Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

J59. To the sky after the arrow. .

To get to the sky, you have to fire an arrow that will pierce the sky. See motif J58; see J59A: A man flies for or on an arrow (without an arrow that pierces the sky).

Australia. Kaurna (Adelaide District) [Monana threw darts in all directions; threw it up, he pierced the sky; others followed him, climbed into the sky]: Waterman 1987, No. 3925 (2): 101 (original source: Wyatt, Woods 1878:165f); yualayi north of NSW) [lover runs away from her husband, throws darts into the sky, makes a chain, goes up to heaven]: Parker in Hatt 1949:46-47; narrieri (South Australia) [a man takes his brother's wife as his mistress; he chases him, a lover throws darts into the sky with a rope tied to him; a dart pierces the sky, the lover and women climb into heaven, turn into three stars; the pursuing husband ascends the sky afterwards in the same manner]: Hatt 1949:46; Lake Condah (Victoria) [a man throws a dart with a rope into the sky, climbs rope, brings fire from the sky; later all people climb this rope into heaven; left alone, current people come from it]: Smyth 1878:462 in Hatt 1949:46.

Melanesia. Inanwatan Berau [a man invites five women to compete to count to 30 while sitting underwater; while they are sitting, he hides their aprons in a tree; they have to climb after them; four they have time to jump off, the fifth man grabs; goes with his younger brother to hunt birds; climbs a tree, his brother removes the stairs; he weaves a rope, goes down; goes down; goes back with his brother to the tree, is the first to climb upstairs, shoots an arrow into the sky, the tree grows (followed) to the sky; the arrow pierced a hole in the floor of a house in the sky; the young man climbed into it, shoved a tree, the younger brother crashed; the elder marries the girl in whose house an arrow hit; she hides him from her father under a mat; pregnant, confesses, her father recognizes her son-in-law]: Miedema 1997, No. 4:13-14; yabim, tami; New Hebrides: Torres Islands, Both, Efate, Maevo.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Semangi; bataki; ngaju; palawan; ngaju [Menjamei wanted the sky to move away from the ground; when this happened, he wanted to climb into heaven; for this purpose he let an arrow with a rope tied to it; the arrow pierced the sky, he climbed there; many later tried to do the same, but the wind invariably carried the arrow aside]: Kruyt, Animisme, 493-494 in Fischer 1932:237.

SV Asia. Chukchi: Bogoras 1902 [the hero of one of the stories throws a needle with a thread threaded into the sky like a dart; an arrow pierces the sky, he climbs a thread (=Bogoras 1907:331)]: 591; Anadyr Yukaghirs (Chuvans) [a person has an employee named Pondandi; a man dies; his daughter gives P. various assignments, but he sits still; when he asks if he wants to take her to wife, P. comes to life; she asks him 1) kill a bear; 2) a large mountain sheep; 3) shoot an arrow into the sky and follow it; he does all errands, returns handsome with a herd of deer; marries on it]: Bogoras 1918, No. 10:136-138.

Amur - Sakhalin. Nanais; Udege; Orochi; Ulchi (author's notes): 78-79 [a woman without a husband gave birth to a boy and threw a girl, apparently twins, into the river; the boy clung to the talnik, girl to acacia, ate mushrooms; after 15 years, without knowing each other, they met, got married, gave birth to a son and a daughter; the boy cannot kill the beast, the animals laugh at him; threatening with a knife, he forced his mother talk about their origin; the boy shot a bow, grabbing an arrow with his teeth, flew to heaven, became a heavenly evil tiger spirit (causes madness and heart disease); his sister began to drive you crazy land; my father went to the taiga on dogs, became a taiga feature, causes diseases; the mother became a "water tiger", he dies in convulsions]: Smolyak 1991.

Subarctic. Koyukon; upper tanana; tagish; inner tlingits; kuchin [man shoots at the sky, the arrow gets stuck in the clouds; the next one falls to the ground, towards its end a rope is attached; a person takes a rope to heaven (no other details)]: McKennan 1965:143.

NW Coast. Tlingits; Haida; Tsimshian; Bellacula; Heiltsuk; Quakiutl; Nootka; Makah.

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry; shuswap; thompson; lillouette; comox; halkomel; clallam; pentlatch; skagit; snohomish; lkungen; quinolt; quileut; Puget Sound; okanagon; curdalen; kalispel; sanpual; vasco; clackamas; catlamet; tillamook; alsea; cous; klikitat; yakima; kutene; puyallup [the girl just gave birth, left the baby in the bush, went to the party; he was picked up spouses who already had a daughter; the baby immediately grew up; the girl provokes him to shoot her, he has to do it, she hurts, she screams, he leaves completely; gets to the cougar woman, she is going to make him her husband, gives berries, but they are lizards; a crane woman helps him escape; he comes to a singing woman, she falls silent; he and the singer's sister ask him to continue, she sings, because of this the ground lights up; the rock, the water, the road answer that they cannot hide from the fire; Spruce says you can sit at its top; from the top of his head he climbs into the sky with a bow and arrow {not said, how exactly}; meets a dawn man, then a twilight man; each has five daughters, both inviting them to their place; at the fork, a young man mistakenly goes to the house of Twilight; his daughters grease him dead; trying to feed the dead with flesh; he marries four; the eldest lies in a coffin-like box; Split Foot comes, the eldest takes him away; Dawn sends his daughters bring a young man from Twilight; the daughters of Dawn and Twilight are fighting, the eldest daughter of Twilight has the leg of Shattered Leg in the hands of Twilight; the daughters of Dawn are more beautiful; the daughters of Twilight drive them away, but after 5 days the young man finds the road to Dawn; he is washed and fed; looking into the basket on the wall, the young man finds the youngest daughter of Dawn; stays in bed in the morning; when he finds out what is going on, Dawn marries his youngest; the young man accidentally does a hole in the ground, sees her real mother below, she gave birth to a new boy; Dawn agrees to let his son-in-law and daughter go, the Spider lowers them in the basket; the young man's younger brother is blind, fat dog; the elder and his his wife makes him healthy and beautiful; so does the young man's mother (she was blind, only for the fifth time she believes that her son has really come); she and his younger brother were slaves to Blue Jay; he tells his youngest wipe; in the presence of his older brother, the younger one puts a hot smut in the ass, he flies away; the young man's wife gave birth to twins that had grown together; Blue Jay cut them, they died; their mother killed everyone in revenge village (Flytown village name); Spider took the couple back to heaven; everything they brought from heaven remained]: Thompson, Egesdal 2008:78-83.

Plains. Crowe [see motive K27]: Lowie 1918:74-85 [The Red Woman comes to the hunter's wife; she forgets to tell her husband about her every time; the mice raise the Domestic Boy before finding him father; River Boy's sharp teeth are filed; brothers kill and burn the Red Woman; the snake crawls through the anus into the River Boy's brain, who tells the sun to shine hot, his brains boil, he pulls out the snake, makes her less dangerous, but remains brainless; Homemade puts pebbles in his skull, now his name is Rattle Head; Long arm drags Domashny to heaven; Old Coyote collects birds, but none know where did Domashny go; Rechnoy notices a hole in the sky; fires yellow, black, blue, green arrows, the last one flies to the sky, he himself - each of these arrows; the old woman replies that Domashny they are going to eat; this is how he passes through the villages of Zhuravley, Orlov; he is told that such a poor man is unlikely to be given a piece; the Black Eagles have a Long Arm as the leader; the River kills him with an arrow, tells him to burn the corpse, tells him to burn the corpse, tells all birds go to live on earth; returns with his brother; mother turns into the Moon, Father into the Morning Star, Pet Boy into the last star of the Ursa Major, River Star into the Evening Star], 94-98 [ the same; the witch comes (as in pp.74-85); the River Boy gives his teeth (as in pp.85-94); the snake episode; with the Long Arm, pp.96-98: the father told the brothers not to separate, for all animals are against them; brothers they always did the opposite; Rechnoy sat alone in the steppe, the Long Hand pulled him from the sky; Domashny found a trail, saw a hole in the sky, shot, and found himself in the sky with an arrow; came to the village of Voronov, everyone there is black; the old woman, without recognizing Domashny, says that there are two brothers on earth, they are ugly, the Long Hand took out one, they will eat him in 4 days; the same in the village of Zhuravley (in 3 days ), White Hawks, Orlov (all the smoke in their village is black, their types are black and white); the last old woman agrees to take Domashny (he became small) to where Rechnoy will eat; he sees his brother, that opens his eyes; Long Hand says they will now eat both, but Domashny breaks a round potion stone with an arrow, says eagle people are weak, cuts off Long Hand's arms with a knife, he asks mercy, but Domashny cuts it into pieces, knocks the birds off their feet, says they are just birds; on the way back, all the villages are empty; the brothers return to the ground on an arrow, the hole in the sky closes]; Arikara [Parks recorded 3 versions of the myth of River and Home, here are excerpts from one of the versions, Parks 1991:146-147; an old woman with fiery moccasins sets fire to the steppe, the villagers burn down; her husband returns from hunting, finds his wife dead, pulls a live baby out of her belly, then throws her into the river; five years later, he and his son Drinks Brains Soup (Domashny) discover that Long, which has arisen from the last, lives nearby Teeth (River); they struggle to lure him out, file his teeth, he regurgitates what he ate in the river; the brothers, contrary to their father's warning, embark on adventures: they kill a fiery woman and her granddaughters, dangerous bison, thunderbirds ("big red birds"); once they slept on a hill, the Long Hand grabbed the River, dragged him into the sky; Domashny noticed a hole in the sky, turned into an arrow, flew into the sky; saw the village dancing around Rechnoy, who was being worn on the platform; Domashny cut the ropes, carried his brother to the hole, they flew to the ground; Long Hand reached for them, but Domashny cut off his hand; since then, there is an image of a hand made of stars in the sky; Park 1991:474-484 has no episodes with fire moccasins and the Long Arm; Park 1991:793-800 The Long Arm is the Star Spouse (cf. K19b motif); he pulls the woman back with his long arm; the woman and her friend (who did not go to heaven) both give birth to a son; an old woman raises a local boy, catches Long Teeth, forcing him belch shells, etc.; a local boy (Drinks Brains) revives his mother, then both boys embark on adventures; Long Hand drags his son to heaven, roasts his son; Drinks Brains in the form of an arrow takes off into the sky, saves Long Teeth, cutting off many arms; turning a hand into a constellation is not said]: Lankford 2007:26-27, 233-234.

California. Karok [heavenly spirits kidnap Little Brother, hold him above the fire; animal people shoot up; only the Spider's arrow reaches the target; Big Brother rises to heaven, kills the spirit, accepts his look (wearing his skin?) ; swallows hot stones along with perfume; kidnaps brother, leaving a mouse instead; returns to earth with him]: Kroeber, Gifford 1980, No. B1:26-27; hupa [Rough Nose (SHN) does not tell younger brother fry short ribs while he is hunting; he roasts, takes something away; SHN catches a bird, wants to kill, she says that his brother is being fried in the sky; SHN calls Coyote and Spider to make a rope, Mouse gnaw through the bowstrings (and hole the boats), the Louse tie his sleeping hair, the Caterpillar pave the way up; the Coyote fails to throw the rope into the sky (it is too thick and heavy); the Spider's arrow hits into the sky, the Caterpillar crawls along a rope tied to her, followed by the others; SHN kills an old woman keeping fire under a bag with her younger brother, puts on her clothes, pretends to be an old woman, in a bag above the fire puts a rat; when enemies fall asleep, attacks them, they panic (bowstrings are torn, etc.); brings his little brother home]: Goddard 1904, No. 3:154-156; achomavi: Angulo, Freeland 1931 [Wild Cat comes to bed with her relative Gagara; she stains herself with resin, finds the Cat's hairs stuck to her; comes to the men's house, sings, I want a man; shoots lightning, showing her strength; rejects Wolf, Fox, Marten; other men push the Cat out to her; but Loon grabs the Woodworm, the son of the Cocoon Chief, whom his father hid; he is small; everyone gives him their penises, now his penis is dragging on the ground; he quietly tears it off, throws it into the fire; at night he runs away from the Loon, puts a stump in his place; the Loon approaches, burns everything; the Spider spins the rope, the Lizard ties it to the arrow, shoots into the sky; everyone is climbing a rope, in front of the Eagle, behind the Coyote Old; Loon screams, Father, he answers, Daughter; looks around, the rope breaks; Eagle, Cocoon, Worm climb into the sky, the rest fall into flames; Loon makes a necklace out of their hearts; the Lizard's heart falls on Mount Shasta; turns into a baby, finds him by the Blue Jay, brings him to his wife; a growth on the boy's forehead; the boy shoots him with an arrow, the growth turns into his twin; the Forehead Boy kills Gagara's daughter with an arrow on the lake; she chases him, his brother kills her with an arrow]: 126-132; Curtis 1976 (13) [The Silver Fox swims in a boat, then the Coyote appears; both arose from the fog; the fox combs the Coyote's head, makes a lump of skin scales, throws it into the water; the earth grows, the Fox does everything on it; makes people of different tribes out service-berry shrub sticks; each takes out two bones, makes them a woman (K.: achomavi hardly had the opportunity to borrow this motif from Europeans); sons Fox and Coyote die; Fox resurrects them, the Coyote tells them to die forever; the Fox kills the Coyote, he comes to life; Coyote's daughter forcibly forces her relative (cousin) Apon to live with her; at night he runs away to the men's house (steam room); she demands to give him away; sets fire to the house; the Fox tells the Mice to shoot at the sky with a straw; the straw turns into a ladder, the Fox and Coyote go to heaven]: 206-210; Dixon 1908, No. 5 [Loon wishes to be a husband everyone's favorite Wild Cat; men give it to her, but he returns; Loon is furious, flames from under it, the earth is burning; Mouse brothers attach a rope to the arrow, shoot at the sky, people climb her; the Coyote looks down, the rope breaks, everyone falls; Loon catches their hearts with a net, makes a necklace; her sister Orlitsa finds hearts, soaks them in water, people are reborn]: 165-167; achomavi [ Edechewe (fishing marten, fisher) - elder, Yahtch (weasel) - younger brother; Y. disappears; E. asks Spiders to shoot into the sky; their two arrows pierce the sky, they attach a rope to them, E. climbs to heaven, gives the Month a rainbow as decoration; for this he says that the Lizard kidnapped Y., keeps him bound over the fire, his people are dancing around, soon I. will kill; Osprey, the wife of the Coyote, goes to these dances; she pretends that her teeth hurt, supposedly spends the night outside; E. did not tell Y. to fry fat; he broke the ban, the Lizard sensed, became a Mouse, let himself be caught, became big, took Y.; E. returned to earth, asked Help the Coyote; he became an old woman, went to the place where the Lizard was collecting firewood, found out everything, killed him (he fell into the ground), gave his skin to E.; he came to the dance, threw firewood, as the Lizard did; to him they poured boiling water into his mouth; he blinked, the Teal woman suspects it was not a Lizard; he took off his brother, told everyone to dance, then sleep; together with Coyote they set fire to the house; Teal, Ducks, Geese, Osprey jumped out; E. tells everyone where and how to live (the origin of the species); the rest burned down]: Merriam 1992:127-144; coastal mivok [The bear invited Olenikha to look in her hair, gnawed her neck, ate it; two The deer noticed a piece of venison in the house; when the Bear left, they killed two Medvedzhats with clubs, put them in the steam room on both sides of the chimney; ran away; crossing the river, asking the Bear not to talk about them; climbed the sequoia, heated the stones there; the Bear found the dead Cubs, rushed in pursuit; asked the Deer how they got in; they said they were upside down; they killed the Bear, leaving her hot stones in the anus; mother saw in the sky; the elder shot, the mother caught the arrow, pulled her son out; the youngest shot, followed the arrow into the sky; the mother told the children how the Bear killed her]: Kelly 1978, No. 20:36-37.

Llanos. Sicuani.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritare.

Guiana. Waiwai; trio; palicur; hishkaryana; oyampi.

Western Amazon. Maihuna; napo; koreguahe; shuar.

NW Amazon. Letuama; okaina [dart chain (? ; carrizos)]; yagua [palm leaf chain].

Central Amazon. Rio Jamunda.

Eastern Amazon. Paracana; Urubu

Montanha-Jurua. Shipibo; amahuaca; chayahuita [Pi'i's grandfather, thunder Weir, killed and ate Pi'i's mother and father, made a wind tube out of the bone of his mother's leg, and a quiver from the humerus, from the skull a vessel carrying wild cotton fiber necessary for darts; Pi'i filled his mother's hair with a quiver to prevent darts from falling out of him; gave these things to his grandson without telling anything about what happened; Pi'i shot the big Isa's and the yunkurun, brought them home, gave them to his grandmother to cook; the next day he killed almost all the birds and made a crown out of their feathers; one I'sa's bird said that his blowpipe was made of his mother's bones, his head was a cotton box, his hair was filled with a quiver; Pi'i revived the birds, one said his mother was killed by his grandfather ; at home, Pi'i killed his grandmother with a spear, cooked it, caught the grasshopper, put the meat in a pot, took him to the site with the grasshopper, told him to be responsible for his grandmother; told Grandpa Thunder that he had eaten his wife; Pi'i grabbed an arrow, climbed onto the roof of the house, shot up, but the arrow did not reach; then he shot towards the mountains, and there the arrow stuck into the sky; Pi'i put the bamboo trunks together He climbed upstairs; when he was in the sky with his arrow and a feather crown, he said that in the morning he would be red in a crown of feathers of the red ta'mu parrot; in the afternoon, yellow in Sha'uito' parrot feather crown']: Shlyakhtinsky, Arozero 2008.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Chiriguano; guarazu; cumana.

Southern Amazon. Kamayura; Iranshe; paresi.

Chaco. Chorote; nivakle; matako.

Southern Brazil. Ache; chiripa; mbia.