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J59A. Flying behind the arrow, D1092, D1526.1.


After firing an arrow, a person flies it, behind it or in front of it, or sends another person on a flying arrow. Cf. motive J59.

Ossetians, Northern Selkups, Evenks of China (Orochens), Evens, Orochi, Nanais, Nivkhs, Ainu, Coastal Koryaks, Beaver, Hoopa, Menominee, Steppe Cree, Steppe Ojibwa, Seneca, Mikmak, Blackfoots, Crowe, Sheyens, Wichita, Seminoles, Koasati, Caddo, Southern Payut, Chemewevi, Mojave, Western Keres.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Ossetians [blacksmith god "Kurdalagon sat on an arrow from a firestorm and rushed to heaven"]: The Dzitzzoits 2003:113.

Western Siberia. Northern Selkups: Prokofiev 1935, No. 2 [{check if there is a motive for flying behind an arrow}]: 105-106; Simchenko 1995 (zap. Simchenko from the same informant from whom Prokofiev wrote down in Yanov Stan) [Yompu has stopped constipating fish, his grandmother is hungry; dead bones (i.e. the spirits of the dead, Latars themselves) float along the river; J. sails to the hill, where the Latars, makes a tambourine mallet, a birch bark cover for clothes, datars only scratch birch bark; next time he places a perch and a ruff to dam the river, the Latars drown; the vines do With a hollow, J. tells the chips to bounce into his nose; while the vines are sleeping, J. places the lizard and the frog in the hollow, they expand it (these animals are able to expand the gap); eating the beaver, J. hides his jaw; the vine splits the larch, asks Y. to put his hand in, knocks out the wedge, leaves; Y. tells the beaver's jaws to split the trunk; in the skin of a polar owl he flies over the sea, gets tired, throws a whetstone, he becomes a rock, J. she rests; makes a noose on the larch; when the vines float in the boat, it is raised in a loop, remains hanging; two chase linden ducks, J. quietly holes in their boats, they sink; J. comes to their plague; an old woman shamanite, says they drowned; at night J. pushes her into the fire; people suspect that J. is to blame, he kills everyone with onions; other people bend larch and throw people into the water to break the plague a water vine that covered the fish; he did it because his son is sick; J. shoots into the water, followed by an arrow, penetrates the underwater plague {this is page 107}; shamanite, the son of the vine recovers, the vines release the fish; J. lies in the plague with his daughter; he cannot go out with an ermine or a squirrel, because the vine has put bear guards; goes through the smoke hole, the vine runs away with his daughter; they ride a sledge drawn an animal whose horn draws the sky; J. throws a single-clawed female, then a two-clawed female, so until seven, they detain the stalker vine; a one-horned deer fights the vine, etc., a semyrium drowns the vine in the sea; the daughter of a water vine revives the deceased grandmother Y., turns her into a girl; turns her gold ring into a golden plague; puts pillars for the campaign]: 98-109.

Eastern Siberia. The Evenks of China (Irrigated, Inner Mongolia) [when Altyn Buto was born, his parents were taken away by Dalai-lama-takan with a horn on their heads; their father was tied at the main gate, his mother at the side doors, they must open and close them; parents managed to put AB in a pot of broth; he ate broth, grew up, got out of the cauldron; he learned to hunt with onions and arrows, made clothes for himself from his skins; chased half a doe (two legs and half a body); she said that AB should not shoot at her, but save her parents; we should ask the fir growing near the house, she saw everything; AB knelt in front of the fir, called father; fir replied that AB's parents were taken prisoner by D. 17 years ago; indicated where the cattle, horses, clothes, weapons hidden for AB were; the mare gave birth to a foal with him, who immediately allowed himself to ride; surpassed the rest of the horses; carries AB, stops at the stream; AB hits him; the horse replies that he has not drunk milk since birth, asks for permission to drink water; drinks and grows; next time stops: There is a gate with sickles in front; let AB whip him three times and close his eyes; they flew through the gate; in front of the sea, in the middle of the palace; D. noticed those who arrived at the shore, sent servants; the horse barely woke up to AB, ordered to throw manure at the attackers, AB threw, killing the majority, one returned to D.; D. ordered AB to be called to him; AB refused to go in the boat, fired an arrow across the sea, the horse and rider flew over the arrow; D. released AB's parents; they warned his son about AB's cunning; AB held a feast, gave AB his daughter to lull his vigilance; pretended to be sick; to supposedly cure him, the shamans told AB to get hearts and the heads of wild animals; but he easily killed tigers, leopards, bears and snakes; then D. asked to make a coffin for him the size of AB's body; his wife warned him to lie face up rather than down in the coffin; AB he lay down face down, the servants threw toads and snakes there, boarded up the lid, threw the coffin into the sea; the wife rides along the shore on horseback, asks if AB hears her, if toads and snakes have harmed him; he first replies that they his legs eat; then his body; there is a cliff in front, the wife can no longer follow the coffin along the shore, stays on the cliff with her horse and dog; the coffin was brought to the top of the monster Mangiä; when he discovered, saw toads, snakes and a human skeleton; M.'s daughter wants bones for herself, the father says he will donate them to the spirit; the daughter hid behind the figure of the spirit, said on his behalf that the father must give the bones to his daughter; she gave to lick them to the dog, revived them with an amulet, AB was born; first she hid it from her father in a chest; said that the person's smell came from bones; then she opened to her father, who recognized AB as his son-in-law, gave an amulet; the wife and AB arrived at the cliff, the second wife revived the first, her horse and dog; the horse AB ran by himself - he escaped from the stable and hid; AB came to D., fought him, but to no avail; the horse explained that D.'s life in three iron files in a helmet in the thicket of the forest, they are guarded by a hawk; the hawk drove the wind towards him with his wings, but AB hit him in the beak; came to D., broke the files, D. died; AB released parents and other prisoners, became ruler]: Bäcker 1988, No. 24:169-182; Evens: Lebedeva 1981 (Momsky District of Yakutia, 1963) [Swan girls fly to Omcheni's yurt; O., with the help of her younger brother, steals the wings of one of them; she gives birth to him a son, persuades her younger brother to return her wings, flies away, carrying her son; O. in the image the ermine chases; finds the son's cradle; the wife appears, he throws his wife and son into the fire, two birds fly out of the fire; the wife reports that they are flying to Father Buscan Burai; "Omcheni quickly made himself a bow and arrow and shot up, and he sat on top of the arrow. The arrow flew to the sky and hit it and fell back near the fire. Omcheni broke two eight ribs. He was lying near the fire, poor man"; a bird (his wife's younger sister) flies up, raises O. to heaven through a hole; he meets his father-in-law, returns his wife and son]: 144-150; Jochelson 1926 (b. Corcodon) [the dwarf Hulura ("dwarf") did not eat larch branches in his hut, but only drew with charcoal on his stomach: he would erase the deer, the fighting warriors would be erased; he got up and went, but did not even leave the hut in a day ; but in the end he hit the skis with a stick and they went; after him Bald ("eat"; first they shot at each other; H. dodged, his arrows bounced off W.; then at knives; W. missed, H. stabbed him ; came to the camp, where Petty Officer Shakinxan asks: big or small? Little one? I'm afraid of him; the leader's son let H. into the iron plague through a hole in the roof, closed it; there are dead bodies and one alive, Nivani ("strongman"); he helped H. break the wall; H. touched the dead with his stick, they came to life ; they said that everyone came to marry the foreman's trust, and his son covered them in an iron plague; they unanimously yielded to beautiful H.; she threw 20 reins out of the plague, and 20 reindeer appeared, they are bringing good; H. fired an arrow: follow it, will lead you to my house; the lively have parted; everyone has their own people: from one Yukaghira, from the other Chukchi, Koryaks, Yakuts; N. and four others were Evens ]: 295-297.

Amur - Sakhalin. The Nanais [The owner of Taiga ruined the camp, put the elder and his wife in a cage, took him away; he did not notice the baby in the cradle; he grew up to become Mergen; the hunter tells him about the fate of the camp; M. leaves to take revenge; M. easily fought off the wolves, entered the old woman's house; at night she tries to slaughter him, M. is on the alert; in the morning she promises to make him invulnerable, offers to plunge into the cauldron; he ties her to her belt belt, jumps over the cauldron, the old woman falls into the cauldron, from there the flame; M. burned down her house; sees a giant dragging the girl, shot him; promises to marry the girl, puts her on an arrow, sends him on an arrow to her parents; goes to a poor hut in which an old man and a boy; the old man says that HT's death is overseas; M.'s father is chained to the bottom of the sea, guarded by guards on 12 boats, and M.'s mother is in the dungeon; the rescued girl and her mother arrive in the form of ducks; promise to find the death of the Master of the Taiga; M. fights HT, gets tired; at this time, the ducks throw off the birch bark box, in which Erdeni is a freak; M. tears him off arms, legs, head - HT members also fall off; kills HT's wife, opens the dungeon and carries out the mother, frees other prisoners; kills the chief of security at sea, frees his father; feast]: Medvedev 1992 : 132-141; Orochi [Egda wants to marry Bolige, she refuses; he turns into a bear, chases her; explains to her father that he is joking; gets B., brings her and her sister to him; his father beats B. she leaves; E. chases, becoming a bear or a human; hits a dry tree, it asks not to hit, indicates where B. went; the old woman cooks garbage, serves food - it's not garbage, but pasta and meat; the old woman turns into a girl; E. comes to the sea, fires an arrow, grabs her, flies across the sea; comes to the river, a giant on the other side; they shoot at each other, E. kills him; gets out of the fanza another giant, E. injures him, he agrees to give him a boat; E. swims across; takes his wife and the wounded giant; reaches the fanza of an old woman, who is now a girl; E. returns home with two wives]: Arsenyev 1995 (1): 121-122; nivhi [the older brother has a wife; he tells her to wash, comb her younger brother every morning, ventilate his clothes; the elder's wife thinks of making the youngest her husband; once the youngest dressed himself, went to the sea, saw the seal, she took off her skin, became a woman, they met; the seal woman promised to come again tomorrow, bringing tables and dishes to eat elks; the younger brother returned, the eldest his wife did not ask him; in the morning, the elder's wife put on her younger brother's clothes, went on the younger brother's ski track, hid herself, buried in the sand; the seal is afraid, the woman tells her to go out as agreed; throws a harpoon at her; they fight for a long time, the tench broke off, the wounded seal went to sea, ordered him to tell her husband's brother not to pursue her; at home, the young man understood everything, went ashore, overheard the conversation two younger sisters of his seal wife, who came to the house with chips; carved a figure, swam on it, then fired an arrow, flew it, shot arrows and flew each one, reached another land; there his wife's sisters and other seals in human form say that a man from the ground wounded the elder's daughter, they are preparing spears and arrows, he is being guarded; he asks the servant where his jews harp is (by the window behind the pillow), asks other questions; when he found out everything, shook him out of his skin, put it on, came to his nerpa wife; there the local shamans were camlaing; the imaginary servant asked to let him go, pulled the jail out of the wounded woman's chest, now the seal will go beyond he married; the young man returned, returned the servant's skin, he came to life; told his grandfather and grandmother seals that he did not injure her, but his brother's wife, and he cured him; the uncles of the seal bear and walrus were guarding him on the shore, but he gave them a fish, they called him his son-in-law; he flies back on an arrow; there, who turned a walrus growls, his lower lip drags along the ground, his upper lip reaches the sky, there is fire in his mouth; the young man jumped into his mouth, began to cut from the inside, he released him; in disguise, a man went with him, brought him to that bear, a young man jumped into his mouth (still the same); those two seal girls go with him (the younger sisters of the first seal?) ; at home he forced his brother to take his wife by the leg, took him by the other, they tore her apart; he married one seal girl, gave his brother another]: Pevnov 2010, No. 2:16-25.

Japan. Aina (Sakhalin) [the girl goes to get water, disappears; the grandmother of the Willow Thicket tells her younger brother that the Month has taken her away; the young man shoots two arrows into the sky, grabbing them, rises to A month; he says he took the one who managed the bucket and scoop into his house; gives the young man their daughter as his wife; he and his wife return to earth]: Pilsudski 1991b, No. 3:70-72 (=Pilsudski 1912b, No. 3:73-74).

SV Asia. Coastal Koryaks [Kamak (evil spirit) and his wife eat whale oil, are going to eat people; people shoot an arrow, it creates a road, people run along it; K. and his wife gather chase them, but the husband's head gets stuck in his wife's anus when he puts her on his shoulders; people come back, throw kamaks far west]: Bogoras 1917, No. 18:81-83 (=Jochelson 1908, No. 105:293).

Subarctic. Beaver [Tumashale comes to the beaver dam; a girl cries there; says that a giant beaver can only be pacified by people who give it to him, now they have given her away; T. kills Beaver with an arrow, cuts into small pieces, from which current beavers emerge; T. puts a trap, the Sun falls into it; it becomes dark; T. cannot approach because of the heat; other animals also fail, only the Mouse gnaws his fetters; T. meets an old man who eats lynx meat, they spend the night in the forest; T. replaces moccasins drying by the fire in advance; the old man throws his own into the fire instead of T.'s moccasins; in the morning T. gives him one moccasin from his couple; the old man gives him an arrow; T. shoots, follows her, finds himself in the sky; the old woman lowers him on a rope; he thinks he has reached the ground, gives a signal, the rope falls; in fact, he's in big nest; see K67 motif]: Goddard 1916:232-237.

California. Chupa: Goddard 1904, No. 15 [son sees his father flying his arrow; while he sleeps, he tries too; father warned that farther south there is a blanket of woodpecker heads; he is guarded by a Crane; son he pulls him out], 16 [one brother is covered in scab, in the steam room they wipe his feet on him; his father sends him south to get a blanket from the heads of woodpeckers; he takes the blanket, flies with him on his arrow, he has not been caught up; two women from the east come to him, he goes with them; they tell him to step carefully into an obsidian boat; Mink calls him father-in-law; he eats 10 baskets of soup, brings, breaks cedar; dives, makes handsome; plays ball (shinny); visits the house, gives brothers woodpecker feather hats, brings his sister to live with him in the east]: 205-206, 212.

The Midwest. Menominee [the wife pursues the hunter; he runs at the speed of flying arrows that she fires in front of her; throws back an arrow, four arrows, a bow (turn into thickets), a whetstone (into a mountain range); sees a man with a Bear; they take him to heaven; see motif A3]: Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. II 15:371-373; Steppe Cree: Bloomfield 1930, No. 17 [Badger and his wife Skunk give their daughter for a Grizzly; he takes all their meat; Skunk cooks a bunch of bison blood, he turns into a boy; he grows up, beats Grizzly and his sons to death; flies his arrow to Chief Bear's village; tells the buffalo appear out of the ground; becomes an ugly mess; the Bear's eldest daughter rejects him, the youngest takes him as her husband; now he is handsome again; the older sister asks his mother to disgrace him; the old woman asks him carry it across the stream, refuses to go down; he turns into blood, she releases it; he turns it into a pig-vermilion plant; throws her eldest daughter against a tree, she becomes inedible woody a mushroom; turns the Bear and his people into bears, wolves, foxes and other animals; returns with his wife to their parents; turns them into a badger and a skunk, his wife into a wild cat, turns into blood, nothing], 19 [the Thunderbird woman and the Wolf are the leaders of the two halves of the village; during the competition, the Thunderbird people exterminate the Wolves; brother and sister run away; the brother creates a lot of wampum from his sister's beads, strands it on his hair, now he is the Head from Wampum; goes north, tells the person who comes from the south at noon not to answer; he will be a copy of him, ask her to marry him; the sister believes that The brother came, answered, indignantly refusing to marry; now the brother is forced to compete with the southern man; they drive each other into the ground, cut off their heads; the sister is afraid to grab the severed head a southern man; he took her brother's head; V.'s body remains alive; her sister marries a man from the West, gives birth to twins; they have knives on their elbows; twins fly their arrows to visit V.'s body; a raven W. guards V.'s head; one of the twins turns into a swallow, the raven drives him away; the other turns into a hawk, brings his head, revives V.; all three return to sister V. and her husband; husband, V., elder the twin disappears one by one, is swallowed by the Snake; the elder rips open the Snake with his sharp elbows, swallowed out; the twins turn their parents into two thorny trees; V. is told to stay in the west, people will see him in a dream; they themselves turn into two stars]: 110-120, 152-162; steppe ojibwa [eight brothers find firewood cooked; take turns guarding; a woman appears to the youngest; breaks the trunks with his hand moved; the elder brother kills her out of jealousy; she flies away; the younger one shoots arrows, follows them; meets four old women one by one; they give sharp claws, bones, horns to climb the pointed mountain explain what to do; there will be eight identical sisters in the house, the wife will sit closer to the entrance; the young man sits next to her; the father-in-law sends all eight with him Daughters, they fly to their brothers; animals mock their brothers, saying that the youngest is back; this time it is; brothers get married]: Skinner 1919, No. 4:293-295.

Northeast. Seneca: Curtin, Hewitt 1918, No. 33 [two boys look alike; one takes care of the other's sister; he kills him, buries him under the hearth; tells his sister to run around the house to leave tracks in different directions; through a smoke hole she lets her far east on her arrow; runs after her; the mother of the victim finds her son, turns into a Bear, pursues brother and sister; young man throws a stone, then a feather; they turn into a mountain range, a mountain of pigeon droppings; the next day, obstacles disappear; the uncles of the fugitives say they did not see them; the bear kills two, breaks out third nets; kills the fugitive grandfather; the dwarf and her sons throw boiling oil on the Bear, burn the corpse], 52 [the older brother gives all the meat to a woman; the younger brother watches him, sees the woman; the elder notices a hook in the younger's neck; tells him to run, sends him far away on his arrow; the woman chases him; he turns into a stump twice, once sending his moccasins to run, directing the woman on the wrong track; throws a stone, a pigeon feather; they turn into a rock, into pigeons leaving a sea of droppings; enters a house whose owner makes his face visible at the bottom of the boiler with boiling oil; the stalker jumps into the cauldron, dies; the fugitive marries the mistress's daughter], 57 [the uncle kills his nephew's wives; he leaves marks in all directions from their house, sends his last wife in an arrow to to his invisible brother, he runs there himself; the uncle chases them; the nephew throws a shell on the other side, the banks converge, the fugitives jump across the pond, the banks diverge again; while nephew hunting, uncle comes to the shore; reading the woman's mind, he also throws the sink, crosses the pond; cuts off the woman's head, takes twins out of her womb; leaves her head, chest, twins in a hollow , takes the rest of the meat, leaves; the nephew brings prey from the hunt, it disappears; notices little boys pulling meat; they feed their mother, who has become a cannibal skull; the father slams for the door of the house is twins, tames them; his dogs carry the twins west, he runs south himself; a flying skull chases him; his uncles and aunts fight the skull; pour boiling fat on him, kill him; nephew, twins, dogs come to the boy's sister and her grandmother; live in peace]: 172-176, 270-273, 285-296; mikmaq [(the plot as a whole seems to be European); of the seven brothers, the eldest tyrannite the younger Noojekesigunodasit; he leaves, firing arrows in front of him and following them, soon begins to overtake them; the elder brother chases, but in a hundred days he made it only to the youngest's first night; returns; the old man he meets gives a box, says that he has been moving forward since his youth; the manita in the box agrees to take N. to where the old man came from; N. enters the village, the old woman explains that the local the leader gives difficult assignments to the grooms; 1) remove the granite mountain that obscures the sunrise; 2) defeat enemies; the manitou does everything; the servant steals the box; {the text ends}]: Rand 1893, No. 2:73-80 (=1894:7).

Plains. Blacklegs [the man has seven sons, two daughters; the eldest takes the Grizzly as a lover; the father tells him to be killed; the older brothers go camping; the sister takes a piece of Grizzly skin, turns into Grizzly kills everyone except Sinopa's younger sister and Okinai's younger brother; takes human form again; older brothers return; let younger sister scatter prickly fruits in front of the elder's house; brothers and younger sister run; the eldest steps on prickly fruits, turns into a Grizzly, chases; O. waves his pen, creating a thicket, a lake, a tree; everyone climbs a tree; O. shoots arrows into the sky; with each arrow, one of the brothers flies to heaven; they turn into the Big Dipper; the dim star on one side is S.; the four stars of the bucket are brothers that the Grizzly stole from trees down]: Spence 1985:182-184; (cf. Shayens [7 brothers came to a lonely girl, named her sister; 6 hunt, the youngest stays at home; one day he shoots a bird, she flies away with an arrow, he follows, at which time the bison was stolen girl; the young man turned into an earthen rat, dug a hole for the girl, they ran away; he made an iron fence, fired an arrow into the sky, an iron tree appeared to the sky; the bison broke the fence when they became cut down a tree, seven brothers killed them; went up to heaven, turned into Pleiades]: Kroeber 1900, No. 19:182-183); crowe [guest leaves the woman's corpse standing outside the home; throws one baby for the partition, the other into the river; the father raises the Domestic Boy; the brothers play together, but the River Boy returns to the water every time the father comes; father and brother catch him; he ceases to be wild, Having lost their sharp teeth; brothers kill dangerous creatures, revive their mother]: Lowie 1918:74-85 [The Red Woman comes to the hunter's wife; she forgets to tell her husband about her every time; mice raise The Domestic Boy before his father finds him; the River Boy's sharp teeth are sawed; the brothers kill and burn the Red Woman; the snake crawls through the anus into the River Boy's brain, who tells the sun to shine hot his brains boil, he pulls out the snake, makes it less dangerous, but remains brainless; Domashny puts pebbles in his skull, now his name is Rattle Head; Long arm drags Domashny to heaven; The old Coyote gathers birds, but none of them know where Domashny went; Riverside notices a hole in the sky; fires yellow, black, blue, green arrows, and flies to the sky with the last one; the old woman replies that They are going to eat the house; this is how he passes through the villages of Zhuravley, Orlov; he is told that such a poor man is unlikely to be given a piece; the Black Eagles have a Long Arm as the leader; the River kills him with an arrow, tells him to burn him a corpse telling all birds to go to live on earth; returns with his brother; mother turns into the Moon, Father into the Morning Star, Pet Boy into Ursa Major, River Star], 94-98 [ about the same]; McCleary 1997:69-71 [seven brothers and younger sister live together; older brothers disappear one by one; the youngest comes to the young man, who reports that his brothers are being kept by an old woman, her strength is in her digging stick; the owner of the next house gives the young man yellow, black, blue, red arrows; a young man shoots them, rushes after them; a good old woman gives a pemmican, explains what to do; a young man by the river feeds the pemmican to the dog, which takes it to the other side; he picks up the brothers, they feed the dog again, cross it, arrive home with the last arrow; the old stalker puts it over the river is a digging stick; when it comes to the middle, the brothers turn it over, it falls into the water; the brothers think about what to turn into so that the old woman does not catch up with them; each time the sister says that this the object is used by her mother; trees (for wood), water (to soak the skins), stones (to make skin scrapers); they decide to become what the ends of the tubes indicate; - But the stars are falling! - We'll join hands and not fall; they turn into Big Dipper; the star at the handle of the bucket is a sister with a puppy]; wichita [see motif J19; the brothers go to the lake for a hoop, swallows them huge fish; father thinks they're dead, rises to heaven, becomes a star; they kill fish with a bowstring, go out through its ass; shoot at a star, blood drips; they go up to heaven themselves, flying two arrows fired]: Dorsey 1904a, No. 12 [the son of one chief marries the daughter of another; they are expelled, they live alone; the husband warns his wife not to look at who comes; every day while the husband is not two-faced the monster comes to eat meat; the wife watches, he kills her, takes the boy out of the womb, throws her last into the river; the man raises his son, makes arrows for him; the boy from the river comes when the father is gone, wins brother's arrows; father tells his son to tie the boy from the river by his hair; he agrees to stay on the ground, brings arrows from the water; the brothers come to the Spider; she tries to cook them; the rivers sit in boiling water, scalds the Spider to death; climbs into the Thunderbird's nest, throws out two out of four chicks; the bird cuts off his limbs, they grow; the lungs of two-faced monsters hang on wall in their cave; Boy from the river pierces them with an arrow, monsters die; Headless makes them play ball, kills losers; boy from the river smashes his ball, wins by playing with his ball, kills Headless; brothers go to the lake for a hoop, they are swallowed by a huge fish; father thinks they are dead, rises to heaven, becomes a star; they kill fish with a bowstring, go out through its ass; shoot at a star, blood drips; they rise to heaven themselves, flying on two arrows fired; turn into two stars on either side of their father], 18 [bisons chase a man; he escapes by firing arrows in front of them and flying on them], 19 [the hero runs away from the cannibal with her youngest daughter; they fly forward with arrows fired], 32 [the deer takes the young man; his sister goes looking for him; the old man kills the deer; brother and sister they return home, he flies with his arrows, she is on a ball and a stick to play]: 88-102, 130, 145, 222; Shayena [the girl took the name Possible Sack (hereinafter PS), made 7 sets of clothes and 7 pairs moccasins for her seven brothers (the youngest is still a little boy), went to look for brothers; the mother first goes with her, then comes back, telling PS to send her dog home when she reaches the brothers, and prepared for the brothers to pick up from the leveller and carry them on their shoulders; six brothers went hunting, in the house only the youngest Mąk'ss (hereinafter M.); a log house with a passage {i.e. not tipi, but like sedentary Indians}; having received his clothes and moccasins, he runs out to meet his brothers, says that his sister has come; the eldest objects, demands her as his wife, but the next oldest tells the youngest that the eldest joked; in the morning, the older brothers leave again, telling the younger one to guard their sister; she warns M. that if she is taken away, she will throw red and yellow porcupine needles along the way (apparently, these needles are penetrating) ; one day M. chased the bird, went far away; the bison came, told PS to go out; it went to the far corner; the bison scattered the logs, said his name was Double-Teethed Bull; she had to follow him; halfway his family and all the bison; when they found out what had happened, the brothers cried because this bison could not be killed; when he went to the river, beyond which the bison, one of the brothers turned blackbird skin into a blackbird, sent it to PS, but the bison understood what was going on, told the bird to get out; then the same thing: coyote, raven; yellow bird small, PS quietly said that the brothers were nearby; M. magically sedated the bison; turned the gopher's skin into a gopher, that dug an underground passage, M. took his sister away, her cape remained on her digging stick; the bison woke up, looked for the PS, but lost track; M. fired an arrow to the house and immediately followed her there; brothers and his sister were already there; they entered a pre-built fortified corral; M. killed four messengers of the main bison with arrows; the brothers and sister climbed the willow, surrounded them by the bison; M. shot the chief, the bisons ran away; M. cut, trampled the chief's body into dust; six brothers and sister turn into the Big Dipper (sister in front); M. into a small star {obviously Alcor}]: Grinnell 1926:220-231 .

Southeast USA. Seminoles [someone kills the mother of a newborn; the discarded afterbirth turns into a second boy; he lives in the woods, comes to play with his brother; the father turns into a log to make him catch, but recognized; blows feathers down the wind, the Wild stays to play with them; the father does not tell them to approach the lake; the brothers come to catch small aquatic animals; the water rises to the roofs of houses, then descends; brothers kill their uncle in a nearby village; a father tells people to kill them; brothers release wasps and bumblebees, all people are killed; brothers come to an old woman; she asks to collect firewood for the fire; the Toad warns that she is going to burn them; they push the old woman into the fire themselves; four horses jump out of the fire, the brothers take a white one; they find themselves among predatory animals; they shoot up, the arrow pierces the sky; which means they will get to the sky, shoot themselves; in the sky, Thunder gives them their daughters as wives; they have a lot of bad children, so people are afraid of thunderstorms; these two brothers are Thunder and Lightning]: Greenlee 1945:142- 143; koasachi [five brothers disappear one by one; the sixth climbs a tree; a cannibal with a basket tells him to get down and fight her; he killed her with a club, cut off her head, but every time her the dicks grew together; pulled out his heart, threw it against the tree, it became a tree mushroom; then she died; the young man brought his sister who remained at home, she put the club in the basket, they came to the cannibal's house; they began to assure her daughter, that the basket and club were not her mother; asked where the remains of the dead were; the young man threw an arrow up, the dead came to life from their bones; when they left, despite his prohibition, they looked around and turned into a lynx, a cougar, an owl, a crow; sat on an arrow, told his sister to hold his leg, but she grabbed his testicles every time; he turned it into a partridge, flew to heaven on an arrow; in similar stories he turns into thunder]: Swanton 1929, No. 10:169-170; caddo [at night, the spirit asks two brothers to repair his bow; shoots arrows and flies them into the world of the dead; since then, people have been putting bows and arrows in the grave with the dead]: Dorsey 1905, No. 35:63-64.

Big Pool. South Payut (Moapa) [a girl leaves the village, goes beyond the Partridge, gives birth to a son; he grows up, she sends him to her father; he flies there with his arrow]: Lowie 1924, No. 51:168; chemeuevi [going north, the South Fox fires arrows in front of him, flies faster than them, each of the four arrows pierces the ground, where a source of water appears; kills the Bear; when he learns that This is the Woodpecker's pet, it revives it; the Blue Jay lives with the Woodpecker; when going hunting, the Woodpecker hides trills, moccasins, etc. Jays; The bear shows where they are, Jay catches up with the Woodpecker; Jay is hunting for the first time; the Woodpecker kills the deer, tells Jay to cut it; he consistently asks the names of all parts of the deer's body; when calls "the nose", the deer jumps up, runs away; the brothers catch up, kill him; they are attacked by the Raven (Crow) and his men; the bear kills their enemies; the wasp is almost torn in half, since then she has a narrow waist; but Wasp didn't die, killed South Fox and Woodpecker; Raven revived them]: Laird 1976:18-19.

The Great Southwest. Mojave [two girls come to First Woman's two sons; sleep with them, come back; their fathers kill boys; one girl gives birth to a son, pretends to be a daughter; a young man's aunt tells him about the fate of his father and uncle; he hides the rain, hunger begins, the murderers of the sons of the First Woman die; the First Woman goes overseas; the grandson follows her, bringing his mother and aunt with him; he flies for with his arrow; women can't fly like this; he turns them into curlews]: Bourke 1889:186-188; Western ceres: Gunn 1917 (Laguna) [Shock-of-Hair boy is ugly but good hunter; Yellow A woman, the chief's daughter, lets him know what she wants him, marries him; the young men Flower and the Purple Flower laugh at him; he gives up his ugly appearance, becomes handsome; Chief Kachin sends bring him a butterfly to We'nimatse (Kachin World); in the guise of a young man, the butterfly places Shock-of-Hair in the arrow, shoots him towards W.; a frog sits at the entrance; four Spiders open the way across the lake; in W. full of corn, pumpkins, game; Chief Kachin is grateful to the young man's mother for feeding him (chief?) ; gives pumpkins and corn, they become small, the young man with this gift is sent back home in an arrow; there the plants become big again; the swings come four days later with rain clouds, dance, return]: 176-183 in Boas 1928a: 262; White 1943 (Akoma) [the daughter of a military chief has a shell; she promises to go beyond the one whose corn porridge thrown on the shell will stick to her; Basityamuti performs condition, marries a girl; wears ugly clothes and a mask; takes them off at home, turns out to be handsome; the Kachins take him to their Wenima world, placing him on an arrow and letting her go; teach ritual songs, give him gifts are sent back; during the ritual, B. sings songs, throws corn and fruit into the crowd; chosen as a military leader after the death of his father-in-law]: 338-345.