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J52B. Heroes are hare or bunny kids.



girl, young woman, or children associated with hares (rabbits) are victorious heroes or successful tricksters.

Tibetans of Sikkim [antagonist — bear], Tibetans (Amdo) [antagonist — bear or yeti], Lavrung [antagonist — bear], Kalmyks [no antagonist], Stavropol Turkmens [no antagonist], Uighurs [antagonist — bear], salars [she-wolf antagonist], Dungans [fairy tale with household elements], telengites, [antagonists — brother's wives], Altaians [no obvious antagonists], Khakas [antagonists — brother's wife], Tuvans [antagonists — brother's wives], South Altai Tuvans [antagonist — brother's wife's servant], Buryats [anthropomorphic antagonists], Dagurs [anthropomorphic antagonist], northern Khanty [fox or Purne antagonists], southern Selkups [fox antagonist], Sym Evenks [bear antagonists; fox; cannibal], Evens [devil turns a woman into a hare], Nanai [loser — fox].

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans [the rabbit and bear live side by side, each with a son; the rabbit was better at digging up rhizomes; the bear was jealous and killed her; the rabbit's son saw the bear and her son its mother cooked it and ate it; when the bear was away, she plunged a red-hot arrow into the bear's ear, took a bag of roots and ran away; the tiger hid it in his ear; the bear began to ask about the rabbit but the tiger threatened to kill her herself; she left; the tiger hears the ringer chewing something; he says he is eating his own eyes; he gave the tiger a spine, he liked it; he agreed to have the rabbit blind him , but then let him take care of him; invited the tiger to go to bed on the edge of the cliff; made a fire; the tiger moved away and fell into the abyss; the hare to the shepherd: a dead tiger below; a she-wolf: the shepherd left the herd unattended; crow: fly to peck out the eyes of the cubs, the she-wolf went to slaughter the sheep; after doing so much evil, the rabbit fled to another country]: Shelton 1925, No. 35:141-143; Tibetans (Sikkim) [The Hare and the Bear live side by side, both have a son; they dig wild potatoes together; The hare digs up large ones, the Bear demands them for herself; the third tuber of the Hare does not give them away, the Bear kills her, brings her tubers home; The Bunny asks the digging tubers where his mother is; the last one in the field says that the Bear killed her; the Bunny asks the Bear to hold the upper millstone while he licks the lower millstone (as if it were delicious); The bear also wants to lick the millstones, the Bunny releases the upper millstone from its paws, cooks soup from the crushed Bear; the returning Bear eats it, calls her son, the Bunny throws his head at her, runs away, asks the digger to hide the tubers, he hides it in a bag; then asks the Tiger, who hides it in his ear, is going to eat it later; kills the Stalker Bear; the hare says that he eats his eyes, gives The tiger likes the tuber; suggests that the Tiger eat his own; the hare runs away, the blind Tiger falls into the abyss]: Krapivina 2001:135-143; Tibetans (Amdo): Kajihama 2004, No. 21 [rabbit and a yeti woman lives together, digs wild tubers, both have a son; a yeti takes the largest tubers from a rabbit; the latter does not want to give it back, the yeti kills her; rabbits report this to the rabbit; that invites the son of the yeti to lift the millstone, licks the flour under him; the son of the yeti also wants flour, the rabbit crushed him to death with a millstone; runs away; the shepherd hides him among the sheep, but at the sight of a fire-breathing yeti, he tells him run further; also a herd; the wild yak hides in his nostril, pierces the yeti to death with horns; the rabbit does not want to go out, the yak blows him out; the rabbit promises to praise the yak; calls his nostril golden; hiding in a hole, screams that he has crap there; yak tries to butt his hole, dislocated his back and dies; the rabbit stays with a married couple; they ask how he can herd their cattle, take care of to the child; he first gives absurd answers, then says how he will caress the baby; cooked him, hangs his intestines, puts a pigeon in bed; returning parents ate their child; rabbit every day comes and screams about it; they smeared the stone with glue, the rabbit stuck; asks if they want to kill him kindly (crush his head with a stone) or maliciously: make a fire around, dust his ears, hit each other on both sides with sticks; they want maliciously; the dust got into the couple's eyes, they killed each other with sticks, the glue melted from the fire, the rabbit ran away; but the tail came off, so the rabbits are short ]: 82-88; Tshe dbang rdo rje et al. 2007 [The Bear and Rabbit have a son each; they both went to dig for edible roots; the Bear dug up half of the basket, went to bed, the Rabbit dug up two baskets; The Bear decided to take them away; the Rabbit took one, ran; the Bear caught up with her, killed her; told the Rabbit to bring a basket of roots, otherwise she would kill her, like his mother; he told the Bear that the roots were at the bottom of the cave; The bear cub digs a hole so deep that it can't get out; the bear looks for him, falls on him, presses him to death; she dies in a hole herself; the rabbit has lived a happy life]: 127; lavrung: G.yu lha 2011:369-373 [Black Bear and Rabbit each have a daughter; both go to dig for edible roots; one day the Bear returns alone; replies to Rabbit's daughter that she will eat her if she doesn't stop her ask where her mother is; she overhears the Bear talking to her daughter, realizes that the Bear killed the Rabbit; invites the Bear's daughter to shoot at each other, puts a stone on her chest , and that one is paper; an arrow bounces off Rabbit's daughter's chest, kills the Bear's daughter; Rabbit's daughter runs; the shepherd hides her in the sheep's ear; she throws ash in the face of the Bear who arrives in time, runs on; then but with a horse; then she hides in the Tiger's ear, he swallows the Bear; Rabbit's daughter chews the roots, replies to the Tiger that he eats her eye; gives the spine, then takes out the Tiger's eye, who says that his eye is not so tasty, asks him to take the second one out; asks him to drive him slowly along a bumpy road and fast along a smooth road; Rabbit's daughter brings Tiger to the edge of the cliff, makes a fire, asks him to move, the Tiger falls, crashes; comes into the house, tells the owners that a tiger lies under the mountain, promises to look after the baby and the cows; kills them, fills the baby with ash, cows with straw; the hostess spanks the baby, tries milk the cows, they fall apart; Rabbit's daughter invites the hostess to stand with a stone at the top of the stairs, the owner with a bow below, throw a stone at her and shoot at the signal; they kill each other], 375-381 [ The Bear and the Rabbit go to dig roots; the Bear eats them immediately, the Rabbit collects them; the Bear suggests looking for insects from the Rabbit, she warns not to touch the dark growth on her head, in her life is on him; the Bear pulls it out, cuts his body, cooks it at home; Rabbit's daughter spies; invites the Bear's daughter to play while standing under a threshing stone; throws him at her, runs away; when she sees dead daughter, Bear chases; yak shepherds hide Rabbit in yak's nose; big yak butts Bear, she runs away in blood; Rabbit's daughter first tells Yak that his eyes and nose are golden, then what crappy; runs away through a hole in the wall, Yak gets stuck; Rabbit's daughter invites a woman to watch over her child, let her and her husband go to get a yak carcass; cooks the baby's legs, arms, puts her head to bed as if the baby is sleeping; the spouses eat the baby's meat; the husband smears the stone with glue, the Rabbit daughter sticks; asks to pour ash into her ear before death, catches the person's eye, runs away].

Caucasus — Asia Minor. The Kalmyks [when their father was not at home, brother and sister were baking pretzels in ash; their dead mother came in; at that time, the deceased was coming back to life three years later and returning; brother and sister were frightened, accidentally hit her with fire tongs saying, “You've been dead a long time, why are you scaring us?” ; the mother turned into a gray hare, the place from being hit with forceps fell on the hare tail, now it is black; and the man has stopped coming to life]: Tyaginovan 2011:45 in Basangova 2019:104; Stavropol Turkmens [after the death of the rich man, his children remained: a gray girl and a gray boy; their mother met with a diva; he persuaded her to invite her son to try his strength: she would tie his thumbs with a belt; he stretched out his belt; then she tied it again; a diva appeared, cut off his head; threw his head and torso into the steppe; the sister found, sewed the remains, put it on a tree, exchanged clothes with her brother; went to the city; the king will give his daughter to the one who knocks the ring off the pole; the imaginary young man knocked down, received the princess; promised not to touch his wife until they came to his house; he went forward, telling him to get to the tree: he would sleeping in branches; the girl herself changed clothes with her brother again; the wife saw a saiga run into a sharp branch and the other cured him with some grass; the wife cured the young man with the same grass; about what happened he learned from a note left by his sister; the sister herself fell into a hare trap and became a hare; when the hunter took it out, the hare became a girl again, the hunter married her; the gray young man, united with his wife, told her everything and went to look for his sister; hears the boy, playing with money, saying: I throw her with the hand of a gray uncle; this is how he found his sister; then he went to find out what happened to his mother, saw her in his arms diva, killed both; all is well]: A. K. 1875, No. 5:29-33; (cf. Ossetians [Aldar has 7 wives, all barren; his brother promises to kill his wives after Aldar's death, take his cattle; Aldar drove cattle over the fence, brought thorns to the fence, set fire, smoke rose to the sky; God sent the crow to find out what the smoke was, he began to bite manure and carrion; sent a falcon, which stayed with the crow; sent a tit; the snake asked her to show her tongue, pulled it out; sent a swallow, which flew to Aldar; Aldar told everything, said that he was now burning his cattle so that his brother would not get them; God sent Aldar an apple for his wives to eat; the youngest wife washed the plates, gave the dog; on the same evening 7 wives and the dog gave birth to a boy; the dog's son crawled up to the cow to suck milk; 3 days later, three boys survived: the elder Magomet, the youngest Syrdon and the Son of the Dog, Temirkhan; the brothers grew up and came to the house of three seven-headed giants; at night, the brothers sleep, T. guards instead of them, then in turn, cuts off the head of a black, red, white giant rider; every time his horse snores on the bridge, and the giant says that they have no rivals except T. the son of a dog, but his milk on his lips is not dry yet; T. takes a white horse for himself, gives black and red to his brothers; the wives of the giants agree; the eldest: let the murderer he will petrify, his salvation will be a white lamb; medium: during the heat I will become a cave; the youngest: I will become water; T. knows this, does not allow his brothers to enter the cave, cuts it, bleeds; does not let water drink; the village becomes stony when he has time to talk about the lamb; the father found the lamb, T. came to life; T. killed the hare, went to collect firewood, the hare came to life, says that he is the daughter of Aldar, offers to catch up with him; T. comes from one shepherd Aldara to another; Aldar grief: Chenda Aldar captured his two sons; T. killed him, returned his sons; T. received his youngest daughter Aldar; she teaches him to ask his father for a braid handle, a piece of leather, a plate; Aldar gives (leather: flying carpet, plate: magic tablecloth); I. and his wife flew home, split off the chips from the braid handle, a house appeared; everything is fine]: Sokayeva 2012, No. 4:46-54).

Turkestan. Uighurs [the bear has two cubs, the rabbit has one hare; the bear invited the rabbit to sit with the cubs and she will bring prey; on the first day the bear left, the rabbit took one bear cub with her and walked across the river across the log bridge to call a bear cub; he fell into the river and drowned; the rabbit bear said that the bear dabbled and ran to the river by himself, climbed onto the bridge and fell; the next day, the rabbit took the second bear, the same thing happened to him as the first one; when she heard the rabbit tell that the bear was to blame, the bear chased her; running past the yak, the rabbit begged to save her, as he allowed her to hide under his hair between his horns; told the bear that he had not seen the rabbit, but she had already noticed her; they began to fight and yak killed bear; asked the rabbit to get out of the shelter and sing praise to him; the rabbit hid in the hole and sang about how she deceived the yak; he tried to get it, but the horns were stuck in the ground and the yak died; the rabbit met a family of shepherds with a child, they grazed sheep; said that she killed a yak and promised to look after the herd and child; when they went to get the yak carcass, she drove the herd to the cliff, and threw the child into boiling pot; the shepherd and his wife tried to kill her, the rabbit was saved again; continued her evil pranks; so people cursed her — let her be underground; since then, rabbits have been living in holes, and when they come out, vultures peck out their eyes]: Zhou Yang et al. 2001a, No. 260:370-372; salars (Altiuli, Xunhua-Salar Autonomous County) [the hare and the wolf went to get a sweet root; the she-wolf dug up and ate it, and left the hare for the bunny; when they returned home, the she-wolf had nothing to carry with her, so she ate the hare and took its sweet root; the hare decided take revenge; called the wolf cub to play, invited him to fight; stuck a knife in the ground, threw the wolf cub at him and ran away; the wolf went in pursuit; the hare met the shepherd, who agreed to hide it among the sheep; the she-wolf demanded to tell us where the hare was; the shepherd sharpened the sickle, the she-wolf ran away; the hare met the deer, praised it for its beauty; he hid the hare in his nose, and then killed the she-wolf; the hare climbed into a hole in the ground and began to insult the deer; the deer hurt himself furiously; the hare cut off a piece of reindeer meat, became related to a fox and a wolf; they consulted, chose the hare as their elder brother; he suggested: “Wolf, fox, that's where the salesman came from. I'm going to pretend to be lame. [Wanting to] catch me, the salesman will put his chest [on the ground] and chase me. When he runs, grab the chest and run!” ; doing so, they got the chest; the hare handed the fox a drum: “Take this home. Play behind the kids' ears one morning. They're going to grow up fast day by day!” , and gave the wolf a pair of boots: “Take this away. Put them on, go to the mountains, creak [them]. All the sheep will run to you”; the fox played the drum — the children were scared and died; the wolf put on his boots — the sheep ran away; the fox and the wolf wanted to eat the hare; he pretended to be sick and closed his eyes; said that ate his eyes; the wolf said, “Take my eye out, I'll eat it!” ; the hare pulled out and sprinkled it with sugar; the wolf ate it, ordered the second one to be pulled out; the hare pulled out, the wolf said that this eye is not as tasty as the first one; the hare: “You're already full!” ; the same with the fox; the hare brought the wolf and fox to the edge of the cliff; made a fire there, threw it first at the fox, then at the wolf; they stepped back and fell off the cliff]: Tenishev 1964, No. 22:50-53; Dungans [ mother gives 13-year-old Aisha to an old man akhun who reads the Koran; after getting naked, akhun dies, telling her not to marry A. again; mother locks A.; the hare gives her a white hare skin, tells her to dig a hole to the mountain Myyasan; A. digs, and when the mother brings food, sheds her skin, turns into a girl; swarming a hole, finds a jug of silver; finds himself in the house of a good old woman and her shepherd son, secretly cooks and cleans up, leaves silver; mother and son find her, no longer allow her to wear the skin; the mother decided that Akhun took A. to heaven]: Riftin 1977, No. 37:203-211.

Southern Siberia — Mongolia. Telengits [Boodoy-Kyokshin tells Sister Boodoy-Koo not to kill the gray mare, not to go to Mount Bodiota; she stabbed the mare, put her liver on fire, the fire went out, she went to the mountain, comes to the wife of the seven-headed Diellbegen for fire; she tells me to look in her head, pulls a red thread out of BK's clothes; D. follows it for BC, kills, sucks blood; brother found his dead sister, hides in a hole; D. has one head singing, the other laughs, etc.; his brother kills him, revives his sister with blood; kills D.'s eldest, youngest sons, the middle one kills him; he is killed by his brother BK Kuzyl- Taadyi; sister leaves dead in the rock; Ai-Kaan's daughter Altyn-Tana and Kyung-Kaan Kyumyush-Tan can revive him; AK and Boodoy-Koo, disguised as brother, go after them; disguised as brother Boodoy-Koo wins competitions and gets both girls; they are surprised that the imaginary man knows how to handle a needle; ask him to make a spit; Boodoi-Koo does not know how, goes over the mountain, where her brother's horse cut out for her skewer; Boodoi-Koo goes forward, puts his brother's clothes on his body, leaves the body as if his brother fell off his horse, runs away like a hare; the girls see Bodo-Kyokshin's body, revive it with healing water, he takes them as his wife; finds his sister's note, catches them, brings a hare, does not know how to turn him back into a sister; wives do not like the hare, pour poison into his ears; brother puts the hare in the chest on the horns of the maral; hunter finds a beautiful woman in the chest, gets married; brother finds out about it, everyone lives in peace]: Sadalova 2002, No. 301-307; Altaians (Katun) [after the death of his parents, a teenage boy Altain Sain Salam and his younger sister; the ASS regrets that he cannot bring home the meat of the killed animal on horseback; sees the heroic horse Aikym-Saikym, the sister explains that the horse is for him; the ACC brought game for his sister on horseback; but when he rode again, fell off his horse and broke his neck; his sister told the rock to part, put her brother's body inside, put on men's clothes and went to marry the daughters of Sun Khan and Moon Khan; “What it was winter, she noticed from her frosty collar that it was summer, she noticed by her warmed shoulder blades”; each of the khans promises an middle daughter whose arrow would fly through the eye of a needle, an iron hook, a mountain hook the forest and the khan will fall (at his feet); the imaginary ASS fulfilled the condition and got the girls, but did not sleep with them on the way back; they were already thinking of returning to their fathers; the sister jumped forward, told the rock to open, invested in Brother's hand, the note, describing what had happened, turned into a hare and ran away; Sunny Khan's daughter whipped the AAC, which came to life; Lunny's daughter completed her revival; AAC hit the hare's leg with a wooden arrow, caught him, gave it to his wives and ordered him to feed him well; the hare chewed on their clothes; they killed him; the AAC placed the hare in three boxes one in the other, left a note to the doctor asking them to revive the hare, let the box go to sea; the box sailed to Moon Khan; his doctor revived the hare, the hare became a girl, the khan's son married her; 7 years later, the AAC went to look for his sister and came to the yurt, where a boy was running; the AAC sister saw the horse Aykym Saikym and cried; the horse saw her and started; brother and sister met and had a feast]: Radloff 1866, No. 2:12-23; Khakas [Pokhta-Kares was killed by Hydat Khan; his younger sister Pogana-Aryn hid; I read in my book that the daughter of Moon Khan Ai-Aryg or the daughter of Sunny Khan Kyun-Aryg has the means to revive the dead; dressed as Pokhta-Kares, she married these girls; when she lay down alone, then, on the other hand, she stuck the sword between herself and the girl; Kyun-Aryg had a whip with a golden handle and a golden shawl, they revived the PC, began to live with two wives; Ai-Aryg disliked the PA, turned her into a hare, that ran away; PC couldn't catch up with this bunny, but then caught her in a noose and her sister took on a human image again; he put her in a taiga hut; AA tracked her down, came, asked the PA to look in her head poured black lead into her ear; PC did not notice her sister's wounds, put her in a coffin, tied her to a tree; Hara-Khan's son Hara-Pidekey found her, brought her home, shaman kamlal, his assistant spirits extracted lead, PA came to life, HP married her; her brother had been looking for her for a long time, came when her little son was at home; HP asked him to show him how his mother lulled him to sleep; he repeated the song, it says it all; a joyful meeting between sister and brother; Ah -Aryg was tied to the top of the tree, a fire was lit below; with Kyun-Aryg Pokhta-Kares asked for a lavish wedding; everything is fine]: Torokova, Sychenko 2014, No. 11:130-135; Tuvans [episode of an epic tale; Boktug-Kirisha's sister took the form of a gray hare; he leaves her to his first wife, that hare is losing weight; the second is the same; the youngest has a fat woman; he lodged her in a separate yurt (the sister is now human) ; the elder wives came in his absence, put a silver needle into his sister's head, which became a doll girl; his brother put her in a box, left a maral between his horns; he got stuck in the swamp; old man Kara-Sagyl him I found it, opened the box; he and his wife pulled out the needle, the girl came to life]: Orus-ool 1997:435-447; South Altai Tuvans [the hero Sharaldai met a bald man, he imposed himself as a brother, convinced him to tell him what his soul; in a knife in the bottom of his boot, in a bird in a box hidden in the horse's nose; in three red threads on his navel; when S. fell asleep, the bald man broke and tore these containers, S. died; his younger sister Mashgaed Ulaan hid his body inside a rock; made barley porridge into a young man's figure; this figure, or M. himself, wins competitions in which the winner is promised a khan's daughter; every time he says, “Not me ( I do this and that), and my brother Sh.”; having tamed his brother's horse, pierces the ears of seven darning needles with an arrow; defeats heroes; makes a huge spit; having received the khan's daughter, he leaves early, pulls out his brother's body , writes to him in his hand that she will turn into a hare, goes to the mountain; when he sees S. breathless, his wife revived him; the little black maid suspects a substitution, but the wife says that her husband is in her homeland became taller and stronger; S. finds his sister, asks her to take human form again; the maid offers to look for lice, pours tin into her ears; S. put a box on his deaf sister, hung a box around her neck, hung a wild one around her neck a ram; once he saw two boys — his nephews; one hunter shot a ram, the tin leaked out, he married Sh.'s sister; S. wanted to punish the maid, but his wife advised me to forgive her]: Taube 1978, No. 28:121-125 (=Taube 1994, No. 11:127-131); Buryats: Barannikova et al. 1993, No. 6 (SE Buryatia) [Zer Dalai sees a lung among the herd, it has turned into a 50-headed mangadhai Asuri Shara; they decide fight in 3 days; ZD hides sister Bashalay, a bird and a dog in a white rock; a mangadhai kills him; asks all objects in the yurt where the inhabitants are; the doorknob says he is in a white rock; B. runs from the mangadhai, pours blood out of the tueska, the mangadhaya licks it off the ice, the tongue is an example, B. cut off his head; disguised as a man, goes to heaven to three Sundays; finds himself inside the bottomless monster camels; there are people swallowed 5, 10 years ago; B. pierces a hole with an arrow, people and animals come out; Sunday women suspect that this is a girl, but she avoids testing; leads them to her brother's remains, she runs away herself, chipping in with a hare; the resurrectionists revive the ZD, become his wives; he is going to shoot a hare, his sister tells me not to shoot, takes on a human form; the eldest two the wives tied a ball of red thread to her ZD belt, they found the house where B. lives; they threw a gold ring in her mouth, she died; the youngest wife answers ZD that she was not to blame; he asks the elders what they want: the tails of 70 horses or the tips of 70 ribs; tied them to the tails of stallions; put the body of sister ZD in a box, hung a blind deer on the horns; the red deer came to Khartaganag Khan; a child and a golden one fell out of the box ring; the girl has grown up, the khan's son married her, they have a child; ZD found them, everything is fine]: 109-117; Eliasov 1959 (no place of recording) [brother Garyulai Mergen and sister Agu-Nogon-Abaha; G. goes hunting, A 7-headed mangathai asks: what is behind you — your soul or the soul of your horse? G. looked around, the mangathai swallowed it, spit out his clothes; the horse picked up G.'s clothes and weapons, brought it to his sister; changed into her brother's clothes, met the mangathaya, asked him the same question herself, he looked around. she killed him with an arrow, caught and killed a horse; her horse tells her to cut the mangathaya's right thumb, containing her brother's bones; burned the bodies of the mangathai and his horse; asked the mountain to open, put it in preserving her brother's bone; dressed as a groom in a man's outfit, she went to the three daughters of the deity Esege-Malan, who can revive the dead; the horse warned not to drink tea from a dangerous woman, A. splashed it out on her tea, she died; killed a bear who ravaged an anthill, the ant khan promised to help; the horse lifted A. to a steep high mountain, where a source of living water, A. got drunk, became even stronger; revived people whose bones under the mountain; revived three invisible bars who were dying of fatigue; revived a dying dog, which may also be invisible; two more suitors came to E. to marry his daughters; A. called herself in the name of his brother - G.; E. invites them to fight each other; the invisible bator fights instead of A., wins; shaman: imaginary G. is a girl in disguise; E. arranges new tests; shoot at the target (bator- the invisible man wins); horse racing (the dog detained the rival horses); let each of the grooms spend the night in the barn with the bear (the invisible bator killed the bear, the other suitors killed themselves, E.'s daughters revived them); separate red and white millet (ants separated); the imaginary G. received daughters E.; said that he must first visit his herds; on the way, daughter E. again tests her husband: they put fire on him sleeping, a snake; he does not pay attention; A. took G.'s bones from the mountain, put his clothes and weapons next to him, left a note for her brother in her clothes, became a hare herself, ran into the forest; E.'s daughters revived G., became his wives; G. found the hare, grabbed it, it became A.; E.'s daughters forgave A. her deception; they have a silver scoop containing any food and drink; everything is fine]: 92-109; Dagurs [younger brother fell ill and died; the eldest met a monster in the forest, who let him go for promising to bring him human eyes; he blinded his brother's widow, brought her eyes; placed his little nephew and niece in a hut; the servant cares about them; the uncle tells us to leave the children in the forest, but the house has already been prepared there; the servant reports the flying horse on which the father rode, calls the horse, burning the stems of wormwood; with the horse a weapon; the first time a boy (his name is Hareladi Mergen) cannot pull the bow, hold the horse; after two years he becomes strong, finds his father's horse and weapon; the uncle's wife overhears the servant's conversation with the blinded; the uncle goes to XM, calls to hunt, kills by shooting her in the back; her sister turns into a hare; the horse tells her to go to the lake, where three heavenly fairies fly; you must steal their clothes from feathers, bring them to him a horse; fairies find a murdered young man They guess everything, revive him; they bring them into their house; the hare whispers that she is his sister, tells him to test the fairies who have a kinder heart; when they leave, XM consistently leaves the hare with the eldest, middle, younger fairies; the hare spoils what they sewn; the first two scold and hit her, the third says that the seam on the boots was bad, strokes and cares for the hare; XM marries the younger fairy; the wife gives XM magic turns sticks into a golden hornet so that it can regain his mother's eyes; XM flies into the monster's ear, climbs into his chest, stings his heart; when he gets outside, finds a pantry full of human eyes; takes her mother's eyes away, restores her sight; the uncle asks XM to catch a snake in the East Sea and a wild boar in the Northern Mountains; in the form of a hornet, XM climbs inside a wild boar (and, apparently, a snake), who are powerless do, he brings them, ties them to the gate; uncle and wife go out, one is eaten by a boar, the other is eaten by a snake; HM lives well with his family]: Bender, Su Huana 1984:92-102.

Western Siberia. Northern Khanty: Lukina 1990, No. 28 (b. Son) [Lisa and Hare live together, both have children; Lisa offers sledding down the mountain, goes first against desire, Lisa runs over, breaks her back; Hare's son and daughter see Lisa feeding them meat the mothers of their children, offers to eat their children Bunnies; they run, throw a comb, whetstone, flint, they turn into a thicket, a mountain, a fire; the fox lags behind; while the sister eats cloudberries, the brother falls into the ground; (more the sister is called the woman Moses); hits the stump, from there the Por woman jumps out, offers to swim; puts on M.'s rich fur clothes, gives M. her measles; in the city of M. succeeds pick up the arrow of the son of an Urban Village Old Man, P. has to take the arrow of Tonton-Old Man's son (Tonton-Oika is a poor man, servant, or cunning); respectively, they marry; P. weaves a rope, who was enough to wrap half the city, M. — the whole city three times; M. comes to the place where his brother disappeared; there is a house, a bear enters, takes off his skin — this is his brother; sends his sister a herd of deer]: 101-104; Potpot 2014, No. 5 (p. Kazim, 2011) [sister and brother are hare children, they live alone; brother has fallen underground; sister goes and meets Purne; she says that her parents and relatives have been destroyed by a thunderstorm; they are going together; P.: two will come out now men; you run to Ler-Shansh-Yuvlup-ho and I'm to Woo-shansh-Yuvlup-ho; but Zaychiza ran up to V.; both gave birth to a son; P. drank from her brain and made a wooden scarecrow; when her husband wanted to kiss the child, his her lips stuck; the hare sewed her husband's clothes, and P. glued it together; both rolled down the mountain, P.'s husband's clothes fell apart; the hare came to the place where she left her brother; there the dogs growl; a woman's voice: if he came necessary person, lick the snow and ice off him; this is his brother's wife; the guest is treated richly; sent back in a sledge drawn by a bear, a wolf and some other animal; and P.'s relatives harnessed her fish into sledges , they dragged her into the ice-hole]: 11-14; the southern Selkups [Lisa and Zaychikha went to tear the tow; both have a son and a daughter; Lisa advises Zaichikha to sledge down the mountain with a strap around her neck; crushed her; children The bunnies say that their mother is behind; she cooks meat; they hear the Fox going to chew a big head, promises the cubs that they will get little ones; the sister runs away, carries her brother on her back in the basket; he asks to pick off the trinkets from the birch tree; disappears; she broke off a chip from the stump; the Frog jumped out, called her to her house; takes her skis, her skin, leaves; The bunny catches up with her, takes away her property, tells her staff break the Frog's face; on the way, the Raven screams that one girl is beautiful and the other is not; the Frog scratches Bunny's face; now Magpie praises the Frog's beauty, she kisses the Bunny; both girls are getting married]: Pelikh 1972:367-368.

Eastern Siberia. Sym Evenks: Vasilevich 1936, No. 21 (Chirombu) [The bear came to two bunny sisters, who poured sand into his eyes with their legs; a grandmother named Kandika came and grabbed As a bear, she told me to bring a table, lowered the Bear on it, returned home; the Bunny sisters decided to leave; K. tells them to walk along an ung-shaped, not a kel-shaped road; at the fork they began to fight, youngest won, so we went on a kule-shaped one, she closed on all sides; the eldest became a needle, slipped through, the youngest was a bump, got stuck; the eldest pulled her, tore her head off; put it on a stump, a rock, a deck, the head cries every time; left it on another rock; came to the Frog; after living, went to stay with her relatives; boasted to the Frog that she had a steel thimble; reached the place where the younger sister's head remained, she married a god; there deer rattle through snags holes; the eldest asked to call, rang behind the clouds; the eldest took away the big deer received from her sister as a gift; the frog brought insects, deer carried them away on their hooves; the storm demolished the Frog's house, she dived into the lake], 22 (Chiromba) [Wolverine ate the mother of two hare girls; they poured earth into her eyes, ran to the old woman; she has everything things move and work at her will; they hide in the cauldron, the cauldron does not go; the old woman beats him, the sisters laugh; the old woman calls them to live with her; when they want to leave, the old woman tells them to walk on their hooves, not walk on the kule-shaped; the older sister remembered that it was kel-shaped; they were fighting, the eldest won, they walk along the kule-shaped; the hut surrounds them in the dark; the eldest became a fur, a needle, slips into the crack; the youngest is a bump, gets stuck; the eldest pulls her, tears her head off; leaves her on the deck, her head cries; leaves her on a tree broken by lightning — laughs; the eldest went beyond Thunder, her children are just like her — only heads; the youngest came to the Frog; she brings deer — they are insects, they are blown away by the wind; The frog began to live in water]: 22-23, 23-24; Lukina 2004, No. 3.18 [the fox was eaten by the mother of two bunnies; they climbed onto the roof, asked the fox to open its mouth and eyes, poured sand, ran to their grandmother; one covered himself with a cauldron, the other with a cousin {?} ; grandmother tells the cauldron and the cousin to move, they do not move; the bunnies are out; grandmother: there will be two roads, one with hooves on the other, they dragged the kul along the ungulate; the elder decided to walk along the ungulate, defeated the youngest; came to the cannibal in the dugout; he closed the door; the youngest became a feather and went through the crack, the eldest became a stump, got stuck, only his head came out; the youngest carried his brother's head; put it on the piled tree — head cries; at the stump — the same; by a tree broken by lightning — the head smiled; the youngest came to the frog; she offered to herd deer; he came to where he left his brother; he lives with his wife, wife gave deer, he brought them to the frog, sent it to pick up the cockroaches, the deer dragged them all in their hooves; the wind started, it carried the frog into the swamp, it became a frog]: 75-77; Evens [parents went to check their snare and disappeared; the son went to look for them, chased the hare, hit him with a female; hare: I am your mother, kill the fox caught in the snare; the young man saw the fox and killed it, it disappeared; mother immediately became a woman, led him to the tree to which my father was attached, they untied him; father: the fox persuaded him to let him go, became a devil, turned his mother into a hare, and tied me to eat; these people put their snare even when it wasn't necessary, so this happened to them]: Robbeck 2005:240-242.

Amur — Sakhalin. Nanaytsy (Nanai District, Khabarovsk Krai, 1968) [The fox comes to the Hare, she rushes into boiling water, the Fox sticks a spoon, finds nothing, cries, the Hare comes in with a basket of food; The fox calls for a visit The hare, also rushes into boiling water, the Hare takes out the boiled bones; Mergen comes, the Hare feeds him in the same way; explains that the fox trail is the trail of her deceased sister; M. brings Zaychiha to him, gets married; she turns into a beauty]: Kiele 1996, No. 31:319-321