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K101C. In the afternoon in the palace, at night in the sky. 23.

The bride makes a condition that she will be with her husband only during the day. The husband finds out that at night she meets heavenly maidens (and usually flies to the sky to dance). He follows her and eventually she stays on earth with him.

Sindhi, Punjabi, northern India (?) , Bengalis, Kondas, Telugu.

South Asia. Sindhi [the fakir gives ash to the childless king Lalu: let him give him a drink of water to his beloved wife; a son Amul Malik will be born, when he finishes his studies, let him come to the fakir; the fakir leads AM to another country, they see the radiance emanating from the body of King Gulasta's daughter Princess Husini, AM asks the fakir, then the father, to help marry her; the Saiphal vizier comes to King G. to marry his daughter; H. sets a condition to live with husband in separate palaces; the fakir gives AM an invisible hat, says that H. loves a maiden named Suphed; every Thursday she and her maids enter the banyan, who takes her across the seas to the virgin's garden; the fakir teaches you to eat food brought for H. unnoticed, hide in a banyan; dev will ask H. to dance, give jewelry and clothes, steal and hide them, pretend to be asleep at home; she will come to look jewelry, you have to jump up and pick up her wings; instead, AM tells H. everything, she grabs her clothes and jewelry, flies away; the fakir tells you to follow H. on a winged horse; on the way he takes out a splinter from lionesses, she gives him two adult lion cubs as his assistant; sister X. teaches when H. and other peri come to swim in the lake, hide her clothes; the lion sits on her clothes; X. gives AM his nose ring, tells him to come with him, throw him in the jug to the maid, she will give it back to H.; the virgins will say that if AM is H.'s legal husband, he must identify his wife among a hundred peri; she will have this ring; the virgins gave three attempts, X . attached a ring for the third time, the maidens gave it to H. Amul Maliku; on the way back, H. kidnapped the maidens who lived in the well; the lions went down there (there is a whole country, a palace), tore the maiden, returned from H. to the ground on a winged horse; everyone returned to King L., lived happily]: Kincaid 1922, No. 8:75-78; Punjabi [the incense seller has a daughter Dorani; her friend flies with her to dance in front of Indra; once D. cut off a lock of hair, wrapped it in a leaf and threw it into the river; the prince found a leaf, smelled the aroma, fell ill with love; the king sent to look for the owner of the hair; D. agrees to marry, but will be with her husband only during the day, and will return to his father at night; but during the day the wife only sits silently on a chair; the gardener gave the prince powder to make him invisible; when the wife sat in the palanquin, the prince followed her, entered the house; she took a bath, sat on a chair and told him to fly to Indra's palace; the prince grabbed his leg and was also in the sky; there her friend noticed that today the chair was flying crooked; by morning both the prince and D. returned to the palace, D. did not notice anything; the prince became supposedly tell a dream, describing what happened at night; the next night everything happened again; when the prince began to dream again in the morning; D. admitted that it was so; asked that night not accompany her; but the chair is flying very crooked; girlfriend: it means that you revealed a secret to your husband; D. sang so sweetly that I. allowed her to ask him for anything; she chose a magic lute; I. department her, but asked me not to come again; D. stayed on earth with the prince]: Lang 2009:82-86; northern India? {attribution is divination, the origin of the texts is not specified; a number of other texts in the collection are definitely from northern India, not southern India} [the soothsayers warned the king that his son was 18 years old in danger; the king placed his son in an enclosed garden; but at the age of 18, the young man asked him to be released to hunt; the soothsayers allowed, but not to hunt on the north side; chasing game, prince and the vizier's son reached the palace with the garden; the servant said that the owner was the daughter of an incense seller; the king found him and agreed to marry her daughter as a prince; the girl agreed under three conditions; when she would appear to her husband, she will have seven blankets on her; her husband will not lift them up; at night she will return to her father; after 4 months the hermit gave the prince a ring; when he wears it, he will become invisible and can follow his wife, but should not touch it; at the parents' house, the prince's wife asked for rice; the prince also began to eat, the wife did not understand where the rice was going; the wife took off her blankets and wore a silver diamond dress jewelry; she sat down on the bed, flew, called Sister Rosa, who flew out of the river, they began to eat fruit, but the prince also began to eat and the fruit soon ran out; the same with Sister Emerald, she flew out The prince also took the wells, they began to eat cookies; then they all flew into the palace and garden, where the prince and son of the vizier once wandered; from there the bed went up to the Milky Way to Indra's Palace; I. unhappy that the fairies were late; began to beat the rhythm with a baton, and the maidens were singing; the prince quietly took the rod; at dawn everyone returned to their land; when his wife woke up the prince, he began to tell a dream describing what he saw at night; as the story progressed, the wife threw off one veil after another, the last one remained; the prince asked him to take it off, and his wife asked for that ring to be handed over; the prince did not give it back; the wife showed him face and said that he would not see her again; flew away; the vizier's son found that hermit, but he said he had no power over Indra's maidens; we must find the Grand Master; he had been sleeping and awake for six months; maybe influence I.; the prince found it; the hermit said that the maidens would fly to the lake near the destroyed palace, leave their blankets; you must grab your wife's veil and run without looking back; but when the wife promised to stay with him, the prince looked around; turned to ashes, and his wife grabbed the veil and flew away; the hermit revived him and warned him that he would not be able to do it again; this time the prince ran to the hut a hermit; the fairies promised to give him a wife if he identified her among them; hermit: she would have a gold thread around her neck; the thread was around the neck of a fat, ugly black woman; the prince chose her and she turned to his wife; hermit: while you can't touch his wife, she is still a fairy; he put them both on the carpet and brought them to I.; I. did not want to give the prince his wife, for this is the maiden he loved himself; but returned them in exchange for stolen by the prince; without him, I. could not be the master of the storm; I. turned the heavenly maiden into a mortal and gave it to the prince; they had many children; after the death of his father, the prince reigned, and the vizier's son became vizier]: Thornhill 1889:15-66; Bengalis: Bradley-Birt 1920, No. 4 [son of Chief Merchants Ruplal dreams of a girl with golden skin and hair like a black cloud; malini (m.; sexy aggressive woman) who was collecting flowers for the merchant's wife said it was her niece; but R. would only be able to see her face after the wedding; in fact, this girl is Princess Kanchanmalal; she, K., herself saw R. in a dream when he saw her; K.'s servants went to look for R. and R.'s servants for K.; they met and agreed, exchanged portraits; M. stole K.'s portrait from R. and changed it as if the bride was blind and hunchback; m ordered not to look at K. when she was brought; R. did so, did not agree with his wife, moving her to the hut and considering her a witch; R. agreed to marry his niece M., but there were no preparations for the wedding succeeded; R. decided to go on a trade trip, but the ship did not move; the sailors said that R.'s wife should give him permission; she demanded that R. take her with him; he put her in a separate boat; M. ran along the river bank, drowned R.'s ship, but K. saved R. and his men; R. thought she saved M.; M. threw K. into the water and then allowed R. to remove the blindfold; he noticed a leaf lotus, picked up and saw the true image of K. on it; when she learned that K. was in trouble, her 7 sisters went down on a chariot from Indra's palace and took K. to heaven; R. saw K. in a chariot, understood everything; lost consciousness and woke up old man; reason: a disapproving look thrown at him by one of the celestials; he will regain his former appearance if someone who loves him all day long; this person himself will turn into a palm tree (palm wine is made from it); the mother refused, M. drove R. away, but her niece agreed; he was also caressed by K.'s invisible hand; R. became rich; at the top of the palm tree, into which M.'s niece turned into, saw K.; she said that from now on she would be with him during the day, but not at night; in 7 days she would return him and his niece M.; R. pretended to be sleeping, followed K. quietly grabbed her chariot and also found himself in heaven; replaced the tired drummer, played well; Indra noticed K.'s look at R.; K. admitted that she had an earthly husband; I. allowed her to live on the ground, left her a chariot and gave her a fan to revive his niece m; but m managed to turn her into a snake; I. went down, his elephant drank the water of the pond, at the bottom of which there was a snake; I. touched the snake and the girl appeared; but the snake did not disappear, but grabbed the frog that I. turned m into; the snake always clutches it in its teeth, but did not swallow it; happy R. stayed with two wives]: 116-125; McCulloch 1912, No. 27 [prince sees Kotvala's daughter (chief of police) Nritokali on the roof of her house, falls ill with love; the girl manages to persuade the whole family on pain of death; she sets conditions: her face will be wrapped in seven fabrics, and She will spend the nights not with her husband, but in her parents' home; after living for some time with N., who does not even show her face, the prince turned to a hermit; he gave pills that made him invisible; the prince went after N., he entered her room, saw two maids washing and masking her, bringing her food; in the morning he spoke about it, pretending to have a similar dream; the same the next evening; N. noticed that someone ate part of the food; in the morning the prince tells her about it; on the third night he ate all the food; on the fourth night, three more maidens came to N., all of them climbed a tree and it took them to Indra's heavenly palace; on the fifth night the prince also climbed the tree; the maidens, including N., began to dance; the prince himself replaced the poorly playing drummer; I. gave the dancers garlands, who gave them to the musician, the invisible prince took them for himself; in the morning At home, the prince talks about this to N. and shows garlands; N. apologizes; the next night, the prince accompanies N. without hiding; I. is outraged that N. brought a mortal to him; promises that she will become a bat; but if someone demolishes the temple where she lives in one night, plows a field on the site, grows rice, and feeds 10,000 brahmanas, the curse will be lifted; the prince turned to the hermit, who gave the wish-fulfilling rope and a stick; they fulfilled I.'s condition, N. became a woman again, the prince and she settled in his palace and lived happily ever after]: 283-303; condas [with the king and queen son; they decided that they did not need more children; but after 10 years they wanted another child, made sacrifices to the gods; however, immediately after the birth of their youngest son, both died; he was raised by his aunt; baby all time cries and falls silent after she promises that he will marry a maiden who touches a stone into gold and the earth into cereals; at school, the prince quarreled with another boy; he called him a sorcerer who caused his parents to die; the prince was shocked, climbed into the cave, stayed lying down; when he was found and brought to his aunt, he reminded her of her promise â€" it was time to fulfill it; for him they married the princess, but at the wedding he asked her to turn the stone into gold; she could not, the prince rejected her; they sent her again to look for the bride; the servant, who went north, stayed in the village with the brahmana and saw his daughter turn a brass plate into gold; her name was Geiramma; the brahmana was brought in a palanquin to the queen (i.e. the prince's aunt) and she ordered him to bring his daughter, otherwise he would be executed; G. agrees to marriage, provided that she would be with the prince during the day and returned to her father at night; after the wedding, the prince and aunt thought that this would not last long, but even after a few years, G. sat in a palanquin and went to her parents; the prince dressed as poor, followed her; when G.'s parents fell asleep, she opened the magic book, and then a white elephant descended from the sky for her; the prince grabbed by his tail; at Indra's palace, G. joined 6 other heavenly maidens; the prince asked the old drummer to give him his seat; 7 maidens began to dance in front of I.; as a reward, G. asked I. for permission always willing to be either on earth or in heaven; he gave her a ring to do so; she came to thank the drummer without recognizing her husband; he asked for an I. ring and G. gave it to him as a reward ; G. returned to the ground on the elephant's back, and the prince clutched his tail; in the morning they were both in the palace; the prince began to tell G. his supposedly dream, describing everything that happened at night; G. asked to show her the ring persuaded her to give it to her, put it on and flew to heaven; the prince went on a journey; saw a snake crawl through the tree to the nest, about to eat the chicks; he cut the snake apart, they turned into three mountains; parent birds have arrived, each with an elephant in their claws and beaks; chicks for parents: we will not eat until you help our savior; one of the birds put the prince on his back and accompanied by another the birds brought I. to the palace; that is, G. polluted herself by communicating with a mortal, I. sent both to earth; G. no longer left at night and, as a heavenly fairy, became the ruler of the country]: Schulze 1922, No. 23:113-123; Telugu [king and vizier agreed that if they have children of different sexes, they will marry them; the queen's son is lazy and sloppy, and the vizier's wife has a daughter clever and beautiful; girl agrees to the marriage on the condition that at 6 pm she will go to her father's house and return from there at 6 am; out of shame, the prince rushed into the well but did not drown; the old man gave him a magic ointment to turn into a fly and follow her wife; she came to the pond; five maidens descended from the sky on a white elephant, all of them began to play and swim together; the prince stole one pearl necklace; at home describe what he saw, as if telling the content of the dream; the wife understood everything and asked me to return the necklace; he said he would return it only after she stayed overnight; she asked me to wait one night ; she told the heavenly maidens about everything (the necklace belonged to the eldest of them); they suggested that the prince fly with them to Indra; take the form of a musician playing the drum; I. would ask for information a wife among other virgins, a fly will sit on her knee; that's what happened; the prince and wife returned to earth to the palace and began to live together]: Venkataswami 1923, No. 34:82-88.