Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

J63. The son saves, the daughter betrays. .27.-.29.31.-.33.35.39.

Enemies came and tied up my husband. The wife agreed to live with a new one, the old one is connected. One character (usually a daughter) refuses to release him, another (usually a son) releases him. A husband kills enemies and usually brutally executes (daughter and) wife.

Macedonians, Bulgarians, Russians (Olonetskaya), Belarusians, Ingush, Chechens, Eastern Sami, Karelians, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Kets, Southern Selkups, Tundra Yukaghirs.

The Balkans. Bulgarians, Macedonians [10 song options; Gruya guards the mountain pass; going to bed, asks his wife to read; the wife offers herself to an Albanian, tells him to get pads, chains and silk shoelaces, ties her husband; he breaks his pads, breaks his chains, but cannot tear his shoelaces; G. asks his son to steal his mother's knife; when free, he kills an Albanian and his wife]: Smirnov 1972:51-52.

Central Europe. Russians (Olonetskaya) [Polesnik and the robbers: the chieftain of the robbers agrees with the villager's wife that she will deliberately heat the bathhouse for her husband so that he steams and weakens; he was tied up, put under the bench; the chieftain went to bed with his wife, and nine robbers lay down in the bathhouse; the woodland asks his daughter to hand a knife; she replies that she has a new father, scolds her mother; woodland teaches her boy son to take a splint, throw a knife on the floor (otherwise he won't get it), cut the ropes; in the morning, the wife will answer that for her, whoever is hefty is her husband; he tells the chieftain a dream how he first defeated one in the forest, then nine; jumps up, kills the chieftain, then brings down the ceiling of the bathhouse on all the other robbers; kills his wife and daughter; leaves with his son]: Onchukov 1906, No. 122:292-293 (=1958:371-372 in SUS 1979, No. 958A*****: 246 and 968A*: 248); Belarusians [Unfaithful wife and robber: a robber takes someone else's wife; a husband catches up with him; in a fight, the husband asks his wife for help, she refuses him; declares that he will be the wife of someone else's will win; the husband is rescued by a dog; he kills the robber, and executes the betraying wife (gives her relatives for reprisal)]: Romanov, III, 9, p. 386-387 in SUS 19790, No. 968A*: 248.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Ingushi [the Greek king visited Hamho's house, conspired with his wife and put sleeping pills in his husband's glass; when he fell asleep, the Greek tied him with belts and went with his wife to the next room; the room where H. was lying, his daughter and son, an older girl, entered; H. (woke up and) asked for a sword; the daughter refused - his mother would scold her; the boy had difficulty reaching his saber and helped his father cut his belts; H. hacked the Greek and his wife, called his men, showed the king's head to the Greek army; they decided to leave without a fight]: Dakhkilgov 2010a, No. 31:71-72; the Chechens [(according to Magomayev 1897:13); the sledge's wife took the prince as a lover; as if jokingly offers her husband try his power; he breaks iron and steel chains, unable to break the silk rope; lies tied under the bed of lovers; when they fall asleep, asks his young son to bring him a sword, cuts fetters, kills lovers, leaves home with his son; the deer he killed comes to life, tells him to go to Ali's sledge and hear a more amazing story from him; A. and his eight brothers ended up in the cave of a one-eyed the giant; he cooked the brothers, A. ran away; leaving his son A., the sledge comes to that giant; the giant's goat tells the sledge to tie himself under his belly for the night; at night the giant wants to kill the sledge, but does not find ; in the morning, the sledge defeats the giant, makes the brothers A. revive; marries sister A.]: Dalgat 1972:268-270.

Baltoscandia. Sami: Voskoboynikov, Menovshchikov 1951 [a man does not tell his wife to throw garbage into the water; she throws it; a gang of Swedes realizes that the Sami live higher, they come; the leader takes his wife, the rest they marry their daughter; the owner is tied to a pole for the night; the daughter refuses to untie him, the son unties him, he kills the Swedes; frees his wife and daughter]: 12; Kert, Zaikov 1988, No. 43 (Babinsky dialect) [ The Swedes took over the house; the owner returned with firewood, he was tied up; the daughter says that they have a new father, the son unties his hands unnoticed; the Swedish leader urinates on him; the owner destroyed the house, the enemies died; he put his daughter and wife on stakes], 50 (Yokang dialect) [the husband does not order to throw garbage into the river so as not to betray themselves to freaks; the wife told her daughter to throw; invited the enemy to make a trap in which the returning husband got there; the daughter refuses to bring a knife, threatens to tell the new father; the son brings; the father cuts off the head of the chudins with a sword, burns the rest in the barn; crucified his wife on a spruce tree, leaves his daughter on island, she died]: 160, 179-182; Karelians: Smirnov 1972:53-54 (Medvezhegorsky District) [40 robbers came; wife hides the chieftain, warns that her husband loses his strength after the bath; chieftain binds her husband, lies down with his wife; at night, the husband asks his daughter to cut the ropes, she replies that they now have a young father; the son cuts the ropes, the father brings down Riga at night, where 40 robbers slept; in the morning answers the chieftain how 40 capercaillies fell into his trap, and the latter walks along the edge; kills the chieftain and his wife, kills his daughter, throws him into the river, moves from the farm to the village with his son], 54 -55 (Ragnozero version with r. Onegi) [a man named Cancer lived on a farm; the chieftain of 11 robbers fell in love with his wife; she finds out from her husband that he loses strength after copulating with her, finds it again after swimming in the river; robbers they hide in the bathhouse, the chieftain is in the hut; the chieftain ties R. to a pole, lies down with his wife, falls asleep; R. asks his daughter to give a knife, she promises to tell the new father; the son cut the ropes; R. knocked down the bathhouse, killing 11 robbers; in the morning he tells the chieftain that he dreamed of trapping 11 capercaillies; kills the chieftain, tears his wife and daughter in half, throws his wife and daughter into the river], 55-56 (Eastern Pudozh version) [12 robbers came, tied up Hemp, the chieftain lay down with his wife, the rest went to the bathhouse; the daughter replies that they have a new father, a son cuts the ropes; P. replies to the chieftain that he dreamed of trapping 11 birds, the 12th killed with a door; kills chieftain, wife, daughter], 56-57 (Kumbasozero version) [the wife negotiates with the chieftain of the robbers to grab her hero husband when he puts on a new shirt in the bathhouse; the wife offers to kill her husband immediately, the chieftain - leave it until the morning; the daughter replies that they have a new father, the son cuts the fetters; the father kills the robbers in the bathhouse one by one; answers the chieftain that he dreamed of how killed 12 capercaillies and the 13th grouse; kills the chieftain with a punch, tears his wife in half, the daughter kicks her insides; moves with her son to the village].

Volga - Perm. Bashkirs [Kyrkatar batyr goes with his wife to the source of the river; tells his wife not to throw bird feathers into the water; she throws on purpose; seeing feathers, the tsar comes from the lower reaches with 40 viziers; negotiates with K.'s wife, in order for her to play a game with her husband, tie each other's hands one by one; K. easily tears ropes and straps; the old woman says that the strongest belt is made of human skin; the king orders to make a belt out of the old woman's skin; K. cannot tear him; the king lies down with his wife K.; beaten K. woke up, asked his two young sons to take his sword out of his scabbard; they themselves cannot, they take off their father's shoes, he pulls his sword out with his foot a sword, cuts her fetters, leaves the house, kills 40 viziers; in the morning she cuts the king into pieces; leads his wife to her father, who orders her to be cut, and marries K. to her sister; on the way back, the girl asks K. for her give him a ride; cuts his bow's bowstring, runs away; the army pursues him, he finds another bowstring, destroys the army, becomes a king]: Barag 1988, No. 45:309-315.

Turkestan. Kazakhs (Turgay district) [Batyr Alaman has a wife Karashash; she went with her daughter on the water, her hair was carried away by the river; Khan Soltan saw him, decided to find a beautiful woman; baba yaga with one eye in her forehead {probably zhalmaus-kempir} lay down on a path in the forest where A. hunted, pretending to be exhausted; A. brought her to his place; she persuaded K. to go to Khan; said that A. sleeps one night and 40 was awake; Khan sent an army that night, Alaman tied with silk ropes; A. asks her daughter to give him a dagger; the daughter replies that now her father is Khan S.; when A. asks his son, he pulls out a dagger, A. kills S. and his men; brings daughter and wife to his father-in-law, he executes them; Baba Yaga turns into a baby, A. and J. pick him up; he disappears with A.'s dagger; Baba Yaga chases A.; J.'s son throws him a powerful ring, stabs the old woman with a spear in the eye; that asks to hit again (the second blow revives); J. refuses, she dies]: Sidelnikov 1952:233-236 (=1981:74-76; =Daurenbekov 1979:58-60).

Western Siberia. Kety: Alekseenko 2001, No. 113 [(=Dulzon 1969, No. 59:190-192); four yuraks come to the plague, tied up Ilget's naked father, leave him alone for the night on mosquitoes; his wife and daughter agree marry Yuraks; Yurak tells his daughter to urinate on her father's face, she does it; I. lies that he also urinated, frees his father at night; he kills Yuraks, cuts off his wife, daughter's noses, kills; with I. goes to a new one place]: 207-208; Porotova 1982 [a young man comes to the plague, plays with the owner - everyone connects the other; the owner cannot free himself, he is thrown away at night in the cold; the young pees on him; the wife says that she has a new husband, daughter - like a new father; son slowly cuts ropes; in the morning, the owner cuts the young man with an ax, catches up, kills his wife, daughter with an ax; says to his son that he will take a young wife]: 46-48; Selkups [an adult son with his wife, son, daughter moves away from his parents and younger brother; tells his wife not to throw chips into the river; she dumps two bags; robbers see chips, two come to the house; the wife promises to tie her husband; invites the one who remains a fool to play cards to tie his hands behind his back; the husband tears the rope twice; on the third, the robber gives a wire; they put the bound in front of with a stove with their knees to salt, they go to bed themselves; the daughter refuses to help, the son tears the wire with a file; the husband kills the robber, wife, daughter]: Dulzon 1966, No. 49:131-136.

SV Asia. Tundra Yukaghirs: Jochelson 1900, No. 99 [the hunter loved his wife; three came; the elder taught the woman to invite her husband to play: first he would tie her hands, then she would tie his hands to him; when his hands are tied with an arcana , the elder who came shot him in the leg with a bow and took his wife away; the youngest: why did he do it? an elk came, tied up asking him to untie; elk: in the spring he frightened me with dogs, now I'm glad you're lying; the same is a wild deer (the hunter shot him); bear: in winter, when I was sleeping, a knock at my door you stunned me; fox: you frightened me with dogs; the mouse began to chew on my belt, gnawed for three months; the man got up, put the mouse in his pocket, followed in the footsteps of those who had left; at three nights he sees the horns of his three best deer, whom the enemies killed; on the fourth night he caught up, found his bow, shot those three brothers; forced his wife to wander with his feet; killed a deer, put a mouse in his mouth: saved me, eat]: 218-221; Kurilov 2005, No. 43 (Nizhnekolymsky District) [a man has a wife, he takes the second one; she meets three men in the forest, converges with them; calls her husband to go berry picking with her, offers to test his strength by tying him with an arcana; he does not she can tear it apart; she calls men who can't kill her husband, they leave him bound; the wild deer, the fox refuse to release him because he killed them; the mouse gnawed through the fetters; the man finds only his mother at home, follows in the footsteps of the kidnappers; the youngest wife beats the eldest; the husband catches up with them, only the eldest wife does not sleep, he bites the peasants' throats with hot forceps; the youngest wife is pushed into the fire; one day two horror stories attack the camp; the husband kills one, saves his wife, the mother is missing]: 367-371 (=Gogolev et al. 1975:219-221).