Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

J51B. A slice is missing: a revived month. .52.62.


month was eaten or died and the body decomposed. It is being revived, but a small part (bone) is missing. This determines the characteristics of the moon or the characteristics of human anatomy.

Masateki, Letuama, Macuna, Desana.

Mesoamerica Masateki [the cannibal woman had the fire; all the animals came to her party, only the rabbit refused; the month was more stupid than the sun and was eaten at the festival; the dog stole the bones, gave it to the sun; the head of the month was in a pot; the animals tried to force the woman to dance, but she did not want to, she was afraid that the month would be stolen from her; but the possum amused her so much that she started dancing and the dog took her away a pot with a month; and the opossum reached the fire and carried away the fire on its tail; since then its tail is bald; the month and the sun are brothers; the sun has revived months, but a piece of bone is gone, so the moon is pale; earlier The month was brighter than the sun, and now the sun is brighter; the cannibal is chasing the sun to select the month; sometimes she catches, but the sun is slowly getting away from her]: Portal 1986:56-57

NW Amazon. Letuama [The month is the son of the Sun; there are no women around but his sister; first he inserts his penis into the holes in the pieces of wood, then begins to go to his sister; she smears him with her genip, he dies of shame ; it is being restored from bones, but one finger is missing, frogs have eaten it; now people have not six but five fingers; The month is ashamed of its father and always lags behind the Sun]: Palma 1984:36-39; macuna: Å rhem et al. 2004 [The month (Makañi ñamigaü - "Night Sun") copulated with plants due to the absence of women; his leg began to swell; to cure him, his sister Meneriyo offered to meet her on the condition that this would not happen again; but he began to secretly come to her at night; becoming pregnant, M. smeared her lover's face with her genipa to find out who was coming to her; he could not wash off paint, drowned himself in the river; the father sent the owls to look for his son, they did not find it; the Ayawa brothers found, the sixth finger was missing; A. began to laugh with the stories of all the animals; the toad did not laugh (apparently, her finger was in throat), so people don't have a sixth between their thumb and forefinger; Bakonea (naughty little brother) ridiculed the Month, so the elder was only able to revive him for the fourth time; he was placed at the mouth The Amazons collected dust from his body, it turned into midges biting when the moon was in the sky; when he entered Maloka, M. did not greet his brother who had come to life, but asked the Monkey what he ate; the Month said that with caimo fruits; M. tried to pick it off, the branch sprung, threw it into the sky; then their father went to live in another little girl, put the figure of an old woman at a fork in the roads; if M. laughed at her, the old woman will send her on a path where the utu bird feather leading to the cannibal shaman ~Gãs; if not, on the path to her father's house, where the guacamayo feather; the mochilero bird saw M.'s reflection in the water vessel, found M., cleared her body of flies, brought the rope to go down; the rope turned into a certain kind of vine; finding no one, M. asked the old woman where her father had gone, laughed at her; she sent her on the path to ~Gãs; see further motif J15]: 484-488; Trupp 1977 [Menery Yo, daughter of the Father of Peace, sees her brother Umakanö (Month) making a vagina in the sand and inserting his penis into it (this is where papayas grow and cotton); she invites her brother into her hammock, but for the first and last time; but he continues to come to her; she paints his face; he cannot wash off the paint, he drowns in shame; he is revived and thrown into heaven; the sixth finger is missing, people have not had it since; M. goes to the Jaguars, eaten, her son Umawadö (Rainbow) avenges her; the colors of the Rainbow are his feather crown]: 50 -56, 63; desana [Balí bó has all the food; his wife is a howler monkey; the eldest son Doé (Evening Star), the youngest is Abé (Month); the month began to sleep with his wife D.; D. killed buried him, did not tell his father and wife; BB became a japu bird, began to fly over four women, asked for food; heard from them how the Month was killed; BB found it, revived it, but his penis was cut off; made a new one tree mushroom "moon penis"; The month came into the house, his brother sang, the Month ran into the forest; all the animals and birds came to cry with BB; all cultivated plants disappeared; BB went south to look for a new wife, the old one left with D.; rejected agouti, tapira (skinny legs, yellow eyes), stayed with the father of two daughters; he was given a tasteless cake made from forest fruits; he gave them manioc, drawing a circle, and created a cassava field; the sisters violated the ban on watching DD create everything, cassava got peel; the eldest's urine grew a weed; the eldest gave birth to the Evening Star, the youngest the Morning Star; BB told Morning to go after D.; he brought, D. brought cassava to people]: Kumu, Kenhiri 1980:141-147.