Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

J49. The Wife of the Month falls down.24. (.26.) .

The wife and/or sister of the Month unsuccessfully tries to climb into heaven or reaches him, but returns to earth.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Iban [at the request of the Month, Sovka married him and gave birth to a radiant boy; four years later, Months wanted to return to heaven, Sovka said she would have nothing to eat there, spouses quarreled; shared the child, Month took the upper part with him, made stars out of it; The scoop kept the bottom, made it all kinds of trees; the scoop still screams at the full moon; (hereinafter the story Cuckoos, Calao and Nightjar)]: Sandin 1964 in Macdonald 2005:76; murut [Puok was the wife of the supreme god Kohlong, whose face can be seen on the moon disk, lived with him on the moon; taking insects out of her husband's hair, dropped the comb to the ground; volunteered to follow him herself in her winged feather clothes; on the ground, the man gave her the comb, invited her into the house; she told how K. determines the fate of all people; K. punished her for her chatter, her body became heavy, she could not fly to the moon; clothes grew to her body, K. became an owl, screams at night, calling her husband]: Wooley 1928, No. 20:376-378; dusun [Eared The Owl (Puak) was the sweetheart of the Month; the sky was close to the ground, seven Suns were shining; the pregnant woman felt sick from the heat; her husband went to sunrise, shot six Suns with a wind gun; the seventh ran, taking from The sky is now high; the Long-eared Owl came down from the roof of the house at that time to pick up the crest that had fallen to the ground, could not return to heaven, and has been screaming plaintively when the moon comes out]: Evans 1914: 433 (=1923; retelling in MacDonald 2005:79; Ho 1967, No. 16:220); palawan [Married Sovka for a month; promised to return from fishing in a day; if he is away for two days, then he was bitten by a poisonous fish; A month comes back in two days, the wife is in bed, does not listen to him, repeats that the Month is dead, bitten by a poisonous fish; A month cooks and eats caught fish, shoots into the sky with a sarbakan, making a chain of darts, climbs it; seeing her husband in the sky and the fish cooked, the wife believes that it was the Month, she cries; animals and birds are consistently called to deliver her by the Month, planting her for themselves on its back; a hornet rises into the air, but sees a Solanum inequilaterale bush, goes down to it, says that this is the sky; a monitor lizard leaves a woman on top of a dry tree; a dung beetle in a latrine Raji; Osprey picks up for the Month; when he goes swimming, he warns his wife that if she looks and sees kuhung bulan mushrooms (below), she should not go down, they are mushrooms, not him; she looks, sees mushrooms, thinks it's a Month, jumps down, crashes, turns into a scoop, screams into a full moon ever since]: Macdonald 2005:77-78.

(Wed. China - Korea. The fox [the celestial descended to earth in love with a beautiful woman; wanted to return to participate in the festival; his wife asks every day to postpone it until tomorrow until she finishes her business; finally, the husband decides to fly away alone, leaving his wife a pot of magic water; the one who drank this water will be able to fly; while the wife is on the site, the birds have drunk the water; the eagle the most, the peacock - a little bit, the rooster - just a little bit; The woman who returned got only a drop; it was enough to jump on trees; she became a gibbon; she cries all day long, grieving for her lost husband]: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:186-187).

Mesoamerica Chatino [the girl played with a bird, is pregnant with it; gave birth to two boys, they are like dolls, her parents threw them into the river; the woman picked them up, said she was their mother; they guessed that it's not that her deer husband is not their father; they killed a deer, made him a scarecrow full of bees, brought her his meat; the frog said she was eating her husband; she ran to the scarecrow, the bees bit her; the children burned her in temazcal, she became a temazcal spirit; the children met their real mother, who weaved clothes for all animals, took her with them; they don't know where to get maize to feed their mother; they broke the bottle, threw it on the milpa, the fragments turned into flies and mosquitoes; left the mother, came to where the snake was going to swallow the girl; killed the snake, throwing hot stones into its mouth; the Sun climbed into the sky by thread, Month climbed his own way; his wife climbed after him; The sun told the tuza rodent to gnaw through the thread, the woman fell; The month still wants to return to his wife]: Cicco, Horcasitas 1962:74-78.

Western Amazon. In the texts of hiwaro (shuar, achuar, aguaruna), the wife of the Month eats the best pumpkins; the husband leaves her, going up to heaven; the wife follows him, falls, turns into a nightjar, the pumpkin in her stomach into a pottery clay. Shuar [when he falls, his wife turns into a nightjar]: Barrueco 1988 [Oetza is Auhu's husband; she gives him unripe pumpkins, eats ripe pumpkins herself; he tears her mouth, climbs the vine into the sky, becomes By the sun; A. climbs after him, he cuts off the vine, it falls, turns into a nightjar]: 21-22; Karsten 1935, No. 5 [the wife still wants to feed her husband, climbs into heaven with a basket of pumpkins, falls, pumpkins spread on earth]: 521; Pelizzaro 1961, No. 16:10; 1993:73; Rueda 1987, No. 17:106; Aguaruna [like Shuar]: Akutz Nugkai et al. 1977 (2): 126; Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1979, No. 17:210-213; Guallart 1958:92; Morote Best 1988:67; Achuar: Mowitz 1978:69-73; Napo: Orr, Hudelson 1971, No. 1 (napo or canelo) [girl stains the genipa juice (huitug) on the cheek of an unknown lover; In the morning she brought breakfast to her brother, and he was under a mosquito net; noticed spots on his face; his parents were furious; out of shame, my brother started shooting arrows into the sky, they pierced one another, he climbed into the sky; the sister climbed for him, but the skirt interfered, the arrows separated and she fell; the brother asked the ilucu birds, then the arrocero birds to pick her up, but they could not fly high; the brother was a month old, the spots are still visible since; sister became an ilucu bird, singing on the new moon, grieving for her lover]: 3-5; Ortíz de Villalba 1989, No. 50 [a married man secretly went to his sister; she smeared her body with a genipa, in the morning she saw that her brother was stained; he began to rise to the sky; his wife hesitated, dressing, could not get up; if she got up, there would be two moons, cold and hot; the husband became cold, he had genipa stains on him; wife became a filuco night hawk, screams in the moon], 51 [people began to rise to the sky to become a Month; his wife hesitated and fell]: 99-100, 103.

NW Amazon. Okaina [A month got together with her sister; the mother noticed her daughter's pregnancy, the father (his name is "Light, Clarity") squeezed the fetus out of her stomach, told her lover to smear his face with genipus juice at night to find out Who goes to her; her brother turned out to be running to heaven, became the Month, put on jewelry so that his father would not notice his soiled face; the younger sister asked who had smeared his face, he admitted that he was the older sister; the youngest asked me to take her to heaven; the month told me not to look down; everyone below is screaming, the girl was afraid of screaming, looked down, fell, turned into a toayo bird {apparently a nightjar}, now sings in full moon; the father drove away (again) the eldest daughter, who had become pregnant, she gave birth, came to the old woman's house; she painted her body to protect her from animal bravo (otter or jaguar); when swimming, the paint washed off, fierce the beast ate a woman; the boy was raised by an old woman; at the age of 5 he was discovered (le revelaron) that his father was a Month, and his mother was eaten by a fierce beast; the boy went to the forest to play with the cancer shell (huesos de cangrejo), so fired the first fire; trained by throwing darts at tree trunks; met a fierce beast; he invited him to play together, was going to eat; the boy made a bridge over the river, ran over it; when The beast ran, the bridge collapsed, the beast was killed; the boy went to look for his father; the Month sent him feathers and ornaments; the son made a crown and wings out of them, went up to heaven, became the Sun]: Girard 1958:137-139.

Eastern Amazon. Spiking [one of the two brothers notices that her sister is pregnant; advises her to smear her night lover's face with genipus juice; they turn out to be another brother; brother ties bamboo poles and rises to heaven with her sister; there she reproaches her for betraying him, throwing him to the ground; she flew by a meteor, became a tapir; brother becomes a Month; the other brother tells the soldiers to shoot; only an arrow The battleship enters the Month; blood is shed; women wipe themselves from the bottom up, are under the influence of the Month; men wipe from top to bottom; birds bathe in blood, receiving colorful plumage]: Nimuendaju 1920:1010-1011.