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K107. Returned spouse, ATU 425A, 425B, 425D, 425E, 432. .11.-.17.21.-.23.26.-.37. (.58.)

A magical husband leaves his wife. She finds it and returns it.

Suahili, Hausa, Mungaka, Nubians, Arabs of Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Berbers of Morocco, Spaniards, Aragon, Portuguese, Catalans, Sicilians, Italians (Turin, Veneto, Campania, Calabria), Ladins, Corsicans, Irish, British, French, Walloons, Bretons, Germans (Grimms, Schleswig-Holstein, Tyrol), Palestinians, Arabs of Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Marsh Arabs, Mehri, Tibetans, Lavrung, Lepcha, Mustang, Viets, Arakans, Kashmiris, Punjabians (Hariyana), Himachal Pakharis, Assamese, Bengalis, Northern India (Hindi), Sinhalese, Chinese (Henan), Koreans, Greeks, Ancient Greece, Hungarians, Romanians, Moldovans, Gagauz people, Albanians, Serbs, Bulgarians, Russians (Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Vologda, Ryazan, Voronezh), Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Podolia, Kiev), Czechs, Kalmyks, Abazans, Ossetians , Ingush, Kumyks, Avars, Dargins, Lezgins, Rutulans, Armenians, Georgians, Turks, Kurds, Persians, Wakhans, Shugnans, Uzbeks, Latvians, Norwegians, Faroese, Icelanders, Swedes, Danes, Eastern Sami, (Western Sami) ), Finns, Karelians, Lutsie, Mari, Komi, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks, Kyrgyz, Southern Selkups, Eastern and Southern Khanty, Ilimpic Evenks, Nanais, Udege, Wilta.

ATU 425B: Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Spaniards, Catalans, Portuguese, Italians, Corsicans, Sardinians, Irish, Scots, English, French, Flemish, Germans ( Mecklenburg, Silesia), Koreans, Ancient Greece, Hungarians, Macedonians, Romanians, Albanians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Poles, Slovaks, Turkmens, Iran, Swedes, Danes, Finns, Estonians, Sami, Latvians, Komi-Zyrians.

ATU 425D: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Sardinian, Lebanon, Iraq, Qatar, India, Bulgarians, Greeks, Turks, Kurds, Japanese.

ATU 425E: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Spaniards, Catalans, Portuguese, Sardinians, Italians, Palestine, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Hungarians, Croats, Macedonians, Romanians, Greeks, Slovaks, Turks, Japanese.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Swahili: El-Shamy 2004, No. 425A: 251

West Africa. Hausa [one daughter from an unloved wife, the other from a beloved; a daughter from an unloved one lives in a hut on a pile of manure, gives her father a cowrie, asks to bring King Agadez's son from the bazaar; in the bazaar, a man asks about this, he is beaten for a long time, left in the evening, the son of King Agadez promises to come on Friday; the father beats his daughter, talks about Friday; the young man arrives on Friday night, where he spits, there is silver; women found silver, out of envy they stuck needles in bed, the young man died; King Agadez tortured the girl's parents, but felt sorry for her; var.: the name of the girl Lahidi, the young man was Ba-Komi ("Nothing"); the daughter of his beloved wife stumbled into envy bed of thorns; B. has disappeared; L. goes to look for him, hears cannibal spirits talking under the tree; the latter says that if their bowel movements are given to the king's son to drink, he will recover; L. comes disguised as a doctor, B. drinks medicine, regurgitates thorns; L. takes a B ring as a reward, returns to himself; B. comes to kill L., she shows the ring, B. marries her, gives cattle to her father]: Tremearne 1913, No. 44:278-282; mungaka [the girl rejects the grooms; the father dried the termite and promised to give his daughter for someone who guessed it was; a man came, said it was a termite, got the girl and took her away, telling him not to take any flint with him , not a knife; on the way, the husband turned into a leopard, but his wife was not afraid; he left her in the house and promised that the man would bring her food and water; she gave birth without seeing the child, and he was taken away that night; then the second; the wife asked permission to visit the parents; the leopard allowed, but recalled the ban on flint and knife; the mother gave a knife and flint; you have to stick the knife in the bed with the point up; who came up it will come, hurt, scream; by screaming you will know whether it is a beast or a person; the wife screamed that her husband is human; he forgave her; then she lit a fire - a handsome man next to her; he cried out and disappeared; the wife went to look, came to the house where her leopard and her new wife; the former hired her mother-in-law to work, she pushed her around, the leopard did not stand up; but when he found out that his mother wanted to kill her, he killed his mother and a new wife, took his old one; immediately their grown-up children appeared, who were taken away from the woman after birth]: Meyer 1942, No. 4:149-154.

Sudan - East Africa. Sudanese Arabs [Hadariya's man's wife with daughter Nayya and another with three daughters; H. died, half-sisters persuaded N. to ask his father to get a young man named Green Beans (ZB); he has 7 fathers and 7 mothers, his palace is guarded by ants, hyenas, lions, slaves; the old woman tells ants to take millet (Pennisetum glaucum) with them, something to smoke for slaves, meat for lions and hyenas; began to show different things and ask if N. was better than them; N.'s father always said that it was better; ZB wrote that it was foolish for N. to wish him as a husband that he would marry a slave; N. told the old woman sell her, ZB bought her; she went home, leaving a note: it is foolish for the ZB to hope to make N. a slave; ZB found N. and married her; the sisters persuaded N. to find out how to kill ZB; that: we must burn the seven-headed snake, spray ashes on the bed; sisters did so; ZB fell ill, his relatives took him away; N. went, met an old man, asked how to kill men in their country; old man: stab a thorn in his head ; she stabbed, put on the old man's skin and clothes, asked the birds what they ate; one said that ZB was sick, the other that if you burn their liver and wings and mix them, he would recover from this drug; N. killed birds, prepared a potion; cured ZB; asked for his sword and scourge as a reward; brought him home; ZB came, saw them, was surprised; went back; N. followed him; the sisters followed her, robbed and blinded her; the nomads picked them up; she began to weave carpets, asked them to be sold to cannibals, the carpet was exchanged for the eyes; ZB came, N. admitted; they burned the sisters, everything is fine]: Al-Shahi, Moore 1920, No. 13:91-94; the Nubians : Kronenberg in El-Shamy 2004, No. 432:211-214

North Africa. Moroccan Berbers (Fez): El Fasi, Dermenghem 1926 [When leaving, the merchant asks his three daughters what to bring each of them; the elders ask for bracelets and shoes, the youngest asks for "a passion-filled attire love" (Le caftan d'amour tacheté de passion); after a long search, the merchant met an old man; he teaches him to go to a tree by the sea; he will get 7 dishes, he must eat; then drink sea water; he appeared from the waters man: what do you want; when he learned about the caftan, he told me to dive; the man on the throne gave a piece of sandalwood: let his daughter close herself and burn it; she did it; the servants took her to the palace of the Caftan of Love ; every evening she is given a sleepy drink; her husband spends the night with her but she does not see it; gets permission to see her sisters and parents; sisters made her talk; told her not to drink sleeping pills, and when the husband falls asleep, light a candle; wax dripped on the man's face; he forgave her, but promised not to let her go to his parents again; but the father came and persuaded him to let his daughter go again; now her sisters persuaded her to find out her husband's name; her husband was silent for a long time; finally became a giant, said his name was Kaftan el Houb (Robe of Love), threw the woman far into the desert; she dressed as Talib and under the name Xi Ali began to read in the mosque; the Sultan brought the imaginary Talib closer; the Sultan's daughter fell in love, fell ill with love; rabbi: to cure her, she must hang Si Ali's little finger severed around her neck; the princess is better, but not for long; cut off the earlobe (same); bring the brain; Si Ali was taken to a deserted place, she went to the stream and disappeared; Love Caftan: now you've seen everything, live quietly and enjoy happiness]: 225-245; 1928 [father goes on Hajj; to find out which of his 7 daughters is the smartest, he offers them 7 eggs: if you take them with you, they will break, and if left, they will go bad; six daughters figure out how to cook eggs; the youngest offers to hang them from the ceiling - they will remain; she stayed behind the main one; the ball fell into the well; the youngest went down to get it, found an underground passage to a neighboring house, where there are 40 robbers; alone at home; she asks him to get something, cleans the stairs, takes the property; so with three; then she brings the sisters, they put the robbers to sleep with hashish in the drink, painted them as women, put radishes in the ass, they put black porridge in their pants; the next day, the sisters take the robbers to the bathhouse - they will wash themselves and surrender to them; the robbers prepare a pot of resin and butter to cook the offenders; they ask not to enter them into the steam room while they hear the cup ringing; they tied this cup to the mouse's tail; the mouse is running, the sound is heard; the sisters spread soap on the steps, climbed through the hole in the wall, bribing the stoker; next time The robbers took turns sticking their heads into the sisters' yard, putting a brand on each's forehead with a hot iron; the robbers are fleeing; the younger sister sold them to the Sultan as her rebellious slaves - look stigma; when the father left, all the sisters asked for clothes and jewelry, and the youngest asked for the Pearl in Hand; the father brought two boxes from the guli; when the youngest daughter received them, the maids came out of one, the other is a black servant; now she is the wife of the Pearl in Hand (JR), lives in a house where the robbers were; a black woman puts her to sleep in the evenings, then JR comes; two doves say that sisters and parents miss her; she was released and her sister found out that she was in the robbers' house; found a glass tube through which ZhR entered, broke it; when the JR appeared, he was badly injured; JR told the black woman slaughter his wife in the desert and bring her bloody shirt; when the maid brings her sword, the rooster rushes to the blade, pours his blood on the young woman's shirt, the rooster's head grows and he flies away; JR regretted that she hastened to kill; his wife pulled a lamb's stomach over her head, dressed up as a man; hears two doves talking; JR can be cured with the leaves of this tree and our blood; the woman killed doves, gained leaves; cured JR - Sultan Ghoulay; stayed with him forever; he forgave the maid for her disobedience]: 7-32; Moroccan Arabs: El-Shamy 2004, No. 425A: 202; Arabs of eastern Algeria [of the seven daughters, the king loves the youngest, and the sisters are jealous; when the father leaves, each asks for something to be brought to her, etc., and they persuade the youngest to ask for a rose bush; On the way back, the royal camel did not budge until the king went to look for the bush; the old man tells us to slaughter the ram and leave it at the entrance to the cave; if the ram is caught by a white dog, feel free to enter, and if black, then the king will die; black but white came out after him and took the ram; the king came in to meet the prince, he is the rose bush; tells us to go home, and he will arrive in the form of thunderstorm and rain; every time leaves gold under the younger princess's pillow, the sisters take it away; finally, the youngest notices gold; the sisters stick needles, the Rosebush hurt himself, flew away, saying that she would not return again; the princess goes to searches; lion and lioness say they fell asleep when the sky turns red and black, the moon will hide behind the clouds; RK will heal their liver and heart; the princess waited, killed lions, took the liver and heart; she irrigated With broth, the prince's body, the needles fell out; the prince recognized the girl; the wedding; all the genies rejoiced]: Scelles-Millie 1963:291-297; Tunisia: Al-Aribi 2009, No. 78 [Once upon a time there was a woodcutter and had seven daughters. Every day he bought food and clothes for his seven daughters. One day he went to cut wood, and suddenly a black genie appeared in front of him, saying that the woodcutter was preventing his master, Al-Shazili Ben Adili, from sleeping. But the woodcutter said he needed to cut wood because he should buy something for his youngest daughter Aisha today. Then the genie disappeared, and then reappeared and asked the lumberjack to marry Aisha for his master, then he would reward him with wealth and he would no longer have to work. The woodcutter came home and told me everything. Aisha cried but agreed. Then the black genie Bilyal came to pick her up, closed her eyes, and she found herself in a beautiful palace surrounded by a garden. Her husband only showed up at night and she never saw his face. One day she went for a walk in the garden and caught a pigeon and he had a letter. Her older sister wrote to her that her mother was dead. Then her husband let her go home, but warned her not to listen to her older sister's words. At home, she found out that all her sisters were married. They all started talking about their husbands and she had nothing to say. Then the older sister found out from Aisha that they had been living together for five years, but she had never seen her husband's face. She gave her a candle and matches and advised her to light it when he slept. When Aisha returned to the palace, her husband once again warned him not to listen to her sister's advice, but she did not listen and saw that he was very handsome and had a key on his chest, which read: "The key to seventh room." She took it and opened this room, went into it and found herself at the market. Every time she went to the merchant to buy something, he would tell her, "This is for Aisha, the lumberjack's daughter, if she was patient." While she was walking like this, a drop of wax fell on her husband's face and he woke up. She apologized for her behavior, but he did not accept it. They went back to bed, and Aisha woke up alone in a deserted place in the morning. She saw a shepherd herding his sheep and offered him all her jewelry and clothes in exchange for his clothes and flock. So Aisha disguised herself as a shepherd. One day she heard a woman lament that she could not file a complaint to the king because she had no ink and could not write. Aisha asked her to bring her coal and complained to the king. The king was surprised at this complaint and appointed Aisha as his scribe. The Queen became jealous, on the advice of the old woman, she was sick and they say that only "the healing story and tears of a slave" can cure her, and only a scribe can get this medicine. Aisha left the palace, and Bilyal with a magic carpet was already waiting for her there. She flew it to the gray-haired sheikh, who immediately greeted her as Aisha, Al-Shazili's wife Ben Adili. He told her his story. He was married and his wife brought him juice every day, and somehow he felt unwell that he couldn't even get out of bed. Then he made his wife drink this juice. She fell asleep, and he sat on a large bird that came to pick up his wife and found himself in the palace where the blind genie lived with his children. He cut off their heads and took them with him. When his wife woke up, he served her a meal. When she lifted the lid, she saw her genie husband and their children's heads on the platter. The sheikh tied her to the wall so that her tears would become a cure for the suffering. While he was telling this story, she cried a whole pitcher. He gave it to Aisha and ordered him to say to the king's wife at the end of the story: "Welcome Aisha, Al-Shazili's wife Ben Adili, when he saw me." Bilyal took her back on the flying carpet. Aisha told the cork everything, honestly admitted her deception, apologized, and left the palace where her husband was waiting for her, who was captivated by her courage and loyalty to him], 85 [The woman became pregnant and predicted she is an old woman that she will give birth to a daughter who will suffer a lot at the beginning of her life, but then be happy for the rest of her life. That's what happened. The woman gave birth to a daughter who was very beautiful and named her Sharakat Vuduat. Her son, Sultan Qamar Az-Zaman, saw her and decided to marry her. Sharakat Vooduat had a cousin, whom she loved very much. She told her that she was getting married and her mother found out. She replaced her fiancée with her own daughter. When the prince found out about the change, he became very angry, killed his cousin Sharakat, broke the wall and ran away from the palace. Sharakat was upset about the death of her cousin, then packed up and went in search of the prince. She walked for a long time, then sat on marble. The woman on the other side told Sharakat to shake the rock and see what was under it. Gulya's daughter was there. She asked her father about the prince. Gul got angry and gouged out her eye, then Sharakat went to her middle sister, whose father cut off her arm, and told the youngest that she needed to cross seven seas and seven lands, go through the land of ghouls and horrors and get to a forgotten grave from scratch, then fill 40 jugs and 40 vats with tears. All this can only be done with a staff, clothes, and a piece of ghoul. The youngest daughter gave it all to Sharakat. She did everything, but when she was left with only one jug, she was very tired and asked a black girl to look after the jugs while she slept. The girl dug up the prince, he married her because he promised to marry the one who would be the first to get him out of the grave. Sharakat smeared tar on her face and began working as a maid in homes until she found the prince's house. She broke the first nut that her daughter Gulya gave her, and it turned out to be a beautiful necklace. She exchanged it with the prince's black wife for a night she spent with him. His wife added sleeping pills to his coffee. He didn't wake up, and it was the same on the second night. On the third, he did not drink coffee because the servant asked him why his room was crying at night. The prince just pretended to be asleep, heard everything, recognized Sharakat, they lived happily ever after] in Korovkina MS; the Arabs of Libya [the Sultan's daughter buys a magic mirror from a Jew; it tells her that her happiness is in the dog, which should be in the garden; the princess brings the dog into the room; she turns into a young man; the mother spies, throws the dog's skin into the fire; the young man disappears; the princess gathers the old people, to tell stories; one saw three ships at sea; a dog jumped ashore, turned into a young man, threw three apples: for the east, for the west and for the princess; the princess asks the old man to take her there where he saw it all; lovers reunite]: Panetta, l'Arabo parlato, p. 102-105 in Novak 1969, No. 245:237-238; Libyan Arabs [poor spouses have 7 daughters; a black man grabs one of them by the hand; he brought so much money that his parents gave him a daughter; he takes the bride to a luxurious palace; at night he turns into a beautiful young man; one night she entecht auf seiner Brust {what is it?} and opens it; then the husband disappears; the wife goes in search; meets his sister and tells her everything; gives birth to a son, who also has a lock and a key on his chest; the sister shows his brother his child; he brings it to his wife and returns to her]: Nowak 1969, No. 97:112; Egyptian Arabs: Artin Pasha 1895, No. 5 [the king announced that he is marrying three daughters; let each throw a headscarf on her the chosen one; the eldest threw it at the prince, the middle on the emir, the youngest on the horns of a goat; and so on three times; persuaded her father to pass her off as a goat; in marriage, the goat turns into Prince Charming, tells no one talk about it; older sons-in-law went to war and returned victorious, wives greet them; the younger princess sees her husband and greets her too; sisters think she has a connection on the side; father wants to execute her, she has to tell her everything, her husband disappears; the princess began to keep the bathhouse and asked the women to talk about their misfortunes; one day an old woman came and told something else; she I washed, saw a mule that took two jugs of water, stamped his hoof and began to go underground; the old woman followed him, 40 goats came in, another on horseback; turned into a young man, began to mourn her fate; the princess told the old woman to bring her to that place, went down, rushed to the prince, he said that the spell was broken and she could return to the palace; everything is fine]: 87-102; Spitta-Bey 1883, No. 10 [father died; three brothers built a palace for her mother and sister; the old woman advises the girl to ask her brother to bring a singing nightingale; the elder leaves the brothers a rosary - if they decrease in size, he is dead; the person he meets teaches him to wait for the nightingale to return to the cage and fall asleep, not to show himself earlier; but the young man hurried, the nightingale shook off the sand on him, he died; the rosary shrunk; the same with his middle brother (left ring); younger Mohammed waited for the nightingale to fall asleep, ban the cage; ordered the brothers to be revived; he revived many blacks and Turks who had died earlier; M.: where are the brothers? then the nightingale revived the others; the brothers returned home, brought the nightingale; the man tells Mohammed that his turban is dirty; the mother explains: this means that the sister will behave unworthily, she must be killed ; M. refuses, leaves home with his sister; M. entered the cave of 40 thieves; they divide the food into 40 servings, M. quietly takes one; after confusion, the robbers realized that they had a young man with them; M. said he was a thief; volunteered to be a servant, stabbed sleeping robbers, brought his sister; found and brought two lion cubs; his sister found that one of the robbers, a black man, had just been wounded, went out and became with him to live, gave birth to two children; to get rid of her brother, she asked him to get the grapes of paradise; M. greeted the cannibal, she gave a balloon, he rolled, we must follow him; he reached the Garden of Eden, brought grapes; the black man advised to send M. for live water; M. hears the conversation of two turtles: only living water will heal the princess; M. filled the vessels with living water, immersed them on a donkey, came to the king, cured the princess, married her; left her one vessel of living water, the other took her sister; she spoke to him, and the black man came up from behind and decapitated her; the lions ran away; the black man put the pieces of his body in a bag, loaded her on donkey, let him go; disguised as a black man, M. came to his sister, killed her lover and children, buried his sister alive; his father had already died and he moved all his property to his wife's house]: 123-236.

Southern Europe. Spaniards: Camarena, Chevalier 1995, No. 425A [the childless queen wants at least a crocodile; he bites off the nurse's nipples; finally, Mariquita's girlfriend has agreed to feed him when her breast is covered iron; he grew up, asked to marry the girl; Mariquita's older sister goes first; the crocodile tells her not to sleep, he will come at midnight; she falls asleep, he killed her; the same with her middle sister; M. does not sleep, crocodile says that this girl would spell him; took off seven crocodile skins, became handsome, told his wife not to touch her skin; M. told her mother-in-law, she came in, burned her skins; the husband flew to the castle Go, you won't come back, his wife will find, wearing out 7 pairs of iron shoes and the same number of her son, whom he will give birth; they are almost worn out; St. The virgin gave M. three nuts with valuables inside; the eagle carried M. and her son on her back from the eagle castle to the castle Go, you won't come back; M. opened the first nut, in which the spinning wheel, sells her husband's bride for the right spend the night, but she gives the young man sleeping pills, he does not wake up; the same second night (spindle); the third time a golden egg, the servant threw away the sleeping pill, the husband recognized M., the spell was removed; told everyone that I found the lost key and I don't need a new one anymore], 425E (Ciudad Real) [the poor man has three daughters, one dress for three; he goes for brushwood, picks rosemary, hears a voice: who is dragging me by the beard? the door opens, someone asks him to bring his daughter, gives clothes, offers to eat 3 nuts and 2 figs; the father brings the eldest daughter, who eats two nuts out of three, her voice sends her; the same with the middle daughter; the youngest gives two out of three to her father, asks her to stay; her husband is with her at night, but she does not see him; she asked for time off for her sister's wedding, her husband tells her not to tell anything, not to kiss anyone; then to her father's funeral; there she kissed her aunt, who asked her, advised her to light a candle at night; a drop of wax woke her husband up, he says that in two days the spell would be broken, teaches her to find him, not to be afraid of animals along the way, choose a room by the road for the night; she gave birth, her husband's mother praised the child, her husband's crocodile skin came off, everything is fine], 432 (Extremadura) [a widow with two daughters cares for the daughter of a widower neighbor; she persuaded him to marry a neighbor; his new wife is a witch, trying to harm his stepdaughter; the father asks what to bring the girls from the fair; the wife's daughters ask for new clothes, the husband's daughter asks for two measures of thyme seeds; she sowed thyme in a flower pot, it grew beautiful for sore eyes; at night she puts the pot on the windowsill, calls the prince; a beautiful bird arrives, turns into a young man; in the morning she leaves a bag with with money; so nightly; stepmother sends her own daughter to spend the night in her stepdaughter's rooms; she pretends to be asleep, sees everything; stepmother tells her daughter to stick steel knives into the pot; the bird screams that it is fatal wounded, flies away; aunt teaches the girl to take a healing ointment from a doctor and go to the royal palace; the prince recovered, the girl came back, called him in the usual way; he flew in and wanted to kill her, but she showed who was the doctor who saved him; brought her to the palace; wedding]: 241-246, 253-258, 294-298; Malinovskaya 2002 [the poor man goes for the bars, grabs the willow, the dragon tells him to bring him what he meets first at home; he thinks it will be a dog, the youngest daughter comes out; he sends first the eldest, the middle one, the dragon rejects them; at night he sheds his skin, becomes handsome; the dragon's wife visits the sisters, they are jealous, they burn the skin, the husband tells me to look for him in a gilded castle, wearing out seven pairs of iron shoes; the wife and son come to the old woman, who tells her to wait for the Moon Eagle to return; the Moon sends to her Sun Brother , he goes to the Wind Brother, the Wind takes her to the castle, where her missing husband marries; the wife consistently kindles three coal given by her husband, each fulfills the wish to have a beautiful spinning wheel; for three spinning wheels, the wife buys three nights in the prince's bedroom; on the third night, the prince does not drink a sleepy potion, returns to his wife and son]: 233-237; Aragon [the prince looks like a crocodile, a pig, etc.; the third daughter of a poor man agrees to marry him; at night he turns into a man; the wife violates the prohibition to report it, either her mother sees her son-in-law in human form, or his animal skin is burned; the wonderful husband disappears ; the wife finds it and returns it]: González Sanz 1996, No. 425A: 81; Portuguese: Braga 2002 (Algarve): 99-102 [the three sisters decided not to be afraid to spend the night in a house where strange noises are heard; the youngest comes last; scream from the ceiling: I'm falling! girl: well, fall; leg falls; then the rest of the body in the same way; an old man appears; when she finds out that the girl is not afraid of him, gives her an inexhaustible purse with money; if anything, you have to call him Querecas; someone goes to bed with the girl at night; she is afraid that it is old K., lights a candle, but sees a handsome man next to him; a drop of wax falls on his face, he wakes up, says that the spell is almost It was over, and now she would never see it; the girl went to that house and called K.; he gave her three balls of thread, we must go where they went; she went to the palace, persuaded the gardener to let her in, gave birth to a boy; the queen said that the newborn looked like her missing son; she noticed a sign on his back, turned the key, the spell broke, a prince appeared {the key is not very clear}] 167-168 [the woman's son is a raven; there are three daughters next to the family; the raven marries the eldest, she refused, the raven pecked out her eye; the same with the middle one; the youngest agrees; at night she throws her husband's feather outfit into the fire; he says so that she asks the birds to give him new feathers; becoming a bird again, she flies away; the wife will find him, wearing out her iron shoes; she wanders for a long time at the source of crows and teaches: to take away the laundress's feather outfit, who will come to wash, wash herself; there is a house nearby, there is an old man; he must be killed to free all the birds from the cages; she asked the old man to go to the window and pushed him into the sea; the birds turned into princes whom he bewitched; including her husband], 169-170 [an enchanted prince flies to the window of the youngest of the three sisters as a bird, dips himself in a bowl of water; envious sisters put razors in the water; the youngest saw blood, went to look for the prince; came to the mother of the Month, she hid it; Month: I smell a man; the mother of the Month asks him, he does not know, sends him to the Wind; the Mother of the Month gives a golden reel; The wind sends to the Sun, the Mother of the Wind gives a gold spindle decorated with diamonds; the Sun shows the way, his mother gives a golden spindle; at the palace, the girl begins to wind yarn on a reel, the queen buys it for the girl's right to spend the night in the prince's room; the spinning rod is the same; the girl tells the sick prince everything, who recovers immediately; the wedding; {the end is clearly crumpled}]; Shishlova 1971 [the queen had a bear cub; grew up, began to marry three daughters of a blacksmith; the eldest, middle one does not want him, the youngest marries him; when the son was born, the bear's wife told his mother that at night the husband becomes human; after that, the husband disappears, telling him to look for him in the Green Meadow; the sorceress tells you to ask the Moon; she tells you to ask the Sun, the Sun at the Wind, the Wind leads; the girl rushes around the bear's neck, he becomes human forever; everyone is happy]: 220-227; the Portuguese (Coimbra) [the childless queen regularly prays to St. The virgin give her a child; the shepherd drove the herd past; the queen: even a lamb! gave birth to a white lamb; he grew up and told his mother that he would marry his eldest daughter do rei do conselho (Chairman of the State Council?) ; came to marry in the form of a prince, but said that he asked the girl to marry a kid; in marriage he saw a knife from his wife, but took it away and stabbed her himself; the same with his second daughter; when with the youngest, he threw off seven skins, became a prince, told his wife not to say he was an enchanted prince; but she told his mother; prince: now the witchcraft will last another 7 years, look for me on the South River (o rio Sul); my wife has come to the kingdom of the Moon; Moon's mother hid it first; the moon does not know, she sent her to the Wind and the Sun; they also do not know; 7 years have passed; the old woman pointed to the door to the Sul River; many birds will fly; the one who rushes to her feet is her husband; wife: is that you? the spell ended, the couple began to live in the palace]: Coelho 1879, No. 25:60-82; Catalans (incl. Mallorca): Oriol, Pujol 2008, No. 425A [the heroine pulls a thyme out of the ground, the prince appears in the form of an animal; he lives in an underground palace; the heroine, despite the ban, looks at the prince when he receives human appearance; the prince forgets everything and disappears; the wife finds him when he should remarry; she shows him a bunch of thyme, he remembers her, the couple reunite], 432 [the prince flies to a girl in the form of a bird becomes a young man, flies away in the morning; the stepmother teaches her own daughter to break the glass in the window; when he flies away, he is wounded; the girl overhears the conversation of animals, from which she learns about what happened and how to cure a prince; comes to the palace dressed as a doctor, heals the prince and says who she is; wedding]: 93-94, 98; Sicilians: Calvino 1980, No. 188 (Acereale) []: 671-675; Gonzenbach 2004a [1870] , No. 2 [Maruzza is a princess; the king learns that when she is 11 years old, she is in danger; puts M. in the tower; she makes a hole with her bone, a green bird flies into him, turns into him man; explains that he is an enchanted prince; visits M.; father thinks that the danger is over, takes her from the tower; the old woman takes her to the castle of 12 fairies, the prince also flies there; says that since she came to this place, he must now fly for 7 years, months, days, hours and minutes; he will become human if she waits for him all this time in this castle; she waited, but is very fool; the prince spat in her, left her; the fairies made her beautiful again; the prince fell in love with her; she sets different conditions for their meeting; the last thing: let him be brought in the coffin to the sound of funeral bells; spits in his face; he hers finds out, she says they're even; wedding]: 9-17; Tremearne 1913 [the queen meets the emperor's son with three golden balls to be dipped in milk poured into a golden basin; servant broke the glass, threw the fragments into the milk, the emperor's son cut himself, disappeared; after overhearing the demons talking, the Queen found out how to cure the prince, married him]: Pitre, vol.4, p.342 at 283; ladins: Uffer 1973, No. 27 [Childless spouses finally have a son; this is a bear, they love him, he has grown up; the princess saw him, asked him to give it to her; at night he turns into a young man; one day someone heard that the princess is talking to someone; when the bear understood this, he ran away, ended up with an old woman who put him in the basement on a chain; the princess went in search; the old man wrote something on a piece of bark, told him to throw the bark the dragon guarding the bridge; if the dragon reads and laughs, you can pass; the dragon laughed; gave a pipe; let the princess ask the old woman for a job, she will herd the sheep, but they will turn into hares and they will scatter; if they play the pipe, they will gather again and become sheep; you have to bring hot water to the bear, then he will break the chain; the old woman tastes the water that the princess carries to the bear; she gives her try cold water, and took the hot water in advance; the bear and the dragon who arrived in time grabbed the old woman and forced them to return to their human appearance; the dragon and bear also became people; princess wedding with ex-bear]: 106-109; Wildhaber, Uffer 1971, No. 53 [=Decurtins, Brunold-Bigler 2002, No. 44:122-125; the miller's two eldest daughters are evil, the youngest is kind; in winter, the father went to the city, the elders asked for dresses, the youngest asked for a bouquet of wildflowers; on the way back, the miller went into the castle; the doors opened and closed themselves; the cat grinded coffee, set the table, and other cats gathered; the miller was taken to the bedroom; in the morning he saw a rose in the garden, tore it off; a snake crawled out of the well, wrapped it around him; promised to kill him if he did not give his daughter; the father brought a rose to his youngest daughter; the younger ones scold her, she agrees go to the snake; the cats greeted her courteously; at night someone came to her bed; on the third night she lit the light: this is the prince, whom the witch turned into a snake; drops of candle fat fell on his skin so the witch's spell did not completely disappear; the prince disappeared, saying that the girl would find him by wearing out two pairs of iron shoes; the old woman advised to place the iron shoes in warm cow manure, they soon fell apart; the girl came to town, stayed at the Queen's house, gave birth to a boy; heard a voice: if the rooster doesn't scream and the bell rings, I will stay until morning; the queen ordered all the roosters to be killed , tie the tongues to all the bells; then the Queen's son appeared, turned into a snake by a witch; married the girl]: 179-182; (cf. ladina [the widow's son learned his skills from a carpenter; after the death of the master, he was going to marry his daughter; but the carpenter's widow is a witch, she is against marriage, sent her daughter to Black Mountain as a maid to dragon; the witch doctor gives the young man ointment; if you anoint your left hand, wings will grow to fly over the black wall around the mountain; if the right hand, you will have the strength to defeat the dragon; the young man killed the dragon, led the bride to the witch doctor; he warned that the bride's mother would rush in pursuit, gave her three seeds; if left, a mountain would emerge from each; after overcoming two mountains, the mother refused the chase, gave her daughter three nuts - let split if she is in trouble; the young man brought the bride to his mother; the rich woman wants to make him her husband herself; persuaded the widow to tell her son to leave her former bride and take her; the carpenter's daughter consistently splits three nuts, each wearing one silk dress more beautiful than the other; the woman bought the first two for gold; when the third appeared, the young man returned to his former bride, and the new contender chased away; wedding]: Uffer 1973, No. 45:221-228); Corsicans: Massignon 1984, No. 11 [the son is a red pig; demands him to marry; the girl marries him; confesses to his mother that he is done at night handsome man; mother snuck into the room, grabbed the pigskin that had been thrown off and threw it into the fire; three times the skin jumped out of the fire, but then burned; the husband says that his wife will not see him without wearing out the pair iron shoes; the wife wears shoes, consistently comes to three old women who give nuts (apparently walnuts), almonds and another walnut (hazel); the first nut contains silk thread, she buys for it night with her husband at his new wife; she gives her husband a sleepy potion; in almonds there is a silver thread (the same); in the last nut there is a gold thread; neighbors heard the wife try to wake her husband up the previous night, said to him; he did not drink potions; the couple reunited and returned to her husband's parents], 86 [a childless woman finally gave birth, but her son is a snake; when he grew up, he asks him to marry; mother brings poor girl, son tells her to take her back; richer is the same; from a good family; the wife is happy: at night her husband becomes handsome; warns that if the wife talks, she will have to wear out her iron shoes and fill her the vessel tears before she sees it again; the mother asks her daughter-in-law and she confesses; the husband has disappeared; the old woman gives his wife a snake walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts; they contain gold spindle, tow, spinning wheel; the wife buys three nights from his new wife for them; the third husband does not drink a sleepy potion, he recognizes his wife; everything is fine]: 25-27, 190-191; Italians: Calvino 1980, No. 18 (Piedmont: Turin) [Queen hates stepdaughter; the king agrees to place her daughter in a lonely castle in the woods; the queen puts watchmaids; the prince sees the princess, the fairy gives a book with which a man can become a bird and vice versa; the prince arrives in the form of a canary; the queen spies, hides pins in his pillow; the prince's servants take his wounded man to his palace; the princess makes a rope out of sheets, goes down, goes in search of the prince , spends the night in a tree, hears four witches talking; one of them says that the prince will be cured by the ointment, and it must be removed from under one of the tiles that paved the floor; under the guise of a doctor, the princess cured the prince and asked his father-king as a reward for his shield with coat of arms and a bloody outfit; when the prince is back in her room, the princesses show them and explains how it happened; she was also invited to the wedding father; when he returned home, he ordered the evil wife to be captured]: 52-57; Widter et al. 1866, No. 12 (Veneto) [the witch wanted to marry the king, but he chose another one, so the witch made the son born was covered in piggy skin; the son grew up and asked his father to marry him the eldest of three sisters; when the groom lay down in a puddle at the wedding and then sat down with the bride, she called him a real pig; in the morning she was found dead in bed; the same with her middle sister; the youngest did not disgust the groom, but called her a treasure; at night he took off his pigskin and turned out to be handsome; forbid his wife to talk about it; The prince comes to the tournament three times; seeing his daughter-in-law next to the handsome man, the prince's mother calls her a libertine and wants to kill her; when she finds out about the skin removed, she burns her; the prince disappears, the wife goes in search; The evening star (Stella d'oro, man) gives a nut, sends it to the Sun; he also gives a nut, refers to the Wind; the mother of the Wind hides it, asks her son, who says that the prince lives behind the mountain, they are with the Sun they will go there tomorrow to dry their clothes; the mother of the Wind gives a chestnut; the prince remarries, in his house an unrecognized wife was hired as a goose; split a walnut, wearing an Evening Star dress; gives it to a new bride overnight with the prince; she puts sleeping pills; the same on the second night (the dress is like the sun); the most beautiful chestnut dress; the prince just pretended to fall asleep; found out that his wife had worn out iron in search of him shoes; returned to her and drove the new bride away]: 249-254; Braga 2002 (Calabria) [Gubernatis in Mythologie zoologique, II, 301, nota 2 mentions a one-story text recorded by Grego in Cosenza, in which There are also episodes of wax dripping on the young man and a ball of thread, followed by a girl looking for her missing lover]: 102; Italians (Campania, Capri) [when old, the father tells his daughter Rosinella, who can leave her only one pig; she leads her to a golden tree; her father helps uproot him, puts him on a wagon; under the roots there is an entrance to the dungeon; R. descends 365 steps; there some shadow allows her to stay; she will have everything she needs, but she cannot go into the same room; in a year R. enters, there is a beautiful young man; says that she has done a lot of harm to her actions; gives she has a pair of iron shoes - she will be alive until they are demolished; gives her dried figs; go with them to his three sisters who are spinning on the terrace in town; you have to put figs on their spindle, then they won't eat it but they will help; they hide R. from their cannibal mother; they teach her to grab her by the hair and hold her until she swears on her son's name - Thunder and Lightning! cannibal mother gives tasks: fill the pillow with feathers; R. says Thunder and Lightning, the voice in response promises to help, birds are stuffed into the room, the pillow is full; next: divide a variety of dried vegetables by species; Thunder and Lightning, ants share; cannibal mother sends her sister to bring a box and gives her a letter; it instructs her to fry what was sent and send part of the roast; on the way, the young man teaches, immediately grab the box and run while the cannibal sharpens the oaks; gives oats for the horse and crackers for the parrot that will be at the entrance; R. did so but could not resist on the way back and opened the box; from there Many birds flew out; but the young man played the pipe and the birds returned to the box; the cannibal wants to marry her son; he tells R. to kiss him when he is taken to the aisle; R.: I can't in public; new bride: Look, I kissed a pig shepherd three times for three chestnuts; young man: If so, I will marry R., who has been waiting for me for a year, three months and three days, and you go out to the pig shepherd; when you see that her spell is scattered, the cannibal drowned in a well]: Zschalig 1925:88-94; Sardinians: Uther 2004 (1), No. 425A: 248-250.

Western Europe. French (Ardennes, Vendée, Quebec) [the king has Florin's daughter, his wife is dead, he married a widow; she has an ugly daughter Tritonne; T.'s godmother is the Soussio fairy; the king chooses a bride for her son; although the stepmother hid all F.'s jewelry, the king only likes her; but when the prince comes, the stepmother replaces F. with her daughter; the prince does not see her, but gives her a ring; realizing the deception, the prince refuses to marry T.; for this, the fairy turns him into a blue bird for 7 years; in this form he regularly flies to F., leaves her jewelry; after learning about his visits, his stepmother leaves razors and scissors on the windowsill; prince wounded and disappears; the wizard heals him and persuades S. to allow the prince to be human again for several months; F. goes in search, the good sorceress gives her 4 eggs to break in if necessary; after breaking the first, F. climbs ivory mountain, the second overcomes the glass valley; comes to the palace when the prince is due to marry T.; buys T. the right to spend three nights in the prince's room; for this he gives the jewelry and jewelry brought to them, which were in the third and fourth eggs; on the third night, the servant does not allow the prince to take sleeping pills; fairy S. is defeated, I. turned into a pig]: Delarue, Tenèze 1964, No. 432:112-114; French (Pyrenees) [a green man with one eye in his forehead; he has three daughters; the youngest is 10 years old and she is the most beautiful; flew in a huge raven, demands one of his daughters as his wife; all three do not want to; the raven pecked out his only eye for man; then the youngest daughter agrees; the big raven regained his eye, his crows took the girl to the castle; at night, the husband is human; the sorcerer has bewitched him and his people; the girl will become a real wife in 7 years; before that she should not see her husband; there is a sword between them on the bed; one day the young queen leaves the castle and comes to the laundress; she washes her black underwear; the queen touches her and it turns white; laundress: this is the end of my trials, and you will come to me for help; the day before the end of my term, the Queen she lit a candle and looked at her beautiful husband; she had to leave the castle, and the sorcerer chained the king to the top of a cliff in the middle of the sea, where a white wolf guarded him during the day and the black wolf at night; the Queen came to that a laundress; she gave her iron shoes, an inexhaustible supply of bread and wine, and a golden knife to cut off the blue grass; she would find the king when her shoes were worn out; the queen came to a country where the sun always shines; one or two blue grass warns that they are not the ones that sing night and day and break the iron; finally she found her shoes burst, she sailed in a boat to the rock, put the wolf to sleep with grass, stabbed him with a knife, the chain broke, the king was happy, the crows took human form; the king's friend sailed for them on ships]: Carlin 1991:271-279; Bretons: Lopyreva 1959, No. 39 [a toad clutched the face at the well an old man, demands his daughter as his wife; only the youngest agrees; the Toad takes her to his castle; the sisters spy, see Prince Charming; burn the skin with a toad; the husband scolds his wife, runs away; she follows him, he She is beaten, three drops of blood fall on his shirt; she tells the stains not to go away before she comes to wash them off; she walks past lions, the hare brings her to the castle; she helps the laundresses wash away the stains, is hired by a shepherdess; buys three nights from the new bride with her fiance for three gold balls that her husband left her when he ran away; the new bride gives him a sleepy potion; the servant tells him about it, he does not drinks a potion; marries his ex-wife]: 166-173; Sébillot 1908a, No. 72 []: 1-6; Irish: Curtin 1975 [Coluath O'Hara, king of Desmond, has three daughters; in the absence of a father the eldest envelops herself in a veil of darkness, wants a handsome man as her husband; he immediately arrives in a golden carriage drawn by two white and two black horses and takes her away; the same is the middle daughter; arrives in a carriage with four black horses; the youngest wants the best white dog in the world, he comes with a servant in a carriage drawn by four white horses; the husbands of older sisters are human during the day, and at night seals, the youngest's husband is a dog during the day, handsome at night; when he leaves, he tells his wife not to shed tears if the child is born and something happens to him; she gives birth to a son, he is carried away by a crow; the same with the second; when he gives birth daughter, a tear drips into the mother's handkerchief; the husband returns, scolds his wife for it; daughters and husbands come to their father; mother spies, sees with two older seals, with the youngest handsome man; throws dog skin at fire; the husband says that if he spent three days in his father-in-law's house, he would remain human, and now he must leave; the wife follows; in the first house she meets the first kidnapped son, the old woman gives scissors, turning rags into a golden dress; in the second, she gets a comb that turns bad hair into golden curls; in the third, a daughter, she has no eye, the mother pulls out a handkerchief, it does not have a tear, but an eye daughters, the girl finds it; the hostess blows a whistle calling on all the birds; the husband pulls out his reed, goes to the lower world, he must become the husband of the Queen of the Land of Youth (Tir na N-og), who bewitched him; wife pulls out the other, follows; the woman turns the poultry house's daughter's rags into a luxurious dress; she reports to the queen; the queen demands scissors, the dog's wife asks for a night with her husband for them, gets it, but the husband sleeps; the same is the second night (tidies up the poultry house's daughter's hair, gives the comb); the dog's wife whistles on the whistle, all the birds arrive, including the bird of song and new tales; wife the dog asks the bird how to kill the queen; she says that there is a ram in the holly, there is a duck in it, an egg in it, only the queen's husband can cut down the holly; the dog's wife hides a fox in the box, and a hawk in the other; spends the night in exchange for a whistle, leaves a letter to the servant for her husband; he wakes up, cuts a holly, a fox grabs a ram, a hawk a duck, an egg breaks, the queen dies; the former dog and his wife remain to rule the country Tir na N-og]: 15-25; McManus 1915 [when leaving, a noble man forgets to lock the house where his daughters are; the eldest says she will marry an officer, the middle one a soldier, the youngest a white deer; in a week grooms take their wives; the youngest answers the Deer that he wants to see him as a man at night and a deer during the day, and not vice versa; a year later she goes to visit the house, the husband warns him not to drop his tear; at home she gives birth to a boy, his they take it away; the same year later, gives birth to a girl, drops a tear into her handkerchief; when she returns, the Deer's house is in ruins; she follows her husband's cart, consistently gets to his three sisters, who give her scissors to make clothes, a magic tablecloth, a comb that makes her hair beautiful; she finds her children in the homes of her sisters, her daughter has lost her eye, she inserts a fallen tear into her eye socket, her eye recovers; her husband leaves over a mountain of needles; the wife has been serving with a blacksmith for a year, he forges her iron shoes; she crosses a mountain; in that world her husband has a different wife, she sends her husband's clothes to wash, on which her earthly wife separates splashed blood; blood does not wear off, laundresses are executed; earthly wife easily washes off stains; buys three nights with her ex-husband for magic items received from his sisters; the new wife gives her husband sleeping pills; On the third night, the servant tells him what happened, he does not drink sleeping pills; the husband explains to his earthly wife that life is new in a mole, an egg must be thrown at him, it is in a duck, a duck in a lamb that kills with his gaze; a servant kills a lamb, an earthly wife throws an egg at a mole; a new wife dies, a family reunites]: 185-191; Scots [an old poultry house consistently tells three princesses that they will see theirs fate from the back door of her house; carriages come for the older and middle, the Black Ox comes for the youngest; takes her on her back to the locks of his three brothers, they give an apple, a pear, a plum, they must be broken into in extreme need; in the gorge he says that if there is a blue fog, he won, if the red fog dies; everything turns blue, the Black Ox turns into a Black Knight, but the bride becomes invisible to him; seven years she works for a blacksmith, for which he makes her iron shoes climb a glass mountain; only she washes blood off her Czech shirt; he must marry someone who can do it; the laundress says that her daughter washed her; the princess consistently breaks an apple, pear, plum, and jewelry in them; for them she buys her laundress the right to spend the night near the Czech Republic, but she gives the Czech Republic sleeping pills; old hunter reports that he heard singing; the Czech Republic does not drink the potion, remembers the princess, the laundress and expels her daughter]: Kharitonov 2008:419-428; Scots: Campbell 1890, No. 3 [three peasant daughters wash clothes; the crow asks the elder if she will marry him, the eldest refuses contemptuously; the middle sister, the youngest, agrees; chooses that the husband be human during the day and a crow at night, and not vice versa; gives birth to three sons successively, each time music sounds, the child disappears; she rides in a wagon with her husband and sisters, replies to her husband that she has forgotten the comb; the husband flies away as a crow, she goes looking for him; consistently sleeps with three women (these are her husband's sisters); the third warns her to wear horseshoes to cross a poisonous hill; she almost catches up with her husband, he leaves her a ring and a feather; in town, her husband must marry the daughter of a noble man; the wife hires to cook for the wedding, throws a ring and a feather into the food; the husband finds him, demands to find the one who cooked, recognizes her as a real wife; they they return, taking three sons from their husband's three sisters], 12 [the farmer has lost his cattle; the dog promises to find if he gives her daughter; the eldest, middle, refuse, the youngest marries a dog; the dog brings his wife into his world, turns into a person; a pregnant wife wants to visit her parents; the husband warns him to return before the child is born; remove the bridle from the horse, let him go; if necessary, wave the bridle, the horse will return; she gave birth to her parents; music was heard, everyone fell asleep, the child was gone in the morning, the wife returned to her husband; so three times; the third time the father ordered to tell everything; the horse did not appear; she came on foot, only her husband's mother at home; said that her daughter-in-law would still catch up with him; the wife stays in a house; the hostess says that her husband is going to marry the daughter of the King of Heaven; gives scissors (they cut their own hair); the next sister gives a needle (she sews herself), the third gives a thread (she enters the needle herself); the woman stops at the poultry house, shows the work of magic objects, the servant of the daughter of the King of Heaven tells her that she buys each item in exchange for allowing her to spend the night with her husband; gives him sleeping pills twice; the second time, the eldest son hears his mother trying to wake his father up, tells his father; he does not drink sleeping pills, returns to earth with his wife and three sons]: 64-67, 208-213; the British [{episodes of the initial acquisition and loss of a magical spouse in obvious There are no views, but given the general similarity of the story to the Scottish versions, they were probably also in some English}; the eldest daughter asks her mother to cook her food for the way, goes for fate; comes to a laundress witch; on the third day a carriage arrives, a girl gets into it, leaves; the same with her middle daughter; a black bull comes for her; she sits on it; on the way he tells her to take food and drink from his ears; they stop at the castle; they give her an apple, tell her to break it only in case of emergency; in the next castle they give a pear, in the third, a plum; the bull brings it to the deaf place, tells you to wait for him; if everything around him turns blue, then he defeated the Old One, and if red, then his Old; everything turned blue, the girl is happy, the bull has returned, but did not find her; came to the blacksmith; after working for he is 7 years old, got iron shoes to climb a glass mountain; saw a handsome man give two women (mother and daughter) his bloody clothes; whoever washes would become his wife; they they can't, the girl's clothes immediately became clean; but the old woman said that she washed her daughter; the girl opens an apple, then a pear, a plum; in every fruit of the treasure, she gives them to the old woman's daughter for the right to spend the night with her suitors; she puts sleeping pills every time; on the third day he was told that someone was grieving at his bed; he quietly poured out his wine, saw a girl; they had begun to live well, and the laundress and her daughter were burned]: Jacobs 1894:20-27 (translation of another version to Shereshevskaya 1957b: 158-161); the British [a young wife never sees her husband, he only comes at night; she is told that he must be a freak; she lights a candle and sees a handsome man; he immediately turns into a bird and says that she will only find him again if she is a laundress and serves 7 years and one day; gives three feathers that they will fulfill any wishes; she only orders her feathers to wash and iron the laundry themselves; one of the servants (butler) takes an interest in her, gives her money; she says she needs to remove the clothes from the ropes, so that the wind does not shake him all night; he goes by himself, and she tells his feathers to prevent him from moving away from the ropes; the same with the coachman; with the footman; when they have shared after a while impressions, the girl caused a quarrel between them, remained in good standing with the owners; after 7 years and one day, her husband took her away; everything is fine]: Jacobs 1894:37-42; Germans [the eldest daughter asks to bring her pearls, the middle one is diamonds, the youngest is a singing skylark; the father saw a lark in the castle, wanted to grab it, a lion jumped out; he gives a lark for promising to give what he sees first at home; the first the youngest daughter comes out; she went to the forest, there is a queen who turns into a lion during the day; she comes to her older sister's wedding; when the wedding is average, the lion does not want to go, because he will become a dove if he is the candlelight will fall; it happened; it follows a dove that drops blood drops and feathers; when the trail disappears, the sun asks (gives a casket), a month (gives an egg), the wind (only the south wind knows that the lion fights the dragon - the enchanted royal); tells you to cut off the 11th vine and hit the dragon; then together with your husband you must jump on the neck, he will fly; you have to throw a nut, an island will appear in the sea, the vulture she will rest; but the dragon, becoming a woman, took the lion away; there is a golden dress in the casket, the girl buys the bride's night with her husband, who is intoxicated with sleeping pills; there is a golden chicken with chickens in the egg; this time the husband poured out a potion; they sat on the vulture, throwing a nut into the sea, flew home; their son is now older]: Grimm, Grimm 2002, No. 88:292-296 (=Grimm, Grimm 1987:232-236); Walloons: Laporte 1932, no.*425E [when leaving, the king promises bring the eldest daughter a blue silk dress, the middle daughter is red, the youngest is a singing laurel; it is owned by a witch, the mother of the Good Lion; she is ready to give it if the king gives off her daughter as her son; the king does not agree but DL takes her away himself, leaves her in the care of the maid for a year and a day; returns her older sister for a year and a day on the occasion of her older sister's wedding; then her middle sister; then takes her as his wife himself; a son is born; DL's mother gives him drink potions and he forgets his wife; the princess is hired to take care of turkeys; she asks her for a blue silk dress, the princess gives her the right to spend three nights with DL, but he sleeps; the same with red dress; when he gives a singing laurel; the hunter told the Good Leo about the strange poultry house; on the last night, DL does not drink potions, finds his wife again; the sorceress was cooked in oil], *425F [], *425G [youngest daughter asks for a singing leaf; a white wolf brings it to the king and he leaves his daughter in the forest; the wolf becomes the girl's husband; leaves her in the care of a servant; lets her older sister go to the wedding, teaches when to come and call him; middle sister; princess is late; witch gives her three nuts; they wear a precious bracelet, necklace, crown; for them, the princess buys an hour of walk with her husband from her new wife (or time in bedroom), but he doesn't feel or remember anything; for the third time he calls him the way he taught her (White Wolf, go look for me!) , he wakes up; the plot is known in many versions]: 53-55, 55-56, 56-57; Germans (Tyrol, Abzam) [the Countess has a favorite and loyal maid; one night someone got into bed with her, before that throwing something heavy on the floor; he disappeared in the morning; the same the following nights; the girl told the Countess everything; she gave a precious carbuncle: it would help see the night guest; she did it so that to bewitch her stepson again for 7 years; the girl took a carbuncle and saw a beautiful young man next to her; he called her a damned witch: now he will put on donkey skin again and stay in it until someone else He would not spell; he jumped up, put on his skin and rode away; in the morning the girl asked the Countess what to do; Countess: let the donkey remain a donkey; the girl heard about the forest hermit; he directed her to another who is older; he is the oldest; each has a longer beard than the previous one; the third teaches that bewitched people come to the neighboring lake; you must go, grab the donkey skin that has been removed and throw it into the water; the girl threw donkey skin into the water, and the others; as they did, the disgraced men and women went ashore; the young man told how the Countess had bewitched him; they returned to the people and got married]: Zingerle, Zingerle 1980:163-167; Germans (Schleswig-Holstein), Welsh, Friesians, Flemish: Uther 2004 (1), No. 425A: 248-250.

Western Asia. Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait: El-Shamy 2004, No. 425A: 251; Palestinians: Bushnaq 1987 [a poor infertile woman asks God to give her any a son, even an animal; gave birth to a camel; named Jumail; he grew up and ordered him to marry the Sultan's youngest daughter, Princess Ward; the sultan asks for gold worth her weight for her daughter; D. brought the servants to the cave, they they brought much more treasures from there; when V. came to her husband, he appeared as a beautiful young man; he is the son of the king of genies; if V. talks about this, she will lose him; enemies attacked, D. defeated them, but the wife said that the rider was her husband; he was missing; the Sultan built baths where women could not pay but had to tell stories; an old woman told me how she spent the night in a tree; land opened up, the prince and his entourage came out; his wife came and hugged him; witchcraft is destroyed, the prince can live on earth in human form]: 188-193; Muhawi, Kanaana 1989, No. 12 [going on Hajj, the merchant promises three gifts for daughters; the elders ask for a bracelet, a dress, the youngest (from another wife) Sitt il-Husun, the Chief of the Birds; the merchant's camels stopped in Aqaba, he remembered that he had forgotten about the youngest's gift, returned to Mecca, found The house of the King of Birds, it is empty, the merchant called him three times; at home, the King of Birds began to fly to C., spent the night with her in the guise of a young man; the sisters asked S. to find out what was dangerous for him; it turned out that the glass was broken; they put a glass, he is wounded, flew away; S. goes in search, hears one dove say to another that the King of Birds can be cured by rubbing his feet with pigeon blood and feathers; S. killed a dove, found cured her husband; her sisters tell her to 1) sweep and clean the whole city, 2) fill 10 feathers with feathers; her husband teaches her to turn to spirits, they do everything; 3) bring a wicker tray from the ghoul; the husband tells me to shift barley for horses, meat for lions, fix a stone terrace in Gulya's house; she takes a tray, a wall, lions, horses refuse to detain her; S.'s wedding with the King of Birds, they fly away together]: 117-121; Syrian Arabs [the woodcutter thinks how to carry a log home, and suddenly sees a camel; he loads it, brought him home; every day the camel brings a golden egg; then tells him to marry the king's daughter; the king demands a bunch of grapes that don't run out of berries; a carpet that will cover all the streets; a golden castle; everything is fulfilled; the king gave his daughter, at night the camel turns into a young man; tells no one to tell; attacked enemies, the princess's husband fights at night, smashes them; the king tied his wound with his handkerchief; the princess found out, told everyone, her husband disappeared; the king built baths, the fee was a story of the extraordinary; one old woman She told me how she spent the night in the tree; the earth opened, the prince came out, holding three apples in his hands: one for a dove, one for a dove, one for my wife, who could not keep the secret; his wife came and hugged him; he explained that the underground witch cast a spell: if a woman deceives him, he will remain underground; his wife went underground with him, he passed her off as a maid; the witch tells him to sweep with a broom to which beads are attached; if one bead is lost, he will send it back to the ground; the husband collected the fallen beads, attached it back; the witch has a sister in another country; let the girl carry her chest without opening it; the girl dropped the chest, snakes and monkeys got out of it; the husband gathered them back; wants to marry the princess's husband to another woman, and let her dance at the wedding; husband: ask the witch for a lamp and wick; during dance husband threw a lamp at the witch and she burned down; the spell was removed, the princess and her husband returned home]: Abu Risha 2015:30-35; Iraqi Arabs [the poor man lives what he prepares and sells for fuel thorn; found nothing, began to look for vegetable waste to feed the children, found a pumpkin; put it on a shelf at home; in the morning the pumpkin gives gold and tells him to marry him the Sultan's daughter; the vizier advises not to execute the man, and to give him an impossible assignment; the sultan demands a palace of gold and gems, the palace arises; a marriage contract is concluded, a bird flies in to the princess, turns into a young man; forbids the bride to tell about him; one day she goes to a public bath, and women whisper that her husband is a sparrow; she screams that he is human; a bird flies in, grabs her gold comb and bracelet, flies away; a woman builds another bath, where you can wash for free, but you have to tell stories; the old woman went to the river to wash her clothes; a rooster comes out of the river, she grabs his tail, he drags her to the underwater world, where the palace is; 40 doves turn into female maids, and the prince mourns for his lost wife; the old woman talks about what the owner of the bathhouse saw, brings her herself, the son of the genies recognizes his wife, returns to earth forever as a human appearance]: Stevens 2006, No. 11:45-57; Swamp Shia Arabs (Southern Iraq): Yaremenko 1990, No. 3 [when the Sultan goes to Hajj, his youngest daughter Fatima, whose mother is dead, asks for an "od al- marasi"; Od al-Marasi gives three nuts and a mirror; F. breaks the first walnut, a palace appears; a servant comes out of the second, O. himself comes out of the mirror; he breaks the third walnut, a bath appears; daughters The Sultan's young wife throws pieces of glass into the bath; O. is wounded, disappears; F. arranges a bathhouse, lets the women wash for an interesting story; one talks about a boat in which a wounded young man swims; F . hears pigeons talking - they must be burned, the ashes will cure O.; F. comes disguised as a doctor; O. recovers, lives with F. in another country], 21 [the sultan's daughter rejects suitors; sculpts from amber and others rubbing a handsome young man, begs God to breathe life into him; the father agrees to marry him his daughter, his name is Sultan Ambar ("amber"); the king's daughter in a distant country sits on a vessel, flies in it, puts the young to sleep, takes A. away, makes them forget the past, husbands; the Sultan's daughter tells her father to buy her steel boots and an iron motor, goes in search of her husband; receives as a reward 1) a hen with chickens collecting pearls for finding a prince kidnapped by a black slave (the slave was burned); 2) a pearl dress with diamond threads for healing the prince (he eats all the time, she extracts snakes from him, he recovers); 3) a diamond bird with agate eyes for healing the princess from madness (witches put that potion, burned the witch house); comes to kidnapper A .; buys three nights with A. for three treasures; the first two A. sleeps; his wife's tears stain his clothes; the tailor explains what's going on; the third night does not sleep, remembers everything, runs away with his wife; the witch's vessel loses her strength, she cannot chase]: 32-35, 117-124; Saudia [the merchant went to Lebanon; the eldest daughter asked for a silk dress, the middle daughter asked for a colored bird, and the youngest Juvana asked for Filfil Daru; when the merchant arrived, he was told that the FD was the ruler of their country; the merchant was allowed to see him; he ordered him to go to the roof at night, he would fly to her; the FD brought J. to his country; forbids him to take the keys to three rooms; gives J. a sleepy drink every night; a friend told J. that she must be pregnant, let her spill a drink and encourage FD to drink the rest himself; he fell asleep J. took his keys, opened the rooms; in the first, a carpenter makes a cradle, in the second, a seamstress sews clothes for the boy, in the third, the cook cooks food for the child; in the morning J. happily talks about this to her husband; in response, he orders J. to be taken to the desert and killed; the servant brings pigeon blood; J. reaches three houses; the mistress of the first says that her brother FD and his wife will come today, let the stranger leave the house , because she is unclean; the same is in the second house; the mistress of the third left J. for the night; she gave birth; the baby's stomach has three keys imprint; love has returned to the FD, he admitted to the sisters that the woman in labor was his wife, which he wanted to show; all is well]: Juhayman 1999:20-24; mehri [the man has three daughters; when he returned from the trip, he was told that his youngest daughter behaved shamefully; he sent her servant kill; the girl said she was innocent, the servant let her go; Prince Ahmed bin Hobsa saw her, built a palace for her, began to sail to her by ship; the envious sisters found out, came to visit, put it broken glass in the bath for bathing; the prince was wounded, returned to his parents, nothing can help him; under the guise of a doctor, his wife came, gave drugs and the prince recovered; asked for a golden ball and a wand as a reward; One day, the prince saw a boy playing with them; this is his son; it all became clear, the prince stayed with his wife]: Müller 1909, No. 20:37-41.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans [Bird Husband]: Ting 1978, No. 425N (this is a Chinese index, but all the sources listed that can be identified as belonging to the texts refer to Tibet); lavrung [the woman's knee is swollen, the Frog came out of there, promised his mother to marry the princess; he comes to the palace, the dogs are barking, the princesses do not see anyone; The frog comes in, notices that the youngest more beautiful and looks friendlier; makes the king give it to him, becoming huge, laughing, screaming, causing a storm, a flood; sends his wife and mother to the races, takes off his frog skin himself, is beautiful rider; next time the wife secretly returns, burns her skin; the husband says he now falls under the power of a nine-headed demon, is carried away by the wind; the wife finds him, the husband says that the demon sleeps when lies with open eyes; gives his wife a spear, she pierces the demon's heart; they free prisoners, return home]: G.yu lha 2011:383-389; lepcha [wife died leaving her four-year-old daughter; a witch came, one breast dragged along the ground, the other was thrown behind her back, became a man's wife, gave the girl coals for food; then she feeds her daughter rice, her stepdaughter with rice broth; she herds three sheep; each once Le-pono-kup ("king boy") appears, feeds her delicious food; the witch puts on her clothes, goes instead of them; when L. falls asleep on her lap, stabs an iron needle in his ear; the girl walks along on a bloody trail in a cave, gives birth there, wraps the child in the clothes of the deceased boy, puts his sword under his head; his spirit comes three times at night for his property, she does not give it away, she says that's all for a child; he tells him to go to the country of Rot-mung, return his heart from there; tigers, fleas, leeches will rush at her on the way; naked men and women will try to sew clothes from rags with their fingers, we must give them needles; she gives, runs across the bridge, a man and a woman bring it down before tigers, etc., reach him; in Rot-mung, a mango tree, on which the hearts of the dead, demons feed on them; the boy's heart is still fresh, the girl takes it away; in the cave she puts L. on his body; he revives, near the palace, cattle, jewelry; the couple are happy]: Stocks 1925, № XXXV: 452-455; Mustang [the ruler of the deities Lou has three daughters; a son was born; decided to go down to the ground to help the poor old people; became a goldfish, the old man caught it, the fish asked not to cook it, but to put it in the crack of the support pole, make sacrifices; to fulfill all her wishes, created a palace, became a prince again; warned not to invite the queen; but the woman invited; when she saw the prince, the queen took him to her place; then the herbs turned green and the streams flowed; King Lu sent his youngest daughter, who incarnated as a beggar girl, came to the palace and persuaded her brother to return; then in Lou's country, the herbs turned green, the streams flowed, and in the queen's country they dried up; seven beggars They see three daughters Lou and their brother come out of the lake, then return; this happens on a new moon once a year; told the queen; she asks to be brought to that lake; her husband first tells her to come in a year, then stay isolated for a year, chanting "Om mani padme hum", then studying singing and dancing for a year; then, disguised as a beggar, he takes her to Lou's country; there she sings and dances the best; the prince gets Parents' permission to marry her; their son descends to earth and the queen and husband stay in Lou's country forever]: Kretschmar 1985, No. 5:50-57.

Burma - Indochina. Vieta [Tu Khoi's maid found a gold button on the floor; swallowed it for fear that she would be accused of stealing; gave birth to a turtle son, the owner drove her away; the landowner sends the Turtle to herd buffaloes, they multiply; only the landowner's youngest daughter treats him well; while buffaloes graze, he flies, falls, turns into a young man; tells the mother to marry the landowner's youngest daughter; he demands a horse with nine manes, a rooster with nine spurs, bamboo vessels filled with grasshopper fat; The turtle does everything, gets a wife; the sister is spied on, they see a handsome man, ask his father and pass them off as turtles; they are only scratched; they kill the Turtle; he manages to give the bloody shirt to his wife, tells him to wear it to meet in heaven; sees the snake and fox fight, regain strength by touching the tree; the girl collects his bark, revives the deceased in a neighboring village, he turns out to be her husband; everything is fine; the sun has descended to incinerate the treacherous sisters, since then it has been especially hot on June 22]: Bystrov et al. 1962: 81-86; Arakan people [after living many lives in the land of celestials, punished: must live as a snake on a fig tree for three months; with a laundress and his wife, daughters Shwê Kyên and Dwê Py; mother I washed it under it, jokingly said: I'll give the DP if you throw off my figs; called them to their house; at the fork I regretted my words, asked the stump to remain silent, gave him a fig; the same with the anthill; the stump answered the snake, that he did not see anything, but the snake saw a fig and understood everything, I had to say; the same anthill; the snake wrapped around the woman's hand, the mother told DP to go with the snake; once S. was summoned to a meeting of gods; the wife found empty skin, decided that her husband was dead; in order not to make a fuss, the skin was burned; S. appeared when he felt the fire; remained human; the Virgin herself gave S. a wand that fulfilled wishes; warned that the snake the blood should not touch him, otherwise he will become a snake again; the SC became jealous of DP, pushed her into the river and took its place; she was caught and brought to the nest by an eagle, where she gave birth to a son; Prince S. heard voices took his wife and child, giving the eagle a lot of fish in compensation; put his wife in a chest and gave it to his imaginary wife who came out to meet him; opening it, the SC was disgraced; asked the father to get him as her husband too snake; in bed, the boa constrictor began to swallow HK; the father refused to help; DP begged the prince to kill the boa constrictor, who cut it, but a drop of blood fell on him, he became a snake and crawled into the forest; DP followed him; {"to be continued" but not in the next issue}]: Houghton 1893b, #1:98-102.

South Asia. North India (Hindi): Crooke 1892-1893, No. 633 (Mirzapur) [six daughters told the king that they believed in their father and the seventh believed in themselves; the king drove her into the forest; she found an empty house with everything necessary for life, stayed in it; the king asks his daughters what to bring them; they also sent a servant to the forest, he found that house; the princess replied that she was washing, let the servant be patient; the servant understood that the princess asks her father for patience; when the king was about to return, the ship did not move; the king remembered that he had forgotten to buy patience; an old woman sold him something wrapped in a rag; received the bundle, the princess threw it away; later she was surprised that the rag was imperishable, unfolded the bundle, there was a fan; when she put it back up, the prince appeared; they began to live together; when the prince wanted to return to her country, the wife put the fan with the back side down; the sisters came to visit the younger one, saw the prince and, out of envy, poured broken glass under his sheet; the prince ordered him to put the fan on the back side down, disappeared and did not appear again; the wife went in search, spent the night under a tree; hears a conversation between a parrot and a starling; the parrot describes her story; the starling teaches you to take their droppings, cook them in lubricate the body with oil and this ointment - the glasses will come out; the wife came disguised as a doctor, cured the prince; when she returned, turned the fan, the prince appeared; they lived happily]: 171-172; Cosquin 1887 (Benares) []: 226-227; Rouse 1894 (the band is not a decree.) [wife expelled to the forest; hides her appearance, is hired as a worker in her husband's palace, attracts his attention, upsets his new marriage, becomes his wife again]: 86; Kashmiris [from a poor brahman Soda Ram is an absurd wife; when he saw the snake crawl into his bag, he brought the bag to his wife in the hope that the snake would bite her; but the snake did not bite, but turned into a Nagrail boy; he grew up, penetrated like a snake into Princess Himal's garden, became a young man again, swam in her pool; H. fell in love, told her father to marry her; N. created a palace and appeared in luxurious clothes; his snake wives want him back to the lower world; alone sold H. flowers, but N. understood the trick; another said that N. was from the lower caste; to check, you had to bathe him in milk; the brahmana would sink to the bottom and the street paver would float up; his wife grabbed N. by his hair , when it's too late, only a piece of hair remains in his hand, the snake wives took him away; one person sees the inhabitants of the lower world coming to the shore of the forest pond feast, N. among them; brings H. there; she refuses to leave N.; he turned her into a pebble, brought it to the lower world; the wives promised not to touch H.; she was allowed to boil milk; she knocked over a vessel of boiling milk; the snakes thought their name was to eat, scalded to death; wives bit H. to death; N. embalmed the body, left it on the shore; the holy man revived her, brought her to him; his son wants to marry her; N. crawled like a snake, son, knowing nothing killed her; H. went to the funeral pyre N.; the saint heard two birds talking: the ashes must be thrown into the pond, the dead will rise; so it happened, everything is fine]: Sadhu 2002, No. 8:23-26; Punjabi ( Hariyana) [the brahmana finds a ruby, brings it to the king, is generously rewarded; the king puts the ruby in the treasury; once he opens, the Ruby Prince (RP) comes out; the king thinks he has been deceived, drives the young man away; in People are eaten by the monster every day in the village; RP kills him; the king apologizes, marries RP to his daughter; she insists that he say who he is; he hides in the river, she sees only green a snake with a golden crown and a ruby on its head; the maid says that little men come out of a snake hole in the forest, led by their king; they dance, and one is sitting aside; the wife of the Republic of Belarus learns to dance, dances in front of men; their king promises any reward; she asks her husband back; the king reluctantly lets him go; RB becomes a man of normal height, returns with his wife to the palace]: Steel, Temple 1884, No. 43:304-312 (=Siddiqui, Lerch 1998:144-154); Himachali plowmen: Dracott 1906:15-19 [the witch bewitched Bunsi Lall Raja to be a snake, live underground; stepmother sent a Sukkia girl to the forest for with brushwood, the serpent asked S. to marry him; she said to the stepmother, the stepmother ordered the room to be filled with silver, the serpent did it, sent a snake to his stepdaughter; at night he became human; the stepmother found out about this; persuaded S. to ask her husband's name, who warned that there would be trouble, but S. insisted, he said he disappeared; she was looking for him, came to the well, where BL's servants take water; BL would soon marry another girl; S. hands over her ring with the servants, BL recognizes it; BL's mother wants to lime S., tells him to spend the night in a room with snakes and scorpions (BL cleans the room), count the scattered mustard seeds, dividing them into two equal handfuls (BL tells the birds to do this), carry torches that are ready to burn it (BL comes to the rescue, BL and S. return to the world)], 20-30 [Raja asks six daughters, five answer that their blessed fate is in his hands, they owe him everything; sixth, what will happen will happen in no one; her father wants to kill her, then tells her to take her to the forest; there she sits in a palanquin, praying, Mahadeva her heard, sends servants to give her food; she sees a damp stain on the ground, digs the ground, finds water and lots of gold, builds a palace; the Raja finds out about her, returns her, asks forgiveness; when she leaves, asks her daughters what bring it to them; the sixth daughter wants a box; he buys it for an expensive price; the girl waves a fan over her, the prince comes out of the box; the sisters find out about it, pour glass on the couch, the prince is wounded, goes to his world, does not appear from the box; the girl goes to look for it, hears an eagle talking to a parrot under the tree; eagle: the windows from the prince's body will come out if you rub it with droppings from the eagle's nest; the girl dresses a fakir, comes to the prince's father, heals him, asks for his ring, bow and arrows as a reward; the prince reappears from the box, the girl shows him a ring and a bow and arrows, everything is explained, Tsarevich takes her as his wife]; the Assames [two wives, the eldest beloved, both have daughters; Champavati is the youngest's daughter; a voice answers her from the forest; her father promises to pass her off as someone in the forest; this is a boa constrictor; the morning after C. returns with lots of decorations; the eldest wife tells her husband to pass her daughter off as a boa constrictor; at night he swallowed the bride; father and stepmother want to kill C., but the boa constrictor swallowed them too, took his wife and her mother to her palace; his mother died, the beggar persuaded C. to burn snakeskin; the husband feels the fire, but C. rubbed it with oil; then the beggar persuades her husband to open his mouth wide: she will see the whole world there; husband: do you want me or do you want peace? C.: the world; she sees the world, but her husband leaves her for 6 years; that beggar is the servant of his demonic mother; his ring will protect C.; the demoness sends C. to another demoness with a letter asking him to kill C.; the son killed demonic mother]: Goswami 1960:91-93; Bengalis [a merchant asks seven daughters whose money they are going to live on; six answer that his seventh youngest is theirs; he tells him to take her into the forest; the old nanny goes with her; at night a tree hides them in a hollow from wild animals, teaches them to scatter crumbs by the pond; at night, peacocks come to peck at them, drop their feathers, the girl makes fans, their old woman sells, the expelled become rich; the merchant is broke; his daughter greets him and gives him money; when he goes sailing, he asks what to bring each of his daughters; the youngest answers the servant "Sobur" ("wait"; The Muslim name Shobur is "patient, persistent"), he realizes that she needs something called Sobur; a person sells Sobur, this is a box; left alone, the girl finds a fan and a mirror in it; touches fans, Prince Shobur appears; takes the girl as his wife; envious sisters pour crushed glass on his bed; his servants take him to his country; his wife, in men's clothes, calling herself Sannyasi (sannyashi, religious devotee), goes to look for him; cuts a snake that regularly devours the chicks of Bihangama and his wife Bihangani; they arrive, the chicks talk about what happened; the male explains that the prince will be cured their crushed dry droppings; brings a woman to the prince's country; unrecognized, she heals the prince, asks for his ring as a reward; returning back on the bird, touches the fan; S. appears, sees her ring; everything happy]: Day 1914, No. 8:124-137 (=Porozhnyakov 1990:100-107); Sinhalese [the king goes to his stepdaughter; her own daughter told her mother about this, she cut off her nails, ordered her nails to be put on the doorstep, told her nails to be put on the doorstep they dug into the king's leg, he returned to the city; the crow tells his stepdaughter to shoot the crow, make a potion out of crow fat, come under the guise of a doctor, the king will recover; the king's ulcers have healed, he gave the doctor gold ring; came to kill the girl (he thinks she is to blame); she tells everything and shows the ring; the tsar took her to the palace]: Volkonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 115:280-281.

China - Korea. Chinese (Henan, Wu. Lingbao, 1988) [there are two rich men in the village, both Liu {the hieroglyphics of spelling names are different}; one has a son and the other has a daughter; they married children in infancy, but the boy's parents fell ill and died; father the girls refused to recognize the marriage; the young man went to a foreign land and died there; the girl refuses to the grooms; once she saw a vague image of her lover among the flowers; at night she dreamed that he had turned after death in a bee; soon a bee flies into her room and turns into a man; she woke up - her husband is next to her; he told how he died and became a bee; since then they had spent time together; the girl told her father that angry, then she said she was joking; but at night the father overheard the conversation; ordered sharp bamboo sticks to be secretly attached to the window frame; at night the girl waits for her lover and suddenly hears: "What you're mean! We lived happily as spouses, but you have the same cruel heart as your father; we'll see you after you tear down your iron shoes and erase your iron beads." The daughter told her father she would agree to marriage to another fiancé, if her father gave her a pair of iron shoes and iron beads; after receiving them, she went in search; came to the mountain, her iron shoes were worn out, and her beads were worn out, she fell exhausted on the grass; when I woke up, I saw that the maids were lying in the palace and serving her tea and food; she began to live there with her beloved; the queen bee is the girl from the Liu family, and the drone bees that leads the bees workers, is that young man from the Liu family; there is a saying: "Wear iron shoes in search of what you found later"]: Bai Gengsheng 2009:249-251; Koreans: Cho 2001, No. 84 [childless woman thoughtlessly wants to give birth to even a snake; after eating greenery, a snake conceives; the neighbor's two daughters leave with disgust when they are shown a snake in a vessel, the third calls the newborn a magnificent snake groom; the serpent asks him to marry, the neighbor's third daughter agrees; after the wedding, the serpent sheds her skin, turns into a young man, tells his wife not to reveal secrets; the sisters peek, find snakeskin, throw it into the fire; the husband disappears, the wife goes in search; weeds the old man's field, repaints the woman's clothes, they show the way; another old man gives a dog, he leads his wife across the pond to another world; her husband has just married , now must choose one of the two wives, gives them tasks; 1) bring clover from a distant mountain (the first wife brings more); 2) bring water up the stairs while stepping in stiletto shoes (the first brings, the second falls); 3) bring five hairs from the tiger's eyebrows; the old mother of tigers gives hair to the first wife; the second wife disappears]: 136-142; Choi 1979, No. 200 [woman gives birth to a snake son; he wants to marry a snake son the daughters of a rich man; the eldest and middle reject him, the youngest agrees; at night he takes off his snakeskin, tells his wife not to show him to others, not to burn him; sisters burn out of envy; the husband disappears, the wife goes in search; plows for a man, washes for a woman, they show the way; in the Dragon Kingdom, her husband has two wives; he will take the one that 1) brings three eyebrows to a live tiger (two wives bring cats, earthly wife gets real from the mother of tigers): 2) bring grapes in winter; the couple's safe return]: 57.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece [the king and queen have three daughters; the youngest is Psyche, Venus is jealous of her; tells Cupid to fall in love with the unworthy and be unhappy with him; K. himself fell in love with P.; the oracle tells her parents leave her at the top of the mountain; from there K. takes her to a beautiful palace; K. spends nights with her, she does not see him; sisters come, advise you to light a lamp at night; oil dripped on K.'s shoulder, he disappeared; P. went to look for a lover; when he came to the sisters, he took revenge on them; each one says that when he flew away, K. expressed a desire to be married to sister P., let Zephyr bring her; both sisters jump off the cliff, hoping that they will fly to K., but break; P. came to V.; she beats her, mixes 7 types of grain and tells her to divide (the ants divided it); get a piece of golden-fleece sheep wool (the reed tells her not to approach the sheep, they ferocious, but collect shreds of wool from the bushes); bring the waters of Styx (Jupiter's eagle brings); V. gives a bottle, tells you to go to Proserpine, let her put a piece of his beauty in it, bring her, V.; stone the tower shows the way to Hades, teaches you to take a copper to pay Charon, not to talk to the lame donkey driver, not to pay attention to the dead old man who will ask him to take him on the boat; give a cake to Cerberus to let him go to Proserpine; on the way back the same (a second cake to Cerberus and a second copper to Charon); when he went to the ground, P., contrary to Proserpine's warning, opened a jar of beauty and fell asleep; K. woke her up and sent her to V.; Jupiter persuaded V. to allow P. and K. to marry, gave P. a drink of immortality]: Apuleius 1959, Book 4-6:167-202 (Apul. Met. IV28-VI24); Greeks: Hahn 1864 (2), No. 73 [the poor woman has three daughters; she went to collect herbs, sighed, the Moor appeared, asked why she called him; ordered to give one daughter, for which she gave gold; gave him gold; gave the girl had a human head to eat, the girl hid it under the roof; the Moor called her head, she responded from under the roof, the Moor sent the bride home, telling her second sister to be sent; she received it for dinner a human leg, hid it behind a barrel of oil; the same; the youngest got a hand, but hid it under her skirt; the Moor thought that the hand was responding from the girl's belly; they live well, but in the evening the husband gives it to his wife sleeping pills and she immediately falls asleep; the sisters learned to hide a sponge under her clothes and pour sleeping pills on her rather than her mouth; at night she saw a handsome man nearby; when her husband fell asleep, she noticed gold on his chest lock with a key; opened, there is a river, a woman is washing clothes, a pig comes up and wants to carry the laundry; the Moor's wife called out to the woman, the Moor woke up, said that now he is Filek-Zelebi, let the pregnant woman look for him ; let him take three pairs of iron shoes and three golden apples; after wearing out the first pair, climb the mountain and throw an apple, it will lead to FZ's older sister; she weaves gold cloth for her wife's child FZ brother; then the second pair of shoes, the second apple, the second sister (the same, makes clothes for her son FZ); the third sister's wife gave birth to a boy with a lock on his chest; FZ appeared, everything is fine]: 80-84; Megas 1970, #26 [The poor hunter returns without prey and must give three daughters; he says Alas and Alack (Ach-chach - ah-hah?) , a black servant of the Sun appears, says his name is Alasandalack; the youngest daughter agrees to go beyond the Sun; he does not show her his face; sisters visit her, teach her not to drink sleeping pills, at night light a candle, look at her husband; a drop of wax falls on the Sun, he wakes up, tells A. to kill the woman; he feels sorry for her, he sends her to one lamia, the sisters of the Sun; she gives birth to a beautiful boy; The sun brings her back, the holiday], 27 [the princess rejects the grooms; makes, revives the young man from sugar, almonds, semolina; his name is Master Semolina; another princess sends the ship tells the servants to grab S., they bring it to her; S.'s wife consistently comes to the mothers of the Month, the Sun, the Stars; Mr. Stars knows where S. is; the princess is hired there to herd geese; the month gave an almond with a golden spinning wheel, the Sun is a chestnut (it has a golden chicken with chickens), the Stars is a nut (it has a golden clove tree); each time S.'s wife buys the princess one night with S., but she puts S. to sleep his drink; the beggar tells me not to sleep the last night, the couple run away; the princess makes her wife out of almonds, etc., but the food has only rotted]: 57-60, 60-65; Paton 1900, No. 11 (Lemnos) [childless woman ready to give birth to at least a laurel berry; she gives birth to it, the maid shakes the bed out the window, the gardener sweeps away the garbage; laurel grows in that place; three young men cook lamb next to each other, tell the gardener to follow; from The girl comes out laurel, throws salt into the cauldron, the meat is salted; next time the youngest young man waits for her, grabs her, marries her; on the wedding night he leaves roses instead of himself, goes to the former bride; laurel girl changes clothes with a monk, comes to the wedding, returns the young man]: 339-340; Greeks (Lesbos) [the poor man has three daughters for marriage; the coffee maker advises not to grieve, but to throw a net in the name eldest daughter; the catch was unusually large and the proceeds of 800 piastres were enough to pass off the daughter as a mule driver; two years later, the same with the middle daughter (2,000 piastres, assistant greengrocer); when the net was abandoned in the name of the youngest, it contained a huge lobster, loaded on two carts and brought home; daughter's father: this is your husband; at night, a beautiful young man Melidoni is nearby; drinks and food appeared the girl is happy; her mother and sisters feel sorry for her; they see Prince Charming three times, offering to marry him rather than look at the lobster; unable to stand it, the girl replies that this is her husband; he immediately leaves: you are unlikely to see me again; the girl goes in search, taking three pairs of iron-soled shoes; a year later she saw a dried pond; a cannibal lies in the mud, long eyelashes cover her face; girl put a wand under her eyelashes, cut them off with an ax, poured water on the cannibal and hid behind a tree; she could not see for 15 years; if you are a woman, I will make them queen, if a man is king; the girl came out after when the cannibal swore not to harm her; explained that she was looking for M.; the cannibal told her to spend the night, tomorrow a son, common to her and her two sisters, would come; turned the girl into a button and put it down in my pocket; son: can I feel the spirit of man; Melidoni? I know that his beautiful wife betrayed him; the cannibal sends the girl to her sister, a year later she came, everything repeats itself; the cannibal says that M. is the son of her younger sister; gives a frying pan and three apples; it is necessary come and knock an apple on the pan, M. will appear in different guises; you can't let him kiss her; the girl did not allow herself to be kissed, but gives an apple every time; M. (he in the guise of another man) turned it into a button, brought it to his mother; took an oath from her that she would not eat his wife, turned the button again to the girl; she demands to sweep and not sweep the room; M.: litter and then sprinkle dust; cook and do not cook the meat (cook half and chop the rest and start cooking only when the cannibal returns); the cannibal tells you to go to her sister for yeast bread for her son's wedding; M. in the form of a boy (supposedly he is M.'s son); you have to walk barefoot on the thorns and grab them for their softness; praise wormy figs; in front of the donkey bones, in front of the dog hay - change; source blood and pus: drink and praise water; grab yeast at the top of the stairs and run; the cannibal tells you to detain the fugitive, the donkey, the dog, the spring, the thorns refuse; the cannibal tells you to fill the pillow with feathers, feed the dog, bring the donkey to dance, and bring bread intact; M. summoned the birds, they threw off their feathers; beat the donkey, let him lie; at the wedding you will be given torches; do not throw it, even if they will burn their hands and then throw them at the bride; the brides' hair flashed, everyone left to extinguish, and M. and his wife returned to her parents, who by then had burned the lobster shell]: Paton 1901, No. 16:86-93; Greeks: Schmidt 1877, No. 9 [the fisherman caught a golden crab; he talks, fills the plate with gold every day; tells him to marry him the king's youngest daughter; the king: 1) let him build a wall above the towers overnight my palace and it has all the flowers in the world; 2) there are three springs with gold, diamonds and diamonds next to it; everything is done, the crab tells my mother to go to the mountain, ask the Moor for a golden pillow; on it she brings him to the palace for the wedding; turns into a prince at night; a year later, the princess gave birth to a son named Benjamin; the king wants to arrange a tournament to give his daughter to the winner; the crab tells his wife ask the Moor for a luxurious tournament outfit and a silver apple; he will throw it to her and she must tell the sisters that she does not know who it is; if it says that it is her crab husband, he will leave her; the same the next day was a golden apple; this time she confessed to her mother that she burned her shell with crab, her husband disappeared; an old man chased a dog that took his bread; down the stairs, there's a palace, a table for 12 persons; the old man hid; 12 eagles flew in, swam in the spring, became young men; one of them drank to his beloved's health and to reproach his mother-in-law, who burned his shell with crab; when the eagles flew away, the old man went to the princess and told him everything; the princess hugged her husband; he told her to wait three months for the spell to end; she sent the old man to tell his parents about it; three months later everything is fine]: 83-88; Sike 1993 (Skyros) [princess rejects suitors, makes a young man out of almonds, sugar, semolina, he comes to life, marries her, her name is Semigdalenios ("Made from semolina"); another princess is jealous sends a ship with expensive goods; when S. comes there, the ship sails away; S.'s wife goes in search, consistently comes to the mothers of the Sun, the Month, the Stars; each hides S.'s wife so that the hungry son did not eat it; Sun, Month, male stars say they did not see S., only the smallest Star shows the way; each mother gives a nut with a gift; under the guise of a poor gypsy, the wife is hired to kidnapper S., asks permission to spend the night for a gift (each nut has a gift); two nights S. is put to sleep, on the third servant warns S., the wife tells her story, the spouses reunite, return]: 131-135; Hungarians [the childless queen agrees to give birth to even a snake; and gives birth; the serpent has grown up, tells him to marry the queen; at night he is handsome, during the day he is a snake; the witch advises to burn the skin; the husband disappears, leaving a nut rod; when he turns green and bears fruit, then go look for him; the wife will not relieve herself of the burden until her husband hugs her again; the wife comes to the old woman, she sends to the middle sister, the middle sister to the eldest; their sons Month, Sun, Wind; each gives a golden spindle, a forearm, a ball; the wind carries them to the castle; for three items, the wife buys three nights with her husband from the local queen; she sprinkles sleeping pills into the wine twice, and the third time the servant did not put it; the wife immediately gave birth to twins; the local queen was torn apart by horses]: Ortutai 1974, No. 2:72-92; Romanians: Kú ; nos 1901 [When leaving, the emperor tells three daughters not to unlock one room; the eldest insists on unlocking it; there's a table and a book saying that the older sister will marry the emperor of the East, the middle one is for the emperor of the West, and the youngest is for the hog; the father returns, royal matchmakers come to the eldest daughters, the hog comes for the youngest; she is obedient to the father; along the way, the hog lies in the mud and tells the bride to kiss him; at home she turns into a young man in the evening; the wife is pregnant; asks the old woman for help; she gives a rope to tie her husband by the leg at night; the rope breaks, the husband jumps up, says that if not wife, in three days the spell would be over; she will see him wearing out three pairs of iron sandals and three iron staffs; comes to the mother of the Moon (woman), who sends the Sun to the mother (man); the Sun advises ask Wind; Mother of the Wind: your husband is in a forest house like a pile of fallen trees; your wife comes there and makes a ladder out of bones to get up; one is missing, she cuts off her finger and that turns into the last crossbar; the husband flies in like a dove, is frightened, then recognizes his wife, her child; explains that his emperor father fought dragons and killed a dragon; his mother turned her son emperor in the hog to prevent a predetermined marriage]: 222-243; Sadetsky 1973 [spouses are childless, the woman suggests adopting any creature that comes out to meet his grandfather first; this is a pig; king will pass off his daughter as the one who built a golden bridge from his house to the palace, executes unsuccessful applicants; the pig sends the old man to marry the princess; the pig creates a bridge, turns the hut into a palace; marries, according to at night she sheds pigskin; the princess's mother teaches her to throw her skin into the fire; the husband girds his wife with an iron hoop, says he is Fat Frumos, you should look for him in the Frankincense Monastery; the bridge and palace disappear; the wife comes to St. Sereda's hut; she asks the animals about the Frankincense Monastery, no one knows; gives the woman a golden spinning wheel, prosphora, a cup of wine; the same goes to St. Fridays (gives a golden reel); at St. Trinity at the end of the world (gives a golden tray and a hen with chickens); there only a lame lark knows the way, leads to the Frankincense Monastery (like paradise); a woman waits at the well, the witch's maid sees her gold items; the key witch allows her to spend one, second, third night in the FF bedroom in exchange for the gold items she receives, giving FF a sleep potion each time; the third time, on the advice of the servant, FF does not drink potions, he hugs his wife, the hoop falls apart, the witch is tied to an immense mare; the witch was a pig who wanted to marry FF to one of her 11 daughters (piglets who, when they left home, saw an old man who adopted a pig)]: 342-358; Serbs [the queen asks God for a son - even a snake; 22 years later, the serpent asked him to marry any girl; parents offered to choose him himself ; he pointed to the poor girl; his wife is soon pregnant; his mother-in-law persuaded her to confess: at night, the serpent becomes handsome; the mother-in-law advised me to take the skin at night and give it to her through the window; burned the skin; husband: you will see me when you foot your iron shoes and an iron staff; and you can give birth when I forgive you; my wife has been pregnant for three years; went in search; came to the mother of the Sun Girl; she hid her; Sun the human spirit feels; the Sun sent for the Month; the mother of the Sun gave a golden spinning wheel; the same; the Month sent to the Wind; the mother of the Month gave a golden hen with chickens; Wind: your husband is king in another kingdom, married; Wind's mother gave a gold loom; Wind: lay out your gifts there in front of the palace; gives them to the queen one by one three nights with her husband; she gives her husband a sleepy potion; on the third night, the servant told the king, who quietly poured out the potion; his wife gave birth to a boy with golden hands and hair; all three of them returned to their country]: Karadzic 1854, No. 10:81-89 (=Eschker 1992, No. 4:34-40); Gagauz people [A childless old woman sends her husband to find a child; he brings a pig; a pig tells him to marry a boyar's daughter; the boyar orders to create a golden bridge, a garden with golden apples; everything appears; tells for the house to stand on the water, the house stands; the boyar gives his daughter; at the wedding, the pig sheds its pigskin, becomes handsome; at night the wife throws his skin into the fire; the husband puts a hoop on her belt, he will only take it off his hand, only then will his wife be born; she comes to Duma-báb (makes sure no one spins on Friday), who refers to her sister Pazar-bab (watches on Sunday); she gathers birds; only a lame bird saw the woman's husband at Jada bába (witch); P. gives him a gold spinning wheel, arshin, a reel - to sell J. for the right to spend the night with a guy; for two nights J. puts him to sleep, his wife can't wake him up; On the third night, the maid told the guy not to drink potions; he takes off his wife's belt, she gives birth to a boy, all three return home]: Syrf 2013:149-153; Albanians [childless old woman finds a snake, raises like a son; he tells him to marry him the king's daughter; the old woman is lowered down the stairs twice, the Serpent heals her with a magic ring; the third time the king demands to build, lay the road with velvet, and appear with her entourage ; The serpent gets a wife, sheds his snakeskin at night, says his name is Speite, forbids talking about his transformation; the wife tells his mother, S. disappears; the wife goes looking for him, wearing iron shoes, comes to the mother of the Sun, she first hides her from her son, the Sun promises not to eat what has come, refers her to the Moon, she refers her to the Wind, who says that S. has kidnapped the monster, carries her overseas; there the monster brings S.'s wife to his palace; S. throws a ring into the jug, the wife finds out that her husband is nearby; the monster demands that his wife Sh. 1) the house be swept in places, not in some places, 2) fill two cauldrons with tears (Sh. fill with salt water); S. pretends to be a woodcutter and a carpenter, tells the monster that he makes a coffin for the deceased S., asks him to try it on, bobs it up, burns; S. and his wife return to people forever]: Serkova 1989:21-31; Bulgarians [a childless fisherman asks God for a child; a fish (a siren - a "sea samovel") promises that the fisherman's wife will give birth, but the boy will have to be given to her; the fish is told that the boy died; he grew up, went on a journey, warned not to go to the shore; from an ant, a falcon, a lion {obviously, by resolving their dispute when sharing the animal's carcass}, the young man gains the ability to transform into any of them; thanks to this ability, the young man gets a princess and smashes enemies; he swallows him in the sea or river, the fish swallows him; his friend puts on his clothes and tries to impersonate him, but his wife exposes the substitution; brings three golden apples to the shore (a golden spindle, a needle, a loom that work themselves), consistently promises them to the fish if it lifts the young man up to the neck, waist up to the waist above the water, entirely; once above the water, the young man turned into an eagle, flew away from the fish]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, no.*316*: 119-120; Bulgarians [when leaving, the father asks three daughters what to bring each of them ; the elders ask for new clothes, the youngest - Finist's feather is clear to the falcon; he buys a pen from the old man for a lot of money; after his daughter receives a pen, F. flies to her every night and turns into a young man; envious older sisters put knives, needles, etc. on the window, F. is wounded and disappears; when she goes in search, the girl receives a gold spindle, a dish, an apple from the old woman; exchanges them from his new wife F. for the right spend three nights beside him; on the third night she woke up to him, they reunited]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 432:152-153; Croats, Serbs: Uther 2004 (1), No. 425A: 248-250.

Central Europe. Slovaks: Uther 2004 (1), No. 425A: 248-250; Poles [(many entries); due to a rash wish or spell, a snake son is born in the family; at night he takes on a human form; the girl promises to marry him or her father promises to give her (as payment for a flower picked for her); the girl removes the spell from her snake husband (dwarf, bear, wolf, donkey, wild boar, hedgehog, toad, bird) - burns skin, cuts off his head, etc.; due to the fact that the skin was burned ahead of time (due to the machinations of his wife's sisters, etc.), the husband disappears; when going in search, the wife must wear iron shoes; receives from the old woman magic objects; from the winds and stars he learns where to go, climbs a glass mountain; for three valuable items he buys three nights next to her husband, returns him]: Krzyżanowski 1947, No. 325:70-71; Western Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [the mother in her hearts wished her son to turn into a snake; the king is blind, he will be healed by water from a spring; only the youngest daughter decides to take water, although the voice of the snake is from the spring promises to make her his wife for this; the king leaves his daughter in a separate room, crawls at night, sheds her skin, becomes handsome; the family stole, burned the skin; the husband disappears, saying that the wife does not will be born until he puts two fingers on her; only the Third Wind directs her to the Black Sea; gives her a valek, he must be given to Snake's new wife to wash her shirt from blood in exchange for permission to sleep with her husband night; the second wife puts her husband to sleep; the same on the second night (for a golden hen with chickens); the servant tells her husband everything, he does not drink potions; the third gift is gold yarn and a spindle; the wife gives birth to two boys , one has golden curls; he grows up, is led by a frog, turns into a beauty; she is carried away by a 12-headed Serpent; a snake kills the wind, but the girl must be a frog for three days; the father shot his son , because she does not see his bride; the bride revives him with living and dead water]: Verkhovyna's Tales 1970:265-271; Ukrainians (Podolia) [grandfather and woman went to the forest for firewood; sat down to eat, picking up crumbs; they brought him home; a year later he tells him to marry the princess; the king suggests that the groom jump up to the princess sitting on the third floor and take her sign; he went into the forest, chipped in well, sat on his horse , got a ring (? signal) princesses; the king threw a signal into the sea - let him get it; he got it from the bottom; the princess agrees; after a while the king calls the young to a feast; he has already thrown off his skin, came to the feast; the princess quietly returned home and burned her skin; the husband ran, hit his wife in the face, blood sprayed on his shirt; left, saying that he was no longer her husband; the wife went in search; on the way she bought a gold tow from a woman, the other has a reel, the third has a golden hen with chickens; the girls ask if she will wipe the blood off their owner's shirt; it was easily erased; hired to herd geese; she began to spin a golden tow in sight; the new wife bought for permission to spend one night with her husband; gave him sleeping pills; the same the next day (reel); on the third night (hen with chickens), the wife pricked her husband with a needle in the finger, he woke up ; the couple began to live happily, and the other wife was expelled]: Levchenko 1928, No. 481:326-328; Eastern (?) Ukrainians (western in Kiev) [healers tell the childless queen to catch and cook pike, eat her head; a year later, the queen gave birth to a snake; he immediately spoke; ordered the tsar to leave him in the stone house and through a month to marry; in a month it has become long; no girl agrees to go for a snake; the woman has 12 daughters, the youngest is single; when he found out that the youngest wanted to marry, the king summoned her and she agreed, but told her to give her 12 dresses, shirts, shoes; she is led to a snake; he demands to throw off her dress, she demands to throw off her skin; when the girl is left in her last shirt, she has shed her last skin and became human; she threw snakeskins into the fire; the serpent tells her parents not to tell her parents that he has become human; she said her husband is gone; she went to look for him; the mother of the Wind hides her from her son, who senses the spirit, but tells her to give it to the girl silver apple; came to the mother of the Month; the same (The Month tells me to give a golden apple); the mother of the Sun (the same, gives a diamond apple; her husband already has a different wife; we must take the form of an old woman, put a silver an apple on a handkerchief and play with it; the girl sells it to his new wife overnight with her husband, but she put him to sleep; the same on the second day (the golden apple); on the third night the husband only pretended to be asleep; the new wife was smashed horses to pieces]: Rudchenko 1859, No. 43:81-85; Russians (Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Ryazan, Voronezh) [Finist is a clear falcon: a prince in the guise of a falcon flies to a girl; envious sisters (stepmother) set the window with knives (nails); the falcon hurts himself and flies away; the girl goes looking for him and finds him, who has turned into a good job]: SUS 1979, No. 432:133-134; Russians ( Teresky Bereg) [grandfather died of old age, from his daughter's grandmother Anna, Marya, Oleconida; A. was taken by the one who lives where axes fall, M. - where dogs bark, O. - where they fish; grandmother went to look for daughters; to A., to M. Don't approach - axes tear clothes, dogs rush; O. says that her husband flew in like a swan, she burned his "covers", he said she would never see him again; O. told the blacksmith to tie her three staffs, I came to the hut on chicken legs on the cockhead; there the old woman interferes with the coals with her nose, sends her nose to her sister, she teaches her older sister, teaches what to do; O. does not go to the hostess, spreads out a tablecloth- a baker, gives him permission to spend the night with her husband; she gave him a drink, he did not wake up; O. laments: I broke three staffs, trampled three bast shoes, gnawed three times; hangs a cross around his neck; on the next day, the husband sees the cross, does not drink, quietly pours wine; O. pushed the witch and the bride into a cauldron with resin; began to live with her husband]: Balashov 1970, No. 1:35-39; Russians (Arkhangelskaya: Severnaya Dvina) [the tsar has a son, he was wrapped in a dog, he began to marry; in the evening - a boy, and in the afternoon - a dog; his wife burned her skin; husband: would wait 6 days; turned into a falcon and flew away; Maria Tsarevna went to look for; Hut, hut, turn your gate to me, and your eyes to the forest; in Baba Yaga's hut, she holds the baby on her leg; in the morning she gave a comb, combs her hair herself; the next baba yaga gave a bread tablecloth; third (they all sisters) a teapot with 12 noses, each with his own drink; teaches how to redeem her husband for gifts; his husband can't wake up for two nights, he did not sleep on the third; gathered people: what kind of wife to live in - with the one he buys, or the one that sells? answer: with the one he buys; began to live happily ever after]: 115-116; Mitrofanova, Fedorova 1966, No. 7:113-114; Russians (Karelian Pomorie, Sniffer) [the old man was fishing, got cancer, he brought him home; cancer in the afternoon, and at night a peasant; tells him to marry the royal daughter; the tsar sets conditions; build a palace; around a ditch for ships to sail; a church and a bell tower; Rak Rakovich tells the servants to fulfill ("sea lions, burushki, eternal Voronezh"); after the wedding, the princess admitted to her parents that her husband was good; Cancer was gone; she came to the hut: turn her eyes to the forest, my gates; Baba Yaga gave a handkerchief to embroider the corner; the next ball of silk is the second corner; the third is the boat; give for the covenant: spend the night with Cancer Rakovich; you can't wake him up; before the third night, Baba Yaga advises you to take out your sleepy pin; they began to live- happy, good to make money]: Razumova, Senkina 1974, No. 67:313-317; Russians (Vologodskaya) [the old man asks his three daughters what to buy; the eldest asks for a dress, a medium shawl, the youngest is scarlet flower; returning on the way out of town, the old man agrees to give the scarlet flower if his daughter marries his son - Finist is clear of the falcon; having received a flower, the daughter locked herself in the light, opened the window, flew in F., became a young man; promises to fly every night if you put a flower on the window; gives any outfits; in these outfits in a carriage, a girl comes to church; no one recognizes her; after the third time she forgot remove the diamond pin from her hair, the sisters found out everything, put knives on the window; F. hurt himself, flew away; the girl ordered three pairs of boots, three staffs, three caps, three sweeps to be made of iron, went look for F.; Baba Yaga gave a hammer and 10 diamond carnations - exchange for F. from the bride for the right to look at him; sends him to her sister; she gives a golden saucer with a diamond ball (the same); the third Baba- The yaga gives the horse, he eats hot coals; the girl gave the hammer with carnations, but F.'s fiancée stuck a pin in it, you can't wake him up; the same with a saucer; the girl received the third night by giving the horse, which feeds on the heat; found a pin and pulled it out; F. woke up; called the princes: should I be the one who sold me or the one that bought me? the one she sold was ordered to be hung at the gate and shot]: Gura 1965, No. 16:223-226; Russians (Vologodskaya, Kadnikovsky, from Afanasyev's collection, p. 6) [two daughters ask their father to bring updates and jewelry, the youngest is the Finist's feather, the falcon is clear; so three times; at first the father does not find it, the third time he buys a casket from the old man; the daughter pulls out a feather, it turns into a young man; the sisters overheard; the girl lets her lover out the window with a falcon, or holds a feather in a casket, their father scolds them for lying; then the sisters put knives on the window and a needle No. F. cut off his wings, ordered them to look for him far away lands in the thirtieth kingdom, and before that, trample three pairs of iron shoes, break three iron staffs and eat three stone swarms; at the end of her travels, the girl comes successively to three old sisters; one gave a silver bottom, a golden spindle - a gold thread will be spun; the second - a silver dish, a golden egg; the third - a golden hoop and a needle that embroiders itself; tells hire a virgin worker; for these items she buys 3 nights from her virgin daughter next to F.; she mixed F. with a sleepy potion and sent the girl to drive flies from him; on the third night F. woke up from who dripped tears; took the girl away, and became a feather again at her house; in the church, sisters see unknown spouses in a golden carriage; after the third time, the prince took human form forever; wedding]: Burtsev 1895, No. 7:34-44; (cf. Russians (Vologodskaya) [Ivan began to twist ropes by the river; imp: what are you doing? Ivan: I'll wrinkle the sea, let me make you devils; the elder imp suggests running first; Ivan sends a blue old man instead of himself - a hare; whoever throws a stick higher; Ivan: when I throw it, out of sight; to fight; Ivan sends his grandfather 75 years old, a bear; devils are ready to give gold; Ivan stretched a hat with holes over the pit; the imp gives gold and a ring that makes wishes come true; the king demands to build for night house, church, crystal bridges - everything is done; after the wedding, M. found a ring, ordered herself to be moved far away to the fiftieth kingdom; Ivan goes in search, from one baba yaga to another; they - sisters; the third hides Ivan in a chest, M. comes; Ivan, who ate three prospirs on the way, broke three iron canes, realizes that M. loves him; Baba Yaga gave a ball, a sword, a tablecloth; for Ivan buys these items three times a night with Masha from her nieces; they gave her a drink twice, she sleeps, the third time she does not drink; after throwing a ring, Ivan and Mary are at home, the tsar is happy to have them returned]: Smirnov 1917 , No. 35:192-196); Russians (Novgorod) [the poor man has two sons and three daughters, the youngest is the most beautiful; the poor man took his wife and children to the forest, ordered them to build a hut; a polar bear fell into it, promised wealth, ordered his youngest daughter to be given to him; he has a huge house, comes to the bedroom for the night; the wife asked permission to see her relatives; the mother began to try, advised him to light a candle at night; the wife saw handsome; a drop of wax has dripped, the husband said he would fly west to the sun, east to the moon; the wife goes in search; one old woman gives a golden apple, the second a hoop, the third a spinning wheel; plays with an apple, a sorceress agrees to let her see her husband if he gives the apple; but her husband will not wake up; the same with the hoop; with a spinning wheel; this time the husband did not drink sleeping pills; promises his wife to let the sorceress wash the shirt on which wax stain; whoever washes marries; the sorceress could not, the real wife immediately washed it off; they got married, the sorceress kicked them out]: Vlasova, Zhekulina 2001, No. 45:82-84; Russians ( Voronezhskaya, ca. 1940, Toida village, Anninsky District) [the sisters envy the beauty and economy of their younger sister Maryushka. They ask his father to bring boots from the city, M. asks for the feather of the Finist-Yasna falcon. It is only the third time that the father finds a hotel for his youngest daughter. He buys from a grandfather he met on the road, who explained that "the pen is cherished, but for a kind person it is possible wherever it goes." The sisters laugh at the youngest, at night she throws the pen on the floor, calls the kind groom, Finista-Yasna falcon, is great, in the morning he hits the floor, turns into a falcon, flies away. On the third night, the sisters are watching M., noticing a good job. They tell my father, but he advises them to take care of themselves. They put sharp knives into the frame of their younger sister's window, F. can't get into the room, hurts his chest, M. hears F. saying that he can be found by demolishing three pairs of iron shoes, breaking three staffs, tearing three iron caps. M. asks her father to let her go in search of her fiancé. On the way through forests and mountains, animals do not touch the girl. She comes to the hut, asks to turn around, inside "Baba Yaga has a bone leg, legs from corner to corner, lips in the garden, and her nose to the ceiling has grown" reports that F. married in a kingdom far away. She gives a silver saucer and a golden egg - she rolls on a saucer herself, orders her to go to the groom's kingdom, not sell the saucer, but exchange it for the night with F. M. the cat jumps into his arms, calms him down, advises not to be afraid and move forward. The girl goes into the huts twice more, the first one receives a silver hoop and a split needle, which she embroiders herself, after which a dog runs up to her and advises her not to be afraid. In the third hut, M. receives a silver bottom, a golden spindle - she spins the gold thread herself. Wonderful items should also be exchanged for the night with F., but not sold. From the last hut, M. enters the forest, meets a wolf, tells him not to be afraid, and carries it to the kingdom of far away. M. is hired by an employee at F. Swaps magic items three times for three nights with F. Only the last night does he wake up - she finds a gold pin in his head and takes it out. He turns it into a blue dove, becomes a falcon himself, and they fly away. F. gives her his pen and flies to the sky. M. returns to his city during the festival. The sisters go for a walk, M. calls F., asks her to let her go for a walk, servants appear and dress her up. The whole city and older sisters notice an unknown beauty in the city. At home, M. changes clothes, but forgets to take off his brooch. The sisters realize that she is hiding something, watching again, inserting knives into the frame again. M. does not hear the falcon beating at night, but he hears him repeating the old formula on how to look for it. M. comes to the first hut, learns from Baba Yaga that F. is married to the mistress of the sea, receives a brocade towel and a gold ball. She predicts that the lady will go ashore to dry herself and ask to sell her wonderful things, but they should be exchanged for the night with F. In the other two huts, the girl receives 12 diamond nails and a gold hammer ("sit on gold sand, hammer carnations") and a black horse, which feeds on heat, "danders" golden eggs. The horse takes the girl to the seashore, everything happens as three Baba Yaga predicted, Marya changes objects for three nights with F., only on the last night she manages to wake him up by dropping a tear on her shoulder. The Sea Queen gathers princes and merchants to judge her husband for treason. F. asks who the real wife is - the one who loves or the one who sells her husband. Everyone agrees that F.'s wife is M. They come to their country and have a lavish feast]: Korolkova 1941, No. 5:29-37; Czechs: Talova 1956 [a son was born shaggy like a bear, the king heard about his mind, will give him his daughter Mina if he will turn Labu, otherwise he will execute; in the morning the river flows on the other side of the castle; the same is to build a castle; a bridge from his castle to the royal one; a young bear gets M., becomes human at night; a wife with mother burned her skin, husband is gone, wife goes looking; sun: ask my brother of the month; month: ask the wind; wind: he has a sorceress overseas; carries across the sea, teaches me to throw one bouquet to a bird, the other the old woman, otherwise she will be killed; the sorceress allows her to talk, but the king falls asleep; on the advice of one of the queens, the king changed the wine bowls, the sorceress drank and fell asleep, the king killed her with a sword; the castle became black red, everyone parted, M. and the king began to rule]: 110-113 (=Bogolyubova, Talova 2000:219-224); Lifshits-Artemyeva 2017 (Moravia) []: 400-412.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks: Basangova 2002:114-117 [the old man brought wormwood for fuel, there was a snake in the wormwood; he grew up quickly, ordered the khan's daughter to be married; the old man came to the khan on a yellow-striped bull; on a bull they put a brand, tore the old man apart; the Serpent revived him, sent him again; the khan orders to build a golden door-to-door bridge, a bush with fruits on the sides, poplar to the stars in both houses; by morning everything Done, the khan gave his daughter; the husband, leaving the snakeskin to his wife, became a swan, flew to frolic with Hormust-Tengri's daughters; the wife hid the skin in her hair; the sister-in-law began to burn her, forced her to give her skin burned; the husband in the guise of a swan flew in, said that he must now fly to the place where heaven and earth merged; the wife went there, taking two iron staffs, two (pairs?) iron sandals; the bird taught them to enter the iron palace, hug their husband; they had a son, they came to see the khan, the husband tortured the sister-in-law to death], 122-130 [the poor old man's camel gave birth to a blue skin (secondary school); the secondary school asks the old man to marry the khan's daughter; he twice orders to kill the old man, destroy the remains, the secondary school revives the old man; the third time the khan orders to build a golden bridge, a palace, etc.; the secondary school does everything, gets Khan's youngest daughter, turns into a young man, tells her to hide her skin in a chest; when she goes hunting, his wife's older sister takes everything out, burns her skin, all her wealth disappears; the wife goes to look for her husband; people he meets say that three swans were flying, the middle one became a young man, ordered sheep, cows, horses, camels to be grazed well; the elder explains that the husband is the son of Hormust-Tengri, with him his two swan sisters; says where find a sleeping husband; he wakes up, becomes a swan, carries his wife, takes herds and herds with him (animals turn into swans for this purpose), rejuvenates his wife's parents at home]; Abaza [from the prince a son was born in bear skin; wants to marry his teacher's daughter; she agreed, their son is handsome; the father takes off his bear skin at home and wears it when he leaves the house; the wife let it slip, the husband- the bear went to the forest; she found it among other bears, her husband shed his skin, remains human], 66 [the old man eats the egg of the only chicken every time before it lays another one to start incubating chickens; an old woman sends him to get an egg, he finds him in the forest, incubates the chicken, a boy is born as tall as a thimble, grows up quickly; the girls reject him, calling him the son of a hen; he moves to sea monster sea, solves the girl's riddles, brings her home, gets rich; now the girls who rejected him ask him for food]: Tugov 1985, No. 39:104-105; Ossetians: Byazirov 1958, No. 70 [younger Aldar's daughter chose a seedy horse as groom; at night, the animal shed its skin and turned into a young man; the wife burned her skin; the young man turned into a bird and flew away; at the direction of the sparrow, the wife finds him and frees from a fanged woman]: 330; Dzagurov 1983, No. 123 [Eastern Aldar had a bear son; marries the daughter of Western Aldar; he refuses, but takes the bear cub to seven brothers and their sister agrees to marry him; at night, the bear cub becomes a young man; one woman, at the instigation of a healer, threw a bear skin into the fire; the husband flies to heaven as a golden bird; later informs his wife that he is an employee cattle owner Falwar; we need to prepare more hay, a harsh winter will come, F. will come to ask to sell hay, we must exchange it for an employee; F. will offer to choose; I will be on the far left; his wife has chosen that's right, everything is fine]: 527-533; Ingush [a witch doctor advises a childless woman to eat a pig's lung and liver; she gave birth to a son who is a man at night, a pig in the afternoon; asks the father to marry him his daughter stepdaughter; she advises her father to give the groom difficult errands, knows that he is a young man at night; the padchah demands golden carriages full of pearls, they appeared in the morning, the groom got a bride; she threw pigskin at fire; the husband disappeared, telling him to be found; the wife finds him in the cave, they return to his parents]: Malsagov 1983:335-337; Kumyks [the serpent crawls into the old man's shoe, demands to give his daughter; I only agree the youngest; the father sends her to the snake in the barn; the serpent sheds its skin, becomes handsome, the barn becomes a palace; the sisters ask the youngest, out of envy put a knife in the crack from where the snake crawls out; he is wounded, returns to the lower world; the wife goes to look for him, puts the ring in the jug of the maid who has come for water; the snake husband recognizes the ring; his mother and aunt are ajdaha, they want to marry his aunt's daughter; the mother tells the girl sweep the way to her sister Azhdah's house, the Serpent is happy with everything himself; tells her to bring yeast from her house; the Serpent tells her to praise black thorns, pin them to her chest; drink blood and pus from rivers, praise them; close the slanting gate; take the bone from the horse, give the dogs, the hay from the dog to the horse; the girl takes yeast, runs away; the dog, the gate, etc. refuse to detain her, because the hostess treated her they are bad, but the girl is good; the snake brought to the bride, he cuts her to pieces, runs with the girl, both azhdaha chase; The serpent throws a comb (thorny forest), salt (salt swamps), needles (turn into two trees); The serpent and the girl climb on them, Azhdaha next, the Serpent throws two spinners, they turn into millstones, crush Azhdaha; the boy and the girl have achieved their desires]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 11:175-179; Avars [an evil spirit turned Khan's only son into a bull; Khan married him, at night the bull turned into a young man; he asked his wife not to talk about it; she told his mother, his mother threw a bull's skin at fire; a young goby flew away like a dove, told his wife to look for him in heaven; the girl has been looking into the sky ever since, and pigeons live on roofs and attics, fearing to fly into the house]: Khalidova 2012, No. 198:219-220; Dargins [the snake requires the ploughman to give his daughter; only the youngest agrees; in her palace, the serpent sheds her skin, turns into a handsome man; older sisters sweep, find skin, burn; husband disappears; wife goes down a hole into the lower world, where the boy came for water, she throws a ring into the jug; Agaikhan's husband recognizes her; his bloodthirsty mother Vahig gives difficult errands; 1) clean the house using trihedral needles (the wind cleans); 2) cover the house with feathers (birds perform); 3) bring a zurna with a drum from behind the mountains for A.'s wedding; A. teaches to praise, sip blood and bitterness from rivers, and shift meat - dogs, hay to horses, open the closed gate, close the open one; the girl brings a zurna and a drum, the guard orders her to stop in vain; V. passes A. off as a freak - the daughter of another V.; A. kills her, with as a girl in the form of pigeons, they fly to the ground, V. chases an eagle; pigeons chase oats, eagle into chicken with chickens, peck grains; two grains did not notice, returned to the lower world, and A. and his wife became human they live well]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 42:378-383; Lezgins [the serpent asks the poor man to give him one of his three daughters; the eldest, middle refuse, the youngest Tavat Khanum agrees; the serpent asks him to step on tail, turns into a young man named Sad-Eskander; the old woman persuades TX to ask her husband how to burn his skin; the third time he replies, TX burns it on onion peel, SE disappears; three years later comes to the spring, SE's sister gives her water, she throws her ring into the jug, SE recognizes it; explains that the locals are Azhdaha, the old woman wants to marry him off as her daughter; SE and TH run away on their wedding day on horse-wind; they throw razors (mountain of razors), salt (salt mountains), barley (barley to the sky) behind; TX mistakenly pours water from the jug forward, the sea overflows in front of them; the horse carries it to the other side, the old woman drowns; SE leaves TX in the cemetery, hires a merchant for two hours; he cuts the horse, puts SE inside, the parrot bird brings the horse's carcass to the rock where gold and yakhonts; SE scares the bird, not He drops gold to the merchant, comes to the old man; he tells the huge birds to take SE to his wife; SE finds TH, the tsar is amazed at his wisdom, gives him the throne]: Khalilov, Osmanov 1989:158-164; Rutultsy [ a childless woman gives birth to a donkey; he asks the mother to marry the padishah's daughter; he demands to build a golden bridge, bring 7 pairs of clothes for the bride in one eggshell; everything is done; at night the donkey throws off skin, turns into a young man named Rizwan; an old woman persuades the padishah's daughter to put the skin at the door for the night, burns it; Z. flies away with a dove; the wife goes looking, throws the ring into the maid's jug, who collects water, R. recognizes the ring; Aunt R. gives them horses, they jump away, azhdaha chases, R. spills water, a sea forms, Azhdaha asks how they crossed, the fugitives reply that by hanging it around their necks stone, azhdaha sinks; Azhdakhi's sister is chasing, R. throws salt, a salt hill grows; R. and his wife return home]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 60:523-526; Georgians [when leaving, the tsar asks three daughters what to bring them; the elders ask for a dress, a necklace, the youngest for a krahlamaj flower; an old fortune teller indicates where the garden is, teaches two lions to throw sheep on the tuff; Krahlamaj is the royal son who flew to sky; the flower grew on the day K. was born; to see it, you had to fill the room with shiny objects and sprinkle flowers there. The son came down; one maid found out the secret, she was kicked out; she began to serve the princess who asked for a flower; when the king gave it to her daughter, put it in a pot, put it on the window; K. began to fly to the princess; the elder sister scattered the windows out of envy; wounded K. returned to his parents and could no longer fly; under the guise of a healer, the princess came to K., showered him with flowers, he recovered and hugged her; wedding]: Kurdovanidze 1988 (1), No. 50:199-204; Armenians: Harutyunyan 1986 [=Khachatryants 1933:60-63; at the spring, the mother remembered that she had forgotten to buy her youngest daughter's dress; Vai jumped out and promised to give a dress; the mother brought her daughter, Vai took her to marry her son; went out to visit mother; husband flew to her as a partridge; envious older sisters stuck razors around the window; husband cut himself, thought his wife was to blame, told his father to throw her off in the desert, she survived; buried herself in the sand, overheard the dervishes talking, learned how to heal wounds; prepared a potion, came to her husband unrecognized; everything was settled]: 41-43; Ganalanyan 1965 [=Nazinyan 2014:25-29; dervish gives a childless old woman three apples, tells me to eat them for three days; she eats them right away, gives birth to a bull; he asks to marry the royal daughter; performs tasks: create a gold tray of gold, an unsewn dress, bring the bride home to the head did not see the sun, the legs did not touch the ground; at night she becomes handsome; the wife burns a bull's skin; the husband turns into a pigeon, flies away; the wife follows, turns into a dove, finds a husband at the bottom seas, happy with him there]: 66-71; Nazinyan 2014 [the old man brought firewood from the forest, there was a snake in them; demanded that the royal daughter be married to him; the king demands to build a palace overnight, then a garden, a carpet from the palace to the palace, invisible musicians; every time the serpent tells the old man to go to the forest, shout into the hole "Big Khatun, Little Khatun, Habrmani wants this and that"; after the wedding of snakes, he becomes H. tells his wife not to let it slip; incognito participates in the races; in response to the ridicule of the sisters, the wife says, H. falls, tells him to trample iron bast shoes and a steel staff in 7 years, then she will find it; disappears ; H. is at the mercy of a witch, she wants to marry him off her daughter; the wife, after passing through an earthen, glass, copper fortress, reaches gold, her bast shoes and staff are worn out; she throws the maid into the jug his ring, H. finds it; the witch asks her to stroke her feet and fall asleep in her legs; H. tells me to put the deck instead, at night the witch gives her foot; the witch tells her to bring fluff for the pillows, H. advises to ask the birds to shed their fluff; H. and his wife run away, the witch's daughter is chasing, they turn into a mill and a miller; a vegetable garden with a gardener; the third time the witch runs by herself, H. tells his wife to quit a comb, forests appear; H. turns his wife into a twig, herself into a snake wrapped around a branch; the witch found them, but took pity and let them go; H. and the princess celebrate a new wedding in a new palace]: 106-116; Khachatryants 1933 []: 181-189; Turks: Stebleva 1986, No. 17 [an elderly childless peasant is given an apple, tells him to eat in half with his wife; he eats one, a donkey's head falls out of his ass; he She buries her, drowns her, she returns; asks the padishah's daughter to be married; builds a palace overnight; left with his wife, turns into a young man; the maid spies, he disappears; the sultan asks her father to build bathhouse, let everyone come there to wash for free, but with a story about disasters; Keloglan, clinging to the tail of a wood-loaded donkey, follows two woodcutters with fused backs; hides in the underground room; Donkey Head enters, swims in the pool, turns into a young man; a dove arrives, swims, turns into a girl, tries in vain to cheer up the young man; in the morning both take on their former appearance; K. tells the sultan about this, brings him to that room; her husband tells her that he was captured by the daughter of the padishah of birds; the young man burns his skin; sits with his wife in a cage with sharp protrusions; the daughter of the padishah of birds and all her a bird army dies on thorns; the sultan returns her husband], 27 [about the same in Kúnos 1901:74-83; the younger sister's horse secretly turns into a young man from others; she does not marry, meets at night with an imaginary horse; burns his skin; he flies away like a dove, says she will find him when she wears out her iron shoes and staff; at the spring, the maid says she is collecting water for Chamber-Tiar; the wife disguised beggars throw their ring into the jug; THU recognizes him, comes for her; devas want to eat it, THU's mother gives tasks; 1) sweep - don't sweep the room (collect garbage in the middle); 2) go to a neighbor for with a sieve (give the meat lying in front of the horse to the dog, the grass from the dog to the horse, venerate the neighbor's chest behind the back); 3) fill the cauldron with tears (add salt to the water); 4) fill the bag with down (birds Dali); during the wedding, Thu tied the daughter of the devas to a pole instead of the padishah's daughter, runs with his wife; she throws a comb (thorns), soap (slippery), a jug (water); Thu became a gardener, his wife a garden; a tree and a snake wrapping him around him (the devas broke the net - they tore off their little finger); into flowers at the padishah's feet; he gave them to the devas, they bite into grains, the chickens peck, two grains remain, turn into a young man and a girl, they play a wedding]: 48 -54, 105-109; Kúnos 1896 [when leaving, the padishah tells three daughters to take care of his horse; he lets only the youngest in; when he returns, the father gives the elders for the vizier and the chief mufti, the youngest for the horse; at night, the horse turns into a man, the stall into a palace; the husband warns his wife not to reveal the secret, gives her three hairs if necessary; at the tournament, the older sisters are proud of their husbands, laugh at the youngest; she says to her husband that he is handsome, wins everyone; the youngest told the sisters about this, the husband immediately disappeared; the wife went in search, burned the hair, the husband showed up, explained that his mother was a witch- cannibal; turned his wife into an apple, promised her mother not to harm her; mother tells her to "sweep and not sweep the room"; the wife burns the second hair, the husband comes, explains what to sweep the room, but not in the hallway; next time, fill the vessel with tears (water and add salt); no more hairs, the couple are running; the mother's sister sits in a jug, drives a snake; the husband turns his wife into a bathhouse, himself into a bathhouse attendant , pretends to be a fool; the same is the second sister (the spring and the person who takes water from it); the third time the mother chases herself; her son turns his wife into a tree, himself into a snake that wraps around the tree; the mother does not decides to kill his son, asks for permission to tear off his wife's finger, flies away; the spouses return to the woman's father; the husband remains human, his demonic nature remains in another world]: 74-83; Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 102 [When going on business, the father asks his three daughters what to bring them; the elders ask for new clothes, etc., the youngest asks for something strange (a green bird, a dove, a pearl, a feather, a cat, a mortar and etc.); the father forgets her request, but the ship does not move until the father gets that item; the girl uses it to summon her lover, usually arriving in the form of a bird; envious sisters hurt him (usually throwing up broken glass), he flies away; the girl looks for him until she wears out her iron shoes and staff; she comes to the palace unrecognized and heals the prince, promising him not to kill when he sees her again; calls him in the same way; everything turns out, the spouses stay together]: 118-121; Turks [(many options); when leaving, the father asks the three daughters what to bring them; the youngest (on the advice of the teacher) asks for a pearl brush of grapes or something else unusual (a chest with a palace and a prince); the father forgets about the promise, but the ship does not move until he does not move until he does finds; or a fisherman throws a net for the happiness of each of the three daughters and catches a black man for the youngest; as a result, the youngest daughter finds a lover; but she does not see him; sisters advise not to accept in the evening, sleeping pills; the lover turns out to be a beautiful young man, and he has a lock on his body; she unlocks him and sees the craftsmen who cook everything they need for the wedding; then the young man drives his wife away; she comes to his first sister (seine erste Schwägerin), then to the second, both chase her; the third takes her as a maid; once a year her husband appears there, does not recognize his wife; after agreeing with the hostess, intentionally breaks a glass (ein Glas), she scolds her terribly, and her husband intervenes; as a result, he recognizes her and remarries her]: Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 104:123-125; Kurds: Jalil 1989, No. 16 [at the shepherd's house a snake son was born; demanded that the father marry the padishah's daughter; fulfills his conditions (bring a camel caravan, build a palace, spread the carpet); at night he sheds snakeskin, turns into handsome; mother-in-law spies, throws his skin into the fire, his son-in-law flies away like a bird, his wife will find him if she hears about forty dervishes; a young man tells how he was in a sliding rock, where another young man poured water to forty dervishes; wife finds husband, reunites with him]: 203-207; Farizov, Rudenko 1959 [the shepherd's wife gave birth to Pumpkin, Pumpkin Son asks his father to marry Khakim's daughter; fulfills the condition to bring by morning, 40 horsemen with gold armor, gets a wife; the pumpkin splits, Mehmed Khan comes out of it, tells his wife to make coffee but not let it boil; the coffee boils, the young man disappears; the wife asks his father-in-law make her iron sandals and an iron staff, promises to look for M. until he wears them out; wanders in vain for seven years; asks her father to build a palace, listens to the stories of travelers in it; the guide boy says as he sat down in a bucket that rolled out of the rock, got into the rock, 40 pigeons flew in, turned into young men, one was sad; his wife penetrates the same way; M. tells him to run, his mother will not let them go well; M. turns into a shepherd, a wife into a sheep; the mother recognizes them, but since the bride was more beautiful than her son, she blesses]: 23-28.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians: Ottomans 1987:250-256 [A childless woman promises to stump that if she becomes pregnant, her son or daughter will serve him; the girl Bibinegar was born and raised; walks past a stump with two others; the stump tells her to stop; her mother sends her to the stump, the young Maisaskabar comes out of it; with him carpets and a wheel from which emeralds and yakhonts fall; M. gives B. a fur coat - if he disappears, they will part; her the aunt overheard; hopes to marry B. as her daughter; put B. to sleep and burned her fur coat; B. has only a turquoise ring; B. goes in search; the shepherds answer her rude: these are herds of M., a ransom for B.; the boy did not give get drunk, she told the water to turn into blood and pus; M.: what is this? ordered to let me get drunk; B. threw a ring into the jug, M. realized that she was nearby; M.: everything around the diva; B. was hired as a maid in the house of M., whom Aunt B. married to her daughter; at night M. cut off his wife's head, rode away with B.; aunt chases, M. threw a piece of sheepskin (mountain); a piece of iron (iron mountain); salt (salt sea); aunt: how did you swim across; M.: stand on that pebble (it's a sunny glare); aunt drowned; a few drops of her blood splashed ashore, became a gazelle; M. brought her home; in her absence she butts B.; when everyone was sleeping, the gazelle became an aunt, gathered everyone in the house to sleep in a vessel, gathered throw B. into boiling water; B. asks for permission to pray; a virgin appeared, taught her to break a bottle; M. appeared, threw the gazelle into boiling water; gives B. a bottle of her aunt's life, tells her to go to her house, pick up those lying in front of her give bones to the dog with a camel, and straw on the contrary; praise the dried garden, which the aunt calls thorns; clean the dusty carpet and bed; agree to comb your aunt, and when she falls asleep, hit her ground your head and run; the bed and everyone else refuse to hold B., the dog tore his aunt; B. ran to M., he ceased to be a diva, became human, everything is fine], 301-306 [the childless woodcutter wants kill a snake, which promises to become his son Sabzkaba ("green caftan"); orders to marry the ruler's daughter Shakarhava ("sweet wish"); he requires 70 bags of jewelry, etc., S. sends and receives a wife, takes off his snakeskin at night; warns not to burn it; otherwise, in order to return it, you will have to wear out 7 iron dresses, shoes, staffs; Sh. Sh. came, threw the skin into the fire; Sh. searches; meets women, girls, everyone says that their father S. went to S. and disappeared, they would kill her; one girl carries water S., S. throws a ring into the jug; S. meets Sh., tells them to venerate his mother's breasts are diva; mother-in-law tells him to pour tears on the floor (S. performs); wash the black bag white (dip it in water when white water flows); bring a sieve from her diva sister, she must tear Sh.; S.: there are bones in front of the horse, straw in front of the dog, you have to shift; put cotton wool in every bell on the door; S. grabbed a sieve and ran away; at the wedding of the divas, S. and S. put hot candles in their arms, but they candles were not thrown; at night S. killed the bride and groom, ran with Sh.; brother S. chases, S. became a broom, S. became a rope; uncle (garden and gardener); father (mill and miller); mother (cypress and dragon); S. killed mother, all is well]; Lorimer, Lorimer 1919, No. 6 (Kerman) [the wives of the vizier and king are pregnant; the king suggests marrying children if they are of different sexes; the vizier has a daughter, Mer Niga (Eye of Grace), to the king the son is a black snake Miz Mast, or Humar ("Sleepy Head"); on the wedding night, H. takes off his skin, appears as a young man; in the morning he puts his skin back on; the king tells his daughter-in-law to prevent her husband from turning into a snake; prince tells his wife that his skin can be burned in a fire made from egg shells, a broom handle, and hair from a dog's tail; in which case he will disappear and they won't see each other; MN burns the skin; prince says the wife will find him, trampling seven pairs of iron shoes and wearing out seven paper cloaks; after wearing out the last pair, MN meets the slave; she says that X. is going to marry; MN throws the ring into the jug, tells the slave to get it into the hands of H. along with water; after recognizing the ring, H. finds MN; she faces death if found out; MN pretends to be a slave; H. gives her his curl, tells her every time burn a hair if his help is needed; mother of the bride H. (this is his aunt) tells the imaginary maid 1) sweep with a broom to which the pearls are attached without losing a single pearl; they immediately crumble, MN calls H., he does everything; 2) bring water in a colander and sprinkle the floor (X. performs); 3) fills the box with stinging insects, says that it is full of pearls, tells you to take it where it should be; throw bones on the horse on the way, straw the dog, do not open the closed ones doors, do not close the open ones, do not go to the hole with dirt and blood; MN looked into the box, insects crawled over it; H. collected them; ordered them to do the opposite of what his aunt told him to do; MN opens and closes the doors, greets everyone, gives bones to the dog, horse straw, says that she would like to taste honey from a sweet pit; the aunt orders the door, the dog, the hole to catch the girl; they refuse; on the wedding day, the aunt tells his wife to put candles on the fingers of the slave (i.e. MN) to illuminate the path for the bride; the prince tells his wife to say goodbye to all things; after the wedding ceremony, she cuts off her head; takes away many; she forgot to say goodbye to the pound weight; the kettlebell talks about the bride's murder and escape; Aunt H. and her husband (they are divas) follow the fugitives; turning to God in Solomon's name, H. throws reeds, it turned into reeds; the needle is a grove of needles; salt is a salt marsh; sea foam is the sea with a clot of foam floating in it; aunt: how did you get there? H.: stepped on a rock in the middle of the sea (this is foam); the pursuers jumped on it, drowned; everything is fine]: 25-32; Vakhans [(second half of a long text); son of a genie mother and pari father Shokhzodal turns into a ruby to escape from an evil mother; ruby finds a maid, he turns into a boy, is adopted by a childless queen; S. marries the daughter of the vizier Durban and the daughter of King Nurbon; mother S. disguised as an old woman, persuades his wives to ask S. to say who his parents are, otherwise D. will not recover; S. says he hides in the water; D. greets the wanderers, listens to their stories; the old man tells how in looking for a cow, he hid from the genies in a tree; terrible people came out of the river, the old woman told the handsome young man Sh.; D. goes there, throws S.'s ring, he secretly climbs a tree to her from the genies; Sh. and D. pour the potion into the mouths of sleeping genies, forcing Sh.'s mother to abandon it; S. returns to his wives, reigns on the throne of Father N.]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 1:50-60; Shugnans [old man finds a baby girl with a ruby in her mouth; when she is 12 years old, she says that they will bring a rooster at night, let her father marry him a royal daughter; the rooster says his name is Shoisilangor; at night he throws off cock's face; the king orders to create 1) a garden with fountains of water and milk, 2) a mill that grinds three types of grain at once, 3) a shady alley from the royal house to the groom's house (girl and rooster are all easy create); S. appears to the king in his true form, he is happy; after the wedding, the young mother persuades him to throw her cock's face into the fire; S. flies to Mount Kof, his wife will find him when she wears out her clothes; a hand from a spring gives her an invisible hat; finds Sh.; a feast; young people visit the king]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 20:223-235; Uzbeks [elderly spouses are childless, the fox asks to make it them son; easily does any job; tells him to marry the Shah's daughter; the old man is executed, the fox revives him three times, the Shah has to give his daughter; he takes off his fox skin for the night, becomes handsome; wife burns the skin; the husband leaves, the wife will find him by taking down her iron staff and boots; she does so, she meets her husband when he hunts, the couple is happy]: Afzalov et al. 1972 (2): 122-126; Turkmens: Uther 2004 (1), No. 425A: 249.

Baltoscandia. Karely (Kalevala District, 1938): Concca 1959, No. 30 [the tree asks the old man not to cut it down, promises to do good; the old man tells his wife, she sends him to cut down the tree; for the third time to the old man the old woman's wish has to be fulfilled; the stump asks the old man to take it too; he replies that he cannot uproot the stump in winter; then the stump gives the old man a golden head; the old woman wants to sell it, the old man is against it; the head tells its relatives to fill the house with food; next time with clothes; now the old woman wants a hut; the hut is ready, and now the head wants the old woman to get her bride; one girl agrees, at night the head turns into a guy; the mother scolds her daughter, she has to tell the truth; after that, the head disappears; the old man goes in search, the old widow explains where to go to grab son; son enters the hut, the old man jumps on him, falls, the son disappears again; the old woman is the same; the wife goes, grabs him, but the husband disappears again; the widow promises to help, but tells her sheep to be sheared; the old man on horseback says that sheep will fight wolves, wool must be picked up; the widow sends for a trough to the lord of the sea; the rider brings a trough, the woman gives him money; the widow tells him to bring birdo from the forest; the husband himself brings birdeau to the widow, stays with his wife]: 134-141; Onegin 2010, No. 24 [the elderly have a son, the second head is a snake; a widow is next to her, she has three daughters; the son demands one of them as his wife; they brought the eldest, he ate her at night ; the same with the middle one; the youngest ordered the blacksmith three iron bars and a hundred iron snakes; before going to bed, she put a snare under every door and every window; she began to beat the snakehead with twigs; he calls demons, they climbed through windows and doors, died in snare; when all the bars broke, the serpent turned into a dog; the wife refused to lie down with the dog, the husband became handsome; said that he would be a dog during the day, man at night; the wife broke the ban, told her parents everything; the dog husband ran away; the wife goes in search; her mother tells her to order three pairs of shoes, three staffs, three swirls, all made of iron; shoes, staffs, swirls (you have to keep them in your mouth) must be worn out; if you find your aunt (i.e. widow's sister), she will tell you what to do; my aunt says that Suoyatar's husband is now married; she has three flax barns and wool, she will ask to spin, if she fails in two weeks, she will eat it; the aunt gives a pipe: girls will come to her sound, do the job; as a reward, ask S. for a night with her husband; you have to go to bed in the bathhouse, five chicken Put eggs in the heater, run away; S. will answer the eggs; the girls spin at night, the husband sees his wife, they negotiate; S. answers the eggs until late in the morning; when she finally rushed in pursuit, the wife spent a line on the ground, it turned into a sword, cut off S.'s legs]: 260-264; Swedes: Liungman 1961, No. 432 [the prince in the form of a bird flies to his beloved; stepmother puts sharp spokes on the window, the prince hurts yourself; both {prince and sweetheart?} fly to the land of birds, the prince is healed]: 99; Suritz 1991 [the two eldest daughters ask the king to bring expensive gifts, and the youngest ask three singing leaves; the king sees a hazel tree with three golden leaves on it, from them music; he ripped them off; Underground Prince Hutt demands to give him the first living soul to go home; the youngest daughter came out; the king left her under a hazel tree, she found herself in an underground hall, to The prince came out and left in the morning; when his wife gave birth to a son, H. allows her to go to her father, who is remarried, but to reveal the secret; the same after the birth of her second son, to the wedding of her older sister; after the birth of a daughter is for the youngest's wedding; the stepmother persuaded the princess to light a candle and look at the prince; a drop of wax fell on his chest; the palace disappeared, H. went blind, his wife and children went with him; he says leave the eldest son with his older sister, who lives in a copper house, the youngest in silver, the daughter with the youngest in gold, but he should not see the sisters himself; the younger sister went out, H. disappeared; old trollich Bertha sends the princess to her older sister, gives a spinning wheel spinning gold; the second sister gives a gold reel, sends her to her oldest sister; she gives an inexhaustible purse, sends to the palace, where the trollich wants to marry H.; the princess was accommodated in a chicken coop, which she soon turned into a beautiful room; buys permission to spend the night with H. for a spinning wheel, for a reel; both times the trollich gives H. a zone potion; the third time the princess gives a purse, and the trollich's stepdaughter, who was a baptized family, tells X. not to drink potions; the princess teaches the trollich to cook meat in a hot cauldron, pushes her into boiling water; sisters H. appear with the princess's children and a bush with singing leaves; princess and H. live in the palace like king and queen]: 112-123; Stier 1971, No. 8 [the king is lost; three times to a white bear comes out to him, offers to take him to the road if he gives him the first to meet him at home; for the third time, the king agrees in the hope that the dog will come out; but his daughter came out; The next day, Prince Willius came by ship in the guise of a polar bear and took the princess away; when the princess had already given birth to six children, the king met a polar bear hunting and asked him to tell his daughter that married; the princess decided to visit her father, although her husband asked to do so after the birth of her seventh child; her stepmother advised her to light the fire at night to look at her husband; drops of candle wax fell on him, he woke up, said that after the seventh was born, they would come to live with her father and he would no longer take the form of a bear; and now he would go beyond the Sun and Earth; a wife with six children and a seventh in her arms went looking for him; a century-old bear mistress sends a bear to take them to her 200-year-old sister, the owner of lions, and she sends a lion to take them to her 300-year-old sister; she is the owner of falcons, lives with a robber; at night she pretends to have dreams, tells them to her husband, as a result, finds out how to get to where Prince Willius lives with a Sun woman; a falcon takes a woman with children there; must be thrown into the sea is a stone, it parts; the sun tells the princess that today she is engaged to the prince, puts them in a chicken coop; the princess turns it into a rich room, begins to spin; The sun sees gold spinning supplies, buys them for permission for the princess to spend the night with Vilius; gives him a sleepy potion twice, pours it out on the third night; at the feast, V. asks the Sun how to do it to deal with someone who tried to separate friends; she replies that he should be put in a barrel of nails and rolled; V. planted the Sun in a barrel of nails]: 43-53; Danes [in England, the grandmother imprisoned granddaughter princess in the tower; princes try to see her; the Spanish prince made wings, built a tower in front, flies to the English princess; the grandmother stabbed needles and awls on the windowsill; the prince loses 9 drops of blood, returns to Spain, where she finds herself in a casemate; the heroine runs, comes to the palace in Spain; hearing three animals talking, she learns how to enter the palace, get a magic wand, cure a sick prince; is hired as a dishwasher, pretends to be weak in mind; adds three drops of acne blood to the prince's ear three times; he recovers; the imaginary dishwasher brings to the king a mug, towel, comb (token objects); runs away three times, loses her shoe, girls try it on; the heroine is wearing dress; wedding]: Cox 1893, No. 67:27-28; Danes [queen died; the Countess, who has her own daughter, tells this daughter to convince the Queen's daughter to persuade her father to marry her; after the wedding, tyrants her stepdaughter; the king leaves; the daughter talks to him about the Green Knight, referring to cemetery, but the king takes words literally; he finds it; the knight's servants, like himself, in green clothes, herd wild animals; the knight gives the king a book for his daughter; when the girl opens the window and reads a book, a bird arrives, becomes a knight; the girl no longer withers, but becomes prettier; the stepmother sends her maid, her own daughter, they fall asleep; she comes by herself, quietly puts scissors on the windowsill; flying away , The Green Knight hurts himself; the girl hears the crows talking: he will be cured by snake soup living near the palace; she finds a nest of snakes, comes to the Green Knight's castle, and is hired to work in the kitchen; after three times the knight recovers, sees a girl; wedding, all is well]: Grundtvig 1878:124-147 (=Cramer 1919:23-37); Danes [translated from Grundtvig; king asks daughter to see what he has in hair; she takes off a big louse; they put it in oil, it grows; when the barrels are small, the louse is slaughtered, the skin is removed; the king is dissatisfied that the princess rejects all suitors; promises to pass her off as as he says which animal the skin has been removed; the wolf sniffs and tells the king that it is the skin of a lice, tells him to give her to the princess; brings her to a luxurious castle, forbids lighting a fire; at night a wolf turns into a man, but the princess does not see him; when she gave birth to a son, the wolf immediately took him away; allows him to return to his parents for three days on condition that he do not take anything with her from their home; but the mother gives a knife put on the bed; the husband will be scratched; if he screams, he is a troll, and if he moans, he is a man; he groaned; forgave his wife, but since then he has limped on his right back leg; when the wife gave birth to a daughter, her wolf too took it away immediately; the wife visited his parents again; the mother gave him a box of matches and a candle; the wife lit a candle; the husband said that a witch bewitched him for 7 years for refusing to marry her daughter; became a wolf and ran away; she came to Sister Wolf's castle, where her son was; the second sister had a daughter with a wet nurse; the wife went to the glass mountain, saw the Wolf climb her; she was sliding; the old man gave iron shoes climb a mountain and ointment, heal cuts; on a mountain in a castle, a woman was hired in the kitchen; a local young hostess will soon marry the Wolf; the witch tells her daughter's white flannel and black to be washed (the old man performs) ; tells me to bring jewelry from his sister for the bride; a young man gives a ball to follow; a rod to put in a door that slams all the time; give a bag of grain to geese; give tongs to two people who move the heat with their bare hands; ladles - give to girls who interfere in the cauldron with their bare hands; give two loaves of bread to guard dogs; a pot of fat - lubricate the door hinges; at the sister's witches can't eat anything, don't look back on the way back; the witch's sister gave her leg to a calf, the woman threw it under the bench, she answers from there; the second time she hid it under her clothes, the witch's sister believed that the woman has eaten her leg; when the woman runs back, the witch's sister tells the guards to hold it, but everyone refuses because she treated them well; the witch's sister warned not to open the box on the way , but the woman opened it, the bird flew out and disappeared; the young man asked for the calf leg that remained under the woman's clothes, sent her to bring jewelry again, her leg ran and brought it; receiving box, the witch allowed a woman to be present at her daughter's marriage; gave her two torches; the woman cannot move, she can burn; the prince grabs the torch and hands the witch and her daughter ; they burned down along with the castle; a meadow on the site of a glass mountain; the couple took the children, returned to the woman's parents]: Mulley 1878:225-236; Latvians [father promises a wolf (dog, bear) a daughter in gratitude for pointing the way; feeling sorry for his daughter, the father sends someone else twice; this causes the beast's anger; then comes the promised bride; at night the beast turns into a man; one day he lets his wife go stay with her parents, gives a ring; when it starts spinning, the wife must return home; she also should not talk about her husband; the wife breaks the ban, the husband disappears; the wife goes in search; along the way buys magic items; gives them to a witch, her husband's new bride, for permission to spend the night with him; the witch gives him a potion, the husband does not wake up; the third time he pours out a potion, recognizes his wife, magic disappears]: Arys, Medne 1977, No. 425A: 284; Veps: Kecskeméti, Paunonen 1974, No. 425A: 227; Finns [wife gave birth but baby one head; grew up and demanded to be married princess; the king demands 5 live foxes by tomorrow; the son has got the head; the same is 5 bears; create a castle like the king's; wedding; the husband warns his wife not to say that he is turning into a man, his legs silver, golden hands, sun on her forehead, moon on the back of her head; but her mother-in-law gave her a drink and she told her; when she spoke, flowers fell from her mouth and nose; when she heard this, the husband became a dove, broke the window and flew south; his wife went to look for him; 7 years later she went to the house; they said that her husband flew by 7 years ago and left a parcel for her; 7 years later the same in another house; food and drink in the first package, food and drink in the second package, robes; they told me to go to the city, where her husband was a noble man; she met him; he sent letters asking whether the marriage was true, the first or the second; everyone answered that it was the first; he sent away new bride; they are back home, all is well]: Löwis of Menar 1922, No. 39:119-123; Estonians, Livs, Lithuanians, Faroese: Uther 2004 (1), No. 425A: 248-250; Norwegians : Asbjíørsen, Moe 1960 [the youngest of three princesses wants a wreath; no one can do one; she sees a polar bear (BM, white) he has one; agrees to marry him for a wreath, he will come in three days; the king puts guards in vain; gives his eldest daughter instead of the youngest; BM asks if she sat softer, if she saw better; she replies that the father has yes; he sends her back; the same with middle; the youngest replies no; BM comes to his wife at night in the guise of a man; she gives birth to a daughter three times, he throws them away every time; she asks for permission to see her parents, BM tells listen to the father, not to do what the mother advises; the mother advises to shine a candle on her husband at night, the father is against; she shines, the fat is dripping, the husband says that in a month he would remain human, she flies away, she grabs in his wool, then falls; goes, comes to the house, where an old woman and a girl, a girl play with scissors that create fabrics, gives his wife a BM; in the second or third houses the same thing (a vessel with an inexhaustible drink, magic tablecloth); BM must marry a trollich; the wife buys three nights for her magic items, but the trollich puts BM to sleep; on the third night he did not drink the potion; tells him to file the bridge, the carriage with Trollychs fall into the river, she drowns; husband and wife reunite, those three girls were their daughters, whom their father kept to help their mother]: 150-157; Dasent 1970 [Polar Bear (BM, white, not polar) asks the poor man's daughter; the girl and parents agree; he brings her into the mountain, the girl does not need anything; in the dark, BM comes to her in the guise of a person; she wants to see her parents and brothers; he warns her not to speak to her mother alone; the wife breaks her promise; the mother teaches her daughter to light a hidden candle to look at her sleeping husband; when she comes back, she sees her husband rushed to kiss him, dripped hot candle fat on him; he wakes up, disappears with the castle and all his riches, saying that he must now return to his stepmother and marry the princess with With a long nose, they live in a castle east of the sun, west of the moon; the old woman gives her a golden apple and a horse to drive to another old woman, she is a golden comb, the third a golden spinning wheel and a new horse to ride to the East Wind, that to the West, West to South, South to North, North to the Castle; the girl consistently exchanges an apple, comb and spinning wheel from Long-nosed for the right to spend the night with prince; he sleeps for two nights, before the third servant tells him about a crying girl, does not drink a sleepy potion; the prince tells his beloved that tomorrow he will set a wedding condition: he marries the one who washes away three grease stains from his shirt (they are left from a candle); only a woman can do this, not a troll; the girl washes away the stains, the trolls burst, their castle disappears; the prince and wife return with them riches and prisoners of the castle]: 22-35; Icelanders [the king chased the deer, the companions fell behind; the deer was gone, he saw the house, the door was ajar, there was a big dog in the room; food, wine and fodder for the horses are ready, the bed is free; in the morning again; the king got on his horse and went home, but the dog stopped him; he did not even thank him for the hospitality and now let him give the one who comes home first towards; this is the king's youngest daughter; three days later the dog began to scratch the door; the king sent a maid instead of the princess; the dog took her away; on the way asks what time it is; she: at this time they are sweeping the room; the dog realized that it was not a princess, tore up the maid, came back the next day; this time the princess went; replies to the dog that she was meeting her father at that time; the dog brought her into the house; at night, the girl's bed is a man; when it's time to give birth, the dog warns that the baby will be carried away immediately and that she does not cry; the princess gave birth to a girl, the kite immediately took her away; the princess did not cry and received a golden comb as an award; the dog tells the princess that her older sister is getting married; she can visit her, but return three days later and should not talk about herself; gave two dresses - one let her give it to her sister, wear the other herself; all the same after the birth of her second daughter, received a precious necklace; released to her second sister's wedding; gave birth to a boy for the third time and shed a tear; dog gave me a mirror, but reproached that this time it did not go so well; the princess's third sister was getting married; this time the princess's mother gave a pebble and taught her how to lower it over the sleeper's face so that to see him {incomprehensible}; the princess saw a handsome man, who woke up and said that they would now have to part; he is Prince Sigurd; after the death of his mother, the king found a hut in the woods in which the woman and her daughter; the woman called herself queen, her husband died in battle, the kingdom was ruined; the king married her, but S. refused to marry her daughter and his stepmother turned him into a dog at 10, and then marries her anyway her daughter; you can save yourself by marrying a beautiful princess, without anyone seeing him, giving birth to three children and not shedding tears; that tear is a thorn (Staar) in the boy's eye, the princess is only He will wash him away with his own tears; it is his father's brother who turned into a deer to lure the princess's father; let the princess go to his uncles with the comb, necklace and mirror she received as a gift ; the princess came to the prince's first uncle; he directed to the second; his wife and three children were with him; the boy had an eyesore; she washed him away with the tears that were in her scarf knot; uncle: let the princess goes a short way through the mountains, then she will be in time before the prince's wedding; gave a staff with an iron tip: the road will be smooth as a mirror; no one recognized the princess in the palace; she began to comb her hair with a golden comb, gave the bride for the right to spend the first night with her husband; but she could not wake him up; the same on the second night she bought for the necklace; the prince's third uncle advised to pour it out unnoticed The drink that will be offered for the night contains a sleepy potion; the princess bought the third night for the mirror; she and the prince agreed; the next day a feast; the prince's three uncles introduced the princess and her children and asked if the prince knew them; he replied that he knew; the witch and her daughter became a giantess, but the prince's uncles put poles in their mouths, and the servants hidden under the tables put shackles on them; the prince's wedding with princess; soon the old king died, the prince reigned, the uncle made Jarli]: Poestion 1994, No. 3:21-38; Eastern Sami: Ermolov 1959 [childless old people dream of a son even with a dog's nose; a boy in dog skin was born; grew up, asks his father to marry him; the girl eats meat herself, throws bones to the groom like a dog; at night he tore it; the same with the second girl; the third gives the groom meat; at night that took off his dog skin, became handsome; the old woman tells his daughter-in-law to burn her skin; husband: you won't see me until you drown three pairs of iron boots, three iron buttons melt in your mouth, three iron staffs don't they will be wiped off; the girl went, trampled one couple, melted, worn out; she sees a hut - she is spinning around; "Turn to the forest with a window, and to me with a door!" ; in the hut they answered: they did not see the passers, only the wind missed; they gave copper and a copper scallop; the same in the second hut (the silver ones hung and the comb); in the third - gold; let him comb hair and will put up copper hangs and comb where beautiful Katerina and her husband are playing ball at the extreme hut; give the comb to sleep one night at the door at the doorstep; the same for the second night ( silver); on the third (gold); after that, KK grabbed a box with needles, threads, beads, colored scraps and ran to the seashore; threw it all into the sea and ordered it to turn into shells; so shells, starfish, etc. scattered on the bottom; and husband and wife returned home]: 67-69; Kert 1961, No. 19 (Lovozero) [childless old man and old woman want a son, even in dog skin; son has grown up, wants marry; the old man has three daughters; the eldest comes; asks why the dog is barking; mother-in-law: this is your husband; the young woman throws bones to the dog; at night the husband ran over her; the same with the middle sister; the youngest caresses dog; at night she sheds her skin and becomes a young man; one day my wife burned her skin; husband: in three years I was destined to take off my fur coat; and now you will look for me while you wear out three pairs of boots and three staffs, three tin buttons in her mouth will melt; the wife wore everything out, came to town, where they play ball, her husband was playing among the players; she hid the ball; gave it back on the condition that her husband would take her to sleep in her sleeping bag (and he already remarried); the husband does not recognize her; the second time the wife says who she is; the husband turned away from the new one, turned to the old one; when they returned, the old woman burns fire at the end of the spindle, and the old man at the end of the knitting net needles; when they found out that their son and daughter-in-law had returned, the old people were happy and died], 39 (Teriberka) [the old man and the old woman want a child, even with a dog's nose; a son was born, gradually became altogether a dog; his wife was married to him; at night he became handsome, taking off his dog skin; the wife said to his mother-in-law that her husband was human, she burned her skin; the husband disappeared, telling him to look for him; the wife came to the old woman; she says that her husband has beautiful Katerina; gave a copper pole and a comb; K. will play ball, run after the ball, see the comb; we must ask for the comb the right to spend the night under the threshold of the house; the second old woman gave silver (sleeping by the bed), the third gold (sleeping behind her husband's back); the third time the wife cried so much that her husband's back got wet and turned to his wife, turning away from K.; K. threw herself into the water, became with a stingray, a needle with a tail, beads and beads with shells, simple needles with grains of sand, faceted with capelin; a woman and her husband went to their parents, on the way their son was born; old people do not see, hear, hold fire at the end of the spindle; the woman pinched the child three times, he cries, the woman says that the child asks her grandparents for news; the old people happily jumped to the end of the hook (on which they hang cauldron); the old man turned into peat, the old woman into ash (the origin of peat and ash)]: 58-61, 154-157; Charnolusky 1962 [a childless old woman is ready to give birth to at least a dog; gives birth to a puppy; son asks to bring him a bride ; the bride is afraid of him, he tore her teeth; the old woman brings a new one, she takes a dog, at night he turns handsome; his mother and wife have burned the dog's skin; the handsome man left, saying that his wife will find him, after wearing out three iron jars; the wife comes to three old women sequentially, they give copper, silver, gold combs; the husband plays ball, the wife combs her hair, the ball flies into her window every time; she asks players to have her husband's wife Ulita let her sleep 1) on the doorstep of the house, 2) at their feet, between spouses; husband recognizes his wife, Ulita jumps into the lake; husband and wife return to his parents]: 171-175; Lutsie (1893) [old people are childless, they have found a white snake, at night she turns into a beautiful young man, and during the day she turns into a snake again; asks to marry him a princess; the old man went to the king; king: you will receive it if you come not full and not hungry; not naked or dressed; son: sip oatmeal; wrap yourself in a net; king: come in a horse-drawn carriage; create a palace, the road to my palace is covered with velvet, silver along the edges and golden apple trees with silver and golden apples; the church is made of wax, they serve in it, the candles light up themselves; the snake son does everything; the evening after the wedding, the serpent turned into a young man; the princess's sisters threw snakeskin into the fire; husband: now look for me with three pairs of iron shoes; also three iron hats, three iron beans in your pocket; go to my sister, she will teach me further; the one in the room that turns on a chicken leg; turned the girl into a needle, hid it on her chest; an old devil came, the hostess said that he was the one who was flying around the world; in the morning she gave me a gold spinning wheel, silver spindle; sent it to her second sister (all the same, gave a precious handkerchief); the third (still the same) gave an embroidered tablecloth and gave a ball to follow; tyn around the apple orchard, only for one stake the head is not yet planted; the damn daughter bought a spinning wheel with a spindle overnight with her husband, but gave him a sleepy potion; the same second night (handkerchief); on the third he quietly poured the potion; the husband killed the devil with iron with a rod, took the precious items, he and his wife run to her older sister, her head is cut off; he revives her with dead and alive vodka; the same with her middle and younger sisters; yudas are chasing, her husband left tablecloth, it became a lake of fire, the Yudes could not cross; everyone got home, they still live]: Annom et al. 2018:84-89; (cf. Western Sami [the king fed the flea, hung his skin on the wall, promised his daughter to the one who guessed which animal she was removed from; the wolf answered correctly, got the princess; the king dressed up the cowshed, the wolf took her like a bride, began to ask questions in the forest, and understood from the answers that the girl He knows everything about the stable, returned it; the cook was the same; the king had to give his daughter, she did not know the answers, the wolf realized that she was really a princess; at home, the wolf became prince charming; allowing his wife to see his relatives, forbade her to tell her that her husband was human; his wife broke her promise, the prince remained a wolf]: Pollan 2005, No. 24:97-98).

Volga - Perm. Marie [the wife of a poor Tatar gave birth to a snake; a snake son tells his father to marry the daughter of a rich man; he beats the poor man for the first time, then cuts to pieces, burns; the serpent resurrects the father every time; the daughter of a rich man proposes to demand 41 from the groom a savrasuya mare, a palace, a garden with birds; the serpent climbs into a hole, tells his father to pull it all out of there; on the wedding night, the serpent turns into a handsome man; the wife's sisters burn snakeskin, the groom disappears; one hunter sees a house on the lake shore, a bird flies there to drink milk, sings about what happened; the wife comes to the house, throws her ring into the milk, the husband finds human appearance, returns to his wife]: Chetkarev 1948:58-63; Bashkirs: Barag 1989, No. 22 [the bull tells the old owner to marry the khan's daughter for him; the old man is beaten; after the third time, the khan agrees; at night the bull takes off her skin, the bride is happy, burns her skin; the husband orders to pour milk from the barn, walk with an iron staff for the milk stream; flies away as a white bird; the khan's daughter comes to the elder to her husband's brother, he sends to the middle, to the youngest, the eldest gives food for the middle cow, the middle one for the younger's evil geese; all four brothers gather, the fourth (still in the form of a bull? or an ogre?) feeds and hides the girl; the elders say that honey and meat were not enough; the elder advises the girl to wrap herself in silk when her fourth brother executes her; she refuses, is ready to answer; the husband accepts human appearance, everyone is happy], 24 [the old man has three daughters, his wife is dead; the old man says he saw a cat in the forest, the daughters are asked to bring it; the cat threatens to kill the old man, demands a daughter; agrees only Kutlubika's youngest; the cat takes her, turns into a young man named Kutluyar, he was bewitched by his stepmother; a year later, sisters and husbands come to visit, out of envy stick a needle where Kutluyar sits, who accuses his wife, turns into a snake, flies away; Kutlubika goes to the old woman's house, then the second, third, each gives an apple; Kutluyar's new wife locks her in a dark bath; light emanates from the apple; a new wife agrees to show Kuiluyar if Kutlubika cuts off a piece of apple to her; Kutlubika puts a ring on the sleeper's finger; Kutluyar wakes up, drives his new wife away, happy with the old one]: 125-128, 132-136; Komi : Plesovsky 1975 [the old man found a girl in the forest; she is Marpida Tsarevna, the bride of the Pipilis Falcon, her stepmother left her to pieces by animals; the old man's wife does not love M., does not give a sundress, offers to make it from hazel grouse fluff; M. finds P. Falcon in the underground; he promises to fly every day without telling the old woman about him; makes sure that after passing through the ground and water, M. appears in the church as beautiful, she is not recognized ; the same thing again; the old woman says it to M., she explains that it was her, talks about the falcon; he disappears; M. goes to look for him; thanks to a bird's word, she enters Yoma's house through a tiny hole; Yoma sends to another Yoma, she to the third; the third gives three pairs of boots and three eggs; the first pair goes to the fiery meadow, the second to go through the meadow, the third to walk over hot coals; M. goes for the copper egg; gives a silver crow to carry it across the seas; a golden egg leads her to another Yoma; in her house there is a Falcon; forgives M. for talking about him; takes her to his birdland]: 18-22; Wichmann 1916, No. 36 [the eldest daughters ask their father three times to bring them jewelry and new clothes, and the youngest is the Falcon Ashes (Pepelysty); the father brings the falcon only for the third time; in the girl's room, the falcon turns into a young man; gives the girl is a beautiful outfit; one day she threw his falcon skin into the fire; he flew away, telling him to look for him beyond 9 lands, 9 seas; the girl took gold reels and hoop, balls of silk, walked for a long time, came to a house where an old yoma woman, her three daughters and P.; a girl consistently buys three nights from yoma for items she wants to buy; yoma solders P., but on the third night he wakes up and returns to her home with a girl]: 105-110; (cf. Udmurts [Uther refers to Kralin 1961 (=1960), "One Hundred Tales of the Udmurt People", No. 45; there is no such plot there]: Uther 2004 (1), No. 425B: 251).

Turkestan. Kazakhs [the old woman says she is pregnant, asks her husband to bring her dragon meat; he finds a yellow dragon killed by a black dragon, the old woman eats a dragon, gives birth to a snake son named Shakhimardan; he asks Nursula, Babakhan's daughter, to be married to him; Khan orders him to be chopped into pieces twice, S. revives him; then the Shah orders him to bring so many horses to fill the city; S. gives his father a diamond sword, tells his father cut off the head of a black snake, horses came out of his hole; the khan gives his daughter, who sheds his skin, turns into a handsome man; tells his wife to hide her skin; others spied, tried to take the skin away, S. snatched it out he flew away like a swallow, told him to look for him until his iron hat and staff wear out; in the desert, N. comes to the daughter of Padishah Gulistan Marzhan, kidnapped by the Black Giant; she learns from her husband that the swallow flew to the city of Mertik, where demons reside; N. finds Sh.; he brings her and M. to their parents in the form of a bird, restores sight to the blind khan, lives with his wife]: Tursunov 1983:217-224; karakalpaks [bai has three wives, each wife has a daughter; one day he was about to go somewhere, but a serpent wrapped around the stirrup; bai hit the snake with a kamcha, but he only wrapped around the knee of the bay; then around the neck; bai consistently offers the snake to each of the three wives, starting with the eldest, then each of the daughters; the snake let go of the bay after promising to give him his youngest daughter; will return in a month; the youngest daughter listened to her father; asked her aunt to sew her a hedgehog fur coat; put on and waited for a snake; snakes to the girl: Hedgehog, hedgehog, hedgehog! Throw off your hedgehog coat! Girl: Serpent-Snake-Snake, Snake! Throw off your snake coat! The serpent threw off his snakeskin and turned out to be a beautiful horseman; the girl threw off her hedgehog coat and turned out to be beautiful; bai gave young people six species of cattle and a festive white yurt; her husband tells him to hide his snake skin skin: if someone throws it into the fire, they will have to part; one day one of Bai's wives was visiting, noticed skin under the bed and threw it into the fire; the husband came back, turned into a bird and flew away; the girl followed, came to some yard; there was a woman: if you don't leave, my husband and brother-in-law will eat you; the girl told me everything, the woman hid her in the chest; the devas came: it smells like human; woman convinced them that this was not the case; when the devas left, the girl moved on; an old woman met; said that there was a bird at the top of the tree, she sleeps during the day, and cries at night: "Oh, my cattle, six species! Oh, my white holiday yurt! Oh, my beautiful wife!" The girl followed the tree and grabbed the bird by the tail. The couple reunited, achieved their goals and desires]: Aimbetov 2014a: 22-23; Kyrgyz [poor old man and old woman; an old man trapped a badger; asks not to kill: he will become a son, he will talk about them take care; the badger drags partridges to the elderly, the old people eat up, raise cattle; the badger offers to move to the village; easily drives away dogs; the khan tells them to come with the badger; the khan has a daughter Iperi; the badger addresses her by name; a year later, the badger begins to wither away, says that he is in love, asks A. to marry; the khan ordered the old man to break his arms and legs, tie him to a mare and sent home; the badger tells the old woman does not worry: the old man is safe again; next time the old man is broken in half; the old man is alive again; the old man was killed, burned, the badger revived him from a handful of ashes; Khan is advised to give the old man the impossible task; let him plant a Munaru tree and a plane tree before, and a lake of milk and a lake of butter at the roots, let the fish jump from one lake to another; let there be only sheep in one trough, yaks in the other , the third has horses, the fourth has camels, and even if their number is innumerable; let there be a golden throne between the two trees, so that the khan can sit on it and admire the fish; at night the badger asks the old man to slaughter and cut the mare, the ears have turned into two trees, the eyes into lakes of butter and milk; the hair cut from the mare's mane turns into fish, the skull into the golden throne, the blood and the contents of the intestines and stomach into cattle four species, legs in 4 golden horseback riding; in the morning the mare stands in its place safe and sound; the khan gave his wife to the badger; her good aunt cheers A., the angry one mocks her; at night the badger takes off from his own skin, turns out to be a young man of unearthly beauty; the good aunt rejoices; in the morning the badger puts her skin back on, tells his wife to wait; but the trouble that the evil aunt will bring will have to endure 6 years; the next evening an angry aunt serves, throws her skin into the fire; the young man turns into a bird and flies away through the upper opening of the yurt; the evil aunt is tied to the tails of 40 horses; A. goes to look for her husband ; khan gives her iron boots and an iron stick; she wanders for 5 years, meets a tall white-bearded old man in her sixth year; he advises going to a hut at the foot of the mountain; an old witch in the hut; it is necessary ask to accept her as a daughter; the old man will turn around in the wind, shake the hut until morning; in the morning the witch will get tired and lie down with his head on A.'s lap; let A. tear the witch out by a thread until her the eyes will roll and turn white, but they should not turn red; the old man hands A. the hair, tells them to run it through the witch's body when her eyes turn white, she will twist and freeze; after that A. must run; later for months, the old man meets A. again, tells him to go to the hill that looks like a skullcap, there will be the white yurt where A. spent her wedding night; in the yurt there is a golden stand (for birds of prey), A. must dig into the ground under her; her husband will fly in, circle for several days, saying he smells like a human being; saying "where can a person come from here", he will sit on a stand; the old man hands Iperi a net and reports that her husband is the son of Peri, who gave birth to a child at the top of a tree near the Khan's yurt when Khansha gave birth to A.; when she saw that the human child was a beautiful girl, mother Peri spat on her cheek A., putting a mark; his peri husband's name is Aktilek; sitting on a stand, he will begin to say "fell asleep, fell asleep", but this means that he is awake; when he starts saying "woke up, woke up", then he will fall asleep; you have to throw a net and hold it; Aktilek will fly out of the yurt and start wearing A. across the sky; three pigeons will arrive, also peri, talk to A.; the first will say, "Hey, long hair, short mind, are you an equal Peri's son?!" ; the second will begin to feel sorry for A., and the third will offer help to go down to earth; Aktilek will ask A. to open his eyes, but only after the third sentence A. should open them; helping A. go down to earth, pigeons were bruised, which is why some pigeons are not white, but bluish; Aiperi and Aktilek have healed happily]: Sabyr uulu 2008:555-572.

Western Siberia. Southern Selkups [the old man is going to shoot hazel grouse, he asks to take him home; after a few years he grew up asking the old man to go to another village, where the king, he has three daughters, to marry him one of them; each time the king cuts the old man into pieces, sends him home, Hazel grouse revives him; the youngest agreed; in the evenings Ryabchik took off his skin, gave it to his wife, became human; went hunting; envious the sisters found it, burned his skin, the husband disappeared; the old woman gives his wife a ball, she walks along the thread to her husband's sister; she teaches him to hide behind the mirror, hold her husband by the finger; the third time she held it, the husband stayed]: Bykonya et al. 1996:139-153 (retelling in Tuchkov 2004:238); Tuchkova 2004 [the elderly have a bull son (Pyka i); the old man has married him twice to the royal doego at least since the Bronze Age. origins; each time the king orders to cut off his head, P. licks his body, revives him, sends him again; the third youngest daughter agrees; P. comes handsome, builds a palace; older sisters out of envy they burned the bull's skin, it disappeared in a whirlwind; the bride visited P.'s three sisters, the youngest helped him find and hold him, sewing him into cow's skin; when seven cow skins burst, he became human again]: 254 -255; Munkácsi 1995:25-26 [Numi-Torem wants to choose a World Overseer out of seven men; Elder Tapel tells his nephew Female Son to stand closer to him; 1) stop seven with a word running horses (Female son stops), others require additional tests; 2) who will be the first to jump to the NT with his hand against his gate; T. advises choosing a plain calf, the Female Son wins ], 28-29 [The garden-with-collar-sable warlord (V.) meets the daughter of Shul'-Otyr (Xul'-ater, master of the lower world), marries her; he sends him an invitation to come play; his wife orders hold the golden check tightly; V. instantly jumps around the sky, wants to kill his father-in-law with an ax, he asks not to do this, recognizes his strength]; Eastern Khanty (b. Pim) [the only son is already 18 years old, he still sleeps in a cradle; wakes up, tells his father to marry the king's youngest daughter; 1) the king asks to build a palace painted with birds and animals, sparks fly when you enter; orders to cut the petitioner in half; when brought in, the son makes his father whole; turns into a handsome man, turns to his seven older star brothers, who make a palace overnight; 2) the king cuts the old man into three parts, orders to build a bathhouse; same; 3) cuts into small pieces, orders to create a river of hot water; the king sends a daughter, at night a snotty baby becomes handsome; the king visits the eldest, middle daughter, they sleep with his back to her husband; finds the youngest with a handsome man; he says that the secret has been discovered too early, he will have to leave; the wife has worn out three iron staffs, comes to the hut, the birds of prey Ekar and the hawk let her through; the old woman's husband says that a man has appeared overseas, a Chinese woman gives him wine, does not let him go anywhere; the old man gives a needle, a woman swims across the sea on it; smears coal, asks in the guise of a dirty girl the old man and the old woman take her to them; the old woman carries her buns to the palace, the woman puts a note in her loaf, the king finds it; the woman spends three nights at her husband's bedside, he finally recognizes her; they come back the tsar gives his son-in-law the kingdom]: Kulemzin, Lukina 1978, No. 113:125-132; the southern Khanty [three brothers return home - the fire is out, the food is not ready; they throw her sister into the forest; she comes to the golden palace on an iron chain; a goose arrives there, takes off its skin, becomes handsome; flying away, allows his wife to let her older, middle brother in, and not let her younger brother in; she let him in; he cut off the one who arrived her husband's legs; the wife took a staff of three arshins, boots with heels three inches tall, went in search; the old woman gives a ball to follow, three hairs and rubbish from her husband's feet; the wife sprinkles earth on the sea from birch bark box, it freezes, she comes to the golden palace; when she touched the wall with three hairs, a passage opened; three girls took her to her husband, for which they pulled her vein out of her leg; in the image the lousy devil lives with old people; her husband is close to death; she cooked the fat, he has recovered; brought the daughter of the Sun; the wife hides behind the stove, tells me to remember the sister of three husbands; the husband breaks the ring, the new wife dies; same with his wife of the month; wife showed up, stayed with her husband]: Patkanov 1999, No. 2:324-327.

Eastern Siberia. Ilympic Evenks (village. Murukta) [western 1940; fish are not caught, the old man sees an otter (Dukun), wants to kill, he asks to take him as his son; find him a wife; the eldest, middle daughter of another person refuses, the youngest agrees; in the plague D. turns into a shining young man, the wife hides the skin of an otter under a pile of chips; the sisters are forced to say where the skin is burned; they see D. in the fire; when he disappears, he gives his wife half an arrow; she points to her the road; a deer carries her across the river, she sews a tail on it; a goose transports him across another river, she gives him red shoes, embroiders patterns on her wings and neck; a woman transports him across a third river; everything is there women try to wake up a young man who wakes him up, marries him; this is D., his wife wakes him up; D. and his wife stay by the river]: Yermakov 1988:57-62.

Amur - Sakhalin. The Nanai [Fuding is surprised that her 6 older sisters are swimming in the cauldron; they say that they will go looking for grooms, force F. to go; they come to the house of seven bald men; they cut off their heads, throw them away into a cauldron; F. turns into a needle; they sifted ash, the needle became F. then a wasp, flew away, then a duck; the younger bald man is also chased by a wasp, a duck; F. rushed into the river, turned into a hundred chebaks; the stalker does not know which fish to chase; F. comes to Mergen's house, he marries her; when bald ones come, he turns her into a flea; the bald ones promise to come again; M. sends F. to the house where he is 40 wives - let them be tied with a rope, sit quietly; you can hear the roar of battle; the younger bald man tears the ropes, enters the house; when he is ready to grab F., a bear (the same M.) enters the house, three days later wins, but strongly wounded, promises to return in 3 or 7 years; only the youngest F. and the elder wife decided to wait for M.; the eldest leaves to look for him, in 7 years F. is going to hang himself, at which time M. appears; but immediately leaves - his new wife, who cured him; F. turns into a duck, stops at a shaman tree, hears the conversation between the other two; M. at the sea mistress, overgrown with hair, in 3 days he will be completely overgrown, will begin destroy people; F. flies in with a wasp, washes off the hair with his tears; M. revives F.'s older sisters, marries them all]: Chadaeva 1990:68-73; the Udege [the old man finds a snake at the top, he and the old woman he is adopted; the youngest sister agrees to marry a snake; at night, the wife sees a handsome man shining, hides snakeskin; older sisters come to tickle her, want to know where the skin is; the husband allows me to say they they throw their skin into the fire, the husband, in fire, flies to heaven; before that, he gives his wife half a whetstone; the boy, the husband's younger brother, comes to her; the crows in the shed eat the meat left by the older brother; the youngest cuts off his thigh, gives it to the woman, she fries, eats; in the morning finds the boy dead; red deer, duck transport her across rivers; she finds her sleeping husband, puts half a whetstone to his half, they grow together, the husband wakes up, lives with her]: Lebedeva et al. 1998, No. 24:187-197; Wilta [there is a story of the loss and long search for her disappeared husband]: Ozolina 2019:171.

(Wed. Japan. The Japanese [Uther 2004 (1), No. 425B: 251 refers to the Ikeda Index 1971. There is no motive for the returned spouse in it).

(Wed. Guiana. Varrau [Roth 1915, No. 131:199-201; a hunter with two sons and a daughter went to the forest; the daughter was month-old, stayed in the forest; a young man "from the bee tribe" came to her; asked her father to give her away as his wife; he hunted much more game than all of them together, a small package, but very heavy; the woman has two sisters at home, they also want to become the Bee's wives (and they have the right to do so); but he refused; warned him that he could not stand water, washed himself with honey; his wife's sisters splashed water on him, he screamed that he was burning, flew away like a bee; his son became a tree frog by this woman]: Wilbert 1970, No. 163:348-350 ).