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K102a3. A dead tooth. .

Someone (usually a woman) puts a poisonous tooth (bone, nail, etc.) into the hero's bed. The young man dies but is then revived.

Arabs of Morocco, Algeria, Italians (Emilia Romagna), Corsicans, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Russians (Teresky Bereg, Arkhangelsk, Pskov, Moscow, Bryansk, Voronezh), Belarusians, Ukrainians (Transcarpathia), Belarusians, Finns, Estonians, Setu, Lutsi, Latvians, Mordovians, Mari, Kazan Tatars, Northern, Eastern and Southern Khanty, Evens, coastal Koryaks.

North Africa. Arabs of Morocco [one wife is childless, the other has a daughter and is pregnant again; the husband brings two pigeons every day, tells one or the other to be cooked; the daughter accidentally releases her mother's data pigeons; a shepherd catches them for promising to give one, a woman does not give them, he releases them again; a woman and daughter follow them, find themselves in the forest; the mother does not pay attention to the dog, cat, donkey (daughter speaks that they come to show the way back); sees a lion; tells her daughter to climb a tree; if the lion starts eating it on the right, then she has a son, let her daughter cover the child with leaves; if on the left, she has a daughter again; lion eats on the right, the girl sheds its leaves, the lion does not notice the baby; the crow promises to help if the girl gives her half of her mother's clothes; brings a red-hot plow share; asks the lion to open its mouth, she will jump at her; throws a share, a lion dies; a girl gives birth to a crow, takes a baby; helps to give birth to a she-wolf, tigress, lioness, monkey, bear, leopard, hedgehog; each feeds her brother, gives birth to her newborn's companions; on the mountain, a girl and animals ask God to make the boy an adult; so it happened; they met a ghoul, called them to live with him; the young man fell in love with a shepherdess; the sister is jealous, promises Gulya marry him if he kills her brother; ghoul asks the young man not to take animals hunting today; at home, his sister puts them to sleep with singing; the ghoul wants to eat the young man, he asks for permission to say it before he dies three words; the ghoul allows you to say seven; the young man calls his seven animals; at home, the sister rubs the grain, accidentally shoved the hedgehog into the eye, he woke up, woke up the others, they rushed to help the young man, the gulya was torn; at home, the sister cries, says that the hedgehog pricked her, asks her to show where he buried the ghoul's bones; his brother married, his sister put seven ghoul bones in his bed, they pierced him to death; he buried, animals dig up the body, take out the bones, the young man comes to life; the chief, his wife's father, orders his sister to be buried along with the ghoul's bones]: El Koudia 2003:7-14; Algerian Arabs (Blida) [spouses have a son; husband asks his wife to take the drug in order to conceive again; she prepared the drug, went to the bathhouse; the husband accidentally ate it himself; the wife returned, a quarrel began, and a few days later the wife died {from beatings?} ; the husband's leg was swollen, a girl came out of the tumor; he told his son to get rid of it; he left the child in the tree; for three years an eagle fed the girl, then the young man took her and went on a journey; he had three dogs with talking names (the last "Pulling the lungs out of her shoulders"); the girl's name is Bent essaq ("Foot Daughter"; B.); they came to Ghoul's house; he left with the key in the door; they began to live in this house; until the brother was gone, the ghoul returned; B. did not unlock it, the ghoul broke the door; B. called the dogs, they did not come; the ghoul married B.; the brother returned, began to fight the ghoul, called the dogs, they tore the ghoul (the third dog pulled out her lungs); but his sister cured him; his brother returned again, cut the ghoul in half; left, leaving B.; in one area people are thirsty; the dragon closed the water, demands a bowl of couscous, ram and a girl; a young man cut a dragon, the water poured out abundantly; the girl exchanged shoes with her savior; all men are told to bring their shoes; the young man comes last, the princess threw it at him apple, recognized her shoes; wedding 7 days and nights; B. came, persuaded her to forgive her; collected dragon thorns, put her brother in bed; he died and buried; dogs removed the body, pulled out the thorns, young man came to life; my sister is crucified at the gates of the city so that everyone who passes by spit on her]: Desparmet 1910:140-149.

Southern Europe. Italians (Romagna) [when he dies, the father left his son and daughter three sheep; a man exchanged one of them from his brother for the dog Lomayiron; the sister threatens to kill his brother for this; the next day the second sheep for the dog Gritzicepen; then the third, the Crushistens; the brother was afraid to return to his sister; at night he came to the palace; having destroyed the wall, the iron door and the chain, the dogs made their way in; everything was prepared for a young man and his dogs, including a horse and a hunting rifle; his brother also brought his sister to the palace, but she continues to hate dogs; once she picked an orange, a dragon jumped out of it; to save her life, sister promised to give her brother to the dragon and lock the dogs to that end; she asked her brother to tie the dogs and pick an orange; the brother realized that his sister had betrayed him, called the dogs; they broke the wall and broke the chain, they tore the dragon; the young man came to the king, whose daughter should be given to another dragon; killed the dragon and got the princess; the sister reappeared, volunteered to make a bed for his brother, put it under the bed was cut in half, the young man was cut in half; the dogs brought the ointment and revived him; the sister was executed; and the dogs were gone; then three nobles sailed on three ships: they were those bewitched dogs; after when a peasant (i.e. a young man) became king, the spell fell apart]: Calvino 1985, No. 48:145-152; Corsicans [husband of a childless woman: if a son were born, let the hell take him away; when a boy turned 18 and he found out that the devil had been promised, he went to look for it himself; stopped at the shepherd, who gave the dog, then the shepherdess, she gave the second; over the city there were black flags, the princess's turn to be given to Eating a seven-headed sea monster; if not given, it will destroy the whole city; the young man cuts off their heads, the dogs take them away; he cut off and took their tongues with him; three Italian coal burners were forced say the princess that they saved her; the young man returns, shows his tongues cut off; the wedding is being prepared; coal burners locked the dogs, put a poisoned stiletto in the young man's bed; the young man is buried, but escaped dogs do not allow the body to be covered with earth; lick poison from the wound; wedding; coal burners were smeared with resin and burned]: Massignon 1984, No. 10:21-23.

The Balkans. Bulgarians [brother and sister go to live in the mountains (from an evil stepmother, cannibal parents, etc.); brother does good to animals, they give him a lion cub, a wolf cub, a bear cub, a fox, a hare; they grow up and help him; the sister takes a snake (dragon, arap) as her lover; he, wanting to destroy the young man, teaches his sister to ask his brother to lock up animals; rushes after him; the young man climbs a tree, calls his own with a song animals, they came running, a snake (and sometimes a sister); a young man saves the princess from the dragon; the sister puts the snake's bones in his brother's bed, he lies on them, dies; animals revive him (they take him out of the coffin, remove a snake bone from the body)]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 315:116-117; Hungarians [the king placed his daughter in a tower to isolate her from men; one of the two wanderers lifted her up to the window stem, its smell made the girl pregnant; her father put her in a barrel, threw her into the sea; the barrel was nailed to the island, the girl got out, gave birth to a son, he grew up, began to swim across the strait to the mainland, bring from there, his mother baptized him in the name of his father of the sun, his godfather of the month and his star cousins; his name is Beautiful Szérus; his hussar costume and sword fell from the tree to him; He transported his mother across the tree trunk; to meet the giant, S. hacked him down; brought his mother to the giants' castle; the king of giants met with mother S., they decided to get rid of S.; the mother pretended to be sick: we must bring the bear cub and eat his heart; the bear gave a bear cub; when she saw him, the mother said that she had already recovered; the same with the wolf cub; the lion cub; the mother suggests that S. jokingly tie his thumbs will he be able to break his hands; he cannot; the giant agrees to fulfill his last wish; S. asks to put three whistles in his mouth, given by a bear, a she-wolf and a lioness; the lion grabbed the giant, the wolf, the woman, the bear tore his fetters; S. cut the giant, pieces of meat into the trough, the second - the water, the mother left between the troughs; left with his animals; a bride is needed; the bear advises you to ask the sun - Father S.; their lion brought everyone to heaven; the sun does not know about brides, advises you to turn to the month; the month to the stars, or rather the Morning Star; neither star knows, let the winds ask, they blow everywhere; those answered that his betrothed was sleeping in a golden cradle at the bottom of hell, she was rocked by 42 features; S. and the animals returned to earth; the count himself tried to get this girl, promised to help; S. grabbed the girl, devils in pursuit ; the lion threw his brush (the forest), the handkerchief (the sea); the bear threw three pins (three mountains to the sky); the devils could not overcome them; the count took the girl; she would marry only someone who could milk three golden mares; the animals milked; she would marry someone who buys in their milk, heated to a boil; the animals cooled it, S. swam, became handsome; the count also wanted to swim, the animals heated the milk, the count cooked; the girl was about to marry S., he went out into the garden, fell asleep, the count's younger brother cut off his head; the animals saw a snake, whose snake was cut in half with a scythe, carrying healing grass; the lion stepped on the snake's head , the animals took the grass, the snake hit the lion with its tail, ripping off its hair, leaving only its mane; first their head was attached backwards, had to be redone; at this time, the count's brother is preparing the wedding; the lion and the wolf tore him apart; the wedding; S. dug up his mother, who ate the giant's meat, took a sharp bone, put her son in bed, she pierced his heart; the animals revived him with that elixir taken from the snake, tore him his mother; a son was born; when he is 7 years, 7 months, days, hours and minutes, 3 stones must be sprinkled with blood; S. did this, his three animals became princes again, the castle of the giants is their castle; S.'s son did not die , they just took blood from him; they're all alive unless they're dead]: Dégh 1965, No. 8:109-126.

Central Europe. Russians (Teresky Bereg): Balashov 1970, No. 56 [], 64 [the shadr wolf devoured everyone, brother and sister left: Ivan Tsarevich and Marfa Tsarevna; the bull offers to sit on his back, takes the children away; they leave the crest (the forest, the wolf gnawed), the flint (mountains, the same), the "raft" is a river of fire; the wolf remains on the other side; the bull tells him to be slaughtered; the dog Heavy will jump out of the first blood, and the Light from the second; make a hut out of bones; I. goes hunting, M. at home; the wolf seduces her from the other side, turning into a man; tells her to throw a bull bone, it turned out to be a boat, he swam across it; M. pretended to be sick, sent her brother to a she-wolf for milk; she gave milk and gave a wolf cub; then the same thing - a bear (gave a bear cub); a lioness (a lion cub); a wolf to Marfa: you can't take him with the animals; M. to his brother: go far away seas to the kingdom of far away; there is a lake, a duck on it, an egg in the duck - let them bring it; I. sent dogs and animals; a wolf came out; I.: let it evaporate in the bath, the meat will be softer; the wolf allowed; the bird Ivan; quieter swamp, your dogs are just running there; they just ran; they just started running back; not far away; close; the animals tore the wolf to pieces; I. found a queen, and M. became a seamstress; hid it in feathers Ivan's pillows are a wolf tooth; the tooth entered I.'s head, he died and was buried; the animals escaped from the barn, dug up the grave; he began to rub heavily against I.'s head, the tooth entered T., he died, and I. came to life; He easily began to rub against T., L. died, and T. came to life; then a wolf cub; a bear cub; a lion cub; they began to rub against the ground: and the lion cub came to life; Marfa was burned at the stake, shot with ashes from a cannon]: 195-200, 217-220; Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [ the stepmother did not like her stepsons: the girl and the boy; the father took them to the forest; they came to the river, on the other side the old man waved his handkerchief, became a bridge; began to live with him; brother and sister grew up, the old man died; on the other side, a guy; teaches a girl to wave that handkerchief, crossed the bridge; before his brother arrived, the guy turned into a pin and ordered him to be plugged to the ceiling so that his brother's dog would not reach; the next day, the sister pretended to be sick: she goes to the Wolf Islands for the wolf's milk; the she-wolf herself gives milk and the wolf (obviously her wolf cub); the bear's milk (the same); the lionesses (the same); to the Falcon Islands, falcon egg (same); bring flour from the damn mill; the animals came in, the iron doors closed, only the young man and the falcon stayed outside; hell is going to eat the young man, he asks for permission to heat the bathhouse first and wash yourself; falcon: swamp quieter, your hunt has already gnawed two doors, started the third; the animals came running, broke the line; "How the lion beast grabbed him and the bear, how did they begin to soften it, and the wolf and bear they tore it into the lepésia"; the sister put the tooth line under her brother's pillow, he died, she threw the body into the water; the falcon noticed at the bottom, the wolf, the bear could not pull it out, the lion pulled it out, but they could not remove the tooth themselves ; the wolf brought the hare, he does not understand what they want from it, it was torn apart; the wolf brought the fox, she understood, pulled out the tooth, the young man came to life; buried his sister on the chest, put two barrels: to cry on him and to hell; if there are more tears in his barrel, he will let go; the tears were only in hell; the brother buried his sister with his head and the barrel with her]: Smirnov 2003 (1), No. 7:76-85; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Leshukonsky r- n, s. Zasulye, 1928) [when he dies, the tsar gives his son Ivan the keys to all rooms, but forbids entering one room. Neither I. nor daughter Elena gives a blessing for marriage. I. unlocks the door, the wolf runs out, destroys the palace. I. and E. climb onto the balcony, they are carried away by a huge bull. The wolf catches up, eats the bull, returns the prince and the princess, forgives the escape. A thin bull appears, takes his brother and sister away, they doubt his strength. I. falls his ear to the ground, hears the chase, pulls a comb out of the bull's right ear with his right hand and throws it to the left, a dense forest grows, and detains the wolf. Ivan hears the chase again, pulls a handkerchief out of his left ear with his left hand, and a bridge across the lake appears. After moving, E. picks up the handkerchief, and the lake detains the wolf. The bull disappears, I. and E. spend the night with the old man, stay with him, I. hunts, E. cooks. The old man dies, leaves his guns and dogs Katay and Valya behind. E. sees a great fellow on the lake, throws a handkerchief, well done, goes down the bridge to her, hits the ground and turns into a wolf. She offers to surrender to him and kill her brother, she agrees. The wolf offers to pretend to be sick: I dreamed that in order to heal you need to get a nightingale, a bear and flour from under the millstone of the mill. If he dies, his golden tooth could kill I. I. gets everything, feels sorry for the crow, the nightingale and the bear along the way, the last two give him a cub. At the mill, the wolf locks I. inside and is going to eat it, he asks for permission to twist the cigarette. While twisting, the crow tells how many doors his hunt has gnawed, she breaks through and tears the wolf apart. I. reproaches his traitor sister, she hits him with the wolf's golden tooth, I. dies. Katay licks the place where the tooth hit, I. comes to life, the dog dies. The animals take turns reviving each other, dying on their own, the bear licks the nightingale, holds a frying pan in front of his forehead, the tooth flies out, falls into the pan, E. Ivan leaves her with a barrel and coals, says that if she cries for a barrel of tears, she feels sorry for the wolf, and if she eats the coals, she feels sorry for her brother. He comes to the city, settles in with an old woman, learns about the snake, the princess's turn to be eaten, with the help of his hunt I. wins the snake. She saves the second and third princess (snakes are torn apart by dogs and bears). She receives a personalized ring and towel from the girls, remembers her father's request not to marry. The water carrier forces the girls to admit that he is the winner of the snake. I. comes with animals to the wedding of the water carrier and the younger princess, the girls recognize him and tell her father the truth. I. shows snake tongues, a ring and a towel. The king orders that the water carrier's hand be cut off. I. marries a younger princess, returns for her sister, she cried a barrel of tears, I. feels sorry for her, brings her to herself, but settles separately. She enters her brother's room at night, hits him with a wolf's tooth, and I. dies. E. persuades I. not to feed or release animals. At the funeral, the animals are released without Elena's knowledge, they lick I., the tooth falls into Kataya, he dies, I. comes to life. Those present run away in horror. Animals lick each other, I. takes out a frying pan, pulls out a tooth, talks about his sister's actions and shoots her. She does not die, then animals tear it apart, burn her body]: Nikiforov 1961, No. 114:290-300; Russians (Pskov, Pushkinogorsky districts) [grandfather and woman have a mill with 12 gates; she took flour herself, grinded it, closed and opened by the hour; she was hysterical, the man was looking for a help; the naked promises to do everything, but tells me to give it back, which the man does not know at home; the wife gave birth to twins: Nastya and Vanya; the father gave them a needle without ears and told him to run; told the naked that they had run to him; N. threw her comb (the forest, naked came back for the ax, cut through the course); N. waved her handkerchief, they flew across the lake; came to the hut: turn around there backwards, here in front; an old man came with a gun and a dog; told them to serve I. and died; N. came to the river, naked with an accordion on the other side, offered to marry, told them to wave his handkerchief; she waved, he went to her flew over; advises to ask I. to get hare's milk; the hare fed up and gave the bunny; N. poured out milk; the same with the fox, the she-wolf, the bear, the lioness; naked: let him go to the mill of your father, his the animals will remain locked; while walking, the naked and N. weaved three ropes: silk, hemp, hair; N. suggests I. to tear them; hair I. could not tear; asks permission to heat them before death bathhouse; the raven is flying, reports how many doors the animals gnawed; the animals came running, tore her naked, N. tied two naked teeth in a handkerchief; I. chained her to an oak tree, put two barrels; let her cry in one naked, and two times at him; not far from the lake, an underdog with seven heads went out to the lake; he was just convicted of the Tsareva's daughter; (hereinafter in square brackets: I. saves her, marries; his wife feels sorry for N., asks to forge off; N. throws them to the tooth in their heads - they die; animals revive with living and dead water; N. was torn, tied to the tails of horses)]: Chernyshev 1950, No. 43:86-89; Russians (Moscow) [brother and sister went to rich house; no one; robbers arrived; brother killed them one by one; chieftain maimed but did not kill, locked them in the room; gave his sister the keys, did not tell them to enter one room; she went in, the chieftain showed where medicine, he became safe and sound; the sister pretended to be sick, she needed wool and milk from the she-wolf; the she-wolf also gave a wolf cub; the same bear; the lioness; the chieftain teaches to send her brother to the mill, iron doors they will close; the hare and the fox are also with animals; they broke the doors, tore the chieftain; the brother left his sister a pound of bread and a pound of water, locked it; came to the king, the princess fell in love; the wedding; he was told to bring his sister; she put a magic tooth in bed; a tooth stuck in her forehead, the young man died; her sister tells me to bury him in an oak coffin with three iron hoops; animals throw a hole of fried chickens, they will rush and fill the hole; animals under the guidance of the fox, they got out, the coffin was lowered from the oak tree, the wolf stole the mites and the hammer; the tooth jumped out, hit the hare; the wolf; the bear; the lion; the fox covered its forehead with a frying pan, and all the animals survived too; Ivan Tsarevich went to his wife]: Vedernikova, Samodelova 1998, No. 27:69-73; Russians (Bryansk, Karechevsky districts) [iron wool bear eats people; the tsar ordered to build a high pole; placed upstairs Ivan Tsarevich and Elena the Beautiful with a supply of food for 5 years; the bear ran to the palace, began to gnaw on a broom with annoyance; he told him to go to the field, there was a pole; the bear began to rock the pole, I. threw him food , he fell asleep; I. and E. ran, sat on a horse, the bear easily caught up with him, tore him, brought I. and E. to the pole in their mouths; the same for the second time (the geese carried them, the bear scorched them); the third time I. and E. carried a goby- third man; covered the bear's eyes three times with droppings; swam across the river, and the bear drowned; the goby tells him to slaughter him, collect his bones, hit him, a fist man will come out of them - himself from his fingernail, a beard from an elbow; a man brought I. and E. to the robbers' house, interrupted everyone and locked them in the same room without telling E. to go there; she went and fell in love with the chieftain's head; asked I. to get living and dead water, revived the chieftain; lime I., sent him for wolf milk; the she-wolf gives with the wolf cub to boot; the same with the bear; the lioness; E. sends a firebird for eggs; she swallowed a fist man; E. and the chieftain were going to kill I.; he asked permission to wash himself in the bathhouse; the animals came running and told I. that the fist man had escaped; he ordered the animals to tear the chieftain apart, and E. tied the naked woman to the tree to be eaten by flies and mosquitoes; led I. to heroic girl; I. hardly defeated her, married her; at night she put her hand on I.'s chest, it's bad, he called the peasant; the man beat the girl until he tamed her; his wife persuaded I. to release E.; she began to look in I.'s head and let a dead tooth into his head; the lion cub saw, pulled it out, began to die on his own; then the bear cub; then the fox, but she threw the tooth into the frying pan and it crumbled; I. ordered E. to be tied to the tail horse and open across the field]: Afanasiev 1958 (2), No. 202:94-97; Russians (Voronezhskaya, Bobrovsky U.) [The girl runs into a forest dwelling, enters rooms, and sees the Beast on a chain in the third. It asks for two vats of blood, drinks, gains strength, frees herself and makes the girl live with him ("or else I'll eat you"). Ivan hunts in the deep forest. He does not kill animals, but enhances his hunt - each animal gives its own cub. I. gathers a wolf cub, a bear cub, a lion cub, a crow, and a falcon. I. walks into the hut, meets a girl, finds out about the Beast. It sees the hunt and decides to put up. Three people live. I. takes care of the girl like a sister. The monster persuades her to pretend to be sick and send I. hunting to the mill for water and supplies so that the Beast can lock up loyal I. animals there. I. draws water, calls animals, but they're locked behind 12 doors. I. thinks the animals will catch up with him and returns home. The monster asks I. to heat the stove. A crow, a falcon, an eagle fly to I., tell him not to hurry, and report how many doors the hunt has gnawed through. The monster sends the girl several times to find out if the bath is ready. I. replies that one, two, three corners are flooded, delaying the moment when the Beast appears. She goes to the bathhouse, is going to grab I., a hunt appears, pushes the monster into the oven. I. leaves the girl on a chain, promises to forgive when she cries a vat of tears. She goes to another state, stays with an old woman. She is afraid of hunting, talks about a princess who cannot marry: a giant defeats grooms, but she does not want a giant. I. leaves the old woman hunting, tells her to watch his knife: if she is covered in blood, it's time to let the animals go. She comes to the capital city, invites the princess ("her height was heroic, her face was white as snow, her eyebrows were black as velvet, her cheeks were scarlet like cherry blossoms, her chest rises high") to marry him, she agrees. I. fights the giant, he grabs his hand, blood flows, the old woman starts hunting. Animals come running and tear the giant, I. cut off his head, marries a princess. She goes to visit her named sister (she sat on a chain for a year), finds an empty vat, lets her go, and invites her to go to her maid. The girl finds the Giant's tooth in the oven, sews it into a pillow and puts it in Ivan. The tooth gets into his ear, he dies. The princess buries him in a high tower (with the inscription "There is no stronger and braver than the Russian hero Ivan"). Hunting climbs into the tower, the bear removes the coffin lid, the hare pulls a tooth out of Ivan's ear, I. comes to life, plays the pipe, the animals dance, the princess rejoices]: Korolkova 1941, No. 8:45-49; Belarusians [tsar s the queen died, the children walked around the world, came to the hut on chicken legs, with a baba-yuga, an iron leg; in the morning she told the girl to weave crosns, and the boy to cut firewood, ordered the cat to guard; they gave the cat meat, he gave them a ball and a khust, sat down at the crosns himself; when Baba Yuga realized this, sat down in a stupa, drove a poker; brother and sister came to the Sea of Fire for the ball, waved a khustka - a bridge; on the other side they waved again - the bridge was gone; they saw the hut, began to live; while Ivan Tsarevich was away, Kashchei the immortal came to his sister; taught him to pretend to be sick - let his brother bring animal milk; the hare gave milk and bunny; the same with a fox, a she-wolf, a bear, an elk, a lioness, a tar (?) ; the sister pours out milk every time; now I. has 7 animals; his sister sent him to the damn mill; I. went out, and the animals were left outside 12 doors; at home I. asks Koschey to let him wash in the bathhouse, and then eat; the animals came running, melted the bathhouse, the lion threw Kashchei into the fire; his sister found his fang, put his brother in bed; the fang pierced his head; the fox ran to get fuel and tenacious water, and the hare noticed in his head fang; pulled out - a fang into a hare, now he is dead; so from one animal to another, but the fox is only on the tail; the lion threw his sister into the oven; Marya Tsarevna was given a snake with 6 heads; I. and the animals killed him; I.'s wedding and M.; and I was there, it flowed down my mustache, I didn't get into my mouth]: Romanov 1887, No. 3:45-49; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [the widower marries a neighbor; she makes a condition that he will get rid of his children - Ivan and Marika; he takes them to the forest, leaving the deck beating against the tree in the wind as if he were cutting wood; they returned home; next time the father took them on, the children stayed in the forest; baking wild horseradish, going to bed with their heads in different sides; bear, wolf come, wonder at the outlandish beast, leave; in the morning good bread in ash; on sycamore there is a magic shirt, gun, saber; I. pulls them out, becomes a strongman; hacks a robber lair, there is a princess; kills 11 robbers, the 12th pretends to be dead, I. left the body, lets the girl go to her father, leaves; the robber asks M. to bring live water, pour it into the keyhole; the door opens, the robber's severed ear grows back, M. takes the robber as her husband; to destroy his brother, he pretends to be sick, asks for wolf meat, then bear meat and other meat; a she-wolf, then a bear, and others the animals ask them not to kill them, gives them a wolf cub, a bear cub, etc.; the robber offers M. to send his brother to fetch water from a spring between the crushing mountains; at noon they stop, I. took out water; bring flour from mills that grind human bones open every 12 years; I. picks up flour, manages to jump out, the doors shut, his animals remain inside; M. bathes I. in fresh milk, he is confused, she tied him with horsehair, the robber took his shirt with strength; they gouged out I.'s eyes, threw him into the well; the people pulled him out; he wandered through the forest, fell his head into the swamp, there was living water, he saw the light; I bought good clothes, exchanged clothes with my grandfather; he gave him bottles of water, one was young and the other was old; he came to M. and the robber under the guise of a beggar; when they fell asleep, he took his shirt, sword, gun; ordered him to be given his pipe; he began to play, the animals escaped from the mill, ran, tore the robber; left M. two barrels for tears, one to cry for him, the other for the robber; in the neighboring kingdom of snakes locked the water; I. killed him, freed the princess, whom the gypsy was carrying a snake, cut off snake tongues, the gypsy cut off a piece from each tongue, demanded that the king marry the princess; at home, almost all tears were cried out to the robber; I. shows the king not the tips of his tongues, but the tongues themselves, the animals tore the gypsy, I. took the princess; M. came, poisoned I., locked the animals; they escaped, the Fox brought living water; next time M. locked her verey again, put I. pitchforks in bed; the same; the animals tore M.]: Verkhovyna's Tales 1970:232-243; Belarusians [the tsar's most beautiful ship sank; he promises half the kingdom to someone who the ship will return; evil spirits: you don't need half the kingdom, give what you don't know at home; it turned out that at home the wife gave birth to a son and daughter; they grew up, the serpent flew for them, brought them into the forest; the boy talks about barrels , a girl about watermelons; the snake realized that these were not princes children; had to give them back; once a serpent told the boy to separate the poppy from the ash, and the girl to embroider a towel; the thigh took them under his wings, carried them from the snake; he caught up, took it away; the next day, the ox tells the girl to take the brush and comb, and the boy to take a bar and a handkerchief, sit in her left and right ear; the serpent catches up, they throw the brush (forest) crest (earthen mountain), bar (stone mountain); waving a handkerchief by the sea is a bridge, on the other side there is no bridge; the ox orders to cut it into 12 parts, they turned into 12 dogs; steel live; the brother does not know that snakes have begun to fly to his sister; the sister asks for bear milk; the bear gave milk and the bear cub; the same with the she-wolf; the dogs are left outside 12 doors; the sister tells the brother to warm the water; raven: take your time, dogs gnawed nine doors; brother asks for permission to blow the trumpet before death; dogs heard, the snake tore; sister took a snake tooth; brother and sister began to live with their parents; sister she put her tooth in her brother's bed; he died, her sister's body in the barrel and in the sea; the wolf took out the barrel, the bear knocked out the bottom, found the tooth, took it out; they began to live happily ever after]: Romanov 1887, No. 7:63-65.

Baltoscandia. The Finns [the childless king sails, the waterman stops the ship, releases for a promise to give back someone who was born home in the king's absence; this is his son and daughter; the king secretly dug an underground shelter for them; the waterman who came tried to give him a foal, a calf, a lamb; he himself began to look for children; in the forge, a hammer ordered him to take him and walk; fell where the shelter was, the water took the children away; they grew up with him, the girl married him; her brother shed tears, a wolf appeared, told him to sit on him and run; the young man enters the room where the waterman and sister sleep, grabs his sister, sits on the wolf; at the direction of the wolf, takes a stone from under his tail, throws it, grows a mountain to heaven; the water returns for a hammer and a chisel, breaks through the passage; wants to leave the tools, but begins to shout for them forty; the waterman takes them home, comes back, catches up and returns the fugitives; the young man cries again, the bear comes, everything repeats; the young man throws the bear's bristles, wooded mountains appear to the sky; more the same episodes; for the third time, brother and sister run away on a fox, she tells them to throw flint; the water cannot overcome the sea of fire, he stops pursuing; brother and sister build a house for themselves across the bubbling river; wolf, the bear and the fox come to live with them; the sister throws stones into the river, the current calms down, the water crosses the river, lives with the girl; during the day she turns into a pin, the girl hides it in the cracks in the wall; animals are they feel; the sister asks to lock the animals behind 9 iron doors for the night; the water grabs the young man, throws him into a hot bath; the animals rush, breaking one door after another; the raven tells the young man to hold out for more a little; at the last moment, the animals break in, tore the water; the young man forgave his sister; she found a water bone in the ash, put her brother under his pillow; a bone pierced his head, his sister buried the deceased ; the animals dug the body; the bear put its head on it, the water bone passed into it, the young man came to life; the bone passed from bear to wolf; the fox put its head up, managed to pull it back, the bone was stuck in pine tree; they all came to brother and sister's parents, the young man rejuvenated them with live water; the father expelled his traitor daughter, his son became king]: Goldberg 1953:170-186; Estonians (Pärnu) [brother and sister lost their way in the forest; the devil (vanapagan) brought them home, raised them; taught the young man the art of a hunter; he wanted to kill a bear, a wolf, a fox, a hare, a kite; everyone asks not to kill, gives his cub; The devil met the young man's sister, decided to get rid of his animals first; sent him to the barn for bread; the young man went inside with the animals, went out, the doors closed, the animals remained inside; the devil wants to kill a young man who asks for permission to wash himself in the bathhouse, then climb the tree to pray; during this time, the animals escaped, ran, tore the Devil; the brother hung his sister by the legs in the bathhouse over two cauldrons - with coals and empty; he will let her go when she eats all the coals and fills the empty cauldron with tears; went to the city; told the old woman to let his animals out if they burst; he went to fight the 12-headed serpent himself who ate a man every day; now it is the princess's turn; instead of a severed head, a new one grows; the young man threw his shoe when she hits a sleeping old woman, she released the animals, they came running, tore the snake; a young man cut off, hid his tongues, put pieces under a stone; the princess tied a piece of her handkerchief to each beast; the officer forced the princess to say that he killed the snake; the young man sends a wolf to the wedding, then bear, then comes by himself; the officer cannot pick up the stone under which the pieces of the snake are, does not know where the tongues are; the animals ordered him to be torn to pieces; after the death of the king, the young man reigned; the wife asks return the sister; she pierces the Devil's hidden tooth into the forehead of her sleeping brother; he is put in the coffin; the wolf licked, the tooth jumped into the wolf's forehead, the owner came to life, and the wolf died; so the animals took turns reviving each other; the fox hid behind the cauldron, the tooth missed her forehead, fell into the fire]: Järv et al. 2009, No. 3:41-46; Goldberg 1953 [the childless king sails, the water stops the ship, lets go for a promise to give the one who was born at home in the absence of the king; this is his son and daughter; the king secretly dug an underground shelter for them; he tried to give the foal, calf, lamb to the waterman; he himself began to look children; in the forge, a hammer told him to take him and walk; fell where the shelter was, the water took the children away; they grew up, the girl married him; her brother shed tears, a wolf appeared, told him to sit on him and run; the young man enters the room where the water man and sister sleep, grabs his sister, sits on the wolf; at the direction of the wolf, takes a stone from under his tail, throws it, grows a mountain to heaven; the waterman returns for with a hammer and a chisel, breaks through the passage; wants to leave the tools, but forty starts screaming for them; the waterman takes them home, comes back, catches up and returns the fugitives; the young man cries again, comes bear, everything repeats itself; the young man throws the bear's bristles, wooded mountains appear to the sky; then the same episodes; the third time brother and sister run away on a fox, she tells us to throw flint; the water cannot be overcome the sea of fire, it stops the persecution; brother and sister build a house for themselves across the bubbling river; the wolf, bear and fox come to live with them; the sister throws stones into the river, the current calms down, the water crosses the river , lives with a girl; during the day she turns into a pin, the girl hides it in the cracks in the wall; the animals feel it; the sister asks to lock the animals behind 9 iron doors for the night; the water grabs the young man, throws it into a hot bath; animals break in, breaking one door after another; the raven tells the young man to hold out a little longer; at the last moment the animals break in, tear the water to pieces; the young man asks his sister; she found it in ash she put a water bone under his brother's pillow; a bone pierced his head, his sister buried the deceased; the animals dug his body; the bear put his head on it, a water bone passed into it, the young man came to life; the bone passed from bear to wolf; the fox put its head up, managed to pull them back, the wolf came to life, the bone was stuck in the pine tree; they all came to the parents of brother and sister, the young man rejuvenated them with live water; the father kicked them out a traitor daughter, his son became king]: 170-186; Seto: Mälk et al. 1967, No. 52 [mother died; brother and sister went to the forest, came across a house, an old man there; began to live with him; when he died, he gave them each with a handkerchief, they are tied together in a knot; if they untie it, trouble will happen; one day the sister decided to untie the knot; a handsome guy in white came, it was hell; offered the girl to lime her brother; let him pretend to be sick, ask for wolf's milk; the brother went to look for the she-wolf, she asked her not to kill, let herself be milked and went with him; the same with the bear; bring water from the lake to who is a huge snake; the young man, along with the she-wolf, the bear and his dog, was defeated by a snake, the young man brought water; bring flour from the damn mill; when the young man took the flour, the 12 iron doors behind closed and the animals remained with them; at home, the devil was going to kill the young man; from asking permission to wash in the bathhouse before death; drowns for a long time; the animals broke the doors, ran, broke the line; only tooth was left; the young man left his sister in a bathhouse with two barrels; let one cry for his brother, the other for hell; see where there is more; taught the animals to dance, went with them, showing them for money; the king will give his daughter for that who will make her laugh; when she sees the animals dancing, the princess laughed; the wedding; the young man is told to bring his sister; he followed her - the barrel with tears on the line is full; on the way back, sitting in a carriage, sister she put a damn tooth in her brother's ear, the brother died; the wife placed the body in an iron coffin on a pole; the animals howl at the foot; a stranger king who passed by saw it, ordered the coffin to be removed; the tooth fell out, the young man came to life, drove his sister away, inherited the throne from his father-in-law]: 127-132; Sandra 2004 [dying, the king told his daughter to rule until her brother grew up; she decided to lime her brother; pretended to be sick, ordered to bring hare milk; hare gave milk; next time a fox; a she-wolf; a bear; a tigress, a lioness; my sister sent her brother to bring bread from the mill where the witch was; he went with all his animals that gave him milk; he took bread, and when sent the animals to eat too, the witch slammed the doors shut; the sister put her brother in the cellar, the witch must eat him; at this time the animals break the doors one by one; this is reported by a raven, a dove, a swallow; each once the young man asks the cannibal to give him more time; the last time he asks for permission to light the pipe; the animals break in, kill the witch; the young man, telling his sister to cry for his return a bucket of bloody tears, leaves with his animals; comes to a city where mourning; a man explains that every year a sea serpent demands a sacrifice, otherwise it will flood the city, the turn of the royal daughter; the animals tore the snake, the princess gave his handkerchief to the savior; the coachman crept up, cut off the young man's head, told the princess to swear that she would declare him the winner of the snake; the animals mourn, the fox tells him to pretend to be dead, the raven descends with a crow, the fox grabs the crow, tells the crow to bring water connecting the dicks and living water; he brings it; the fox tore the crow for testing, glued it together, revived it; then the young man; the animals cast lots, falls on a bear, he brings a handkerchief to the palace, the princess recognizes him; meets the savior; the king tells him to tear the coachman apart by four bulls; the young man gets a princess; goes to visit his sister; she cried a bucket of blood; a witch's tooth is injected into his brother's head, he falls dead; he is put in a tower; the hare comes, the tooth pierces him, he dies, the young man comes to life; the fox takes the tooth out of the hare, throws it into the bush, the bush dried up; animals tore his sister; the young man became ruler over both kingdoms]: 192-202;

Lutsie (1893; the informant is 75 years old, she knew the fairy tale from her grandmother,

who spoke only Lutsi dialect) [brother with three dogs and sister; brother hunting, sister to the sea; hell waves across the sea: come here; sister: go by yourself; on the third day he crossed the sea; now all the food falls to the line; brother went to the healer, she told the devil; he will be on the stove; the brother tells her sister to boil water, poured it on the stove: there are a lot of cockroaches; the sister feeds the scalded in the morning; the next day the same (hell outside the door - fleas divorced); the third time the devil under a pile of sawdust, scalded his mouth with boiling water; in the morning hell with my brother: you are my son-in-law, you must cure me; on the island there is a mill, in the ninth chamber there is flour dust, let the dogs bring it, this he will cure me; when the dogs get there, the doors shut; a raven flies, shouts to the guy: you will be sent to the bathhouse, take your time; every time the raven screams how many doors the dog has gnawed; the guy tells the hell to go to first bathhouse; dogs came running, broke the line; brother leaves with his sister tied; if a tear flows down his belt, he is sweet to her, and if resin, then sweet to hell; the guy came to the king, began to play the pipe, at the king three daughters, the third fell in love, married him; the brother went to my sister, brought it with him; she picked up a damn tooth; the brother told everyone: just don't let my sister into my bedroom; she snuck in, put her tooth under the brother's pillow, the tooth pierced, the brother died; the sister asks to kill the dogs, otherwise the body will be dug out of the coffin; the dogs were buried separately, but they got out, the sister threw them into the water, they got out again, asking for a crow, forty to bring alive and dead water; they began to dig up the owner; the tooth jumped out twice, killed two dogs, the third took refuge, the tooth pierced the oak tree; the owner revived the dogs, played the pipe, the wife recognized; sister torn by three horses]: Annom et al. 2018:126-130; Latvians [Angry sister (mother). The sister (mother) becomes the mistress of a trait (robber). He encourages her to kill her brother. The sister pretends to be sick, sends her brother for animal milk. The brother gets milk and gets animal cubs. My sister sends her brother to the damn mill. The animals remain trapped in the mill and can't help their brother. The hell wants to kill his brother, but he wants permission to heat the sauna. He heats the sauna very slowly, the animals break out of the mill, come running and lift the line. With the help of animals, the brother frees the princess. She forgives her sister, but she puts a damn tooth at his head. Brother dies, animals save him]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 315:275.

Volga - Perm. Mordva: Samorodov 1972 [=1985:279-283; when he dies, the old man tells his son to slaughter a heifer, her heart and liver will turn into two dogs; the sister pulls a snake out of the well; both decide to lime her brother; sister pretends to be sick, sends a lion and a tiger for milk; to the mill for flour; the old woman tells me to take flour so that one leg comes in and the other leaves; the doors slam when the dogs are inside; the young man climbs on a birch tree, dogs have time to gnaw through doors, kill a snake; the princess is given to be eaten by a 12-headed snake; the young man's dogs kill him, he hides his heads under a stone; the soldier says that he killed the snake; the young man shows the princess's ring, the soldier's head is cut off; the sister puts a snake tooth in the pillow; the body of the young man in the barrel is thrown into the sea; the old woman finds her, revives the young man with live water; the brother ties his sister to the tail horse]: 293-299; Kippar 2002 [Maskeev 1966:143-153; as in Samorodov 1972, but other details; mother dies, wants to bless children, son comes up; father dies, orders to stab the calf, heart and liver put in the stomach, leave it under the stove; three dogs will appear: Mastordonga ("heavier than the ground"), Warmadonga ("stronger than the wind"), Komlyadonga ("lighter than hops"); neither bird nor animal leaves dogs; sister is homely; the snake in the well asks him to get him, promises to become a groom; at home offers to get rid of his brother; the sister pretends to be sick; 1) asks her brother to bring lion's milk; the owner of the forest meets Virbaba; teaches the guards to say that he came by order; lions give milk; the snake tells his mistress not to drink it - the lions have bewitched milk; 2) the same is tiger milk; 3) bring flour from the ever-working mill ; V. teaches: when entering one leg, put the toe forward, the other with his toe out; the young man took the torment, went out, the doors slammed shut, the dogs remained inside; in the yard to meet the snakes, his sister is wearing him, they say that now they will kill the young man; the brother asks for permission to wash in the bathhouse; the magpie tells him to drown slowly: the dogs gnawed through one door, 11 remain; this is what he says after each door; when the last one, the brother asks for permission to climb to the birch tree, say goodbye to everyone; the snake knocked down the birch tree, the young man knocked down to another, the third, the dogs broke in, killed the snake; the young man takes the dogs and leaves; gently greets the three-toothed old woman Virbaba; she says that otherwise she would have swallowed it; asks her to tell her stories, otherwise she would not fall asleep; the young man tells his own story; V. fell asleep; the next day the young man returned from hunting - V. sleeps; on the third day, neither V. no prey; V. went to kill him because he killed animals and birds; revived the prey, let him into the forest; enters and wants to eat, the young man again tells a fairy tale - how dogs caught game without his knowledge; V. fell asleep; the young man buried his prey and lay down too; in the morning: what's the sound? V.: this snake is going to eat the princess; the young man leaves, leaving the dogs; if they worry, let them go; the young man falls asleep on the princess's lap, wakes up from her tears; calls the dogs, they tore the 18-headed snake, the young man hid his heads under a stone; leaves for 3 days, the princess gives him a ring; the soldier says that he killed the snake; the princess promises to confirm in 3 days; the soldier cannot move the stone under which the heads; the young man returned, the soldier was beheaded, the wedding; sent for his sister and V.; V. did not come - she cannot leave the forest, otherwise he will dry out; the sister has a pillow with a snake tooth inside; brother lay down and died; sister: Our custom, the dead is thrown into the sea in a barrel; the barrel is washed ashore; dogs cannot be opened; V. opened, sent a black grouse for living water; the young man moved, the snake tooth fell out of his mouth; the young man returned, sister She asks for forgiveness, but she was tied to the horse's tail; wedding again; V. waits for the young man to come to tell a third fairy tale]: 137-145; Marie: Chetkarev 1948:45-54 [=Tudorovskaya, Eman 1945:49-59; dying, the father tells his son Ivan to cut his head, the dogs Katay and Valyay come out of it; sister I. Avdotya sees a guy behind the lake; he tells her to whip her father's whip on the water, a bridge forms; the guy becomes A.'s lover, asks her to kill I.; teaches her to pretend to be sick, ask her to bring 1) bear milk, 2) lionesses (they give, the bear gives the bear cub), 3) grind flour in the mill that she grinds herself; I. leaves with flour, and the animals that remain licking the flour remain locked up; A. with her lover I. is preparing to eat; he asks to let him take a steam bath; the cuckoo says that the animals have already broken 11 of the 12 doors, tells him to wash more slowly; dogs and a bear have torn his lover to pieces; I. chained A. in the bathhouse, promised to let go when she eats the coals, spits on a vat of saliva; comes to the city, where 3-, 6- and 9-headed snakes are given the royal daughters; I. kills snakes, hides their heads, the coachman makes the princess say that he is the savior; the coachman was exiled to hard labor, I. takes the younger princess; I. brings A.; she kept her lover's tooth, puts I. in her ear; I. is buried, the animals tear the body out, the old woman takes a tooth out of her ear, I. comes to life ; the old woman warns that A. will appear as a wife, try to give him a child, cannot take him; I. takes it, turns into a dog; she is sold to a merchant, animals beg for the dog, the old woman returns I. the appearance of a person; he beats A. with this whip, she turns into a horse; then again into a sister, ties a horse to the tail], 69-77 [a childless wife eats the onion given by the healer, the mare eats the peel, the woman has a childless wife Ivan is born, the mare has a foal; the husband leaves for business, the wife takes a lover, who offers to lime her son; the mother gives poisoned cake, shirt, horse teaches them to throw them away; the wife pretends to be sick, asks to slaughter the horse; the father returns, I agree, the son asks for permission to ride for the last time, leaves; the horse does not tell you to drink twice from the well, I. drinks, the girl appears; the horse disappears, promising to come to the rescue; I. comes to the king under the guise of an arap; the king orders to pull out the dry apple trees, I. pulls out everything, the king demands to plant a new garden; the horse fulfills; the younger princess asks to pass her off as an arapa; I. fits into one ear of a horse, crawls out into the other, smashes enemies, whips her older sons-in-law with a whip; so three times; the younger princess shows her fiancé in his true ob does not tell you to drink from the well twice, and son asks for a policy, I. gets half the kingdom]; Kazan Tatars: Zamaletdinov 2008b, No. 1 [my brother has three dogs: lighter than the wind, lighter than hops, heavier than the ground; the sister took a snake yuha as a lover; that offers to poison her brother; one dog overturns poisoned water, the other overturns a bowl of porridge, the third breaks the bathhouse in which Juha wanted to burn the young man, carries him to the river, the young man comes to life; leaves his sister to fill a barrel with tears, dry like a ray, eat a brick; kills the 6-, 9-, 12-headed ajdah, to whom the eldest, middle, youngest daughter of the padishah was given; each gives her ring; the watchman says that the princess saved he, but cannot lift the stone under which his heads; he was shot, the young man took the middle princess, lives with her in the forest; a sister came, put Yuha's two teeth in his brother's bed; the dogs found, pulled their teeth out the young man's ear (they made the bear cry and the hare put his ear to the young man's ear); the young man cut off his sister's head], 15 [the padishah has a son and two daughters; the grooms are denied; the eldest was kidnapped; the mother died of grief; the padishah married a young man; the stepmother tells her stepson and stepdaughter to be driven away; they came to the house in the woods; there is a dugout nearby, where there are 12 robbers and an older sister; she gave them drink, their brother killed; sister regrets living with robbers; one is still alive, she went out; they agree to get rid of her brother; she pretended to be sick, sends for hare, fox, wolf, bear, lion, tiger milk; all animals give milk and cub; the younger sister takes care of them; the eldest offers to play cards, the loser will be tied up; tied up the brother, the robber is ready to kill him, but the animals have torn him to pieces; brother and younger sister come to another country; there Azhdaha devours girls, turn for the padishah's daughters; his brother kills him with the help of animals; the blind man says that he beat the double-headed ajdaha with a bucket, demands the princess as his wife; the next day the same (three-headed azhdakha, middle princess, imaginary savior - one-armed); then fire-breathing azhdakha, younger princess, lame; dzhigit comes to the wedding, shows heads crushed by a stone and data princesses rings; crushed the impostors with stones, married the younger princess; returned his older sister; she put the robber's tooth in bed to her brother, the brother died; the animals pulled out the tooth, the owner came to life; the animals lifted up older sister]: 25-32, 133-153

Western Siberia. Northern Khanty: Baulo et al. 2005, No. 1 (son) [Porne has a daughter, Moshne has a daughter and son; P. calls M. to roll down the mountain, puts a knife on the mountain, carries the corpse home, eats; promises her daughter that she will eat her children M.; M.'s children run away, throw a firestone (fire to the sky), a comb (forest), a sharpener (river); P. cannot cross it; contrary to the ban, the brother drinks from a puddle, sinks into the ground, his sister has time to grab only his eye; touches a rotten birch tree stump, a new P. comes out from under it; offers to swim, puts on the girl's clothes, gives her hers; both come to the house, P. marries Voshan-Kurtan's son, an old man, young M. for Tonton's son, an old man; daughters-in-law go home; where his brother is gone, M. sees a house, there is a woman; a brother comes, M. gives him his eye; when he sends his sister home, his brother tells him not to look back; she looked around When his eyes fall, those deer are gone, the others follow her; argish P. is not carried by deer, but by fish, she lets them go into the lake; at night P. puts a nail in her husband's ear, he dies; M. hears P. singing about it, says; the nail is removed, the man comes to life, P. was torn apart by deer]: 236-239; Steinitz 2014, No. 28 (Sherkal dialect) [husband and wife bought their son and daughter a toy - an iron horse; a horse destroyed the city and killed the couple; the children hid under the floor; the horse asks where they are; the comb, the flint, the skin scraper do not answer, it breaks them; leaves; the cow tells me to sit on it, takes it to the sea, tells there, slaughter her, wrap her guts around her, get into her stomach; the horse is chasing, her sister throws a flint (fire), a comb (forest), a whetstone (the mountain), a flint again (the horse burned down); brother and sister killed a cow, woke up in the house, there is a lot of food; they live on an island; a dog jumps out of a ball of foam; tells his brother that his sister will send him for fox milk; his sister sends him - he will recover from milk; the fox gave milk: if my sister doesn't drink, give it to my cub; my sister didn't drink, the fox drank; the same with the blue fox; the dog to the young man: the sister hid the iron horse under your bed, lie down on the side; next time - milk and baby wolverine, you have to lie back to bed, and under the bunk there will be an iron horse; then a wolf; a bear; a horse under the threshold; in front of the threshold; the sister sends him to the house behind seven locks; there the old man lets the animals in, closes the door; the young man returns alone; the sister tells him to wash in the bathhouse, and then the iron horse will kill him; the bird reports three times that the animals are digging an underground passage; the animals have come they killed an iron horse; the brother nailed his sister's hands to the floor, vessels near his eyes: if necessary, his vessel must be filled with tears, and if an iron horse, then hers; the brother married the king's daughter; took sister to her; she put an iron horse's tooth in his bed, his brother died; he was buried in an iron coffin; the animals dug, broke it; the dog found a crow's nest: bring the grass of life, otherwise I'll eat eggs; the crow brought it, the dog crushed one egg, restored it with grass; revived the young man; he let the animals go, left only the dog; tied his sister to two sledges, tore it with horses; threw one leg into the forest, grew out of it a swamp willow, the other on a hill, a forest tree has grown; the brother lives well (with his wife)], 29 (son's dialect) [the king made an iron toy horse for his son and daughter; she ate the city and the king and the queen; brother with her sister tells her not to be afraid; they filled the trough with wine, the horse is drunk, they sat on a donkey, the horse is chasing; across the river, a donkey tells him to be killed, a dog jumped out of his belly; they came to the cannibals hid in the barn; the cannibals climbed there, the prince killed them; only a robber remained under the floor; invites the prince's sister to pretend to be sick, send her brother for the milk of an iron wolf; the she-wolf gave milk and a cub; the same is a bear; a lion; now the prince has a dog, a wolf, a bear, a lion; his sister asks for flour from a barn with seven compartments; the prince is out, the animals remain in the barn; the cannibal robber tells wash in the bath; the bird reports three times that the animals are about to get out; the animals tore the robber; the prince: when the age of puppeteers (humans) comes, let there be nothing so terrible {in the sense of monsters}; He tied his sister to horseback riding: if she needed him, let her drink a barrel of clean water, if she did not need it, a barrel of alkali; the prince put one boot on the road, then the other; the coachman stopped and went for the first boot, The prince took the royal daughter to him; freed his sister, who drank a barrel of alkali; prepared a bed for her brother, put a needle into his ear, the brother died; the animals dug up the body, pulled out the needle, the wife is happy; the sister was put on pole, shot with guns]: 169-185, 185-196; Eastern Khanty (b. Vasyugan) [the son left, a daughter was born; the old woman gave birth to a girl with golden hair; the old man tells her to be taken to a place where people's heads are cut off; the old woman carried the girl, met her son, ordered not to kill, to bring father a spoonful of dog blood; the son's wife does not want his sister, he built his sister a separate house; the sister hears the noise in the underground, Savs-iki went out, she began to live with him, he offers to lime his brother; let him pretend sick, send for bear milk; the bear gives milk and a button from her ear; the same is a moose; the buttons turned into a bear and a calf; brother overheard S. talking to his sister, shot both of him heads, burned his body, ashes turned into midges and mosquitoes; sister found S.'s teeth, put her brother in his pillow, at night his teeth crawled into his ear, he died; the coffin was placed in the seventh room behind seven doors; dog, the bear cub and the calf broke the doors, the dog pulled his teeth out of his ear, the young man came to life; his sister died of fear]: Lukina 1990, No. 89:237-239; Southern Khanty [the hunter's dogs are bear and wolf; when leaving, he does not tell take revenge on the floor and scratch her head; she does this, filled the dogs ears with tin, put them on a chain; her lover, a seven-headed menkv, comes; then chases her brother, who climbs the larch; the menkv cuts , tired; the hare offers to chop it for him, the larch becomes stronger than it was; the same fox brought land and sand, the larch has become even stronger; the same otter; the brother asks the sparrow to call his dogs; the bear and the wolf do not hear; the raven hear; the bear fell off the chain, helped the wolf fall off; after a three-year battle, the wolf, bear and their owner killed the menqua, burned the corpse; the prince gave the hunter the youngest of 7 daughters; sister put a menqua tooth in bed; the hunter was buried, the animals dug him, pulled out his tooth, and tore his sister to pieces]: Patkanov 1999, No. 3:328-330.

Eastern Siberia. Evens (Olsky District of Magadan Oblast) [a man does not kill a duck, it promises to help; his dog tells you to see what is crawling on it; cut it into six parts; a man presses a flea, the dog immediately dies, he cuts it, these parts are eaten by two bears, two wolves, two foxes, become helpers; Cholare, with one hand, one leg, one eye in his forehead, asks the man's sister how she crosses the river; girl: her brother has a handkerchief, he will wave - land will form; C. asks to steal a handkerchief; she steals, C. crosses, marries; persuades him to send her brother to barns for yucola; barn doors do not open it, bears, wolves, foxes are sitting in the barns; when a person returns, he sees C.; he tells him to wash himself in the bathhouse first, then he will eat him; the animals tell him to call C. himself to the bathhouse; tear him apart a person burns the remains, leaves his sister tied to a tree, two cauldrons under her eyes; if the right one is full, then she mourns her brother, if the left is C.; leaves, marries; when the ropes are rotten, sister C. picks up his teeth, comes to his brother, puts his teeth in bed; he dies; the sister offers to burn the deceased, the wife offers to leave the coffin in the tree, bury the animals nearby; foxes, the bear break through the way out, the duck pushes the coffin off the tree, the wolf brings living water, the rest lick the owner's wound, he comes to life]: Novikova 1987:66-69 (=1958:60-65).

SV Asia. Coastal Koryaks (village. Palana, Western 1958 Zhukova) [the old man puts a chiruch (fishing gear), falls to the water to drink, he was pressed against the sand; let him go when he promised to give the children; sent his son and daughter to the chiruch at home; they ended up at the kele; they they try to leave on their own; they ask for a deer, he takes them away; the bear is the same; every time Kele catches up and returns; a pot-bellied calf offers to take them, Kele kicks him sleepily, the calf flies to the sky descends overseas; turns into a house; in one room two dogs become friends with her brother; sister sees a kele on the other side, throws a comb, it turns into a bridge, the kele crosses, becomes the girl's lover; on his advice, she serves her brother poisoned food, the dogs splashed a bowl; the wolf gives the young man two cubs as companions, the bear two cubs, the fox goes with the young man himself; Kele asks to heat the iron bath, the Fox tells not to heat it hot; the young man manages to get out of it, the dogs stayed inside, but broke through the iron door; Kele washed himself, it turns out that dogs, wolves, bears tore it; the corpse was burned along with bathhouse; sister finds kele's fang, put her brother in bed, he died; Fox wolves, bears pull the fang out of the young man's body, he comes to life; brother hooked his sister with a fang, burned it in the house]: Menovshchikov 1974, No. 137:422-430.