly; 2) she sees their reflection in the pond, tries to drink it; the children ask the gods to lower the rope from heaven, they rise, turn into stars; the cannibal asks too, her rope is rotten, it breaks, it falls, breaks, her blood stains the roots of the millet]: 91-92; Markova 2000, No. 17 [father died, mother went to the grave, told the children not to unlock strangers; the witch knocks, the children ask her to show her hand, she is hairy; the witch shaved her hand, sprinkled it with buckwheat flour, but her voice is hoarse; then she drank a bean broth, her voice became like that mother; two older brothers sleep separately, the youngest with the mother; they ask what she gnaws, she says the roots; they ask for them, they see the child's pen; the brothers climb a tree above the pond, the trunk is poured with oil; the witch tries to catch their reflection with a net; then looks up, climbs the trunk, slides; began to make notches with a sickle; the brothers ask God to lower the chain from the sky, climb the gold chains; God lowers a rotten rope to the witch, she climbs it, the rope breaks, her blood stained the roots of buckwheat; her older brother became a month old, the younger brother became a star]: 71-73.

The coast is the Plateau. Puget Sound (puyallup) [God tells a good man to make a chain of arrows; good people and animals climb it into heaven; bad people follow them; man breaks the chain, bad people fall; it starts to rain; after the flood, the good ones return to earth]: Lyman 1909 in Clark 1953:31-32; snookually [The Fox and the Blue Jay climb a rope into the sky; the fox turns into a beaver, gets trapped Months; he refreshes him; while the Month sleeps, the beaver comes to life, takes fire and sun away from his house, takes small pines and cedars with it; turns back into a Fox, brings the stolen goods to the ground; when the Month climbs behind him, the rope breaks, the Month breaks, turns into Mount Xi]: Hunt, Kaylor 1917:515-516 in Clark 1953:38-39.

Southeast USA. Tunic [so that the young man can climb up the trunk, the woodpecker makes a ladder out of tree mushrooms; the cannibal climbs after; the woodpecker softens the mushrooms, the cannibal falls]: Haas 1950, No. 4:37, 53; Swanton 1911:320; catavba: Speck 1934, No. 1a [one woman stole another child; the woodpecker promised to show the mother where her son is if she gives him jewelry from her ear; the mother found a grown young man, gave him a corn a cake; he killed a deer, cut off his wearables, sent his imaginary mother to bring the carcass; mother and son climbed into heaven; the young man lowered the rope, the old woman climbed, the belt broke, she fell; it's a comet; the young man - dark cloud in the clear sky], 1b [woman dug tubers, bald eagle stole her child; woodpecker brought him back for giving him ear jewelry], 1c [woman and son climbed the rope on sky; Ugni (Comet) followed, the rope broke off, W. fell]: 2-3, 3, 4; caddo [the world is full of monsters; people decide to set fire to grass as tall as trees; weave a rope, climb into the sky, monsters then; The Bat gnaws through the rope, telling the monsters it eats corn; monsters fall; others hide from the fire inside one giant monster; the Bat pulls his nose hairs out of his nose; he sneezes the hidden, they die in the fire; people return to earth]: Dorsey 1905, No. 23 [The Hawk and the Raven fly to heaven, end the rope to the Star; the Gray and Black Snakes spread fire to four sides], 24 [The Morning Star suggests a plan; Fire is a man, clinging to the Black Snake's tail and Skunk's leg; the crow strengthens the rope in the sky]: 47-48, 48-50.

California. Shinkyon [A bear chases a boy and a deer girl; they climb a rock, it grows up; the bear puts a tree-ladder; the children push her away, the bear breaks]: Kroeber 1919 , No. 11:351; achomavi [The Wild Cat comes to bed with his relative Gagara; she stains herself with resin, finds the Cat's hairs stuck to her; comes to the men's house, sings, I want a man; fires lightning, showing his strength; rejects the Wolf, Fox, Marten; other men push the Cat out to her; but Loon grabs the Woodworm, the son of the Cocoon Chief, whom his father hid; he is small; everyone gives he has his penises, now his penis is dragging along the ground; he quietly tears it off, throws it into the fire; at night he runs away from the Loon, puts a stump in his place; Loon approaches, burning everything; The Spider spins the rope, the Lizard ties it to the arrow, shoots into the sky; everyone climbs the rope, in front of the Eagle, behind the Coyote Old; Loon screams, Father, he answers, Daughter; looks around, the rope breaks; Eagle, Cocoon, Worm climb into the sky, the rest fall into flames; Loon makes a necklace from their hearts; the Lizard's heart falls on Mount Shasta; turns into a baby, finds him by the Blue Jay, brings it to his wife; there is a growth on the boy's forehead; the boy shoots him with an arrow, the growth turns into his twin; the Forehead Boy kills Gagara's daughter with an arrow on the lake; she chases him, his brother kills her with an arrow]: Angulo, Freeland 1931:126-132; kawaiisa [Coyote pretends to be a woman, turns his penis into a baby, comes to three goose girls; sleeps with them, each gives birth in the morning; they bake their babies themselves fly away; the Coyote eats meat, sees the girls' reflection in the water; they make a rope out of their feathers, throw it off; he climbs up, they let go of the rope, he falls down]: Zigmond 1980, No. 19:91-92; luiseño: Dubois 1908 [Seven Pleiade sisters throw a rope to Coyote; he climbs to heaven, they cut off the rope, he falls; turns into Aldebaran]: 164; Hyde, Elliote 1994, No. 202 [The wild cat is married to seven sisters (Little Bear); the Coyote kills him, puts on his skin, takes his place; sometimes goes down a rope to the ground; first the youngest, then the rest of the sisters guess about the change; cut off the rope; The coyote falls, crashes; seen as a pinkish star below Ursa Minor]: 1290-1298.

The Great Southwest. Valapai [three brothers run away from a man whose skin has been stolen; an insect throws a rope off a cliff, they climb upstairs; throws a fragile rope to the pursuer; he falls and crashes; brothers turn into wild cats, stay on a rock]: Kroeber 1935:269-271; diegueño (kumeai) [Coyote finds a bone, calls the Wild Cat for dinner, kills him, wears it on himself the skin, takes the liver, comes to his wife, the Morning Star; she is surprised that her husband eats so quickly; understands the deception, runs to heaven, drops the rope to the Coyote; when he is high above the ground, cuts off the rope, Coyote falls, crashes]: Olmos Aguilera 2005:134-135; payeye: Olmos Aguilera 2005 [Owl's daughters (tecolote) secretly went to heaven from Coyote; he heard the voice of one of them, asked how they climbed; they lowered his belt, he climbed, they cut him off, he fell and broke; his grandmother found his bones, put him in a vessel, there were little coyotes in the morning; spread to the ground]: 95-97; Relatos Pai pai 1994 [young man- The coyote molested six girls, they were tired, they went to heaven; they are daughters of an Owl (Tecolote), seen together; Coyote heard them screaming, they lowered his belt; when he almost climbed, one of the girls cut off belt, the Coyote broke; his grandmother found bones, ground it, made cakes, put them in a pot; they turned into many coyotes, scattered across the ground]: 10-13.

NW Mexico. Tarahumara [Pleiade wives run from her husband to heaven; one of them cuts the rope, the husband falls down and turns into a coyote]: Lumholtz 1903 (1): 436.

Mesoamerica Chatino [the girl played with a bird, is pregnant with it; gave birth to two boys, they are like dolls, her parents threw them into the river; the woman picked them up, said she was their mother; they guessed that it's not that her deer husband is not their father; they killed a deer, made him a scarecrow full of bees, brought her his meat; the frog said she was eating her husband; she ran to the scarecrow, the bees bit her; the children burned her in temazcal, she became a temazcal spirit; the children met their real mother, who weaved clothes for all animals, took her with them; they don't know where to get maize to feed their mother; they broke the bottle, threw it on the milpa, the fragments turned into flies and mosquitoes; left the mother, came to where the snake was going to swallow the girl; killed the snake, throwing hot stones into its mouth; the Sun climbed into the sky by thread, Month climbed his own way; his wife climbed after him; The sun told the tuza rodent to gnaw through the thread, the woman fell; The month still wants to return to his wife]: Cicco, Horcasitas 1962:74-78; tsotsil [Jews persecute God]: Gossen 1974, No. 177:343; Tricky [an old woman sends a tuza rodent to cut the sun's chain; tuza cuts her own, falls, turns into a current rodent]: Hollenbach 1977:144-145.

(Wed. The Northern Andes. A man or two brothers go up to the Month to hit him, the woodpecker cuts off the rope, breaks the stairs, etc., the one who climbed falls into the lower world. Embera: Isaza Bravo 1987 [Buro-Poto was born from a tumor on a man's leg; he died; B. asked who killed his father; Jaguars (los viejos thought B. would hunt jaguars and die); killed all jaguars with arrows, a pregnant female remained, new from her; Snakes (the same with snakes); etc.; they said that his father was killed by a snake that looked like cancer, but huge, lives in a pond, swallows people whole; B. put firewood on the raft, made a fire in the monster's stomach, began to crumble the monster with a knife; killed an unborn cub, fried it, fed the others swallowed; swam out with a raft over the ass; killed Moon; built a staircase, hand to the moon, left a stain on it, the woodpecker cut off the stairs, B. fell to sunset; the Sun took him on its underground journey along the river; there were people who ate the smell, only B. ate, they asked them to make anuses, died, B. revived them; crabs attacked, for underground people it was death, B. destroyed them easily; a few days later the Sun took it with it; a lot of food in a small basket; at home, B. began to suck blood at night, kill women; they poured boiling water on him, he petrified, made corn grinders out of it]: 128-129; Rochereau 1929 (katio) [a man was bitten by nutria caviar, he conceived The boy Gerú-potó-uarra (El hijo de la pantorrilla), who was born between the thumb and second toes on the same leg; the man soon died, exploded, mosquitoes, flies, and gadflies came out of him; the boy ate just menstrual flow; asked who his mother was; Died; who killed? ; Keith; took the harpoon, let the whale swallow himself, came out of the womb two days later, realized that it was not the whale that killed his mother; Ancumia (the sea monster); found her, not her; Moon; climbed the willow, told grow to the moon, the moon turned out to be a beautiful woman, the man hit her, the spots remained; the woodpecker cut down the tree, it fell to another part of the world, the land de Tutruicá; there are flat, only peach palms grow , blue stones, they are good for abrasives; people are immortal, they eat only a couple of boiled peach palm fruits; they have no anus; the man has become relieved, he was told to leave; three ate with him, he made them anuses, they died; they came out of that world on the same willow trunk, led by a snake; those dogs are snakes, ours are from Tutruika's dogs]: 100; Zuluaga Gómez 1991 (chami) [man born from a woman's foot; light is too bright The moon prevents him, he climbed, pulled out the moon's eyes, now its light has faded; someone has cut off the vine, the man fell into the underworld; there are people without an anus; a man pierced the child's anus, he died; someone goes, a man climbed a tree, a man who came saw its shadow, began to catch it, then looked up, told him to go down, brought him home; the man ran away, hid at the Old Partridge; she drove away the pursuer, showed the way home]: 97-100; nonama [twins]: Lotero Villa s.a.: 22; Wassen 1963 [two brothers were born from a foot; when asked, the old men answered that the Month killed their father; by tying vines, they went up to the Month, slapped him in the face, the trail remained; a woodpecker flew in, cut off the rope with his beak, one brother fell at sunset, the other at sunrise; the one who fell at sunset goes to the beach, where a boy, a son, a son, plays Suns, man feeds the hungry with caimito fruits; the Sun itself comes; distracting sharks, the boy throws fruits on them, after which the Sun dives; when the Sun returns, puts the person on his back, distracts again the fruits of the attention of fish, dives into the underworld with man; both brothers return to our world; they stick to the feet and suck the girls' blood; the elder ordered him to pour boiling water on him, turned into stone; people began to break the stone, the fragments turned into mosquitoes, ants and other insects]: 71-72).

Llanos. Sicuani: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 17 [an old woman goes to the river, knocks on the calebass, summons Cayman, gives him food, copulates with him; her grandson Tsamani puts on her clothes, calls Cayman With the same signal, she and her brothers kill him; she finds the corpse, makes C. swallowed by a big fish; his brothers take it out of her belly; brothers climb into heaven on a vine; other people they climb too; C. tells them to be quiet, but they laugh; the bat cuts off the vine, people fall, turn into parrots, mako, deer, partridge], 44 [the boy asks his grandmother to buy him in the trough; produces starch; people tell him to swim in the river, collect starch; when angry, the boy tells his grandmother to be awake to hear a rumble; she falls asleep; only Kinkaju hears it and knows where she grew up the Kalievirne tree; see the G5 motif; people cut it down; after the tree falls, people are mortal; C. tells us to dance to find ease and go to another world; old woman Ibarruua breaks abstinence, takes Cayman as a lover; calls him by putting an inverted calebass on the water and tapping it; people kill his lover, give I. eat his penis; I. tells the fish to swallow C.; his brothers arrange for river rapids to stop fish; revive regurgitated C.; shoot up, only a virgin manages to fix an arrow in the sky and make a chain; in the guise of termites, C.'s people climb into the sky; lives there thunder Yamakhyeonö; C. replaces his club, I. cannot kill people, C. kills him; his wife tells ants to collect pieces of his flesh, I. revives; I. and C. reconcile; along a chain of People continue to climb arrows; the Bat cuts it off, the fallen ones turn into turtles, parrots]: 93, 191-199.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritar [a monster chases the Evening Star hero]: Civrieux 1960:180; 1980:114-115

Guiana. The trio [Jaraware takes to heaven on the "nightjar hammock" vine, it has holes like a wicker staircase; tells people not to go after him, in a few days he will give them a stronger staircase; people they climb, the Squirrel cuts off the vine, everyone falls, breaks their legs, since then there are bending joints on their knees and ankles]: Koelewijn, Riviere 1987, No. 4:31.

Western Amazon. If not otherwise: the wife of the Month eats the best pumpkins; her husband leaves her to heaven; the wife follows him, falls, turns into a nightjar, the pumpkin in her stomach into pottery clay. Shuar [when he falls, his wife turns into a nightjar]: Barrueco 1988 [Oetza is Auhu's husband; she gives him unripe pumpkins, eats ripe pumpkins herself; he tears her mouth, climbs the vine into the sky, becomes By the sun; A. climbs after him, he cuts off the vine, it falls, turns into a nightjar]: 21-22; Karsten 1935, No. 5 [the wife still wants to feed her husband, climbs into heaven with a basket of pumpkins, falls, pumpkins spread on earth]: 521; Pelizzaro 1961, No. 16:10; 1993:73; Rueda 1987, No. 17:106; Aguaruna [like Shuar]: Akutz Nugkai et al. 1977 (2): 126; Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1979, No. 17:210-213; Guallart 1958:92; Morote Best 1988:67; Huambisa (?) [a man climbs the female moon, turns into a nightjar]: Stirling 1938:124; Aguaruna: Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1977 (2), No. 85 [cannibals climb a tree for a monkey ; she cuts off the vine]: 668; Wavrin 1932 [wives (?) Suns follow him, fall from a tree]: 123; achuar: Mowitz 1978:69-73; kofan: Borman, Criollo 1990, No. 8 [a woman has two boys, her younger sister and a baby boy; her husband is underground trickster; while the mother was in the garden, the children began to drum the calebass and the mat cup in the house by the hole in the ground; something green appeared from there - the trickster's penis; the children did not recognize their father, they mistook it for a snake, their penis was cut off; they said, Let this be a sign that people are mortal; the severed part crawled into the forest; the mother heard her husband's moans, ran home, began to drum, no one crawled out; she beat the children, drove them away, did not let them into the house; they began to think what to turn into; stones - people will make hearth stands; sand - they will dig holes for the supports of the house; earth - they will walk on us; trees - they will cut down to build houses; rivers will float us in boats; cedars will make dumplings out of us; in the evening they came to the pebble tree on the river, raised their heads, saw the stars, decided to become stars; told her sister hid the cotton rope, broke the reeds, tied the rope to the reeds, threw it into the sky, but did not ask; in the morning, the younger brother asked the elder to give it to him; he gave only a crooked reed; she she pierced the sky, the rope came down, became a ladder; the children climbed into heaven, they liked it; they went back to pick up the pet parrot; the mother said she would climb with them; they agreed, but told the parrot to cut the rope when the mother climbed high; the mother climbed with a couch, firewood, hearth stones, ash; the parrot cut off the rope, the children told the mother to become a laughing falcon (gavilan, Herpetotheres cachinnans); when she saw the children, the mother cried; the falcon's feathers turned white due to the ash that woke up; the children became Pleiades (when they are not visible, the rivers are flooded)]: 107-123; Calífano, González 1995, No. 38 [the woman has three young children; her husband is an underground worm; she hits her tambourine, sits on the ground, from there her penis rises; her daughter does the same, tells her brothers; the youngest cuts off his penis; he shouts that his children have killed him; children reject turning into stone (put it in a hearth), earth (trample), wood (cut down and burn), sand; decide to become stars; the youngest manages to throw a crooked sky a stick; a ladder falls from there; they go up to the upper world, they like it, they go back to pick up their parrot; the mother climbs after them, taking with her ash-stained stones for the hearth; the children tell cut the rope off the parrot; the mother falls down, turns into a nightjar (? ; apparently in a laughing falcon, see Borman, Criollo 1990), still screams plaintively]: 87-89; Napo: Carpenter 1992 (dep. Loreto) [boy and girl rise from the fire on a column of smoke; their lazy mother follows them to heaven; they split her chest with a stone (the origin of women's breasts); she falls, turns into a small fox (Eira barbaral); children become Morning and Evening Stars]: 125-129; Mersier 1979:40-42 [a man warns his wife (her name is Wakana is Owl) that if she dies, she must bury it penis; makes a trap, climbs into it, dies; a buried penis turns into a big worm; a woman hides it under a vessel; removing the vessel, sits on the ground; her son finds a worm, the daughter pretends to sit down to the ground, they cut off the penis with a loop; thunder sounds; three children climb into the sky along a vine resembling a ladder, turning into the Pleiades; the girl's basket into the constellation Ship or Hare (p. 51); woman turns into an owl, carries a penis in its beak, eats snakes and worms ever since], 43-44 [the son and daughter of a lazy mother rise in the sky in a stream of smoke, take a basket and a parrot with them; come back; rise again; this time, the mother follows them; they throw a piece of cloud into her chest; her chest splits, so women have two breasts; the mother falls and turns into a panda (like a dog, eats bananas, papaya)]; Wavrin 1979:63-64.

NW Amazon. Uitoto: Girard 1958 [(Flornoy, p.124); a young man lives in an old woman's house; she chases him (perseguía con sus maldiciones); to escape, he turns into a woodpecker, hammers trees; she tries to grab him, he turns into a hummingbird, flies to the sky; his body releases a liquid that looks like a vine or rope; an old woman climbs it; a young man turns into the Sun, the rope melts, an old woman falls, turns into a bitter cassava with a poisonous peel]: 78; Preuss 1921, No. 8 [Jitoma (the sun) is torn to pieces by his wife's lover Jicebeño, this is a Gaimo jaguar; two sons of the victim climbed in into the sky on the shoot of a pindo palm tree, which their sister took there; her mother followed, but Hitoma began to get hotter, the old woman fell and broke; her bones pierced the ground, became a furuido plant, the large intestines became a usu vine (with thick roots), the long intestines hung on the trees as a rudiaë vine]: 313; okaina [The month met with her sister; the mother noticed her daughter's pregnancy, father (his name is "Light, Clarity") squeezed the fetus out of her stomach, ordered her lover to smear her face with genipa juice at night to find out who was going to see her; it turned out that her brother ran to heaven, became the Month, put on jewelry so that his father would not notice him a soiled face; the younger sister asked who smeared his face, he admitted that his older sister; the youngest asked me to take her to heaven as well; the Month told him not to look down; everyone below was screaming, the girl was frightened screaming, looked down, fell, turned into a toayo bird {apparently a nightjar}, now she sings on a full moon; the father drove away the eldest daughter who had become pregnant (again), she gave birth, came to the old woman's house; she painted her the body to protect against animal bravo (otter or jaguar); when bathing, the paint washed off, the fierce beast ate the woman; the boy was raised by an old woman; at the age of 5 he was discovered (le revelaron) that his father was the Month and his mother ate a fierce beast; the boy went to the forest to play with a cancer shell (huesos de cangrejo), so he fired the first fire; trained by throwing darts at tree trunks; met a fierce beast; he invited him to play together, was going to eat; the boy made a bridge over the river, ran across it; when the beast ran, the bridge collapsed, the beast was killed; the boy went to look for his father; the Month sent him feathers and jewelry; the son made from their crown and wings, rose to heaven, became the Sun]: Girard 1958:137-139; chikuna [girl brothers and other people sitting on tapir skin rise to the sky, turning into Pleiades or lunar halo; the girl climbs after the vine, opens her eyes, falls, turns into a minyu bird (nightjar?)] : Nimuendaju 1952:136.

Eastern Amazon. Paracana [men first menstruated; when the sky separated from the ground and the cultural hero went to live in heaven, the battleship shot at the moon, then, sending arrows one at the tail of the other, made a chain of arrows from heaven to earth; different animals tried to climb it, but the chain broke under the weight of a tapir; different types of living beings became inhabitants of the corresponding loci; when to the moon they shot, the men told the women not to leave their homes; but they went out, the blood of the moon spilled on them and they had their periods]: Fausto 2012:65-66; zhuruna [women reject an ugly person; he decided to die, saw a ladder from the sky, went up; in the sky, a woman showed the path to Alapá; he called him handsome, A.'s three daughters took turns sitting on it, but out of fear the man cannot get along with them; the girls were happy, A. told them to take the guest to swim, he pulled him out handsome, married his youngest fourth daughter A.; the man goes down to visit his mother, then his wife and daughter go down; when she set foot on the ground, the girl became a bird, turned into a girl at night; another man also went to heaven to be handsome; when A.'s daughter sat on him, he met her; A. ordered him to be bought in dark water , he became a mako (araraúuna), turned black, eats excrement; the first man's mother was tired of taking care of her bird-granddaughter, she threw her away; the heavenly wife left, the husband followed; the other followed , despite the ban, he slept with his wife before; A. cut off the stairs, he fell; A. wanted the aged to climb into heaven and get younger, but because of the person who violated the ban, this does not happen]: Villas Boas, Villas Boas 1973:137-142.

The Central Andes. Pariarca, Tantamayo County, prov. Huamales, dep. Huanuco [when hungry, the husband asks his wife where to fry the corn; the children answer; parents put the children in the basket, leave them hanging on the rock above the abyss; condor, vulture {urubu?} , domínico, warak bird refuse to help (children called them an eater of cows (fallen), donkeys, worms); the sparrow descended to the plain where the wild eye (Oxalis tuberosa) grew; they asked for their skunk feed them, he made a fire for them, it went out; he lit it again, ordered them not to go out, not to go across the river where the cannibal Achkay lives; the fire went out, the children came to Achkai; she invited them to her place, cooked stones, mashed them like potatoes, but the children can't eat stones; took the boy to bed with her, the girl upstairs with Martina, daughter A.; the boy screams, A. explains that he is taking out her lice; in the morning she says that sent the boy for firewood; told me to bring water; the girl hears A. telling M. to throw a flower into the boiling water, and when the girl leans down to look, push her into the cauldron; the girl herself pushes M. into the cauldron, finds his brother's bones in bed, runs away, taking them; asks the ploughman to hide them, he hides them under lumps of earth; A. comes, eats meat, calls M., she answers from her stomach; A. curses his bowel movements to turn into M., but it does not work; A. rushes in pursuit; the ploughman whips her; the girl asks the skunk to hide her, he streams into A.'s face; the girl runs to the deer, who hits A. with a digging stick; St. The maiden washed clothes, ordered God to lower the gold chain, he lowered it, pulled the girl to the sky; for A. he lowered the rope and mouse, the mouse gnawed the rope, A. fell, shouting that she would become nettles and various thorns; there have been nettles and thorny shrubs ever since]: Howard-Malverde 1986:6-9 (=1989, No. 1:9-15); Margos County, Dep. Huanuco [when hungry, the husband asks his wife at night where to fry corn; the children ask again; the parents ate corn secretly from them, so the father hung the children in a bag over the abyss; those consistently ask flying birds for help; falcon (cernícalo), pajaros dominicos (small colorful birds), another falcon, galninaso vulture answer that there is no time, whoever is flying will help then; Condor brings the children to the plain, says that the cave has everything they need; the matches run out, the children noticed the smoke, the girl came to the old woman Achkay; when she found out that the girl has a brother, she tells her to bring so as not to run after fire every time; cooks and eats stones, calling them potatoes; at night, his sister hears his brother's screams, A. explains that she takes out his lice; kills him herself, puts him to cook; tells him the girl can't bring water in the basket; she cannot; A. goes to get water herself, tells blackberries, toads, huaychau to raise the alarm if the girl looks into the vessel; they themselves tell the girl that her brother is cooking in the vessel, they tell him to pick up his bones, run; dominico, skunk, gallinazo, falcon, deer answer A. that they did not see the girl (she asked them to do so); Condor replied that the girl was close; the girl asked God, he lowered the gold chain, picks it up; for A. lowers the chain with the rat, it gnawed, A. fell, turned into thickets of prickly blackberries; God placed the boy's bones in a box, left it in the church, ordered earlier time not to look in; my sister looked in, my brother is almost alive, but has become two puppies; since then dogs have been smart as humans, and people love puppies; the girl has turned into the moon, so we say mother moon]: Weber, Meier 2008:117-140; (cf. Quechua (Cajamarca) [the widower has a boy and a girl, he took a new wife, who is first kind to the children, then she is tired of them, tells her husband that the children behave badly, tells them to be killed; the father decides leave them in the forest; an older girl, breaks off on the way, throws pieces of a stick; the father killed the rabbit, showed his wife his bloody hands, said he killed the children; the children came back; the next time he started they went on; they climbed a tree, saw someone's house; there a blind old woman makes cakes; the children are slowly stealing them, the old woman thinks that rats are chasing rats, one of the children laughed, the old woman fed them , locked her in the house; a man came, gave them a rat tail, told them to show them instead of a finger; the same again, but this time, after trying the tail, the old woman decided that the children could already be eaten; said that she would bring potatoes to cook with a pig; but she brought stones; that man warned that the old woman wanted to cook the children themselves; you must push her against her when she offered to go up the stairs to get corn; the children pushed her into boiling water, she screamed that her nails would remain (se quedan en) in the trees, her eyes in the rocks]: Weber, Meier 2008:51-60); the upper reaches of Marañon, Conchuco District [synopsis four versions: A (Pomabamba), B (Chavin de Huantar), C (upper Marañon), D (western tributaries of Marañon); drought and frost destroyed crops; parents decide to leave their young son and daughter; understand that they heard them, tying the children in a bag, throwing them into the abyss; the bag hangs on a thorny plant; the Swallow is unable to free the children, Condor brings them to the valley; they dig potatoes in the Achikai field ; she feeds the boy potatoes and peppers, the girl with stones and dried frog sauce; the girl sleeps with Oronkai (Mulyu-Valka), the daughter of an old woman; the boy with A.; when the boy gets fat, A. strangles him, devours him; explains that he screamed when she was looking in his head; tells his daughter tomorrow to push the girl into a boiling pot, cook the pot, telling the girl to bring water to a broken vessel; the frog turns into a woman, teaches the girl to fix the vessel, push O. herself into the cauldron, put her brother's remains in a bag, run; A. devours her daughter, she answers her from her stomach; Condor hides the girl under her wing, hits A.; Skunk hides him in a hole, lets a stream into A.; Fox, Deer also help the girl; Gorlinka promises to revive the boy, puts his remains in the basket, does not tell the girl to open it; she sees A. approaching, opens it, the boy turns into a white dog; the vicuna gives the girl a golden rope; along it, the girl and the dog climb into heaven; A. vicuna gives a rope on which the parrot sits; he cuts off the rope, A. falls, asks his assistants to spread the blanket; her screams echo, can still be heard; her blood turns into a lake, her body turns into a mountain, her flesh into various plants: her legs and arms into various plants: her legs and arms into cacti, blackberry nails, nettle hair, potato and ulyuku eyes, corn teeth, eye tubers and mashua fingers; (variants A and D; B names the places where A.'s flesh and blood fell); white dog in the sky turns into a Pleiades or a Morning Star; a girl into an Evening Star]: Mejía Xesspe 1952:237-242; Caruas (dep. Ancash) [the widow died; left alone, the little brother and sister saw a sparrow with a potato flower in its beak, followed him; Achiqueé lived in the same village, decided to kill the children and take possession of potatoes herself, called into her house; at night she tried to kill the boy; the girl grabbed him and ran; Gallinazo hid them under her wings, hit the stalker in the face to blood; the girl promised him excellent eyesight and plenty of food; the same is Puma and other animals (all awarded); the last is the Fox, refused to help (it will smell disgusting, hunters will easily find it); Jan Jerónimo lowered the rope from the sky, brother and sister got up, they still live in the sky, there are a lot of potatoes; CX lowers a rotten rope and a rat for A.; the rat gnaws through it; A. asks to fall into the pump, but falls on a rock; tells her blood to become rocks, blood dried up the vegetation; this is how the Andes and the sands of the coast appeared]: Arguedas, Izquierdo Rios 1947:130-134; Callejon de Huilas (dep. Ancash) [during hunger, parents secretly cook corn; when they realize that the children have found out about this, they put them in a bag, throw them into the river; the children escape, come to Achik; at night the girl hears moans brother; A. explains that she cleans his head; the girl grabs his brother, runs with him; Condor hides them under her wings, pushes A. into the ravine; the fox hides in the hole, frightens A., grinding her teeth; Skunk hides them in a hole, streams into A.; The lamb throws a rope hanging around her neck to the sky, the children climb it into the sky; A. climbs after it; The parrot cuts the rope with its beak, A. falls, breaks]: Jiménez Borja 1937, No. 15; prov. Korongo, north of Ancash [when hungry, parents are going to secretly eat corn; children hear, ask for it; parents put them in a bag, throw them into the abyss, the bag catches on a thorny bush; they ask for a sparrow, which is too weak, the condor agrees to take it to the pampa, where the potatoes grow; there is no fire, the children go to look for it; they come to the old woman; at night the girl who sleeps downstairs, hears her brother screams; in the morning a girl hears an old woman teaching her son Antuk Tubuk to push the girl into a boiling pot; she pushes him herself, the old woman eats her son; the girl runs, taking her brother's bones, meets St. Virgo; she tells me to put the bones in the box, not to open it, the boy will be reborn; but the girl opened, the bones have turned into a dog; the fox promises to tell the stalker if the girl ran if the old woman will bring water in the basket; someone else if she peels the stones like potatoes; the girl throws earrings, needles, necklaces behind, the old woman spends time collecting them; God lowers a chain and a straw rope from the sky, a girl with a dog climbs a chain; an old woman climbs a straw rope and thinks it's gold; the rat gnawed the rope, the old woman fell and crashed]: Weber, Meier 2008:71-78; Vikos, Callejón de Huilas, Dep. Ancash [Achiqee was a woman who fought against God; the parents left the boy and girl; they met an old woman, she promised to feed them, brought them to her house; sent the boy to cook water potatoes; when he came back, she gave him hot stones; ate it; the girl took her brother's bones, ran; Teeta Mañuco lowered her rope from the sky, she went up to heaven; A. followed her, the rat gnawed through the rope; falling, A. shouted "out of the blue", but fell on the rocks; blackberries came from her blood, and her red clothes gave rise to all prickly plants growing in places unsuitable for agriculture]: Ortiz Rescaniere 1973:185-186; Caraz, Callejón de Huilas (dep. Ancash) [Achik has a son and daughter; she does not find another child for dinner, eats her own son; the girl wakes up screaming of her younger brother; in a dream he tells her to run; she puts his body down into a bag, runs; Condor hides her under his wing, hits A.; Skunk hides her in a cave, streams into A.; angels pull a rope from the sky, take the girl to heaven; for A. they lower the rope with rats; they cut off rope; A. screams, Not to the plain, but into the swamp; falls on rocks; turns into prickly plants]: Angeles Caballero 1990:22-24 (24-27: other versions with Achik, Achkai, Mama-Galya in Tarika (Caruas, Ancash), Jauja, Pomabamba, Chavin de Huantar, Alto Marañon, Canta, Comas (Jauja), Paccha (Jauja); no versions from southern Peru); Quechua (Callejon de Huailas, Ancash) [during the witch earthquake rejoiced - I wish they could always dance; during the hail of fire, they walked covered with long stones; one saw a weaver with oil on his face; said that she came to eat him; he advised me to close it in the house has all the holes, burn coal below, he will jump from the second floor, the witches will eat it; when everyone gathered, poured pepper and salt, everyone suffocated, only one slept through a hole in the wall, settled in cave; two orphans came there; at night the girl hears her brother crying; the witch replies that she is taking out his lice; in the morning she tells me to bring water in the basket; she cannot, the witch goes by herself, tells him not to open the cauldron; the girl lifts the lid, finds her brother, puts the witch's son into the cauldron, runs away, carrying her brother's body; the witch eats meat, calls her son, he answers from her belly, she chases; the old man hides the girl in a weaver starke, the witch is looking for, he hits her, the girl runs away; the plowman hides in the field, beats the witch, tells the girl to run to where the green cross is, under it a source of blood, there will be a basket from the sky; girl goes to heaven; the witch also asks, a dilapidated basket on a rotten rope descends to her, the parrot cut it, the witch fell on a rock; her blood spread all over the world, especially through ravines that are up to this did not happen]: Weber, Meier 2008:79-90; Quechua (Ancash, prov. Wari, Quechua del Sur de Conchucos) [parents got angry with the children, put them in a bag, threw them into the abyss, the bag caught on blackberry bushes on the rock; they ate blackberries; asked for a gallinazo, a falcon, The condor took them out of the abyss; the condor carried the boy first, then the girl to where the potatoes were; the girl noticed the smoke, came to the witch for the fire; she ordered her brother to be brought and potatoes brought; cleaned them, let the girl clean the stones; lay down, taking the boy, the girl lay down with the witch's daughter; the boy cries; the witch replies that she was taking out his lice; that the beard of her vulva had pricked him; in the morning the girl hears a witch promising her daughter that they will now eat her sister; the girl herself pushed the witch's daughter into the cauldron, took her brother's bones, ran; the witch calls her daughter, "Rosa!" She answers from her belly; Galinazo, the falcon, says they didn't see, the condor said he saw the girl; God lowered that gold chain; the witch lowered the straw with the parrot; the parrot gnawed, the witch fell on the rocks her vulva's stubble became blackberry spines]: Weber, Meier 2008:91-99; (cf. Quechua (San Martin) [brother and sister lived with their father, mother died; went to look for food, noticed smoke; there was a big house, baking bread, two blind old women; they began to live side by side, stole bread; the old women noticed that the cakes were smaller; one hid in the basket, grabbed the boy; then the girl; began to fatten; instead of a finger, the boy showed a lizard finger; next time they decided to cook; boy invited the old woman to go up to the cauldron herself; pushed one, then the other; the children got all their possessions]: Weber, Meier 2008:61-70; Pusacpampa, Comas County, Prov. Concepcion, dep. Junin [husband asks his wife where the corn brazier is, the children hear and answer; then their father threw them into the abyss, they are stuck on a cliff covered with straw; the sparrow brought them a grain corn; the condor carried across the river; there was an old woman's house; the old woman told the girl to bring water in the basket; she could not; the old woman went by herself, telling her not to wake her brother; the girl found him in a boiling pot; he says to her, "Sister, pok, pok"; the girl grabbed the cauldron, ran, saw a weaver weaver weaving colored cloth, who hid it under the cloth, told the old woman who ran up to walk, dancing, on the green plain, the girl will appear; the mountains closed, crushing the old woman]: Arguedas 1953:230-232); Kant (dep. Lima) [passers-by do not know that old Mama-Gallo feeds them human; one day she sends two grandchildren to bring water in a basket, kills and cooks their daughter; pieces of the mother's body scream to the children from the cauldron for them to run to heaven; children ask their grandmother to show them how to carry water in a basket, take pieces of their mother's body, run; San Miguel lowers a chain from the sky, they climb into the sky; MG climbs after him, an acacllo bird cuts off the chain with its beak; MG asks the Fox to spread out on the ground; he does, but MG still turns into a lake in the air; the rock in the middle of the lake is now called MG]: Arguedas, Izquierdo Rios 1947:114; the coast of Peru (or rather, the area is not specified) [The fox tells Skunk he wants to go to the moon; ordinary and golden ropes hang from the moon; the Skunk agrees to climb with the Fox if he gives in to him golden; halfway through the golden rope becomes ordinary and vice versa; the guinea pig descends along the usual way towards the Skunk, gnaws on the corn cob, hits the rope, the Skunk falls; in this place they grow up all prickly plants; skunks have been living in burrows ever since; The fox does not return to earth]: Herrera Gray 1963 in Toro Montalvo 1990a: 246-248; Quechua (Arequipa) [famine has come, stepmother tells her husband get rid of their stepson and stepdaughter; the father sent them to the forest to seek food; they came to the witch's house; she fed the boy better than the girl to make him fat; ate; the sister found her brother's bones, set off fleeing; the old woman followed by a gust of wind carried the girl forward; the old woman catches up again; the girl threw a mirror (the lake, the old woman swam across), a needle (thorny thickets), a thread (the road became winding); from the sky the rope, the girl clung to it, the old woman also clung to it; the girl took a rat out of the bag, it gnawed through the rope, the old woman fell and crashed]: Weber, Meier 2008:161-167; prov. Tracing paper (dep. Cusco) [a ten-year-old girl loses her way, comes to an old woman; sees human bones in her cauldron; sent for water; breaks and heals Hummingbird's foot; he advises her to run; she meets a beautiful a woman; she gives her soap, a towel, a comb; abandoned objects turn into a swamp, a thorny bush, a dense forest; a woman lowers a vessel for the girl from the sky, raises her to the sky in it; the cannibal asks pick it up too; the vessel chains break, the cannibal falls, breaks, her ashes are devoured by dogs]: Morote Best 1958, No. 5:836-837.

Montagna - Jurua. Shipibo [humans climb after twin heroes; women turn into battleships]: Eakin, Lauriault, Boonstra 1986 [not just women?] : 36-37; Girard 1958 [two brothers live with their grandmother; decide to go to heaven; shoot up, making a chain of arrows; send the White Squirrel; she comes back, says the sky is cold and windy; Gray Squirrel on The sky likes it, she pulls the chain; brothers climb into the sky; all men and women follow them; brothers cut off the chain; people fall, women become battleships]: 253; Roe 1991a [husband is dead; wife gave two twins to their aunt; they made a chain of arrows, went up to heaven; people and animals climbed after them; bird people got angry, cut off the stairs; women fell, turned into battleships]: 26 ; Ashaninka [three warriors turn into a porcupine (or Erethizon, see below). Levi-Strauss 1985:144), wasp, sloth]: Weiss 1975:389-390 [the sky was close to earth; the sun told the bird to fix the vine ladder there, climbed into heaven with his son and daughter; three ferocious warriors followed; The sun dropped the rope, the warriors fell, becoming Porcupine (his arrows are needles), Sloth, Wasp], 397 [only two constellations stand out - the Pleiades (Mašíkinti) and Orion (Porínkari); M. was the first to began to take ayahuasca, went to heaven with his family on a balsa raft; P. was sister M.'s husband, did not believe that it was possible to get up, did not observe all the rituals, could not take off; P. lowered his rope (and, apparently he climbed it); then Porcupine and Sloth climbed, hesitated (Porcupine picked up his arrows), the rope was cut off, they fell, turned into a porcupine and a sloth]; machigenga: Alvarez 1940:22-24 in Sebastiani 1990 [the sky is low, the stairs connect it to the ground; celestials begin to cut it; allow good time to rise to heaven; the stairs fall when a drunkard tries to follow ; the sky rises higher, the earth falls lower; the drunkard falls, his arrows pierce his body, he turns into a hedgehog]: 232-233; Baer 1984 [rope connects earth and sky; earth's inhabitants visit heavenly residents; Snail (?) lies as if Sloth, Corpse, Wasp and Porcupine are climbing upstairs to kill them); heavenly inhabitants cut off the rope; four fall, turn into a sloth, a corpse, a wasp, a porcupine; their arrows pierce them ( the origin of their appearance features)]: 246-247 (=1994:163).

Bolivia - Guaporé. Siriono: Calífano 1977 [a jaguar climbs a huge tree after Month, falls down]: 104-106; Holmberg 1969:118; Holmberg 1969 [the antagonist climbs into the sky on a rope, the rope is cut off]: 118 ; chacobo [A turtle shoots into the sky, a vine descends from the hole that has formed; people and animals climb it; the jochi colorado rodent cut off the vine when the Jaguar climbed; when people left in the sky splash in the lake, it's raining]: Bossert, Villar 2002:372; wari [the old woman owns fire, gives it little by little in exchange for fish and game, eats them raw; people try to bake food on in the sun, but they only rot; (steal fire), climb the vine into the sky; the old woman's two grandchildren hide in a tree hut, shoot birds, throw them down, the old woman devours them raw; they command one bird separate them away; at this time they go down, fry the bird, eat; return to the tree, the old woman climbs after them; they turn into woodpeckers, fly to their father in heaven; she climbs the vine into the sky; grandchildren give piranha gnaw through the vine; an old woman falls into her fire, turns into jaguars, ocelots, jaguarundi, foxes; people throw seeds from the sky, trees grow, people jump on them from the sky; decide to turn into animals; remember that they forgot the fire in the sky; two boys have not yet descended; become partridges, swallow fire, fly to the ground; Pinom kills partridges, pulls out fire, himself swallows, turns into a big frog (from the Anurans family); boys come to life as human again, others converted also regain their human appearance; people cook in the sun, only P. roasts meat; emits fire when the winds blow; the frog shaman swallows a spark, gives fire to people; P. curses them, promises that children will die and people will fry them (the custom of endocannibalism)]: Conklin 1989:577-583.

Southern Amazon. Paresi [see motif J42B for full text; four orphan brothers living with old woman Alawrir learn that Jaguar and Jaguariha ate all the men in the village, and the Eagle ate all the women; Jaguariha razed mouth, people entered it; brothers turn into hummingbirds, cut Jaguarihu from the inside with a knife, go out; the male Jaguar has two stone clubs in the house, the brothers swapped the dangerous and ordinary; the same is two spears; hid in Jaguar's house; on the way to him we met various animals (alma-de-gato, Canis jubatus, Euchroma gigantea {something with antennas, flying is an insect?} , Anolis punctatus, Hemidactyluc mabonia lizard); everyone asks where they are going; when answered that killing Jaguar, they join, hide in the house; The lizard stains the fire sticks with a mass peca fruits; Canis jubatus has left his bowel movements; brothers put the rat head and tail of the caiman on the threshold; the Jaguar, seeing each of the hidden or left objects, traces, perceives them as a sign of his death; brothers giggle, Jaguar grabs a club, but it is not fatal, his brothers kill him; Europeans arose from ash and coal and various groups of Indians do not paresi (listed which of which burnt objects); the brothers shot at the sky tree, climbed a chain of arrows (or a thread lowered, at A.'s request, from a heavenly tree); all animals also wanted to climb; Canis jubatus and Dusicyon those climbed, but the thread broke or the Europeans cut off the chain of arrows; the two fell; in the sky, A. and the brothers play ball with the head of the jaguariha, the tail of the caiman, the head of a rat (A. gave them to brothers with by yourself); red sunset is the blood of the Jaguariha's head]: Pereira 1986, No. 8:149-169; bororo: Wilbert, Simoneau 1983, No. 18 [Colbacchini 1925:218-219; translation to Siebert 1972:105-106, in Tynyanova 1962:134- 136; a boy steals corn from women; asks his grandmother to cook it; to prevent the theft from being known, he and the other boys cut off his grandmother's tongue and hands, cut off the tongue of a domestic parrot; ask the Hummingbird to tie it rope to a tree in the sky, climb a rope; women climb after them; boy cuts off the rope; women fall, turn into various forest mammals; boys turn into stars, must punishment to watch what happened to their mothers], 19 [women eat all the corn in the field secretly from their husbands and children; a little boy accidentally comes there; women feed him, ask him to remain silent; next time the boy wants to stay at home; his mother beats him trying to force him to go with her; he spits out red clay, pretends to bleed from his mouth, stays at home; after the women leave, he shares the secret with peers; hereinafter as (18); the rope turns into a forest vine; boys turn into stars]: 47-48, 48-50.

Eastern Brazil. Apaniecra [Pompeu Sobrinho 1935:200-203; the man has five daughters, the eldest is married, the youngest is still a child; he found Pódwō's son-in-law with his wife in the garden, shot him in the eye, both drove away; left with his daughters; by the lake he saw a man Autxêpururé fishing with poison; to avoid being seen, he turned himself and his daughters into a deer, the youngest into a small deer; the middle could not turn, A. noticed her, guessed the transformation of the others; P. killed him, fried him, buried him, told him to leave; under the pretext that she had forgotten the bracelet, the middle sister (who did not turn into deer) came back, ate a piece of meat A.; P. was angry with her, because now A. would chase them; told the palm tree to bend down, they all climbed on it; A. noticed them when the middle daughter spat; P. let him down then let go of the rope, it fell and broke, became a crab; to get rid of his middle daughter, P. and the others turned into parrots, flew away; the middle sister came to the village of Hawks; they became with her copulate, everyone used one part of her body; she died]: Wilbert 1978, No. 153:368-370; crash [Schultz 1950:144-150; Autxetpirire looks like a human but his valley penis is wrapped around around the neck, torso, arms and legs; A. was fishing with poison; fell in love with a girl whose family turned first into horses, then kingfishers, and she could not turn; the girl's father told A. that she such a beautiful skin color because it was kept in an earthen oven; A. asked to bake it; everyone left, the girl came back, dug up A.'s penis, began to eat; hid in a tree with her relatives; A. came to life, came, the rope was lowered, cut off when he got to half, A. fell into a crab and climbed into a hole]: Wilbert 1978, No. 154:373-375.

Chaco. Chorote [The hummingbird warns that you have to escape from the cannibal in the sky; everyone shoots to make a chain of arrows, but the arrows do not reach; only the Hummingbird has an arrow pierces the sky; he does a chain of arrows; the Spider is the first to be sent, he weaves the rope; the Parrot is the last to rise; when the cannibal climbs higher, he cuts the rope; the birds stay in the sky]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1985, No. 115:225- 226; matako: Calífano 1974 [A deer marries Jaguar's daughter; deceives his father-in-law, but he eventually kills him; brings his daughter a piece of his meat; she recognizes her husband; two sons of the Deer lure Jaguar's children into dry grass, set on fire, they die; give meat to Jaguar under the guise of a boar; report it, run, make a chain of arrows, climb into heaven; the Jaguar climbs after him, the chain breaks, he breaks]: 49; Wilbert, Simoneau 1982a, No. 3 [The Deer has three sons; he went for honey, disappeared; the boys are crying; the eldest came to Jaguar's house, found his father's head in Jaguar's bag, identified it by his face painting; The Jaguar lies that he and the Deer both hunted wild boars, the Deer has not yet arrived; the deer offer Jaguar's two sons to set fire to the thickets to drive the frogs out (the Jaguar's children ate them); they set them on fire from all sides Jaguars burn; deer turn their bodies into hog bodies, give them to Jaguar; scream that he eats his children; shoot at the sky, climb a chain of arrows; when the Jaguar climbs, the elder breaks the chain, The jaguar falls on sharp stakes; Deer turn into a constellation of Gemini (large, small and large red stars)], 4 [Jaguariha quarrels with a cougar woman, kills her; the children of the murdered woman call the murderer's children hunt, set fire to the grass, they die; the corpse of one is wrapped in goat skin, let his mother eat; they make a chain of arrows, go up to the sky, become a constellation; when Jaguariha climbs, they break the chain, Jaguariha crashes]: 40-42, 43-44.