Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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J50B. The father remains half dead .


father (alone or with his brother) is only partially resurrected and is unable to live among people (he cannot be a warrior). The hero leaves him (in another world) or lets him die for good.

Tuvans, Mivok, Mojave, Diegueño, Papago, Yuma, Quiche.

Southern Siberia — Mongolia. Tuvans [before his death, Father Myoge Bayan-Dalay (DB) sent him for Lama Koldu-Burgan; he came and began to read sacred books, but the camp was surrounded by enemies — brothers Ak-Khan and Kadyn-Kara; BD's horse tells him to aim higher, because the brothers will jump, but the DB did not listen, the arrow flew by; he himself did not jump, was killed; his pregnant wife Sai-Kuu fled to the steppe, gave birth to a son Kara-Kogel; through He has been walking and talking for three days; asks his mother about animals, from small to large, easily kills them with stones; his mother taught them how to bow and shoot; KK brought 6 bears at once; his mother does not tell me to go to sacred mountain; he went, the mountain is moving, it is a giant maral that eats the forest like grass; KK hit a vulnerable place on the forehead where animal hair is; ripped open the belly of the maral, and many people came out alive from there ( this episode on p. 102); KK made a home out of the skin of this maral; the mother sent the KK to meet his grandfather Aldyn-Aas; he is going to marry Manchyn-Ege Khan's daughter; people without an ear; without an arm; without a leg; they say they were attacked by two eagles; two birds of Han-Hereti; two lions; this was when they went to Mancheung-ege-Khan; AA gives the DB a name that the mother only vaguely said: Kara-Kogel riding a horse Arzylan-Kyskyl; this horse has no cracks between its ribs; AA remains with KK's mother, and is sent to Mynchyn-Ege-Khan; DB's father married her to him at one time, gave him steel bars and scissors; to cross the sea, KK fired an arrow, it scattered the passage between the waters; the khan of the competition, the winner will get his daughter; the son of the moon, the son of the sky, the son of the sun participate; the KK arrow passed through the needle eye, through the hole of the shoulder blade, set fire to a bunch of firewood, etc., but he threw a lasso over it and returned it; compete to run from a place where heaven meets the ground; the strongmen sent fairies instead of them; they gave KK a drink — he fell poisoned dead; the horse ran away, pushed the jug away, the winds revived the KK, he overtook the old women, dragged those who wanted to hold him with hooks; jumps, those old women on horseback, the horse tells me not to look back; AA turned around, saw his mother's chest, fell to her, fell poisoned; the horse woke him up, he overtook the old women; to fight the strongman for 90 days; in winter only hoarfrost creaked under his feet, in summer the dew rustled; AA his overcame and buried him in a hole; fighting a strongman from which sparks fall; AA beat him with an icy fur coat, threw him into the sea; defeat a bull, AA threw a bull for a stone scree; fighting three bears; in winter frost creaked under their feet, the dew rustled in the summer; all three KK threw against the rocks; these strongmen are from the lower world, they licked the arrow, vowing not to attack again; horse: they will demand me for the bride, don't give me up iron fetters; but Malchin-ege Khan took the horse along with his fetters; they gave the KK a drink at the feast, he was attacked by heroes; the KK shouted: Earth is my mother, Heaven is my father, where are you? Stones fell from the sky, destroyed half of the Khan's squad; his wife brought the KK to her, and in the morning he called out again to Earth and Heaven, asking them to be benevolent; the sun shone, half of those killed came to life; broken The KK melted the bronze bowl and poured it again; the KK horse almost died of thirst and hunger, but the khan's little son let him go and gave him water; the horse was offended by the KK for giving it along with the fetters, but then forgave him him; after visiting his looted camp, KK saw the remains of a long-dead man; this is his father; KK smeared his bones with drugs, the body revived; hit the whip with a golden handle and jumped over — man got up, but could not speak; from the book, Sudur KK learned that the magic mouse had carried the vocal cords across 7 layers of earth, 9 layers of dust; KK became an ermine, caught up, killed the mouse, returned the ligaments, put it in his father's mouth; The DB came to life, but the KK told him to look after the house, and went to take revenge; learned from the shepherds that life was hard under the new owners; invited Ak-Khan and Kadyn-Kara to shoot at each other the way they shot with his father; their arrow bounced off the KK's chest and crumbled, his arrow pierced both at once; the KK returned the people to their original place of nomadic]: Grebnev 1960:87-141.

California. Miwok [The falcon asks two sorcerers (a bird like a woodpecker) to revive his father; they make his eyes out of flowers and bones from reeds; the father is still half dead; the Falcon sends him to live at the bottom of the sea in peace to south of ours]: Barrett 1919, No. 7:13-14; Merriam 1993:179-189.

The Great Southwest. Dad. Mojave [only the father's boneless flesh appears]: Kroeber 1948, No. 1:17; 1972, No. 17:97; Diegueño (ipai): Dubois 1904 [connecting his father's bones, unable to attach a leg]: 240; 1906 [like a mojave; father and uncle]: 160; papago [father and uncle souls appear but fall apart again]: Densmore 1929:71; yuma [hero decides not to resurrect]: Desmore 1932:54.

Mesoamerica Quiche [see motive J4; father and uncle appear but cannot speak normally, left by heroes in Xibalba (lower world)]: Popol Vuch 1959:79.